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750 Great Northern Blvd, Helena, MT 59601

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Where is Cinemark Helena and XD?

REVIEWS OF Cinemark Helena and XD IN Montana

Jean Abrams

Comfortable and clean

Thomas M

Best movie theater in Montana.

Geof Whitehead

Nice clean movie theater. Nice seats

Wisdom G21

It was a great

Jarrod Griffin

Ok theatres. Good for Helena.

Sandi Crocker

A Star is born.....what a great movie!!!

Citizen CIA

Great and comfy theater. Also, the theater will pay for your parking if you use the parking garage next door. Just bring your parking voucher to the ticket counter and they will take care of you (there are signs in the garage telling you what to do).

Princess Mafia

Has great and Cosy seats and has a great staff

Carter Ollervidez

Movie was great seats clean and sound was good. Took a long time to get popcorn and snacks before.

John Clark

The theater was great it was clean people were polite but the movie Godzilla king of monsters really sucked

Adan Monsibaiz

Clean and comfortable, very friendly staff and respectable people in the auditorium!


I can definitely vouch for their comfy seating. Went here to watch a 5 hour Wager opera and was glad for the seating!

Joseph lamport

Everything is great about this place except the price but that is a personal opinion, it's high for me!

Andrew Erion

The XD theater is very nice. Big cushy seats with stadium seating and pretty clean.

n Business

They are not showing the movie Breaking In. It's a movie coming out on mothers day about a woman who is willing to do whatever is necessary to save her kids. Yet they are showing a movie (Overboard) about a mom who is willing to make her kids lie in order to punish someone. I trully hope this is not because of lead actresses skin colors.

LueRonda Ball

Great roomy seats, clean bathrooms, and friendly staff. Food prices extremely high and completely not worth it. Wish they could make the snacks somewhat affordable. They do take the moviepass card and we just signed up so we are looking forward to visiting more often. I do wish they offered closer handicapped parking instead of having to park in the parking garage then having to climb stairs, cross the street, and then walk to theater. I can see this being a problem for anyone with mobility issues. I will say I was quite pleasantly surprised to see spacious handicapped seating in the theater.


Crazy clean with some of the nicest employees. The seating is spacious for a theater. Comfy reclining seats,3d screens,huge snack selection. Audio was perfectly levelles.

Eric S

We come here sometimes to watch movies and I like the fact that they have a kiosk that you can do a self-check in which makes it easy to get tickets and get to the line through the line really quickly but if you like the personality at the front desk you can wait in line and get your tickets directly from a person which is also very nice

John Racicot

Great movie place, I recommend going on a off day if you want to avoid crowds. Tuesday at Cinemark is cheap movie day.


Roughly $9 a person some seats are more comfortable than others but plenty of good room.

Brandy Thomas

This is a great place to take family or go on date nite the arms lift up between the sets so you can snuggle

Marian Cartee

Nice small theatres. Comfy chairs. Some movies really need to be big screen.

Jacob Blancher

Awesome staff!

Kim Hamm

I love going to the movies and they make it easy! I am handicapped and enjoy the handicap parking as well as the easy seating.

Lucas Rio

Very clean, easy experience, friendly staff, wonderful place, will definitely go again!

Autumn Hampton

The only downside is that the armrests don't go back when you lean your seat back so they are still in the way. Everything else is great!

Sherry Stenberg

Great customer service tonight on our visit there.

Austin Straughn

One of my favorite movie theaters in Montana for sure


Super place to see new release movies Staff is friendly. Good sound and view from all the comfortable seats.

Luke Dutton

Seriously the best theatre in Montana. The seats are amazing and the video quality is excellent. He staff moves customers through the ticket and concession lines quickly. I would drive out of my way just to watch a movie at this Cinemark

Linda Meuret

It is a great experience going to a movie at the Cinemark! The seats are so comfortable! I don't go to movies very often, so it is a great treat.

Joshua Dickenson

Clean with generally friendly staff. Military/ Veteran discounts and cheap movie Tuesday.

Gavyn Brubaker

The staff were horrible!!!!!!! Super discriminative and rude I will never recommend this movie theater ever!!!!

Kathy Munson

Disappointed in the movie. Was expecting so much more. Would rate the Nucracker & 4 Realms about 1 star.

cassondra acker

I have always recieved perfect customer service here. You have a great team!

Jerry Hall

Since it the only movie house arond I don't go offen.

Kati Woods

Best theater in town.

Jamie Ashton

Exactly what you would expect.... The concessions are gouging.

Mac Jones

Love this movie theater! the retro vibe is nice and the seating is very comfortable. so..i much better then great falls amc theater!

Holographic Exe

They're a little flighty, but all in all pretty great!! Absolutely loved this place since I was little. Even better after they upgraded it with the XD theater

William Walbourne

Clean place, friendly staff, theaters mostly clean throughout the day. See for yourself, an go see a movie.

Danny Romero

Friendly staff and comfortable seating.

Terry S

Good theater. Only one in Helena.

Timothy C

We enjoy going to the matene, it's nice and quiet, the theater is always clean and the staff is friendly

J Hey

Friendly staff and great HD setup

The Honest Truth by Rachel Arnold

Over all great, the bathrooms as always lack attendance but I've heard there improving on this. They should be rotating popcorn more on the late shift the last 3 times we have gone in for a late show the popcorns been old not fresh and drives me nuts when they turn the oven off to early 30 mins after the last showing starts is protocal commissions should follow threw and lately they have. The seats are comfy the hady cap seating is accomdoamtion the app is great and most of the customer service reps are awesome. Over all a great location and really the best in town

Donny Smith

XD sounds great and very big screen!

Glen Gleaves

Wonderful wheelchair accessibility all the way around inside... except for the woefully inadequate number of accessible parking spaces for the size of the theater complex. ALSO- Cinemark doesn't appear to be concerned about clearing away dangerous snow & ice at the drop-off circle on a day that the weather would have allowed it to be done. I was here for the packed-house AARP screening of Murder on the Orient Express (EXCELLENT, BTW!!), so they KNEW the theater would be packed with geezer-types like me. Slippery and dangerous driveway and sidewalk!! CINEMARK, YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SIDEWALKS, AND YOU COULD HAVE CLEARED THE DRIVE on this bluebird-beautiful clear day!

Momma M

Always a good time! Should be able to clean the bathrooms without having to close them down, making the patrons (2 of which were children) miss even more of the movie while having to use the bathroom at the other end of the building

Romana Vasquez

Excellent customer service.

Darth Wisdom

I like the low price Tuesday deal! Kind of has become a bi weekly tradition for me.

Joan Shea

It was great. Clean and the movie was great

Olive Oil

We had fun at the theatre this afternoon. Loved the picture we chose, seating was comfortable, all was clean and staff effucient. Looking forward to next time.

Voice Being Heard

Concessions are ridiculously expensive, as well as the wait in line for concessions. Good movies, good staff, clean theaters.

Joan Havens

My favorite theatre, and Tuesdays are half price tickets.

Kyle Komm

Not a bad theater by any means, but extremely jacked up prices, it's ridiculous. I had to pay 12.75 to see a movie just because it was only in XD which is barely different than normal. And normally tickets are 10.75 which is ridiculous as well. To add to it, the staff wasn't exactly that friendly. You could tell they were just doing the bare minimum. If you're going to go here, go on a Tuesday when tickets are $5 so you don't waste your money.

denise leavitt

Super clean theatre and facilities.

Renee Eason

Good selection of movies. Love the fact that you get to butter your own popcorn. Very friendly staff. Clean. Seats comfortable. Leather, slightly rocks.

Emory Faber

Great movies. Comefy seats. Well worth 8 bucks.

MD Tron

Best theater Iv been to.

Kathy Wp

Good seats I feel asleep

L Brown

Very comfortable and clean. Had a very good experience.

Dawn Rowland

Great place for full grown men to take their mommys

Roger and Patty Smith

Super great prices the earlier you go. Be sure to buy the refillable popcorn bucket on January and refill all year for $4.25.

Joan More

The young staff is polite and kind: 5 stars! But not being able to use gift passes because of industry restrictions that is not even in the fine print on the gift card, bad form. Corporate double standards: -5 stars!

Keith Weidner

Great seats, very clean and conveniently located :)

Cheri Lowery

Always a pleasant experience! Very friendly employees!

Chris Barnes

Friendly staff, the lines move pretty quick. Decent movie selection, and its clean and comfortable. The prices are high, like most theaters.

Ronna Jo LaBree

The lobby was cold, the theater was hot. The seats were semi comfortable, WAY TO CLOSE together. Kinda like being on an airplane with less leg room

Jim Rohrich

Great theater experience. Giant screens, nice and helpful staff, clean and shows films not shown in Great Falls (where I live). For the large, tent pole movies during the year... it's worth it to see those films at this theater. Highly recommended.

Nicole Shadoan

We were shocked to see how well designed and spacious this theater was! Very comfortable seats and reasonably priced tickets!

Laura L

Very nice, clean and inviting.

Cari Schwen

Nice theaters, love the XD! The newer theaters are quite a bit nicer than the older side of the theater. They have a lot of variety at the concession stand along with some T-shirts.

Caitlyn Zentz

Watched infinity war" was great. Food was a little expensive

Austin Bunton

Saw Aquaman here and loved it

Jenny Flory

Very nice theater, very clean

Braxton McCormack

Had good seats.

Kurt White

Coke was flat took it back they were very polite but refill was also flat. Popcorn was on the cool side. For the price you pay everything should be spot on. But the service was very good.

G Peter Younger

State of the art Cinema with very comfy seats. Capable staff, with some standouts.

Patrick Webb

Awesome theater! Brought my daughter for her first movie to the Star. Very comfortable seats and everything was clean. Thanks!

Richard Denny

It's a movie theater. It was clean and sound and screen were nice.

David Hannon

The XD theater has very little room between seats making it hard to do anything while ppl are still seated. Also ppl that frequent this theater don't know how to shut up! And the close seats make it hard to complain or say something

Richard Drysdale

Great, just too much popcorn

R.J. C.

I really enjoy this theatre. Comfy chairs and nice clean theatres. Prices are pretty high but that's every movie across the nation today. Hit a daytime's about $7 to get in. Concessions are ridiculously expensive. Sneak in your drink and candy and of course by the popcorn :)

Sandra Kennedy Moore

As always...Great theaters, great movie selection, great Popcorn and great staff.

Kelly Bourn

Great theater and comfy seats.

Ken Rose

Good and only 'new movies', movie theater in Helena. Staff always nice and trying to please. Plenty of room, rich sound, and good picture in their flagship Cinemark viewing room. Theater offers military discount, real plus for large families. Only theater but a quality viewing experiance.


We loved watching a movie here. The theater was awesome, chairs were great, it was clean. I believe Tuesday is the day that they do a special discounted price on the movies. I just wish we could have gone to more movies while we were in town.

Lyndsay Brown

Staff was rather unfriendly . It made for an awkward experience at the ticket booth and concessions . Movie was fantastic though .

Trevor Giulio

Love watching movies here, usually pretty small crowds so seat choice is nice

Rosanna Green

Clean theater and nice staff.

Kathy Smith

Nice place and welcome staff.

Mike McCurry

Great movie! Concessions are way out of control on price!

Zachary Stewart

Nice theater

PokeNugget Gaming

Went to see a movie, and the theaters are nice, sounds are amazing, and if you get the XD theater its always gonna be amazing experience!

Mary Bennett

I love going to movies here, good seats, friendly staff, and goodies, and comfort. What more could I ask for? Awesome experience, every time.

Tabitha Johnson

Discount Day on Tuesday is why I go to this theater. Parking is in the nearby garage, and the cinema validates your ticket


Its a movie theater. Seats are comfy and its really nice on the inside. I like it

Sara Morell

I go here about once a week on average and love the outstanding service!

Whitney Housel

GM isn’t very nice to the employees

Anginette Bromlie

Always happy to be here

James Goudy

They are clean and they have comfortable stadium seating.

Eric Hawkins

One of the only theaters around, it is relatively small, expensive, and fairly behind the times. Seats are basic rockers. One XD screen. It's a big chain theatre. It's the McDonald's of movies. It isn't good or bad, it just is.

Dianne Frasard

Cost to much but a great place to go with or without your children to watch great movies

Benjamin Finner

Clean, newer, great sound quality, covered parking. If you love going to the movies, Cinemark 8 has you covered.

Mittzy Guillemette

This place is great for family's. They tend to be very clean. They have a lot of the new movies that come out.they are wheel chair accessable. They have a wide creative of food and snacks to meet everyone's tatse. I would recommend this place to alotbof people if you just want 2-2 1/2 hour or relaxing,funny,or action filled fun!

Kristy Hagen

Nice theater free parking

Alida Royal

This place is clean and staff are friendly, helpful, and patient, even with my super embarrassing grandmother

sal huber

Very, very loud volume. The refreshments are extremely over priced. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

sher loomis

Always a pleasure

Taylor Burt

Wouldn't allow me as an adult to buy tickets for my younger cousins and sit with them at the movie when there parents weren't there apparently that's the new standard for companies

Jason Cech

The XD room is always presented well. The volume does get a bit much, but perhaps that is because I enjoy a good action pack film. Having the ability to buy tickets ahead of time is a great feature that I tend to use, a lot. As for the concession prices, they seem fair as far as movie theater priced concession products go. I do encourage people if there is a film they are itching to watch with family, friends, or others and it is shown, treat yourself to a nice flick.


Its just amazing

Baden Whitehead

It's a movie theater.... Standard priced on tickets, food and drinks....BUT...Refills are the same least AMC theater had the icee machine in the lobby...refills were no charge

Warren Souther

Very clean, great views and plenty of screens for multiple movies. Chairs don't recline...

Sonya Spangelo

Great seats. Concessions are a little slow. Polite service though.

Rick Snow

Absolutely love this place, it's clean and has a variety of showings. Also has a parking garage. I drive 45 minutes to get here telling you how much I like watching movies here

Christian Holder

My girlfriend broke up with me here but great movies and service!

Laura Johnson

Nice place, employees are friendly.

Charity Garrison

So axcomdating for our orchestra group. Good popcorn. Lots of snack choices. Clean

Jerry Murphy

very easy, and accommodating... I saw many changes had taken place ... we were happy with our visit ...

Simon mozer

This is the main theatre in Helena. They have average prices for movies. Generally they carry all major new titles. The individual theatres are kept clean and the staff is generally very friendly.

todd monroe

This theater is were people from other Montana cities go to see good movies that should be seen on the big screen.

ShawnaLee Ross

XD seating is so comfy!!!

Freddie Maw IV

Very comfortable seating

Andrew Marcil

Friendly staff great seats

heidi hohmann

Definitely one of the best cinemarks locations I've been to. Very updated, clean, and comfortable. Love the free parking garage! Tuesdays are when we go to the movies because discount day!

Lisa Ross

Expensive, but great movie experience!

Caller Number 3

This is a great place to see a movie. The food prices are outrageous but, it is a movie theater. If you see the first showing of the movie is was $6.50.

Kevin Connole

Easy ticket purchase. Plenty of seats. Good picture and sound.


Great theater. Typical prices on concessions, overprice from the general movie goers perspective but this is how they make their money. It is nice to have a family friendly and enjoyable place to go for entertainment.

Greg Ackerman

Good seat good movie good popcorn just good all around

Linda Sage

This was a very show I love it mamma Mia here we go again was a great show I would go see it again

Gerard Secher


Serena O' Brien

Clean and has decent room. Prices are high for snacks and drinks. So not good for a reasonably priced family time out. I understand they too have bills to pay.

wesley blum

Really enjoyed. Greats seats sound and screen.

Michelle Stewart

We enjoy attending the first showings of the day. Movie prices are lower, the atmosphere is more relaxed, and the theater is the cleanest it will be for the day.

Ben H

My wife and I both noticed that the volume in the theatres is pretty low. It was hard to hear the dialogue at times. We thought it was a one time speaker malfunction, but we've noticed this the last few times we've seen a movie (in multiple theatres). Are we crazy or does anybody else notice this? Otherwise, a great theatre.

Darcie Kelly

We are fortunate to have the XD theater and I enjoy my occasional visits. I like the kiosks so I don't have to wait in line to purchase tickets. Get your parking validated during the day if needed. Be sure to download the app so you can accumulate points for discounts and free stuff. It could be kept cleaner or it'd have 5 stars. Movies usually start on time and it's not usually too crowded. Come early if you want popcorn there's gonna be a line. Sometimes they are out of butter so don't be heartbroken.

Greg Bakke

Good theater. As usual for movie theaters it's not cheap.

Rocking A Me

Great theatre. Prices very high.

Lynde Houk

Had to stand in line for over 10 minutes with only 3 people ahead of us...and 20 minutes at concession with only 2 people ahead of us in line. Theatre was very clean though and comfortable

Aaron McNay

The movie theater was quite nice and the ticket staff were also helpful. That being said, after about 10 min in the concession line, I was told that the cashier would not be able to help me and that I would need to get in the back of another line. This issue is why I would put 3 stars instead of 4.

Ivy Wells

A Class Act: several folks were attending a special event and there was an issue with the download of the movie so the cinema required another 40 minutes to redownload it according to the manager. He offered for folks that had bought at the concession stand to go refresh themselves there while they wait, or if folks did not want to stay he would refund their money and give them a ticket to the only other showing. He ended up offering for anyone to go get themselves something at the concession stand and he would comp them if they chose not to take the refund and the other ticket. Many many people took him up on the offer for free goodies. And I believe that everyone stayed. It was a little longer weight than expected but things went on the way they were intended and I believe everyone was pleased. I feel he went above and beyond to please his customers and that was pretty stinkin cool!

Lani Jeffery

Tuesday is $5.50 day! My favorite!

Gina Smith

Cleanliness is very comfortable

Jordi Anzik

Great movie theater

Joshua Zigan

Great prices friendly staff all around great experience every time I go to see a movie.

Dayne Roberts

Comfortable and clean!

Garry Gosnell

Very nice and very clean

Dave Sims

Concessions waay to expensive!

Jennifer Fauque

Great movies and staff.

Tessa Dean

Cinemark’s employees are disrespectful. Popcorn is soggy, drinks are not carbonated! Rippp offfff!!! They would not let my brother watch a movie because he is African American. Cinemark you are getting sued and your employee is going to have a law suit on her hands as well.

Payton Schuma

small but cool

Tyler Manning

Beautiful theater in a great part of town. Has an XD and 3D screens. Nice and clean. Only problem is they have a total of like 10 parking spots. So you have to pay to park in the nearby garage. It wasn't expensive, but nobody should ever have to pay to park anywhere for any reason. Paying to park is a scam.

Jeremy Shields

5 dollar Tuesday, so much fun


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