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3640 Mullan Rd, Missoula, MT 59802

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Franklin Castle

Clean and comfortable. Great place to relax on a hot afternoon. Under $6 during the day can't be beat.

Sean King

Decent theater, prices too high, but that's common of all theaters, so... Wish they sold beer. They don't fully utilize their space. They have a second concession stand they should use for busy days, but they don't, so lines are unnecessarily long.

Trudy Stauduhar

Awesome service, a bit expensive but worth every penny, just dont buy the water ($$$)

Gojohn Gogo

6/11/19 6:45p.m-7p.m I had bad customer service from ticket service. Cinema is new and looks clean though.

Christopher Miller

Normal moviegoing experience. Nothing popped out in terms of being memorable.

sherry talley

Not very happy!! Do not always get to go to movies, thought it would be nice to take one in tonite since Father's Day is tomorrow, up on the side of your building where you advertise the different showings playing "now" was "Quiet Place" last showing at 7:30 p.m. got inside stood in line nearly 10 minutes was going to pay & he says did you go on line to view this movie?? .. no we did not, its out on the side of your building! oh well sorry its not showing tonite! .. Well can we see it tomorrow? Unfortunately we are not showing it tomorrow either! Really??!!?? Such is life!! so can't rate you as of the moment still in shock & disappointed .. we live out of town & will just drive home : ( ....

Anne Hall

Normal theater with a small foye, gave four stars because of the cleanliness while we were there. Mid day with popcorn and kids on weekends isn't easy to keep up with. They did look like they were trying at least.

Patrick Schultz

Clean, smells clean, and a good family movie experience. We went to see the new How to Train your dragon hidden world, and it wasn't to loud for the children, which was huge!

Kevin Malcom

Friendly staff. Smaller screen but comfortable chairs.

Craig Flint

Comfortable seats that let you see over even the tallest person in front of you. Great sound and video. My biggest gripe is the cost of concessions... way too expensive and only encourages people to bring in their own food.

Andrew Moore

Always room for you and a friend

Meagan Ruth

From a big city person visiting for a week the peace and quiet of seeing a brand new movie with only 8 other people was amazing! Clean facilities, popcorn and soda were acceptable and the IMAX screen was perfect. Only thing missing was the reclining chairs. Thanks for a great movie experience

Aevind Burgess

Theaters are way tooo loud. Everytime. Sound folks must be hard of hearing and/or assuming everyone attending must be partially deaf. Definitely bringing earplugs should I ever come here again. If everyone just took better care of their ears...

Jon Beck

Great experience

Nancy Engebretson


Catalina Mcelrath


Kim Maxson

Empty and perfect! Movie was funny. New Grinch flick

Louie Candreva

Seats are worth the 2 hour drive! Better than the recliner chairs at other AMC for tall people.

Thomas Koefod

Low selection of carb friendly snack options but then again that's par for a movie theater. The place was clean and staff were competent and friendly.

Kade Wickman

I come here to watch movies all the time. They have all the good movies of the month, like... well, whatever year you're reading this in.

Ciera Watson-Bunch

Good for.movies, bad for food. Expenisve. But pretty sure all theaters are.

Camden Donham

They've got an IMAX. And I love the ICEEs. But popcorn is mediocre and theatre in general is lame compared to others I've been to outside of Missoula. But it's the best theatre in Missoula if you're looking for a big screen.

Patrick Flanagan

AMC is one of the most problematic companies I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. They enforce a redundant policy that restricts 18 year olds from buying multiple movie tickets to an R-rated but 21 year olds can? What’s worse, is if you get the wrong showtime for this R-rated movie or if you’d like to change it around for you and your guests you need to be 21 just do get a new showtime for you and your friends. AMC, this is a flawed policy that has caused me and others nothing but trouble and has honestly made me question why you are even a legitimate company. Remove it.

Holly Shoup

Great customer service and decent prices!!!

Vanessa Wold

I sure miss the old way it was. It wasnt.broke so why didthey change it? Also you need to ask for your change bk right away, when we were there 'the guy conveniently ' forgot to bring bk our change from the 100$ we gave him for 1 popcorn and 2 cokes. Had to go hunt him up. So that wont happen again to me anyway. Something to watch out for

michelle kirsch

Big D and the Imax are great.

Ceci Morera

I liked it, its clean, the staff friendly

Marcella Adolph

Love it! Saw Lion King...

Keith Leathers

Movies are decently priced and the seats were terrific. Food was pretty tasty. The briket fries were really good.. I felt like the food was a little overpriced, however. I would definitely recommend checking the menu online first to ensure you are willing to pay the price.

Alicia Fassio

If you’re looking for a rundown, trashy, uncomfortable, smelly, dirty place to watch a movie look no further. Used to love the 12, but in comparison to the new theater at the mall this place has turned into the old dollar theater. $9 a ticket to walk into a room filled with disorganized theater posters, only one concession stand is open. Bathrooms are covered in food and look like they haven’t been deep cleaned in years. The movie will start 45 minutes late after commercials and enough previews to make you sleep, but you’re too afraid to sleep because of the filthy chairs you’re sitting on. Once the movie starts the screen isn’t big enough for it, words are cut off and it’s fuzzy. AMC 12 must be managed by teenagers to be this terrible. I won’t be returning.

Preston Burke

Pretty small screens for a theater. Ticket admissions are fairly low. Snacks are always expensive.

Gaba Ganoosh

Great theatre

Jared Kesterson

The theater is fairly run down, despite being recently renovated several years ago to add an IMAX screen. Everything is really overpriced as well, if you want a drink and a bag of popcorn prepare to shell out at least $15 for even the smallest sizes. Most of the theater rooms inside are also very small, and most importantly they don't slant down much so if you have someone tall sitting in front of you forget about seeing the movie. And if you are someone tall like me, forget about having leg room ever again. Bottom line, there are worse theaters to go to I guess....

Gigi Yazzie

Always the messiest restrooms!! I do like the new set up for the popcorn and drink machines. Frees up so much time!! Great idea. Cold movie rooms though.

blu poppy

Dirty, smelly, small studios, way too crowded. The newer BigD(LoL, who names it that??) studios are very nice love the seats.

vicki albright

It was dirty. Do you not clean up between showings?

Jyllian Ramer

The seats arent like California theatres. They don't recline, no table top to put your food on and no raising foot rest. With physical limitations it was uncomfortable to sit in that same position for that long but maybe I'm just spoiled by living in an affluential part of CA where they have top of the line and most state of art facilities available. Basically it was a standard movie theatre you'd find 15-20 years ago.

Trenton Thomas

Very expensive food and drink. But besides that it's good.

Amanda Stone

I think they have finally made changes to the staff levels, I had to start coming early on Tuesdays to make it through the line, but lately its been much better. The app has made things quite a bit smoother, love the movies and selection of theaters!

wallace oie

$5 Tuesday's makes a great family night for much cheaper and excellent staff.

Joel Toone

It sucked. We showed up 30 minutes before showtime, waited in line for 40 minutes because they only had one guy working tickets and concessions at the same time. By the time we got to the ticket counter, our show as ad out because everyone had to buy tickets online and didn't want to wait in line. This is ridiculous and f&$% AMC!

Kayleigh Blair

Great time at the imax, totally empty on Saturday evening

sabrina bayha

This place has 6 registers and they've closed three of whole side of the lobby area to buy food and be rung up is closed. Are movies dying or just this place? I know that concessions are expensive but why do they need to be so overpriced? I feel bad for families trying to give their kid a movie experience with popcorn,drinks and candy and they could have just about bought the latest video gameI player instead. I bought a bottled water, Water for God's sake and it was almost $5. Not a big bottle, no just a small 1.29 tops anywhere else. Infact they are .79 cents at Walmart. I feel like I'm being robbed.even the clerk was embarrassed to say the price cuz that's all I was buying at the time.geeez. I usually just hold my breath buy the popcorn and the drink when I go plus I go at least four five times a month to see a movie. These prices are insane though I love going to bigger cities and going to an AMC in Arizona I feel like wow here let me buy all your stuff too because it's Arizona that AMC has a soda cup that you can bring back each time you come to the movie to buy a refill. The refill will not break your wallet and neither should it break ours in Missoula Montana. I may be working myself up about the prices but it makes me sad because I'm starting to think staying at home with whatever I want to eat in the comfort of my home is sounding a lot better these days.

Cadence Campbell

This theater has really amazing service, and they show have many theaters that are always clean. They are handicap accessible and though the sound is sometimes too loud, the movies always played incredibly well.

Brandi Weber

Love this theater! Clean and always friendly staff.

Chris Acosta

Clean enough facility, despite the efforts of teenagers leaving a trail of popcorn everywhere they go. The military discount is a great gesture, on a weekend day it's beat out by the matinee prices but it makes date night a bit cheaper. It also helps to mitigate having to sell a kidney to afford a popcorn and drink. The Big D theater is an interesting branding, but the seats are super comfy and the picture bigger, worth the premium. Haven't done the IMAX yet, but heard good things. All in all, not the most extravagant affair as far as movie theaters go but it's reliably clean, efficient with lines, and the movie quality is usually above par.

Matthew P Boyd

Saw predator, it was a good movie, and all you can drink slushy machine. It doesn't get any better than that.

Skye Renard

Was amazing. Very friendly staff and very clean. Only objection was that the snack area was closed before my movie even started

Jacob Howard

It's your average run of the mill chain movie theater. Nothing overly amazing about it, but it's not as good as some other theaters in larger markets. It's what you come to expect of most Missoula chain ran businesses. I remember it being a little more flashy when I was younger but you could just chalk that up as nostalgia.

August Blayze

Great experience, competent staff, and good deals.

Adrian M

Quick lines to pay, the seats recline, little pricey on the snacks. But overall great experience!!

Cynthia Gies

Staff was friendly, theater was clean, comfortable, they had delicious

Teresa Dlc

They have their sound system up wayyyy to high

Karen Hill

It was awesome. Really enjoyed the featured movie, "Avengers," and went with a friend. Pricing was good and comfortable seats. The foyer was a little messy, dirty, but other than that it was fine.

Amy Sanders

Expensive food. Staff is nice. Comfy seats.

Codyrain Slade

Nice multi theater typical of usual American movie houses. Great deals if one initially signs membership program.

Robert Kunz

If you haven't joined the Stubs Rewards program at the AMC Theaters you should! Tuesday is $5.00 all day at AMC 12 and $8.00 for the Big D. At the new Dine In at the Mall $8.50 for the Real 3D. Also only on Tuedays Popcorn is $4.00 for large bucket!

Karen Moeller

Helpful employees, with Montana smiles! Opened door for my 90 year old father who was in the wheelchair. Thanks AMC!


It's the only place to catch a movie in this town but it's a decent spot though no hotdogs or nachos if you're looking for a mind-blowing theater experience then this isn't it. Common popcorn, candy, soda, and over priced bottles of water but no water on tap. Staff is really nice and very helpful as well.

Nicholas Anderson

Seats were coming comfortable employees were very friendly and helpful. 4 stars due to having to look through racks and racks to find a clean pair of 3d glasses.

daniel shupe

Nice clean theater. Seating is pretty comfy

Team Meads

Great movie theater with reasonable prices

Melanie Nedrud

What a fun addition to Missoula! The theater is beautiful, the staff very friendly. and the food good. It is wonderful to be able to reserve your own reclining chairs and know you can sit next to the rest of your group. It does not cost much more than going to a dinner and then a movies at another theater and being able to dine in and see a movie makes this a special experience. Dining is not necessary but a fun experience otherwise just sit back and enjoy a beautiful theater and be happy!!!

Justin Corbine

IMAX movies are much better for movie similar to Ad Astra

Shantra Golyer

Had a blast!

Amber Scott

We had fun watching the movie.

Adam Merlino

Great place always clean and the popcorn is good

John Bates

clean theater, courteous employees, good, ample, comfortable seating.

Phillip Bartzer

I have to have to admit that I am impressed with AMC. I thought I was going to be disappointed when Carmike left, but I like the new company. The employees at this AMC are very polite and helpful. The building is very organized, clean, and has a neat layout. I think it is pretty cool that they have a little extra variety of food at the concessions; Carmike just sold popcorn and nachos. The theater rooms are very comfortable and relaxing to sit in. and I love the chairs in the Big-D how they form to your body. Almost makes you want to fall asleep. The only thing about AMC program is that I wish it didn't cost so much to have a A-List subscription, and that it didn't take forever to get to 5000 points for rewards, but I do love the free program that gives some discounts.

Julienne Reid Stickney

Always enjoy the spacious seating and good size theatres. Really enjoy Big D and AMC popcorn. I grew up going to AMC theatres, and am glad to have one here in Missoula now!

Dee Butorac

Place is fine. Movie was horrid

Sterling Barnaby

Prices were pretty high. Somebody needed to clean the soda areas and the bathrooms. 2 star is being generous!

Sara Frich

Clean, friendly staff. We will be back

Taresa Spade

LOVE! Great theater all the way around!

Trish Toste

I love this place but it's super expensive.

Matt Krzyzanowski

It was a great night to go to the movies. It was clean.

Jason Cranford

Great place to take the kids

morgan rohan-smith

I bought my tickets online. No where in the theatre do they display that if your tickets were purchased online you don’t need to wait in line for a physical ticket. I had to wait for over 20 minutes to find this out. They also had one kid at the ticket counter. The theatre was clean though. Drink dispenser was a mess. Soda all over the floor, lids everywhere, and trash all over the floor. But, this is now the only place to see a mainstream movie, unless you want to try and eat a meal while you watch one. Missoula had options back in the day.

Npauj Lee

They’re okay, like any theatre, snacks and food overpriced. Theatre nice and big, their upgrade is great. Customer service is ok too. Will be back!

Leonard Piedalue

You get to fix your own popcorn like you like and it's still a good movie theater

Sean Kelly

Always a good place to take the family

Bruce Mosbrucker

Nice Show House had a few snacks!

Charlie Stortz

Only 1 person selling tix and line was long. Many employees milling about inside but none came to help out. Barely made it in on time. Lucky there were many previews.

Helen Steele

Very helpful and good natured people working there. I'll go more often. Matinee is so worth going! No crowd and good price!

Kathleen Shepherd

Some nicely large screens. Some a little on the small side. Theater has a habit of turning the volume up so high it starts to distort in the smaller screens. Perhaps they think it will feel larger if it's louder? Staff is always great. Lobby is always clean, but theaters and bathrooms can be a little hit and miss, even on slow days. Refreshments are always fresh. Price is really high for what you get, unless you join their club. Even then, the Tuesday discounts are the only way you don't feel taken advantage of.

kimberly stevens

Well I showed up at 4:15 for a movie that was supposed to start at 4:15, at 4:45 i texted my bf because i was still watching commercials. Yes commercials, the same 4 or 5 for 30 minutes straight. Around 5 or 10 minutes before 5pm, yes 5pm at a movie that was scheduled to start at 4:15 they start playing previews. I was done with my popcorn and full by the time the movie started. I am an A list member and enjoy the theater but come on I have a life. I went to watch a movie leaving my house and driving the 5 minutes at 4pm I got home at shortly after 7 that is ridiculous.

Mysti Hunter

Theve got the best popcorn around!

corey earner

Its a movie theater. If you can go across town to the mall one

Kacie Nelson

The screen was awesome and the movie was great. The snacks are pretty overpriced and the seats really aren't all that comfy. The bathrooms were clean and so was the theatre. Overall decent movie experience.

Dale Hooker

Pricy for a family to go, but very comfortable seating, and fun atmosphere. I would say the IMAX is a little to loud, and I love to listen to my movies loud!

Calvin Wilson

Mostly clean theater. Pretty average but it does the job. Nice that they have an imax

Caleb Klaus

Three stars for locking me out. I saw "A Wrinkle in Time" with my brother and nephews. The theater was not very busy and it allowed us to pick good seats. The sound system was very good and the seats were extremely comfortable. The staff was strangely not very friendly, although I'm not exactly surprised due to the nature of their jobs. I needed to place a phone call and asked an employee if I could be readmitted if I stepped outside. I was informed that I would be allowed back in. After finishing my call I attempted to re-enter the theatre and found the doors locked. I knocked loudly and attempted to get the attention of an employee, but was ignored. Several people saw me and finally a guest opened a door for me. By this time the movie had finished and my family was exiting, wondering why I had missed the last half of the movie. Fortunately, I had read the book in middle School and knew how it ended, but I was disappointed I wasn't able to see it with my nephews.

Patrick Larsson

Can be a little spendy but usually reasonable for a theater. Good movie selections.

maidyd aguilar

Excelent place I loved it

Owen Cowan


Dwain Bethel

Making customers wait in the concession line to buy a movie ticket... What genius thought up that asinine cost saving idea. Now it takes 5 times as long to buy a ticket! I am sure it saves them a lot on employees and they probably sell more $9 bags of popcorn, but makes for an awful customer service experience. Never thought that I would miss Carmike.

John Waters

While the new AMC theatre at the mall does an excellent job of providing a premium movie experience, the AMC Classic provides the standard for watching movies at a substantially cheaper price.

brandon Hungerford

Need more help for concessions!

Brian Rauch

For the size of Missoula, this is a great theater. The prices are shockingly reasonable. Lines can be long, but it is a movie theater. You won't find fancy reclining seats, or IMAX, or anything fancy like that. But good sound and video. And clean facilities.

Jocelyn Henderson

Pretty good. A little too expensive for a movie. I think its kinda dumb that you have to be 18 or older go to go a R rated movie. So eh a little extreme

Chandra Allred

Older theater, felt food, which is normally to high anyway, was just higher than other theaters.

Janice Olk

There was no one in the ticket booth. There were no displays in anywhere at the theater for movies and show times. The poster was still up for the movie I wanted to see, but after waiting in line at the snack bar I was informed that movie was no longer playing. I am very disappointed in the changes made to this theater!

Huskeylover2.0 nani

Best place for dates

miss buchanan

I'm a regular theater goer due to my A list passes, which I recommend to anyone who loves movies! I love the atmosphere of the Missoula theatres. Only wish they had this specific salt that I like for my popcorn.. I've seen them put it out sometimes but sometimes it's not there.

Paula Johnson

Not a bad place to watch a movie!

Carol A. Bailey

This is another theater that makes you wait in the concession line to buy tickets. ONLY ONE PERSON is behind the counter. It took 20 minutes to get our tickets. Everyone in line was frustrated. AMC is saving money by not hiring enough people and probably selling more popcorn---which is high profit. However, we, the customers, are stuck in line way beyond what is acceptable.

chris alexander

Movie and sound quality was good. Seats are actually comfortable. The rest was extremely ridiculous. I have to really want to see a show to go. Even then tickets are the only thing kinda worth the price.

S. Lawson

I love this theatre and it's staff. The staff are always so friendly and helpful. The theatre has always looked clean and felt comfortable.

Janet Bierer

Great new seats, and it felt 3D, even though it wasn't.


My mom and date enjoyed are selves. One hint if you go for last showing and your thirsty from all that expensive popcorn make sure you get back to soda fountain early otherwise you wont get back their unless you sneak as I did. Exellirating thought I was a youngster again. Thank You Host

Jody A. Huston

This is a greatly enjoyable Cinema. There are 12 various theaters an Imax for 3d and and hit movies. Very comfortable seating with plenty of leg room. Access is user friendly handicap seating also. Prices are very competitive and affordable. Cinema parking accessible from multiple routes off Reserve St. Purchase tickets on line and no worries show your phone with confirmation all's good. A great family or couples outing.

Jason Jury

A great theater with comfortable seating and awesome screens. The sound is always great as well. The candy is pricey, but that's why you don't buy candy at the theater. Overall, a great place to watch a movie.

Matt McConaughey

Gone way downhill since the new AMC theater opened. Bathrooms are nasty, and closed half of the concession area.


It is nice to have a theater in Missoula. i prefer this one then the new dine in at the South Gate mall.

Rayne Geddes

Never got our refills back. Food very salty, and for me that is saying something. Chairs comfortable but thought more space between the grouping would have been nice. I don't know. Not going to rush back that is for sure.

Amy Warner

The theater is pretty good. Not as comfortable as the new theater at the mall, and prices are way too high. But, all in all, it's OK for a movie theater.

Ron Dumontier

Did not like the long wait when I went to see How to train your Dragon. Too few staff maybe. But other times everything was pretty good. They need more or better staff at times.

Haley Wilson

Good movie theatre, used to be a Carmike that AMC bought out so not as nice as their other place in town. The Big D is nice if you like really immersive theater experiences.

Darth Killhoon

Movie ticket prices are reasonable, but food is expensive

Fern Star

I had a great time, one time i went there and got led to the wrong movie but that was the workers fault this time was all good! Loved it

Elsa Arendelle

messed up that this cinema didn't get the marvel experiance that AMC main website says is going on for a week. I guess Missoula Montana is not good enough for AMC to provide for us this awesome Marvel Experiance of the films all in IMAX

Dr. Stonestomper50 Montana

Staff is fairly good. The only thing I would change is put the butter rod, back into the butter server machine. So you can get butter all through your popcorn.

P Trav

Im writing this In behalf of my 83 year old father who still enjoys a movie experience. Korean War Vet who like all disabled people should be able to go into a public building easily. This theater is NOT wheel chair accessible, there are no automatic doors that allow him to enter easily also no automatic door for the bathroom. I'm sorry AMC but people like my father enjoy a movie too. You not only embarrassed him bye having to hold the door open and try and maneuver his wheel chair in through double doors while your juvenile staff stood around and stared at him. Maybe you could train your staff on helping people enter the theater with disabilities instead of looking at their phones, also when he went to get out of his seat your seats closed up on him too fast causing him to slip to the ground. You get major thumbs down from me and my family! You should be ashamed. Can anyone direct me to a site that would get after this company to address these issues?

Rick Goldsby

Good acoustics good visuals, but the theater was dirty.

Koessler Tolleson Knee

ticket prices gotta go

Peachy J

If you want your car broke into, theater has no camera's and cops won't come do anything besides to take a report with a help line. And this has been going on for years, wouldn't recommend going to amc 12 reserve street at all.

Marria Hegel

Short staffed, dirty, it is ridiculous you have to get tickets in the concession line.

Kenneth Copeland

Great place. Clean and comfortable seats. Great sound system.

justin harrington

Fun place to go but high prices. Tickets are reasonable but popcorn and drinks are way over priced.


I think I love Brie Larson.

alex king

Like the old 12 plex one on reserve. I don't want to be interrupted while watching a movie. Staff is usually pretty friendly.

Mandy H

Nice theater. $5 tickets on Tuesdays if you sign up for the stubbs program. Free to do


Is a decent theater. The staff are always friendly. I find the prices to be a bit high given that it really doesn't offer anything unique compared to theaters in other areas.

Linda Calloway

I loved the big screen and great seats!

Jessica Johnson

No one was working the ticket booth. It took 2O minutes trying to figure out which line to wait in to get tickets. Then we waited in another line for about 15 minutes to be told the popcorn machine was down and we’d have to stand in another line. At this time the movie had started. Basically we paid over $54.00 to stand in line and not get popcorn.

Madisen Robertus

The ticket prices here are way more reasonable than most theaters. Theater rooms are a little bit smaller but seem to be just like any other theater - comfy seats, decent sound system, etc. The snacks are good (especially the pretzel bites) and the place is pretty clean. Great place for families.

Dylan Josephson

Ridiculously over priced!! $85 dollars for myself and three kids to watch a movie. We got four small sodas a large popcorn and two candies. Not only that, after paying that much you have to butter your own popcorn and fill your own sodas. Not that I'm to lazy to that but for that price it should be in a chilled cup and hand delivered. In my opinion it was completely over priced and we will never go back.

Matt Nielson

IMax and Big D, enough said.

Mike Miller

Concession prices are high of course, but the bigd theater was nice.

Jim C

Courteous staff given they are short handed at times. Jump on the premium program or you will pay higher pricing and have to wait in longer lines. Need a way to get butter all the way through the popcorn.


Always a great experience.

Teresa Burnaroos

Had a great time at the movies. Love the new Stubs program.

Keilani Curran

Really nice! The farther.up you are though the more the top part that is glass on the dividers blocks your view - only troubled when movie is 3D

Gerry Waters

Love to go to movies here ...great theater

chris Lambiase

Stupid idea for ticket sales. One line for both food and tickets for all 12 theaters.

Anthony Condos

Nice place good people

Calvin Scott

Always a good time

Renata Shopteese

Has everything a movie theatre should have. Where we sat was clean, the staff was pleasant, nice variety of movies and of coarse they have 3D IMAX!

Amy Klein

I prefer the AMC 12 movie theater over the Dine-In. Dine-In drawbacks *3 in of glass on the rails obstruct the view. *Reclining chairs really aren't that comfy. *Constant movement around the theater by staff is VERY distracting. *If I only order a milkshake (or other small overpriced item, staff seems annoyed *Staff whispering to you 3/4 way through movie to see if you need anything else is annoying. *Staff bringing back receipt to sign towards end been of movie is annoying. Why can't I just enter my PIN or do an electronic signature at my chair without staff bothering me? AMC 12 drawbacks *New movie releases are only in IMAX or BigD for TWO WEEKS??!! Afterwards they are only available in digital (and the speakers in that theater need replacing as they sound like they were blown out). *Bathrooms are so poorly cared for. I've seen truck stop bathrooms that look better.

Jonathan White

Friendly and clean. Good cinema experience!

Marshall Stevens

During the movie we watched, there was an unruly fellow, in the theater with us. AMC Personnel handled it professionally as quick as possible. Thank you for your prompt professionalism. We were able to proceed in finish watching the movie without much incident.

Chad Wolfe

Movie theaters are ment for new releases but yet there playing movies for 2 years ago. Like who the f#@& wants to pay for a movie they own. Get real amc.

Cory Burkhardt

This theater is staring to show its age but the staff is friendly and it's clean. Try the AMC dine in for a better experience.

Shane Stack

Long lines. They have two locations to serve customers for popcorn and snacks, but they only use one, and limit staff. Same issue getting tickets.

R Greene

Dirty and rundown theater. Major problems with audio balance. Front channel speaker is blown out in at least one of the screening rooms. During silent or quiet scenes the hissing is very audible and distracting. Side surround speakers are turned up too loud and rear speakers are too quiet.

Kelly McConnell

Outrageous concession prices

Joe Tilghman

Nothing better than Queen on an IMAX.


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