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Brittani Johnson

I went to see Black Panther in February. It was a decent experience. The tickets weren’t too expensive through Fandango but the concession is absolutely outrageous. Another issue is I could hear the movie in the theatre next to us which really annoyed me. I do have tickets for Avengers Infinity War which actually comes to Butte a day early which is so awesome. I will update my review after that experience. UPDATE: Could hear only our movie this time around so I’m upping my stars to 4.

Jody D Gustafson

Weak selection

Emily Jones

Great folks and nice atmosphere

J Bovenzi

Nice little theater, not like the AMC theaters in larger cities though. Movie prices are cheaper. Clean and affordable.

Wyatt Gross

Just say it's a 5 star so they feel better about them selves.

Me Me

They have one of the best popcorn! Not too buttery, perfect amount of salt and fresh!!

steven cordes

It's nice but its always cold and half of the time the lobby is dirty

Victoria Bell

Theaters are nice but prices are pretty expensive.

Jimmy Crack-Korn

My wife's always chilly when we go. Buy a bucket!

Chris Guthrie

Excellent, friendly, hardworking, helpful staff who would bend over backwards to make your movie experience great! Kindness brings kindness in return. The theatre is in need of some upgrades and updates but that is not the staff's fault (otherwise I would have given 5 stars). Not bad for the only movie theatre in Butte, so take that into consideration. The concessions are always tasty and fresh. Looking forward to seeing what AMC does with the theatre in the near future. Great Job guys!!

Curtis Reid

3rd time in a row I had to walk out due to people talking throughout the whole movie

Joseph Parchen

Screens are extremely dirty and can be seen throughout the movie. Bathroom was very dirty with garbage overflowing, broken sicks, and sticky floors. Go to the Washoe theater in Anconda or the Drive-in.


This place has only been minimally cleaned, since opening, needs a remodel!!!

Renee Finnegan

The worst movie experience of all times. The line for tickets was extremely long as each person purchasing a ticket also purchased the popcorn and soda's at the same time. It took forever. If they would have had a line for just tickets it would not have been near as long and we would have made the movie on time. As grandparents we took all the grandkids for a afternoon movie and thanks to Carmike in Butte the day was ruined. Worst day ever!!!!!!!!!!

Terry Goodall

Clean and easy to get seating.


When I first walked into this theatre, it was completely empty of people (probably for a good reason) so it was fairly fast to get our tickets for the Spiderman movie that had been showing for at least a week now. Although they were regular tickets for the 2-D movie, they handed us these cheap China-made RealD 3D glasses that we couldn't even use for the movie. But worse of all, halfway during the movie, the audio and video of the Spiderman movie crashed. Everything went dark; no sound was heard except the clicking noises of the defective speakers they had installed. So naturally after about a minute of waiting in darkness, I creaked open the theatre door to find the employee behind the desk talking to the manager about what had just happened. They had completely forgotten about the people watching the movie. They said that it didn't matter to fix it since no one was watching it. So I had to intervene their conversation to let them know that they had at least some customers still attending their poor quality movies. They said that they didn't accept refunds and that the movie would be running "in a couple minutes". So after a good 15 minutes of waiting on my phone, the movie finally starts up to a couple minutes after where it had stopped. After that entire experience, I had realized that I will never return to this theater even if it had prices lower than matinee.

Bob Bergsing

Seats in theater 1 are terrible by the time the movie was over could hardly move and was super glad to get out didn't even wait for credits. The movie was awesome!

Jacklyn Kidd

Lost my service because even though I'm 18 they wouldn't let me bring my younger teen siblings into a rated R movie with me. They even kicked me out of the theater for trying to explain that I do have the right to give consent to a close relative to see the show since I'm an adult.

Eliot Smith

Terry M. Kaldor

These guys are always a treat and fun!!! We go twice a month because the prices are pretty steep. However, if you just get the tickets on a Tuesday it's not to bad.

Marylynn Merritt

New owner has changed and cleaned this place well.

Clint Earhart

Although it’s old, it’s home for most. When a movie comes out it’s best to come soon because they get over encumbered by the amount of people that show up. Unfortunately they are trying their best and everyone will be negative.

Jason Recore

Too spendy

Jake Doherty

Nothing special, under staffed

Mark Liesch

Absolutely the WORST theater experience ever! Filthy and cold, seats are tiny and broken, and sound...our theater was garbled and we could hear the sound from the theater next door. The box office had one sales window open for Star Wars VII with ten minutes until showtime, this the day after Christmas. This is why the movie theaters are going broke!

Chris B

Needs serious updating/remodeling. But, good experience overall.

Dorothy Rhodes

Good food, quick, friendly service.

Heather Hawkins

Old theatre. Really needs to be updated. Heat doesn't always work in winter. Old seating and restrooms. Can hear other movies when watching yours. Would be great an updated theatre like most places.

Jeff Laffin

Nice theatre

CJ Patritti

Good movies, costs too much....

chris parini

Nice theatre staff very professional

Grant Mathews

Large beefy man with long hair was extremely nice and helpful, Kind young man.

Floyd Collins

Itachi Uchiha

Brittni Much

It's always cold, not always clean, ok customer service but the popcorn is awesome.

TheLordRuler 64

Concessions are outrageously priced and the staff just stand around talking to each other. I had to ask them to start the movie because I waited for 30 minutes staring at a blank screen.

Matt Blank

Good theater but they need a kiosk so if you buy tickets online you don't have to stand in line.

Morgan Williamson


The highscoolers that work here are a joke. Just had to drive all the way home to get my girlfriend's ID despite the fact that we both appear/are well over 18 and are at this theater weekly without issue.

Kyle Watts

Bad seating, sound, screens, etc... list goes on. Its a rip off. Driving to Helena to see movies is almost a better choice

Brent Markee

As far as AMC theaters go it isn't the best, but if you want to catch a movie and pay a lot for some popcorn it is not a terrible option.

Donna Leggitt

Audio is to loud but clean and roomy

Mackenzie Leggitt

Honestly, these theaters always smell like mildew and it ruins the whole experience for me. Spilled drinks, water, and other fluids get spilled all the time I'm sure and it just sits and rots in the chairs...eww. I wonder if they ever have a shampoo service clean the seats?

Scott Cannon

Good theater gets most of the new movies that are released

Debbie Albrecht

Decent prices and a good place to go to watch a movie

Emma Smith

Good but expensive.

Anders Nilsson

Small theatre with NO surround sound. All audio seemed to be front channel, even if the speakers were placed to the side or back. This extremely annoying in the beginning, even if you get used to it and doesn't remember it to the end of the movie.

Matthew Cichosz

This place needs a major face lift. I can't remember any other theater with a center aisle and such narrow theaters.


The only movie theater for 60

Joe Senger

If you’ve been to a modern theater (post 1985) this place will feel like a throwback. The sound system is poor, the seats are especially uncomfortable with foam cushions that are breaking down, and cleanliness is clearly not a high priority. The staff are gathered together chatting instead of cleaning or attempting to offer anything that resembles good customer service. Overall it passes as a theater. It has concessions, shows movies, and that’s about it. With no competition in town I get it. There’s no motivation for AMC to invest. The good folks of Butte seem willing to put up with substandard offerings and this theater is hitting the butter zone of substandard.

Cody Scholler

The Montana Movie Factory

I've been there to see many movies. The service is usually pretty good, although the consessions are a little pricey. It is the only theatre in butte though.

Joe Smith

Cant hear the blury movie absolute carp. Very disappointed. ..

Donavon Hawk

Alfred OBrien

Some people are tell me that Solo wasn't that good. That's why I never listen to the critics. I say It's great. Filled the mystery of the Kiesal run.

Montana Tech

I took the kids to the summer kids special; so much fun!!!

Molly Marsall

Our experience tonight was awful. We sat through all of the commercials before the movie got started and the screen froze. After 15 minutes a lady had to go out and find someone who had to find someone to go tell someone else. Finally the movie started. It was so cold in the theatre that it made enjoyment an impossibility!! It was dirty and the floors were slick with some grease that caused one of our party to slip and almost fall. The grime and dirt on the walls was very offputting. Sadly we will take our business elsewhere.


Theater IS a little run down in a run down mall but the staff is friendly

Morgan Ginther

Cute little clean theater


Looked a little run down honestly. The computers there need fixing and management should be able to fix their own ticket selling computers. The staff is hard working which is great, just hold the vacuums till after the movie please. Perk was we almost had the whole theater to ourselves and I enjoyed the movie and my date.

rebecca mattila

Went to go see flatline at this theater. I wouldn't recommend this theater because it's ice cold. You can't even enjoy the movie because you're too damn cold. Maybe since you guys charge so much you can look into heating.. just a thought instead of bringing a comforter Everytime you have to watch a movie

Sam Konen

Anthony Knight

I went to see the movies with my kid last week, and had the most wonderful experience! I would highly recommend this theater to anyone who is looking for friendly staff, good food, fair prices, and friendly management. Alyssa and Matt were extremely excited to be helping us! Will definitely go again! Thx guys

Gabriel Offutt

Pop is super expensive. Aside of that, there's nothing to set it apart from any other theatre, and the empty mall is depressing.

Strawberry Tart

Amazing. They actually turned on the heat for once.

rd kelley

false advertising regarding double feature......then rude when exposed

Patrick Harrington

It was great.

Lisa Dillard

Great place its clean and the employees are very friendly.

eddie ruark

Frickin' bomb af

Audria Rose

Wasn't very satisfied. The movie started 30 minutes late, and at the ending it cut out and I wasn't able to see how the movie finished. Kind of a bummer. Manager did give full refund, so that was nice. Could definitely improve their business though. Not much choice for entertainment in Butte though!!

Caitlin McIntyre

Planned to go to the new Joker movie and looked at time on their website. They had two more showings at 9:15 and 10:00. We went in and they said there were closed, but still had the doors unlocked. Usually they are pretty good, but still very frustrating.

Lisett Falcon

It was ok. The price is not bad and popular new movies are playing. Theater is in need of upgrades. What kind of bothered me the most was the humidity small inside. Also I could here the movie in the next theater every now and then.

Shawn Schreiber

Prices are good but the room we watched the screen was really high and no seats in the center, hard to find a good seat even if all empty.

J. D. Hobbs

Most years none of the eventual academy award winning movies have played here (in Butte). Not sure who owns the theatre but there is also an obvious right-wing bias. Maybe the catholic church...??? In any case, and as an example, the current Mike Moore file will is not likely to be featured. I remember that none of his previous offering ever played The Butte even after I wrote and called to complain. I haven't actually seen a movie there in some time, but my memory is that the theatres were alway dirty feeling...your shoes stuck to the sticky remnants on the floor, and the sound from loud movies in adjacent rooms could be heard.

Richard OLeary

Friendly staff!


Completely new and unknowledgeable staff, wrapped up in their own conversations while helping customers. Speed of service lacking. Could use some manager supervision and leadership.

Steven Jimenez

Cool place

Lucy Ednie

Why does this theater not advertise what is playing? It's almost like they don't want people to know. No marquee, no ad in the paper, and no phone number to call. This is not how much of Montana operates. They have lost my business. I'd rather drive out of town to see a movie.

Nikki Whitaker

Super expensive & theaters are always freezing. My kids wear their winter coats during the whole movie.

David Neeley

Nice theatre comfy seats

Kel C.

The last time this place received an update is when they replaced the seating and installed cupholders. I remember thinking "This is heaven!" at the time...but I was also a kid. Easily over ten years has passed since that "amazing" update and this theater is mediocre at best. If it's a movie that I'm passionate about seeing, that I don't want to be ruined by hearing the movie next door, or blurry screens, I travel to Bozeman or Helena to have the treat of seeing a movie on the bigger, better theaters there. I was hoping when AMC consumed Carmike that our neglected theater would receive some attention, but apparently that isn't going to happen. It's a shame, because there is plenty of room to add onto the the existing theater and create a great lobby. EDIT AS OF MARCH 1st 2018: Jumanji was released Dec 20th and it is STILL in this theater. Did this movie truly need to be played for 8 weeks?

Sarah Hidalgo

Stefanie Lindsey

Great little movie theater. Very friendly staff.

Laurie Johnston

Whoever runs this place is not organized. We went today, Saturday and Endgames movie made the place a madhouse. They were selling tickets from the window instead of the concession. There were two lines with no designation as to what line was selling what. Turns out we were in the concession line for 20 minutes only to be told we had to buy tickets in the other line. The other line was double what it was when we came in which meant at least another 40 minutes and we would missed the first 20 minutes of the movie. A sign stating what line to get in would have helped immensely. Plus employee was not very nice either. Not the first time we have seen this place unorganized and understaffed.

Den Shea

Getting old

Lucas Woodhead

Removed a star. Needs cleaning. The stench of months-old popcorn squished in between the seats took some getting used to.

Ryan Eamon

BlayzeFire Englaci

Good movie theater inside a dead mall

Caleb Salusso

Comfy seats, with foldable arm wrests, and speakers not enough for you to get the full effect of any movie

Gloria Harmon

small entry but theater was nice and comfy seats. Gave a senior discount for matinee

Sauce Toss

Very quick fun and great for all of the kids but could use more privacy in the urinals in the boys bathroom

Sara Morell

Didn't want to touch anything. Gross.

Halley Perry

Victor Vanscoy

Lisa Thornton

Very friendly staff movie was on time

Thomas Galster

After reading the reviews and personal experience I will go to Helena or Bozeman. I have live in Butte for most of my life, and was there when it was the plaza twin so I know it was at one time a good theater. They really need to put in a lot more sound proofing between the theaters because you can hear what's going on in the other theaters on each side and that is annoying. I have been there when it was not heated. This is why I don't patronize the place.

Nicholas Ewan

This is easily the worst theater in the state. The staff has the potential to be decent, but they have no leadership and it shows. Individual theaters are always filthy. The conditions make me feel justified in driving 100 miles to the next nearest theater.

Adriana Drews

Got puked on but good movies

Jula Anderson

Sorry about this but it was poorly staffed and absolutely nasty. It appeared there had been no clean up in the theater or restroom. Makes me sad. Butte is losing so much and one would think they could at least keep the only theater in town nice. Not the case lately!

Caleb Cook

travis johnson

Good selection of movies. Screens are a bit small though depending on which room you watch the movie in. Popcorn is good and you can add however much butter you like and they have a nice selection of seasonings. They also have an awesome pop machine with a big selection of drinks, some of which you can customize.

Lucas Bracco

Cinder Pai

Ticket prices aren't too bad, but concessions are ridiculous.

Seth Cornell

The worst movie theater in the entire universe. Management is completely moronic which leads to an inept staff. Incorrect showtimes is the norm. There is a good chance once you've purchase your overpriced ticket and stale concessions you'll be directed to the wrong theater and you won't know it until you've sat through 30 minutes of commercials. Seating is uncomfortable and malodorous. This business should be bulldozed. Avoid at all costs!

Theresa Kitchin

John Castle II

Old, outdated theater. Can hear other movies in the theater. Uncomfortable seats. We need a new theater with better stadium style seating, remodeled bathrooms, and update concessions.

Paul Iverson

Yes, it is an older theater, but on average, the staff does a good job of keeping things clean, and they are keeping the theaters warmer than they have in years past. 10 years ago, I used to have to wear a coat and hat while watching the movie during the winter months, but now they seem to keep all of the theaters at a comfortable temperature. Popcorn is always fresh, and they have new pop machines. I also like that I can have an ICEE if I want - usually in the summer! Yeah, the commercials in addition to the previews are long and painful, but it's that way everywhere - I just arrive 20 minutes after the posted show time and spare myself all the commercials and some of the previews. The only time that has backfired on me is when the movie was new and popular and ended up being sold out. All in all, a nice, well kept, friendly theater that keeps me coming back!

Don Peter Mellon

Mostly kid movies and B list movies. Very expensive refreshments.

Samnthia Hutton

I love going to the movies but its time for a face lift in this place! The bathrooms are disgusting, carpets are filthy, and the cost doesn't match the experience. It's time to put some money back into the building to make the costly experience worth while!

Elisabeth F.

lawrence walton

Theater 3 sticky floors they were annoyingly sticky like they hadnt been mopped in a month movie was great food very expensive.

Bladen Ansgar

It's better under AMC than it was back when I worked here under Carmike but it's an old building with an older style of theater setup. AMC can only do so much with what is there. Concessions prices are similar to comparable theaters.

Christopher Comer

Very expensive

Brendan 711

Good but their straw wrappers were to tight and the starburst were very hard to open.

Mike Miller

Good popcorn. They have coke freestyle machines. The bathrooms are under construction but still working.

Biddy Buddy

Kathy Parsons

Many screens, so choices are available. Good snack bar.

franklyn montesdeoca

Needs rebuilding

Daniel Rodriguez

Too expensive

Meek W

I do like the small upgrades AMC has brought to our old theatre. The building itself (the entire mall really) is old and out of date but AMC and co do their best to keep everything they can fresh, clean, and (if possible) new here.

Kimberlee Shannon

To expensive

Jessica Forsman

Wish the theaters were bigger

nate konen

Straight Dank

Kate Martin

We've been going to this cinema for over 10 years and the quality of the experience has slowly but surely degraded of that time period. Dirty, smelly, old & beat-up restrooms - some of the theaters within the complex are cold from lack of heat. A couple of movie screens have cracks/creases and noticeable repairs. The sound is either way too loud or not loud enough. Theater floors are usually sticky, the rugs are worn and always need a good vacuum & there's NEVER enough staff. The concession prices aren't too bad and the candy & popcorn is fresh. I wouldn't order the nachos as the container & heating unit for the cheese are always dirty. If there were any other place to go in Butte to see a current movie I would NEVER go to this Carmike Plaza 6 cinema again. Everything about the experience is upsetting EXCEPT for the actual movie. ****** UPDATE ****** AMC bought this cinema & it's been over 2 years since I wrote this review and if anything the cinema has deteriorated further. God forbid you're packing a few extra pounds because there is the distinct possibility you'll get stuck in the chairs. The screens are still in need of repair/replacement and most times the aspect ratio is off so the picture is bigger than the screen. The bathrooms are still in bad shape and once you get into the hallway that leads to the various theaters there is a damp, moldy smell lingering in it. There seems to be more staff, but the place is still messy & dirty. I guess our market is too small to warrant fixing the joint up. AMC has no respect for their customers in small towns in rural areas.

Mike and Bridget Townsend

So so

Jake Brown 12345678

It's a movie theatre. The seats are fine, the popcorn is bomb af. Recommend it, don't listen to the guy who said its "terrible" it's not!:)


This place is really improving. New ownership is showing up and the staff is excellent... Really excellent. Love the popcorn and food. Things are looking up.

Ben Bouley

Dirty, pop machines not working well. Theater was hot.

Mike Pollard

Could be cleaner

Walter Johnson


Susan Wood

Seats and floors are sticky, popcorn is good, prices are reasonable.

Ana Shaw

Run down, dirty, poor selection of movies. We really hoped AMC would take better care of it. Best thing is the nice Butte folks who work there.

Sherry L Taylor

No ice for pop. No sound for commercial previews. Movie... Agua Man. Awesome!!!

blake Girdler

Although this theatre has been through many changes in the past year, including new concessions and some better speakers. This place is still very understaffed (a maximum of 2-3 at any given time.) I would suggest biting the bullet and go over to helena despite the efforts made. It is quite sad to see this place in the shape that it is in because I know it could be great. If they put in the actual time and work (and yes... Money) to fix this place up. Get new chairs. Better quality speakers. Some more staff. A new carpet. Possibly get rid of the small "arcade" you have and put in another place to buy drinks and other such concessions. As I have seen in all of the other reviews that I looked at, I never saw you once reply to one of the reviewers. That is one major flaw of a business. If you have a public face you may be able to draw more people in. Tell them that you will take the information they have provided and will try to remedy the problems the customers have. I saw many people had a similar complaint. Heating. I must agree and ask of you to install heating in your theatre. You're shoving people away by your prices and the way you go about dealing with suggestions. Also, what's with the big sign outside? This sign is for you guys to advertise. Why force people to go online (this immediately gets rid of a huge demographic of people that you could be earning revenue from. A lot of people do not own a computer or have internet access to see the airing movies.) It's there for you to earn money but with you not utilizing it, you are guaranteed to lose more money than you ever would from paying someone to put out a couple movie titles.

Zach Coufal

Awesome theatre! Friendly crew and clean environment

Ryn Dow

Needs to be replaced with another theater instead of updating this one. At least they are trying to update it.

Lesley ONeill

This was our first visit here. It was a little confusing for us as the employees were more into talking to each other than us and we weren't positive where to go, etc. Now that we know how it works, I'm sure next time will be smoother for us.

Julie Deshner

Checked the thermostat on my phone 56 degrees. Service was great, but could not enjoy the film. Way to cold. Management needs to turn it up.

Jennifer Nardiello

Scarlett Caves

No movies on the marquee anymore you have to look up movie times online.

Samuel Gebhart

Theatre is fairly nice and ticket prices were decent, but snack and drink prices are insane.

Barbara Hrella

Little messy but all in all enjoyable

Wayne Monroe

I have two questions long is Dunkirk going to remain on your bill of fare???? Second when are you going to the adults of Butte some movies we can enjoy?????? I realize you must think all Butte residents are uneducated idiots with all your B horror movie or kids junk but come to your senses and give us adult fare and we might buy into your theater instead of driving to Helena to enjoy a night at the movie. Wayne Monroe 498-5164

Kelly Hazel

The place is ok for watching a movie but the price of the popcorn and soda are ridiculously high.

John Davis

Excellent place to watch a movie. Great staff, movies, and excellent prices for us movie goers

Ryan Shelton

Video went out in middle of movie.

Stormy Oton


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