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jeffrey samuels

One ticket seller / refreshment guy during the 5 dollar tuesday night rush?

epic pro, yo

Kinda expensive but very clean!

sharla thompson

Not enough help. Lines long

Jay Stadt

I had a great time watching a great movie! Pop and popcorn was great! Love it!

Christy Flora

Fast lines, nice variety of movies, clean and well maintained!


Ridiculously expensive popcorn and snacks, but the seats were comfortable.

Seth Martinez

Nice old theater

Riley Wisler

They remodeled several theaters inside and now the seats are wonderful.

Carter Bouslaugh

Worst management staff in the industry!!!!

Merks N stones

Good place not really ever crowded

Blossom Old Bull

Loved it almost of room and the popcorn. Was excellent

Clayton Robuck

Very clean. Lots of room. Concessions very expensive even with membership

Aaron Santa Cruz

Nice theater. It's a bit outdated and bathrooms are hard to locate.

Alyssa Biddle

Think it's awesome how much the theatre has updated, and is much less crowded than Shiloh 14!

Jacob Clos

Decent establishment

Uurbeskar Caoya

Was an amazing time.

Velia Val Collins

I was a real nice way to spend some quality time with my daughter, and Dumbo was AWESOME

Matthew Ropa

One of the worst. If you have moviepass they will treat you awfully, even though they are getting paid the full price for the ticket. They mark it on your ticket, like you’ll scam them or something, and don’t allow you to use the stubs membership that one pays for. This was the worst experience I have had in a theater. They should go under, I’ll never go there again.

Becca Zabawa

There is no way that this movie theater isn’t committing highway robbery on the advertisers and production companies. Their screens WILL NOT PLAY THE CORRECT DIMENSIONS OF THE ADS OR FILM. The top and bottom half of films are cut off!!! I watched a film there that you couldn’t even read the subtitles because they were cut off along with the top of the screen.

Ryan Whitaker

Decent prices for a movie theater. I think they still have 5 dollar tickets on Tuesdays. I've never had a problem seeing a movie, although I don't go watch that much Sometimes this theater doesn't have the same movies as their other one here, even though it's a newer release. Not sure why, but I'd assume it's because the other one is bigger and nicer/newer. I'd recommend this place to anyone going to see a movie here.

Raymond Nelson

Very good place

deb schneeman

It was COLD bring a sweater, long lines kinda drab.Regular movie price is alright but over $5 for a drink and $8 for popcorn is ridiculous. First time and my last at this place.

Miranda Angen

Tried to buy candy 10 min after movies started and was told concession are closed

Bethany Allen

Usually not enough staff on hand. Better seating at Shiloh. Come here if Shiloh is sold out. Expect to wait in the concession line for your ticket.

Angie Lopez

Awesome movie. Awesome deals for kids too

Tammy Dodge

Long long lines, not enough employees are hired for this theater. People shouldn't have to miss half of their show just waiting in line for popcorn.

John Mark EIGSTI

Nice clean place. Theaters are the right size for watching movies. I really like that you get to fill / refill your own drinks and you get to butter your own pop-corn !!!! Good place to catch aflick.

Chad Spencer

Comfortable seating, clean, friendly service.

Sandi Potter

Enjoy going to movies there and love the popcorn. Sad refreshments have to be so expensive.

Mitch Morgan



Theater was 60 degrees for a 3 hour movie. Not ideal when it’s 0 degrees outside.


Very disappointed tonight. We took pics of the way our theater looked 15 min before showtime. was nasty. Garbage everywhere including on seats and one to tear our tickets and let us know which theater to go to for our movie and the movie previews started 25 min late. I think they completely forgot about us. A girl was sent to start theater clean up about 2 min after movie previews started. No lights on steps so several elderly people almost fell trying to see their way out of theater at the end of movie. We turned on our cell phone lights to assist them...

Arden Newman

No one selling tickets at the ticket window you had to go through the food line to get tickets. Bathrooms not clear and faucets didn't work. Movie quality & sound were good.

adriana oliveros

Family loves going there.

Edward Millar

Very clean and the staff is very helpful

Nikki Lightman

Nothing like a movie at 10 am with no one else there. By far my fav theatre in town!

Angalica Gladney

It's not fancy but the lines are much shorter. For the same money, the other theater in town is newer but service can be iffy.

Joan Griffith

Only one person doing concessions and tickets so expect to wait. Clean though.

Cindy Rocha

Very nice and clean seats! Love the popcorn

Aaron Aceves

The picture and sound system are amazing. The theater does not smell and there are no bed bugs.

Patrick Warburton

Staff was a little unfriendly.

Justin Parker

Nice place and friendly staff.

Elizar Higa


Heyli Pederson

They do have quality movies but the overall appearance of this theatre is run down and AMC has not helped it in any way.

Dorothy Billips

Mostly good sometimes the lines are long.

Amber Brill

Snacks and the prices of movies are ridiculous anymore

Samantha Alice Tirrell

What a beautiful place for a good family activity . I would go here over all theatre. Clean , yummy snacks. And great atmosphere.

Larry Smith


Clinton Kegel

It's a movie theater folks. Comfortable seating . Grossly over priced concessions. Just happened to a decent movie showing. Enjoyed our evening.


Best movie theater I've been to and love amc program.

Allen Firnekas

Comfortable seats.

Benjamin Vance

This movie theatre is not as good as it used to be. I never see anyone using the ticket counter, so they give out tickets at the concession stand. Since the workers are so disorganized and don't pay attention to what's happening, anyone could probably skip the line and watch a free movie. Not coming back.

Cheryl Nagel Angel

Friendly staff and enjoyable.

James Kapptie

Nice theatre

Isaac Harris

Cool theatre and good food.

Robert Q

Love to go to see a movie out of town, always a good place to see a show.

Kyle Wendt

High priced and dirty.

April Veach

While we have Shiloh 14, i'll always choose the classic 10 anyday. Its just far better managed and less crowded. The service is great and you're not fighting a long line.

Anthony Pease

Good service and a good clean place to take in a movie.

dennis runkle

Horrible, stood in line for 15 minutes just to buy ticket. Gave up and left because would have missed the movie. Looked like we would be waiting another 10 minutes. Why they sell popcorn and pop the same place they sell tickets is crazy.

cody moniz

If it were at all possible I would give this theatre a negative review, but sadly the lowest is a positive one star. When we arrived there was only one poor soul behind the counter with a large line accumulating, the gentleman behind me asked a group of employees if they could help out, as one of them passed us the, the gentleman behind me asked if he could help out, the child as I will call him, piped off that he was a manager. I'm sorry, I never realized, that gave you the right to be a poor excuse for a human, his name is Brandon by the way, we found this out after the fact when we got into the theater room playing our show, the floors and the seats were covered in popcorn and in complete disarray. It was flat out disgusting, my girlfriend when to let them know that no one had cleaned the theatre. The individuals working the counter were helpful, but nevertheless, I remain completely disgusted by the behavior of this so called manager. If this is ever read by anyone employeed of Amc, please reevaluate your choice of management, ie. BRANDON. A warm body is a far cry from customer service, at this point in time I will be going out of my way to inform everyone that I can about the overwhelmingly poor service and management given by Amc 10 in Billings MT.

Harry Belden

Great movies

Sean Mennell

Way too many commercials, we sat through one whole hour of trailers and commercials.

Eugene Johnson

The butter and drink stations are always dirty, carpets have many stains and if you have your ticket on your phone you still have to wait in line and print one on paper. I will be going to the theater on Shiloh as default from now on.

Scavenger Invader

Dirty. Sticky theatre floors.

Jennette Rasch

Helpful staff!

Karen Parkins

To many commercial movie not working

Michelle Berry

Awesome service!!! Ray Baldwin was super helpful!!!

Rod Benson

Nice theater and great manager

Krista Jung

Poor service.

Maynard's View

The only good thing about this theater is the chairs recline, That is it horrible theater overall HIRE MORE PEOPLE!!!!!!

Misterio Rodriguez

For passing thru.. not bad mall food nearby.. will come back if inthe area

Judy Aho

Great movie theater! Would definitely be willing to go here again next time I'm in Billings! Comfortable seating. Good value on tickets and snacks! Friendly Service!!

caitlin Urfer

Loved it

GrizzLee Troll

Disappointing, went to two different movies today, in theater 3 was "Blade Runner" in theater 2 was "Kingsman". Both had blown speakers. During action scenes it was a muddled mess, just vey poor sound.

Miranda G

It would be nice of they offered different movies than the ones already at Shiloh. But this is still a nice theater.

Dustin Liudahl

Not like it was when it was new. Still ok if you want to catch a matinee, and the actor still works good.

Ted Manley

No identified management, damaged bass speaker very annoying, surly employees, one of each told us "Yeah! We know! Just get a refund at the concession stand!". Earlier no one available to take our tickets. I saw the problem as under managed, unhappy, and hopeless employees. I will not return to this theater until I understand that the management has replaced the sound-system and addressed the obvious malaise amount the employees.

Dave Berreth

Worst theatre ever. Waiting in the concessions line to buy tickets?!! In from out of town and wanting to unwind with a movie. One line slow. The other line being sped up by an extra person pulling "next" from that line. I'm in the slow line apparently. Movie starts on the hour and every customer is being asked about some rewards program, upgrading for a free soda....not getting my money today. What a rotten concept. Stay away from this theatre.

Queen B

My favorite of the AMC theaters, Tuesday is 5.00 day so it's a great deal and the seats are comfy...can be a little cold so bring a blanket you'll feel rite at home!

Rebecca Evans

This used to be a great theatre but it's gone downhill especially since Shiloh 14 opened a few years ago. Since AMC has taken over these theatres I feel the customer service has gone way down they have less employees working and you buy tickets at the same counter as the food now so you have to wait in a long line even if your not getting food. And when actually getting popcorn here it tastes old and stale the past couple times we've gotten it. The only good things about this place now are the seats are comfortable and it's close to my house.

Jonathan Noteboom

Good theater with great service. Not many food options but great drinks. Seating is great

Nichole Dodson

Ready player one

Sonja Holt

Love this theatre

North Whitakers

Great theater, comfy seats

Wendy Gaetz

Good theater... lines are too long.


We went to see a movie Monday night , there was ONE EMPLOYEE in the whole theater, and the line was backed up out the door. We stood in line and ended up missing a good 10 minutes of the movie because of this disastrous scheduling. Also, there are no markers over the movie doors anymore, you NOW HAVE TO GUESS which theater you're going into and waste more time trying to locate the movie you paid for. Get it together AMC.

Preston Oldcrow

I really love this place ❤️. I wish I could live here and just watch movies everyday all day long.

Mr. Native

(Translated by Google) God (Original) Gud

Len Dreger

not to bad

Melissa Armington

Love seeing movies here but they really need more help then the one guy on staff. He was nice but he needs help there.

Duffy Elmer

Good, friendly staff, but a couple major complaints: 1) Ticket prices are nuts. 2) The heating system is fairly loud, and comes on full-blast in the middle of the quiet parts of movies. It was enough to distract me from multiple movies.

Mark Oropeza

Great place to see a movie!

Diana S

It's got nice chairs

Joey TurnsBack

They made me feel hella discriminated

Taylor Todd

I was very disappointed with the services provided. This theater regularly does a discounted ticket day once a week, and while that is greatly appreciated by many members of the community, I believe that this led to some very poor planning on their part. This theater has 4 registers in a ticket window for selling tickets and two long counters for concessions. I decided that I wanted to go see Beauty and the Beast the week after it opened on the discounted ticket day so I got to the theater 15 minutes early thinking that would be enough time to get my ticket and get into the theater. The problem I (and everyone else there) ran into was that the theater was severely understaffed. I waited in a line for 30 minutes to get tickets to an evening showing. They integrated the concessions and ticket lines into one and only had 4 people working, this meant that those of us that wanted to just buy a ticket and skip the concessions had to wait for those that were purchasing the concessions. This shouldn't have happened and showed a severe lack of planning on the part of the theater management. Beauty and the Beast was expected to be the first big family blockbuster of the year and having a discounted ticket day the week following the opening weekend I would think a theater would be smart enough to bring on extra help and not run the ticket line and concession line together. Thankfully I didn't miss the movie by the time I got my ticket, but it was still cutting it pretty close.


Over priced as hell 5 or 6 bucks for a 32 or 44oz pop is unjust same for pop corn ! Over priced ripping public off

Tammie Orme

Good theater

M Isaacs

Always have had a favorable experience here

Colleen Rodriguez

Love it. Great location, right next to Target, Krispy Kreme, Winco and the mall.

Josh Edwards

Good price but don't buy food

Jayson Fouts

Nice and quiet good movie and service

Richard Hill

A basic movie theater offering first run movies at decent price

Latonya Smith

The wait time for tickets were 30 minutes. There were only one staff issuing out tickets. The line was long and the tickets were issued outside in the cold. The staff inside were slow and didn't know how to issue out refunds.

Violet Felmlee

Barely anyone there so you can get the best seat even if you are late

Nathan Powell

Very Dirty!!

Crissa Silbernagel

Best seats but 4 stars because they don't have the gourmet popcorn.

Kaleb Moseman

I'm not going to say this is a a terrible theater, but their sound system is broken. Dialogue in trailers sounds like it's coming out of a tin can. Unacceptable quality for musicals... Or anything really. Surround doesn't work. You can actually hear that there isn't any kind of equalization of bass and treble, so bass is way too loud. Concessions are fine, but a bit limited compared to some local theaters not affiliated with AMC.

Cliff Forstner

Not very friendly and very over priced


Good staff and very clean

Desiree Whiteman

Conveniant location, clean, good popcorn...

Gary Hoppe

To expensive!

Rick Hill

Okay but place always looks like a ghost town inside.

Aurora Newton

It's a standard movie theater

Misty Bird

Down to earth and extremely comfortable seating


Great employees and clean establishment


Not the newest theatre or the cleanest but it was ok

Diana Melendez

Concesion Stand Closes too early for a weekend, doesnt seem they clean after a movie viewing since there was a lot of popcorn on the floor, also the sink in the Ladies restroom does not work. Very dissapointed in this theatre.

Andy Durbin

Its a good place to go for a good movie

jim freeman

Very good customer service and comfortable seats.

Cheyenne Kukowski

Very #helpful and very fun.

Fred Button

Even though this theater must be 25 years old, it is still pretty current on technology. It never seems crowded despite being smaller than the Wynnsong 14 at Shiloh Crossing. Seems like the feature doesn't start until 20 minutes after the listed starting time. The theater has been clean whenever I went for a show. Deals on snacks on Tuesdays.

Fat Some


Kenny Brewer

This place is ridiculously expensive! Almost $60 for a Sunday matinee, $6 for a small soda. If my kids weren't so excited to see the movie we would have just left. Definitely wont be returning as I'm sure prices will continue to rise.

Tom Marsac

Finally saw Bohemian Rhapsody, it was excellent!

James Franz II


Dallas Dust

Best Movies

Sarah Rhinehart

The service here is great! And I love how the seats can lean back, they’re so much comfortable than Shiloh’s seats. And it’s not as crowded all the time, AND it’s right next to the mall. Love this place

Christopher Lee

Friendly smiles and good popcorn.

Jeff Simkovic

Concessions are super spendy

Connor Halligan

Ok, service wasn’t super good. Great food and popcorn.

Stephanie McConkey

Super small seats, but still fun

Jace Christensen

Theater seats were wet (really strange), long lines because you have to buy your ticket at the concessions stand, our movie started late, and cut off early. Not what I would call a pleasant experience.

Wesley caldwell



Very nice!

Guy Yeager

Tickets were sold at concession stand. Complex manager opened a new line and with at least 50 people already in line, let those who just walked in the door walk right up. I tried to say something and was brushed off.

Carole Baumann

Very easy to get in and out of because of smaller scale. Also, quite close for many in central Billings.

Becky Mosdal

Always good times

Shelby Marx

The staff is very friendly and helpful! Love the programs to watch movies!

Jessica Delaney

Most comfortable theater chairs!

Jennifer Gustin

The staff is so friendly but the theater could use a serious upgrade.

Andrew Dorantes

Small and needs some updates, but still a movie theater nonetheless

Cody B

A fine place to catch a movie, but I remember when this place used to be the *nice* movie theater. Depending on what day of the week you're there it can be clean or look like a tornado hit. The staff are usually friendly enough and occasionally this theater will get some of the smaller-run awards movies.

Debbie Couch

Awesome popcorn and "the Rock" on the big screen-- good times

Mike barnes

Show ticket prices are a little insane and the food prices. You can go buy 4 brand new new releases for the price of tickets and your drinks and food. It's gonna cost ya about 60.00 to go on a date here

Joshua Reckless

Cheeper than the Bigger one and the same great movies

Laura Blatz

There are two first run theaters in Billings. I like this one because it is a little smaller and a bit less crowded. It has all the same amenities without the hugeness. I think it is easy to get to and there is plenty of overflow parking. The people usually seem quite nice - probably because they are not so harried by large crowds and endless lines. Sometimes you can get your ticket and your snacks all at the same time - a nice feature!

Monica Schmit

Went on Tuesday good deals yeah

Jenny Fleek Airne

This theater is older, but usually not as crowded as the new theater on Shilo.

Justin Murray

Good it???

Valerie Johnson

We had a very nice experience here. The staff was friendly and the theater was comfortable and clean! The prices were reasonable, too. There were many price and time options to choose from.

Jonathan Walters

Good, clean place. Prices for concessions aren't too bad. Good deals on Tuesdays for both tickets and concessions.

Kristin Kolstad

Comfy seats good popcorn

Jeremy Martinez

Wish it was open all the same times as Shiloh 14.

Olivia Baewer


Dan Lee

Pleasant staff, lots of snack and beverage choices, comfortable seats, and the ac was on full blast. Ideal movie theatre conditions.

Gage Cruse

Great place

Kimberly Ficek

It was a great experience. The employees were very helpful and friendly. The theater was just the right temperature. The movie was Awesome!!! Tonight it was an 100% A+!!!!!


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