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REVIEWS OF Ronnies Cinema IN Missouri

Stephanie Cook

While the theater is great, no one is enforcing the rules. People were talking, texting and making quite a bit of noise with crackling chip bags and candy wrappers. Sadly our experience was a let down, and probably won't be going back.

Le Person

Lots of seats, fair prices, and great sound quality.

Glenn Allen

Great theater, seat recline, very spacy so u don't have to move to pass by even with the seats reclined, lobby area has different types of entertainment to keep u busy before the movie starts for adults and kids, very nice

Ryan Harris

Great deals most days makes movie going affordable

Darlene Mahfood

My daughter and granddaughter took me to show 1st time n years I had wonderful time and Ronnies changed soo much it's beautiful thank you

Claudia Vaughn

large theaters with comfy seats. popcorn was fresh and the theater was nice and clean. I liked the bar area with the old cars and the drive-in feel.

Caressa Davis

Great selection of movies, new and old. Very nice staff. Coooomffyyy seats and quiet patrons

Parking Guy

Finally made a tuesday..... Best 'ish ever

Amanda Mounce

Improvements have been amazing. Highly recommend ordering tickets online especially if you’re seeing a popular new release. Kiosk ticket pick up is a breeze


I absolutely love this place... everytime I want to see a movie this is the place to go... They have good prices for popcorn at least... the screen and sound system are amazing... and they have new seats the recline and all that good stuff... I totally recommend you give this theater a try!!!

Pat Buss

A bit of a hike for me but worth it. Great arcade, bar, and they show the ballgame on a big screen in the loby. Seats are top notch. Great sll around

Beth Vineyard

Amazing sound in the Super Screen DLX.

Mary Kate Warner

It was fabulous!! High food prices but thats expected from what all is provided at this place. It's also got an arcade and a few restaurants inside as well.

Nichole Jenkins

Marcus Theatres has increased my enjoyment of this theatre a thousand times over. Thank you!

Katey Heilig

They now have a bar with a big screen that shows sports playing and you can take your drinks into the movies with you

Joshua Spurgeon

The best movie theater in Saint Louis Missouri! Dream Lounger (cushy electric recliner) seating that is assigned, so purchase tickets early to get the seat(s) of your choice. Nice Bar with good drinks. Fun classic car area to pass the time while waiting for friends or to enjoy food purchased from the food court. Large snack bar area and self service drink and Icy stations. Full Arcade area. Balcony reserved for birthday parties. Large lobby. Friendly staff.

Kathrine Kelley

Facilities clean. Staff friendly and efficient. Lounge seating very comfortable . Joker movie memorable.

Edward Scott

Great place watch a movie. Good food & friendly staff.

Robyn Adams

The recliners were so incredibly comfortable, I fell asleep!! Great place to take in a movie.

Jeff Cullen

Comfortable seating and great staff. I don't go to any other theatre.

Duncan Carr

Fantastic movie theater. Perfect for enjoying movies with friends and families!

Lena W.

Great price, love $5 Tuesday, good early prices.

Ricardo Bent

Its not perfect but very close. Will definitely go back just to hangout.

tiffany lee

This is like the amusement park of theaters. A restaurant with large screen and tables that look like old school cars. A nod to their history as a drive in. Game room. Three concession stands. Great food. New recliner leather seats. A must visit.

Kim Oneal

I love this theater! There is a variety of food and things to do and the staff is pleasant

Luke Powers

The best theater around. Comfy reclining seats, good food, and just all around a nice place.

Branden Kassinger

Decent bar and plenty of snacks make for a decent theatre going experience. The reclining seats help too.

Heather Rasch

They were still showing a movie that wasn't in any other theaters near me. The recliners were super comfy! The food was delicious! It was overall an awesome experience! We will definitely go there again! Their Tuesday $5 tickets make it very affordable!

Rae Of Light

Ronnie's is a classic, my only complaint is the same complaint I have at all these theatres - because of the reclining seats you have to buy reserved seating now. The recliners aren't that great, in fact not good for anyone that needs strong lumbar support, and even with a seating chart it's hard to pre choose. Where to sit has a lot to do with the other audience members, the people you are with, and what movie you are seeing.

Dennis Shaw

If it wasn't for the screen, seats,and movie, I'd have called it an extraordinarily bad time at the movies! At the point where we walked in, I was genuinely taken aback by the horrible customer service. Expensive as it was, I figured more smiles ..then....I actually bought a SMALL BAG of popcorn for $17.50!?! My girl wanted it. Seating was definitely comfortable. However, I can get that from countless theaters in Saint Louis! All in all, 1 bag of popcorn (sm), a coke(sm, and $42 spent does not a great movie value make. Ijs.

Eric Bibbs

What can I say still love time to hang with my father watching movies.

Helen Kimbrow

The upgrades made the experience 10 times better.

Laura Faulstich

The upgrades are amazing and the special deals during the summer made it easy for us to go to the movies more than we would have.


Good, clean theater. Friendly staff and fancy reclining seats! Never disappointed, my go to theater.

Brett Asbeck

Comfy seats even if your three back from screen with seats recycling. They have two restaurants plus concessions. Tuesdays are great for catching a movie for five dollars.

Mark House

Totally cool place to go watch a movie the managers there are so great

James Robertson

Great place to see a show on Tuesday $5 movie and free popcorn

Robyn W

Went on the $5 Tuesday night with friends. Comfortable seats but the popcorn was stale

Tasha Scola

Tornado warnings sounded 30 minutes into the movie. The movie was paused and we were directed to move to the interior part of the building. Once the warning expired, the movie resumed. Staff were friendly and professional. Pleasant experience as usual.

Tami Milliken

Tuesdays are the best time to g I went to an 11 A. M show and I not only paid less but it was not crowded. I am sure it will be even less crowded as the students return to school

Samuel Scalise

With all the updates, it's one of the best theaters I've been to.

Joan Dandridge

Enjoy movie day with my son Almost every other Tuesday. It's a blessing in this day and age for your child to spend ANYTIME with their mother

Jon Smith

car break in possible. don't expect any of the cameras to be pointed to the lot. they point then straight down on purpose. no security or protection in any shape or form here. they do it so they don't get involved. the police know

koryn chelle

Best movie experience in a long time

Charlotte Rademacher

One of the things I like about going to the theatre besides the movie is the popcorn . I bought my popcorn and went to my seat. The popcorn was disgusting. It must have been old and the bottom of the barrel. I was so disappointed.

Gabbie J

Always clean and friendly. Just stink that you have to plan early that you are going to the movies. Must know hours in advance to get anything other than the front row.

Matthew Pagano

This is my go to movie theater. I. Love this place and have enjoyed many movies here. Me and my girlfriend go all the time, the staff usually remembers me every time i go in. I'll say our highlight in the lobby area is a fellow in the food area, i can't recall his name but he is always helpful and always does an incredible job. Next time i go in, i intend to speak to the managers on his behalf. He is partly what has made our experiences here allot of fun.

Jason Heath

Seating is fantastic even for a big guy like me. I love being able to order my tickets ahead of time allowing me to choose what seats I will be in, which in turn helps in not being stressed on getting a seat if you get there too close to showtime. Sound quality and screen quality is awesome!

Jason LiCavoli

Iconic south county location! This theater just keeps getting better and better. We love it

Hiyello1 Gal

$5 Tuesday Movies and Meals a blast and a game room. Pmush seating and a good time.

Vicki Robitsch

Awesome unless you have to sit in front row.

laurie kaiser-moore

I love this theater! I have never had a bad experience there. We always stop at the little bar and get something to drink before we go in.

Christopher George

My favorite movie theater in St Louis, reserve your seats online, pick up your tickets yourself and enjoy.

Daniel Singh

Great theater especially with dream loungers and $5tuesdays!

Mensur Mustedanagic

It's a Good Movie Theater, Movie was Great, Recliners are Pretty Comfortable, the Food was Good, and the Prices aren't to bad, they are a bit on the Expensive side Especially food cost, $13.50 for a burger and Fries, that's kind of Expensive, Even with the $12-15 a ticket. You will easily spend close to $40 for 2 people if you both get Drinks, and a Ticket. The best day to go is on $5 Tuesdays.

D. Lawson-Hart

Great in every way, lounge seating, cleanliness, quality of the theater. Everything except the price; not a cheap place to visit.

Jonathon Schuette

Great atmosphere! Very modern since Marcus has taken over; including motorized reclining seats, some of which are heated for those cold winter nights. The new bar is lively, as well as 2 new restaurantesce food options offering moderately priced food; such as appetizers, burgers, pizzas, subs, wraps, and everything in between.

Nick Larson

This is one of the nicest theatres I've ever been to

Brandon Bethea

Nice sound quality and screen quality. Sticky floor. Filthy when management is not present.

Mike Richey

High prices but going to the movies is always a great time

Alyssa Roller

I love Ronnies theaters.... always a pleasant experience

Josh Mandelberger

Wonderful theater, well maintained, recliners in the DX theaters are very comfortable. Lines for refreshments moved quickly, popcorn was fresh and warm. First time here, will definitely return in the future!

Ben Heath

Love this place. Just moved to the area and was surpised by the food specials, comfy seats and $5 MOVIES ON TUES!! Its gonna be a regular weekly thing for me. I highly recommend this theater.


A magnificent luxurious way to watch a movie.

Shabibi Mc

I love going here but i always miss the movie

Bill Jones

My first and last ever visit to Ronnie's - the movie started 35 minutes late with no explanations or apologies from the staff. Word to prospective movie goers: this theater has absolutely no clue what they are doing.

Joshua Manning

Comfy seats. Fresh popcorn. Love it.

Gregory Wirtel

Really nice theater. Recently replaced seats with reclining seats, so it is very comfortable.

Gary Gutting

Very comfortable chairs with recliner feature. Nice theater!

Billie Hawkins

It's just fantastic. Been coming here for 20+ years. Grandkids love it.

Dillon LeMaster

One of the best movie experiences I ever had. Not only was it friendly staff but this location had many things to do outside of just the movie portion. I loved it!

raquel7589 kyles7589

Great love 5 dollars tuesday

Allen Morgan

Love this movie theatre! Go here all the time!

Laurel Gilmore

Clean and comfortable! Good deals different days of the week and good membership perks.

Jim Dodds

Really nice place since they redid it.

Kati Cook

The theatre is generally very clean... For the most part the other audience members are quiet and respectful. I have had their pizza and it is pretty good.

Dave Wise

Always a good experience when I see movies at Ronnie's

Kathleen Murray

Great, fun space. Very clean, very comfortable and tons of food options. Definitely a great experience. Kids loved the arcade after the movie.

James Masters

Nice theater clean. Took grandkids to see Toy Story4

Ryan Lowery

Marcus Theaters have recently taken over and boy oh boy did they do a phenomenal rehab. This place is fantastic! From seating to concessions this has become one of the best theaters in the area. My family and I will be catching all of our future movies at this location.

Melissa Siegel

They are wasting everyone's time measuring bags and turning people away... if it was for safety, they'd look inside bags...

casey partridge

They have always had top notch service! Ive been going to that theater for 20yrs or more

Matt Wiechert

Comfortable heated seats, very nice lobby, quality experience

Melissa Riggs

It was great. I loved the reclining seats. It was comfortable just like if you were at home.

Hannah Herrmann

I thought it was really good, alk of the seats recline, its a huge theater, there is like a chucky cheese sized arcade in there, a bunch of cool stuff, a restaurant, and more!

Michael Mayer

We love the reclining seats. We had never purchased an exact seat at the movies before, and I wasn't sure I liked doing that ahead of time. I like walking in and choosing after looking at the layout of the theater. But, it worked out and again the reclining seats made it better.

Breckin Ridings

Really great time! Went for a movie, but stopped in the bar beforehand and the drinks and appetizers were on special. The buffalo bites and mozzarella sticks were really good!

fin louie

They might have the best stuffed mushrooms I've ever had. Try the tot-kegs too.

Rog- Oh

Nice reclining seats. Why are snacks at all movie theaters always so expensive? Had one bad experience there; the projector light burnt out at the very beginning of the movie and after waiting 15 minutes, had to go track down an employee to report the problem. Took another 20 minutes to get the light replaced. Total lost time was 45 minutes.

Linda Celis

Well first of all, I've been coming here for like 20 years or more, always our datenite destination. I like the updating, it reminds me of the Alamo in Kansas City very upscale and the bars is beautiful, the snacks yummy. The intro before the movie is great and campy, but the new owner is in it and why? Lol creepy.

Rick Williams

Comfortable environment and great reclining seats

Lucas Wilson

Just tooo KEWL!!!

Sandy Lamaak

Great location. Love the dream seats!

John Smith

Seats so comfortable you will sleep through the whole movie. Beer helps.

Richard Baugh

Always a great experience. Fast lines, preordered tickets and preselected seating. Reasonable prices on tuesdays.

Leah Smith

They put a new recliners which is really nice for me. For my husband who suffers with his back he sounded rather uncomfortable. PRICES ARE OK for a movie theater! It is nice to be able to pick your seats in advance.

Jolene S

Love the Marcus Theater (Ronnies) new look and more choices for everything!

shari nelson

The chairs all recline. Great theatre

John Patterson

Great theater! Good food the seats are beginning to show their age

Addie Cortner

The place is nice, but you have to get a 'card' to be able to play the games there. What I mean by that is that to play any of the games, you better have a card, or you'll have to get one because it doesn't let you pay with change or dollars (which was a let down to me, because I usually play air hockey with my sister at every movie theater that we go to).

Mary Watkins

$5 Tuesdays are the best date nights

De'Arra Hollins

Had a blast at Ronnies. It had been a while since I was here. Everything was different. I liked it. I enjoyed a drink at the bar and had a blast chatting with the bartender before the movies started. Will be back. Thanks Ronnies.

Koko Anthony

Absolutely love $5 Tuesdays, my Hotboyz plays in the arcade room until our movie starts. Their favorite machine is the Ninja turtles, and cars, Jurassic Park, and of course basketball.

Phil R

Seats where comfortable but the seat heaters didn’t work.

Janice Way

Fun, family friendly, comfy seats and go before 11am on the weekend and everyone gets in for $6.45. Purchase thru Fandango and get $5 off for every 5 tickets you buy!

marry buck

Love going there. The seats are so comfortable you can fall asleep. It's always very clean and the staff. Is always very polite with smiles on their faces.

Scott Barbeau

This might be the cleanest theater I've ever been to. Saw Spider-man in the IMAX and it was great. They have a few different restaurants that you can order directly from the concession stand which was awesome. I ordered 2 burgers and got a buzzer to let me know when they were done. waited about 8 min and got the burgers and fries. Order was correct and the food was excellent, seriously. The burgers some some of the best I've ever had which was a bit shocking coming from a theater. The entire experience was excellent.

Walter Kazban

Shows great popcorn and other candies bring your wallet

Jason Hogan

They have really stepped up their game. Theaters are nice and the food served is quite good. I very much enjoyed my last experience there.

Glenda Moore

This cinema is very clean with spacious parking. The theater has position controlled loungers with plenty of leg room. There's a video game room that I need to explore as soon as possible. The snacks look great, but I haven't tried them yet.

Tyron Showers

I went there with my friend and I loved my experience. We get there, our tickets already reserved for $5, and quickly get to our seats where the movie (Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse) was amazing to watch. With the added bonus of padded ave reclining chairs, it was just a great time all around.

willie sims

Places always great but it's really nice now with the new upgrades and they have been to the theatre

jacques scott

I enjoyed it 3-D and I like R rated movies

Chris McKee

Seating was comfortable, admission was higher than I expected @ $13.00 per ticket. Concession stand prices literally took my breath away. I understand it is a business and intends on making money....but good Lord, show a little mercy on pricing. We ended up sitting on the very front row so the screen was a bit distorted because of the position of the seats. The reclining seats were nice, but did little to make the front row a good time.

Frederick Eccher1

Five dollar Tuesday is my favorite. I usually get the free popcorn that day. I see at least one movie and usually two. Dreamlounger is a trademark chair they have in most theatre's. Favorite movie at the time will be in multiple theatres. Huge parking lot but no handicapped parking because the employees park there all shift. Handicapped parking all around the outside of the lot. More than 50 feet from the door. Handicapped accessible restroom. At least 8. Many helpful staff around cleaning up all the time. Many different drinks available including liquor and beer. Much standard fare for the food but some interesting ones too.

Pollie Richardson

Marcus Theater was great, really enjoyed myself!

Eric Biggerstaff

First let's start with the ridiculous amount of commercials played way too loud . they gave me a headache ! And why do I have to watch commercials when I paid for a movie ticket ? then theres assigned seating . No longer can you buy a ticket walk and sit where you want to, no you have to pay for a the exact set . I'll give credit where credit is due the seats them selfs are much improved . And my biggest pet peeves is when I'm at a store and they make me do the job myself why do I have to pour my own soda ? That's not my job ! I don't work in concessions ! What's next am I going to have to sweep the theater after I'm done watching the movie with all of its commercials . It's obvious with all their upgrades they're trying to price cut employees make customers do there jobs them selfs and make you watch commercials at a volume that could rupture your eardrum . seriously I couldn't ever hear the person next to me . This movie theater used to be so good I grew up going there I went there every Friday night as a kid and it's sad to see it in such a disaster is commercialized state . just sad . I guess that's what happens when a family business gets taken over by a money hungry inheritor .

Dawn Kirby

Watched Dora the Explorer today. Love Tuesday prices and free popcorn. Great value


They're recliners remind me of my Grandpa's favorite recliner when I was a kid. They're comfy too. There's plenty of leg room and the employees are friendly. Last time I visited my cousin had invited me and purchased tickets online. We were able to skip the line and go right in. We brought snacks and they didn't care. We got comfortable and chatted quietly throughout the previews. About 10 minutes before the movie would begin 3 ladies walk up and say we're in their seats! I have the printout so I pull it out and show them our seat numbers and we stay put. They move to other seats and one of them goes out to clear up the issue. After they left, I began to read the entire paper from top to bottom because I can't understand how this could happen. Sure enough although we're in the correct seats, my cousin had purchased our tickets for the wrong date. SMH. I told her and prepared to move. She kept saying, no let's wait and make them put us out.

star blitz

It has food, snacks, good seats, and excellent movies; at a reasonable price.

Charles Goldstein

What a venue since it's been acquired by Markus Group. All the auditoriums are spacious and have great recliners. The sports bar serves good food and great draft beer. The movies are good too. What more is there to say?

Ashley Rice

Love the dream lounge!! Seats are super comfortable and I didn't feel cramped with people next to me. Sound was very good! Highly recommend.

Karen Skelton

Nice place to see a movie. Better food than most theaters.


I enjoy going to the movies again!

ray barker

Watched Overcomer. Great movie in a great theater. Comfortable seats, clean theater and friendly staff!

Alex Fischer

One of the best places to go for an amazing movie viewing experience. Whether it's the great new food options, the power and heated seats, the option to reserve seats, or any of the other great things, Marcus Ronnies Theater is the place to go. All of the staff that you will encountered are pleasant and eager to help you with whatever you need.

Brian Beffa

I've been to this theatre too many times to count and have always loved the people, comfort, and atmosphere. I highly recommend this theatre for a fun time.

Philip Hopper

Been married for 27 years. This is our date movie theater. We go on Tuesday night for 5.00 a person. Love the seating.

C J Doyle

Too many pre feature commercials and pre views. (Too Many!) Great recline seats! Actual movie (Judy) was great!

Craig Anderson

Comfortable. Beautiful place. Watch for their $5.00 special price days.

Jerry Thomas

Had a great time with my nephew and the food was delicious


Lovely upgrade to this theatre, customer service is great and they have comfortable seats and deals with your movie card. Ronnie's Rock!!!!

Nitrous Oxide

Well now they are measuring the woman's bags and any bag brought in and making people take them back to the cars..This is going to cause huge issues with the business because woman like big purses..Its there thing..Doesnt mean they are sneaking things in..And lets be honest you dont want people to bring their own snacks an drinks .Lower your prices..its simple..The majority of humans are not going to pay $6.50 for a 32oz drink you can get at gas station for .69

chris mattler

I haven't been to Ronnie's in a while, and I was surprised at how much it's changed. In the lobby they've added a full bar, some themed "restaurants" that serve nachos, pizzas, burgers, etc. It's definitely not gourmet, but a decent fast food meal, like you'd get at the ballpark. Just like the ballpark, the food and drinks are a little pricey for what you get, but I was happy to have that instead of candy and popcorn. The seats were plush recliners and there was assigned seating. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at the new Ronnie's experience. It makes me want to go to the movies again.

Mitch Shelton

Favorite place to see a movie. Great atmosphere. Good staff.

sonni the hungry yogi

The update to Ronnie's was very welcomed. The seats are more comfortable and allow for a better movie going experience. I also like that when you purchase online you can choose your seat so there is no guess work when you walk into the theater. The prices for concessions is overpriced (5 bucks for a water) but that seems to be standard movie fair at this point.

Brad Schneider

This is a wonderful theater and they have done a lot to bring it into the current ERA. My wife and I really enjoy going there for a date night and they have made it into something that is much more enjoyable for those type of things. I would highly recommend it to anyone and with their Tuesday deals it really makes it reasonable.

Cassandra Daugette

Clean restrooms and a good selection of food choices. Seats were clean and comfortable.

Katrina Kloepper

ADxl was awesome. Recliners with foot rests. Wide aisles amazing sound. Kids were a bit far away.

Jennifer S

Love the reserved seating. It's always clean and nice.

Amanda Zager

Ronnie's in South County is a fantastic theater and the only one we go to these days. They offer 5 dollar Tuesdays plus free popcorn to their reward members. Bonus, the reward club is free. Ronnie's offers a large state of the art arcade, drive in themed restaurant, and large array of food, drink, and alcoholic beverage options. Once you see a show at Ronnie's you will wonder why you ever went anywhere else. Each theater is equipped with fully reclining foot stool comfortable oversized leather seats including cup holders. The theaters are kept clean, up to date, and fresh. They also have dedicated IMAX theaters. We frequently see shows here and you should too!

Robert Crawford

Very comfortable chairs very friendly staff like going year they should expanded though as every time I go here it is very crowded

Colin Heidemann

This place has always been a major part of my childhood. No matter how difficult things got at home, going to the movie always cheered me up. Fantastic customer service, fantastic seating, and fantastic food. Ronnies never fails to be a home away from home.

Anthony Bradford

Cashier gave me info on saving a lot of money on snacks and the seats were really comfortable.

Wilson Tour

The most comfortable chair a theater could have, 2nd to none.

Courtney Williams

Couldn't take photos while watching Marvel Avengers Endgame, but my experience with Ronnies never wavers! The concession stands always provide quality snacks and designer large cups I collect and the food always cooked to almost perfection from what I've eaten with the recliner cloud like seats. Ronnies was Excellent, Great Job

James Broyles

Absolutely terrible our theatre wasn't working and nobody bothered to update us on anything after telling 2 different employees it wasn't working and about 10 minutes after the movie was supposed to start a employee finally came to check and got on his radio and said theatre 1 isn't working there's only 2 people in there like it was no big deal because there was only 2 people in there well he probably should of asked the people standing outside the theatre what movie they were seeing since my group and I'm sure others in the hall was waiting for it to come on the screen after about 30 minutes of not hearing anything we went and asked for a manager the employee asked why so we told her and instead of the manager coming to speak to us and at least apologizing he tells her to have us go to the box office for a refund honestly I feel like he or she didn't care about how happy we we're with our visit

Fatima Ahmed

Ronnie's is my go-to theater. It's been nicely updated with recliner seats. The prices are standard and Tuesdays they have half off tickets.


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