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REVIEWS OF Regal Gravois Bluffs IN Missouri

Connie Nordin

The seats were quite comfortable but for the movie we seen should have had box of Kleenex handy,cried my eyes out.

June Bernardino

Smaller venue without feeling like a second rate theater complex. Rounds out the total one stop shop feel of the Bluffs.

Joan Chanitz

Ok but too expensive for seniors except on Tuesday. I wouldn't eat there too expensive


Big screens

Gerald Longhibler

First ... I do not respect ZAGNUT's response. Now then ... I've been visiting Regal Cinema in Fenton, ever since they opened their doors and overall, it is a great cinema. I agree with the majority of customers - the food & drink prices are high. For those people who put their dirty shoes on the back of the seats in front of them ... that is very disrespectful. I wish cinema management would tell those people to remove their shoes from the seats. I think making people wear a wrist band if they purchase an alcoholic beverage, is silly, which is why I don't purchase beer there. Again ... overall great rating.


It's a typical theater. Same movies as everyone else and way overpriced

Ann Pierre Wilken

Clean, great seats . Really enjoyable.

Matthew Conner

One of my favorite theaters to go to in Fenton. The staff is friendly and the chairs are comfy. The popcorn is great and they now service alcoholic beverages!

Jonathan Hertlein

Great seats. Leather that rock good popcorn

Anthony Asta

The place is well kept always clean and the chairs lean back not a bad seat in the house plus it's in the bluffs one stop shop.

Thad Otzenberger

The food is always stale every time I try to get something warm, like nachos or a hot dog.

Maureen Potts

Family friendly. Lots of parking.

Debbie Copeland

Clean as always.....fresh popcorn and my Fab Mr Pibb

HexFire03 Gaming

Great place to see movies

Keith Baker

Food is not to be bought in theaters. But that's how they make money so balance that people.

Monique Silas

There are no seat picking. Overpriced

Cindy Hayes

Nice clean environment . Something about the"butter" topping that makes me ill.

Nancy Wilson

This movie theater is fantastic! I highly recommend it.

Teri Gudgel

Nice normal theater. I admit I haven't been to a movie in a long time, but certainly didn't expect the prices to be so outrageous. Myself and 6 yr old...2 tickets $18. Small popcorn and drink $13. My granddaughter is worth it but it'll be awhile before I go to a movie again!

Karen Smith

I love that it's close to home and we aren't forced to go into town to see a movie. But it's time to update to the reclining seating.

Sam Scott

Movie here are great, the rocking seats are nice as well, all in all Great Escape is an amazing place to watch movies....

Brittani Kleine

Love the theater set up. Comfy seating. Very courteous staff.

Steven Inge

As with all movie theaters, the concessions are extremely over priced..

Steven Chapman

We just watched the new planet of the apes movie. It was a really good movie. I am glad my hubby chose it on this very hot day in st Louis.

Madi Gearhart

Typically clean and nice staff. Always a good selection of shows.

David Richardson

Excellent experience.

Kandah Taylor

Ate there once. I'd do it again. Great Story about the Name of the Restaurant!

Karen Rue

It was nice. Prices of food and drinks are to high. Especially for a cup of ice water. That makes me so mad to pay for ice water same price as soda. Unless you get a tiny cup. That's ridiculous. It's just ice water.

Rachel Pfeiffer

Was a little confusing to find in the plaza if you aren’t familiar with the layout.

Sheri Hogland

Great parking, seating and concessions!

Gary Edrington

Lovely place to see a movie. Clean and comfy seats.

Mo_ T

Dont care for the adding your own butter station, its nice to let the customers put their own butter om their popcorn, but the butter doesn't reach the bottom. Where as the workers would layer it, popcorn, butter, popcorn, butter, etc.

Diami Bueno

Good service

LaTasha Harper

I always like top go here everything is wonderful and awesome.

Jacquelyn Mills

So comfortable. Great place to see a movie.

Peggy Clay

Love this place, great first run movies, FRESH POPCORN MADE DAILY!!! ( Not stale bagged who knows when.)

Cathy Decker

Nice area n very attractive to my friends n I for safety

D'brickashaw Lakehouse

I like this theater a lot. The tickets are cheaper than most places. The only problem would be, the food is more expensive.

Greg Maurath

Nice movie theater. Nice employees

Angela Gates

The staff is friendly. Theater is clean. They always have something for the whole family.

Trent Stevens

Clean. Comfortable. Had to step outside and take a call.. was locked out of movie. They didn't want to let me back in

heather s.

Love this cine. Awesome classic movie specials. Very nice staff. Clean

Dennis Gard

Good theater

Diane Alrudhan

Close to home. Nice and clean. They must have been short staffed Saturday July 7th because we were there to see the 1:50 showing of YESTERDAY. It did not get started til 2:15.

Tanner Melius

Enjoy the show every time. Wish the seats reclined back a bit though.


People need to stop bitching about the drink and food prices. This is how theaters make their money. Only a fraction of ticket sales go to theaters. How the hell do you think movie studios make THEIR money, providing you with entertainment, off their good looks? Stop whining, stuff your faces, and enjoy the movie or just stay home (do me the favor)! You're most likely the same sort that talks and fiddles with your gadgets while watching a movie pissing people like me off. 24 hours out of a day and YOU can't sit still for an hour and a half to two hours of it. Anyway, excellent theater!!!

Brian Gross

Call me old school but I use to be 35mm Projectionist before the switch to digital. That being beside the point. Yesterday I went to see Superman The Movie. A Fathom Event. Well I was torn, while I was having the time of my life and feeling like a kid again.... The presentation of the movie was down right poor. First complaint it was in their Aud 1. I noticed wrinkles in the screen at the top and bottom. Wrinkles cause shadows and shadows give you a poor picture... this is simple fix and bush league guys. Next this is more then likely not the theater's fault but Fathom but the 1941 Superman The Mechanical Monsters was blown up from it's original ratio of 1.37 : 1 to 1.85:1 basically cutting off the top and bottoms of the picture. The image looked up-scaled from lower rez source and same can be said about the feature which seemed down right blurry at times. Mainly with any type of font or lettering on screen. I will say the sound was excellent and the only thing that save the show....

Iron Butterfly

Not bad, but not outstanding. About average. Have been here a couple of times and the same issues exist; the concession area is very small. Does not allow for enough registers and staff, which make for long lines to have to wait in. They are usually also out of something. Last time they ran out of regular hot dogs; 30 minutes after the movie start time and still didn't have any ready. It also slows the lines down when someone orders an alcoholic beverage, as a manager has to be gotten to ring it up. Thinking they need to have a designated area just for sales of alcohol. They definitely need to improve the systems that manage the concessions process overall and make it more efficient. When there is a line at every register Having to wait in line for 15 minutes is asking a bit much of customers.

Kathy Wagster

Late showing and wasn't many there.


Saw Angel has Fallen theater has nice seating clean restrooms

Kathy Martin

Comfortable seating, good selection of movies

Kelly Nicely

Comfy chairs, but a but pricey.

Mark Arnold

Cheap tickets great rocking chair leather seats. Cup holder arm rest between every chair.

Clare Hungerford

First time at this location. Very clean theaters, orderly and inviting. Only issue I had was the concession stand cashier was handling money but then preparing popcorn with no hand rinsing in between. The staff were nice and attentive.

Jack Bowder

Really good theater

Douglas Austin

Great employees, comfortable seating, quality audio video, ample parking.

Christopher Carter

Enjoyed the movie and popcorn

Justin Cox

Easy parking. Nice clean theatre

Angie Stephens

The people here are so sweet. The concession workers were so kind and polite. They seemed like high school age but so sweet and respectful..not the norm!!! Nice seats in theater too.

Ken Kastner Jr

Citrus so so the popcorn taste like it was burnt in the butter taste like it had water in it other than that it was free for me and my wife to go I don't know if I come back again I'm used to Ronnie's.

Alvin Lamkey

Great movie theatre. Comfortable seats and dood selection of movies to choose from

Nathan Ralston

Regal Cinemas is a nice theater to go to.

Adam MacDonald

Much nicer than expected, very good quality theater, food and drinks are insanely overpriced.......but the tickets aren't so it balances out

Leann Schmidt

Theater is clean and very comfortable. Seating is great with plenty of leg room.

Joshua Richardson

No recliners, but great quality theater. Also, you don't reserve you seating, which I actually prefer

Steph H

My favorite theater. Not as crowded as Marcus theaters,decent seats. Good concessions.

Annie Kamp

Bathrooms can be cleaner. Staff is friendly.

Mark VanPatton

Just average. Food was horrible. Had low expectations, still too high.

Tony Polizzi

Great movie theater with comfortable seats. Although sometimes consession stand waits can be elongated as a result of a lack of staff. All and all its a great movie theater.

Mike Koenig


Frank Merz

Some good movies

Donna Schneider

Very quiet. There were three of us. Two women went into a movie and we were the only ones in there. The man that was with us went in to see another movie. He said he was one of three. Movie price was over $9.00 for seniors. They need to follow the lead of Marcus Theater ,promotions and low cost will bring people in to the theater again.

michael futhey jr

Great my wife is 70% percent deaf and the had glasses that helped her with close captioning like Google glasses

Michael Mayer

The employees didn't seem as willing to help out as happy as they have in the past. The bathrooms and theaters were clean.

Carol Lagana

Clean place. Friendly staff. Prices are high on food

Roxanne Brooks

Great theater. Clean and comfortable.

penny froud

Had GOOD Seats This Time w/ a GREAT Movie & Pop Corn.

Carole Norris

I'm from Kansas City came to visit a friend and she took me to the theater nicest theater I've been in a long time fabulous seats

Carla Helton

Comfortable seating and fast service. Didn't have to wait very long to get tickets even though the line was long

Garrett Reven

Horribly rude ticket seller. Seriously walked out and went to a different theater because of the attitude when we asked how their ordering system worked and she had 3 seats (all apart from each other) queued up and ready to charge us

Shanna Harder

Clean, nice people good seats

Michael Boone

Conventional theatre, no recliners, no reserved seats. I like it!

Heather Howard

Great staff answer it is just big enough.

Chris Mehler

Gonna invest a bit of $$ to keep up with the other theatres. Seats in the 3d theatre are tired, worn out and cramped.

Chris Seeber

Worst theater in st. Louis county. Nealy $30 for a manatee for two kids and an adult. Would not be a big issue, however theater #10 today August 12th for the 1230pm showing of spider man far from home was hotter in the theater than it was outside. I alerted employee, she started she would speak with manager. Temperature never improved. Sweated through shirt. If he would of left the air conditioned lobby to investigate he could of at least awknoldeged the issue.

john meschede

Big, big. Prices too. $20 for soda and popcorn. Excellent seating, but doesn't have recliners yet. Well trained staff. Several theaters with top movie selections. 3d usually available at limited times. Arcade area. Get their rewards card for savings.

Nick Faust

Good theater. Parking is good, I've never waited long at the snack bar

Jean Dreessen

Friendly and polite staff. Dunkirk was very hard to understand the dialogue. Sound wasn't very good.

Andy Ramos

Nice small place to see a movie

Aaron Brown

Nice theater and clean. Comfy seats.

Pyr0 Serpent

Ver full of themselves, ticketer asked me to sign up/donate to three things before I got my tickets. Still, good movies.


Efficient, FRIENDLY, & Exqui$ite!!!! The staff are very Personable & well_equipped to progide THE BEST SERVICE from Regal in A LONG TIME!!!! THANX REGAL CINEMAS

Luke Brown

It's a cool place. The concession stand is really big, the theaters look good, the screens are pretty good size, and the prices are fairly low. If only the theater didn't go so crazy on the air conditioner, experiences here would be much better

Rowdy Wicket

Still have the good soda machines but not all the theaters have recliners.

Christine Layton

great customer service...weren't to busy during a week night took our 3 year old to see secret life of pets..

A Brooks

A nice, smaller theater. Their standard seats are more comfortable than their local competitors. Staff was very pleasant and helpful.

Robert Darroch

5 staff, but only 1 serving. The rest talking with the suit on duty... Need to do better. Show was good. Seats comfortable.

Rachel A.

This is one of our favorite theaters! The management is great, the concessions delicious and affordable, and the theaters are always clean. And not to mention the comfy seats :)

Jazmine pickett

Decent. I wish they had reserve seating

Johna T Tepen

Love this place

Brynne Streitz

Clearly they don't ID at this movie theatre for rated r movies.. Tons of loud annoying groups of kids who looked 15 at most with no parents yelling boner and moaning and not a single time did someone come in to look around or they would have noticed. Other than that, theatre would have been awesome, seats are very comfy and it's awesome they sell beer! Just harder to enjoy with all the loud children!

Greg Diel

Pretty nice theater. Best choice around the Gravois bluffs area.

Ryan Weber

Nice and close to home, and compares equally to the other standard theaters nearby.

Shane McDowell

It was comfortable and great sound

Tim Stiles

Awesome seating for big people

Sara S

We went on opening night for a popular movie that was sold out at other theaters. It wasn't sold out nor was it crowded. We were able to get great seats. The seats lean back a bit and rock. There's no foot rest but that's okay. The rows are closer to to each other since the seats don't have foot rest so your seat might still get kicked by the person behind you.

Matt Sulhoff

Really nice small theater. Has a lot to offer. And you don't have to deal with huge crowds

Joshua Pittman

This place is a rip off. I took my kid and all his friends to the movies for his birthdayI spent over $100 on tickets and another 75 on concessions. When I asked for a simple refill I was told after the fact that my medium soda could not be refilled because I didn’t purchase a large. This is a joke. No wonder people don’t go to the theaters anymore. We will not be back. The manager just chewed out an employee on the floor and then blew me off. So rude!!!

David Broemmelsick

For the most part, this is my "go to" theater. Comfortable, good staff, but most of all, I can choose seat when I arrive and don't have to be worried nor interrupted with unnecessary food service. Only thing I do miss is the IMAX screen. But that certainly is not a deal breakrr.

ernestine howard

I loved the movie theater was very clean everyone was very nice

Steve Waldman

Very comfortable seating, friendly staff. Concession prices are just like all the others: armed robbery without a weapon!

Rachel Blind

Seating is wonderfulness recliners and cup holders worth the price


My personal favorite movie theater. The staff are always nice and ready to help. The best time to go is any time.

Gerry Reimer

Had a wonderful family dinner at O'charley's.

Samantha Weber

Comfy chairs and welcoming staff.

matthew Pippin

Best movie theater in area

Charity Anderson

I live right down the street... Love it.

Marie Bond

This is just a nice theater..nothing spectacular, but they do let you add your own butter..they should since they charge an arm and a leg for popcorn!

David Wollmann

Always a pleasant experience.

Allen R

Great place. Comfortable seating.

Vicious Ram

Not a big fan of regal! Had a gift card for $50 and used it once! Sold it to someone for the remaining balance. Ronnie’s plaza is better to me.

Diane Beck

Always enjoy our visits here. Comfortable seating and clean theater.

Linda Baggett

Loved it!

Michael Corrigan

Clean comfortable

Tom Powers

Nice and spacious lobby. Seats are comfy. Employees are very courteous.

Jessie h

The seats suck not that comfy, wouldn't recommend this movie theater highly recommend going to Ronnies in sunset hills on Lindbergh!

Michael Rue

Great and my family love this place alot...nice clear screens and sound..also nice comfortable chairs...

Roseanne Ahne

Nice theatre. The seats are comfortable, and the place is very clean. Like being able to butter your own popcorn!

Matt Collins

Usually go to another theater but it was sold out. Movie theater was clean, workers were friendly, sound and picture where great. Super Cold In The Theater!!! Wasn't a fan of the chairs, they rocked back and forth, maybe just me being picky. Overall a good experience. Please give me a thumbs up if you find my review helpful.

Amy Jennewein

A early girls day out with my little one was the perfect start to our weekend thanks to regal.

Joe Vogt

Good quality movie theater. Always clean. Can be busy on weekends.

Donette Hoag

It's a great place to catch a flick.

Kendal McGraw

Fantastic experience. Loved the cushy seats that reclined a little too. Prices are also reasonable, if you go during the day time showings.

Brandi P

Comfortable seats!

Sam Huff

Theater was clean and the seating was comfy. We were in a normal cinema, so no big recliners/couches or 5-star service. The screen and audio were great. Prices were a bit higher than other theaters. An evening show on a Sunday ran us $8/kid and ~$10/adult.

Angie Crump

Love the theater location as it is very close to home. The seats are nice with padded arm rests and they seem to rock back and forth so you are able to lean back some. The only downside is a lot of them squeak when you rock and it is very distracting during the movie.

Steve Folks

Great theater, seats are very comfortable and personnel are very friendly.

Shalini Raakendra

I went here just once. It was for the Star Wars movie, last week. Personally, my experience was bad because we chose the 3D. There was something wrong with the glasses they provided. It made the movie extremely dark and gloomy. Couldn't really see any vibrant colors. I kept taking the glasses off every now and then to see if the screen was indeed that dark. Gave me an awful headache.

Regina Rowden

Good prices

Mark Zaricor

Nice larger theater. Seats are comfortable, good screens and sound system. My only complaint is that you can't choose your seats ahead of time.

Ashley Gaynor

Awful. When it was called the Great Escape it was awesome. They had several extras for popcorn. You also got your money's worth. We only went because we had a gift card. The female selling tickets was rude. We had to purchase tickets from our phone. The gentleman selling food forgot one of our beverages and began conversing again with a coworker. Then, the ticket checker didn't even give us the right directions for our theatre. The theatre itself was cold and the movie sucked. We left early. We'll drive further for a better experience from now on.

Toni German

This is one very nice cinema. Everything is very clean, especially the bathrooms. Very curteous many & staff. Very easy to find,due to the fact that it is within the Gravois Bluffs Shopping Center. My favorite part is that I belong to a very small Christian Church,And we rent a theater for our church services so we have a place to worship

PJ Ehrenreich

Very clean and comfortable movie theatre, reasonably priced too.


I visited one time and it was a good experience the seats were quite comfortable

estee wesley

Nice seats and screen. Wish it was updated with the reclining seats. (4 stars because seats aren't recliners) Will go again if time works best for us. But if time allows we will go to another theater a little further away that has recliners.

Paige Nicole

Friendly and quick staff nice theater very loud which is awesome!

Tess Asher

Very comfortable stadium seating.

Notes Amir

A nice theatre never had any problems here. I just wish they served pizza


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