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REVIEWS OF Regal Forum IN Missouri

Jeffrey Meyer

Unexpectedly high quality theatre, really nice reclining chairs. Good bathrooms.

Jenny Preuss

Reclining seats and great popcorn! screens could be a little larger though

brandon clingenpeel

Great theater clean and good staff

Cody Holland

A much needed upgrade is finally here. Fantastic theater now

Chris Miller

Very nice facility. But WAY overpriced.

John Linderman

Incredible theater! Reclining seats and the rows are very spacious. They offer more variety at the conversion stand than I've seen before as well. They've spoiled me for other theaters now...

Sam Callis

Great new seating. This place is perfect for watching movies.

Jacob Danielson

Very nice place with the reclining chairs and large screens. Lots of options for food and drinks. The concessions can get a little slow due to a low volume of workers. The workers are friendly and helpful and the theatre is kept clean. Lots of good movies playing at all times.

Laura Wilkey

The seats are super comfy and it is very clean. Just very enjoyable

Regina Erickson

I don't like having assigned seat numbers, popcorn price ridiculous at almost $10 for a bucket.

darian brown

Nice theater, slightly confusing ticket system

Matthew Conner

Not the largest theatre, but serves Rolla perfectly. The lines can get a tad long as they seem to be short staffed. I would plan ahead and arrive just a tad earlier than you expect.

Robert S

The theater was awesome. The aisles were wide. The seats are comfortable and electronically controlled. The customer service service was excellent. The prices are very reasonable. You can reserve your ticket and seat online!!!

Kimberly Dierkes

Local theater has reclining seats which are amazing.

Simon Thougaard

Pricy concession stand, but reasonable ticket prices. Great chairs! I could go to the cinema just to have a sit in those!

Catherine Vance

Decent since they upgraded the seats to reclining, average price. Easy to get to.

Alexis Snider

Great theatre for what it is. I wish they had more rooms.

Dereck Roam

Comfy and nice set up with online tickets available.

Dillon Richards

The place was awesome! I love the renovations they've done. The reclining seats made the experience more enjoyable. Seriously, take your family out come see a movie at Regal Cinemas and you won't regret it. Staff was polite and helpful concessions weren't to terribly high priced.

S Erhart

Clean and spacious. Love the reclining seats!

Chris B

Since the renovation, this has been an amazing place to go. Prices are reasonable compared to other theaters. Pro tip: download the regal app and skip the ticket line by purchasing tickets on your phone. Plus you get reward points that you can use towards tickets, food, etc.

Jacob Torres

Very nice employees and clean establishment.


It was an ok experience, the seats were comfortable to an extent. If you are a bit tall your feet will hang over the end of the chair and it gets uncomfortable after a while. The lighting in the theater did not dim enough during the previews so the dark scenes were very dark. The size of the screen was good. Lots of rude people on their phones during the movie was hard to not notice the bright white light. Overall not bad, I've been to worse theaters.


Very nice and comfy but a little on the pricey side

Daustin H.

Prices are a bit steep, but that's with every movie theater nowadays. Getting tickets is easy, bathrooms are usually clean, and the seats are comfortable and recline.

Kaye Sutton

All reclining seats,newly updated. I don't know any other theater around with all reclining seats. Clean and friendly staff.

Sarah Woolsey

The staff here is always very friendly and helpful. Very clean theater and comfortable seats!

Mo Sky

The upgrades are great. Now if they would just get some decent movies to watch. Seriously, who is in charge of ordering movies??? Horrible selection. They've had Pitch Perfect 3 for 3 weeks. Just absurd. I had movie pass for 2 months and will now cancel because this theater has the same movies for months.

Tom Herman

Typical theater, with all the usual theater food.

Brandon Flegel

So much nicer and the seats lean back with ur feet up

Spiritual Dragon

The best place to relax and spend some good money on some good seats!

JoJo JoJo

You know. I do like coming here I like the staff and its always clean.... But one really bad act can upset the whole thing. When someone's disabled and they need your help you help them. No ifs ands or buts. There's nothing curtious about it. God help you if the situation is ever reversed and you find yourself in that situation that someone doesn't treat you the way you treated me.

Brandi Bailey

Love the new reclining seats. Be sure to buy your tickets ahead of time so you don't get stuck up front.

Caitlynn Lied

Great now that the theaters have been updated. Comfy recliner seats, reserve seating, etc. Concessions is still slow, however.

Shalene Harris

The chairs were very comfortable

Kelly Wofford

Very comfortable seating

Cameron Scholten

Much better now that they re-did the sound system and got better seating. But put the dang showings on the roadside sign. You can't see the showings posted on the side of the building from the road when you drive by. I would go more often if I knew what was playing.

Ellen Wiemann

They have really spruced up the Regal Cinemas in Rolla. They have added to the snack bar. Leather recliner seats. Much nicer. Really enjoying the luxury of it all. Plus, the added ease of using my cell to order/reserve tickets and getting rewards through Regal Crown Card...pretty awesome!

Brian Collinge

After getting my family seated I returned to the concessions to to get some snacks. The register crashed and the transaction was taking longer than usual, so the manager sent me in to watch my movie with my snacks with the promise that I would return and pay after the film was finished. When I returned they were having the same issues with the register. The staff worked as efficiently as possible to resolve the issue but had to get technical support on the phone because it was a strange problem. For my troubles they gave me part of the concessions for free and also gave us passes for my entire family to see another movie. While there may be room for improvement overall the Staff here is worth 5 stars.

Jil Behr

Since the remodel there is a huge improvement! Hopefully they can keep it up

Inquisitive Minds

Very good service. When I asked how the virtual ticket on their app worked they were happy to explain.

Devin Halbert

Seen many movies in this theater and plan to for a long time! This is my preferred theater in the area - leather reclining seats, Regal rewards points, and always friendly staff. They're always helpful and professional, even when the lobby area is packed. The only complaint that I have is that when you're in a sold-out showing it does get real hot - granted there's a bunch of people in a packed room, but I feel like they could at least turn the air on every once in a while, especially when they know they have packed showings. Regardless, I plan to return here for a long time for the newest films!

Sharon Jeoffroy

Love the recliners!!

Courtney quesenberry

Great service very clean and help out customers in the fashionable order very comfortable seats

Judge Jus10

Refused to serve us hot food, they said they shut down thier ovens for the later shows. (Appearently we aren't as worthy as the earlier patrons).

Marilyn Williams

This is an awesome movie theater that has a great selections of new movies coming out. It's a clean theater and the people who work there are very nice and helpful!!

Debra Henley

Lol they give you a "Regal Crown" card to supposedly acrue points toward refreshments. The girl selling tickets ran mine and said "oh, youve got a free upgrade to a larger drink" so I think cool and proceed to refreshment line. When it was my turn I ordered a small soda gave her the "Regal Crown" card and said I was told I had a free upgrade. She ran my card and said I didnt that I had to go back to ticket counter and have the other girl run it again....after waiting in line, I went back to ticket counter she ran it again and said yes you do, its on there, they just need to run it thru when you purchase your drink. So I go back to refreshment line where I of course have lost my place and several people ahead of me...I finally gave up as I was going to miss the start of the movie. Also the bathrooms have been nicely remodeled. No hooks or anything in stalls to hang a purse or jacket....they obviously didnt think that out very well.

Debbie Keithley

Watched a great movie in the most comfortable recliners ever!!

Heather van Saase

Love the new updates! Everything is wonderful, including staff!

Janet Miller

Love the reclining seats.

Alex Moritz

Well maintained and modern regal cinema. Recliner chairs were comfortable and audio/video was up to date (I pretty much expect this in any theater). Popcorn was fresh as it was a busy time but there wasnt many deals or other food options. Only real downside was they dont have the little online pickup booths to keep the ticket line down, I think it was just because I came at a busy time, but it may help.

Jennifer Russell

I like it bc of the cool chairs recline and I love the cool movies they show as well...and there food is good too

Jennifer Blackwell

Expensive but enjoyed the nice seats


Tickets are an alright price for what you get, but the concessions are atrocious. I know it's a theater, but $7 for an Icee? That's just ridiculous.

David Arikian

Newly renovated , recliners in every theater very nice and clean, much improved , owners and mangt. Care that I have a good experience .

Kimberly Preston

Nice seating very clean and friendly staff. Was a little cold next time ill bring a throw blanket.

Sedric Huffman

Best service, very respectful.. my fandango card didn’t work as I hit check out because it said movie started, and as result with some verification, the manager gave me free tickets to see my movie, and let me keep the fandango card! Would recommend to anyone will be comming back!

Monica Madison

Amazing seats and very comfortable environment!

Amanda Lawrence

With all the new renovations it is so much cleaner! The reclining seats are awesome and there is still enough room for people to walk by without them hitting you. It is so nice inside and now you can reserve your seats!


Best theater around

Gwen Harris

Nice but very expensive for snacks and drinks

Marg Olson

Really nice since the remodel. However, the previews are always on a deafening volume. I ask them to turn it down ever time. You'd think they would set the volumes to a reasonable level from the start.

Anna Marie Thibeault

Nice place to go to see a movie. However wish that they offered more movies like Downton Abbey and other small budget movies!

Steven Gray

It's very nice inside but 100 for a family of four between tickets some snacks and soda is steep

gary Jones

Nice seats

Austin Foster

All movies are expensive anymore but the roomy recliner seats makes it worth it.

Susan Tummons

Love the seating. The food (like any/all theaters) is CRAZY EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!

Derek Payne

The updates are nice its came along way

Baby Red

It's a amazing movie theater

John Snow

New seats and veterans discount. Snacks are pricey though. $6 for a small soda?

Fred Cathey

Very nice and comfortable place to enjoy a movie. Reclining seats are a real bonus

Shannon Harris

Nice quaint 5 auditorium theater. Clean and family friendly!

william noble

Movie in next door was to loud with lots of bass could not enjoy the movie

CldBlooded Reaper

We came in from Texas and wanted to go to a movie with our family here. We were told nothing was kid friendly and even with his parents permission they wouldnt allow my grandson to watch a movie with us. Wont be back.

John Sachs

Great renovation. My go to for theatrical first day releases!

Zaymon Harris

It's ok... the seats are amazing... great visions service... but they're currently under construction... so as of rn... they only have one theatre available... meaning they can only show one movie... I'll update this review as they continue to make new installments

Sarah Jones

Friendly workers great snacks comfy chairs!!!

Bearded Tamper

Nice new electric leather reclining chairs, better sound, and curved screen for optimal viewing pleasure, and the addition is a nice elevated floor arrangement. Great place to treat yourself for a movie you've been anticipating to see. The ticket prices are very competitive, the candy is still a gold nugget though, that's the four stars.

Joel Anderson

They took away the ticket line. Now you have to wait in the concession line to get your tickets.

Brendan Williams

They have improved this place so much recently. I enjoy coming here again, the seats are comfortable, video and audio equipment is modern and nice! Will come back.

Karen Richards

So much better!! Enjoyed coming to visit family and finding these upgrades. Reclining seats, better viewing, very friendly staff.

Derand Schubert

Much better since the remodel!!

Ronald McDaniel

I can say that we had a great time visiting this theatre seeing IT chapter 2. Popcorn was good, and the place was clean. The service was okay. There were three employees behind the counter, teamwork was real. I have to say though the two girls behind the consesions booth, made it a point to ignore their coworker. That made things uncomfortable for a quick minute. Overall pretty good experience.

Macks 999

Up to date movies, good services

Barry Wainwright

Seats are great but popcorn and sodas cost like they are made out of gold.

Tyler Staton

Newly renovated. Theatres are in excellent shape as they are new. The downfall is the high prices for the size of Rolla. The prices seem to be toward the higher end compared to the one's I've been to. Service was extremely nice. Does not sell alcohol for those curious.

Elizabeth Smith

Love the reclining seats.

Izzy Runs

The staff keep it nice and clean, and it’s great because the movies have lots of space and they all have recliners.

Zane Stevens

Nicely renovated reclining seats. Watched 2 movies there in the past month and both times enjoyed the comfort of the reclining comfortable seats as well as the friendliness of the staff. Our son with SMA can't sit in the normal flippy seats at other theaters and loved sitting in the recliner without it folding up on him.

Marty Ayers

This theater has changed so much since we came to Rolla. They have completely updated all the theaters. The picture and sound are great. We will definitely be going back and will be telling our friends to come along. Just saw Toy Story 4 there.

Kristal Flohr

Amazing new seating. Its comfortable and great surround sound. Very nice staff. They accommodated my friend in a wheelchair.

Larry Bramel

I love the seating .best around


With the recent upgrade the theatre had gotten more comfortable. However prices continue to skyrocket. Ticket wise it's a little higher than I feel it needs to be but concession prices are ungodly high. $7.00 for a small popcorn?! Geez! That's almost a matinee ticket price. Which will set you around $9 not counting all the tax. If you wanna go to the movies for a night you will be alright. ...You just won't be able to go often.

Shareen Bornemann

Friendly, comfortable!

Berry Bonaview

Nice staff and awesome reclining seats!

Bruce Elmore

I didn't know Forum had remodeled or added a theater Wow! Great job, Forum. Love the recliners!

Jon Mosher

The reclining seats are very comfortable, great movie experience!

Michael Browning

I was kicked out for trying to fool the emplyees, i bought a ticket to see a pg-13 movie but walked into an R rated movie. I was then kicked out of that screening room, but they were nice and let me stay to watch the other movie. 5 Stars.

Jamie Bell

Love the recliners, they make the experience so much better

Matt Lawson

I'd heard the theater was "sketchy" but I think they've done some restructuring lately and it's pretty impressive for such a small theater I think. The reclining seats are very nice and it looks like they keep the place clean. Every time I saw the concession stand someone was cleaning. My only complaint is the sound is a bit too loud. I guess that's just how theaters are these days though. I haven't been to a theater in the last 10 or so years that wasn't too loud for me. You could make a lot of money if you opened a lower volume theater or offered auditoriums with lower sound, sort of like how some theaters have 3-D or Imax options. Maybe I should get some startup capital...

Captain Springles

Decent little casual movie theater to go see a movie with friends or a loved one

gjh 14030

Very clean. Great customer service.

Taco Ron

Love the reclining seats. Seems clean every time I go. Could get more stars if they could get the concession lines moving. Always a slow line. No help from management.

Daniel Alterauge

Best movie experience I have had. Roomy, reclining seats, beautiful clean environment, I will definitely be back!

Jill Milligan

It was a fun experience but cold and too loud. We nearly froze to death so it was hard to enjoy the movie.

Robbie Moreland

Although pricey, the food, drinks, and movie quality is great. New reclining seats are great with plenty of space between rows and people.

Wendy Roloff

Very comfortable. Pricey though.

James Mooney

The chairs are fat man friendly and very comfortable

Frederic Lizama

The renovation made this theater worth it

Savannah Vandegriffe

A few months back I had bought movie tickets thinking I had gotten ones for that day but when I got there I had accidentally bought them for the nest day, they were awesome about it and let us still attend the movie. Then, just a week ago, my daughter had gotten sick in the theater and we had to leave only 45 minutes into the movie, they gave us free movie passes so we can go back another time. Seriously the best service around, not to mention the renovations make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Tim Maninger

Reasonably well kept. Has recliner seats.

Keith Kilmer

Inefficient concession lines. People jumping all over the place. Maybe try one line...? Nice theater otherwise.

josh clancy

Love going to this theatre Now! Especially since thier new update, the seating is so much better and the screens are amazing and the bathrooms and floors are nice and so is the inside, won't be needing to go to st Roberts anymore!

Paul Goddard

Very comfortable seating and great video quality. High concession stand prices are the only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars, but this seems to be the case at all theaters.

lily Robinson

I have an awesome experience every time I come here its kept clean, the popcorn is good, it even has a comfy reclining chair.

Elijah Clark

Reclining seats are nice.

Edward Nutt

Good seatsavg ticket price lil high on concessions

Angelica Ornelas

New seating is such a bonus, clean place, they could use more than one person getting ur food bc the wait is tiring, but it's such an improvement!

Stephanie Hausner

Very expensive, but aren't they all. The reclining seats are cozy, and a nice change from the previous frowzy maroon chairs.

Orion VanNortwick

A bit pricey, hence the four stars. But the new reclining chairs kind of balance out the cost. They have hot food along with the regular theater foods. All in all its a good place for date night.

James Seago

The theater was clean, I just didn't agree with waiting 20 minutes in line to buy an overpriced drink. I finally gave up on buying one so I wouldn't miss the beginning of my movie.

Theresa Joplin

It was very clean and the workers were very nice and did an excellent job of getting everyone served before the movie.

Becky Dornberger

Clean, comfy seats,great movie selections

Tessa Davis

Great place with great friend and a great movie

Cody Swartz

Nice for date night but pricey.$$

Lucas Stieferman

Internet said movies were at 9:30 and 9:45. Walked to the doors at 9. Doors were locked. Employees just looked at us through the windows like we were dumb.

james sexton

excellent theatre great people working there


The new renovations and staff have much improved this over the past 10 years and most notably in the last 2 years. Once a dark, run down place with stale popcorn, sloppy staff that only took cash.... It has now been transformed into an acceptable establishment. Great popcorn, friendly staff, and a clean environment that let's you order tickets online and pay with a debit card - the future is here :). I'm looking forward to the new reclining seating and improved screens. My previous 1/5 stars has been updated to 5/5 stars. Congrats.

Debra Lambrich

WOW! Who knew going to the cinema by yourself could be so much fun? That recliner had me kicked back! Sooo cushy....I sank in it practically, and the leg room,, if we could get them to build us airplanes so we could travel like that! I'm telling ya, that Regal Cinemas is a classy place. But you don't have to be dressed up to enjoy. The best movie watching experience I think I've ever had...and I've had a few, believe me, I'm in my late 50's.

Jose Hunt

Spacious seating and friendly service!

The Kate

Great theater, reclining seats

Mike Kramer

Great theater comfortable seats roomy clean definitely going back

Ajax Torbin

Prices are normal; even less than average when compared to larger cinemas. Seeing a movie in every major city I've been to was $12 at the least. Most also charge extra for opening night. (dis-including the discount theaters that only play old movies) Snacks seem to the normal markup from wholesale one sees at a theater. One cannot date sound equipment by ear unless it's a Victrola crank phonograph; the sound is more than passable it's just not the '3D' sound one finds in larger theaters, merely a 7.1 surround writ large. Once, and only once during the fives years I saw a movie every weekend only one time did the sound quit. They said I could stay for a second showing. All in all for a four-screen small-town cinema its among the better ones I have been to. In short; it's small and dated, in need of remodel, but dated and small do not make a terrible place. Only qualm is movie rotation; whomever is in charge of keeping movies and when to get new ones . . is doing a poor job. I generally wait a week to see a new movie and this has made me miss some; while I note other seem to be retained for far longer.

laith sabri

It was realy great and the seats comfortable with nice employs

Mitko Ivanov

Great seats, great mega screen, great sound. This theater has improved significantly and deserves 5 stars now.

Donna Setzer

Very friendly service

Savannah Reynolds

They never play enough movies , or switch them out. They only seem to have 3 different movies playing a day like twice If lucky.

The PANDA clan Douros

Nice seats. But the 2 times we went my husband's chair was sticky where the seat buttons are to sit back....overall pretty good though.

Brandon R

Not a big theater, but quality seating. Food is very pricey.

Marlenea Coombs

Customer Service: The dark haired young lady at the check in desk on 07-26-19 @ 4:30pm was outstanding and friendly. I was running late for the show and my family was already inside. I had the wrong screen shot. She was friendly and helpful and assisted me in getting my tickets straightened out. Thank you!

Earline Woods

Ot was freezing in there. Comfortable seating tho

Brooks Christy

Nice place, comfy seats!


Ummmm, i work here, so youll see me alot, Idk if you read this added review, but yea, Ill proably be there Thursday because of Endgame

Richard Miller

Great recliners and reserved seating

stephanie gamble

The reclining chairs and reserved seating is an awesome feature!

Anna Prichard

Clean and workers were nice

D Kelley

Talk about comfort! Its like sitting on your couch comfy!

Bonita Bailey

Loved the experience! The recliners are amazingly comfortable

Michael Bartel

Chairs were so comfortable!

thomas corliss

Kind and courteous staff with all the latest movies.

Andrea Martin

Clean theater, friendly staff and the seats are comfortable (reclining and plush). Food choices are limited to pretzel, nachos, popcorn, candy and ice cream bars.

Tanner O'Neail

I love the graphics and love how you deliver food

Kayla Nelson

It was so nice. I loved all the space and the super comfy chairs. When I went I was 8months pregnant and huge. I was always uncomfortable. But the chairs was super comfy had no problem stretching out and relaxing. The staff was great.

Hasan Al-Saedi

Nice and modern movie theater.

Dhananjay Koli

Good ambience

Gary Mobley

Awesome theater. Reclining seats great sound

Foxty Basheer

Cinema is small size, but still ok as compared to Rolla.


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