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REVIEWS OF Moolah Theatre & Lounge IN Missouri

Kena C

Some friends and I recently saw 'Black Panther' here. This was my first visit to Moolah. I like the openness it offers rather than the typical cramped seating of traditional theatres. I will visit again soon!

terrence bradford

Love this venue! So much fun! Couches are crazy comfortable! Staff was great! Fantastic flick (Aquaman)!

Robert Schurz

This is a great place to go on a date. They have really comfy couches, perfect for snuggling. Also, they are part of the stl cinema group, so you can get all their deals like Waky Wednesdays and get 1 free ticket for every 10 movie tickets. Also, they are right by SLU, so a lot of students go there. They typically only show one movie at a time though.

Katie Hallock

How did I not know about this place?!? First off, the building is stunningly beautiful I could be late to the movie because all I wanna do is take pictures of it. Second, we went to a movie before 5p on a week day and it was only $5 per ticket! Third, forget about chair. Think big, comfy COUCHES! My one and only complaint was that the sound in the theatre was just a little too loud for me. I'm hoping it was just because it was an action movie and next time it will be different.

D Vaughn

Too much congestion. Took forever to get off of the parking lot. Each person had to call to have the gate lifted.

Serene Johnson

Enjoyed a movie date with my best friend here. The couches were comfortable and the concession stands were not highly priced. The staff were friendly and it was a great experience. The free parking in the rear is a plus as well.

Terrence Sennie

Fire, laid back.

Jessica Matlock

I wouldn't bother going there again, they only have one movie at a time and the lounge was closed and parking sucked.we parked went in and didn't stay cause already had seen the movie and lounge was closed so we left and still payed 5 dollars for not even 10 minutes of parking and says movie patrons free parking. It sucked.

grace boykin

Very cute place to see a film with or without a date. And the bar is cool too. The architecture is delightful.

jesse berg

Come early to wait in line if you want a good couch at a popular movie.

Blake Fountain

Crazy cool place. Drinks and couches to watch the movie make it super comfy and feel like you're at home.

John Hernandez


Carla Williams

Real comfortable place to watch a movie

Jennifer P

Had a bowling event for work here and it was a blast!

trillito B

Nice place to go with that special someone

J. Morris

Almost every seat is a great seat!

Ray Scruggs

Love this place. They have sofas and love seats that are comfy and great for dates and to stretch out. I have been a few times and look foward to going back.

sha byrd

Great environment. Very reasonable ticket prices. Love the leather sofa seating. Food prices are reasonable also. In the cut theatre for city living.

K Arlington Andrews

Didn't know what to expect. Pleasantly surprised and had a great experience. Would definitely go back.

Tyler Pierce

Woulda been five... But their "free popcorn" after subscribing your email is bed of lies... No free popcorn... Now I get nothing but garbo emails.

Chad Holmes

Always friendly staff and great environment.

Krista Hyde

A nice place to watch a film. Sofas are squishy and comfortable. The bar is the best part.

Thiran Udawatta

A great theatre run by Stl cinemas, which also owns mx, galleria 6 and chase park plaza theaters. Moolah has one main movie screen which has first come first serve couches as seating. There is additional theatre style seating in the back and upper level. Tickets are affordable and there is free parking.

Marc Crawford

Cool retro bowling alley.

Floyd Tapia

The architecture is spectacular.

Clarence Jones

I love the screening room

Sam Smith

Love this historic theatre. We went to Star Wars: the Last Jedi and the bar had SW themed drinks. Great movie experience

Mark Longden

Great staff, cheap drinks and a warm welcome. I love this place.

C *

Awesome place to see a movie, have a drink or bowl.

Unfortuante Soul

I love this theatre it's nice and cozy with couches you can relax in

Shakecha Shaw

Saw an awesome movie.. but they need to upgrade those couches, chairs, and love seats!


The Moolah theater and its staff are really nice. Our last visit there, Sunday, May 7, 2017, whilst walking from the underground parking to the front of the theater, someone from the building on top of the Moolah threw eggs at our heads. Once inside we told the usher who mentioned that others have reported that they were also egged. The Moolah's management needs to do something about this because they are going to start losing customers. I give the Moolah 5 stars because they are still the best.

Robyn Mitchell

My guy and I saw US Saturday. We didn't come early enough to get a love seat,lol!! Drink was great!!

Christina Taylor

Nice cozy place to see a movie but they need to replace so of there chairs because mine was broking on the foot part of recliner.

Dakount Torrey

It was my first time attending the Moolah Theater. It was very nice.

Bonita Crape-Williams

This is the second time I've tried to get into this theatre. The front door was locked and the concession people were right THERE! No one came to open the door, no one redirected me to another entrance, NOTHING. This time I parked in their lot and used the stairs, then the elevator, and again the front door. Finally, feeling ridiculous, I just got in my car to to go home and, to my surprise, it cost me $5.00 to get off the lot because I didn't watch a movie. Enjoy the money, Moolah 'cuz that's the last from me. I should've just rolled down the street to the Chase. Free parking and their doors are open...

Johnathon Lyon

THE BEST. The couches are the comfiest. The people are rad. The drinks are crazy affordable. And get the soft pretzel with cheese. Trust me, get the pretzel.

Philip Kleven

Love the couches beautiful building, my favorite theater.

Heath Adrian

Great local theater cheap drinks. Fun love seat style seating.

Karina Escobar

It was hot the seating is different but the service was good!

Samantha Cobb

Moolah is a great place to see a movie at a great price. Couches are comfortable and they even have side tables to put your food and drinks on. If you don't make it in time for the couches don't worry... The regular seating isn't completely uncomfortable. Every seat has a great view. Concession stand is reasonably priced! Downside is that they only show one movie at a time for a couple weeks. Free parking garage in back

K Hyde

Nice place to see a film. The bar is better than you'd expect

kat Greer

I love this place you see a movie and go down stairs and bowls

Taheerah Jones

Went with the whole family and we had a very nice time. It was clean and the staff was very polite. Nice place.

Makesha Caldwell

Super comfy seats. Make sure to see the mural above the door on inside painted by a Black woman.

Perez Maxwell

Old school movie charm. I love it.

Shan Roberts

Different historic but kinda dirty and old movies play here that are at red box.

Terrell Hassan

A nice place to comr with your family and friends

Jeffrey Halverson

Loved the couch es.

Mark Floyd

Unique theater. Great for dates

Melissa Carlton

Great locally owned movie theater. I love that they have couches and love seats as seating options instead of traditional movie seats, though there are some traditional movie seats as well

David Benson

Love this movie place. The couch seats.

Janine Wilkes

Don’t go to this theater! They got couches but damn they all broke and smell gross. Today made me real mad cos I do like they bar, but now it closed on Mondays and Tuesdays?! I went there and it closed. I asked the guy at concession, he sed they fired the manager and just ain’t opening it mon or Tuesday?! What idiot is running this place?

Rebecca Crump

We love it!!!!! Not too expensive. Lovely squishy arm chairs. Ted Drewes ice cream. What more could you want. We come back again and again.

Kennetta Cooper

Movie and seating was good. Ladies bathrooms needed a deep cleaning. Popcorn was freshly popped but way too salty. So salty that we had to get a refund.

Eric Poindexter

Nice cozy place.. Enjoyed myself..

Phillip Kinder II

One of my absolute favorite theaters in the city.

be buch

Wonderful space, screen and staff. I love the many specials they offer on movies, drinks, snacks and activities.

Blue Star Mama

One of the coolest theaters I've ever been in! The ticket prices were super affordable as were the snack bar prices and its a great place to catch a movie. As you come in, there is a smaller theater to your left for kid/free movies? But the golden nugget is in the theater itself.....there are huge two/three person super comfy couches and chairs to watch the movie on a HUMONGOUS screen. Maybe not a great place to catch a flick if you're tired and it's warm in there, but we were neither and we had a great time. It is in a renovated historic old building and it just has a cool vibe and as does the staff...what a treasure for St. Louis!

Jocelyn Simms

It's a nice place to go see a movie


Very pleasant and nice atmosphere very comfortable seats and the food was fabulous.

Camille Reinhold

This is one of my favorite theaters in St Louis. It has comfortable leather seating, beautiful architecture and great acoustics.

Bill Jones

Used to be a real luxury novelty theater, but is showing its age now. Many other theaters now have fancy overstuffed reclining chairs, making the shrine's leather couches seem a little less special. Also, they have a bit of a light problem for matinee shows, whenever the doors are opened for a patron on the way to or from the concession, the right half of the screen is bathed in daylight, which is awfully distracting.

Dawn Williams

Tonite I was seeing Ma and when it was over a bnucha kids starting fighting in the lobby. No one did anything to stop the fight. I won’t be going to the moolah anymore ive seen stuff like this happen too much there. used to love going there but its become unsafe and gross

Ledia Holmes

The Moolah is awesome I love the seats and the service is always wonderful the whole place is our number one hang out

Eva Clark

First rate experience. Clean and comfortable environment. Staff friendly, patient and helpful!

Michael Watts

One theatre great price and lovely seating. Has a home vibe with the seats.

Terry Johnson Jr

Movie theater will full couches and real butter. This is in its own class.

trica H

Had a great time everything couches are very comfy. Still lots to do after the movies with bowling and the bar.

Antionette Moore

Love being there..

Ryan Best

I love love love this theater. Staff is great , they are also movie buffs like myself. Can't beat the bowling alley, and the small theater lounge as you wait for your show.

Jessica Nations

Best way to see a movie! You sit on a comfy couch that's big enough for 3 small people or two adults comfortably. Many great snacks are available as well.

Valencia Singleton

their seats are very roomy and comfortable because their loveseats

James Saunders

Inner of my favorite places to catch a movie. Grab a drink or adult beverage from the lounge before watching a movie while laying back on a cushy couch.

Rachel Johns

Great theater. The loveseats on the lower level need to be replaced so if you think you’re going to sit down and have a hard time getting up just go upstairs and sit in the stadium seats. $5 bloodies and mimosas are cool though.

Thomas J Elizabeth

Got there half an hour before the show and still waited in line for 45 minutes, which is ridiculous. They had the same two people selling tickets and concessions—at the same time! Who does that? Thankfully the movie was good and the seats were comfortable, but never again! There are other choices!

sean starling

This place itself is fine. But the fact that people who are together take up 4 couches and I have to sit in the nosebleeds because they don't want to share is beyond irritating. I canceled my ticket and left. They need to assign the seats a number. Groups sit together. 4 5 year olds can share a couch instead of taking up the entire front row

Kris Johnson

Renovated building with one large screen with 2-3 person couches for seating (with some regular seating in the back/balcony). Place has amazing character and shows before 5-6 on Saturday are $5! Get there early though if it's a popular movie as the line can get long.

Alex Wheeler

Went there Friday the 18th to see the new Halloween movie. They had a real Freddy crugor come out. The whole audience was hype about the movie

Beth Glauber

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere!

dennis kane

Sold out night for avengers end game. Very organized ticket counter and quick service at concessions stand. Theatre was very clean considering it had been a busy day

Mike Mo

I rather go here than any other movie theater

Karla Templeton

My favorite place for a movie in the city!!

naylauna blount

Fun spot for my son and i to have date night

Lawrence Johnson

It was a wonderful atmosphere,no people here on cell phones,or talking to loud over the movie . definitely a change from the other one's.

Crystal Byrd

Staff always friendly.... good prices lady bartender in bowling alley awesome

It's Me Reed

Peaceful. Love the couches. Cozy.

Nalo F

Its was my first time going there had a good time

Will Freeman

The theater is fine, but has a couple of issues. Namely, seating on the main floor is pretty limited so you need to come really early to get a seat. As well, the parking garage is advertised as "free parking" when in reality, if there is no attendant at the booth when you leave, you'll have to pay 5 dollars. Also, the concessions they serve make a lot of noise as people eat them during movies. It was hard to hear up on the balcony with so much rustling and crunching.

David Minnihan

Until recently, the Moolah was one of the best, most interesting theatrical venues in the St. Louis area. Unfortunately, they decided to cancel their regular monthly programming of the Late Nite Grindhouse screenings with less than a week’s notice and in a manner that was very disrespectful to the programmer, staff, and devoted audience who patronized their theater regularly for these screenings. The LNGH program was one of the most original and interesting cultural events in the St. Louis arts scene, showing beloved, obscure, but important films at midnight screenings one weekend every month. Films ranged from masterpieces like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Videodrome, Ms. 45, and Suspiria, to other interesting and underrated films like The Crazies, Society, The Changeling, and Night of the Creeps. The only promise was that every month, St. Louisans could come out to see something on the big screen that truly was a rare and wonderful opportunity. The latest of these (April 2019) was supposed to be a screening of John Carpenter’s masterpiece, The Fog. The Moolah for some reason chose to cancel the already announced and highly anticipated screening with only a few days’ notice, as well as all future LNGH offerings. The Moolah’s owner, Harman Moseley, clearly isn’t capable of understanding the value of presenting great cinema to a devoted audience. Either that or he just doesn't care, and either way, he has absolutely no business running a movie theater. His business ethics appear to be very underhanded and deceitful, and now any and all of his STL Cinemas venues, which comprise The Chase Park Plaza, The Galleria, and MX Movies, in addition to the Moolah, are suspect ventures and should be eyed with extreme reservation by any discerning cinemagoer. The method in which these screenings were cancelled was absolutely shameful, especially seeing as the LNGH movies almost always drew bigger crowds than the mainstream movies which let out just before them. It seems people just don’t like this theater, and I have no doubt their declining business will only continue in that direction after the abandonment of the devoted LNGH patrons. As St. Louis Public Radio’s 2018 feature about LNGH (which until recently was proudly displayed on the Moolah’s wall) stated, quoting local filmmaker Eric Stanze: “If these didn’t happen […] I would be in a theater once a year or less.” An ironic prediction that Mr. Moseley has now made a sad reality. -David Minnihan

Darlene Sykes

Cozy & comfortable, almost like

LaKeisha Laurel

Wish it was more then 1 movie showing but it's great.

Greg Grady

A wonderful venue. With plenty of space for parties and gaming.

Karol Cockrell

Awesome truly amazing place to enjoy a movie.

Damien Henderson

It's a great place for movies and drinks.

Shaderiale Ray

I enjoyed it but for some reason any movie is like a sleeping pill for me loved this place relaxing nd confortable.

Taria Harris

Love the seating comfortable couches and good drink options

Sharon Harper

Great theatre, I'm in love with those amazingly comfortable couches!!!!!

M. Gordon

Came for the premier of Black Panther. Loved this place! Drinks from bar were very good, and staff did a good job getting everyone seated promptly.

Richard Krueger

I love this place! Affordable prices, comfortable seating, a connected bar! I have only gone for the Late Nite Grindhouse, but I would go more often, for sure!

Jack Pearson

Cool place to watch movies they have couches and rocking chairs very fun

Bronn McMillin

I felt like I was a part of a strange demonstration on how to lose customers. The lobby was chaotic and the employees exercised no amount of ability to streamline the process and seemed to actively be working against common sense. I will happily never attend patron this place again and never suggest it to others. All in all a wonderful first time at the Moolah Theater.

Brandon Williams

It was A-1 good service great time!

Danae Taylor

Good times as always!! Dont think I've ever had a complaint here


I've only been to the bowling which was a little difficult to find. Overall, clean and plenty of sitting areas with I believe 8 lanes. There's also ping pong - $5 for 30 minutes, and a good price for a bucket of beer.

Amanda Hobson

So Moolah is a neat theater with couches instead of regular seating. It's a great idea, but you end up sitting really low and straining your neck while watching the movie. It's a great theater to go on a date. They do have a bar and drink specials. They're fairly priced when you consider other theaters. Overall a solid 4 stars.

Lawren Gully

Very relaxing and clean. Me and my daughters went to see The Incredibles 2 and we enjoyed the " living room" feel. All we were missing was a remote and blanket

Steve Schmidt

Cool layout. Sound and screen are awesome. Lighting is a bit too bright before show starts.

Lloyd Walton

It was Great and the atmosphere was nice with Comfortable Couch or Chair seating. The place is Clean and the Staff was Very Helpful and Friendly making Sure customers were able to to Enjoy their time at the theater. I will Definitely be returning to see other movies and whatever else is available.

Lanell 4Keeps

Great theater and the biggest movie screen with on floor recliners and stadium seating surrounding with a balcony also. Pretty good popcorn(at times could be better) but for the most part pretty good. Very good trendy college atmosphere.

John Bailey

This time it was great. Hit or miss with service.

che A

I’ve never had a bad experience at this theatre. If you want to sit on the couches and the movie is fairly new, get there early!!

Angelia Rougeau

I love the sofa concept but it's time to replace the cushions. The Planet Hulk cocktail WAS awesome!

Adrian Abernathy

The movie Madea the last funeral was great


Best place to see a movie in the stl area. Get there early for a couch. Feels like the big screen is at home.

Darrius Kinzey

A few weeks ago, there was a fight in the lobby of the Moolah and I got hurt in the middle of this. Totally unacceptable! No security or anything, the manager on duty did nothing. I’m not a young man anymore and when I got knocked over, I bruised the bone in my leg bad. That was a few weeks ago after Ma. Last week, I called the Moolah about paying for my hospital visit. I was completely blown off. Then I went in to talk to them in person. How fun! The manager on duty, a Joseph something (started with a Z I think) was no help, actually quite rude. He says he was working that night the fight happened and did not see me. I did not appreciate him implying I made it up. I don’t know what has changed at the Moolah, but it’s a bad place. Used to like it. This manager Joseph also smelled very strongly of marijuana. I asked one of the workers at the stand if their boss was on marijuana, they laughed and said “usually is”, like it’s common and not a big deal. Unacceptable behavior!

Ryan Phillips

Fantastic renovated historic theater, if you are looking for a "luxury" experience (iPic or other dine in theater) then you will likely be disappointed. On the other hand if you want a GREAT affordable movie viewing experience in a beautiful setting you will love it. Full bar in the afternoon outside the theater, leather love seats for many seats, $5 tickets on Wednesday?! Only $1.50 up charge for 3D. This is hands down the best theater in St. Louis. Parking down an alley in the garage is free if you leave after the movie. Oh and they also show old/relevant movies in the lounge if you get there early or just want beers no ticket needed.

scott n

Love this theater. Have lots of very comfortable couches to lounge in while watching movie. Prices a reasonable especially a matinee, compared to some other theaters. Staff are always friendly. Love that they offer free parking as well.


Had a nice experience celebrating a couple birthdays the bowling was fun although a couple of the lanes had to be switched over cuz they had broken but they were accommodating the place was nicely remodeled . Google Maps could not locate the exact location and that forces to drive around in the neighborhood quite some time there is parking that's off the streets that is free after i believe 5 or 6 p.m.

Tony Watson

Great atmosphere

Jacquie Palmer

Huge screen with big comfy love seats for seating - lots of character! Friendly staff, bar, and mini lounge all add to its charm.

Wendy Hemphill

Never seen such huge love seats. What a great idea!

Phillip Foreman

Great couches and atmosphere.

Randal Bailey

Like I'm at home but with a bigger projector

Mitchell Parker

Best place to see a movie, drink, and bowl I have ever been to. Couches rather than seats makes for such a great experience. Highly recommend.

Trina TheGypsypisces

Comfy loveseat great place for family or date night

Derek Puleo

Great for date night, love the couches.

asher prentice

My husband and I normally come here every Friday night as a couple date night to enjoy the drinks. Occasionally we catch a movie there and this particular day we came to watch the movie Superfly. I looked at my phone for a brief minute and a white slender man (manager) comes up to me and says cell phones aren’t allowed. Now again we come here frequently and I’ve never seen that sign. I tried to explain I was simply ensuring my phones ringer/sound was off and he proceeded to continue to say they weren’t allowed. To keep the peace my husband says ok got it and the rude manager says again, it’s still on. I told him yes by the light has to come off the screen but I can’t control that. I just throw the phone in my purse so I wouldn’t cause a scene. We haven’t been back since. It’s a bummer because I really like the drinks there but the concession stand food is not so good. They have pizza they re warm in the microwave that’s absolutely greasy and disguising. Couches are ripped, and sunken in. Other options is the MX and chase theatre which both have great food and drinks. Don’t say u weren’t warned...

Nancy Minnick

Fun place to see a movie on the big screen with comfy lounge chairs

Mark T

Love this place but wish they’d hire some more staff. Two people working behind the counter when there’s a major release makes for super long lines for tix/concessions.


Just saw Shaft. Much more pleasant with the replacement seating.

Brandon Wagner

They should turn the lights down during previews like a proper theater. Other than that i don't care to go anywhere else, except for independent films.

Brandon Silvers

great place to lounge and watch a show or go bowling. Monday night is $10 all you can drink rail liquor in the bowling alley

HipHop Geek86

Very laid back environment. Nice setting.

Stuart Keating

Excellent prices, amazing decor, comfortable seats and really awesome employees. Be sure to make it to the lounge for their indie movie features!

Javoney Fleming

Very nice and comfortable. The chairs on the lower level are very comfortable Recliner's. The also have a nice small bar if you like a drink of alcohol. Free parking as well in a the rear of the theater . No major food item's, just your normal popcorn soda's and hot dogs. You can also order your tickets on line just in case the movie your wanting to see sales out before you arrive. Very cool and laid back.

Vicky Lacy

Go to the movies a lot here just wish they had more people to watch their children and people that interrupt the movies other than that is a great place to go

Gisella Greulich

I loved it was great

Nathan Wright

Great movie theater. I was just there for a movie but there is a bar and bowling alley as well. Overall, very cool place for film. FYI, there are couches probably about 20 loveseats, and they'll fill up. There's a line that forms outside the theater for them. Get there early if it's a busy showtime and you want a seat there! Balcony is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Childress Macchelle

Great place to go to watch a movie for a good price.

Barbara Traylor

Love! Great historical features

David Settles

No adult drinks I was told all out

Evelynn Waterbelly Johnson

Comfortable seats. Great view of screen anywhere you sit. Popcorn is decent too.

Velma Williams

So comfortable

Debbie Yee

The couches are the best and super comfortable. You can also buy drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to bring into the theatre. Make sure you get there early enough to get in line, it definitely fills up!

Nicholas Casorio

Absolutely blown away by my experience here! I am visiting the city for a conference and wanted to catch the movie, "Hellboy." The closer theater wasn't showing it so I uber'd to this theater and I stumbled into a magical wonderland. First, our tickets (with student discount) were $6 for a new release on a Saturday night! Then, drinks were extremely cheap and they were playing two movies in the open lounge areas (Wonder Woman and some older sci-fi). After ordering some drinks, (given in glassware) we walk into the theater and it's full of super comfy leather loveseats and end tables! The screen was massive, sound was excellent and the view was fantastic. Hellboy was not too great, but the whole experience was so fun that I can't complain. 10/10 would smash again.

Tracy Belton

I did not expect the comfort of the leather loveseats and the relaxing feeling while watching your movie with your cocktail and popcorn! I will be back!


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