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REVIEWS OF Marcus Ronnie's Cinema IN Missouri

Nicole Weibley

Absolutely love this place since the renovation! Its clean, organized and more self sufficient. You're able to purchase and print your tickets yourself if you don't want to wait in a long line. When purchasing your tickets you get to select the seats you want to sit in, which makes it all the more less stressful in my opinion, not having to fight for seats. Concession line still takes a while to go through so that's my only down fall, but you fill your own beverages up, which my kids think it's the coolest thing.

Elizabeth Hall

Good, clean theatre, great staff, good popcorn. However, that food is way too expensive for the quality of it; gross

Chad Fiedler

The new seating is awesome. Took my son there to see the Avengers Infinity War movie and not disappointed. The movies benefits rewards card is super awesome with perks. The remodel is on point. Long over due. We will be attending more movies in the nearfuture. Good job Marcus theaters.

Lisa Morris

Dream Lounger is in just the position to give you a terrible crick in your neck for days to come

Stephanie Cook

Always a pleasure! The only problem with the latest visit was, it was too cool. I should have brought a sweater. But still very nice experience, as usual.


Nice theater, been coming here a long time. Of course it is getting pricey, but every place is like that now. It's a good time, you won't be disappointed

Robert Like

Great surround sound, love the new seating, menu prices for popcorn and candy and drinks could be lower. But otherwise we had a great time.

Brett Doyle

Wow this place has really gone downhill since Marcus theaters bought it out... where to start. To buy 2 adult tickets and 2 child tickets it was $42. Popcorn was $50. Now I remember why I haven't been much in years. No wonder so many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck blowing money like this. We hand over our tickets to get in and the guy rips them in half. When we get into the theater we don't know which seats to sit in because the numbers are no longer on them. We had to move 3 times. The movie start time is listed at 6:00, but the advertising and previews ran for over 30 minutes. Apparently I paid $50 just to be advertised to and have my time wasted. What a joke.

Stephanie Guizar

The staff is very friendly! The cinema is large and beautiful. Loved that it has heated seats, an arcade & bar.

Y. A.

We bought 9 tickets all next to eachother and one of them were apparently messed up and the manager wouldnt hear any of it. She kicked us out with no refunds and is rude, has a terrible attitude , and gets in your face. She really acts like a child more than a actual manager. The security officer wouldnt even hear our story and took her side all the way. Leaving us with no refunds... such a messed up situation. I wouldnt recommend you come here and take your business elsewhere because they really dont listen to you.

Logan Shaw

Great theater, clean and comfortable "dream lounger" seat. Concession are way too much in my opinion but they have a good loyalty program.

Asher Morris

Food here is amazing! Chairs are so nice and clean

2xmohammed x2

Is very fun every time nice seats in imax.

Daniel Gabriel

Took a very long time to get our food. But management did make up for it. Friendly service, maybe they were just busy. Idk. That was the only problem I had though.

Kevin Thompson

They are putting money into this place. The dears are like heavy duty recliners. You never notice tour neighbor anymore. The soda fountains are sled serve, so all you can drink. The lines do get long so it might take a few minutes to get your drinks. Love it!

Raven Claw

I love going to Ronnie's during the day when it's less crowded and they have lots of fun stuff to do before and after you watch your movie. And Yuna loves the air hockey

Kim Simon

Very nice. Seats in IMAX were comfortable. Enjoyed sparkling water. The sound was good but a bit too loud. Screen was ok but a bit small for IMAX.


Very nice theater. Evening prices are high. We try to go during the mornings when prices are more reasonable.

Ryan James Thompson

They did this special event where they played LOTR extended editions in the theater for 3 weeks straight. I hear they also did that with Harry Potter. Stuff like that is almost more exciting to me than any new movies coming out, and I hope they keep doing it.

Jacob Barlow

Go to for movie night and have a bar so i mean

Edward Williams, Jr

What am I supposed to say?? It's a movie theater. You go to watch movies.

Ric Stokes

Ronnie's is great. The loungers are super comfortable and there's really nothing that you can't like about it.

Meredith Marshall

Love the theaters themselves. Bathrooms are never really clean though.

Mitchell Bowers

First time since Marcus Company renovated and wow, finally seats that I can be comfortable in during the whole movie! Reinventing the movie theater and I love it.

Sheila Whistler

I always have a great time there but tonight was especially wonderful because I left my phone in my seat and when I realized it was gone, after I had gotten home. I called and had no problem getting it back. Thanks Ronnie's!

marilyn miller

I can't say anything other than, good job Marcus (previously Ronnie's). I'm not sure if it's a case where they are really that good or Ronnies was really that bad? Stay tuned...

Chris Cox

The best theater I have ever visited hands down. This theater is amazing their IMAX screen is great and seats are comfortable. They also have many other large format screens with lounge seating. Can’t wait to return to this theater for a fun day.

Anthony Borrell

Just renovated. Theater food, pizza,burger joint, full bar, video game room, reclining comfortable "Lazy Boy" style seating. You can preorder your seats. It's not bad for a suburban style multiplex.

janis melton

Very nice place. Great seat that Recline. And free refills on your drinks

Dom Brown

The have all the hottest movies for a fair price just like their snacks. The chairs really comfortable like take a nap on them. While maybe you over the amazing sound system.

Ryan Smode

If you wanna see a movie, go here. Nothing beats reclining in a oversized leather chair that leans back with a press of a button, and getting a nice drink from the bar. It makes watching movies way better than usual! Everytime I go here with dates or if I'm babysitting, it always works out. If you have kids to humor, there's a huge arcade that can keep everyone busy while getting snacks and drinks for everybody. There's not just normal screenings either, there's plenty of different themed days with special movies, and an huge IMAX screen with different theatres with heated dream loungers. Overall a fun place for either date night, or family fun

Thiran Udawatta

A large movie theatre with many updates including reserved seating, reclining chairs, and new digital screens. The theatre has an arcade, restaurant and bar as well. A great place to see a movie if you're willing to pay the extra dollars.

J Dims

If you haven't went to Ronnie's in the last year you need to! So much has changed since Marcus took over and it's all good. This is the only place my family goes to see movies. From the recliners to the ease of getting refills to their rewards program, you just can't go wrong.

Call me Caitlyn

My experience was perfect. The food was great. Customer service was exceptional. I love the whole set up of the movie theater. Way to go! I can’t wait to come back. The best movie theater in Saint Louis.

Jose Arreola

Great movie theatre!! Lots of leg room and recliner seats. Really nice and comfy. Clean area. Have a nice size arcade, bar, and a indoor drive in theatre..not the same as an outdoor but have yet to try it out

Harmony Riefle

I love this theater! It's always been clean, well stocked, friendly staff and no matter the time of day the popcorn is fresh! The seats don't show signs of tears or wear, the entrance is clear and easy to navigate and the bathrooms, even after major openings, are clean. I have to remove a star though, not because of the theater, but because I hate having to see Greg Marcus at the start of every.... single @%%#%&>(^#! movie and he's such a bad spokes person for Marcus Theaters. Ronnie's is awesome though. ❤

Hey Sammy

So let me just off by saying! I love this theater! Because it’s at a convenient location! from my house. I’ve been coming to this theater for years! So I’ve seen all the new changes that I LOVE! and my friends and I enjoy the movie deals on Tuesday that we attend EVERY TUESDAY!! yesterday a friend and I went to see the movies hustlers! At 11:30 and our experience was horrible! from purchasing our tickets to trying to get snacks! I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to have only 2 lines open! causing everyone to miss their movie! and to make matters worse they had a “card only” “cash only” line so the people that didn’t hear that memo after waiting so long had to switch lines and go to the back of the line after waiting for more than 5 mins! to be served at the snack stand. Some workers were goofing off Playing in the back not even trying to help make the lines go faster by getting the cashiers what they needed for customers Now not Saying that every Tuesday is like so it must be something new that you all shouldn’t have started! any other Tuesday my friends and I ALWAYS get in and out of line! with no problems, but not this Tuesday! we missed some of our movie because of that 2 line rule! I HIGHLY ADVICE you all to go back to having atleast 3-4lines open because it can get busy at those late night shows.. signed a LOYAL CUSTOMER!

Nick Berron

This place has become a premier movie theater. Thats nice, but the increasing prices reflect this change. The $5 Tuesdays are great, but since tickets are so expensive other days in the week, it's impossible to get seats on a Tuesday without getting them days in advance. Other than that, I have no complaints. The reclining seats are the best you'll find. Plus, they have many different types of screens and combinations of showings.


So let me just off by saying! I love this theater! Because it’s at a convenient location! from my house. I’ve been coming to this theater for years! So I’ve seen all the new changes that I LOVE! and my friends and I enjoy the movie deals on Tuesday that we attend EVERY TUESDAY!! yesterday a friend and I went to see the movies hustlers! At 11:30 and our experience was horrible! from purchasing our tickets to trying to get snacks! I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to have only 2 lines open! causing everyone to miss their movie! and to make matters worse they had a “card only” “cash only” line so the people that didn’t hear that memo after waiting so long had to switch lines and go to the back of the line after waiting for more than 5 mins! to be served at the snack stand. Some workers were goofing off Playing in the back not even trying to help make the lines go faster by getting the cashiers what they needed for customers Now not Saying that every Tuesday is like so it must be something new that you all shouldn’t have started! any other Tuesday my friends and I ALWAYS get in and out of line! with no problems, but not this Tuesday! we missed some of our movie because of that 2 line rule! I HIGHLY ADVICE you all to go back to having atleast 3-4lines open because it can get busy at those late night shows.. signed a LOYAL CUSTOMER!

Nikki Barnes

The new seats are so much more comfortable. The arcade isn't as good as it used to be. They still have the drive in themed table area. There is a bar area now where you can get cocktails. The prices seem to be about the same. Overall it's a good time.

Gerri Botindari

Great seats. Concession prices comparable to other theaters. High!

Elaine Elizabeth Presley

My favorite cinema for movies, always 5 stars...


From the outside this theater is nice. Love being able to choose our seats. Problems: The IMAX was pretty quiet, and it was hard to hear voices. The worst part was that the theater was boiling hot the whole time. So hot we couldn’t even focus on the movie. I wanted to leave but we payed a lot of money for the tickets, and it was Infinity War. we stayed, but it seriously detracted from our movie experience. The staff didn’t even mention it when people asked as we exited. I don’t know, I don’t want to go back here. It was horribly uncomfortable. We got a poster though, which was the coolest part of the night (other than the actual film).

Shane McAllister

Best theatre I've ever been to. Most rooms have assigned, leather, reclining, wide seats with two cupholders each. Place has been totally remodeled. Being a rewards member removes convenience fee on Fandango. I exclusively go here for movies. And 5 buck Tuesdays!

jozy gil

Went and saw A Star is Born (which was fantastic btw) and the seats are so comfortable and they recline so you have a better view. I love this Theater!!

Mike Hoffman

We picked seats that we thought were in the back row per how their seat choosing screen seemed to show. So at the top of said screen has what looks like a title banner. It's actually what is supposed to show where the screen location is. Didn't know that! Any way we asked for a refund politely because we did not want to sit all the way in front. He pointed at the top of the screen and explained that's the indicator of the screen position. He said it as if we just should have known. Ultimately he refunded our tickets and told us to do to concession for a refund on our food drink. He said he would meet us over there. Instead he told a shift lead that we would be coming over. So she assumed we would be in line to ask about it. He never came over. After 5 minutes I went back over to find out what was going on. He says I let her know, she will take care of you over there. Okay that's fine but he said he had to do over there so we were waiting on him. He never said he was passing it on to someone else. So again we made the mistake but the customer service was terrible.

Douglas Wake

Seats are comfortable, plenty of concession options, $5 Tuesdays are a great bargain, and the arcade is still fun. Staff are friendly and work hard. Auditoriums are clean and well maintained. Ability to choose assigned seating is the best change the theater has made.

Aliaa Mo

the theater overall was pretty clean and nice, the seats were comfortable and the people were very friendly but the prices were too expensive, most expensive theater I've been to. the tickets were 12 dollars and I wanted to get the pretzel bites and icee combo but it was 14 dollars, the soft drinks are 7 dollars and the theater is much too expensive. I recommend going to any marcus cinema there is because the prices are good and the theaters very comfortable and clean.

joshua pullen

Love the new seating an food selection, plus the opportunity to take your food in to finish if need be. Those recliners are super comfy... with easy 2 button adjusting. Cant beat it.

Kate B

Great theatre, great bar. Food options are ok, but I'd order thirty minutes ahead on busy Tuesdays. We tried ordering twenty minutes before, and people after is good their for before us and we had to remind them to make our order. Great perks like free popcorn on Tuesdays.


I went there today and this guy said there was a doorbell to the kitchen, but I couldn't find out so I just asking where they were and the lady comes out and says there's a doorbell right there for emergencies if you could see in very mean way. Then I ordered a cheese burger but I didn't want a drink and the lady forced me to get a drink and pay 5.50 for it.

G Spann

Nice simple movie theater but.. with cool old cars to watch movies in, a game room oh my I could go on and on pretty neat movie theater

Clarence Baker

It is really nice in there. It has many different theatres so if you want to watch multiple movies in one day this is the place to go. Did I mention it has IMAX theatres. Also to pass up the time there are they have an arcade area to play games in. This is also a good place to have Birthday parties as well.

Chuck Martin

Amazing remodel job. Great seating.

Stacy Ross

Love the comfy seats! Good onsite restaurant. Lots of nice changes.

Ashley H.

Best movie place in town!! We don’t go anywhere else, my family LOVES it!!

C Budd

$5 Tuesdays. Special shows. Awesome!! Reclining seats. Ahhh!! Get the refill popcorn tub. Great value!

Nikki Hurless

Ronnie's is a neat place to take kids with the arcade, theater, and other attractions within the complex. The theater seats recline but the angle still hurts my neck and back- not the most comfortable movie seats I've tried. I also wish they would rotate slushy flavors more often to mix it up.

Susan Kulka

My husband hates going to movie theatres and this one is a winner for him. You know where you are going to sit. Reserve your seating preference. Nice snacks and beverage options. Clean bathroom s and not over the top loud. Worth the price which by the way with lesser movie going places!

Kristine Ford

We are so disappointed with the recent changes to Marcus. One of our favorite things to do and now I regret purchasing the passport for Sunday. You cannot purchase the Sunday passport without being here in line.... which wouldn’t be bad except they only have 1-2 employees working. We waited for 20 minuets and missed the movie we originally wanted to see. Had I known this pass was going to be I’m so inconvenient I would have never purchased. Also ridiculous bag policy! I will be going back to the theater closer to my house from now on.

Wendy Bidwell

The Best theater ever! 5.00 Tuesdays with free membership! Free popcorn on Tuesdays for members 2.00 hotdogs great prices I Max lounge chairs.

Adam Hale

Big theater, nice arcade, great sound and picture. Nothing worth complaining about, pretty much just your standard chain movie theater.

Daniel Singh

$5 Tuesdays is where it is at free popcorn to put cant go wrong!

Janeth Ramirez

The new set up is amazing. Its sad to see the old cars they had go. Lines are short and you get many options. The new seats are big and you can pretty much lay all the way back. I gave it 4 stars cause now with big seats its less seats available. And we watched a movie on imax for $15 per ticket and really nothing cool about it unless you're sitting in the front row. The $5 Tuesday deal is great tho.

Tina the not so micro mini pig TV

I could easily get used to a movie theatre experience like this. Great location. Super nice staff and servers. Comfortable seating. And the sounds was so good (nice and loud)! But wow, my wallet definitely felt a lot lighter after going there. Now I know what to expect and will definitely be back, but I might order a little less off the menu.


Only adding review to get Google to stop pestering me for a review.

layla dezdurvich

Today I visited Marcus and viewed the Nun. I’m 62, and dont get out much. Ricky was a very high spirited, respectful, and helpful worker, that made my experience a lot better than I thought it’d be. Most workers at places can be extremely lazy and rude, but not him. And that’s all I ask for when going out.

Joshua Bogener

Clean theater, but once again... The speaker system was terrible like it is with all the other Marcus Wehrenberg Theaters I have been to recently. When I see an action movie, I don't want to struggle to hear the speaking lines. And hardly any bass. Also order a milkshake at the main snack bar, had to walk back to the entrance to get the milk shake where the employees stood around for 5 minutes talking while the order was hanging from the order machine before they realized that there was an order.

Melissa Sauer

$52 to bring 3 kids to see Malificent last Sunday at 4:30. I was humiliated by having my very average sized purse measured and told I could not bring it in because it was 1 inch too big. I had to bring my purse back to the CAR, WITH 3 KIDS IN TOW, take out the most important things to shove in my pockets. Because of this, we missed the first 5 minutes of movie and had forgotten credit card out of wallet that didn't fit in my pocket, so wasnt able to purchase our snacks, unless we missed another 5 minutes of $52 movie. Disgusted. Miserable experience. Only positive was missing the intro of the new big eared owner who forces us all to watch him chuckle at himself before EVERY SHOW. WILL NOT RETURN. ALSO, none of our experiences have been great since this company changed hands. Free refills has turned into One free refill. The staff is so incompetant and slow, that you need to show up at least 30 minutes before Showtime if you want popcorn. I've had to leave theatre on several occasions to remind them to turn down lights after movie has started. This company has ruined the movie going experience.

Fredrick Muthonjia

If you haven't been to Ronnie's you are missing out on the most amazing movie experience.. reclining seats make it feel like you are at home. The lobby is spacious and full of life. No lines in bathroom and food lines go fast.

Becca Dierckes

Would like to give a zero. Ever since they remodeled it sucks! Movie theaters should never have arrived seats! And they built seats so close to the screen it makes for a terrible experience! I rather go to an older cinema with old seats than not be able to enjoy a movie I paid for!

Patrice Harman

Plush, reclining seats, sit-down bar & restaurant, or the pick-up food bar, the old drive-in seating area and concession stand, AND reserved seating in the theater. What else do you need besides a blanket & pillow!! Love it!

Ryan D

Drove 45 minutes to find out our movie was cancelled and the rest of the movies that day were full. We were told that they'd refund our money but not the convenience fees. Not only that but the cashier was extremely rude going as far as slamming the door behind her when we politely asked to speak to the manager. Manager stated hed speak to her about her witnessed behavior but im sure that never happened.

David Clark

Absolutely awesome theatre! I’ve never had an issue with any of the staff members. The only thing about this place is stay away from the pizza. When the pizza place first opened up in the theatre we received no directions of which window to order from they let us stand at the incorrect window because they had it closed and the pizza crust is cracker thin (which is fine), but they burnt the bottom of our pizza. I’m giving it a five star rating based on the theatre not the food. I’d recommend eating elsewhere, but I have never had their burger.

Tony Lagrasso

Went an saw a movie there the other night and it is awesome. It's like a whole new place ever since they remodeled the place. I HIGHLY recommend going if you have not been in awhile.

Corey Webb

The new power recliners are nice. Seems a little cleaner overall. We do still miss the Wehrenberg jingle!

Michael Finney

Loved it, had a great time. I don't reccomend getting tickets online, we ordered 3D and were verified...until we got there.


Glad things changed to recliner seating. $5 Tuesdays are always a good time.


This place is absolutely disgusting. From the counters where you buy the popcorn, to the counters over by the drinks, they are disgusting. Looks like they haven’t been cleaned for days. Then there’s the bathroom... It’s my first time coming to this location and I will not be returning. I usually go to the Marcus Ofallon location and that location is way better. You can tell they are constantly cleaning. No one seems to care at this location.

Aalia Rahman

Awesome theater! Purchasing your tickets ahead of time and getting them printed at the Kiosk is such a time saver. And great food options!/

Destinee Schlemmer

Its always a good time at ronnies to be honest. Saw venom in 3D which that was just beyond magical.

Leigha Lunatic

I really enjoy the points system and the seats they have.

Takn Noshit

Crowded on Tuesday $5 nights. Try going to movies that start b4 11:00am for cheap seats and no crowds.

P. T. Mc Cain

Wow...Marcus Theaters has done a terrific job upgrading the IMAX theater at Ronnie's. It's simply wonderful. We were there last night to see Apollo 11 and I felt like I was on the moon. It's absolutely not to be missed.

Nathan Stoltz

This was my first time there since they changed to Marcus theaters. I liked being able to reserve our seats at the time of purchase online. The leather recliner seats were a great way to watch the movie - all theaters should be like this! I also liked that they had not-typical theater fare available as well.

Andy neralich

Ronnie's look great since the new owners took it over. Roomies have a bar now. Inside the theater. Where the main part of the game room was. They made the game room smaller. The theater now have seats go all the way back. It is awesome. The food is great. They have a new food court. It looks great. Andy

anthony esker

Great food. seats not always comfortable

Anita Burian

Comfortable seating... love $5 Tuesday!!! I try to go every Tuesday now! Even the refreshments are more affordable! BUT my surprise was I ended up buying a $5 water bottle! If I had been told I could have saved and had a $2 soft drink... BUT I prefer water! Just wondering why WATER is higher than sugar carbonated water???? Really?

Michael Mayer

The seats are comfortable, the bathroom could have used a bit of attention.

David Ayres

Chairs are comfortable, they have a lot of available movie times. Sound and projectors are high quality, haven't ever been there and had a technical issue.

Larry Ward

I've always loved Ronnie's. I miss the old Wehrenberg opening but Marcus has really made up for that. I've been going here ever since our was a drive in and I don't intend to stop ant time soon.

Steve M

5 dollar snack cash cards lock up the computer at concession stand. Brilliant!

naye villa

Good place, and very comfortable I'm enjoying the Advengers End Game Movie with my kids

Ani Vales

Best theater

Jeremy Wilson

They have leather recliners that are super comfortable and the bigger theaters have recliners with heaters built in.


This theater is our go to. We especially appreciate 5 dollar Tuesdays. Ronnies generally has at least one independent film playing each week. I would prefer to hit up a independent theater like Tivoli for movies of that ilk rather than ronnies. Also, the owner of the chain does 5his terribly annoying opening in front of every movie that plays.

Robbie Evans

Very comfortable reclining seats in some portions of the theater. Recently rehabbed completely. Very nice place.

jaci scott

Amazing. Their recliner chairs are so comfortable with so much space between the rows that even with the theatre full no body was kicking the back of the seats, and even if someone got up in the middle of the movie nobody had to move to let them come and go as needed. 100% will go again soon!

Victoria m Garrett

Love this place, thank you Marcus for keeping some of the cars. It meant lot to me

Chasing Geekdom

Great theater and food options. The seats are super comfy and there's enough room to avoid the awkwardness of people having to navigate around if you're reclined. After a dozen or so visits, one notable weak point is the service in the burger and pizza shop. There's a real low morale. They'll get your order taken pretty quickly (but it does very much seem like a bother). The pickup is the worst, though. There isn't any organization on who exactly is grabbing the orders when yours is ready. Lots of attention to taking orders and making them, but expect to stand at the counter for a while when your food is actually ready.

Jeffrey Richman

I always have fun doing my job at Ronnie's. I always make sure to give a smile to every guest.

William C

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody on a review scale I give it a 9... I do think how ever there needs to be ushers in the theaters. Some people can not find a seat with the new remodeling....

Helen123 Gonzales

I love this place everything is clean and nice

Judy Rogers

Loved the Imex screen. Comfortable seats. Movie was good.

Roy Adams

Theater was great... ticketing agent not so much. He told me that the show was sold out and we would have to sit in the front, first row nearest the screen. Upon entering we found a mostly empty theater that half, at best, filled by the start if the movie. Final result is that we sat where we most wanted to sit. Something not right with that agent or their data system, in any case one or both needs attention.

Andrew Tveitnes

Awesome Theater. We went for The Last Jedi and stopped by the bar for a Jedi long island and watched hockey on the HUGE TV in their lounge area. The chairs in the theater are plush leather recliners that are so comfortable someone in our party fell asleep. I hope to see more movies at this theater, it is the best I have experienced so far.

Joel Sjerven

All Marcus Theaters have $6 Thursdays - except Ronnies! Where's the love, Ronnies?

Peter Martin

Love the comfy reclining seats in every theatre. Buying reserved seat tickets ahead of time online, there's no longer a need to show up and wait in line for an hour to get the best seat. Fun arcade. Lots of concession options. There's even a bar!!

Kathie Devee

Best place to see a movie! Lots of choices for food, decent arcade and the dream loungers are the most comfortable seat I've sat in anywhere!! This is the only place I'll go to see a movie!!

Marissa Lambert

Very awsome your kids will love it and the chairs r very comfortable

Ryan Best

Typically on the cutting-edge of movie theater technology, this is my favorite movie theater. All showings allow you to choose your seats in advance so there isn’t a concern over whether or not you’ll get a decent seat. The happiness is basically guaranteed. They recently underwent a remodel and are now very modern with a few different “restaurants” within the building.

Phyllis Downs

I love the updates to this theater! The new seats are super comfortable and make the movie going experience so relaxing and enjoyable!! I also like the self serve kiosk so we don't have to wait in line to purchase tickets and pick our seats.

Charlie Schliesser

The new Marcus Ronnie's is outstanding. They've put an incredible amount of money and energy into this theater to bring it up to modern standards, and they have a lot of discount days and food items. It's surprising how much they appear to care about wanting their customers to be happy. I've worked at the new bar on my laptop for a few hours before a showtime as well - never would have don't that at the old Ronnie's.

Terry Cavanagh

the environment was wonderful. The seats were so comfortable I could have fallen asleep but the movie was so good I did not allow myself to. The food was excellent also. I would recommend this experience for sure!

Angela West

Till last week we had not been since the Marcus remodel was complete. Wow, they did a GREAT job. Kept some of the local landmark charm but made it crisp, clean and new. Going to the movies isn't an inexpensive thing when you have a family. Become a member and get awesome Tuesday family day! Well worth the 5 minutes to sign up.

Benjamin Barrett

Great theater, love the new look, as well as the food options and the amazing seats(trust me). The arcade seems a bit bare bones now though. Still worth the visit.


Seats in the IMAX no longer recline?!? Their heated seats instead of recliners now. If you wanted to add heated seats why not just add that to the experience instead of sacrificing one for the other. The pillowtop headspace on the chairs poke out so far that it pushes my head forward and makes my neck hurt. It was fine when they reclined because I could shift down a little. Very disappointing!

Patrick Kemper

This review is for the restaurant, not the theater portion. Always love going to Marcus for the movies - even though it is a bit of a drive from Hillsboro. Tried the in-house restaurant for the first time and was very disappointed. The food was enjoyable (burgers and fries) but the cost was ridiculous. Won't do that again. For (1) soda, (1) beer and two burger plates with fries was almost $50 (after a tip it it was more than $60). Good thing it was Tuesday and movie tickets were $5 (and we were able to sit in the recliner reserved seating!).

cynthia anspach

This place is hands down one of the coolest theaters ever. They have a huge bar and arcade. The classic cars that have been turned into tables are just amazing!

Eddie Davidson

Great theater, crazy sound system, and a nice bar.

Tonetta Clay

Ronnie's Cine has always been one of my favorite movie theaters. They have a very big double floor game room that includes a few Lanes of bowling. I just love the lobby area with the old school cars and big screen like the old school drive-in's. I just love the nostalgia considering Ronnie's was an old drive-in turned into a theater. There's plenty to choose from for food and snacks. They've also opened a bar and grill inside that does serve liquors. I hadn't been to the theatre in over a year, but Ronnie's didn't skip a beat. There's new IMAX theatres and awesome surround sound. This theatre is located in South St. Louis County and has ample parking as it shares a lot with several other restaurants and businesses. This theatre is wheelchair accessible therefore one should have no worries going to watch a movie here. This is my fave theatre. Go and enjoy.

Vanessa Lovsey

$5 dollar movie night on Tuesday is my favorite family event!

J E Winters

Very nice. Love 5 buck tuesdays

jordan gicante

Nice new and improved seating no more packing in like sardines.

Jess Adducci

I hadn't been to Ronnie's in a few years. It used to feel a little old and kitschy. Like your typical Friday night megaplex for teens. The place has gone classy! There are some fantastic amenities now! We didn't really have time to delve into them (the bar, the revamped drive-in, the pizza place, the arcade), but I actually feel like I'd want to spend some time there now. Good move!

Chris Barber

One of my favorite places to go and watch movies. Can't ask for much more here. They pretty much have lay Z boys for seating. Great sound system. The only gripe I have is that I think they should turn up the bass some more.

Sandra Maul

The new theater is awesome! The seats are super comfy, the concession lines are short. Lots of food choices, although a bit pricey. The staff is friendly and courteous! The seats are all now recliners which are spacious and some screens have heated recliners. When you buy your tickets you get reserved seating. No more climbing over people to get in and out of your seats!

David Eye

I took away 1 star for these reasons, 1. I have to pick assigned seats when buying ticket, they don’t put reserved seat signs or anything in your assigned seat and it’s awkward to have to go tell and employee somebody is already sitting there . 2. Customer service sounds annoyed at any questions...I know they prob have to answer the same questions a lot but you are getting paid, I don’t need the attitude. NICE seats the recline. Lots of space in every aisle.

Ron Hovis

Great place to see a movie. Love the dreamlougers and great picture and sound.

Whitney Adams

Ever since the remodeling, this place is so fantastic! I love the Reel Sizzle and their choices for food, so it's not just what the concessions stand has only. Plus I love that they've kept small things from when they were Wehrenberg, like the drive-in cars and the arcade. Tickets are reasonable, considering they have the recliners now, but especially on Tuesday you have to order online because they sell out really fast. Overall, it's a nice place to bring the family and the people are super nice! :)

Stephanie Austin

Great place for families.

Shannon Broadway

This is a great theater and has a full bar and food selections.

Veno Eduardos

This is the only theater I have visited over the last 10 years. I don't go anywhere else cause this place had always been so satisfying. Even better now under it's new management.

ted treece

First time I have been since the renovation and I have to tell you... I WAS BLOWN AWAY! it's a little pricey but it's worth it. Very fast Self-service ticket counters, A stunning bar, classic food lounge, modern arcade, and an updated snack counter! I'm not even going to talk about the seat saving options that allow you to show up on time knowing that your seats be empty and waiting for you!! Loved it!!

Lisa Green

Comfortable seats but always cold

Jessie h

Love coming here with my man we love doing the 5$ Tuesdays and everything about this theater and I love the reclining seats! We live out in Fenton and we used to go to Great Escape, but seats aren't as comfy and they don't have reclining seats like Ronnies plus they don't have the coupons and small deals like Ronnies. So I'm more than happy to drive and extra almost 10 mins to Ronnies. I will say though I wish you could put the butter on the popcorn yourself lol they don't put enough on for me and my man taste!

Gayle Van Dyke

Initially I was turned off by two things: the price and the fact that I had to pick an assigned seat. This was a movie, not an airline ticket! Also, I am used to choosing my seat based on my preferred viewing spot. But I wanted to see the movie so I paid up. When I got into the theatre, I saw what I was paying for: a plush, comfortable seat that reclines! (it would have been nice if the ticket seller would have taken the initiative and explained the new renovations when I was asking questions). The seats are wide so you aren't sitting too close to a stranger, if that matters. Did I mention adjustable reclining? So, I do recommend this theatre. I cannot comment on the concessions -- there are a lot of choices, but I never buy that stuff and if I'm paying over $9 on a weekday afternoon, I'm not likely to start anytime soon.

Michael Rue

Marcus Ronnie's theater was really great we watched "Halloween" the movie tonight there and the recliner chairs that we sat in was very comfortable and clean. It was a really great time and we loved the atmosphere and dinner at the cafe that the tables are made into old time cars that you can eat at.. kinda like in the movie "pulp fiction"

Max Kim

Went to see "I want to eat your Pancreas". It was supposed to start around 7:00 PM, but there was no sign of it starting even around 7:15 PM. Which by itself is totally fine, gives people time to grab food, take care of business, and get to their seats, life happens! Unfortunately, though, the movie abruptly started around 7:16 in the middle of the intro of the movie's opening song, completely skipping the opening scene of the movie and a portion of the "OP". The lights were still on when the movie began playing in this manner, too. At least restart the movie from the beginning so that your audience knows they didn't miss anything if you're going to accidentally begin showing the movie in such a haphazard manner, literally a few minutes into it. Other than that, the staff at the entrance and snack bar were super friendly.

Matt OBrien

Great place to see a movie

Cathy Ward

My daughter and three friends were home from college for just a couple days and went to see the Avengers movie. The entire theatre lost power two-thirds into the movie. The kids were given passes to come back for free. My daughter left the passes in the car, which was taken by my husband the next day to the airport. She called Ronnie’s to make sure they would be allowed in with her date and time-stamped receipt. The manager told her no. I followed up with a call because I was sure if we explained the situation properly, they would reconsider. The man continued to reiterate the same line, which made me assume he didn’t have authority to override the decision. I asked for another manager. She told me the same thing. I explained 4 college kids don’t just have another $51 to go back to watch the ending of the movie that they clearly paid to see. I was frustrated and was pleading that they use common sense. She told me because I had called the first manager “Black” WHICH I DID NOT, she wasn’t going to change the decision! HOW DARE THEY LIE AND MAKE ME OUT TO SAY A RACIST REMARK!! Race wasn’t ever even mentioned and had nothing to do with the situation! I just wanted my kids to get what they paid for. I WILL NEVER PAY TO SEE A MOVIE THERE AGAIN. Terrible, terrible treatment.

Ron Kramer

Good new ownership

Allison Pozsgay

I really enjoyed my movie experience tonight. Patrons attending had no baby drama, you did have issues with immature individuals. The staff were very polite and made my experience wonderful. And there a restaurant with sitting, great food and drinks.

Connie T

Tuesdays $5 movies with free popcorn are great. The bar has $5/$7 glass wine


Im so happy with this theater. I wasnt sure what to expect when Marcus took over lobby but it was upgraded and made better in every way. Reclining and reserved seating in every theater. Excellent food choices. Excellent values for rewards members and great specials.

Frank Seavert

Very pleased with upgrades Marcus has done compared to what Wehrenberg offered. Love the new reclining seats, very comfortable. Also love the specials offered by Marcus.

Mary Weiler

Large screens for so many movies. Very comfortable seating. Terrific sound. Only thing that would make it better would be concession service at your seat.

John Sinnwell

Besides being an excellent movie theater with very comfortable lounge chairs, reasonably priced refreshments, etc., they will also provide water cups on request which you can fill with ice and/or water.


My favorite movie place

Mario Flynn

It's been so long since I came here. I need to return.

Amy Moentman

Love this theater. Love the stadium seating. Still getting the hang of picking your seats....because they changed the seating and shrunk the seat is harder now to do spur of the moment movies because there will be no seats left to choose from. So if you know you are going....go online and get your tickets and pick your seats at least a day ahead of time!!

Chris Quinn

Nice bar; DreamLounger seating is great. It's been a while since I felt the theater experience is that much better than home and worth the cost, but they are convincing me otherwise.

Dianna Reed

Huge theatre. Expensive. 18 theatres so lots to choose from

Meghan Tessmer

Very good experience! I love the reclining seats and I love that they do the $5 Tuesdays making it really cheap for my family and I to have an outing without breaking the budget. I think that the new makeover of the movie theater is awesome and my kids love the arcade! I would recommend this place to family and friends.

John Irwin

Absolutely love what they did with the theater here. I had honestly no idea what Marcus theaters were but man am I glad they took over this theater!! It appears to be much better kept and regularly cleaned now that Marcus stepped in. Ronnie's is a staple in the South County area and was really kinda starting to slide but that has certainly changed and I personally couldn't be happier about it!!

Nick R

Great theater!! Seats,sound and screens are amazing!! Awesome food!! Very clean (even the restrooms) and friendly employees.. the only downside is that you pay premium for everything here but it's actually kind of worth it..

Good Game

Marcus Ronnie' s Cinema and Ronnie's theatre are the same entity(after a recent buyout). Seats should be ordered in advance because the new releases get booked quickly. Avoid paying the fee online by ordering at the kiosks inside the theatre. Popcorn is $4 for a large bucket on Tuesday and movies are $5, again order a week or more in advance unless you don't care where you sit. Alcohol is served at this theatre but you can't take it into the theatre after a certain time of night, I think 12 or 1am. The self serve cola areas are usually messy and sticky. There's a lot less caring staff since Marcus took over. The quality of service is slow and poor in general.

Matt N.

Really glad they upgraded the facility and theatres. I've been a handful of times after the renovations and have had great experiences.


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