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REVIEWS OF Marcus Eagles Landing Cinema IN Missouri

Travis Miller

A wonderful movie theater, awesome crew, the night we were there. Very clean and well maintained!

Damon Loper

There's plenty of parking for everyone, the location is easy to see from the road, pricing is reasonable and the food was warm and flavorful. Service is mediocre and laid back and they don't have recliner seating which, unfortunately, resulted in the lower rating.

Seth Barrett

60+ dollars for a family of 5 in the evening with nothing from concession if you get popcorn and drinks looking at 100+, nice building and clean most times. They do offer 5 dollar Tuesdays which is nice but most times they are sold out of shows.

J Ford

It's the only movie theater in town concessions is slow & too friendly

Bebe Porch

Very clean and sanitary. Helpful staff. Polite and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Robin Wheeler

Great movies and they have nice staff, good food.

Lauren Secosh

Very clean and the staff is friendly. Plus it's always nice to find a place that serves alcohol when your stuck watching a terrible Aladdin remake

Gerald Vitela

Nice experience

rebecca perkins

Clean, employees friendly, good theatre.

Eric Adolphson

Great! All around great movie, facilities and service.

Tom Fisher

Nice place, but they need to hire more people for Tuesdays because there always at least 6-7 people in each line, usually a 20 to 30 minute wait

Graham Roethe

Doesn't have recliner chairs. At least not in all theaters

Wendy Crown

Staff is friendly seats are comfortable and popcorn is always great

Cindy Masters Pryor

Very nice atmosphere love the variety that there is to eat and drink along with a comfortable seat

Thomas H

Very comfortable theater. Love $5 Tuesdays (probably the best gimmick for a theater to get people in the door). One thing that may earn them some stars would be a popcorn salting station. These days pinching pennies is almost a must. With an extremely pricey menu of snacks (that one could stop at dollar tree and get for, well a dollar) the fact that you have to buy your own popcorn flavoring salt kinda grinds my gears. I know of a much smaller theater just 30 mins up the road that has the above mentioned popcorn station and still manages to keep its doors open. Maybe someone will see this and make a change to that. Until then, 3 stars for your awesome $5 Tuesdays and comfortable seating

BeLinda Cordes

Love the seating in this theatre, concessions has the typical theater snacks. Bathrooms are huge, so no wait. They have air hockey, video games and a photo booth. The seats are stadium style and recline. They are well staffed and there is usually a short wait for concessions. Ticket prices are higher here than other theatres in the area.

Kristie Kay

it was the worst experience I had the seating is bad we didn't have much of a choice then the seats were taken the the light was turned on an i couldn't see 10 minutes of the movie because the glare from the light I was bring 6 kids my husband an myself

L white

Nice, clean theater very good sound

Chris Cox

Nice seats. Popcorn can be good if they pop it fresh, not so much when they use the old stuff. Screens are tiny but the sound is good. Their complementary popcorn or drinks are insulting and should just avoid them all together. It is worth the drive to Marcus theaters Ronnie’s 20 Cinemas and IMAX in STL instead of this theater.

Tracie Zambrana

Clean. Food was fresh. Prices are decent. The games are fun too.

Jake Jacobs

Very clean theater and friendly workers. Good sound system and comfortable seats

michael gaunt

Great deals on Tuesday movie night tickets. Five dollar movie night.

David Martin

They have both styles of theater. It's also on the newer side. The only issue I ever had was over a year ago when I came in and wanted to buy a ticket. No one, at any point, came to the window to ring me up. Other patrons started to come in as well, forcing us to use the self automated kiosk... which is ok for tech savvy people, but those who aren't... this is an issue... or at least it was. My following visits there weren't problematic at all.

steveo g

Great place to see a show, comfortable seats, not real bad prices on snacks all and all best place to see a show in osage or anywhere close for that matter

Stanley Harris

The Marcus Eagles Landing Theater is our favorite place to see movies. They have great programs for seniors and the community and it is always a friendly and welcoming place.

Robert Berrier

Movie was good and great quality. Problem was theater was extremely hot. And the noises from the movie in the theater next to us over powered our movie.

Joshua Spurgeon

Recliner seating (not Dream Lounger). The "Marcus Theatres" app allows for ticket purchases without extra fees when you sign up for their free points membership. No need to print tickets. The digital tickets in the app provide theater entrance at the line or booth when ticket attendant is available. They also have $5 Tuesdays on tickets (with membership).

Miranda Kibbey

Ok place ...need better seats though

Strykers Destiny

Very friendly people and the sound was perfect for the movie

Jenny Wilson

Very kind and patient with our little ones

Stephanie Keptner Johnson

My hubs and I had a great time. Theater was clean, no sticky floors. Stadium seating was comfortable. I haven't gotten too cold here.

Black & White Roofing

Black & white Roofings favorite place to watch movies

Jeremy Lemke

Way overpriced. We pay less than this back home and have large power reclining seats. This theater isn't worth the cost.

Sam Frost

Awesome seating! Need I say more? For someone with back problems I was able to sit comfortable for the full movie.

Travis Henderson

The tickets were reasonable, and so we're the drinks and snacks. The theater was very clean. Really liked the movie we saw also.

Jenna Bates

We love weekend movies and the Theatre is awesome to take the grandkids to and share popcorn and a slushy. We take a blanket cause we get a bit chilly however the staff has no issue with it. Enjoy a movie soon. 5.00 Tuesdays is awesome too!

Jennifer Adams

Super comfy seats good service

Nicole Lehman

Really like this theater. Overpriced food just like any theater, however, the seats are comfortable, good location and tickets are priced like anywhere else.

Alisa Wray

Great environment and a great staff

Auto Help

Clean theater. Kinda pricey concession stand compared to Columbia movie theaters but what ever. Good quality sound and vivid pictures. All in all good place. Also 5 dollars movies on Tuesday so I'd hit up that deal. For sure

R Martin

Everyone always nice and helpful. Good movies n clean restrooms n theaters.

Amber Mcghay

Always a blast when we go to the Movies. We love to go on Tueadays for $5 movies and they have a special popcorn deal for $5 also. The place is always pretty clean considering all the people in and out. Ive never had a problem with the staff once. And if you're and adult and want to pay 10 bucks for an alcoholic drink, well thats an option too!

Matt bohanan

$5 tickets on Tuesdays...and $4 large popcorn special. Great way to see a movie.

Herbert Williams

Clean, friendly, comfortable, relaxing. LOVE IT!

John Willerton

Absolutely love the place. They have better seats here than I do at home. Tuesdays are $5 days where you can get into any movie for $5. And lost but not least, they have a rewards system where you can get a free bag of popcorn before every movie along with other member exclusive perks.

Parzival Wolfram

Looks great, seating is great, food is great... shame it's all insanely high priced.

Khalid Mundwiller

Really great theater overall. Prices are a bit high, but they have excellent promotions at times ($1 candy, $5 Tuesday nights). Screens are new, seats are comfortable. Really an enjoyable place to take in a movie.

Patrick Hagan

Great Tuesday values + popcorn.

William DeKnight

An excellent theater with very affordable refreshments! Beer too! Go see The Mule! Be sure to sign up for their rewards card and save!

Natasha Mackey

Love this theatre just the food and drinks are sooooo expensive..will go again though.

Sherry Startzman

Great place to relax and enjoy a movie.

Green Ninja

Nice people and good snacks. Its a cinema that nails that good feel. However there is a significant lack of Warenburg whispering in the intro.

Jason Long

Love using the Marcus App to get my tickets in advance and select seats. The $5 Tuesdays are a fantastic deal as well - thank you!

Wolfy D

The only thing that I would have to say bad about this place is that my first time there... I waited a while for someone to come to the box office window... never did and I had to then go to the self service deal and get my ticket to see Deadpool 2. The sodas are serve yourself, so unlimited there... they have a nice stadium seating setup as well.

julix gameing

Love the chairs, sound, and the action every time we go i feel great especially when I go with family.

Christine Noyer

Definitely needed more help. Since it was 5dollar senior Tuesday! Long line to get in and even longer line at the concession stand.

rj pierce

Great theater. I've been an awards member since the first time i went.

Robin DeGraffenreid

Wish they had more romantic movies and less children movies. More comedy types also.

Debbie Ferrell

Dont like reserved seating at all

William Mccauley

Great Service and always clean!

Danny Evans

Always friendly, my son is special needs and they are so friendly with him

brody clark

great movie popcorn was butter. epoc

David Hodge

Love this theater

Coralie Srejma

We went to a later showing of The Grinch! It was pretty cute. The cleanliness needs to be kept an eye on more ofen.

Eric Christeson

It's the only theater at the lake and I'm okay with that. Seriously though, it's pretty nice and the free membership has some nice little perks. Like tonight I got a large popcorn and large soda for 6$. Considering it's a theater, that's not that bad.

Cale Davis

Smells terrible.... Popcorn was stale and tasted like the popper hadn't been cleaned lately. Soda fountain was filthy. Hey though, what do you expect for $50?

Old Pickers

Worst experience ever assigned seating very bad got our seat's taking light's come on for 10 mins during the movie probably never go back

Rick Petermeier

$5.00 Tuesday and awesome chairs.

Cindi Evans

I love the seats. They are so comfortable!

Dave Cooper

Great movie theater love the seats.

Alan Holloway

It is a good movie theatre that gets movies a day before release. That is awesome.

Charlie Fenwick

Seats are too narrow with no control on how far to recline

Kelly Hollifield

Love the $5 Tuesdays with free popcorn, and lots of other great deals for members!

Scott H

Seats are comfy. The upper seats are great. I did not enjoy the reserved seating. 5 minutes before the movie was about to start familys were arguing about someone in their seats. I am always for the show up early to save a good seat. Not show up late and expect to sit with a group of 8.

Elysse Jinkens

Need a larger main area and faster servers.

Randall Wallander

Great seats.

Tate Mc

We go to the movies maybe once every 6 months or so but have always been impressed with service and cleanliness of this theater when we have went. Wish prices were easier to afford to be able to go more often.

Joshua Kindhart

Big city theater in a small town!

Kevin Unger

It is a very nice theatre to have in the Lake Area. Clean and comfortable seating.

Destynie Kittel

I love it there! I like how friendly they are.

Mike Brooks

Love watching movies here especially $5 Tuesday

Prex Dubstep

Only people watching the movie with my kids and I was doing some business on my phone. at the top not distracting anyone and staff where very rude about I can’t use my phone.

Virginia Seitter

Love the movies and appreciate Tuesday movie specials.

Eva Hermann

Awesome theater. I've never been to one that serves alcohol (mini wine bottles, beer on tap, etc). Very relaxed atmosphere. We loved that you could skip the line and buy tickets at a machine. Once you get your food, you give your ticket and go behind the rope to a self serve soda machine. It was very handy to get your own refills during the movie. The restrooms are behind the ropes too, so no fear of not getting back into your theater if you forget your ticket. Wish we had one like this local to our home area.

Sonia Schminke

You can drink alcohol in the theater! Nice place, latest movies!

Bobbi Stack

Great place to see a movie!!! Love it!

Rob R

Staff not very friendly

Staci Moore

Comfortable seats.... ok service, ok popcorn, disorganized

Katie Farina

Very comfortable theater.. clean restrooms.. expensive food/snacks ($7 Large Soda, $5 Small Popcorn).. but overall good.

Sheila Fanning

We waited 50 minutes before the movie started due to difficulties. However it would have been nice if a theater rep would have notified us!!! We were left sitting and did not know what the problem was until someone went and asked management. Very poor customer services. Movie was great and chairs extremely comfortable.

Jayneen Scheffler

Nice and clean!

crystal howell

Always enjoy the movies here with my son!

Charlene Helton

Very good theater! Helpful and nice employees.

Greg Bonner

Stadium seating, good concessions and a great staff.

Angela Biggers

The angle of the theater made the seats almost be too tall in front of us to see the screen and the chairs were a tiny bit uncomfortable after a little bit

Iza Standley

Is 3D more expensive?

Joanne Sinclair

It was fun wish sounds were not so loud

Maddyson Burris

Dislike that you have to pick your sitting instead of first come, first serviced.

Josie Kunkel

The entire theater is so clean and well kept. The only fault it has is the way overpriced concessions. But most theaters have pricey snacks so I’m not to upset about it.

Tana Peckham

Love the $5 Tuesdays!

Evan Haney Aco 35th

This movie had plenty of comedy participating in it. The setting and gist was decent but could've used some extra work, I took my girlfriend here and she didnt particularly enjoy the movie.

Keaven Wright

Long line for Popcorn.

Kathy Johnson

Good movie, friendly people. Had issue in our theater with kids throwing things that mgmt didn't address caused problem with multiple patrons. But nice facility, comfortable seats.

Darla Rucker

Just watched Mary Poppins - they did an amazing job blending from the old to the new. Fun movie.

violet chan

Love going here to watch movies they have cheap price, comfortable seating and the popcorn is awesome $5 Tuesday are the best time to go

Una Bennett

Good customer service. Comfortable seating.

Sherri McCabe

Prices are a little extreme but it was a great experience.

Dennis Cramer

Clean polite a little pricy but a good time

Jessica Burris

Nice and clean theater. Very nice staff. Had booster seats for my 3 littles.

James Ashley

Horrible, went there while I was out of town. They over sold the movie theater, then when I went to talk with the manager about it he got an attitude saying that the theater wasn't oversold. There were people sitting in the floor of the theater. I had already purchased the snacks for the movie and when I asked for a refund on those he said they weren't allowed. Why? Nothing had been touched not even a drop of drink in the cup.

Gigi Silsbee

Surprisingly clean & comfortable seating. Great surround sound...made an awesome movie even better.

Mary Ison

Staff was friendly. Theater and bathrooms were clean. Prices weren't bad. Had a great experience!

ozark fireworks

Really good movies kind people best to go on $5 Tuesdays

Debbi Brown

Great movie. Comfortable seating with lots of leg room. Will return agsin.

Jamie Davis

Super nice staff. Good theatre

Wade Romesburg

The theater that I watched the movie in was covered in popcorn and wrappers of all kinds, and the restrooms were disgusting. In a viewing of less than 5 people I had my feet up on the chair in front of me with nobody even close around me, and a member of the staff came and made a really big unnecessary spectacle pointing and yelling at me to move or leave in the middle of the movie. I did, and didn't return the same, but this person continually came back into the theater to check on me time and time again.

Bill Girard

Great place clean and friendly employees good popcorn the sound is awesome

Kris Hand

I absolutely love going to the movies. For the most part, this cinema is great. It’s clean, great food and drink selection, and always has great movie selections. If I could change anything, it would be the employees behind the concession counter and the young guys that take your ticket. It’s like The AD read “must have no personality whatsoever” and “work as slow as humanly possible”. I’m not typically this critical and I give businesses multiple opportunities before I give an opinion but I’ve been going here for years and nothing has changed as far as employees and attitudes. Some of them have been here quite a while from what I’ve noticed so either they “know someone” or there’s literally no one else on earth that wants to work at the theater. I’ll continue to go here no matter what because it’s not that easy to drive me away but I know many people who haven’t been back to this theater in quite some time because of their bad customer service experiences.

Brad K

Great little theatre to see a movie when you're at the lake.

Tom Allison

Great place to go if you go early only cost 6.00.

Dennis Custer

Great theater. Always very clean. Personnel friendly and snacks r good. They always offer specials also.

Derrick Drake

Its a nice and newer theater always clean when I've been there

Bill Anderson

Very nice! big screen, and comfortable seating

Halley Schuster

Best movie theater around. The staff is really nice, and work really hard to ensure you enjoy the movie of your choosing. Although the popcorn we got was all broken pieces from the bottom of the holder and they wouldn't change it. Still would recommend it.

jared sasseen

Friendly staff and clean bathrooms

jamie lewin

We haven't had any major issues ever buying tickets here. The only thing I wish could be better is when I ask about any points on my Marcus magical movie rewards card the person behind the counter can never give me an answer. They always have to call someone else over and still sometimes I don't get my discount because they don't know how to do it. I'm thinking they might need to train the employees a little more on that. But everyone is always nice and it's clean.

Brandon Fisher

Been here several times since its opened. Good snacks (could use more variety), good service and nice facility. The seats are pretty comfortable. No real complaints about anything.

Christie Webb

It's sufficient. Enjoy $5 Tuesdays.

Christine Cotterell

Comfy seats and Stadium seating, lots of leg room. Tuesday's $5.00 movies is a great value. Good family fun!

Asher Vogeler

Quality service

Gaming Lightning

Awesome place, chairs a suuper comfy, tooons of leg room, has a surround sound system in there, Great place to be at.

Alex Dart

Quality service from the moment i entered to the moment i left.

freedom eagle

Great theater. Comfortable seats. Usually not crowded

Martin Toynton

It was Clean and very nice

Jordan Nah

Good service, quick entry, comfortable seating and clear screens.

Stephanie H

No complaints so I guess that’s a 5/5.

Nikolaus Nuernberger

Have good movies

Martha Lutz

We actually like the assigned seats. I think once customers figure out where there go to seats are it will make it much smoother

Mr Hazlett

Great place and great prices.

Amber Heinlein

Good place to see a movie. The employees are never happy and sometimes rude. everyone I've encountered has been forcefully nice because a boss is usually near by.

Paul Washington

I was impressed with this place

Elliott Turpen

4 stars only because there's always Room for improvement

Nikki Bonnot

Your new reserve a seat things is rediculous. If your going to make people pick seat go back to having ushers. Cause your rows are not visually labeled well to see in the dark. So when I pick seats and come in to people already in the seats we picked what's the point.

Cynthia Cravens

Nice. Enjoyed movie. Theatre very comfortable and Connie was very pleasant and helpful. We are from out of town and she made me, my husband and son feel welcome.

Donna Engelbert

Didnt like the movie we chose but wasn't their fault. Comfortable, clean theatre

Mrs Murphy

The staff had a hard time figuring out how to use the gift card, however we enjoyed our movie experience.

Lisa Johnson

Great customer service, very friendly and reasonable prices!

Hannah Morgan

This movie theater is awesome! The chairs recline and they serve alcoholic beverages.

GlowStick Squad

Great place to watch movies and have fun. A tad expensive but definitely worth it for the amazing seating and surround sound.

Barbara Gravagna

Popcorn and soda was good, had good seats in the theater, movie was ok, Clock in the wall

Jennifer Holdren

Nice people and the seats are amazingly comfy.

Bergen Norway

They serve beer? I'm no teetotaler, but I don't think that is a good idea. Also, why don't they show the major movies that are out? I will have to drive over 150 miles to see, "Beautiful Boy" , "Boy Erased" and "Green Book" and other Academy Award Nominated Movies

Eli Burdette

I love this theater! The seats are comfortable, the leg room is adequate, and the snacks always hit the spot! Go on Tuesdays if you can, they offer $5 tickets for all movies, and discounts on snacks for loyalty members!

rachel binger

5$ Tuesdays! And free popcorn with their card.

Cherie Peters

Fast line. Fresh popcorn. We have made Tuesday night our date night for $5 movies!

Porsha Johnson

My only lil complaint would be the spacing in the theater. I feel like chaurs are squished in. But very friendly staff, and audio ofr movie was great

maria norris

I love watching movies and friendly and clean to be at.


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