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6350 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63130 Located in: The Delmar Loop

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Where is Landmark's Tivoli Theatre?

REVIEWS OF Landmark's Tivoli Theatre IN Missouri

jay scherder

Great, eclectic theater with super friendly staff. A gem on The Loop.

Stephen Wingbermuehle

You know I was actually pleasantly surprised. I liked this place a lot. It might be the nostalgia that makes me like this place more than the newer and more modern theaters, but I also like the film choices. If you can, go see The Room and have a blast (bring spoons).

Sp King


Big Shaun

1st time and I enjoyed my experience. Small Theater room, so arrive early for choosy seating. I learned the hard way but decent viewing, even from the front. Usually the only Theater to see the showing you're there for. $8 for small popcorn and drink, you decide.

Scott Elysium

Great theater for indie movies and absolutely love their midnight Reel Late series that runs from Spring to Fall.

Lee Armstrong

Went there to see a fly fishing movie. Theater is old school, so the atmosphere is nice, but it's limited by a small foyer and one bar.

t ll

Tivoli has a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.

Matthew Fogle

Beautiful theater. Like stepping back in time to the glory days of American cinema

Jane Krueger

Excellent place! Wonderful atmosphere and tremendous history here! The staff goes above and beyond their call and duty to make your viewing experience both comfortable and enjoyable! They never disappoint!

Dan Cable

Just got home from the Midnight showing of Princess Mononoke, The building was lovely, and check in was very last, almost no lines or very short wait. Here is the problem I had with this showing. the Audio was painfully loud, and the end of the film I said something to one of the people, Tom or Tim. I don't know, He gave me some lame BS excuse. It seems he didn't give a damn about it. but ya.... that ruined it for me. Maybe sometime in the future I MIGHT go back... only time will see. And one last thing, My ticket was 8 buck which wasn't bad but they charge $4.50 for a 16 oz water. If you go here bring a water bottle. the concession prices are ungodly

Beth Collier

Rocky Horror show!

Brendan Daly

Extremely friendly staff in a beautiful old theater. This is a wonderful place to see some independent movies, or relive the classics.

Jennifer Puccini

I love this theatre. Seeing a movie in the big theatre is truly a treat, and I love that they show Art House, Independent, and Cult films, not to mention streamings of National Theatre Live performances as well. A well stocked concession stand that serves alcohol and Ted Drewes in addition to the classic popcorn and soda is a nice touch as well.

Aminata Diallo

One of my favorite places in STL

Justin Padinske

The atmosphere here is fantastic. It is not fancy but do you really want to watch documentaries about suffering while you lean back in a recliner?

Calista Alaribe

Nice, unique theatre and good for events.


Went to see Rocky Horror October 2017 and have been hooked ever since! The theater is beautiful and the workers were great! Awesome expeience.

Ryan Walker

The Tivoli isn't just beautiful, but they're devoted to showing indie, alternative, and classic comfort movies.

John Green

OK. I don't think you really need a 365th review, but here it is. GREAT place. Still has the feel and charm of an old neighborhood movie house. Tivoli, Blueberry Hill and Vintage Vinyl. Top 3 reasons to go to the Loop.


Went for a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and had a great time at the Landmark Theater Tivoli on the Loop! The theater hosts some great shows you may not find elsewhere, including new releases and cult classics. The beauty of this old theater is seen the moment you approach the ticket booth outside the building, as you walk into the main hallway and through the multiple double doors to the concession area and entrances to the three screening rooms. There are classic movie posters along the walls and vintage tables and chairs off the concession area, for those waiting for a showing (or to eat as much of the popcorn they can before they have to go in and share it with someone!) The bathrooms are off to the left in the back, by those few tables and chairs. The screening rooms have comfortable fold down cushioned theater seating, with drink holders on the armrest. They are a little more narrow than those new fangled reclining chairs in the newer theaters, but they are still comfortable. Enjoy yourself and check out what is showing at the Landmark Theater Tivoli! It's worth the trip to catch one of your old or new favorites! Grab some popcorn and a soda, head inside and have a good ol' time!

Charriese Hamilton

It was a great experience! The customer service was excellent. The actual theatre was very intimate!

DovBer Friedman

Not your run-of-the-mill theater, plays a lot of Art House films and stuff you otherwise wouldn't find in a theater. Also holds midnight screenings of classics

damon cotton

Very nice old venue which before the start the manager announced with warm welcome and any questions so very enjoyable except the seats sit sort of low but not uncomfortable

Benjamin Irland

Great cultural destination. Right in the middle of the loop it features great off beat cinema.

Russell Carter

I enjoyed my first time. Better than I expected.

becca mac

Good old fashion movie theater that offers something more than your normal movie fare. Went to a local film festival there and it was really fun.

Adam Kissner

Great small movie theatre. Love it. Will go back again

Benjamin Eigner

Great charming & original cinema


Beautiful theatre with amazing everything. It was in a really nice part of town and was close to parking. The staff and other guests were fun and the theatre was clean. Also, really good popcorn. The real butter makes it that much more special. Will be making the drive to be at this theatre again soon.

Vimal Nair

Seating etc not up to date. You can hear people talking outside when watching movie inside.

Robert Cole

Historic theater that shows independent and arthouse movies. Check out the midnight shows, a beloved tradition where you can see cult classics.

Buru Nekuisho

Glad you all play independent films and anime films. Wonderful place to go if you're looking for a better movie experience, or a date. :)

Sarah Neuman

This old theater is full of charm. Great film selection

Stephen Graham

Great indie movie house. Beautiful old building.


Amazing place. Historic. Great structure. Feels vintage

Terry Lewis

Great old style movie theater.

Leigh-Mae Turner

Watched The Shape of Water here and had a great time. The seats aren’t the most comfortable but the vintage look and feel of the theater is charming.

Kirk Augustine

One of my favorite places to watch a film. It has a classic feel to it. If you are looking for heated recliners in your theatre, go somewhere else. If you want to stop paying for all those distractions and just enjoy a film, this is the place for it.

Tom Galczynski

I'm old enough to remember when this place was a single screen theater with drop ceilings hiding the beauty and the rot. It's a gorgeous setting and I'm glad they havent gone with the stadium seats that are every where now. Clean, comfortable, very well priced and interesting movies not the mainstream. I'm always happy to see something here.

Robert Clark

I love this theatre. I've only enjoyed film festivals and independent films but have enjoyed every feature. The building is well maintained in its original decor and the seating is comfortable. The place is small but there's no shortage of charm. Concessions are available and the restrooms are super clean.

Phoenix Black

This theatre is super chill and unique. They are so friendly here and it's not too expensive. They play some really interesting films and every movie I've seen there I've absolutely loved! Great place to view indie films

Clarissa Reel

The theatre is absolutely gorgeous! I felt so classy siting there enjoying my entertainment for the afternoon! If you get the chance, you need to go!

E Catedral

The popcorn is overpriced, but it's always a great viewing experience. I've seen a few films here and I always have a great time. Seats are deep and comfortable. Theatres are moderately sized. It's not the same experience as a giant multiplex, but the retro setup is a great callback.

Christopher Michael


Taylor Slivka

Tivoli is a classic theatre with an actual box office. It's in a trendy area, but has maintained its historic structure. The staff was friendly and helpful. Make sure to check for deals when planning to go. There is parking next to it, but if that's full there are larger parking lots across the street and down a little bit.

Robin Melton

Love The old time atmosphere

Michael Jones

The theater was dated but had charm. The staff was outstanding!! Did not like the popcorn but would go there again!!

Chris Gove

Too bad the surround sound was just sound half the time.

Jacob Jenkins

Extremely comfortable. Has this old-timey feel, about it. Serves coke.

Harshit Amya

One of the oldest cinema hall that I visited in United States. Overall a nice place.

Joss Hay

Went here to see a very indy movie and why not this is the place for it. The staff are on point and really appear to love the place and the films are not main stream, which I was looking for. Great range of Midnight classics being shown too

Harmony Delong

Very cool theatre with a retro vibe. They show independent films and movies that aren't mainstream. Not the most comfortable seats, but that doesn't take much away from the overall experience. The popcorn was stale the day I went, but it didn't ruin anything for me.

Ting Bea Yang

Watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople on a Saturday afternoon for $7. Small intimate theater with indie films, friendly staff. Concession stand was a bit pricey, but that's pretty typical.

Maxwell Meigel

Great experience seeing The Room and meeting Tommy Wiseau, even if it did stay later than advertised.

Jacob Harland

Cool little theatre right in the loop. The building is really old, too, which adds a neat atmosphere.

Julia Vogel

Always appreciative of the late night screenings and international movies. I can see things here you can't find anywhere else. A great traditional movie experience.

Tom Stolze

All I can day is wow, what am amazing place to take in some films?

D. Lawson-Hart

Great art theater! If only they could serve liquor at midnight showings... haha

Tina the not so micro mini pig TV

A must see if you’re in town. Such a cool old theater.

Andrew Amesbury

Old seats and lower audio quality are not worth the novelty of the theater


Great theater. Classic

Lamont Nelson

Good service great time

Mary Green

Great old movie theater

Scott Shewmaker

Fantastic place to see art house movies and catch showings of classic/cult films at the summer time midnight showings. Highly recommended for film lovers.

Isaac Syler

Cozy old movie theater that was built forever ago and then remodeled a few dozen years ago. They use real butter on the popcorn. Show lots of independent and off the beaten path movies that would be interesting to a more cultured crowd.

tedd gilda

Awesome older Theater, I saw Rocky Horror there in the 70's and many movies in the last year or two..... Glad they have the Film Fest there every year to see movies that other theaters don't want to carry !! Esp. the Music or Musician Story documentaries !! Thank You !! LANDMARK THEATER Co.

Devin Wall

It is an old theater with very nice architecture. Not exactly the place to go if you are trying to see an IMAX.

Biff Burns

Very pleasant theater(s). The seats are lower to the floor and tighter (and older) than the seats at most other theaters. Parking structure directly across the street.

Vicki Lee

Lovely movie house! Nice atmosphere.

Becket Clark

Classy as always. Well priced and a great selection of films.

Ashley Johnson

They play really great movies that you can't see in regular movie theaters. Its clean and its usually not too crowded when I go. Downside is the seats are smaller than most theaters.

Mike Christensen

I love the Tivoli and the films it shows. Movies you don't find at other theaters make their way here. I know it is a classic theater but it is still bothersome that the seats aren't offset more. When watching a foreign language film it makes it near impossible to read the subtitles if anyone sits in front of you.

Sean Lowery

Great old theater that shows limited-release films

Rachel Poirier

Took my daughter for her first Rocky Horror and my first time back in too many years to mention, it was a beautiful night!

Shawn Blackwell

I've been going to the Tivoli since I was in High School. I remember watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night with the live action players pulling the crowd right into the movie. They still do it but only once in a while. One of the last real old school theaters around. If you love beautiful old wonderfully restored buildings, I highly recommend this establishment. Go to their website to find out what's playing, it may surprise you. 50 STARS!!!!

Jack Hutchings

Excellent historic movie theater. Reasonable prices on both admissions and refreshments. Often showing great independent cinema. A great reason to visit the Loop.

Tamara Rodney

Nice quaint theatre. One of two Landmark theatres in the St. Louis area. Friendly staff and great independent films play here. Hubby usually buys concessions, so I can't comment about the prices. It would be greater if an upgrade was near in the future.

Joseph Galloy

This theatre has a nostalgic ambiance and is a great place to catch a foreign or independent film.

Jay thompson

Go to U-city family church here, Pastor Brent is the best. Always enjoy his sermons

Carol Bauer

Great old fashioned movie experience. Beautiful and comfortable.

Catherine Hunter

I love this beautiful restored gilded age gem, the three screens offer movies that are well done but not necessarily blockbusters, the concessions include the expected and extras, the staff are exemplary and the midnight events are fun and well done.

Marty Delaney

Great theatre that shows great unusual movies and has tons of events for classics.


Best theater in stl. Indie films. Not afraid to play risque films.

Heather Howard

We saw The dead don't die. It was super fun. The sets are small and broken down.

A.C. Smith

Nostalgia at its finest!

Melinda Miller

Nice seating. Good service.

Thomas Rusan

Great time

Ned Amos

Great independent theatre with older cushion seats but still comfortable.Acoustics are excellent . Doubles as a Church on Sunday mornings with a multi cultural congregation.Located in the heart of the U. City Loop.


One of our favs.

Dan Murphy

Beautiful old theatre with lots of history. The Tivoli shows movies that other theatres won't show, and has decor that won't be find in any other cinema- signed movie posters, St Louis specific movie posters, etc.

Anna Molitoris

Lovely old style theater featuring hard to find films and midnight events. Be sure to check out the Oscar nominated shorts in Feb and Rocky Horror Picture Show in Oct!

MrSuperman Gillespie

I didn't get shot while enjoying movie, GOD is good.. all attendees and staff were friendly and I see myself coming back soon

Larry Tucker

Americans classic in the Loop.

Anil Pillai

Beautiful theater and historic. What's not to like?

Michelle Aery

They actually still show movies here!!!!

Mary Lamping

Good independent movie theater shows documentaries and off-beat films. Parking is a little tough, but you can park in the garage across the street.

Marc Foote

Classic theater. Looks beautiful

Jessica Wren

Very cool experience! First time I've visited Tivoli! Had a rough start with Pete, when I called asking about a private screening. I was eventually able to pry enough information out of him to get an idea of what time I needed to be there and what to expect. All in all had a pleasant time

Darryl Welch

Great place

Pablo Molina

It's okay nothing too exciting, best part is they play movies that aren't in AMC

Rose Broyles

Historic theater showing tons of Indi films! Only three screens, and theater rather than stadium seating (although I had no trouble seeing from the back row in a packed house). Love this place! It's locally owned too!

Mary Liz Kane

Love seeing movies here. Great experience always. Also, I've been to many private events here. Great space for movies and presentations.

Nickie Werner

Amazing architecture. Great, old City vibe. We love the midnight shows!

Umar Lee

I have so many great memories at this theatre. So many great films have been shown here and when you leave the theater you're in the heart of the Delmar Loop.

Christian Fierro

It's great theater for date night. Watch great independent films or catch a classic on the weekend

Annemarie Cutler

Beautiful historic theater featuring art house films.

Ananya Dugar

Nothing “WOW” but a good experience!

corey jedi

The best! We love Pete!

Theresa Wilkins

Saw film "When Sandy Speaks". Parking is horrible

Harveen Sandhu

So, so beautiful inside. You feel like you're IN a movie sitting in this theatre!! So elegant and classy and very large. Clean as can be with a super retro feel. We saw The Shape of Water and the sound was very muffled, however and the audio was not completely synced. Could have just been the day. I have friends who said they go there regularly and love it so it could well have been a one-off. Classic selection of chocolate bars and popcorn. Nothing too fancy. Nice and simple but beautiful!!

Geoffrey Fry

It's a great, historic theatre which shows films you may not find elsewhere. The only big drawback is the difficulty in finding a parking place nearby.

Rene Futrell

I go to church there but love the old vintage building and the icon pictures all around cozy atmosphere.

Dana Oliver

LOVE the Tivoli Theatre! It reminds me of the movie houses before the mega theatres took over. They made you feel more at home

Call me Contact

So neat

Maggie Allen

Great venue, clean, professional staff.

Glenn Buford

I love this theater. They show movies the big theaters dont show and concession stand has great price on everything.

Britt Eubanks

My favorite movie theatre in St.. Louis! The history and acoustics in the main auditorium makes this one of a kind place always worth a visit!

Carolyn Easley

Love, love love!!! Great atmosphere, nice crew great movies.

Jason Wever

Best, most laid back place to see quality, hard to find cinema in StL. They play almost all of the limited release movies, have great film fests, and bring back the classics and all your cult favorites from time to time. Excellent movie theater

Tia Adkins

I totally depend on the Tivoli to have Art House movies that I will not be able to find any place else. The popcorn is always fresh the staff is always courteous. The location is ideal because if you don't I can walk to lots of places to have dinner.

Debbie Murphy

A Landmark Theatre, the Tivoli is a rehabbed movie house that was divided into three screens. Fun place to watch a movie. However, the seating needs to be updated. Very uncomfortable. Concessions offer beer, wine, coffee, soda and some food.

Shannon Broadway

The Tivoli is a great classic cinema!

Catey Midla

A great place to see old classics and special screenings. My friends and I always have a great time when we go here!

nathan jeffords

Wonderful alternative movies, when you want to see some quality filmmaking away from the big blockbusters, and less expensive too. They also have great special showings of old classics, host part of the St Louis Film Fest, offer midnight movies and beautiful Ghibli animation. Simple variety of treats, some standards and a couple of unique local things. The main screen has the old opera house feel, because I believe it was, the two side screens are cool for the smaller screenings and film fests, but the seating is a little rough for anything over an hour.

Candice Evers

I love this theatre. The character and location make it really challenging to go to anything else. Sometimes I wish that they had post-viewing events in the lobby but I suppose that isn't their fault :)

Linda Sackeyfio

Cute and quaint

Valerie E. Young

Powerful event.

superdavethecarpenter Sully

Great place to watch a movie and the prices are reasonable. The building is beautiful and we'll kept. Recommend it to anyone

Matt OBrien

Great place to see a movie

Nick Forstmann

Beautiful theater that shows amazing films. Also the midnight shows are some of the best experiences ever.

Ryan Jenkins

I have seen so many wonderful films here including Not Your Negro, The Exorcist, and The Lobster. The careful curation, smaller theaters, beer selection, and location cannot be beat.

Jessica Jones

Just take the food off the menu

jj liebel

Great little movie theater with a wonderful selection of drinks and food. One of my local favorites

Jessica McCoy

This theater is so neat! My only complaint would be that the seats could use a thorough cleaning.

taylor teague

Love it

Teresa Wise

My favorite local Landmark theater. Gorgeous inside and great independent films!

Eggy Mn

Good place that offers many international and independent films. And the price is reasonable too.

Ashley Bright

Always a good theatre to see a movie. Obviously the history and look of the theatre makes it stand out, but it is a solid venue to partake in a movie. The seats aren't a plush and a bit flat, but you just deal with it. The staff is nice. Parking can be a bit of a problem, depending on what time you go. But it's do-able.

Chris Sotraidis

Great movies, niche stuff. Go see the room and throw spoons at the screen.

Darnell Lasley

Too small, I was invited to a movie premier and the person hosting was being charged for every little thing. Food was gonna be provided for free,by an outside vendor, so when Tivoli heard about that, they was gonna charge him an extra $3 per seat. That would've been approximately $400. He already paid them for showcasing his movie and insurance, and whatever else. So I'm not a fan of this place.

Christopher Roth

Love this place and popcorn is always fresh

Stephanie N

I love this theater so much! It is so cute and such a friendly atmosphere. Also tickets to the shows are not badly priced at all!

Justin Cannon

I like them very much

Patrick Smith

Best for those indie films old and new!

Matthew Marshall

Went to see Rocky Horror. Awesome time!

Avi R

Awesome local theater that shows indie as well as mainstream movies, you need to checkout the Tivoli if you like visiting cool local spots. There's one large screen and two smaller screens.

Jeff Lofink

Very nice restored functioning classic theater.

Chris Jamison

Old timey feel complete with old timer posters

Moni Luv

My favorite theater in St. Louis!! Reasonable prices, excellent popcorn, cool snacks and drinks, wonderful atmosphere

Rym Hubbard

Art films; indie films; historic theater

kevin Martin

Loved it

Brad Banowetz

Surprising hidden gem in STL

Matt Meglan

Has the perfect old movie theatre vibe.

Jamie Bishop

Great classic theater for independent films. Giving 4 stars instead of 5 because the seats are uncomfortable. It shouldn't stop you from visiting though because it's beautiful inside.

Christine Keegan


candace cannon

First time here, I enjoyed the ambiance


Beautiful classic theater plays cult films like no other in St. Louis. 10/10 will be back.

Aaron Muller

Beautiful theater! Wonderful staff and I love going to midnight movie madness


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