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5 Prairie Dell Plaza Dr, Union, MO 63084

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REVIEWS OF Great Eight Cinema IN Missouri


My favorite theater! Wouldn't want to go anywhere else! Excellent screen, wonderful service!

Larry Umphery

Ralph wrecked the internet

Carlos Hudgins

Nice place and great staff

Andre Chan

Not a bad place all around. Pretty solid prices on snacks when compared to Washington, bathrooms are well kept, and its pretty clean. The theaters themselves are also very good. Recently, they upgraded their seating to reclining theater chairs, which are super comfortable. Sadly, they squeak pretty loudly whenever you go back, so some people will probably get mad if you do so during the movie. I also was pretty sure I felt some bass from the other rooms, which surprised me a little. Along with the movie theater, there's a tiny arcade housing a couple claw machines and arcade games. Besides staff mostly being teenagers who like to complain about Fortnite, its a great place, and definitely worth going to.

Matt Waldron

Cheap, friendly and affordable. Nice seats.

Marie Carter

We come here all the time! Comfortable seats, great service and the food's good enough to make an impromptu supper out of!

Carrie Suprenant

We haven't been in there in years. We thought the lobby part was filthy. The staff was not very friendly. The only good thing about the place was the movie. I advise seeing Creed II. If you are a Rocky fan, I think you'll enjoy it. I give it 5 stars because of the movie. If I had to rate it on the place itself, I would give it 1 star.

Maryellen Richardson

Need recliners. The lights in the theater never came on before the show or after. Dangerous.

Terri Dickey

It was good except kids in back of me kept making a lot of noise.

Stew Pidfuk

Small screen very comfortable seats

Jeremy Taylor

Better than the Washington theater in my opinion.

Matthew Stage

Best prices on movies popcorn and soda.

Beardless Riker

Comfy seat that layback. No tall people blocking view. So nice

Cassandra Robb-Best

Most recently watched IT here. I would say it is characteristic of any movie theater anywhere...8 and concession prices similar to others in mid-state. Reclining seats, clean, comfortable. I would recommend this location for seeing a movie!!

Dawn Rice

Great movies, great prices, comfy seats, and the best buttered popcorn!!!!

Dave Cullen

I really enjoy this theater. Picture and sound are good. Seats are large and comfortable.


The staff does a good job helping customers and keeping the place pretty clean. There have a been a few times where a small blue dot was on the movie screen the whole movie but other than that it's a nice place with comfortable seats.

Danielle Downing

Tickets and food at one counter. Nice. Clean. I greatly enjoyed my visit.

Mossy Oak Jedi

Much better seats now but the staff could brighten up just a Wii little bit but good place to see a movie.

Roy Mohesky

The seats are awsome only place we go for a movie because of the seats

Rain Jeanne

Nice little cinema. Better and CLEANER seats than Cinema 1 plus.

Sabrina Lee

Comfortable seats, great popcorn, clean bathrooms. A tiny blue dot in the middle of the screen in theater 4 nearly drove me crazy, through the whole movie, or I would have given a 5.

Stephanie Cornelius

Nice small theater, great popcorn

Jessica P

Love all the flavors for popcorn, but cleanliness is not 5 stars

The Mo Bros Show

Prices on snacks a tad high but great seats.

Kristin Schmaltz

Great theater, smaller location but cozy venue and great value!

Bethany Hoskins

Pretty cheap as far as movie theaters and there's always good movies showing.

jeanette Morris

I love this Cinema!! They are the best! I needed to know what the popcorn was cooked in for food allergies and they looked it up to check it for me!! They are always so nice and helpful...

gryffindorjedi gaming

Great seats, great sounds and decent prices

Jess Mason

Movie not showing in Sullivan and happen to be in the area its easy to catch a showing! Prices are great, staff is friendly.

Barbie Lantos

First time seeing a movie there. Will be back

John Huff

Great Movie Theater - Family Friendly

Kenneth Kennedy

Good times,,reasonable priced compared to other over the top cinemas.

Carla Leonhard

My husband and I really like the Great Eight Cinema. We have been enjoying movies here for over 18 years and It still has that "small town" feel to it. We love the new seats (although they do squeak a lot). And the pop corn at this cinema is the very best! We also really appreciate the free refills on the large pop corn and soda!

Terri Thiessen

Staff is pleasant. The theater was a little loud.

Pat Grimm

Very friendly staff. Stadium seating with cup holders very nice

Madi Gearhart

When looking for movie times make sure you go to their website. Do not rely on Google. The times/shows aren’t consistent. Typically clean! Cheaper than most movie theaters.

Amanda Merrick

Reasonable prices and comfy seats


Popcorn was beyond stale.

Cynthia Coblentz

Clean. Great Employees. Good movies.Awesome fizzy soda pop

Vera Sutherland

Very friendly staff, comfortable seating

Vicki Tate

The new seats are so comfortable!

Dr. Fred Maren

It's a good movie theater. I've been going to it for years.

Jerome Holway

First time visitors. Clean, comfortable seats. Had to ask other people there how to purchase tickets. No one to greet you. Will know for next time. Recommend that you give it a try.

Ken Kugel

Best theater around. Comfortable seating, great snacks, and friendly service. Website takes more time to navigate than Washington's movie theater.

Adrianna Heimann

Great price. It is nice to purchase everything from the same person/register. The staff was extremely nice and helpful. I liked the big selection of popcorn flavors!

Gary Ludwick

Too expensive, but better than prices closer to the city. Coke would be a beverage improvement. But they sell Carmel popcorn, which elevates the to greatness

Walter Ritchey

Light-years better than Washington. Newer facility, great ticket prices, will go out of my way to come here instead.

john ryan

Me and all the grandkids comfortable seats

Lori Shanks

Comfortable seats that recline some, clean restrooms, great service

Matthew Taylor

Nice theater great seats. Good for family outings

Greg Etter

Nice place where you dont have to worry about crowds even on opening nights of big movies. Definitely love getting to pour your own butter on popcorn.


This is an excellent movie theater. The prices are reasonable and the stadium type seating is excellent. This is wheel chair accessable, and accommodating.

John Spaunhorst

Great seats

Lisa Hinton

Wish they would have gotten better seats when the changed there seating out

Lori Voss-Schoonover

For a tiny theater, the experience is great. Easy to get snacks and tickets. Never had any issues when we want to see a movie.

Nathan Kuske

Popcorn is good and the movie slection is good

Danny Moore

Very comfortable seats. Great sound system.

Patrick Simmons

Great staff

Aiden Bleckman

Great place just not that... Clean.

Jennie Harrington

Always a great time!

hux channel

I went to a 1:00PM show 7/1/2018 & it was the worst theatre experience I've ever had. Ignorant people brought their bratty 5-6 year old kids to a pg-13 movie. My wife & I had our chairs kicked & our ears bursted by the constant screaming. I asked for my money back for the tickets & was told by the manager she can only offer me new tickets. Why would I want new tickets when management doesn't even offer protection from the bad experience again? My wife & I felt victimized by the crappy management that theatre has to offer. I'm never going back.

Nevaeh Huff

They need better seats

Pat Wilson

Wish they had early showings all the time and some type of senior discount for the concession stand. Even if it was one day a week, that would be a plus!

Bronwen Voss

Clean cinema. Nice staff. Comfortable seats

Margaret May

I like this cinema. Especially that it has stadium seating. Don't like some of the people that go there. People putting there feet on other seats and kicking the back of my seat. Otherwise great.

Brendan Williams

Nice theater, good prices!

Lisa Wright

Good movies clean, not a good game room for kids

Patti Justme

Close by


Best in area. Reclining(ish) seats.

Brian Bingaman

A great place to take in a movie with the family.

Steffani Mitchell

Great place that's close to home to watch movies!

Grizzly Red Beard

Great Cinema, it was nice and clean and the staff was really friendly. Also the audio in the cinema wasn't overpowering like a lot of other cinemas.

Anne Droid

We walked to this Cinema on one of our nicer recent days. Had a snowball fight on the way with the fun that was surrounding us. We were in a great mood when we arrived. I was surprised that the largest popcorn bucket, and two pops were so cheap, for being refillable. The seats were amazingly comfortable leather or the like, reclining with armrests that went up to cuddle up to kids or your date. I didn't have to fidget around to avoid the usual discomfort theatre seating provides me. The popcorn was fresh and they were popping more while we were there. Plenty of popcorn butter and flavors. You can even just stop by and get some popcorn with out seeing a movie! We seen Kung Fu Panda 3 Enjoy your life. Always let the good outweigh the bad.

Isabel Perry

Only place I go for a movie

Jaden Winchester

i got there alot a good selection of movies but they almost never have the movies that i would like to see

SmashBash AndCrash

I love the seats here so much more than the Washington theater

Gay Eskew

Great choice of movies. One of the few theatres that offers faith-based movies such as "Unplanned. "

RJ Davidheiser

I watched my movie and it was good

Vijay Singh

Clean. No issues. Very few people but it is a Monday night.

Donald Knobcock

The arcade games are fun, I won a Nokia from the claw machine. I decided to test it's durability so I flushed it down the toilet. Once I got the toilet unclogged the Nokia still worked! Good movie theater, 10/10.

tracy brooks

Nice seats,like the variety of popcorn season, clean bathrooms which is a plus,good prices.

Bailey Chitwood

Standard movie theatre, nothing fancy. Not the cleanest

Mandi and matt Walton

Don't watch the 3d

Rachel Ballmann

Awesome place with always great movie options. If you missed a movie, they usually keep it out longer than most movie theaters

Shawn Gorden

Decent small town theater. No fancy stadium seating with fancy chairs, but it is clean and they have 3D.

William Pich

The theater it's self is fine. The.only problem is the reclining chairs. I don't wanna recline and they squeak. Plus yude people walk down the isle and lean in them and make you recline and don't say sorry or excuse mme or anything.

DaButterfield -

I love captain marvel

DeWitte Mulnix

The movies are awsome even joumongie me and my friend saw it just last week

Brianna's Life

This cinema is great for watching movies I only had 1 concern and that was the guy working the movie stopped it to where the screen was black.

Lynly Russell

Ticket prices are reasonable, and they have a small arcade to pass time before the movie starts. Theaters are always clean, and the seats are comfortable.

Vera Mayes

Facility nice. Sound quality not good.

Phyllis Immekus

Good place for movies. Could be better located and needs a more playful atmosphere in the lobby.

jaime farmer

Nice theatre. Cheap too!

stra Beach

Movie was amazing, seats very nice, fresh popcorn.


Fresh popcorn, good candy selections. Reclining seats, great view and sound.

Tabitha Shurtleff

The employees were very nice and the service was fast. The movie had great quality and there were no problems during the movie. The seats are comfortable and they recline. There was good sounds during the movie. It was an all around good experience.

Timothy VanLoenen

Great and quick service!

Joseph Lambert

Nice place to watch a movie. Prices for candy and drinks will break the bank for sure.


Avengers: Endgame was amazing even from the front row, didn't hurt my neck and made it look like it was in 3d.

Gregory Jones

Had a great time with the kids...

Caitlin Pittman

It's always clean, prices are good, and the service is nice.

Robert Hervey

Great small town movie theater. Fresh popcorn every time.

Pamela Andrae

Very friendly! ! The best popcorn, and I love that you can put extra butter and flavors on if you want to!!

P Nowlin

Hearing assist is available.

Catherine Mason

Extremely nice staff. Efficient, cordial. Comfy seats. We will be back.

Jacob Browdy

Nice theater. Clean

Jay Joern

Comfortable seating, nice surround sound system, clean theater.


I love their seats in the theatre.

merri kallmbah

It is really nice and clean. The employees were very nice

Eddie Davidson

Old theater that needs updating. The chairs are louder then the speakers and terribly uncomfortable. .

Hannah Berry

First time being here an few things that were disappointing. 1: rude customer service 2: squeaky and I mean really squeaky chairs can't move an inch without it squeaking. 3: the movie was 15 minutes late starting. An no trailers shown. And lastly 4: doesn't get dark at all just dim kinda of big deal when watching scary movie. Overall very disappointed!

Mike Hanson

Great movies , great seats, manager in the evenings is a little grumpy but hey when there is kids around who aint

Patty Simms

We went and saw the Lego movie 2

Nicole Vance

Good prices

Larry Johnston Jr

Nice little cinema with great comfy chairs or seats

Dennis Moore Jr.

Not the best place to go but the staff is courteous. Prices are high and seats are average.

John Kinnard

Good movie. Clean

Grant Fergerson

Can see a movie and get popcorn and a drunk for less than $10. If your lucky you'll one of the fancy screens

Kevin Cook

Snidey kids working, but that's normal. Affordable, good selection of flicks and popcorn salts/seasoning.


Friendly staff plus affordable tickets & cheap beverages & snacks

Ryan Frost

Seats are not the best. Start going numb about halfway through the movie!!


A good little theatre with a generally contemporary selection of titles. They keep their prices reasonable, while at the same time providing the kind of service you might expect from a larger theatre chain. If I don't feel like driving, I'm happy to go to this place to catch a flick.

Kevin Duty

This is a surprisingly nice country theater. Good seats and reasonably clean, and they often play different movies from the other two theaters in Franklin County.

Suzanne Koelling

They show movies here

Connie Sisco

Recliner seats and all the butter your heart can handle

Krypto Knight

Love the seats here. Very comfortable. Often come over from Washington to watch movies here because its a lot more comfortable.

A Google User

Just be ready to kick back and enjoy the show. We really enjoyed it.

Erin Paul

Screen Quality is great! It's always a pleasant experience!

Amie McMillon

I will go back again just with more money

Angie Price

Nice clean /employee's nice and polite

Nikki Ulrich

Good popcorn, small leg room.

David Boxx

We went last week with the grand kids. The place is impeccably clean and the service is incredible. The seats are very comfortable and the sound was awesome


Great theater. Would have been 5 stars but occasionally the popcorn seems like maybe it sat for too long. Friendly staff though!

Gina Schmittler

Workers were friendly and the theater was clean

Vernon Bouse

Not a bad place to see a movie.

Richard Bolzenius

Some of the best popcorn I have ever ate!!

Teresa Dobsch

Great movie and great fun!

Terry Lockhart

Clean BUT the seats are very uncomfortable most likely won t go back

Kimberly Tew

Love coming to this theatre. They have updated their seating and it is so comfortable.

Jason Kemper

Well priced and tasty snacks. The staff is friendly, the bathrooms are clean and the arcade has a good selection of games.

Willie Nelson

My favorite theater.

Dan Emerick

Close and convenient, sometimes slow lines because tickets and snack bars run from the same registers so even if that is all you want you must wait for all the snackers.......

Jeff Moore

Nice atmosphere... Haha it was just my wife and I and my daughter with her boyfriend.

Nalan Vol

I love going here. It is less crowded and more homely than the one in washington and their employees keep it clean and friendly.

Alfa Ramirez

One of the greatest deals ever, the films and treats are affordable and the seating is comfortable. Never fails at how amazing this cinema is, I wish I had one like it near my house- I have an AMC but it doesn't beat this one.


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