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REVIEWS OF GQT Forum 8 IN Missouri

Judy Sisak

Comfortable very friendly clean The spy thzt dumped me was execellent

Morgan Faith

What a fun place perfect movie an loved the seats

Joshua Kluck

great place to watch a movie cheaper than Hollywood or Regal

Bradd Anderson

Great picture and sound, super expensive drinks & candy...just like everywhere else.

Kasey Collins

Love the theater and service

Clayton Harbison

Forum 8 is a pretty good establishment. It's your average theater, but does have DBOX seating (it's alright, but not worth that much extra to me). The selection and cost of the concessions are what you would expect. Ticket prices can be fairly cheap at times. They do do throwback showings, which is interesting (up and down the spectrum from Gone with the Wind to Harry Potter). The staff are very nice and helpful. Probably the biggest plus to forum 8 is that it always seem to be very clean.

Alicia Meyer

I cannot say enough good things about this place. I refuse to go anywhere else in Columbia to see a movie. The staff are so friendly and accommodating! I am in a wheelchair and the accessibility of the theater is the best in town.

Tracy Grove

Clean. Neat. Fun!

Dianna Heckman

Our FAVORITE Theater in Columbia! Seats are much more roomier and comfortable! Prices are cheaper. Free drink refills. PLUS you can bring in your own snacks and drinks! A much more enjoyable Movie viewing atmosphere than hollywood. Our Family FAVORITE is Forum 8!

matt mengel

Comphy seats, great reward program, affordable snacks(love they have fountain machine available so dont have wait in line for refill)

Jason Oliver

Had my daughters birthday party here, the party room is small but clean. Good deals for the group at concession counter much better experience than our last at that other theater.

Jonathan Steffens

Great local theater, went to see Avengers Infinity War, easy to buy online via movie pass and redeem at theater. Pro-Tip: Join the GQT Rewards, save you on every concession purchase while earning rewards. A no brainer and great program. The alternative programming for kids, flashback cinema, and streaming events helps give more occasion than standard cinema fare

Waqar Zaidi

Very friendly staff. Seats are comfortable. However theater was so dark that it was super difficult in finding seats. Trailer were playing when I had gotten to the theater. Usually they have dim lights on until movie properly starts.

Stan Schwartz

Comfortable seats. Good movie selection. Cocession lines move quickly.

Ryan Knudsen

Definitely the better of the two large theater options in Columbia. The staff, prices, and comfort of the seats is better than their competitor down stadium boulevard. Always feel much better going here when it is possible. The free drink refills will excite most people, as it should. Doesn't do a lot for me but hey, it's there for those that care. All in all a fine box office experience.

Mike Strait

Snacks are EXTREMELY expensive. Comfortable seating. Nice sound.

Missouri Kev

Still in great shape.

Tom Dillard

After I moved to Missouri from Mississippi I was hoping for better quality theaters. But to be honest I've been disappointed so far. But this is the best theaters so far. Fair prices, clean theaters, as well as friendly and pleasant staff.

brendyndisney2187 85

I love GQT theaters and i love thier popcorn. Best theater ever

Alexandra Wilson

Best popcorn in town!

Lisa Van Etten

5 dollar Tuesday and Aquaman, what more do you need.

Nicolas Araújo

Not very comfortable, seems to be a little old, doesn't have 3D movies

Mark Yount

I've never had a bad experience at this theater. It's always clean, the employees are friendly and they have a great selection of the latest movies, classic movies and national theatrical events.

Brice Imsland

I love legroom. Normally there are one or two spots in the back of a theater by a wheel chair space with leg room. There are about 18 or so seats in this row, so even if I wasn't 20 minutes early I could have been comfy!


Favorite theater in town.

John Collins

My favorite theater in Columbia. Great app and the free membership gets you a discount on concessions.

Daryl M

Great prices on tickets and concessions.

Becky Kramlich

Great theater

Richard Wheeler

Great experience time and time again. The popcorn is always fantastic and the movies play without a hitch. I worked in that theater as a young man. Even though the faces have all changed the feel of the place is still like I remember it...the seats are a bit more cozie now and there's been more than one aesthetic change since I was young but the place is still pretty great in my book.

Greg Paszt

Nice movie theater employees are friendly it's warm clean and comfortable.

Tony E

Good movie experience.

Linda Roberts

Enjoy going to the movies here. I like to go to the 10 or 11 O'CLOCK movies during the week not as many people there at that time

Kendra King

Went to see How to train your dragon 3 with my son and it was an AWESOME movie! We love Forum 8 and it is our go to theatre!

Steve Hoog

Great theater, except the popcorn. Formaldehyde anyone?

Jeremy Strabala

Good theater with great staff.


Always a great experience here. Between a promotion and points we had very cheap snacks. Clean place with friendly staff.

Tim Gilbreth

Great theater, auditoriums always clean and comfortable. The concession lines move pretty quickly as well.

Dorothy Davis

Bathrooms need cleaned more often but otherwise its a great place!

Ray Brown

We enjoyed a mid-afternoon movie. The theaters are clean and well managed.

Shayla Turner

It was an awesome experience. The staff was polite and the food and theatrical experience was great.

Courtney Todd

Seats aren't that comfortable but ticket prices are pretty good. I paid $6 for my twilight hour ticket. I think they have $5 Tuesday's or something. They used to anyway. You also get free refills on your soda.

Don Plata

As with any movie theater the tickets are pretty pricey. However, they still have the Twilight pricing at 4PM. Last time we went it was $6 per ticket. I think it is up a little from that now.

A Google User

Popcorn way over priced 8.25 ouch and that's no drink just popcorn

annony mous

Love watching movies here! Theaters are always clean, seats are comfortable, popcorn is amazing.

Bob Andy

Nice little theater and excellent service. Very clean.

Wafa D. Aloufi

DBOX is a fun experience.

Torrence Jack

Good enough. Nothing fancy but it was nice for what it was.


Probably the best place to go see a movie in Columbia! the staff are always friendly! we have been going to each and every Thursday opening showing of the marvel movies and the atmosphere is one of the best!

Sheldon Slade

Solid theater with reasonably comfortable seating. Tickets aren't cheap, but no worse than you'd typically find these days. Concessions are also sold at the usual theater prices, but with a decent refill policy. Customer service here is good, and they also regularly have showings of older movies in their "Flashback Cinema".

Mark Davis

Me and my wife love going hear for movies we go anytime we have time thanks forum 8.

Brent House

Not the cleanest or the nicest theater but concessions are a little cheaper, and once the movie starts, i dont notice the condition of the place anymore

Jamila Kerr

Forum is a great movie theater. Great rewards program. I have many memories of going here in college and on dates with my now husband. Popcorn tastes awesome even without butter. Seats are comfy and it's not awkwardly cold when you watch a movie.

Francisco Palermo

Love the movie classics they play. Nice to see some of those old movies in the big screen.

Marisa Hagler

Nice, clean theater. Friendly staff.

Jeanne Taylor

Love this theater. Like a neighborhood theater with a good selection of movies

Hasu Heart

This is my favorite place to go in Columbia Missouri to watch a movie. The price is always right. I don't feel guilty for spending the money

Anne Reustle

We especially love the kids series in the spring & summer. Get the app for bonus deals. The seats are pretty comfortable & roomy. Employees are friendly.

Dustin Rowland

They upgraded the seating during a renovation a couple years ago, and it's still nice. Popcorn is better here too!

Joe Schmidt

No recliner seats, which is kind of the standard now. Relatively small theater, feels a little chaotic in the lobby. Movie screens are decent

Guy C

Great people. Nice and clean. Arm rest was slightly worn. Good time though with family

Ronda Jackson

Reasonable prices. Comfortable seating (except always cold). Great reward system. We rarely go to movies but had enough points our popcorn and 2 sodas were free.

Henry Thomas

The only reason to go elsewhere is if they aren't playing your move of choice. I prefer the service, atmosphere and especially prices to Stadium 14. All around this is an excellent theater and I've never encountered a problem here.

Erik Isom

The seating here is the best of the theaters in town.

Brian Drewery

This place is great. The staff was very helpful and friendly. The theater was super clean and handicap accessible.

Lisa Lisa

Staff was very Friendly. Comsession Staff fast and efficient. Seats very comfortable. Theater clean N pleasant.


So I prefer the other movie theater in town as this place charges $0.50 for large popcorn refills and jalapenos. I mean it is not a huge deal and if the showtimes are right I'll come here, but between the two I prefer the other. HOWEVER, they have dollar shows sometimes on saturday and sunday during the summer which are usually awesome classic or near recent movies and I will go here for those almost every time. Yes I am a movie junkie. Also their is a pokestop here.

Jess Newkirk

Good service, quick lines, and cheaper than Regal.

beth sexton

Theater was clean seats very comfortable. Popcorn could have been better kind of stale. But over all great place to go to.

The Horrorist

I love it. The staff is nice to you. Always someone to help and big parking lot.

Sonia Hall

We saw a great movie here

Devin Craft

Great retro style theatre experience. No reserved seats. There is still a ticket taker before the auditoriums. Getting concessions was pretty busy. Air hockey in the front. Our screening of "Yesterday" had no issues. There is no stadium seating, but the screen was up high, so getting a good seat shouldn't be an issue.


Staff are helpful. The theater over all is well kept always enjoy the pop corn when we go.

Rikki Bertagnolli

Best Theater in Columbia! I will only be going to Forum, as Regal has started assigned pre-seating which is a TERRIBLE idea. Please DO NOT implement assigned pre-seating or force customers to pick their seats prior to the movie. D-Box seats are fine to pre-assign and purchase. (and to the lady who complained about getting kicked out of DBOX seats because she didn't pay for them- stop being so entitled and realize you have to pay for those extra luxuries. This is America - just because something isn't being used doesn't mean you can have it for free).

Audrey Kerr

Good theater with really comfy seats!

John Doe

I went here over any other theater in the area simply based off of the review score being the highest, and I fully regret my decision. Don't give them your time or money. They do nothing to deserve it. I bought DBox tickets to Avengers: Endgame with my girlfriend, wanting to experience something we never had before, and as soon as we sat in the seats we specifically reserved half a day earlier, a member of staff shoo'd us away from them, telling us we didn't have the correct tickets. We went to the ticket booth to ask what the heck was going on, and no manager was in sight. The staff we managed to get behind the register pussyfooted around the issue, refusing to help us, telling us that they were sold out of the tickets at that time and sending us back to our regular seating, far too close to the screen to be comfortable (though the exact two DBox seats we had originally reserved stayed empty for the duration of the picture, so telling us they were sold out was clearly just to blow us off). The same staff were absent when the crowd in the theater wouldn't stop talking over the film. The food was overpriced, the popcorn smelled like something dead and tasted even worse, and it was a struggle even getting to the theater before any disappointment could begin: To get to the hallway, one has to push their way through a tiny roped-off space shared between lines for movie theater access, concessions, and bathrooms. I spent the three hour duration sick with anger, I have never felt so INSULTED for just wanting to go on a date. I can't imagine why this place is highly reviewed. I won't be coming back.

Brian Dampier

I always have a great experience when I go to the movies here. The staff are friendly in the theaters are generally pretty clean


AMAZING like if i could sing it I would

Torri Thrower

We took our 6 year old daughter to see The Lion King, which she found too scary. We had to leave an hour into the movie, and the manager caught up with us to ask if there was a problem with the movie. When our daughter said it was too scary, the manager offered us a full refund! I would have to say it was top of the line customer service, and we really appreciate the effort to make our experience so pleasant.

Linnea Bailey

It was good. I gave a four because popcorn was small and in pieces. Overall good

Kevin Mao

Overall good experiences whenever I come here. Really expensive popcorn and drinks. Buttttttttttt, that’s mostly because there are free refills on drinks, and 50 cent refills on popcorn. I always come here to watch movies, because of the friendly staff, humble atmosphere, and overall good design. I recommend to anyone who is looking for a good place to watch a movie.

Omni Dimiourgía

Clean place with comfy seats!

Farron Klemme

Movie was great. Popcorn was awesome.


Most comfortable theatre in town.

Candy Scurio

Staff was super!! seats could use some updating but place was clean and I deff go back


Everything was clean and the sound was not on "bust your ear drums" loud.

William South

Favorite theater in town.

Ben Geyer

Average theater. There’s nothing special about it, but nothing bad about it. I wish they had reclining seats but I realize it’s not to be expected with all theaters these days.

Maxina Rosas

Low ticket and concessions prices, always clean theatres, and friendly staff!!!

Tonya Perry

Like most movie theaters, snacks are way overpriced. The movie experience at this theater is very good.

Jason L

I prefer this theater to the other one in town. It is clean and the seats are comfortable. I do wish they had more ticket booths.

Tanya Jarvis

Basically had the theatre to ourselves minus 3 other people.

Peggy Tremblay

Enjoyed this place to watch a movie.

Anna Stewart

Staff is great! It's clean and comfortable. Forum 8 is simple. No dining or game rooms. It's just a classic movie theater, which I love. Accessible parking, restrooms, and seating with multiple companion seats.

Jason Howell

Best movie theater around the area. Comfy seats and free refills on soda

Michelle Green

Good place to watch a movie. Could use some updating

Sara Reindel

Saw The Lion King today! Great movie, great place to be on a hot day!

Brenda Tisdell


Willard Sisson

Comfortable seats and $.50 refills on popcorn.

Michael Meyers

My favorite theater! Smaller but more unique than the big box theaters

Nancy B

Clean, nice seats, and friendly staff! By far my favorite theater in Columbia!

Ben Thomas

Most unorganized poorly run theatre I’ve ever been to. The credit card machines were down and I spent thirty minutes in line just to get popcorn.

Wyatt Owings

Good ticket prices for the area. Nice clean atmosphere, with comfy seating for movie viewings.

Denise Tounzen

This is a nice, clean theater. They play the latest movies, and have the usual concessions. Staff are friendly. I have had many good experiences here. It is not as fancy as the other theater in town, but it costs less. It's a good value, and I will go again.

Alexander Ross

Good service, great quality. Best theater in town IMO.

Abby Courtney

Decent prices, comfy seats

Robert Campbell

Best theater in Columbia hands down. Their rewards program is great and seats are super comfortable.

Angela Palmer-Pitts

What a fun theater!! My husband and I LOVE all they offer.

Jo Ar

The staff was great but theater needs a good cleaning and since when does movies have commercials for TV shows

Chris Bowden


Brian Perkins

Love to watch movies

K Tucker

My favorite theater in town. Comfy seats and good staff


Nicely run place. Good prices & an Excellent rewards program.

Hannah Lilienkamp

Seating could be more comfy. Friendly staff.

Gordon Harper

Very clean theatre. Courteous staff

Shawna Hinson

Enjoyed the movie with my kids. The staff was so nice and helpful and the place was clean. This was our first time coming here and will definitely be coming back to this theater for movies from now own.

Jacklyn Burns

They show the best movies


Great movie theater!!

Bob Thurston

Comfortable movie theatre. Screen size was okay which is typical of shopping center movie theatres.

Joe Pangborn

They show great movies, image that! Nice seats too.

Marla Le

Love this movie theater. Very fast and efficient, and they are consistently renovating the place. They have new seats and they are very comfortable. The arm rests can be lifted up so you can be closer to your date or loved one. Prices are fair and concessions are normal for a movie theater.

Alanna Ti'a

Best Theater in COMO! Clean and efficient. The seat arms fold up so you can snuggle with your loved ones. I never go to the other theater anymore. Love their deals with the Frequent Movie Goer club. And they're less expensive than the other theater too.

Mark Hawkins

Great movie a lot of fun


My favorite theater!

Joe Arechederra

This is a very nice theater and the prices are very fair. We took our two kids here to see a movie and bought drinks and popcorn. In total we spent under $40, which was amazing compared to what we were paying in St. Louis. They do not attempt to gouge you on prices for popcorn and soda. The popcorn is fresh, which makes it even better.

Annette Muscato

I come here for the matinees and better prices. The customer service is awesome. I'm not a fan of Hollywood and they charge way more but don't offer free refills on all drinks. This place does and their staff is wonderful.

ceanne gibbons

Decent movie theater

Tabitha Grayson

The service was great and the bathroom where very clean I don't use everyone bathroom so Thank you.

Sheila Nicholes

Seen Good Boys! Great movie super funny. Movies are expensive everywhere but that would be my only complaint

Michael Smith

Seats could be updated but still good movie spot.

Hugh K

Best theater in Columbia. The movies are usually pretty cheap for morning and afternoon showings and the seats have arm bars that can be cranked back if you want more space. Good service and clean place too.

dakota martin

Great place, cheap tickets, not too gawdy

Moses Farr

Lovely seating!

Kimbo Slice

Forum is the best theater in Columbia, hands down. The only one I bother going to. Spacious theaters that are clean, seasoning for the popcorn, ample parking, comfy seats... can't beat it.

Teresa K

Love Forum 8. Convenient and smaller than other theaters. Seats in some of the theaters not as comfortable? Maybe that is just me???

Saad Zaidi

Seats are not good, the customer service is better mainly comprised of college students. The seats in theater are not good specially for people with upper or lower back injuries. I developed back pain because the seats had some kind of auto adjustment mechanism but this mechanism is not good at all for people with back pain.

Sean Dennehy

Went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. And had a horrible experience. The movie started with a yellow tint due to a projector issue. They stopped the movie fpr about 15 minutes and apologized. I understand these things sometimes happen, and let it go. The movie restarted. Then at the final climax, ads that normally play while people enter the theater started playing, completely ruining the entire experience further. There was no apology this time. Someone fixed it, but by then the climax had passed, and i left with a poor taste in my mouth. Manager did give me a refund after a complaint. But given the issues we had, it was poor customer service to not offer some sort of compensation to the 25 or so attendees. I hate having to complain to get a refund when simply offering free popcorn or something would have been enough.


Typical theater experience and prices.

Sidharth Sen

All the movie theatres inside have great sound quality. The D-Box theatres are even better. The movie show prices are also cheaper than the other theatre in town. The best deal are the $6 shows around 4 pm everyday (twilight hour shows).

Jared and Karen Runnels

Screen never opened wide for Lion King. Staff tried to tell us it was "made narrower" as it was a "flat movie".

Ken Tounzen

Great theater for a night out. Prices are the best in town.

Jareth Garza

Forum is the best theater in town. Hollywood theaters charges u for pretzel and then cheese... and u dont get free refills, UNLESS u buy the largest size of cup. Forum-8 places a Soda-Fountian for self-service. Not only that, but the Manager has been the same, since I was kid, and she is AWESOME. Smiles and talks to you and seems to really enjoy her job. Forum 8 is the best by far.

Curtis Edwards

great Prices! A Matinee during the week 6 bucks if you have a day off. Concessions great and free refills on any size drink.

Samantha Nichols

The bathrooms are great and free refills. They also have more matinee times than some other theaters in town. A few games are out in the foyer as well.

phillip w. williams sr

If the movies good you go see it what can I say the place is clean bathroom to clean Services good

Steven Cook

Good place to see a movie and reasonable prices.

Lee Tucker

Great movies, great prices.

Nika Howard

Tucked away off Forum, this theatre is always decently clean and the staff are friendly. Much better to go watch a movie here as opposed to Hollywood as it tends to be less crowded. Plus the throwback cinema showings are amazing!

Jody Street

This is the only theatre I go to as they have the best popcorn in town. The staff need to start doing walk throughs again while movies are playing as unfortunately there are still rude people who think it’s ok to have their cell phones out and text throughout entire movie(very distracting if they are seated next to or in front of you). Sometimes the theater is a bit cold too.

Timmy Wright

Seating was uncomfortable but clean

Ethan Cordray

My preferred mainstream theater. Comfy seats and cleanliness are highlights.

Lori Triplett

Good selection of shows and showtimes. Friendly staff. Clean bathrooms.

Mark Swanson

Nice theater easy access only wish they would not serve the popcorn crums.

ashley demilio

We paid for d-box tickets on our first visit here. Some lady came up to us and asked if we had tickets, told us we didn't have the correct tickets, and then made us sit in normal seats. This would have been fine if it weren't for the fact that the two seats we bought for our movie were empty for the remainder of the movie. Management told us they couldn't and wouldn't do anything for us. Totally ruined the rest of the night, incredibly unfortunate. Also this place is absolutely tiny, we got shoved around by the waves of people trying to fit through a pinhole of a hallway to get to the actual theater rooms. Staff were rude as well, and I honestly can't blame them for the conditions they work in.

Sarah Ludeman

Seats are so much more comfy than Regal! Less expensive & more personable employees.

Tori M.

Drove 45 minutes into town to see a movie with our mom who's been sick and never leaves the house. The only seats left (besides the RPX seats) were right in-front, and her eyes are so bad she can't see there. We went back out to the front, over $25 worth of concessions in hand, and they say there's nothing they can do unless we pay more for the RPX seats. Didn't even offer to go get a manager. This is why people don't go to theaters anymore. We pay top dollar for customer service and don't even get it. She was so disappointed, and tired and we all just went home. Felt like we wasted a lot of time and money on one of the only days off we have. My significant other said he never wanted to come back to Forum 8, which sucks because the seats are more comfortable than Regal. He's going through chemo right now, and every minute of his day is sacred to him. Get your guys' act together. What ever happened to the customer is always right?

Pierre McGarvey

Forum 8 is a great movie theatre with good prices for movie tickets and popcorn, much cheaper than Hollywood. There are free refills for soda, and 50 cents for popcorn refills. There’s lots of parking available, and 8 big theaters inside, along with party rooms and an air hockey table. Another great thing is the amazing customer service.

Susan Robinson

Nice place to watch movies

Angel Sabin

I really enjoy this movie theater over others


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