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REVIEWS OF Blue Springs 8 Miller Theatre IN Missouri

C c Rojas

Great place to watch movies to good Tuesday's at great place for family fun night

John Darrah

Basic theater, nothing special. Seats aren't great. Left the overhead can lights on dim through the movie.


Really enjoyed the renovated theater. Was a great experience, but I would have enjoyed the lights being a bit darker.

Railfan Jason

Haven't been there in many, many years, but went last month. Nice theater updates, but the walkway aisle lights inside the theater rooms are FAR too bright and shine into the sides of your eyes during the movie. It's very uncomfortable, taking away from the experience. Everyone I went with felt the same. One of the guys even took his shoes off to cover the lights even. It was literally that bad.

Alexandria Johnson

Clean theater, friendly service, and amazing deals on Tuesday!

Peyton Fitlife

Amazing seats and not to crowded, and staff was great

Coleen Williams

I love this place! We live in Independence, but the theatre here has bed bugs so we drove to Blue Springs. I was so thrilled with the comfy leather seats, the courtesy of the staff, and the ease of ticket and concession purchase in one place. We will definitely be back!

Reda Mouhssine

Awesome friendly owners and staff, clean place especially the restrooms, great atmosphere!

Thora Van Hook

Nice clean theater with upgraded seating, good sound system and great prices!

Marvin Nichelson

Really great experience coming here with my wife Tammy and my cousin Wes and Kim

Chris Workman

Comfy, big recliners. Clean theatres and awesome sound. Plenty of room and a good view.

James B

Excellent comfortable seating with room to stretch out. Cheaper and Better than AMC. Did I mention the Lux lounge for some adult drinks?


The movies where good

Phil Epple

Kind customer service. Clean and great place to see a movie.

Julie Creech

Clean. Love the smaller theater experience.

Elizabeth Reed

It was decent enough. The staff was friendly and nice and my family had a good time but the seats were so uncomfortable and the layout of the auditorium that we were in was not great. The walk way was down the middle of the room which meant that you couldn't sit in the middle of the screen and then you had to see everybody who got up during the movie which was distracting. But the place was clean and there was plenty of legroom between aisles. It wasn't anything special but also wasn't a bad experience. Also, I want to make sure to say that they have changes coming in the fall, including their seating, which means that most of my complaints will probably be dealt with.

Cooper Neir

They have updated some theaters with reclining seats and very comfortable

ray jones

Renovated theater is very nice seating was very comfortable prices are still high they would pack the place more if they would lower their prices

Wayne Simmons

Great theatre! They just got new reclining seats that are really comfy. Tuesday nights are discounted tickets, popcorn, hot dogs, and soda. Staff is always friendly and helpful. It's a great little theatre. I almost don't want to share how good it is because it usually isn't busy either. I'd like to keep it all for myself, but they deserve your patronage. Skip those big chain multiplexes and enjoy a comfortable and pleasant evening at your local Blue Springs 8! (I actually drive in from the next town over so it's not local to me, but still worth the drive.)

Cory Michael

Screen was dark and hard to see but there were only 3 other people on the theater

Ash Paradox

It's quite rundown, and the seat aren't centered to the screen, but over all, it's a nice cheap theater, and is nearby. They also have a bar.

Derek Johnson

Good selection of movies at a decent price. Food is more expensive than the tickets though so they get you on that. Good deals on Tuesdays, 5 dollar tickets with more deals on food.

Becky Halphin

Comfy space to watch a movie. Good snacks.

Edward R.

Matninee showing in theatre #3. Comfy recliners with plenty of leg room. Docked a star as the room was a little cooler than we would have liked, but otherwise, very nice.

Jana Barbour

Prices are perfect. Staff is very accommodating and polite. And am I the only one that can't wait for Summer KId's movies. Love this place.

Mia Mac

Didnt turn the lights off

Sam Lograsso

I like this place, they are not busy and they have reclining seats, a little expensive.

Joey Zarrillo

Best theater in Eastern Jackson County. Clean, comfortable, safe, and family-owned. Can't beat their Too Good Tuesday deal. $5 tickets, $2 Hot Dogs, Popcorn, and Soft Drinks. Once you go to The 8 you won't want to go anywhere else.

Steve Sharp

Love this movie theatre. Just the right size. New movies playing at normal prices. Concessions are good, very high $ like all the rest, but this place is seldom as busy as the bigger theatres, and way less teenagers hanging around.

Kara Eikenbary

A great, quiet place to watch a movie!

Maxen Mason

Nice, comfortable, clean theater but high ticket pricing, slow lines and speaker clarity and lack of diverse movie selection is a problem.

Kathy Chapman

Very clean, spacious, new luxury seating!


One thing seats are to low and screen to high

Vince Dicavolo

Seating is much better than other theatres. It is a nice Clean theatre.

Theresa M

LOVE taking the family here. Always clean and comfortable. The staff is very friendly and accomodating.

christopher Reeder

love the recliner wish all of the theaters had these chairs

Ryan Smith

This theater has vastly improved. Saw Endgame here and it was awesome. Really nice seats and the bar is super cool.

Todd Freitag

Newly remodeled....prices cheaper than the big guys. Great experience...

jessica m

Customer service was great. Movie was great.

Joe Wyant

This is a great family-owned business. Clean, less expensive, less riff raff, always a great experience.

Time Change

The movie was supposed to start at 1110. Finally at 1125 myself and a couple others went to the concession and reported it. They started it right away. Chairs are comfortable.

Georgia Motley

I think I understand why they put a bar in this theater. Not a drinker myself, however the older lady in the back of the theater was enjoying herself. That was kind of funny. Quiet place to enjoy yourself (not a lot of people). Concession at a cinema, I always expect to pay a hefty chunk of change, but this concession was not worth the water bill!

Amy Bottcher

The food is ridiculously expensive. I'd rather drive farther away to have a better all around experience.

Jamar Parker

It's cool

Brenda Lewis

We love that you have updated and we can stay right here in our own town to go see a movie!

Gracie Sanchez

Tuesday is $5. day with discounts on certain concessions! Deluxe seats are comfortable

Vicki Brockman

Movie changed a lot since the last time I went. Great seats, lots of room, flavors for the popcorn. Great time!! Thank you Markus William's with Keller Williams for inviting me

Sue Robb

Fantastic customer service! Love the new chairs and concessions. Support local theater!!


Awesome low key local theater. Recently upgraded some theaters with leather recliner seats, added a small bar up front. Improved Iris screens.


Blue Springs Miller 8 Theatre is almost as good as Alamo Drafthouse Cinema downtown

Jason Pool

Good theatre experience. Classic style seats though, so dont expect the bench style. Pricing is pretty much the same as everywhere else. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Jaedha Godwin

This theater is nicer than any other theater I have been to! If I am choosing a theater to go to, I will choose this one.

Kali Mabrey

Clean, nice theatre with all the snacks and beers you can dream of.

Josh Smith

Chairs are very nice, on.Tuesdays movies are $5.00 all day and cheaper popcorn on Tuesdays!

Jeremy Squires

Seats reclined slightly which was a nice surprise.

Lilliard Richardson

Very good theatre.

Angela Davis

Love the new seats and the addition he the bar area for adults

Beast mode

Great theater and great prices!!

Chris Metts

Good prices for admission and snacks. Free refills on the large drinks and popcorn.

paul uptergrove

Went there Superbowl Sunday to watch a movie with my fiance and half way thru the movie just stopped. No one came and told us anything at all. I went to the front and the kids there were trying a way to watch the game do to power failure. They didn't not tell the patrons anything

Teresa McLain

We appreciate the discounts. The $8 tickets at Price Chopper, the cheap Tuesdays, and the children shows and summer. I wish there was a break on snacks I have five grandchildren and I'm just not able to buy them anything. They are too little to have a big bucket popcorn or something that we could share so I just wish the little mini trays were just maybe something different I had a little drink and maybe one thing for $3 I think there should be some options. Food prices are ridiculous.

Jason Shoun

Awesome new seating and sound. Great prices and place.

Jason Ewens

Nice theatre. Great sounds, great price. Hardly recognize it from when it was an AMC theatre.

Esther Mullins

Love love love love so comfortable to watch here!!

Don B

Friendly staff clean theater and nice seats

Baltis Schuller

Not a bad little theater... I actually really prefer this one to an AMC to be honest. Then again, trying to find a reason to actually to here is the hardest part... I don't think Hollywood has produced anything worth sitting down and eating popcorn and milk duds at a criminal cost in over two decade though. So, nice establishment... Wonderful crew of employees... Just terrible content at no fault if the establishments of course.

Flower Girl

Comfortable recliners! I felt a little close to the guy I didn't know that was beside me though. But overall, it was a good experience.

Claire Gunter

I have not been to this good of a movie theater in a long time. Comfy seats

Mike Levy

They have done a terrific job renovating. The new seats are nice better screens and sound make the movie going experience enjoyable. Having closed captions now will help make this my new go to theater for the family.

Linda Owen

Older building, but updating the inside. I think it said that in August, the seats will be able to recline with foot rests. Plenty of space between the rows of seats now. Was very nice.

Doug Feagans

Great time and great theater. Love the recliners and adult drinks

christopher williams

Love my home town theatre. Plus, they are upgrading their facilities.

Devious Uno

Love this little place. Still drive the extra time and mileage just to see a movie here!

Jim Acosta

Great affordable theater. The remodel has really upped the game. Hopefully some day Sarah Sanders will go out on a date with me to this clean romantic theater.

Cherie Crawford

They revamped the theater, and wow! Recliner seats, bar at the concession stand, lots of room in the isles. They have really done a great job of fixing the place up!

Hope Gale

Wonderfully refurbished to create an all around pleasant and comfy movie going experience!

Craig Kassing

Great new seats and tons of leg room. Get there at least 20 minutes before show ... Sometimes longer line

clay collums

We enjoy the new full service bar. Staff is always friendly. Sound and picture is great!


Great place to see a movie. Comfy seats, good remodel, not too busy or crazy. Good staff. Food is decent. Drinks are a little pricey but no worse than the other theaters around town. The bar is generous with the portions to make up for the price. Good experience overall.

By Word Of Music

Very uncomfortable chairs, dated interior, high price concessions that were not good (e.g. microwaved frozen white castle burger).definitely a bait and switch from the deceiving pics.

Mary Avery

Love this local movie theater. Comfy seats and friendly staff. The theater is always clean and not sticky and gross like others in the area. Love that they are putting in new seating and a bar!

Ashley Kallas

Always clean, staff is very friendly, and very competitive prices. Plus the reserved seating is a huge bonus!

porky hugey

My toes were cold but the joker was good

Kristina Sorrelli

Very clean, love the new seats and the new drink area. Clean and roomy restrooms. Ticket prices are great when taking a family. Best time/prices to go is a matinee. Movie selection is just like the big 20 commons with a better atmosphere. Support local, it's worth every penny.

joe gimmarro

It's been about a month or two since I've been here......WOW GREAT SEATS! Nice renovation! Thank you BS8.

Crystal Cleveland

Very nice. And has some new and updated games that even the adults had fun playing. Pizza fantastic as always.


All ceiling lights should be turned off before the movie starts.

William Sweet

Seating is great since the remodel. The theater was very clean. Great movie watching experience.

Russ Clark

If you haven't seen a movie there yet you need to. The Miller family has really updated the Blue Springs 8 Theatres. They have reclining seats now. Wide seating and very comfortable. Support our local theater. You won't be disappointed. My wife and I are retired and enjoy going to the movies on Tuesday because it is only Five Dollars to watch a movie there. Let's fill up our local Blue Springs 8 Theater.

Jason Castillo

Not the best, but it's got reclining chairs, a good menu and a bar!

Jordan Gill

I really enjoyed the movie theater. The employees were very nice. Unlike the AMC 20 in Independence!

carida berry

Didn't Hate it but the theater we were in was very very small, seats were 70s relics and the sound wasn't good. It's in serious need of updating the whole theater

Sharon White

Seats are cumfy but pop corn and drinks to high

Michael M

I've only seen 2 movies at this theater. It's a pretty nice theater. The first time I went was excellent. During the 2nd visit the theater was freezing and the picture looked a bit blurry. Sound quality was great, though.

Jeff L

I was impressed. The new update makes the theatre look and feel relevant. Tuesdays are lower price tickets and concessions. My one point of constructive criticism is that we were in theatre 3 watching Endgame and me being the audio/visual person that I am, I could definitely tell that the speaker system wasn't performing as though it should be. Audio mainly coming from the front of the theatre, and not really any bass or subwoofer in the action heavy pieces that there should have been. That being said, I'm a loyal B&B customer, but I would give this theatre another chance and you should definitely go and check it out!

connor Stump

Awsome family fun

Virginia Wilson

Pleasant surprise! Love Cinetopia in OP,KS but dread the 90 minute drive. Saw reviews about remodel and decided to check it out. Our new fave is 60 minutes closer! Love the bar options, recliners were amazing, spacious setup. Graphics and sound were perfect! They're building up their menu, but white castle wasn't bad! Self serve soda

Moha Moha

Seats are uncomfortable. My neck kept cramping.

Simon Reed

They are very clean they serve you with a smile I would go back there all the time I love that movie theater I will say any one who goes there they will have the best time of there life I like it I will always go there for my movie

John S

Great little theater. Service was great seats and extra space to spread. I didn't have to deal with all the and specific which is great. Will return

Amanda Gray

Best theatre ever! Super clean, comfortable, and top notch customer service. Love that it’s family owned and that they’re so involved in the community.

cecelia welsh

Loved new bar additions and great new seating

Teresa Sperry

Love the remodel job. Friendly staff. Seats were a bit older in the auditorium I was in.

Amber Banner

The popcorn is good, and that's the most important thing, right? We like to come on $5 movie Tuesday. Good value and clean theater.

Ashton Vartanian

Lived in this town my whole 27 years. Blue Springs 8 has been around the entire time. Years before, it was the second dingiest theater in the greater KC area. Now, it's in the top 5 nicest. Miller Theatres has turned the old building into a great place to catch a movie. The only criticism I have is that the paint job on the outside has been the same for years, time to refresh the outside to attract more business.

Cassandra Music

We saw Toy Story 4 and LOVED it!

PE Johnson

Comfortable seating great staff

Curtis White

Nice Theatre, Clean and good prices on movie tickets and concessions.

Mike G

Kinda small and the seats were alright. But the speakers were pretty loud and bassy.

Julie Evans

Nice Theatre, reclining seats. Wasn't busy so plenty of available seating.

Jay Taylor

Pretty nice upgrades, but not all theaters updated with new reclining seating. The older seats are very uncomfortable. Best part of this theater is $5 Tuesdays!!!! Would definitely come back when a show I'm wanting to see is playing in one of the newly renovated theaters.

Morgan Erickson

Used to be our favorite theatre but adding a bar and allowing alcohol in the theaters detracts... Don't need to smell someone's beer while watching Ralph Breaks the Internet. Also, combining concessions and tickets means when I need a refill, I have to wait in line behind people who may only want tickets. Took 10 minutes to get a refill tonight.

Heather Rosenberg

The popcorn was good and they had tons of different flavored toppings for your popcorn. The movie was great and the room was very comfortable. Downside was that it still had the old seating that didn't really recline and didn't let you put your feet up. And there were tons of boxes everywhere I think for a party they were going to have but you had to walk around them or find your way around them to get to the movie.

Shirley Young

A very pleasant experience with the theater seating.

Gary Reid

Went to see a Great Movie. Had lots of fun.

Mikey Lucifer

Nice little theater for blue springs has recliner seats and mostly everything as an up to date theater. Only thing I dislike is the lights didn't turn off fully while watching the movie it was kind of distracting.

Vicki Hardman

Great theater. Lots of employees to wait on you quickly. Love the Tuesday special pricing and very comfortable reclining seats.

spider Man fan Charlie

They remodel and it looks good

Steven Lande

As to be expected, there is insane price gouging for concessions. Can't really escape that at a theatre. 5 bucks for a k-cup coffee... Seats were nice, but there are blue lights on the control buttons that are a bit too bright. I was distracted by it, and had to cover it with my hat. I didn't cry, though, just complained in my review. Not a bad place to see a movie. At 2pm on a Saturday, & not a lot of people there... awesome.


I am so grateful for the Tuesday special. I love the way they have the lobby set up. It makes me feel I can set and relax and it's homey. They keep the place clean which is big in my book

John Ferguson

This place is about 2 blocks from my house, and we've been there several times during the day. Nice seating, full sound, GREAT prices, and a shockingly current movie selection. I love it! I will say that there appears to be a disconnect between Google and the actual company as far as showtimes. I was excited to see a listing on google for Hobbs & Shaw at 9:30 tonight, so I went on up there. Doors were locked, and the kid working ran away when he saw me (teenagers, amirite?!) So, I came back home and checked the company site. Sure enough, last one today was at 6:30. So, that might be worth looking into. No harm done. I'll see it in the morning, but I thought you'd wanna know. Thanks!

Daniel Callaway

Theater was not bad. Lot of items stored around as if they were remodeling. However, after coming out of the movie, had cars parked in front and behind me. Reported to the Theater, and they stated they cannot do anything about it. Will not even tow at owners expense. Tried to get General Manager and stated that it was their day off and won’t talk to anyone about it. Very poor customer service. Enough other theaters close that I will not choose to come back.

Jessica Vargas-Duque

I never have any complaints about this theater. Staff is always friendly and theater is always clean! I love that they've gotten in that new recliner seating too! Now if they could just designate a theater room for adults so that we can order alcoholic beverages and food then that'd be even more awesome!!

danna Rainwater

Love their seats....reclining back

Emily Boan

honestly, it's a lot nicer than it used to be when i was a kid but the cost of this place is insane!! i spent $80 for 3 kids tickets, 1 adult ticket, 3 medium drinks, a large drink and a medium sized popcorn. that seriously blows my mind. if i had known it was going to cost that much i would have just staed home and rented a movie off the tv. nice but not worth the price.

Marsha M

My favorite theatre in this area. Good prices and comfy seats. Really good popcorn and yummy seasonings you can put on it!

Damon Stephens

Get the good seats where you pick your seat. Or

Nathan Kaiser

Alittle bit if an older theatre but does the job well, the chairs are comfy and recline a bit. The sound and picture quality of the movie was spot on. The price for a evening movie is $10. Nice place

Daniel Kieran

Small theater. Nice enough. Not too many ads before movie. Signs say they are getting new reclining chairs soon so that will be nice


The movie was enjoyable very well-loved the creators were very polite and some very good popcorn

Randi Shroyer

Amazing place! Great service, great workers, great sound, and amazing and comfortable seats! First time at this theater and I will definitely be coming back!


I watched detective pikachu, I also got a rubber duck in a claw machine.

Phillip Warren

Great comfy seats!

August Miles

Very dirty, it stunk in the theater, screen was dim, picture was too big for the screen (cut off words and faces on close-ups), sound was too quiet and seemed like it was only coming from behind the screen. Tickets were cheap though.

Aidan Kinney

This theater is a a 4 star instead of 5 because, while the theater itself was a definite 5 stars, the conscessions were not the greatest and were expensive even by movie standards. The theater rooms were great and on Tuesdays you can see movies for only 5 dollars. Great deals, amazing theater rooms, Okay food. Overall if you want to see a movie and are in the area I would 100 percent recommend this theater

Regina Moreno

Ok during the day, too many teens dropped offunsupervised on weekends and evening.

Kristen Moore

This is a really nice facility! Recently renovated so it feels brand new. Friendly staff and great prices and always clean. I like their popcorn better than most theaters. I love movie theater popcorn too!

Monica Dumun

Nice new theater. Really enjoyed

Elijah games

Went to watch shazam there

Aaron Johnson

Nice local theater!!

E.L. Darling

The strategy of ringing up tickets and concessions at the same time translates to a major hassle for waiting in line.

Susan Parker

The recliners in the upgraded theater are wonderful! Comfort and a movie!

Penny Thurman

The updates look great. The seats were extremely comfortable.

Caleb Etter

Great movies for an affordable price.

Bryce Kuder

Really nice theater.

Just living

I've taken three girls ages 6, 5 and 3 to the summer movie series and each time was enjoyable. I was apprehensive at first taking all three by myself but it was a breeze due to the great staff!

Mike Jenkins

The theatre has reclining seats and it's very comfortable.

Mike Cobb

Great experience


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