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REVIEWS OF Belton Cinema 8 IN Missouri

Karly Carpenter

Cheaper than other local theaters on ticket and concession prices!

Chiquita Byrd

This small and intimate theater brings back old memories of my childhood. And this is not meant in a bad way! It actually gives you a homie feeling that makes you want to come back! I absolutely love it for family time or date nights. The prices are great too!

Bryan Lawson

Clean, well kept. Prices are super reasonable especially on the weekend. The staff was friendly. Loved it.

Paul OBrien

Always a good experience!

Hannah B

Nothing beats matinee pricing here.

Shelby Adrian

I have never had such a bad experience at a theater in my life. The staff was rude and the people viewing were extremely rude. I went out trying to feel better and after my experience here ended up going home and crying. It was extremely disappointing and I will not go back.


It's not a large theater but it is very nice the people are nice. the movie chairs were very comfortable. To be honest and it's kind of nice to go to a matinee and have popcorn and a snack that doesn't break the bank.

Charryse Berry

Love this place.

Emily Libeer

This might not be the fanciest movie theater in the area, but it's definitely the one we always go to. They have less screens than most big theatres, but that's the best part. Never a long line, always the latest movies, much better prices comparatively, and a much more intimate setting.

Amy Griffin

Basic theater but definitely covers all needs for family movie time. The tickets are reasonably priced, snacks were all fresh and good size. The staff was very happy and did their jobs well. Thanks for a good afternoon movie!

James Wood

Good prices on matinees and bundled snacks. Safe place. Police presence on weekends just to keep it safe. First run movies.

Jamie Renshaw

Love going to the matinee. Reasonably priced. Only $23 for my family of 4 to go see a new release. Clean spacious theatres, great seating with recliners. I never have to worry about not being able to see over the person in front of me, no bad seat in the place.

Harry Lim

Nice theatre friendly staff, limited ticket buying options, can't pick seating first come first go.

Tracy Thompson

Great movie experience!

Laura Cushing

Nice theater good prices

Coach Kendall

Older theater, but it is close to house, they show ALL the blockbusters & very inexpensive.

Jake Jacobs

Very good affordable movie theater. Staff are amazingly friendly!

Kristy Barnes

Love this theater. Clean and friendly workers.

Tyler Novack

Friendly staff great price!

Jeff Carroll

I'm 6'2" so having the wide aisle makes it much more comfortable. The steep stadium style layout and high backed seats means no heads blocking the screen. Great theater!

T.R. Hoefle

Good place for movies, usually clean and comfortable.

Rhonda Howard

Nice movie place

Zachery Perkins

Nice place... but great prices

Christina Schmidt

Several employees behind counter but only 2 working taking care of the long lines.


I love that this theater has remainded affordable! From the ticket prices to the concessions...we love it all. Thank you for enabling our family to go to the movies!

Daniel Hohenfeldt

Usually nice but cramped, you gotta get there a little early or you'll get the worst seats. 3D dont look great. Maybe need new screens and projectors all around

David Allen

When to the early viewing, enjoyed popcorn and drinks with the grandkids, nice outing.

Zach Harding

Very friendly and helpful staff when I called. Clean theater and facility. Will be back again in the future.

Paul Carter

Tried to go to a show at 2:10 and they decided not to open til 4pm that day... many people there had paid tickets for 2pm shows and were trying to call a manager (crowd of people outside) Their website said (caused we looked yet again) that they were supposed to be open and already have movies showing. TERRIBLE way to handle things.

Ted Cabato

First time since it was fully remodeled, with newer carpeting and newer, better quality seating. Looked good, more cleaned up than previous ownership/management, and especially didn't smell like burnt popcorn. They have decent prices on concessions, great price on tickets, very friendly staff.

Adam Markley

Reasonably priced and not fancy. Unfortunately the last movie I watched had the hdmi source in the lower lefthand corner for the entire movie. It was distracting.

maxwell gedzah

All in all just a good theatre and at noon its cheaper

Joseph Hobbs

Perfectly acceptable. Clean and decently comfortable seats. For those who just want a movie, nothing more.


Great theater very good customer service employees always have a good attitude with a smile I recommend this theater

Ashley Jones

Best theater around! Can't beat the $5.75 matinee prices!!

Tim Reeb

Concessions cost about the same as anywhere but the ticket prices are better than most options in the area. And they get the latest movies too.

Monica Thomas

Great prices for food and tickets. Clean and professional environment. I think it's great that they still hire kids because most places have adults doing the jobs of high schoolers.

Ken Rowlan

This is a great small town theater. Lines are manageable, popcorn is good, and seats are reclining. Missing from some top theaters may be stadium seating and fancier food here. Prices reflect that and are thankfully less expensive. Our go-to place.

Cassandra Smith

Movie was 15 minutes late starting. We had 20 school age kids waiting for it to start

Denise Vogel

Seating needs updated. Friendly staff. Good snacks just way overpriced like all other theaters.

jeri ware

Great, should open earlier to avoid crowds

Michael Sutherlin

I dropped my phone and used another one to find it on the floor. Too much trash on the floor.

Megan Handy

Amazing manager!!! He really seemed to care and go out of his way to accommodate us in every way possible!!! This theatre is small and quaint, with easy, close parking, and a friendly atmosphere.


Pretty good

Andrew Mulbrook

Not as cushy as the larger brand-name cinemas, but the value more than makes up for it. Wife and I can see a movie with snacks for less than the ticket price of the other cinemas. Decent screens and sound, but seating could be more comfortable. This place has a family friendly vibe that makes it feel like more of an old community movie theater before large corporate multi-screen monsters took over.

Heather Lofink

Great prices, friendly staff and not overly crowded. Good for date night or family outing

David Marr

With skyrocketing prices and all the fancy seating. (recliners Ha!) I found this theater to be very very refreshing! It's seating isn't the uncomfortable crammed together seating that was found in most of the theaters around KC up until a year or two ago, but it also isn't this high end recliner and beer that is driving theater pricing thru the roof. Nice comfortable leather seats. On top of this add the lower prices and this theater comes out over the top for value! Kudos, Belton 8

Lisa Mowell

I want to share how wonderful the staff at the Belton Cinema are... Let me tell you guys a story... I took my daughter and grand daughter and her little friend to see The Star tonight. I checked the movie times online but must have read them wrong. I thought the movie started at 7:20... It actually started at 7:00... We got there about 7:15... I was so bummed but we were just going to suck it up and go in late. The manager was standing there while we were talking about it.. you know what she did??? she said "you know what?.. no one else is in the movie.. you guys get your popcorn and drinks and I am going to start the movie over for you"... What a wonderful sweet thing to do for us.. She made our night... They were all the friendliest staff.. Belton theater gets 5 stars from us...<3


Great prices compared to other metro theaters. Sometimes smells musty though.

ThehuntMC YouTube

Great people, great movies, and amazing pop corn

Tisha Dooly

Love coming to this theater. Checked the movie time on my lunch break, website said 4:25. Rushed to the theater to make the movie time after work, sat in the movie theater until 4:38. Went to ask for assistance and staff were a bit defensive that l was asking when the movie would start. Apparently between noon and 4:38 the start time changed to 4:40. Be sure and double check the website for movie start times.

Katherine Grube

I'd definitely say it should be cleaned more, but mainly the carpeting. The food is decent (which is expected of movie theater food) and the employees are very good at their jobs. It seems pretty safe and the bathrooms are very nice. It's a good theater, and I do RECOMMEND it.

Dan Rosehouse

It smells old, it is old. Poor local service. None of the amenities found at better locations are seen here. Go for the cheapish prices.

Ray Wilkins

Nice sound and stadium seating. First run movies.

Brian Mabry

Popcorn and prices are the Best

Isabella Kelso

The tickets are cheap, but the snacks and drinks are majorly over priced. The seating was dirty and had trash everywhere. The flooring and chairs should be remodeled, but that wasn't quite as big of a deal as the trash.

Denise D Butler-Ward

Don't show enough black movies. Rather than that very nice. Sits are a bit too small, but overall friendly staff, reasonable prices nd no long lines.

Loree Hale

It took 20 minutes for the movie to start we sat in the dark with no explanation

Curtis Sipu

Nice little theater my wife and I like to come to, the staff has always been nice and friendly and the prices are reasonable

Richard Wilson

Good quality pictures! Nice clean bathrooms and friendly staff! Good for a romantic evening with a loved one or just out with the kids having a good time! Food and drinks are outrageously priced but since when have theatres not been overpriced on food and drinks! Lol! Nice clean theatres too!

Dellsa Glasco

It's a nice theater friendly service you want to watch a movie is the place to go if you live in Cass county

Lindsey Dawson

I would love to give our little local theater a 5 on it's own kerit and not in comparison to AMC or other big name theaters... Their website says they open the doors 30 mins prior to first showing. They open at 130. When we walked into our theater, first showing of the day, the floors in front of our seats were wet and the air smelled very musty and almost mildewy. On a positive note, popcorn is really good and their combos are reasonably priced. It's a nice fsmily movie theater..

Patricia A. Pryor

Very small quaint theatre, very clean and the popcorn was fresh.

Bonnie Keating Vail

Love this theater, hometown, family friendly, affordable, comfortable. Even the concession stand seem cheaper than the chain movie theaters.

Bryan Moroney

Great time had by all. Concessions were fairly priced and the staff was so friendly. Keep up the good work! Manager was so sweet

David Coyne

We went to 4:45 showing on Friday, 1st of the day. There was trash under all of the seats.i guess they don't clean everyday. Great price tho..

Hannah Hames

Nice smaller theater. If you don't want to go to the city to a huge theater, this one is perfect. Its just packed if it's an opening weekend for a movie.

Roy Brown

Clean the floors.


I love it. It was plenty of space the screen was clean and clear all and all a perfect flick place

Megan Rutter

The manager Willy is a real gem in every way. If you ever have a problem, you'll be blessed if Willy is on duty. He helped us when we were concerned about another movie patron, and even followed up with us twice before we left. He even waited to leave to ensure he saw us out!!! Really, SO FAR ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY!!! Anymore, this kind of service is possibly a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Willy, for acting more like a dad than a manager.

Wayne Emery

Good theater, good prices would have gave it more stars but loud teenager during movie run back and forth during movie. All theaters should be checked a couple of time during movie for problems.

Nyko Remy

Great place

Phoenix Soulless

Great prices. Clean theater. Would have been perfect if they offered reclining seats.

Alisha Jordan

I believe I lost my license there about week or almost 2 weeks ago & I’ve called, my mom has called, we’ve left voicemails, & no answer. Need to work on answering the phone. I live 45 minutes away otherwise I’d go back there.

The Cubian

Good place to watch movies

Roy H. Doss

PGood shows, nice seats

Dana Burris

They could clean under the theatre seats a lot better but it is a nice enough theatre

Forsaken Krazy

My wife and I have a great time every time we come here

Mary Thompson

There was 2 other people watching move so no one talking

V Richardson

Great staff helped a disabled woman to the bathroom.

Jennifer Kailus

More about convenience for people who live you in the area than about a great theater experience. Okay for plot based films. Films where special effects or scenery are prominent features may be better viewed at theaters with more advanced seating and technology.

Payton Roes Kern

chris the manager is amazing :) thank u chris

Lajuan North

Could have more comfortable seats...but other than that, great place to take the family. Great prices! 5

Shawn Penny

Good prices, good popcorn and good service! Seats could use an update...recliners are spoiling everyone!

Ralph Baker

Popcorn wasn't warm or hot. That is it lion King rocked

Jesse Howell

Everything from the concessions, to the restrooms, to the movie watching experience is clean crisp and state of the art. Prices are low compared to their competitors. One of if not the best movie theater in the Kansas City Area.

Scyther Johnson

Ticket prices are more than reasonable -- however, the theater does look rather dated from both the inside and the outside. And the last time I came here, the seats were a little uncomfortable, and the air in the theater felt too cold for my tastes. You may want to consider bringing a jacket if you are particularly sensitive. And to everyone complaining about pricey concessions: isn't that what one would expect from a theater anyways?? Besides, the jumbo popcorn comes with one refill, and it is easily more than enough for two people.

OTR Trucker

Pretty good cinema.

Calista Claibourn

concessions were highly expensive and the theater wasnt very comfy, but it was overall a good experience and the movie itself was amazing to watch

Vicky Heather


BelloYello Pink

I Wish Yall Opened Earlier... But Anywho Still Enjoyed The Movie Hobbs & Shaw..!! & Very Affordable

Crystal Ward

Usually awesome. Unfortunate experience recently. Money was thrown at me because she mistakenly thought I had my phone out, which i didn't, while the credits were rolling. Wasn't handled properly at all by security.

Wendy Erwin

Not as fancy as the big cinema companies, but the prices are better.

Jamie Miller

What is that smell? Inside the theater smells so bad. We've been to this theater twice and both times the theater smells horrible. It smells so bad that we almost left the 2nd time and have decided we won't be going back. Shocked by the response from the Manager. We went to a late show the place was about closed when we lefg. I wasn't aware that I had to speak to a manager before placing a review. But to tell a customer "but if that's how you feel" is not very professional.

Vicki Madden

Convenient, comfortable, and a great place to view movies.

Carol Tompkins

Clean, nice seats & nice picture screen.

Michael Scott

I like the seats. I like the wide rows. Concessions aren't too highly priced. Only thing I don't like is the bass really comes in from neighboring theaters.

Chase Peterson

Good popcorn and movies

James P

Good prices and friendly staff.

Adam Brown

A first run movie theater with 8 selections, low prices, and comfortable seating! I love it. They do a great job keeping it clean and always start on time.

Barry Packnett Jr

It's a good theatre but had a bad time with folks talking in the theatre

Judy Walden

Clean and comfortable not too loud and a pleasant place to watch movies

marcus brennon

A very nice small theater. Friendly atmosphere, clean and great popcorn! Would recommend!

i love pink roses

Saw Spiderman Far from Home, 1st time at this theatre. Was Awesome! Theatre is cute, got tickets online super easy&fast at counter. Staff friendly, Nachos good and popcorn came in Spiderman container. It was great! Will return here, good experience.

Laura Cunningham

Bought movie tickets early on-line and now ready to check out the movie End Game tomorrow

Mike Dryer

Love this place!! $5.75 matinees & only $11.75 for drink & large buttered popcorn - nothing better at AMC or B & B!!

Brittany Piersee

This theater is great! And the prices are perfect. We really enjoy having this theater in town.

Joshua Deburger

Movie was delayed hard drive issues waited hour to find out

Greg bagley

Expected less with it being a small area theater. It's actually really nice. Pop corn is cooked right and buttery. Only complaint I had was some really shotty seats at the very front felt broken and unstable. Just in one room though.

Debbie Viebrock

We went to see Aquaman.


I love small towns theaters so much better than swanky big city ones! It's not fancy and that's what I love about it! This place is what nostalgia should feel like!! Love it!!

Annie Jackson

Love going to this theater!!

Lucy Rebecca Bourgeois

Love this place. Clean, affordable theater with a hometown vintage vibe! Great service and always has seating for the latest new releases!

Hailey Dummermuth

The movies are always good and the staff is polite. Great place to be.

David Gentry

Decent theater not really crowded most of the time

Montello Smittie



Good movie experience for a reasonable price

Melissa Stapleton

I absolutely love this theatre! I love their prices, friendly and welcoming staff, the seating, especially the concession stand.. It is NOT over priced like other theatres. I choose Belton Cinema over all others!

Frank Shuler

Very affordable and good quality

Thomas Hines

Overall great place to stop in for a movie. There have been several changes from what this theatre was 7-10 years ago when i had last been here. All of the ticket prices and snack prices are reasonable, especially compared to any other theatre as you go north from Belton.

Melissa Arenson

This theater has been remodeled to have stadium style seating and comfortable chairs. I consistently struggle with the sound being slightly too quiet. In fact, that is the reason for 4 instead of five stars. this is especially problematic and slightly quieter films. Or those that are atmospheric. It is often hard to hear the film over the sound of people eating their snacks. That said, everything at this theater is so ridiculously affordable compared to the main theaters in the area that it makes up for this one issue. you can finally go to the theater and order snacks without breaking the bank! Update 7/10/19: the sounds issue seems to have been resolved based on the last movie I saw.

Cody Willis

Great price good quality

Mandy White

This theater is great. The aisles are nice and wide so people don't have to move to let you pass. The prices are very reasonable for tickets and concessions.

Shannon Farris

Very friendly people. Love the prices.

Kristy Borders-Spitler

Surprisingly clean and nice. Chairs "rock". Usual concession food at concession prices. Theater is not a palace, but it isn't bad.

Andrea Acosta

Love this place

kola ko

I have been coming to this theatre for some years now and I love the cozy atmosphere, affordable prices, and efficient service. It's family friendly, yet still intimate enough for date night.

Alison Tichenor

We came to the movie late and the workers didn't mind a bit. The restroom was also very clean.

Steve Betts

The price is right but they watch u like u r going to steal something

Michael Kovaleski

Decent prices fir afternoon shows

juston taylor

Affordable, but it's just a movie theater. No frills, but the staff is always friendly and they keep it clean. I love taking my daughter to movies here.

Melissa Clowers

I would suggest If you’re under 18 you should accompanied by an adult. For once I’d like to see a movie without the immaturity of unaccompanied children. The price of a movie is far to high to have it ruined. I have felt unsafe, annoyed, threatened and had my underaged son see more sexual content(off screen)than he should.

Jackkey Brown

Nice place not super fancy but cozy chairs and very nice employees


Great little theater for the matinee price!

yang mills

Only 5 people in our show. It's a good place to see a movie. Tons of leg room

Shannon Ausmer

Love Belton Cinema 8. Much better prices than the larger theaters and nice since the remodel. My first choice for movies.

Matthew Coil

A little out dated, but friendly staff and good service.

Aimee Hurst

We went here on an icy night. Staff was friendly, place was clean, concessions and tickets were cheap. It's a good alternative to the 15 dollar tickets in other theaters around Belton.

Patty C

Great prices. Great place

Frank Allen

Popcorn is always good!! Very clean and comfortable, better than AMC theater's.

Cherie Martin

Old school charm. Popcorn prices can't be beat. Great place to take the kids and grandkids for a fun family outing.

James Trezise

Was great for the price. Tickets where under$6

Wayne Muller

Good movies, good service. Love the community atmosphere.

D Abend

Saw Dumbo on opening weekend and had an easy time buying tickets. Although we had to wait a bit to get seated, the theater was clean, so that was nice. Sound and video quality we're good. The lighting could have been a bit dimmer at first, but quickly dimmed, so it wasn't a distraction. The restrooms were immaculate.

dnakmd jdkr

It was fun and scary go see Slender man @ Belton Cinema 8

Daniel Singleton

awesome movie theater, i enjoyed my movie and prices were cheap and great.

Tyler Bates

A good cinema has decent seats. The lines at the concessions could be organized a bit better. its not fancy or anything just good theater.

Donna Holland

It's a great movie theater great price!

Kimberly Henderson

A small town movie theater with a big city feel. I love that it is rarely crowded. The concession stand stocks a diverse array of snacks. The staff are friendly. Ticket and snack prices are definitely reasonable. My only two caveats are the rowdy crowds for weekend evening showings. It is more peaceful during matinee showings. The amenities are outdated. They could do with updated seating and restroom facilities. All in all, Belton Cinema 8 provides a great silver screen experience!

Chris Reed

Good service, great experience.

Victor Buller

Reasonable price for tickets. And plenty of leg room. My favorite theatre in the area. Not fancy but still somehow better than AMC in Towne Center (even with its fancy reclining chairs).

Audrey Glenn

Love this theatre. Family owned. Concessions great prices.

Roxie Smith

Amazing! So many movie choices and has the best snacks ever! 10/10 best place to be to watch a movie or 2! #Shazam!

n f

Old school, no bells or whistles

Shane Sisson

Good cheap theater. But wish they had recliners

Annette Boehning

Friendly staff and clean surroundings.

Stephen J

Been going here since it reopened as Mitchell theaters. It's been and continues to be a great family theater. Never a rowdy crowd here, it's a perfect theater to bring kids too. What I love about this theater is that its just a nice clean theater, no fancy chairs or assigned seats! It's just a theater to watch movies in, the isles are double wide so it's easy to get in and out of and also prevents kickers. The ticket prices have been very low since it opened and still are. A ticket ranges between 5.50 and 10, never more! The concessions have gone up a little but obviously that's not a necessity, but with lower ticket prices it makes me want to splurge from time to time. Also as a side note, I've always enjoyed the personality of the older gentleman that takes tickets in the evening.

Aaron Steinke

No assigned seating, so get there early for the seat you want. Other than that, nice theater


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