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REVIEWS OF B&B Wentzville Tower 12 IN Missouri

Jenny Preuss

Great movie theater with reclining seats and good popcorn!

Christine Veilleux

Just saw Wonderpark @ B&B Theater. Nice seats. Great picture! Girls loved it!

Mr. Balisticbacon

Amazing movie theater, one of the best I have been to although I haven't been to a lot of theaters.

Tom Lawrence

Best movie theater hands down. Excellent seats and views.

Nathan Mauck

Really nice movie theatre, been here countless times. One of the best put there.

T. Page

Nice place to watch the movie with your feet up and in big comfy reclining chairs. However, the movie was really loud. Overall, a really good experience.

Jacob Rodgers

Watched the new Dragon Ball Z movie here. It was swaggy, complete with comfy reclining chairs and prestine sound and picture quality! I will definitely be visiting this theatre again. Thanks for providing those limited showings. :)

Shawna Forrest

Great place for a date with the hubby.

Valerie Cody

Nice theater with reclining seats!

chris gartland

Great movie experience. Reclining seats with drink holders. Assigned seats. Cocktails available, as well!

Brenda Donovan

Employees are very rude.

Kurt Hoffner

Dirty no napkins ,no salt , no butter, and understaffed. The people couldn't get the ticket kiosks to work no one at ticket counter. Wiped down our chairs .With the price to go to the movies and concessions you would expect more.

Brit tany

Our favorite theater! We love the huge recliners! B&B wentzville always has clean restrooms and theaters! The prices are reasonable for the amenities that they offer. Everything at the snack bar is so good, we love the nachos and a big tub of popcorn with extra butter!

Justin Rowland

Our experience at B&B during today's matinee was very disappointing. We have had some nice experiences here. The theaters are well kept and the seating is comfortable. However, this afternoon we arrived for a showing of a kid's movie for our son's birthday. About 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, the film had not started and the lights were on. My wife went and alerted the staff at the front of the theater. They told her that the projector was broken and we had the option to receive a refund or go to a different movie. The rest of the people in the theater were sitting there waiting for everything to start and there's no telling when they planned to come tell everyone why the movie wasn't showing. I felt they should have provided a refund and allowed us to view another movie. We had scheduled our afternoon and evening around these plans had spent a lot of money on snacks (that we wouldn't have otherwise purchased if we hadn't gone with the plan of attending that movie). I found the people working at B&B to be disconnected from the customers. They seemed surprised that I would bring concerns to their attention. Most of the employees were either silently scrolling through their cell phones, socializing amongst themselves or sitting and watching TV at the theater's bar. I have no clue why that many would need to be there if they wouldn't be doing anything productive.

Danielle DiFeo

Our favorite movie theater! Super clean and service is great!

Micah Hutton

This is a great little theatre. The screens and seating are nice. There is a decent food selection and it actually tastes like good for the most part I which is fairly unusual for theatre food. (Important note: this is in comparison to other theatre food, not actually actual food food). There is also a pretty substantial bar Oddly, one of my favorite things might be the parking lot playing famous movie scores over loud speakers. They also have some best movie events that aren't new releases.

Dustin Moritz

One of best theaters in the STL area!




Nice clean theatre and nice staff. The bar has an ok selection of drinks. Comfortable seating.

Mike Ward

Clean, with super comfortable seats. Assigned seating also a plus.

David Lough

It's hard to go anywhere else after sitting in those super comfortable B&B recliners. I also really like being able to reserve the seats before the show.

Ann kaiser

Too loud. Not very friendly. Seat comfortable. Highly recommend buying advance tickets so you are not stuck in front row.

Rain Jeanne

Great, comfortable recliners. Clean enough. The food is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced, though.

Steven E. Schulz

Excellent experience! If something is wrong they will go out of their way to fix it!

Julie Rodgers

Always clean, always friendly staff.

Jenny Mac

I love the seats and the people are friendly. The past two times we have been there it's been warm. I have seen bugs fly up during the movie's. Maybe something they can address.

Stacy Thompson

Love my B&B. Expect to pay more for a movie but you get the advantage of choosing your recliner seats online before the show. The rewards program has paid off for us several times as well. The inside is beautiful and there is a full bar with eats available also. 4 stars because whoever designed the bathrooms was clearly lacking in some dept. Way too small for too many patrons especially on the weekends.

AFerguson Ferguson

They have everything set up to make a movie experience enjoyable, unfortunately my toddler would not keep getting up during Aladdin so I had to leave the movie area (no one asked but I didn't want to lessen the experience for others) but luckily they had a nice entertainment area in the front with board games and a private bathroom, so my toddler and I were able to hang out while the rest of my family finished the movie.

Tracy Eastman

Reclining love seat style seating. Never have to worry about someone sitting in front of you and blocking the screen. Not a fan of reserved seating but did like the theater.

Irene Babula

Apparently way too expensive for a little old retired Grandma to take her 3 yr old to see Toy Story 4 on a Tue afternoon! Did he have his own seat..really? Won't happen again

Chris Mills

Staff was pretty firmly. The cleanliness of the facility was OK my suggestion is that they need to cleaning between the cracks of the seats and stuff but over all everything was really good. Love the ability to be able To lounge and relax and enjoy the movie.

Dan Milburn

Outstanding theater experience!

Keren Gomez

We love coming here for the comfy seats !! One time there was some kind of storm or power outage and we missed part of a movie & so they gave us re-admittance passes which I was skeptical about using but they certainly took care of us when we did use them!

anita rehm

Very clean and comfortable.

Eadaoin Erhart

Friendly bartender, comfortable loveseat recliners!

Derek Brown

Awesome theater. Super reclining seats in the IMAX sized screen room, but quite high prices.

J Kinne

I would give it 5stars if it wasn't for the BS convenience charge buying tickets online. Staff is friendly, and the seating is comfortable, but to get the seats you want, you either have to come in way early to buy tickets, or pay the convenience charge when ordering online.

Daniela Scherder

Cool place to see a movie. Variety of foods, drinks and reclining seats. As with all theatres it is expensive.

Corinna Chamberlain

Always love seeing movies here. Clean restrooms & comfy chairs

Sarah Williams

Great choices of incredibly comfortable seating, kind staff, clean restrooms and delicious food! What’s not to love ❤️

Eli Walker

Love the food and the seats are crazy comfy !!!

Sam Harris

Best movie house in eastern missouri

Lera Poignee

Love the movies and it's bigger

Joseph Underwood

Best theater around. I didnt like going to the movies until i found b and b in Wentzville!

Ron York

Really good theatre, great reclining seats.

Sarah Chadbourne

Less than great experience from the time we walked in. No one working the ticket counter to let us know that if we signed up for their free rewards program we could have gotten discount tickets, workers at snack bar were rude and never offered the rewards program for the discounted snacks, found out about that as we were walking into the theater. No one took our tickets. 2/6 recliners didn’t work. Much better options around

Carol Gamma

The best theater around....

Rivka Carnes

Went here for a 1st date, really enjoyed the seating, kind of annoying how people come and go constantly through the movie and I had to put my leg rest down and back up to let them pass. But was still very relaxing.

Mike Gerber

3 stars due to pricing only. Obviously the seats were comfortable and the movie was fantastic. [Aquaman] your competitors in the area offer a better price [almost half] with popcorn included. The rewards program used to feel strong but not its a bit out of touch.

Dave L Jackson

This is our favorite movie theater. Love the seating and service.

Lakota Burbridge

Nice wish it was cleaner thou

Scott Zoellner

Very friendly staff and the seating is great.

Georgia Finley

We ordered the chicken sandwich meal and a coke. First of all when we received our food it was a chicken patty with a bun. On the menu it comes with lettuce and tomato and French fries. When we asked the food counter attendants he argued with us that we only ordered the sandwich and not the meal, when there is not even the option of just getting the sandwich alone on the menu. We were understanding and asked to change the order to what we wanted to get the sandwich with fries. Instead of changing the order he just tried to make us pay for a side of fries which was another $4... after talking for a bit he settled to put a $1 coupon on the fries. Disappointed in this interaction. After all we were late to the movie and they didn’t have coke after I had already paid and specifically said that I wanted coke. The lights were also not summed all the way during our movie?? Seats were nice though and in the end the food was good but bad service.

Elaina Dugan

Love the swatting don't love the pices and rude people that give you food and drinks

Debbie Lawhorn

Very nice. Enjoyed the comfortable seats

James Carrino

Perhaps the best theater I've ever been to. Lovely staff, quick concession lines, and clean leather seats. Would reccomend for anyone in the St. Louis area.

Robyn Christopher

This is our favorite theater. The people at the snack bar are always friendly. You add butter to your popcorn. When you purchase tickets you also choose your seats. This eliminates the need to go claim the seat you want and ensures you get to sit where you're comfortable. The theater seats are roomy, leather and recline. There is plenty of room to walk down the isle to your seat even when others are reclined. No need to stand so others can squeeze by to get to their seat.

Allison Yeakey

We love this theater. The seats are super comfortable and recline. This theater also has the best popcorn. I hadn't heard of B&B theaters until about a year ago, but ever since, this has been our theater of choice.

Mystic Forge

The best movie theater in 50 miles i can't go to any other theater because I'm too used to the leather reclining chairs and bar.

Nick Morgan

slightly hard to find although it's by far the best b&b theatre I have been to seating is very comfortable it's not an I max but I'd give it 10/10

Barbara Pirge Soelle

Its big, pick your own seating. Prices are too high for tickets & snacks!

Matt Johnston

Great customer service. Awesome prices and great deals on certain days of the week. The seating is amazing. Reclining chairs make the experience that much more enjoyable. Only a massage chair away from a perfect experience!

Jasmine Jones

My family and I came here to see Creed 2 we we're very pleased with the comfort they provided with there chair's. Also it was awesome that they had a bar! Nice touch!

Becky Helvey

Watched John Wick 3. Theater was clean and so were bathrooms. We enjoyed ourselves.

Charissa Brown

We had seats in the front row because that was what was left. They were so close it was not a good viewing. Gave my husband a headache sitting that close. The theater should not sell tickets that close to the screen in my opinion.

Noah Chance

Amzing place but bad price

Zack Hoelscher

This theater is absolutely amazing in every single way imaginable, the staff was incredibly nice to us and treated us well, and was helpful too! The popcorn was so good, and best of all this theater has reclinable cushioned chairs rather than stiff back-breaking chairs! Very pleased!


LOVE coming here! The recliners are comfy! There's plenty of food and snacks to choose from as well as self serve refills on soda.

Mason Petrov

Great theater! Very comfortable and clean movie experience! Hands down the best theater I've ever been to!

Brianna Conway

Great sound in theaters and nice bathrooms

Rae Novak

Very clean, friendly service.

Sam Simms

This theater is the nicest in the area with full reclining seats and wide aisles, so no standing up when someone had to walk by, even when the seat is fully reclined. The lobby is very modern, and has a full bar available. You can also choose your seats in advance, so you don't have to rush to get a good seat. All this does come with a price, and tickets are more expensive by several dollars than other theaters. I recommend this one for the movies you really want to see, and save the other, cheaper theaters for the others.

James Walker

The food is great the prices are good, the employees are nice and helpful, the chairs are comfortable, the audio was good with few exceptions, the bathrooms are clean. I was in theater 7 where I watched the new Rambo movie and if not for the squeaking noise constantly coming from the ceiling vent and the employee noisily walking in and out of the exit, it would've been perfect. I'm sure all the screening rooms aren't like that but for my first visit that was annoying me a lot..

Erik Staggenborg

Friendly staff and great seats

Kevin Kerr

Comfortable to watch movies but the prices are absolutely totally ridiculous.

jason locklin

Awesome seating and of course u will go broke if u eat and drink there

Joe Frame

Love this place! Staff is very friendly and helpful. The theaters and seats are always clean. The refreshments are great, and you can get a beer!

Beth Sanford

Really like going to here. We dont live too close but if our theater is booked or unable to get a good seat. We have gone here from time to time. It's a smaller place. Great good, descent prices, and nice seating and overall friendly staff. Really enjoy the experience wish it was little closer to where I live or I would come more often.

Patricia Charles

Great seating! Reservations accepted. Expensive snacks however. Movies seem to lean toward children but some R movies.

Tamara Schulte

The staff is always so nice, the theater is clean, and I also like that they have a family restroom.

Jake Bortz

Ticket prices include a hidden "booking fee" equal to about 10% of each ticket's cost, which adds up quickly when buying for a group. Otherwise, a good theater aside from the occasional reclining seat that does not work.

Dana Wideman

Like this movie theater the seats lean back of course I think the popcorn the sodas a little pricey

Holly Hanberry

This movie theater is awesome! I love the seats - always plenty of room in the recliner chairs. Love that you can book online. The theaters and bathrooms are always clean. Decent food selection (at standard theater prices) and they have a bar in the lobby, where you can order a beer or cocktail to take into your show with you. Makes for a fun date night. Good bar and grille in the same plaza, too.

Peggy Willis

Love seats that recline. Awesome sound and picture quality. Definitely going back.

Nonnie Crawford

All of the seats are plush leather recliners, and in perfect condition. It's never packed, and often I'll have an entire row or even theater to myself. They aren't as cheap as some of the other theaters, but it's worth a couple bucks more to sit in a nice seat, and not be in a super crowded theater.

Samantha Haas

The staff were kind of ignorant, great quality on the screen, comfortable seats, and great (but very pricy) food!

M4rsHy b0i

Fantastic theater. Uses reclining seats and plays popular movies' music outside.

Joshua Cook

Always a pleasure watching movies here. If you enjoy a less busy theater go to the first showing during the week. Went to see The Nun and there was only 3 of us there for the 1pm showing.

Bob Bernicky

One of the best movie theaters I've ever been in

Julie Quirch

Nice comfy sits but they could have had them recline all the way back like the ones in Florida. We went for a movie marathon meaning we watch 4 movies back to back and by the 3rd one you want it to recline completely back. But it was our fault we that it would be the same type sits or we would of never done the marathon. Now we know for next time two movie limit. Other than that theater was clean. Every is theater prices. So nice place.

Christy Moreau

Arrived on a Saturday evening for a 6:00 show. We arrived early and the theater was not yet cleaned from the last showing. We left and returned to the lobby to give the staff a chance to clean. However, upon returning to the theater the trash all over the place was still all over the place. After the movie was over we left the theater and the trash cans just outside the theater we were in were so full that the trash was climbing the walls. For such an expensive experience it was really disappointing that the place looked so poorly maintained.

Renny McBride

Movie was way too loud. I had to leave.

Tommy Day

If you wanna see a movie you can go anywhere, but if you wanna see a movie and kick back and relax this is the place to go. I love it. Since I have back issues it helps to be able to kick my feet up.

kenny james

Great place. Customer service was decent at best.

Marie Smith

My husband, my sister, her husband and I all went to see a movie here a couple months back. It was a Sunday evening, and we assumed the place would be dead. Instead, it was full of people! It was so full that we actually waited in line to purchase our tickets/pick out seats from the machines (there are 3 or so), and then it took a while to get through the concession lines, and then to get a drink at the bar. We still got to our movie in time and sat in super comfy recliners. The movie quality was great. We realized later that no one had been around to tear our tickets and that we probably could've gotten in and out for free. We would never do that, but someone may not have been doing their job.. overall we had a great experience, and it seems to be a very popular theater. Definitely will be back.

Cayela Simpson

Loved it! It was a little stuffy and a touch to warm but everything else was amazing and clean.

Martha Garrett

The reclining seats are so comfortable. There is enough room that if someone in the row needs to get up, you are not disturbed. Clean bathrooms.

Leah Smith

My husband and I went there last night to watch John Wick 3. The pricing for the tickets was reasonable. However the show started at 7:15 p.m. I use the ladies room before I went in and went into a stall that had human waste in the toilet. The restroom was filthy! Toilet paper all over the floor. After watching a movie that was over two hours including these trailers. After the movie was over before the drive home I wanted to use the bathroom very quickly. Not paying much attention I accidentally walked into the same cubicle that was full of waste! Absolutely disgusted. The restroom was still filthy clearly no one checks on it on a regular basis. The theater was nice to be kept so filthy was quite shocking. The trash cans were over full and this was on a Wednesday night. Not exceedingly busy so I don't understand why they couldn't keep the restroom at least decent or the trash cans I'm not overflowing.

Lynne Battista

A little pricey otherwise a very nice movie theater.

Lastchick Ftw

I love B&B Theater. It's always clean the staff is always nice and friendly. I absolutely love the comfortable reclining seats! The bar staff make excellent drinks and the food is great!

Scott Lueck

Excellent reclining chairs and reserved seating too.

DW Palme

There is nothing bad about this place. Great seats, prices and service.

Debbie Jagger

Food is to pricey and $5 for a dollar bottle of water is ridiculous... I'm on fixed income canafford these outra prices...

John Kirk

B&B Wentzville 12 is amazing. The overall experience is superior to any movie theater around. You will not be disappointed!

Sarah Petty

Love this theater! Nice people. Good food. Bar. Reclining, assigned seats.

Bob Mueller

Easy in today with good discount from frequent viewer program. Nice picking your seats before you get there.

Tamara Myers

New.and.comfy great sound food is good.

Mike Ridenour

Reclining seats are awesome. Great place to watch a movie.

Dan O'Connell

Great theater. $5 Tuesdays!!!!!


Our (mine and my S.O.'s) favorite theater to go to! It's the same cost as other theaters with a better atmosphere and more comfortable seating than anywhere else.

Lauren Orberson

We had a wonderful time but we were shocked to find out that somebody else had had our seats so we sat down where we thought we were going to be in a lady and a little boy came by and told us that we had their seats so I doubt with it and sent back down to watch the movie it all worked out the movie was great the food was wonderful and we did have a good time

meaghan bell

This was one of the best cinema I have been in. The seats recline and are very cozy. It was like I was in my livingroom. Will be going back soon.

Joseph Mathis

Great comfortable theater. High quality display and sound. Not a theater around I'd rather go to. I enjoy every time I got there.

Steve Johnson

Awesome Place to watch Movies

Dawn R Melton

Concession prices are way steeper than other theatres. And if you don't get there early enough you could very well end up not sitting with your group do to assigned seating.

Paul Catterton

Good sized theater close to home in the Wentzville area. Carries many of the top movies and has fast food and sit down restaurants close by. If you need options for a date night close by...

Don Johnson

Great theater. Seating is comfy, concessions are reasonably priced. Great place to catch a movie. Love the reclining seats.

Anthony Holmes

So this is my new favorite theatre! I love the powered recliners, and the assigned seating. While the pricing could be a little better, the idea that I know exactly what seat is mine and I know that seat will be clean and comfortable, it's worth it! One minor complaint is that the popcorn is not five stars like the rest of the place, always tastes a little stale. However, I won't take a point off because the rest of the food (and did I mention it has a bar!!) are all tasty!

Roger Garstang

Popcorn was burnt and dry again. Screen had a 2ft shadow of the ceiling and sprinklers on the top ruining the 3D experience. Checkout process was unorganized.


Parking is good, the individual theather are well position. One concern is during the day, when we come in there is nobody at the front for advising, helping with tickets sales or even a good afternoon. In other words, we the paying customer are not feeling welcome.

Matt N

Best place to watch a movie in the area. Friendly staff, bar, and comfortable/reserved seats.

denise wallace

Nice theater. Good popcorn. Clean it's our theatre of choice

Jessica Johnson

Great place love the recliners!

Brian Cohoon

The theater itself was great. Chairs and isles were clean. Picture and sound great. The recliner seats are fantastic. Just the prices on concessions were as high as we all joke about them being. Two small drinks, 1 medium popcorn, 1 nachos and 1 cotton candy $35 and some change.

TJ Welton

Great theater, but wish they'd wipe the seats down in between viewings. The seat I had wreaked of sweat.

Doug Brockel

This place is pretty amazing. A bar inside, normal prices for all suit seats, and mostly clean (expect for sometimes it seems they don't clean the seats after some movies, so I removed a star)

Belinda Stock

It's awesome. The sound way too loud.

Justin Culp

Recliners, cheeseburgers, big buck hunter while we wait (although it took one of my dollars). I like it.

Craig Blalock

My first time here and it was great. Very clean and well-maintained. I absolutely loved the leather reclining seats. It was definitely appreciated considering we were seeing Avengers: Infinity War which was just shy of 3 hours long. A normal theater seat would not have been ideal for such a long film. This will definitely be my go-to movie theater from now on.

Lacie Tarrants

Never got to a recipet page and not sure if my ticket purchase went thru. No phone number listed is answered by a human and hangs up on you if you dont select options you dont need. Paid as a guest and no way to look up ticket info. Love this place and this has never happened! Hopefully our tickets went thru. Please update phone number as the one listed doesnt work.... just says call back later no matter how long you wait.


Great theater, but INCREDIBLY dirty

Christopher Vassel

We love this theatre. Very clean and the food is not outrageous like other local theaters. The seats are super comfortable and give you length of room to sit back and enjoy the movie. Great for date night or a day-flick worth the kids.

Angela Gordon

Lounge seats, cocktails and burgers while watching your movie. It is a real treat to watch a movie here.

Brent Schraer

This is our favorite movie theater in the area. Comfortable seats and good food. Selection at the bar is always solid.

Alyson Davis

Good theater with nice staff. But grand screen 2 has a REALLY ANNOYING air conditioning that is distracting through the whole movie and ruins the whole experience:(

Toasty W

The young lady at the front was extremely helpful as I needed to change my ticket times, the reclining seat were very comfy! Nicest theater I’ve been to so far

Angela Pender

Beautiful theatre, friendly staff, and great concessions. If you sign up for their rewards, you get some really great deals! You can earn points towards free concessions, movie tickets, and bogo deals. The reclining seats make viewing much more enjoyable!

Nick S.

this is the only way to watch a movie in a theater anymore. Assigned seating. Oversized powered recliners. And there's no more of a cost at this place and there would be at any other theater. Excellent from top to bottom.

Crystal Bartlett

Best place to see a movie anywhere between Warrenton & St Charles


This theater is gorgeous and has been very clean as far as lobby and bathrooms every time I've gone. So far the movies havent been over crowed and the side asiles make getting to and from your seat a breeze. I love the wide reclining seats which accommodate my size better than typically sized seats. The bartender has also been very helpful and friendly each time I've ordered a drink while there. I highly recommend this theater and can't wait to go back for the next film I see.

Brandy Lerch

Our family's go to movie theater. Love the recliners, but recommend that the theater repair recliners as the one I paid to sit in was broken when I attempted to recline. It reclined but had difficulty and was slanted as though someone too large sat in it breaking it. Also, cleanliness could be improved as it is not as clean as it used to be, and an extra restroom would be nice since too few stalls for the amount of patrons. Some of the faucets, soap, and dryers were not working and need attention. I also recommend that the theater put in ropes to maintain a line near the concession stand to bring order to the concession area. The current concession situation has everyone just crowding around the concession stand in total disorder. Lastly, the website needs some attention. Since the update last year I have been unable to use my B&B rewards card to book movie tickets. I contacted tech support with no reply. I've contacted the theater who refers me to tech support. My husband had to get a rewards card so we can continue to earn points when we see movies and buy food items. So, I love this theater, but my hope is to make this place that I love better for all.

Kim Shrum

When arriving I notice the place was super dead which was good for us. Then after checking in and getting our tickets and popcorn we head to the popcorn station. There was popcorn all the popcorn station and the floor. Our movie wasn’t until 3:45 and unfortunately I had to go and ask for someone to clean the theater. The girl who cleaned it was super nice and apologetic. Once we got into the theater it was gross!!!!!!!! Not the girls fault that the company as a whole doesn’t take the time to really clean the place. The cupholders were gross and for deep down in the seat. Normally I don’t complain but I was really disappointed!!!!! This is suppose to be a more upscale and new theater and I except more from them as I pay more to come to this one. Very disappointed!!!!!!!

TJ Butts

Great place. I appreciate the fact it was clean, my shoes didn't stick to the floor.

Eunice Dent

Love this theater, My first visit but the reclining seats are the best. I only know 2 shows at this time, with these seats. And I think the people was very polite and friendly.

Renee Pherigo

Great theater love the seats so comfy.great food and drink choices. Bathrooms are also clean.

Cindy Reinig

This place is nice. It however does not live up to the hype I was told about. I was very disappointed about the cleanliness. Everyone says all theaters are that way but I thought this would be better. I am not a frequent moviegoer so I expected better.

Life with Nicole Peterson

Very nice theater. Pleasant Valley MB Church of Troy, Mo enjoyed our Women's Ministry outing at this nice theater, with cushioned recliners.

Angela Free

They're finally trying to compete with the $5 Tuesdays but they need to come down on the refreshments for that day as well. Got to see the 1978 John Carpenter's Halloween on the big screen it was amazing to spend time with my son. Always very comfortable and cozy recliners

Mike Brumfield

Great staff, very clean place. With a bar.

Debbie Woehler

Movie was at 7PM. Women's restroom was out of soap in all but one dispenser. Two stalls were out of order. The stalls are tiny. There really should be one restroom in each hall.

Joey Williams

Super laid back. Felt good watching a movie here seats were comfy. Food at any theater is ridiculous so its just as it should be but staff and prices were fair and very comfortable environment.

Lenora Brown

The modern decor, spacious rooms and friendly staff made this stay for my Family and I a memorable one. We enjoyed using the pool that opened early, closed late and provided complimentary towels . The continental breakfast however left a lot to be desired. While there was a variety of choices, the quality of the offerings were not very good. The coffee was awful, but the 24 hour tea offerings was great. The central location of the hotel made it easy to find restaurants and shopping in less than 5 minutes. Check in and checkout were very simple and quick. Although I would eat somewhere else, I would definitely stay here again.

t militello

Great Seating .. Candy selection STINKS !! MGMT NEEDS to Choose Much Better Candies


The B&B Theater is amazing! They give you high quality service and treat you like they have known you for a long time. They have a easy ticket service and there tickets are so easy to read. There seats are comfortable and there screen quality is amazing. This theater is so worth going to!

Marsha Rush

Recliner seats!! Hit buttered Pop corn!! So much to do they offer 9 am movie's!! Loved it!! Seen the movie I wanted and got on with the rest of my day!! My new theater of choice!!

Joshua Nickles

Great place to catch the latest movies with reserved reclining seats.

Rhonda Laurence

Wonderful. I booked my seat ahead of time, got there 30 minutes early. Had time to order food and the best part was reclining. I love to go to this theater especially on opening night of my favorite movies

Russell Doyle

By far one of the best theaters Ive ever been to.


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