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291 E Kentucky Rd, Independence, MO 64050

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Where is B&B Theatres Twin Drive-In?

REVIEWS OF B&B Theatres Twin Drive-In IN Missouri

Diana Anderson

Great drive in experience.

Karly Carpenter

No one was at the welcoming booth when we tried to purchase tickets.

Paul steve

Cool nostalgia place!!

John Darrah

Still love the drive in and these folks are keeping the summer time tradition alive and well. You can listen to the movie on your car radio or do like we did and bring a portable radio to sit in lawn chairs outside. The only knock is the bathrooms which weren't great. Also, unlike most drive in's these days I didn't feel like I was going to get mugged on the way to the bathroom.

Shayne Mitchell

If your goal is to experience a classic drive in while tbey still exist... this is it. So many details from the past. The restroom signs say "Men" and "Ladies" in bright Art Deco letters.

MO Jo Mama

What's not to love?!?? Cheap new movies, double feature, great seats, all your favorite foods for cost, and you don't have to be quite!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

the shoe

I've been coming here for years. I don't think any of the old speakers work anymore if they're even there at all. No biggie considering I have a stereo in my car. The men's room is nasty just like when I was a kid except now you pee in urinals instead of a trough. Bring dinner with you, some lawn chairs, a football for before the movie and enjoy. You can always hit the concession stand if you want for food or snacks which used to be decent priced. Not sure now since we take everything. Take the family or some friends and make some memories.

Michelle Smith

Love coming here! I bring a surround sound radio with me and its like I'm at the movies! I gave 4 stars because the concession stand is not the greatest and about half the people are rude and never smile. But if you bring your own food/snacks then you'll love it 100%


The screens are good and the snacks are yummy, however I was shocked by the condition of the bathrooms. . . Looks like they haven't been updated since it opened 50 + years ago, also there was glass and rusty bottle caps and lots of other trash all over the drive in area, also the dumpster was overflowing with garbage, Why hasn't a trash truck come to clean that up, they need to order more trash pick ups. I love drive in movies, but this place needs to be cleaned up. There shouldn't be trash and garbage everywhere.

Laura Burch-Howard

Ive been here 2 times the first time i watched a movie on the left side the sound sucked it was static this time i watched on the right side it was good no static enjoyed the movie.

Patrick Smith

Great place to take the family.

Elizabeth Adams

The food prices are a little high. But the food quality made it worth it.


Haven't been in over 10 years. Took the grandbabies and had fun. Bathrooms were clean, concession was quick.

Iwata Forever

I love this place. It was the only drive in I went to for 20 years, then I realized that the I 70 drive in was closer to me. After the I 70 one closed I came back and realized what i had been missing. The twin drive in feels safer, it's certainly quieter since it's not next to a trucking company, and its cleaner. When we went to the i70 one we would skip movies that we thought would be dark, because we couldn't see the screen. After watching Godzilla, I can say that is not a problem at the Twin. The bathrooms at the twin also seem to be better maintained. I don't feel like I'm going to get hepatitis A through Z here. Literally the only downside is that there are only 2 screens instead of 4.

Noémie Golubovic

My family and I were very excited to see a movie here this weekend. We checked the website and called the hotline multiple times to make sure the movie was still showing and there was no reason to believe otherwise. We drove 40 minutes to find the theater pitch black and completely empty. There was a sign that read « We will be open next weekend, check the website for upcoming showtimes. Sorry for the inconvenience » This was a huge disappointment and complete waste of our Sunday night. Perhaps next time your employees can have the common courtesy to update your 1990’s website. There won’t be a next time for me and my family. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time here.

Patricia Bland

Went for motorcycle swap and shop. Bathroom and food decent

Jessica Thomas

Great price for 2 movies! Didnt like that their music played over part of the previews.

Stephanie Trussell

Went to see The Lion King with my wife and had a good time. Brought back a lot of childhood memories.

Alexander Cole

While you won't get the definition of a standard movie theater at a drive-in, the experience of seeing a movie at a drive-in is spectacular. Movie times are set around sunset, and you'll always get a double feature, so prepare for a long night! Well worth the entry price, and a great place to take a group.

Vitto Wagner

Amazing. Through Christ love is unconditionall.

rivas stars

Family atmosphere and lawn chairs welcome. If you make it and outdoor picnic its perfect. Gets a little chilly so take a blanket for the late night movie. Always have 2 movies and generally 9pm -130am is about the time needed. Get there early and play football or go to concessions and just have fun.

Kyle Hibschle

Best place to go with kids, friends, or even a date. Easy to get to, kids can run around for a little while if you get there early. Great Concession stand, but bathrooms could be better.

Amanda Scott

We took the kids to see Toy Story 4 and Aladdin. They loved it! Very organized with the enviable traffic. Clean bathrooms. Plenty of car stalls for parking, especially up front. We drive around the crowd to the front few rows and enjoyed the movie with no one in front of us. The only thing I would change is the way they announce the concession is closing- they voice over the movie for about 20 seconds. I wish they just left up a screen that told the closing time of it instead.

j.aguilar Mendez

Too dark, cant see the action everything is too loud, rude late comers and bathrooms stink like, skunks ...

Debra Barnett

Gotta love the Drive In! Went with kids and grandkids. We all loved it! We've been twice this summer.

Rhonda Howard

A beautiful night with my family ❤️

Kirk Weatherston

Price is decent, especially for having two screens and the option to stay for a second movie. The snack bar is actually pretty good and we always end up getting something to eat there. Definitely recommend this place, especially if you have younger kids and cant make it to the normal theaters.

Jared Morris

Love going to the drive inn my kids enjoy it every time we go

Chad Hahn

Had a good time. Food prices are about the same as most theaters. Screen was just a little too dark and couldn't make out parts of the movie.

J. Travis Loyd

Update - down to 1 star. Staff continue to let inconsiderate people in 1 hour into the movie. I'd really like to give them just one star, but honestly, part of the issue is clientele and they can control that. Consistently, inconsiderate people on every side of you. On our last visit, crying baby on one side, smoking on other, guy to the right turns lights on 5 time an hour. Concession stand was slow and hot. Will probably only try a few more times if it doesn't improve.

Shell Cupp

Best drive in around

Mike Points

One of the nicest drive in theaters I've been to. Great location. Great double screen layout. I will be back.

Eric McDade

So glad we still have a drive-in near us it's a great place to take the family for a movie and more affordable than a regular theater.

Brian Blair

It dont make any sense that it cost the same for either side but cant switch sides to see the second movie on the other side and nachos cost 7.98 thats a ripp off

Christopher Cappatocio

Still love the drive in experience and I'm very bummed that the I-70 drive in closed down, as the Twin is a much further drive from my house. It's been a god send for taking a baby to the summer block busters and not having to worry about him crying, being fed, or being changed disrupting the movie for others. I do wish they would not play music over the commercials and trailers at the beginning of films and they would more strictly enforce the parking rules for large vehichles. Other than that, it's a great experience I'll keep coming back for.


It's ok. No speakers at all. Bring your own that has really good reception because the radio waves output can be weak.

Brenda Sheppard

Clean restrooms, clean parking lot, very friendly employees, had a great time!

Brad Dooley

I have been going there for 50 years my parents took me. I taken my kid's and now we take my grandkids as a family. There used to be many more in the metro area now there's not even a handful. The Independence Twin Drive=in had it's up and down. But still there so that has to mean alot. Thank you Twin Drive=in for all of the great memories for me and my family and our Community.

Karin Hacker

It a fun place to see a movie.

James Lawson

Love the outdoors for a movie. People need to park their big vehicles in back and be curtios to others but that's not the drive ins fault

Ashley Kidd

The memories made are great. The quality of the movie screen isn't the greatest.

Megan Rowe

Family enjoyed everything.

Megan Zirkle

My children and I absolutely LOVE coming here, we look forward to it every year! I love how affordable and clean it is. The staff are very friendly and it is one of our favorite things to do in the spring/summer.

Chase Riley

What a Great, family friendly, nostalgic experience! B&B should be extremely proud for keeping this gem open.

Portia Phillips

Snacks were a little more expensive than anticipated.

Madison MacDowall

Good time there! Either grab a speaker or pick the radio station so you dont have to be outside if its cold. Good food and good picture clarity! :)

Cody Viera

Always love this place! Brought my puppy Cain and he rates it 5 stars as well!. Just wish they never got rid of there ice cream machine, but still a fun awesome place!!!

Haley Nicole

Wish the speakers on the poles worked. Kinda scary not knowing if our car battery would last both movies. But overall , it was a great expierence.

Troy Harper

I love this Double featire/double sided drive-in. Its the last one standing in my part of the city. The price of admission is fair and the outside, laid back atmosphere is so refreshing and relaxing. Bring your lawn chairs, grab something to munch on and let B&B Theatres entertain you and your family.

Jason Nunez

A great place to see 2 movies for a great price.

Shane Leibold

good times. the fm radio station could use a tune up

Lauren Shepard

The speakers never work. $10/person should include being able to hear the movie without having to a. run your car battery down or b. Breath exhaust all night. Boo!

Tara Thomas

The prices are great. The movies start on time. There were people who have dead batteries bc they needed to start their cars during the movie. I like their popcorn!

Adam Rhoades

Great experience. Food was great!

Barry Randall

It was a good time

Ringer for Truth

The movies great sounds great with a radio as long as you don't have something like a piece of junk boss car radio. The only other thing I would have to say about this place that is bad is you kind of have to watch the people around you! We have gone many times most recently a boulder not a rock was thrown and almost hit one of our kids! Unfortunately because it is dark you can't really tell where it came from plus it was thrown from behind. We would have stomped a mud hole in them if we would have found them! Just be careful!!!

Brent Zweifel

I am thankful that there is a drive-in near us. Our family has a lot of fun when we go. The only thing that would make it 5 stars would be to remodel the bathrooms. I thought this would have been done almost immediately after it became a B&B Theater. If you don't want to spend the money to improve the bathrooms, then please get some nice portable potties instead.


Drive-in movie theater is always a lot of fun. Bring your own popcorn drinks and candy. Their popcorn totally sucks and tastes like Grease.

Thomas Campbell

Grandkids love it. Have enjoyed the Twin Drive-In for over 50 years.

Jeffrey Hoskinson

Great motorcycle swap meet

Holy Ghost glitter

Grew up in this place! Wow! Always is a great family or date

Charrioty Rector

I enjoy watching movies when the kids don't have to be so quiet. But some of the people are so rude with their car lights.

Edward Rivas

Projector didnt work but the staff apologized and gave us passes for any B&B theater good for anytime. I think it would have been great but spending time with Family is what was important and that was a success.

T.J. Haberstroh

Whole family love this time of year. Excellent price all around

Get Help

Fun place super swap meet Easy to find

Aerial Elliott

Great place for a family fun night

April Chilcutt

Love the twin drive inn

Rob Collins

This is a great place to see a movie with a big group, like a family. you can make a nice picnic out of your car, and they usually play a double feature. I found it kinda nice that you can watch a currently running movie, under the stars. Biggest problem I have is this theater is pretty far away for me, but that's not it's fault and I think it helps with being able to see the stars without much light pollution.

Joe Meehan

We had a great night to be at the drive-in. The Twin Drive-in has always been a family favorite.

Anthony Quinonez

The movie was kinda dark when watching the movie,, everyone was really nice really nice and friendly,, just love people,, staff very helpful

Lindsey Leverett

I loved going to see a double feature like I did as a kid with my 3 kids! Awesome deal for a few special memories!

Rick Nelson

Great place keeping the drive in alive in KC. Pro tip, put your. Car's emergency break on to keep your dining lights from coming on in power mode. Really saves a lot of aggravation for other guests.


great place to go watch a movie and price of admision far better then other places and there consessoin stands fully stocked great movie experience

Kaitlin Williams

Great experience, great price. $10 for adults. 11 and under free.

Thomas Moran

Old style way to watch a movie with modern technology

Cassie Anderson

I recommend you take cash. We went last weekend for this first time this year, and the credit card machines weren't working. Took us way too long to get in while they figured it out. Other than that, it's what is expected at the drive in. Definitely pull next to the poles with speakers if you can, the radio station was full of static. But you can't beat the experience, we will always return! Also, if you buy a large popcorn they give you free refills.

Jaime Arthur

It was so much fun . I loved going when I was lil and now I get to take my lil boy and enjoy that with him .. I wish more ppl would attend the drive in you can't beat two movies for the price if one .

Kristie Shaver

I love the drive in's. (Sadly I-70 drive in closed it's doors) The twins is a great drive in.

Chad Wilderdyke

Love this place. Been going there since I was a kid.

Sara Chavez

Good price nice time.

Jessica McCarroll

Great price for a large family. Very friendly.

Garrett James

Nice drive inn

Donna Hardesty

A touch of the past. Family friendly

Dawn Norris

Great expirance. Could use some upgrades. The bathrooms suck

Danny Parra

Great place to go with the family!

Janet Burns

We enjoyed the movies, they are clear, and easy to see picture. The bathrooms aren't bad and they have a nice concession area.

Mae Amos

I've gone to the Twin my whole life and to me there's no better way to experience a movie than at the Drive-in! The tickets are at a good price and all the employees are amazing at their jobs!

Ava Yerkes

Very weird experience. I love going to Boulevard, but thought I'd give this one a shot. I started off nervous after reading reviews suggesting that some speakers don't work. As we got there, the first 20 rows or so didn't have speakers at all, and the rest did. We parked in the first row with speakers, then I thought better of it and went to go ask. They all looked at me a little weird when I asked if they knew which speakers worked, then informed me that none of them work. So please keep that in mind before coming here. Either bring a radio or be prepared to leave your car on the entire time. We borrowed a radio from them, for which you leave your license, and if you stay for both movies, they said they'll be gone before the end of the second one, so you have to return it before then. As the previews started, every single preview had annoying music playing over it that bothered everyone and no one knew when it was going to stop. You couldn't hear a single trailer. Finally, it stopped, and the movie started.The quality was good, it was bright, and the radio they provided was good. However, they don't advertise them, you have to ask. Overall, I would highly recommend Boulevard over this one, but still an okay experience if you live closer.

kristen johnson

Very clear screen. Sound through radio frequency was clear as well. Only issue was one person taking money so it did get backed up a little. But he was fast and polite.

Anthony Evangelista

This is by far the best drive in in town....I'll be going again my only regret is going so late in the season.

Angie Partin

It was the first time I have been to a drive-in movie, so I wasn't fully prepared. But other than my lack of preperation it was clean, easy to see, no lines when we left. It was great and super cheap for my sister and I and our 5 kids. You can't beat $20 to see a new movie anywhere. At any other theater we would have spent $100 easily.


Great place for cheap family time

Stephanie Klegseth

Loved taking the kids to see Toy Story 4 and Aladdin.


My battery died in my car but besides that the movies were amazing

David Stewart

Love it!!! Living history. Great for the family

Sheri Park

Always have a great time here!!

Game Central

Just a good place to be because it allows you to watch 2 movies in a amount of time so when you get home you're ready to go to bed.

Courtney Mayo

LOVE Twin Drive-In always have since I was a kid and now I get to share the fun with my kids!

Doctor Random Miscellaneous

I love the drive-in Experience Twin Drive-In Theater has been a part of Independence Missouri and the Kansas City metro for decades it's a wonderful place to go if you want to have fun and watch a couple of movies however you might want to bring a battery charger because you have to use either a radio or your car stereo a lot of their speakers don't work no more, and if you're inclined to do so please bring your jump starter cable in case you feel like being a good Samaritan there are few times people's cars die... Like mine LOL

Jerry Withrow

The employees are friendly and knowledgeable and the food is fresh. The place is a bit dated but that's what makes it cool

Rose Starr

Always fun. Cant switch sides anymore, need a parking lights only policy like they used to have. No playgrounds. The food is good and reasonable, lots of restrooms, plenty of parking, good selection of movies, reasonable prices

Dea Parker

$10 per adult, no grilling allowed anymore. Food prices just not worth it. Bring food in with. Family friendly.

Visionary Sports

Secret life of pets did not even start


Took our Grankids for the 1st time ever & they loved it.What a fun time for friends & family at a great price way more affordable just Love the Drive Inn! Thanks B&B for keeping this Open for all to Enjoy!

Julie McKinley

Love this drive in! I always make it a point to go a few times a year. Thanks for keeping the past alive!

Josh Roudebush

Went in Friday night. They lady who was managing the snack bar was very very rude to the employees there. It was a total mess there, all employees was running around confused. Employees was certainty agitated with each other. The girl on the grill was very rude to one of the girls trying to do her best to help me, since there was no food there. When I went in the movie just started and there was like 10 people in line. Took 35+ min to get a hamburger and frys. Great theater, but employees might need some retraining. Sad to see it go down hill since B&B took over.

Joshua Mitchell

Always a wonderful experience and perfect cinema choice!

keisha whitley

Great service & bathrooms were actually clean

Karen Santacruz

Haven't been to a drive in in a while. But I loved how they had a new feature + old 80s movie last night as double feature. Drive ins are coming back. Please keep open!!

Marsha Vanisko

Had not been here in over 20 years. Was a great time for the whole family. Concession stand was nice and restrooms were clean. We stayed for the double feature and enjoyed it very much!

Josh Riggs

Great time with the family and 2 movies for $10 is a great deal.

Chris higbee

We came up with all the kids and they wasnt interested in the movie on side one but they was really interested in 2nd one. We went to got to other side so kids could see Aladdin and was told they was full and couldn't allow it while staring at open spots and watching people leave opening up more spots. Tried to tell us they would get fined if let us which sounds like total bs. I've been coming here for 30+ years and I'm seriously disappointed in this. We paid for 2 movies and got turned away.

Donald Battagler

Good sound good restrooms but need handicapped help with the deaf and Disabled American Veterans closed captions option.

Jessica Royster

Bring a radio. Many of the speakers are broken and you wont want to keep your vehicle running to keep your battery charged while you use your car stereo. Other than that it was a fun nostalgic experience!

Justin Rider

Still the same old twin drive-in. There needs to be updates.

Doug Smith

Great movies great price.

Jeremy Kohlman

I'm so grateful places like this still exist. It's even nicer than you realize.

nickole macmullenhorr

This brought back soooo many great memories from my childhood! Very clean place. Awesome prices! Absolutely loved it!

Aaron Connor

A KC treasure. Excellent deal for a large family and they focus on family movies on one side. The picture / sound are A+ the best I've ever seen at a drive in. We love this place! We wish they had a playground like the Boulevard drive in but we like that we don't have to deal with train noise every 30 minutes. You do have to deal with the occasional loud motorcycle.

Crystal Havens - Casteel

It was really fun to take the kids to a drive in movie. Good prices, nice concession, and clean bathrooms. I highly recommend this. Was worth the drive from Lake of the Ozarks area!

Nicole Crawford Rogers

Love the experience, but rude drivers are hugely distracting.

aaron skinner

Brings back memories the new generation needs to visit

Kimberly Honomichl

Couldn't grill. People driving around with headlights on 30 mins after show started, very doubtful we'll be back

Cristina Todd

I would give zero stars if I could. Food is disgusting and over priced and staff is rude. While trying to leave the theater we were flagged down and harrassed. They would not let our other friends leave the facility either and when they tried to leave they surrounded their vehicle and harrassed our friend. This place is NASTY and dirty. Will definitely make sure many people know about this incident and how unfriendly this theatre is.

Hat Ink

Good experience for the most part until end of movie. Left license in exchange for hand radio for the movie and when I went to go get it, the consession stand that had it was closed. Had to knock on window to get attention but it shouldn't have been closed like that, especially when the movie is still going on and when the license is in their care. Need to address this.

Zack Allen

Been going here for 20 years amazing

Keriana Correll

I used to come here as a kid (first movie I remember seeing there was Disney's Aladdin) pretty much every other week. We'd have chairs and blankets in the bed of my daddy's truck and the atmosphere was always so relaxing. I've now started that same tradition with my own children and they get so excited when we tell them we're going there. There's been a few updates over the years but, I love that it's a part of my childhood that has stayed nearly the same and it's still just as amazing as I remember! Family night at it's best! Keep up the good work!!

Scott Henderson

I love the twin. Went there as a kid now I get to enjoy it with my kids. It's a tradition.

J Varnal

Really busy and full of people but was nice and pleasant .

Jaimee Guest

Loved this drive in! Highly recommend!

james winsch

I like it but it needs some lights like boulavard drive in.


My baby sister and I my God we've loved it so much watching the movie just felt like you went back in time

Kristopher Denny

Love going to drive in! Especially love the waffle cake fries!!

Shawn Garland

Loved it! Had such a nice night.

fatima keaveney

I really like this place... The employees are really nice.... 3 of my younger cousins will be coming here again this summer

Mindy Jones

Took my daughter and her boyfriend here forna double date. I haven't been since I was little and was glad to see it was the same. Even the intermission commercial. The only thing that was different was the playground was gone. Which may be a good thing, it was dangerous when I was little .

Jake Johnson

Love this theatre, always been a good family friendly place for anyone wanting to have some family movie time


Love this place. Wish they could do a full update though. We need more drive in theaters in the kc metro area

Bdogg 4217

Fun place to take the family or friends

Adam Perez

I've been going to this drive in for 20 years. Watch two movies for the price of one at AMC and bring your on food and drinks? Don't forget they have concessions too! Very reasonable and good selection. Try the funnel cake fries, you won't be disappointed!

Angela Davis

Nice place for family movie.

Natalia Miller

Everything is great but food is expensive!

MJ Pratt

It was so much fun to spend the evening here watching movies with friends. I can't wait to go back when the weather cools a bit.

JS Gustin

We had a great time. So nice to see families enjoying time together like when I was growing up

Jeremiah Brown

It's only ten dollars for two movies. I visit at least twice a month. Opening day two years ago they had speaker complications, but gave every customer a free pass for their next visit. They go out of their way to make your visit enjoyable. You get to sit in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle. The fresh air and stars are spectacular.

Paul Bass

Great night out with the family!

Lester Merriott

Love drive in moves two features for one price set in own car or seats you bring lawn chairs. Bring own drinks and snakes . Win win

Kevin Butcher

Great place it's old and a little ran down but it's got caricature my parents took me here when I was a kid and now I've been taking my kids here all their lives. I think it's the only drive in left in the area, drive in move theater's have been closing down more and more it's a shame because it's one of my favorite things to do on a nice summer night, I hope they keep this one open.

Tiphani MR

Such a great family outing!

Judie Perkins

Projector was broken. Refunded are money and they let us go to the otherside for free. Took forever to refund are money

David Steiner

This was a fantastic time for us because we took our 13 year old Grandaughter. She did not know what s drive inn was and had a great time along with us. It had been a very long time since we went to a drive inn. Get out and go!

Brandon Genson

Great place wish they was a to fix up tho

Brad Payne

For my first drive in experience I got bumped by two separate cars. Kids were yelling, people kept their headlights on. And the bathrooms alone nearly made this place 1 star

Paul Ebeling

FM isn't strong enough, projector isn't bright enough & bathrooms are disgusting and broken. We had hopes of quality getting better after B&B bought it... But they haven't done squat to fix any of the problems. They seem happy to let it exist and that's it.

Nerdy Momtality

Love it! Under 12 is free, other than that it's $10 for 2 movies!

Paul Dowling

It's been awhile since we've been to the drive in movies. They have done some improvements to the place but could keep going to make it a super nice place. Movie was good people were friendly snack bar was clean.

MuTT Terry

After reading summoning numerous positive posts to this Drive-In I figured I would give it a try. I have two young children between the ages of 5 and 7 I read that they had an outstanding concession stand which I found to be absolutely false the only thing that was available was large popcorn and large soda if you wanted any kind of a combo it was a combo with one large soda and one large popcorn. It was also stated that they had an arcade I felt that since they didn't have a park or playground for the kids like boulevard that that would be a decent alternative expensive but decent when I ride with my kids and took them to the concession there were five arcade games of which three had no screen on, one was marked out of order and the final remaining one I had to ask for quarters because the quarter machine was also out of order I put $2 worth of quarters in the game at $0.50 a game so that my girls could play two games a piece after playing their first game each they both hit the continue button which totally reset the game rebooted it and stole the remaining Dollar in the machine. I am still trying to figure out how other than the fact that there were numerous kids running around at will that this is aimed at children other than the movies themselves the parking lot is ragtag torn up asphalt with weeds and shrubs growing all over the place bathrooms that are ridiculously unkempt, and it was just an all-around unpleasant experience if it wasn't for the fact that one of the movies that we wanted to see which we would have had to sit through a third showing of the second movie if we stayed but thankfully the first movie was decent enough to keep my kids attention two-thirds of the way through before they were ready to leave because they weren't going to be able to see the other movie they wanted to see cuz it was on the other screen anyhow I can see how if b&b was running the i-70 triple Drive-In why it went out of business it's not going to be long until all drive-ins are a thing of the past if this is a reflection of any of the others.

Vick C

Since new ownership, the drive-in has been kept clean. You can finally go to the restroom without gaging. Great job on the cleanliness.


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