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REVIEWS OF B&B Theatres Hannibal Main Street Cinema 8 IN Missouri


My daughter and I just arrived to watch a movie. We also bought a large popcorn, 2 drinks and a box of candy. I asked a not so friendly staff member if I could have a small bag to put some popcorn in, as my daughter wanted to add ranch flavor to some of the popcorn. I was informed that she could not give me a small bag, only an 8 oz cup....really!?!? I just spent $45 and cannot get a small bag?? Ridiculous!!

George Ausmus

Excellent experience all around. As a purely personal preference, the presence of Diet Dr Pepper in their soda fountain guarantees my return to this cinema for all my big - screen viewing needs.

joy middendorf

Overpriced concessions. Great theater

Trish Graff

Hot fresh popcorn. Clean theatre. But bathrooms need updated

Jacob Rodgers

My best friend is the manager of this establishment. He's an awesome guy, so when you visit his theater, be sure to avoid being a jerk! The seating is comfy, the sound is great, and the picture is crystal clear. Thanks B&B for always being there for my entertainment needs. :)

Brenda Mata

Good service

Tracy Grove

So fun

John Linderman

Typical good experience at this theater. Pleasant employees, comfortable seating.

Sharon Murphy

New seating is nice, price is high and our checker was was great.

Steve Benjamin

Great theatre

Robert Whitney

Very nice, comfortable theater. Sound was great.

Crystal Fogle

The staff at B&B are Very polite and very helpful ...the theater is clean, and smells like popcorn

LaShay Epps

popcorn was delicious, great customer service and very clean


Usually not to crowded and nice theaters

Angel Sharp23

Staff is nice good food and good movies good drinks

Paranormal Society

This place is very nice and it is so much better since it has been updated. The prices here are still expensive and it does not justify the cost to all means. The staff is very nice but the overall cost factor drives down my need to come here and will going to my home theater for a very similar experience at a much cheaper price.

Russell Abbey

It's a very clean place. I enjoy watching the new and old movies there. Food is expensive but what food isn't at a movie theatre.

Katie Wisdom

Wonderful theater! Staff is always friendly.

Panda Gamer 420

I love it had a good time although food is really pricey

Stephanie Sanders

The staff are friendly and helpful. Theaters and restrooms are clean.

Corey Mcmillan

Good sound clean and nice staff...popcorn was awsome!

Craig Redman

Facility is great. A bit pricey though

John Hicks

Nice place seats a little bit hard but ok

Anthony Wells

Comfortable chairs and good movies

Iyannah Hampton

Very nice, fair prices and respectful employees

Christy Parker

I truly enjoy having a nice theater in our town, but they are very pricey, which limits how often we can go. The sad thing is that Quincy theater is so much cheaper that that's where we choose to go most of the time. And for some reason the volume is not as loud as other theaters, so if you're not listening really closely you may miss something. (I guess I'm used to a nice booming surround sound that's booming yet not too loud). Their popcorn is really good and they have huge array of toppings for it. But then again everything they have so expensive, you have to decide if you want to break the bank to eat popcorn and drink a Coke. I believe they would have a lot more participation if they lowered their prices a little. I know most of the people I know go elsewhere because of the prices , but would go there if it was lower . I think you can join a club and that helps with the price of the popcorn. On the other hand, the theater is fairly new and beautiful and clean which you don't always get in the Quincy Mall. I do recommend this place if you can afford it, go for it!

Bensend Thompson

It's a clean comfortable theater.

Paix Sorrels

Great Theater, All digital and stadium seating. Friendly safe atmosphere. Backstage pass program is a perk.

Rich Curtis

Clean place and comfortably seating. I am a big fan of the popcorn bar.


Nice Theatre

dolores haynes

Newer facility. Great parking. Police officer there during weekends.

Chris Mills

Very clean theater the staff was wonderful and helpful and very talkative granted we did go on a very early Sunday morning but still it was a very enjoyable day for me and my wife and my son to go watch a movie.

Johnathan Coats

Went back for the second time in 6 months. Same 5 star experience. I wish consessions were not so damned expensive, but a theatre has to make money and with movie licensing still being stuck in the stone age; concessions are really a theatre's only viable way to stay afloat. Keep up the good work and good movie choices and I'll keep coming back.

Denise Martin

The popcorn topping make this place great, the entire theater is great!

Pig Monkey

Cost to much compared to other theaters.

Adam Jaworski

Good home town movie theater! Good clean theater with nice screens, sound systems, clean facilities, and comfortable seating. Great place to take the family or a date. Nice promos for second run nostalgic movies, and a descent loyalty program. Even worth a drive over from Illinois to catch a flic.

Korhan Raif

Nice movie theater. Clean with comfortable seats. When someone sits in front of you didn’t block your view.

World Of Bryant

Love the new reclining seats!

Bill Rosenburg

Good seating, no leaning around someone head to see the screen.

Jimi Steele

Clean, comfortable and courteous! Ever walk into a movie theater and feel your feet sticking to the floor? Not at B&B theater in historic Hannibal Missouri. Even the restrooms were spotless with a fresh scent of bleach giving you a confident feeling of a sanitary environment. Thanks for a great theater experience with popcorn excellence!

Dillon Niffen

A wonderful piece to the historic town of Hannibal, MO. The staff of this fine establishment are pleasant to speak with and ready to entertain to the evening.

Hannibal Jaycees

Loved the movie and the upgrades! Only issue was theater was freezing.

Louis Leblanc

Always have a great experience here be it a date night or with all our kids. Staff is friendly and courteous. We see movies here on almost a weekly occasion and really enjoy it when they have Retro Night. I won't complain about concessions because that is how the theatre makes it's money plus they have extra seasonings for popcorn for FREE which my kids really enjoy and free refills on large drinks and large popcorn. Ask for a courtesy cup for your kids if they like the seasoning but you don't and just keep scooping refills out of the main bag, works like a charm!

Shirley Korte

Awesome Theatre!!

Karen O'Cheltree

Very nice place

Russell Wilson

Great service, great facilities. But high prices which is to be expected at a theatre.

Mitch Crane

The mangers are polite and always look great! I'm sure all their mothers are proud!

Teresa Van Fleet

Best theater for us. We alway enjoy the shows and refreshments. Staff are always friendly.

Jodi Markle

Great way to avoid the crowds in Quincy! It's clean and they offer popcorn flavoring along with the usual popcorn salt and butter. Def worth the drive.

Josh Foster

Great place to go watch a movie. They're a little pricy but offer lots of options like sensory day for kids and even play older movies for nostalgia.

ashley wigle

Always have enjoyable when we go there. The staff are always welcoming and pleasant.

Chris Ruesch

Theater was very clean as was the lobby. New reclining seats were comfortable.

Greg Kelso

Maybe I'm old-fashioned but I think the ticket prices are way too high and their concession prices on their food is ridiculously over of priced.

Matthew Hawkins

The theater was very clean, fresh hot popcorn, and the staff was very polite and friendly.

pablo garcia

Great place and people

Debbie Overfield

Employees friendly & helpful. Seats comfy. Fun spot.

Justin Perez

Compared to the AMC in Quincy, this theater is solid gold.

Jacob Braddock

If you go before noon I believe it's super cheap, great theater, great popcorn and friendly staff.

David Taylor

Be prepared to break a Benjamin for a date for 2

Luke Olivas

Great theater, a little pricey but what theater isnt.

Cherokee Stopher

Cute little theater

Pamela Neff

Love it but over priced for a family.

Mary Vest

Wonderful Movie Experience! Spacious and comfortable.

Travis cisco

Love this theater! Very friendly staff, great selection of movies. Clean and very well upkept

Anne Vegarez

Consistently clean, staff are welcoming, only issue is limited variety in movie theatre snacks.

Andrea Green

Prices of refreshments way expensive. Enjoyed the movie.


Great popcorn and workers were very nice

Stacey Chuck

The movie theater was fine, nothing fancy. The manager allowed a three year to talk and bounce his seat the entire movie. Worst experience at a theater ever. We complained and the manager said when he came in he didn’t hear him. For less than a minute.

Matt English

Always clean fresh snacks staff good about keeping the lines moving.

Peggy Pruett

Always clean. Sound is perfect volume, and seats are comfortable.

Vicki Dunn

My husband and I travel to Hannibal from Liberty IL to enjoy our date nite here. Love the theater and seats, and the popcorn is just right. The theater in Quincy believe's in a little popcorn with there salt!

Ericka Dillon

Seating was great. Comfortable. You can move arm rest up. But prices on matinee a bit high and food,was even higher. But good sound system and screen

John Niemira


rhonda fogle

Always take my kids to see movies they're all the time as they are growing up still love going to they're this day

Amy Schmitt

Always clean and friendly. Good selection of movies, but I do wish that they would feature more of the Christian Films.

Debbie Adair

The new recliners are awesome! I love the seat heater!

Traci S

Nice and clean I love there Popcorn and there screen is great to!! Employees are awesome.

Wayde Morrison

Nice place to take someone

Random _Things

I like how it is quiet in there and love the rules

Alexis Goings

On May 25th I took my grandma out to see Aladin for her birthday. This was during Hannibal Twain Days. During other events in Hannibal they always reserved parking for theater patrons, this time they did not. Not only did I have to pay to park across the street but the staff was also incredibly rude and unapologetic for this major inconvenience. My family drove separately but I bought all the tickets. Being first to the theater I got my tickets and planned to leave the remaining at the desk as I always do for my family to pick up when they arrived. They refused to do this also. Worst experience ever. Next time I will be sure to go out of my way to AMC where there is always parking and they go above and beyond for their customers.

Lori Summers

Love the new seats.

Jimini Guidry

It was fantastic the crafts was unbelievable the talent of these people.

Martin Lund

Good service clean restroom and theater

Debbie Wisdom

Great theater ,people not so friendly

Kelly Grote

Always pleasant helpful staff

Sid Buckman

Best theater in the area

Christine Ledbetter

Will Hannibal get ‘Judy?’ I’m not counting on it. Last year Oscar winners such as ‘The Favorite,,’ ‘Ay Eternity’s Gate, ‘ Vice’ never showed here. We get action and children’s Films.

mad michael dennis


Becky Billingsley

Comfortable and quiet with a great snack and drink selection

Dawn Eberle

Food was excellent. Staff very friendly. Great atmosphere. Michaelchitwood

Was seating in front row. Wasn't happy with that.

Sean McCauslin

Awesome theater ... and gotta luv that delicious popcorn :)

Lisa Cumins

Such a nice theater and it is in a great location!

Nita Martin

Great theatre. Clean and friendly.

Speedy powers

Very stiky and to much advertising and not a good place to wacth a movie not clear AMC is way better

Huff LePuff

The staff is amazing and always friendly!! Also upgrading the seating for a better movie experience!!

Scott Parrish

This past weekend I took my two young boys to the B & B Hannibal Main Street Cinema 8 to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My wife wasn't with us and had asked me to take a picture of the boys as it was the first time my youngest son had been to the theater. I had forgotten to charge my phone and had no other means to take a picture of my children. I asked to speak to a manager, who happily agreed to take the picture and send it to my phone. From the minute that we entered the theater we were treated with the utmost respect. The boys have not stopped talking about how much fun they had! I have visited this theater many times and will not hesitate to return because I always have a wonderful experience. I also enjoy the variety of toppings for my popcorn :) Thanks for being so family friendly and willing to go the extra mile for your customers!

john gentry

A great place to watch movies.

Timothy Peck

Nice hometown theater.+

Kathy Huber

Loved it, very comfortable recliner seating, stadium style.

Ron Mueller

Its a nice small theater with all you need for an enjoyable experience

Lori Stephens

Sound is too high I could hear sounds and music from theatre next door to movie I PAID them watch.

Scott Groth

High priced tickets and concessions

johnny overstreet

The theater is always nice and we loved the new seating. But, the aisle lighting is so bright it is distracting. Just dimming the aisle lighting would take this experience to 5 stars.

Joseph Buckman

Nice little theatre. But definately nothing special.

Molly Steeves

Nice staff and clean theater. The bathroom is pretty narrow.

Kenny Boswell

Little pricey but a beautiful facility.

Kenna Bogue

Love the B&B in Hannibal! Alway clean and staff is always friendly. Haven't had an opportunity to try their new recliners yet, but am super excited to go!

Deb Gann

Very nice theater floors could of been a little cleaner in theater. Enjoyed Aquaman

Amy S

No complaints. Friendly staff and the place is clean.

Stephen Boltinghouse

Good service. Restroom and auditorium clean.

Doug Baughman

Love watching movies at B&B but can't wait for them to get it redone with the new seats. Then we will really be up to date right here in Hannibal.

Jeff D

Nice theater for it's size. Never have had any real complaints or problems when I've gone.

Bryce Gray

The staff was nice, the seats were comfortable, and the popcorn was good.

John Johnson

Great place really nice inside clean too

Melody Christal

Some staff are kind but others are quite rude. And if you are Rewards member they should alert you about when the policies have changed especially if you are under 21 and/or frequently buy Rated R movie tickets. I love the movies (even though it’s expensive and NOT for a college kid who’s on a tight budget) but don’t get me wrong after tonight I am bitter. I am 18 almost 19 I have taken my (at the times 15) 16 year old sister to DOZENS of rated R movies. Tonight we went to go see Hustlers, the man asked for our ID’s, I, of course, grab my ID with pride (and not knowing about the policy change) to show him I’m over 18 (I get mistaken for 14 a lot). He then informed me (quite rudely) that I couldn’t get her in for a rated R movie because I’m not 21 or older. No biggie, I told him thank you and was getting ready to walk away and then he started saying “but you could get tickets for Overcome”. We both have already seen it and so I said “no, that’s okay” and again thanked him and walked out. I am a Rewards member and wished I had been alerted of the policy change before I drove into town

brad pamela

Love the high back seats. Staff wasn't overly friendly. The place was clean...bonus!

brandon pittman

Nice new theatre. Down town on the Mississippi River.

Rachell Buster

Movies are expensive no matter where you go. This theater is always clean and employees are nice.

Ryan Garcia

Theater is always well-kept and clean. Staff is friendly, and the prices aren't too bad either.

Amos Purler

Really nice theatre.Awesome location.

Keith yex

Saw Solo with Ann very good movie and the free popcorn was awesome

Robert Failor

Love it. Nice theaters.


Parking was bad they parked were ever they saw fit , but the place was great .

Doris C

It started two weeks back. My 19 almost 20 year old called ahead of time to see if it was okay if she went and got a ticket for somebody whom is under 18.(my younger daughter is moving in with her sister and wanted to tag along for a movie.) The girl on the phone asked the age of the person my older one was bringing: my younger daughter who was turning 17 in 3 days (she’s 17 now). My older daughter told her a few days shy of being 17, and was told that it was okay, that they the older person needed to be 18 and show ID. They went and came right back because my older daughter was under 21 and they wouldn’t allow them in. Okay, that fine. Just a misunderstanding right? Wrong! They went again tonight. My younger daughter is 17 and my older daughter turns 20 on the 1st of October. When they went tonight (to see Hustlers, a rated R movie) my older daughter was AGAIN told she couldn’t buy a ticket for her sister because she was under 21 and her sister is not 18. Needless to say I am very disappointed. I will not be attending their business again and I’m sure my younger one won’t want to, the older one might because she’s forgiving like that

Sparkle Bewbs

Clean restrooms, clean theatres, good sound, and good atmosphere.


Expensive. 2 sodas is $8. Picture and sound is good however

Betsy Welty

Friendly servce clean theater and clran bathrooms

James Gerding

Clean, neat theater. Very friendly staff.

Chewchewonthat official channel


Larry Higgins

Saw good movie and had a great time

louis mickels

This theater is the best place to take your loved ones to have a great time! It is always clean and well kept. The gentleman that manages the Hannibal location is the most polite manager I've ever dealt with. He is always willing to go above and beyond to make the customers have the best experience possible! I'm a firm believer that his leadership is a HUGE part of what makes B&B Theater in Hannibal a great choice for entertainment for the entire family!

Nekoda Greenwood

Great place to catch a flick. Like all theaters anymore, it's pricey.

Herman Wiid

Exelend movie theatre

Carol Chaplin

Very clean and friendly

Kathy Lawrence

Great movie but expensive

Jane Laeder

Love the new seats . very roomy .heated and recline. You can bring a blanket . staff is very friendly and helpful. Awesome experience .cost is very reasonable.

Dave Bonvillian, Jr.

Really nice modern theater with stadium seating.

Mary Glenn Bowman

Great experience!

Shaun Mercer

Nice theater.

Andrea R.

Wonderful place with amazing staff !!!!!!

Lisa Pierce

Temp was good , usually I freeze in there and staff was nice.

Bryson McHardy

Modern 8 screen, all digital movie theater. Very comfortable stadium style layout.

Schelie Conner

I'm giving it one star for the waiter and root beer. Food was cold and sub par.and there was 8 of us!!! We were really sad because we love finding new places we can enjoy.

Les Graham

Nice place, a little pricey.

Ka Oy

Wonderful as always, great staff, great prices, and gray facility.

Whitney Swaim

Great environment ❤ the seating


its a movie theatre, movie was good .. 12$ for popcorn & soda .. NO THANXZ ..

Jacob Johnston

Very clean and comfortable seating...has free flavored popcorn seasoning

Michelle Kurz

The popcorn didn't taste fresh and one of the butter machines was not working. And really almost 30 dollars for a mom and 9 year old son to watch a movie. Charge a little less and getting more people should make up for cost.

Kathy Tourney

Aquaman great movie

Steve and Joni Halpin

Nice theater to watch New releases. I'm still a redbox fan.

Pat Bomke

Most expensive movie theatre we go to. But the closest. Bathrooms need a good deep cleaning and stall door locks repaired. Manager is friendly.

Stephanie Farr

Clean and always a great experience but soooo expensive.

Natalee Marie

Not bad for a small town theater. Wish they'd show a better selection though

Susie Gorham

Great place but toooo expensive

Clayton Speagle

Every move I have been there to watch have been great. Staff is friendly and place is always clean. A great place to go for a good time and watch a good movie.

Terry Lohmeyer

Clean and polite employees


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