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REVIEWS OF B&B Monett Plaza 8 IN Missouri

Sarah Rightmer

This theater has a nice lobby set up. Their seats are rather uncomfortable but otherwise nice. Can't comment on the food because I didn't have any as I'd had too much food through the day prior to attending the movie.

Carolyn Mayhew

Great popcorn! Comfy chairs, great service

Jose A Perez Salas

Very good.

Ron Lasswell

Clean and friendly place

michael vester

Nice. My wife and I had fun watching Captain Marvel

Angus Bennion

It’s a very small movie theater with small screens. You can’t get free refills on popcorn even if you buy the largest size unless you have a membership there.

Ann Dougherty

I love this place. Monett’s B&B Plaza 8 offers a comfortable, modern, theater experience, without having to drive 40 miles to Springfield or Joplin. They are usually less crowded, too. 4 of the 8 theaters have stadium seating. When you join their "Backstage Pass" club, you earn points with every purchase, towards free popcorn and combos, and specials on your birthday. Try it out sometime.

The Real Austin Deans

This is my choice of theaters.. not only the closeness of the location but the price is nice too.

Kimberli McMillan

This place is great.. Super friendly and loves the customers..

Elan Mumme

Price is about $10 per person. Seats do y lean or recline. $4.00 for cheap candy. I will go again if necessary, but will definitely look to Springfield first.

Vanessa Banks

So festive and always showing the newest movies! Most theaters are smaller but there's at least one large theater.

Fred Miller

Nice place to see a movie.

Chere Clevenger

good prices

Jeremy Mullins

Good theatre. Never had a bad time.

Enrique Castro

Good deals on Tuesday's with the loyalty rewards drinks and popcorn half price

Aegis S

most of the theaters are fine but one is super tiny, wish they would let you know when buying tickets if your going to get the small screen or provide some kind of discount.

Melody Bedsaul

Had a great time with my 2 grand kids Wyatt &Kylie. Thank you Bobby.

M.L. Thompson

Its a theater... Its clean. Friendly staff.

Jerry Dunbar

Great place to take your family too the movies

Freekin Glitchen

Expensive and mediocre seating. During our film a glitch 15 minutes in left the screen frozen and the sound repeating an action clip at deafening levels for several minutes before they fixed it.

Adam Burgess

Great location and prices. Sound and screen were crisp and vibrant. Facilities were a little run down (bathrooms and ceiling tiles). Friendly staff.

Jaimi McEntire

Great movie experience, and the people are friendly.

Ehlaina Mckelvey

We love the movies and this is the number one place we go. I love that they offer the backstage pass membership. The staff is always friendly and accommodating and the theaters are always very clean.

David Rainey

Nice place

Lisa Ramsey

All movies cost to much along with the snacks. It was 30.00 for a matinee for me and my granddaughter.

Jbaby E

Always great

Duce Gross

Clean and quiet!

Christine VanDyke

Everyone is nice and helpful..seats are comfortable and the theatre has several choices of times for all shows so convenient with busy schedules Their ladies restroom use could a facelift..but overall I really enjoy going there

Kim Patrick

Popcorn and drinks are expensive

Janet Turner

Great theater.

Dick Highfill

Good clean theater

Sandi f

The movie suppose to start at 6:50 and it's now 7:20 and STILL no movie, ridiculous amount of previews and advertisement!!!!#! Will NOT come on time ever again!!! Warning for all that values their time!!!!

Clint Samson

Great place to watch a movie, friendly staff.

Carmen Marie

Too expensive basically paying an arm and a leg. I dont reccomend


Shows current movies that are affordable.

Valerie B

Fun times with grandkids

Trevor Williams

Would like to see more modern seating for the price

Gregory Johnson

Kind of a weird theater. Needs a update. The 3d movie was good tho

Jaxon Courtney

Great movie theater, needs the bathroom cleaned more


Only a few new stadium theaters but the popcorn is good

Jeremy Walkingstick

Old seating not really comfortable for the heavier folks.

Miles Blackman

Went there to see Captain Marvel

Tamitha Fiscal

Awesome. Great each and every time.

Marchell Mascheck

Mostly neat and clean. Nice kids working there, but not overly eagerly.

Derek Norvell

Nice and clean theatre, not over crowded.

Jason Arant

Comfy and warm. The sound is a little loud but overall a great place to watch a movie.

Nana Jo

You keep asking people on ideas to improve your place of business for your customers. 1) Lower the ridiculous concession prices. 2) Do something to get rid of the musty smell. 3) Spend a few dollars to update. You charge premium prices from tickets to concessions. Give the customer what they pay for.

Hsa Mu

Nice employees

Jana Fulp

I love B&B Monett theaters! The bathrooms, counters, and the theaters are so so clean! I would recommend this theater to anyone!

Penny Murray •PMV•

Great movies. I have been going here for a while and all of a sudden someone over the age of 18 has to stay to watch the movie with you. I have seen Deadpool 2 by myself and 6 scary movies here and only had to have parent permission. We were followed and asked to wait until a guardian came to watch the movie Tag with us. I felt like it was rude and stupid to go out of the way for.

zoe Ferraro

Cute and small but great.

BassDaddy Dave

Good staff and theaters.

Lydia Youngblood

Love seeing movies here.. Not crazy about the concession prices but understandable

Lindsay Dunning

Not sure who runs the floor on Thursday night's but staff was very rude and disrespectful . Will never go back place is a let down just like the people.

Mark Brown

Good hometown place to watch a movie. Sound and screen were good, seats could use an upgrade though.

Breeh Mcgreggor

Watched it chapter 2 absolutely amazing the guy was dressed up like Georgie let me take a picture with him made the experience great

Kimmie Patterson

Ticket prices are fair but the food and candy are outrageous and almost impossible to afford for a bigger family. Very clean and great employees.

James S.

Nice place in a small town to watch a movie, they have stadium seating, all you can eat large popcorn, and all you can drink large soda. The theaters are nice, except for the one in the middle in the very back, it has poor sound. Theater 4 I think, however it might be 3... it's the one between the two big stadium theaters. Overall this is a nice place and I will be back.

Jason Haase

For the size of town, this is a great place to see a movie! There are a few stadium seating screens and the staff is always a friendly bunch.

Ralph Davis

It's convenient clean E-Z Parking great customer service

Lilli Ann Monacello Neil

This is by far one of my favorite movie theaters in the area. If you and your friends just wanna go out on a week night and see a movie there is like a 50% chance that you guys will be the only ones in the theater. Weekend it is busier but that's with any movie theater.

Tammy Schell

they aren't afraid to show Christian movies

Michael Lee

A lot of the comedy we come to expect. I like the new Hellboy better, however unnecessarily bloody a gross.

James Giberti

Small, typical, good service, needs arcade, all around fine to go watch a movie.

Megan Schiller

Love the throwback nights. Average theaters. Great popcorn. Icees!

Sierra Trigg

Always enjoy a trip to the movies!

Paul Hannam

The stays don't recline, but otherwise it's a nice cinema to go to.

Tammy McIver

Theater was fairly clean, if outdated. As all are now days popcorn and drink are grossly overpriced.

Vaughn Graham

Nice sound, staff is always friendly

Mitchell Eutsler

Decently clean. Nice seats.

Jazmine Monserrat

Love it

Marilyn Carey

We enjoy the friendly staff and atmosphere and comfort at B&B in Monett. Hubby loves the popcorn.

Mojo Nov

Theater is ok I guess. The newer stadium seating addition is pretty nice. The regular seating areas are just fair. Sometimes a bit smelly, musty and seats are NARROW. Prices, like everywhere else, for food are RIDICULOSE!

Donna Villani

Went to see Unplanned excellent movie recommend all see it

Justin Barnes

Always fun when we go here. The facility could use some updates but it's still nice. For it being the only movie theater near our town, we do enjoy coming here and we can always get our tickets early online. Yes they have a descent concessions area and can accommodate the disabled.

Shannon Smetana

The sound in the theater next to ours sound was so loud you could hear it over the movie we watched

Debra Gutierrez

Fantastic place, great service!! Worth the 45 minute drive, Will definitely be back!!!

Michael Hopper

I visited B & B theatre a few months ago and enjoyed it immensely. The seating was very comfortable and the sound in the theater was excellent and immersive. The staff was very friendly and the theater was very clean. :-)

LeAnn Reynolds

Staff very friendly and helpful, enjoyed our time here!

Leo Eggert

A nice theater with friendly employees, just nothing special to set it apart.

James Blankenship

The movie we watched had been out for a couple of weeks so we were in one of the smaller, older theaters. It has the older style seats which are obviously not as comfortable or roomy as the newer seats. The screen had a small tear or hole, some people probably wouldn't notice it. Overall tho it is still pretty great because the staff are helpful and their service is quick. I've been to the newer rooms and they are much nicer, but it's always a pleasant experience due to the friendly staff and the fact that even if you see a movie in the older rooms, the sound is great and I always feel close to the screen without having to look up. I often prefer Monett over driving to Springfield as it's less crowded, faster service which is huge if you need to duck out to refill a soda or popcorn during the movie. Only reason I go to Springfield is if I really want to see something on Imax, otherwise it's not worth all the waiting in line. Edit: After my latest visit I can no longer recommend this place as anything other than something to avoid at all costs! The place is getting worse with each visit and this time it was too much. Service was awful, rude, and slow. That was not the thing that would keep me away. An employee had a group of friends in the theater we were in. The employee kept getting up during the movie, it looked like he was checking to see if he had any work to do. His group talked throughout the movie, were on their phones and toward the end of the movie began to yell obscenities at the screen and each other. They even yelled at some of the other movie goers who were leaving before the after credits scene. There didn't seem to be any point in trying to have them removed since one of them was an employee. If this is how they are going to run things it doesn't seem safe for families.

linda woolery

Fun place to go. Great staff.

Arita Ortiz

Location is great, sufficient parking. If you are looking for a nearby theater to watch new releases, this is your place. The place is clean, however, I have been in several of its auditoriums and upon entering, they give off a musty smell. I don't think prices should be equal big city theaters, but unless you want to drive to Joplin, Springfield or NW Arkansas, this is your place.

Todd Odonald

Friendly staff clean theaters

Shannon Moller

I always have a good experience at B&B.

Tabitha Ray

Good prices and good selection. Nice to have a theater in town.

Maria Elena Cruz

B&B theater is such a fun and great place. I would love to go watch Aladdin with my kids! Highly recommend to go with family and friends!

Krisy Whitely

I came here to visit my mom who kindly paid for my children and I to see the Last Jedi. Being military and from a town where they offer military discount everywhere to show appreciation, I asked do they offer military discount? I was told NO so we just walked on. So then I bought 2 kids popcorn with fruities and a drink. So my son asked me for a refill so I went back to ask for a refill I was going to pay for I was told no by the lady for that size and I said I would like to pay for a new one then I was told no again and not offered an explanation rudely. As we walked out the girls working behind the concession stand were all huddled in a circle talking not doing their job. Very bad customer service here the worst I have ever experienced. Owning a business myself I would definitely get new staff.

Bill Chapple

10.00 for a small drink 15 for a combo eat and drink. Way to hight of a price the do t show you the 3d movies on web sight...bathrooms could be better.

Laurie Woodall

Good movie.

Delilia Gilliam

I love this place

Dondi Watson

Saw Breakthrough wonderful God blessed movie

Amber Withnell

Movies are current, high quality sound, and high quality picture

Rene Spencer

Great movies, comfortable seating, reasonable pricing.

Paul Mays

I've been enjoying this theater since there were only 5 screens. Always clean & comfortable. I really appreciate having a quality cinema in our small town. I'd rather go here than drive to a bigger town to sit in a bigger room. Since they always show the movies I'm anxious to see, I get my wish!

Kashina Bergesch

Prices are a little high.....the movies are sure worth it though.

Bronte Porter

Great Movie Theater if you're not looking to drive to Springfield or Joplin!

Bosh B

If your movie is playing in theatre 5 do not go. 5 is a tiny uncomfortable torture chamber.

Gail Ackerman

Great movie theater

Amber Starks

Always a great place to go watch movies very clean and friendly

Crystal Gail

Great service. Clean business. Friendly people.

Brendon Bay

Good clean theater.I'd definantly come back.

James Asher

Best movie theater in Monett!!

Sara McCullough

Very good theater. Didn't like that there was no baby changing station in women's bathroom

Milton Ward

My son & wife took me for Father's day. Watched The Mummy. Great show. Decent ticket prices, little pricey on treats. Would give 5 stars, but the seats hurt our bottoms. Love this movie house is the only one we go to. Beats driving to Springfield or Joplin. Thank you for a great day!!


It is clean, the sound is good and boy was jumanji funny!

Kristopher Dotson

good place to catch a movie

Bill Gahn

Go there often. Clean and not too crowded, except for new blockbuster movies. Friendly staff.

Sherilyn Squibb

Not crowded and so much closer to us than driving to Springfield. Always comfortable and clean seating.

Brandon Rodriguez

I like going here, but the concessions are rather pricey for my liking.

Vickie Friend

We love going to the movies and the Monett theater is nice. But they have all gotten so expensive. Not just Monett but all of them.

Ashley Courtney

awesome people!

Martin Alexander Crispin Lakes III

Pleasant atmosphere. Pleasant staff.

DDB Gaming

Has great movies and not all that expensive either


Nice theaters.

Charles R Carey

Well managed, friendly, and CLEAN! Employees are sweeping floors and cleaning when not selling refreshments and tickets. We go often.

Jim Garrett

A great little theater for a small town. Prices are reasonable. Staff is friendly. Unfortunately, you can never get a staff member on the phone. If you call their number you spend five minutes with it telling you to just email or go to the website. So instead of just getting an answer to a question in 30 seconds in may take 3 days, never, or hopefully the website is updated.

Doug Hamm

Great seats, excellent service

Tammy Hanke

2 adult tickets an a child one large popcorn.... 3boxes of candy....$62......

Denise Prisk

Good popcorn, great seats,up to date movies,friendly staff.

Justin Pride

Great place!

kirk haden

Nice theatre for a small town.

Sunny Snyder

Nice customer service, theater was clean, and we like the stadium seating.

Kasey Tate

Even in a smaller city I'm always able to get a seat. It's a very clean, well maintained place. The concession stand has a wide variety of snacks,popcorn and drinks. The chairs in the theater part are comfortable enough that me being disabled is able to sit through an average length movie. A great place to catch a movie at!

Charchar4334 The dude

I have been going here since I was a child they have finally updated there movie times to show more movies per day. But the speakers are subpar. The workers and staff are very kind. The screens are very nice if only they could update there speakers.

Euphoria Askew Studio

Great place for a fast date. Deadpool was funny

Buck Harris

All together great experience. The seating was clean and comfortable. Snacks were quite expensive.

Caitlin R

Great sound, stadium seating avalible, decent pricing.

Pam Conard

Great customer service, clean and enjoyable

Cheryl Carter

Best popcorn anywhere. Great theater. Friendly and great service.

Max Calhoun

Good and cleaning places and good popcorn and drinks


Nice, clear Theater! We go here with my husband and the kids.

Jedidiah Moody

The place could use some renovation, but by no means is it terrible. They do lack the amenities of larger theatres in better/larger cities, such as recliner seats, meals brought to your seat, etc.

Sabrina Compton

Good place to see a movie, not badly priced.

Kelly nellie

Clean and great place

AJ Lee

Decent price comfortable seating

Charles Weston

Well above expectations for small town theater.


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