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521 Commons Dr, Fulton, MO 65251

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To this day the firm has a rating of 4.3 over 5 and that rating has been based on 302 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF B&B Fulton Cinema 8 IN Missouri

Brian Winkelmann

Arrive early inorder to get the tickets and snacks

Sean Walsh

I like that the theater is never overly crowded. I come from out of town for this reason. They also have a VIP program that racks up rewards pretty quickly. They only downside to this theater is the screens seem a bit darker than average so it's hard to see details that I believe are supposed to be seen.

Nathan Howard

Nice theater...

Angela Russell

Friendly staff, clean facility, good popcorn, never too crowded.

David W

They do not have free refills. First theatre I have been that doesnt. Floors are sticky, feels dirty. Seats are not that comfortable. I will travel elsewhere from now on.

Ryan Bergeron

Safe theater and I enjoyed the magic of the movie

korbin H

This is one of the cleanest and friendly theaters ever. Very comfortable seats and easy in out, sound and video quality are also top notch! Really a jem for mid missouri

Patricia Martin

The nastiest theater I've ever bn in!

Garrett Briney

Levi Fleener

Love this theater so much

Robert S

The customer service was excellent. The popcorn was good. The screen in room three had a little dot that was distracting during the movie. The chairs are very comfortable.

Steven Gunn

Always clean and never crowded. I enjoy being greeted with a smile and I'm grateful that there is always a police officer moonlighting there.

Carl Belken

It has been a few years since I have visited but the experience was nice.

Breeze Bear

Very clean and the seats are very comfortable.

Tracy Fairfax

Comfortable seating and wine and beer available at concession.

Creag Garrett

John Lierheimer II

Shannon Pitt

They were rude and what kind of movie theatre runs out of popcorn?

Sage Izadi

Good clean place

Cole W

Excellent theatre. I’ve been going here since I was a measly child. They have never failed me.

Jesse Albright


Aaron Shoemaker

Clean, friendly, good picture and sound.

john odonnell

Very clean. Not crowded. The staff is very cheerful and helpful. Concession prices are fair and the matinee prices are inexpensive. Comfortably cool.

Suella Miller

Very clean. Not crowded. Not too cold. Friendly staff.

Penny Niekamp

Nice but expensive, but what theatre isn't, right?!

janet Arellano

Snack prices were as bad our worse than the nicer theaters and the theater was filthy! We had to clean trash from the seats before we could sit down. They obviously don't clean between movie shows. Not a good value.

Chad Hecktor

Fantastic small town theater.

Joshua Spurgeon

A great 8 screen theater with nice stadium style seating. Nostalgic/vintage decor. Friendly staff. Fresh popcorn and a popcorn toppings station. Clean restrooms.

Mike Helton

Never been here

Bob Ballard

Nice and clean a little

Bob Breedlove

Ray Brown

Very nice small town theatre. Appears to be well managed and the staff are always friendly.

Craig Salcedo

Laurie Decker

A very pleasant theatre.

James Stevens

Was going to go there but there is no number to get ahold of anybody there and im not about to drive 40 min for a show sold out so forget that theater

Austin Anderson

The best place to share memory's with family and friends

Gary Schneider

Blaze m

staff is great we love this theater

Robin Yates

Enjoy the whole family 2 years first movie

Sara Carter

Very very messy. Rude cashiers. Very hard to hear over the loud popcorn machine going. The popcorn is good.

Scribbly Puns

Good prices and good service

Bethany Livell

I have been to the theatre many time with a great experience but I have been trying to call for 2 week to get information for a birthday party. No one answers the phone ever! I have left 2 messages with the managers voicemail over a week ago and no reply. Very upset!

Mark Davis

Very nice theatre and staff is freindly


Great time...excellent service and the popcorn is delicious!

Andrew Parker

Beer and a movie

Thomas Tabb

I really like this theater. The staff is pleasant and the building has a lot of historical shoutouts to the Fulton theaters of the past.

Whitney Embree

Love the set up. Buy your ticket and popcorn all in one spot.

Lynie Vinyard

Naomi Semones

So I think my kids got a hold of my phone, or my phone unlocked in my purse and left a review of 3. I would actually rate it at a 4. This theater is a solid theater without any bells and whistles with good customer service.

Regina Neale

4 tickets (on a week night), popcorn, & 3 drinks, our total was over $62

Laura Willenburg

Rosemary Wenzel

Great place

Lori Ann

Nice theatre and friendly staff.

James Bratten

Terry Luebbert

Loved the movie!

Bernard Fennewald

Great facilities

Corinne Bracko

Good, clean theater. Occassionally you can hear a movie playing next to you if your movie is at a more quiet scene and the theater over is at a fight scene or something. Not loud enough to disrupt the experience, however, and the place tends to not be overly crowded, even with new releases.

Gerry Masters

Very clean and 1st rate movies

Shannon Russell

My mom and I LOVE coming here everytime!

Jamie Mulcahey

Black Panther was Awesome!

Deborah Stober

Love it !

Connie Willenburg

Nice hometown theatre with friendly employees

Doug Gibson

Nice Theater.

Tom Clapp

Awesome experience

Darren Sons

Very good

Sarah Robison

We love the occasional family movie night here! Friendly, helpful staff and a great cinema experience.

Frank Days

Movie was great, but the

Jessica Spencer

Courtney June

Went to see toy story 4 and it was good but when we came out (hoping to get a refill) all 3 emplotees were sitting on the opposite side of the room from the concessions. Literally doing nothing. It didnt even look like anyone was working. Customer service could be much better.

Sha'Qwaylla Hatton

Kyle Sears

Very nice auditoriums

Helen Salmons

Need discounts with the amount they charge.

Roy Miller

Always a great time and not overcrowded helpful and friendly staff. Enjoy every time we go there

Jacob Patterson

You've never seen so many flavorings for your popcorn. It's wonderful.

Kara Shumate

A local business that we frequent often. Love the stadium seating.

Pam Steinacher

Nice movie theater

Michael Stevenson

I have been a fan of B & B theater in Fulton, MO for years. Clean facility, personable employees, relaxing atmosphere with comfortable seating. A night at the movies is worth the price of admittance.

Amie Thompson

Never been there before. Service was pretty quick. Theatre was clean no sticky floors. Bathroom stalls were a bit snug and inconvenient when you're trying to go. Overall experience I'd give it a 8.2 our of 10.

Kristi Eaves

Love this place. Best cinema I have been to around here. That is saying something since this is a small town.

Sallie Humphrey

This place lets you butter your own popcorn! Butter on TAP!! <3

Abe Lopez

This theater has always neen clean and the crowds (if you can call them that) are usually small which gives you plenty of sitting options and they serve alcohol.

Lindsay Price

U can occasionally hear movies from the next theatre but overall a good place to go, clean restrooms, good service, It would be nice to place something on the websites describing the seating & the material they are. I've had people ask me if the seats are comfortable & if their cloth or leather ect...

L Shinn

I always have a great time here. Great matinee prices, always love taking the nephews.

Martin Morard

Overall the price is what you expect, the theatre is reasonably well kept, and the quality meets my expectations. The only complaint I have is I can hear the bass from the theaters adjacent to the one I will be in, which can kill the mood in some movies.

Asher Mirus

Latest movies family friendly

Dustin Higgins

Great service

aimee higgins

We go to this theater frequently and have never really had anything to complain about until we ordered bottles of water which they didn't have. They ended up giving us cups of ice and told us to fill them from the water fountain then charged us $3 a cup. Just seemed a little high for ice.

Brett Bachman

For a small town theater, this place is pretty sweet. Just saw Ready Player One there, and while it might not be IMAX, the screen size, resolution, and sound was really good. My only complaint about the theater would be hearing the bass from the adjoining gallery.

Melissa Yarbro

Pricey compared to other theaters. Matinees are over $9 per person with tax. And a regular show at night is over $10 per person with tax, so really its not much of a difference. It is a nice facility though.

Trey Stumbaugh

A little pricey but well worth it. It has the quality and satisfactory that everyone would love especially me that's why I pay a little extra when I go. As they say "Enjoy the magic of the movie"

Angela Waggoner

We have been here several times and love this place! The popcorn "bar" is an added plus! Not to mention the cost of the concession stand items and the free refills! The staff is always polite. My only complaint is that they don't always get to clean between movies and sometimes it is messy when you enter the theater itself. We went to watch Star Wars and had no crowd to wait behind (On December 27th) and the theater still had open seats.

Zach Baumann

Serves wine and beer, makes going to see the newest "spongebob" movies tolerable

Kat R

A fun theatre to visit. Love the classic movie posters decorating the lobby and halls. Also had a great experience renting a theatre for a movie showing. Highly recommended!

Stephanie Johnson

Yvonne Johnson

Very nice place. Love the popcorn flavorings.

Davara Cannon

Megan McCurdy

Great place for a family night

Heather Sutton

Never over noisey you can enjoy your movie

Ericca Thornhill

This is a great theatre! They have all the things Columbia and Jefferson City theatres have, without the lines and crowds! Clean and good concessions and friendly staff. I love coming here all the time!


Mercedes Singleton

Always love coming here (:

Larry Weber

Roomy theater, good sound system

Olivia Davidson

It's very comfortable and the staff is very nice.

Chris Verdugo

Theater was not cleaned from previous show/s. Trash everywhere, cups and popcorn everywhere. Floors were messy and sticky. Worst I've ever seen it. Great movie though.

Kier Henderson

I had to wait 1hour to see one movie

Kate Nowlin

Theater is great but the prices are outrageous!!!!

Susan Bedford

Isaac Enloe

Clean theaters The best popcorn in Missouri

Aidan harley


Sharon Acree-Frausto

Enjoy the seating

Alvin Maddox

This place is super nasty not happy at all☹️

Att Customer

Great movie, I could only imagine !!!!!!!!

Bob Dole

Never to crowded, and close to home Is always nice.


The customer service is great. Never have a bad experience here.

noneya bizness

Nice place

Manley White

Sorry can't make it five stars but the popcorn was stale. At the seven o'clock show I would expect to be fresh.

Laura Minton

It was filthy and there was like one person working. It felt alittle unsafe

Sam Mayne

Nothing special, but nothing wrong with the theater either.

Carole Garth

Super nice staff!

Tavis Burton

Great place

Candice Vest

Great time with the family

Cynthia Hitchcock

Bub Wilcox

Clean, good atmosphere nice place to spend an evening

Dale Deehr

Good prices

pamela huff

It was mostly clean and mostly friendly.

Brandon Irwin

Always have the newest, hottest movies. Prices are high but that's the movie's for you. They have a sit down area but they don't have a good selection of food. Would be nice if they would add more to the menu for the sit down area. Also they don't have any arcade games. The original Fulton theater had a small arcade and it just completed the experience. Would be nice if they would bring that back.

Owen Vandel

Best theater in the immediate area. Love the service, everything is oddly cheap for a theater in 2019. Highly reccomend!

Ladaynea Spencer

The theater was very clean and the staff was very polite. Movie picture and sound quality was amazing!!

Linda Todd

Staff was very dry just gave the evening a very dull feeling. Would of been nice to be greated with a smile at the least. Probably average but paid a little over $12.00 for an order of Nacho's, soda, air heads (candy) not positive this was included in first purchase might have been the second trip to concession.


We drive over from Columbia to watch movies here. Popcorn is fresh, it's not crowded, staff is friendly, restrooms are clean, they serve beer and wine. Nice theater.

David McCune

It’s ok. Snacks are high in price

Scott colter

Great place to catch a movie.. Love the stadium seating and usually not packed, so no issues with hearing conversations over the movie.

Dwight Taylor

Nice place, the bulbs were a bit dark.

Amy Hussey

Really nice

Chris Hunt

Amelia Binai

This place cost me almost 60.00 for 1 adult and 2 children under age 10 with two candies one popcorn and a soda... you would think they'd offer a discount or something

Tonya Huskey

Smelly Goat Acres

Good place to watch a movie. Popcorn is awesome. Only wish they would show better movies for Retro Night. Harry Potter isn't retro. Smokey and the Bandit is retro. Jaws is retro. Harry Potter ain't.

John Hotz

Movie was outstanding(I Can Only Imagine), however there were no lights in the theater and several people almost fell or tripped when they entered the theater. It was brought to the staffs attention, but they were not concerned saying the previews would cone on soon and take care of the issue. Several people had to turn on their cell phone lights to see.

joe becker


Kyle Willenburg

Nice little theater. They play the movies. The seats are comfortable. The popcorn is fresh. The lines are not too long. Good.

Lucky Moore

Very well kept. Very nice workers and very clean. All together very nice place.

Jorge Olivarez

Who doesn't like movies

Slinky Nightcore

Went to go see a movie (bought my ticket earlier in the day) no doorman or nothing just waltzed right on in. They always need a doorman to prevent freeloaders.

Kat Klub

Petty good visual and sound. Not over crowded.

Mikayla Nuszkiewicz

Randy Z Wright

Great theatre, good service, worth the drive from Jefferson City.

Tammy Russell

Nice theater. Bring the grandkids here to see movies. Fair prices and they have a popcorn station with all kinds of toppings available. Will visit again.

Cory Higby

Friendly staff. Clean theaters. Great sound & picture! Highly recommend!

Matthew Backer

Cleanest movie theater ever

Hannah Redman

Lorna Bybee

Nice theather

Grant Gall

James Beasley

A little high on price but clean and nice sound quality.

Paul Saltzman

Best Theatre in the Area

stephanie b

Alan Combs

A little high, but always a good experience.

Zach Highfill

Very nice and clean! Several times we've had the theater to ourselves. We were able to walk up and buy Endgame tickets the day of release!


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