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REVIEWS OF B&B Festus 8 Cinema IN Missouri

Ashley Limon

Wonderful experience. Love the new theater

st. louis dad

High food and drink prices

David Wright

The facility was OK, but the ticket redemption process means you have to wait in line for concession personell. In our case it was all the way back to the doors where he walked in so even though we didn't get concessions we still had to wait in these long lines just to get our tickets. If they can correct this issue then I think that the over all experience and would certainly improve.

Adam Cook

The remodel is excellent! The new seating is very comfortable.

Ryan Nichols

Great remodel! But sound was flat and voices were not loud enough. Hopefully this was just a fluke and if not, they will fix it soon. Had a great time tonight though!

Carleigh Williams

Little pricey but the experience is worth it! Just sneak in your own snacks

Helen Harris

The movie was great food an soda prices way to high but we enjoyed it. Love the show an seats

Donnie Marler

Great set up, friendly personnel. Excellent experience

Stephanie Hawkins

Went to see Avengers End game on April 28 for an 11 am show. The screen was black until 11:23. 23 minutes after the movie was supposed to start they started to play the ads (what you watch before the previews!) After they played the ads the screen went blank again and the ads restarted. The movie ended up starting at least 45 minutes late with no previews and the beginning intro of the movie was skipped. They didn’t dim the lights for over an hour after the movie had been playing causing a glare from all the lights. I understand having technical difficulties but when we tried informing the staff that the movie still hadn’t started they were impatient and rude with everyone asking questions about why the movie started 45 minutes late! Very terrible experience.

Debbie Rinkenberger

I really like the new seats they have and the sound is amazing. I can't wait to go back again.

Louis White

Seating is one of the best after the renovation, comfy the heated seats are nice and plenty of room per seat.

Paula Phares

I was constantly interrupted with phone flashes and the flashlight. Two people went back and forth at least 6_7 times. Talking out loud. Think I'll be going back to Gravois Bluffs.

Carrie Spruell

The recliners are great, so comfortable. ( now my husband will go to movies because of seats) Like how we refill our own sodas so we dont have to wait in line.

Vicki Vincent

Love the new recliners and updated look! The wait at the concessions is crazy. Good thing we arrived 45 minutes early because we would have easily missed the beginning of the movie if not. Need to have a better method for check in process. Other than that everything was great!

Sally Montgomery

Nice heated seats. Good food.

David Hopple

Love this place! Small and usually pretty busy, but good service, and comfortable seating


Love the new theater like being at home

Matthew Bailey

Hight concession prices, nice recliner heated seats, theater was too bright from accent lighting.


Mixed drink sizes and the price for the size is a joke..had to squeeze my fingers into the cup holder to get my drink from it as it was that tiny ... was there last night and a male worker in black uniform shirt who came from the back room behind concessions was very rude as I was gonna ask him a question but having manners I said hi to him first only for him to walk right past me ignoring it so he could sit at the table. Hot dog was way overpriced and gross . Seats and theater itself was nice

Jessica Tarrant

Very nice theatre. Comfy seats. Great service.

Mark Clemons

Food was bland but the reclining seats are comfortable

Justin Akins

The second star is SOLELY for the manager. She handled the situation very well. Ordered tickets online. Got there and though my bank account had been charged, was told I had no tickets, and the show is now sold out. The girl at the register told me there was no manager and to complain online. I asked the gentleman at the bar for the manager and he actually got her for me. I was told this is a common problem.

Joshua Kelly

Great place, upgrades are some of the best I've seen.

Vincent Ballard

As far as value for your money goes, this place is tough to beat. Their prices are on par with the industry, but the seating is very comfortable (and heated). I think their popcorn tastes a bit better than anyone else and they have a large selection of other items if popcorn isn't your thing.

Landarias Stewart

It was fun anf the seats were comfortable

Ethan O'Neail

The new remodel is awesome. You can grab a drink and food then sit back in a recliner that has a heated seat option. They made it the real way you are spose to go see a movie. The prices aren't bad either.

R Windham

The reclining heated seats are a wonderful way to watch the movie.

Alexis Burrous

Took my toddlers for mom and me day. Very nice seats. Sad to see the arcade replaced with a bar. Overall clean and tidy aside from the restrooms. Nasty caked on urine behind the toilet seat. Lint and everything stuck on it trash cans over flowing. Really a horror show for a mother of two tiny kiddos with small bladders. They need to train staff on proper toilet sanitation. (We saw an early show.) Other than the two cons we loved the show itself!


A very nice theatre, the seats are the most comfortable I have ever seen in a cinema before and what makes all that even better are the low prices. I am a Highschool student so if I watch a movie in the afternoon I costs me 7$, such a low price for such a fancy movie theatre. The staff is friendly and the parking is easy as well thanks to a big parking lot. As the seats take up a lot of space there is only a pretty limited amount of tickets available. I recommend booking them in advance online which is super easy and fast. The prices for the concessions are very high, but you have to expect that if you watch a movie, I just don't buy popcorn or any drinks and so my experience stays cheap. Overall a beautiful addition to the businesses in Festus!! -Patrick Klaus (a big fan)

Jessica Heck

Came here with the family and had a great time! We loved the upgrade to the theater. Seats are sooo much more comfortable!!

Kari Smallegan

I love the new reclining heated seats. It is very clean and a much more relaxing atmosphere.

Michael Francis

The only redeeming quality of this theatre was the seats. The soda's were watered down(not just one flavor but the three we tried). It was brighter in the theater than I'm used to. The people working seemed like they just didnt care. I will say we went to an early morning show right when they opened so some of the things may just be because of that. Like no toilet paper in the restroom.

Tyler Watson

My school was Dunklin R5 went to Festus Movie Theater for a field trip to see A Dog's Way Home. It was a good movie! It was a little crowded because of my school district. It was also crowded in the line because of my school district. At first, there was no popcorn and now after that, there was popcorn. I'm glad! I didn't had a drink though. Just popcorn. I love those comfortable seats you can sit on! They are relaxing! They lean back and they have a heater on the seat. I love those comfortable seats! I'm glad they remolded the place! It looks better that way! My family has been to Festus Movie Theater before, but it's been a long time. I been to Festus Movie Theater with my family a long time too! I'll come back to Festus Movie Theater to see another movie with my family soon!

Michael Tallent

Super nice I have been going to this theater since I was a teen so to see it transformed into this its awesome just wish it had more early showings.

Jaime Louise Miller

The improvements here are great. It's much nicer. We really enjoyed the comfy reclining seats.

Shael Blaylock

Terrible service. Waited 20 minutes in line people in front of us had to get refunded because the were rang up wrong. Left frustrated. They need to get their stuff toegether.. maybe have a line for just tickets no food.

Lindsey Daniels

The facility is nice and the seats are very comfortable. However, the ticket redemption process needs work. We had tickets purchased, online, prior to arrival. We still had to wait in the incredibly long concessions line to redeem hard copy tickets. The line was out the door and we missed the first few minutes of our movie despite arriving 10 minutes early with pre-purchased tickets. They need to remedy this issue or they'll really start losing business.

kali hardie

Love the new renovations! Prices are affordable, and the seats are absolutely womderful. You guys did a great job!

Trudy Dankenbring

Very nice and very clean Great place to go

Gary Schaffer

Nice place.

Lestel Rushing

we like to remodel, the theater looks great, but every time we try to watch a movie they have sold out. we have tried to see 4 movies and were only able to get into 1. the one we did see we bought the tickets in advance. also need to improve the line wait. almost every time we have to wait at least 10 mins to get up to find out we can not purchase a ticket. the new recliners are great but not enough seating . over all very nice theather but very limited seating so if your going buy tickets in advance.

Jamie Thompson

Very relaxing experience..

Cord Blumenstock

First experience with the new fancy theater experience. Reclining heated leather seats, plenty of room and everyone has a cup holder! I'm a bit of a giant and I'm always fighting for leg room and elbow room in a traditional theater, not here. The ONLY downfall is is so expensive. $15 for a popcorn and soda, if you happen to forget you brought snacks in your wife's purse until you're inside, that helps. We will be back, as soon as I get a raise at work.

Hi, I'm suicidal I d f c

Loved it!!!! Heated recliners, great movie, soda refills to get without going to counter and great employees

Tyler Pickard

I absolutely love the renovations they have made! The new recliner chairs couldn't be more comfortable and the new food selection is great! It's a fantastic place to watch a movie.

Chris zakrzewski

Great place newly redone .. wonderful staff

Coffee Carey

The people were nice

michael, settle

First time at this cinema, drove from Stl to see the classic masterpiece CASABLANCA, thanks for showing such a wonderful old school film and the reclining seats are awesome.

Stephanie E

It's great here now with the stadium, heated, reclining, leather seats!

Eli Miller

Good business has heated seats recliner chairs and 7.49 for youth and 8.99 for adults and seniors

Vicki Sherfy

Awesome.... so much better than before the renovation

Diane Ingrum

Love the new reclining chairs. Price for movie affordable. Concession prices a bit to high. But good experience overall.

Maddie Movesian

I’ve been coming to this theater since I was a little kid and I always have a good time. The recliner seats are very comfortable and though theater food is always pricy the popcorn here is worth it.

Dre DeVille

The popcorn was delicious, the staff was pleasant, and the reclining leather heated lounge chairs are EXCELLENT! This made for a delightful night at the cinema. B&B Festus is about 30 miles from our home, so the experience is well worth the trip. My only complaint is that the only trash cans I saw were just outside the theaters or in the restroom. None by the entrance or in the lobby, where I needed one, and there are tables and chairs in the lobby to eat before or after the movie. Weird.

j.j. Uding

Has definitely step their game up with the new renovations. There heated and reclining seats were well worth what they are asking for, even install a full bar with hot foods so you can get the best movie experience!

Brandy Trask

Will never go to this theater again, pre-ordered tickets just for them to say they don't have my reservations but yet my account was charged twice. Then the 17 yes old manager proceeds to tell me oh it happens all the time!?!? Then why don't you do something to fix the problem? When asked how long they are going to hold the 65$ that I was charged he chuckles and says hopefully not long. WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! I'll stick with driving up to Arnold

Derek Nickolaus

Love what they have done and the prices a great. Screens and sound are excellent!

Mike Munie

Excellent upgrade i don't care for the assigned seating. The cashiers need to learn to tell people this! Also need to ask people if they have a seating preference since there is assigned seating. This new policy caused a huge problem last night for a father and his son and myself and my daughter neither one of us new about the new policy and it created a scene.

Chuck Major

Heated leather recliners!!!

Cheryl Sodomka

Got tickets on line but had to stand in line to get tickets printed;the same line to get concessions. Theatre so dark when we entered we couldn't see where our seats were. We asked the manager to turn some light on, but he never did. Ordered food from the grill,and it took forever to get. We asked an employee about our food, and she was very rude. Will not go back.

Josh McCracken

Recently remodeled with updated equipment and very comfy heated recliners. Every seat in the house seems to be a good one and no one there to check tickets so you can walk right in

Kevin Stjohn

Much appreciated recent remodel. The seats are very comfortable. They recline nicely and are heated. The new concession stand may take a few trips to get used to but is very nice.

Stacy Hamilton

Seats very comfy and heat is relaxing. Love that u are able to reserve the seats. Gary the manager is great.

Richard Green

So old haven't been to a show for a while didn't know I need to get seats a head of time I guess it's a good place to go didn't get to go cuz all reserved seats

Dale Muckey

Sidelites never dimmed, ruined the whole experience. Won't ever go here again.

Amanda Michelle Ditch

The people are quite while the movie is playing and their theater looks so nice and clean

Karen Nappier

We just saw Breakthrough it was amazing a beautiful movie in agreat setting. Thank you

Lara Pippin

Loved that they updated and now have great seats. Just dont like the assigned seating.

K Stover

Freaking prices of ticket and drinks are close yo my electric bill...who goes to a movie theater to get liquored up on Jack Daniels?

Erin Brown

Really nice now that they remodel everything and the seats are very comfy and heated

Gamer65 Jog

Decent bathroom good seats and has good/nice staff

Natalie Dix

Ridiculous. My husband and son are there trying to watch the newest Avengers movie. Somehow they forget to turn the movie on for about 45 minutes then they don't dim the lights. I try calling and get NO answer, husband got up for the 4th time and they finally got it. WOW . Um is this your first time showing a movie?? Maybe you should stick to the less popular titles since you obviously can't handle the crowd for the larger more popular titles.

Brett Govero

Holy cow, this theatre has improved so much in the past few years! Reclining heated seats, a smart soda dispenser too! All I can say is wow.

Susanne Canterberry

It is the most favorite movie theater of mine. Refills on soda. Most comfortable way to enjoy a movie. All the employees are super nice . CLEAN RESTROOMS. I will go nowhere else. And if you happen to have an appetite...their chicken strip dinner is a deal. Great fries. Tasty. And a good portion ...Thank you B&B for keeping the lights on in Festus.


This place was amazing, excellent service, and very nice comfort. Sound quality is amazing and the chairs are extremely comfortable, this is the most fun I've had in awhile, #HellBoy was amazing.

Douglas Boyer

Great theather but not sure why it says opens 1/2 hour before 1st show but opened up about 10 minutes before...

Ken B

Great theater has the best seats around!

jaime desper

Clean, cozy but 5 dollars for a bottle of water? Bring your own drinks/ food is advise but still nice

Donald Price

B&B is a great movie theater we enjoyed our family time there tonight. The popcorn was very good not greasy or oily at all. It is new due to a recent total makeover. Very nice and helpful staff. Lay down reclining seats with heat. I thoroughly enjoyed our experience

Mark VanPatton

Liked the seats, place was freezing cold? Management needs to address cleanliness.

Lynnda Normann

Great theater to go to

Breckin Ridings

Really nice theater with great prices on tickets.

Melisa Garrett

My husband and I were excited to see the new Avengers movie this past weekend in 3D at this newly remodeled theater. We were disappointed. The tickets to print from online purchase or to buy in person are handled in the same lines that you order your popcorn. The food pricing is expected to be high in a movie theater, but the portion of popcorn in a specialty tub and the nachos was a joke. Literally a snack size bag of broken chips with a small cup of cheese and a small plastic Shazam tub. And the recliners were so close that the kid next to me kept putting his feet on mine too. I'll just go to Ronnie's for the movies next time.

brent cureton

Great movie place reclining seats

Ryan Cann

My go to movie theatre, which was previously Marcus theatres in Arnold. B&B has far better (heated and reclining) seating, a much cleaner appearance, and a bar that sells very good drinks (I recommend The Coastal). It's a very premium theatre that also feels homie with how small it is. Prices are fairly standard. The one downside is seating is assigned vs first come first serve seating, so if you are going with a group, it's best to buy your tickets early online and make sure to get seats next to each other before arriving.

Carla Helton

Comfortable seating! Very nice

Robert Freeman

Very nice upgrade! Seats are great.

Joshua Odenthal

Spacious seating with lots og leg room, heated seats that recline, and quick service.

Shannon Sloan

The recliners are comfortable. Tickets and snacks were actually affordable. Friendly workers. No previews for the movie and we got a good seating choice even being right on time for the movie.

Kellee Armor

Very nice upgrades but I don't like having to buy the tickets at concession.

Ann Stueve

Nice recliners, actually turned on the little heaters

Lance Stockinger

Little on the expensive side for snacks but most theaters are now a days. It was very clean a n.v d a chili vibe. Comfortable seats and friendly helpful staff. Thanks for the great experience for me and my family.


Remodeled. Recliners. Bar. Lost a star on the bathrooms. Tiny.

Steve D

First rate movie experience, new and improved seating, clean and friendly. Only negative, not a fan if ticket kiosk and refreshments at the same counter. Extremely annoying if your running close to movie time, so just be early.

Josh Gettinger

New renovation looks great and prices are fair on movie tickets. However the concessions are ridiculously priced.

James Chaisson

Love this place. Looks and feels good. Highly recommended.

Ryan Dalton

Management will not quiet people who insist on talking through the entire first ten minutes of a movie. I asked for help and did not receive it. Will not be returning.

Pat Davis

Price is go and everyone is very nice and clean.

Regina Lewis

Good theater, nice working heated reclining seats, but why are you playing music outside the theater?

Jill Colombo

First time here. Seats were nice, comfortable. Drinks were pricey but good.

Andrew Schrum

Great theatre and close to home. The price is right, display quality & sound is great, full service snack bar with hot foods, and a bar for wine beers mixed drinks. Fab for a close to home movie going option. THE MAIN ATTRACTION FOR ME IS THE RECLINER SEATS. My local theater (Farmington AMC) could take some lessons from B&B in festus.

Jaime Place

the recent updates to the theater are amazing! the heated seats make for an added bonus. love that I can zip out to refill my own drink and get back in no time! very fast and always kind helpful faces at the counter. love the tables in the lobby while I'm waiting on others to arrive. great job!

Michelle Hefele

This theater is so clean and nice since the remodel chairs are so comfortable.

Rebecca Macias

They have heated leather recliners and beer. There's so much room to get comfortable I didn't want to leave after the movie was over.

Robin Fritzsche

One star short from me for not answering the phone. However, I have enjoyed every visit and like the menu of the concession stand.

beth novotny

The new heated recliners are amazing. I recommend ordering your tickets online to save your seats.


Went out of my way to visit this theater yesterday (I live near Farmington) for the 1:15 show only to find it wasn’t open. The website had incorrect times listed.

Sharon Grass

Remodel is very nice. Upgrade of food selection is nice though kept with the standard popcorn Chairs very comfy, especially loved the seat warmers

Paul Ellsworth

It's a great facility, unfortunately the staff, (especially the manager) are way in over their head dealing with customers and the general public. He might have been a great cashier, but has no managerial experience. To bad too, it would be nice to not have to drive up in the city to go see a movie with one 2 blocks from my house, for now looks like I'll be going up into the city until they hire a staff (especially the manager) with a little more experience.

Addie Cortner

The heated seats just make your movie experience more enjoyable!!!

Chad S

It has reclining seats, a bar, food and you can order your tickets online and reserve your seat

greg samaniego

Good clean theater

Sylvia Thomlison

I absolutely loved it!!!! First time going there tonight and will be returning again and again!! Its wonderful in there and I love the bar inside! How amazing for 21+ movie goers

Ko Parker

Nice clean friendly service and nice choice of drinks popcorn toppings and movies

Traveling DIYS

Nice place but very expensive

jason jones

Very nice upgrades. Did not purchase any alcohol so not familiar with the prices. The seating is amazing. The new leather recliners with heat is a very nice touch. Also like the fact the theater is not overly packed with seating. Will be returning!!!!!

Tiffinie Berend

Great seating now. My family bought tickets on line, went to our seats and found a family already in them. ( had to ask them to vacate our seats. ) We have assigned seating for a reason. If you go there please keep that in mind. Other than that my experience was great. Heated, reclining seats were a nice feel compared to the old seating. ♡ pop corn has gotten better as well. I went for a second bag I enjoyed it so much. GREAT JOB to the company who did all the renovations in such short time!

Matt Giblin

The theater makeover is an A+ job. Nice concession area with the new recliner seating.

Ron Mouser

The seats were awesome. They fully reclined. Sound was good. It is a small theater but that was a plus for me. They were still playing all of the current movies.

Taranda Bolden

Great Experience,, Family-friendly,,Love the seats and whole set up❤

Stuart McMillian

Newly renovated! Amazing theater! Now I don't have to travel out of town to see a movie. New leather recliners (heated) in all theaters. New concessions and new food! Pepsi Spire! Bar with beers on tap! Can't say enough about it! Proud to call it my theater!

Annie Y.

Visited this cinema for the first time and very pleased by the experience. Nice atmosphere & theatre, and the reclining seats are awesome! Ticket prices are reasonable. Can't wait to watch another movie at B&B!

John Roberts

Love the new remodel. The heated reclining seats just add to the new relaxing atmosphere.

Savanna Noskay

Love love love this place, fair prices, bar, heated seats, and they recline! Love it!

Jessica Rekate

Great location, friendly staff, and minimal wait times. I love this location and frequent it often It is very up to date with the lounge seats and bar for 21+ theater goers.

Samantha Griffin

Movie was supposed to start at 11. They didn't start playing commercials until 11:15 and the movie didn't even start until after 11:30. When someone went to tell them they acted like they didnt even know the movie wasn't playing. The only reason they're getting two stars is because the movie was so good.

Wonder Woman

The seats were nice. They are heated and recline. There was a steep ledge up in front though. Prices were a little high but it is a movie theater, so that's to be expected.

Michele Wright

Awesome theater. Seats recline.

Pastor Bradford

What a gem! No need to travel further north. This place is clean, comfortable, and very easy to navigate.


The prices are affordable, and the seating has gotten a lot better after renovation. All in all this is a great place to see a movie on weekends.

Brian Brock

I just hate the detbup when you walk in and impatient staff. But those seats

Ron Johnston

They've made some fantastic improvements at this location. Recliners and expanded menu are what made the difference for us. Fair pricing too.


Despite my initial hesitation for the ticketing process, I am deeply pleased with the upgrades to our local theater. Most importantly, the addition of assigned reclining leather heated seats. I love being able to order my tickets on Fandango, pick them up with my movie treats, and walk into the theater right when the movie is beginning to sit in a reserved seat. I did witness others in line who did not want to purchase food or beverages, but still had to wait. My suggestion would be to have a kiosk for self serve too. I haven’t tried the (non-candy) dinner yet, however have overheard several “When Harry Met Sally”-esque moans.

Verniece Teel

This place has heated reclining seats so you can make yourself at home while watching the movie.

John Borrini

After the remodel this place is AMAZING, it is even nicer than Ronnie's 20. I highly recommend this place.

Matt Collins

Awesome since the remodeling. No need to go anywhere else to watch a movie. The seating is fantastic, staff is super friendly, fast. Drink machines make it easy to get your refills. Management is always walking around making sure everything is just right. Great place to have some family entertainment. Definitely recommend.

Jessyka Westenfeld

The upgrade they did was very nice I thoroughly enjoyed going recently

jerry stanfill

Overpriced, our seats that we ordered earlier in the day was sold again as people walked in There was two other groups that this happened to also. Overall theater was nice

Brian Toeniskoetter

They have done a great job remodeling. Heated reclining seats, very comfortable. Very nice.

Amy Jennewein

Amazing seating and delicious pizza.

Jessica Bolduc

Clean and speedy service from staff

Jonathan Prall

Saw the new spider man movie. Reserved seating with heated reclining seats. Real food options along with typical theater choices. Clean restrooms.

Zoomy 1101

Very nice place. The improvements look amazing.

Our family Videos

Phenomenal seating most comfortable theatre I've ever been to

Jason Halbert

Very nice since they remodeled it. It's a shame they no longer have an arcade.

Nitrous Oxide

Heated recliners and the soda actually tastes like soda..become a b&b member and get better pricing :)

Joe Rose

They have done a fantastic job on the remodel. Me and my family went from never coming back before the remodel to; this is our new theater to come to. Well done!


Love the heated recliners

Lanette Kunz

Nice. Chairs were comfortable.

Marlaina Huck

First showing of the day and the theater is filthy. Popcorn all over the floor and in the seats. Terrible for a newly renovated cinema, or any for that matter!

Rosie Hurley

The line for tickets is the same line snacks. It doesn't matter if you bought tickets online there is no check in kiosk. The place was filthy (popcorn all over the floor, drink & popcorn station filthy) and no one designated to clean. The bathroom had no paper towels and one of the two soap dispensers were out of soap. Its sad they put all that effort into remodeling and its kept this way. The new seats are nice.

Angie Sutton

Loved this theater. The new reclining and heated seats were amazing. Will definitely go back again!!

Donna Warner

They just remodeled and it is fantastic. Heated recliners, a bar and food. What more could you ask for.

Mike Mudd

First time there since the remodel. Fantastic!

Brianne Zwiener

I love the new upgrades! No longer have to drive up to Ronnie's to enjoy a movie in comfort

Steven Jung

FUN!! Buy tickets with the App or at the theater. Seats are great with plenty of space to relax. Quick lines for snacks or full bar.

Andrew Miller

Just remodel, recline and heated chairs are awesome, nice bar for adults also prices reasonable

Rick ODell

a very easy going theater


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