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REVIEWS OF B&B Bolivar Cinema 5 IN Missouri

Peggy Peterman

I like the rewards program. I got a free combo worth $12 for my birthday plus a $5 coupon for a future use. The only issue we had was the film it went to a black screen seven times. It was distracting. I do wish that they would do a better job cleaning the bathrooms.

Micka White

Tuesdays are best day to go

devin welch

The movie was great.

Davey J.

Great reclining seats

Sheila Sharp

Staff always makes me and my kiddos feel very welcomed and comfortable! I love B & B

Ethan Welch

Love the new leather seats with footrests. Is expensive but all theatres are.

Chris Harris

Love this place new seats are great

Terry Stone

These guys are great. Purchase your tickets in advance... Sail right through

Dennis Daniels

Management really needs to be reevaluated. Absolutely Horrible Customer Service.

Ruth Davenport

Nice concession people, comfortable recliners.

Nathan Taylor

One of my favorite theaters. Comfortable and functional! Even got a visit from Pennywise while we were watching IT Chapter 2!

P J McClure

The recliners are great and the picture above sound quality always please.

shawn busby

Really comfortable and nice staff

Steven Gann

Very nice and clean real comfortable reclining chairs

Kevin Love

Recently remodeled with reclining seats for all theatres. Very nice facility for a smaller town.

Sheila Naylor

Great place. Nice people

Jo Christian

Reclining seats, what more could you want?

Bill DuVall

Nice movie theater with fair ticket prices and the usual outrageously priced snack fare. The theater sports comfy reclining seats and good audio.

Talena Bailey

It was nice ,compty and quiet. just one comment one of the women bathroom no toilet paper.

Cali Free

No hacksaw ridge on release date? Once sat for 30 minutes for Captain America, didnt get to see it for technical reasons, wasted $20 on food and drinks with only refunds for the movie. Go to Springfield, much better

Deb Manley

The best movie theater experience I have ever had!!! Will definitely be coming back often!

Jessalyn Molloy

Seats were amazing! Worth the price and movie was great!

Emma 1

Nice reclining black chairs, very comfortable. Great sound and display.

Sarah Maze

Awkward with concessions but great seating

Grace Troyer

Absolute worst experience ever super rude staff nasty cold popcorn will never go again Springfield AMC is worth the drive

Warbird Lover

This is a great little local theater. It's clean and the reclining seats are great! The staff is always friendly and have a great sense of humor, lol.

Denise Cox

It was so nice and relaxing the recliners almost put me to sleep great movie A Star is Born

Laurie Wolters

Love it. Great seats. Good popcorn.

Terry French


Karren Bruce

Great theatre but needs bathroom attention please.

Belinda Maria rodriguez

Great Seating

Jackie Traverson Designs

Nice comfy seats. Reservations.

Diann Hollen

There was 1 employee at the concessions and no one else. No one ever spoke to us at all. We just walked in and sat down. Made me a little nervous wondering who else might walk right in and start shooting. About 10 minutes after the actual movie started, I got up and shut the door to block the light. It would be better for the people at the back if there was some sort of covering at the doorway. Whenever people went out, it was a major disruption. The door makes a lot of noise and there are large windows across from it. The seats are comfortable (recliners) and the audiio and video worked fine.

Danny Yeung

Nice reclining seats, great popcorn

Nikki Cole

This is just your typical movie theater with reclining seats that are fairly comfortable. They do show current new releases and have semi-flexible showtimes. I do not give them 5 star rating because their prices on popcorn and drinks and other snack items are pretty pricey. The cost of the ticket is pretty medium but I do not recommend any of their snacks.

Jeanie Fletcher

Great seats great environment but they didn't turn the lights down bummer

Shane Jordon

Awesome theatre, comfortable seats, and great prices. I just wish they'd expand a little so they had more variety. Had to go to Springfield to see Five Feet Apart and Detective Pikachu.

Andy Johnson

Last 3 times I’ve been to this theater my experience has been terrible. The reclining chairs are great, and that’s the only reason this place gets 1 star. When you walk into one of their 5 theaters, you are instantly hit in the face with terrible BO smell and 95 degree temperatures. I’m not kidding, they keep those rooms insanely hot. Then, once the movie actually starts, the sound quality is awful and they leave the lights on. If I didn’t live in Bolivar I would never go here again.

Elizabeth K

When they first said you needed a reservation, I was hesitant. But, I like it. You can walk in an purchase tickets also. My only complaint is they charge a "convenience fee" if you purchase online. Please bring back the cotton candy!

Landon Riker

Great place, has 4 or 5 theaters, all with probably 40 to 60 reclining chairs. Very comfy and a great place to watch Endgame!

rachel Matti

Good service,food, drink,and seating. I love the seats. I think there better than the old ones.

Krystal Quinn, LMT

Love the reclining seats. And I like that you reserve specific seats.

Kerry scott

Staff is always great. Seating is comfortable. It seems to always be uncrowded. Nice place to see a movie with the family

Kevin Nelson

Comfy chairs

samantha Durington

Movie was good. Theater wasn't bad just small. . . Like 15? Chairs small. The screen was maybe a fourth of what a regular movie screen is. If your movie's playing in theatre 5 I would go somewhere else

Gabe Walker

Nice small town theater, recliner seats are very comfortable.

Amanda McGuire

Great seats, but the theater was trashed, food and drinks everywhere. I had to actually clean out the cup holders and chairs prior to us being able to sit down.

Devin Crisler

It was awesome I mean we was the theater with my wife all by ourselves in the whole theater it was a small theater but it was still a nice theater

Nina Burk

Inviting enjoyment atmosphere.

Fred Cathey

Very clean with comfortable chairs

Becky Walker

Always an enjoyable time.

Charlotte Ward

Staff was friendly, theater was clean, seats were recliners (and awesome). Snack and drink prices are sky high, but unfortunately that's expected.

Melissa Gallion

It was great but a little small

Carrie Tait

Love this theater, especially after the remodel and they put in recliners

xstitch gal.

Great Service, Awesome recliners to kick back in, huge screens and the sound system is amazing. I love it.

Nature's Beast

Nice facility, reclining chairs


I think the pricing is very reasonable. I think that the seating is excellent very comfortable very courteous staff all in all it's a great place for friends and family I would recommend it to anyone

Eric Macella

Way comfortable seats. Reserved tickets online make it easy to be sure we all will be able to sit together.

Eric Cohen

Staff is usually excellent. Seats very comfortable. Prices reasonable.

Kimmy Mustain

Love the seating! Clean, relaxed staff, and overall just a great experience.

Cherryl Pyle

Good theater. Big reclining seats.

Nick Quaranta

Clean theaters awesome staff but the prices were high but the seats are comfortable and the sound is great overall a great theater

Trista Blackflame

Great theater. Very clean. The employees were very respectful and helpful at every turn. Recliner seating and Two Dollar Tuesdays for Backstage members make B&B a great choice!

Patrick (PJ) McClure

Love the remodeled screening rooms. The recliners provide great comfort and viewing.

Eric Arquette

Movies selections are amazing

Cedar Ridge

Nice chairs no student or vetrins discount

Steven Crooks

Nice and always clean.

Ashley Raines

Seating is very comfortable!

Amber Dawn

Small theater but reclining seats. You have to pick your seats at the ticket counter. I guess they presale tickets. Possibly online or to their vip card holders or something. I went to deadpool 2 an hour early to get the best seats and got jipped because they were already booked. But still got decent seats

Jodi Juedes

I've been many times very comfortable seating.

Larry Froelich

Great seating, $$ priced.

Evan Kemp

Its a really good theater the people are nice and they always have good service.

angela roderick

Excellent theatre! Love the reclining seats

Kassandra Ryan

Always great service. Decent prices and snack selection. Every time I go I have an issue with patrons, though. Someone gave their wife directions to the theater over speech-to-text in the middle of Captain America: Civil War. For real.

Faith Laub

Love the new seats! Great theater.

Samantha Ryan

Courteous service and very nice experience

Joey Peach

Great convenient place to watch new movies comfortable seating great refreshments and great staff

Maryanne Shelten

Smaller theater. Always clean.

susan mccutchan

Good except bathroom is not clean and exit door to parking lot glass is filthy.

Stephanie Marshall

Oversized reclining seats are really comfortable. Ability to choose assigned seats when purchasing tickets means you'll always be able to snag a good spot. Yay!


Excellent customer service! Nice recliners.

Wallace A. Grigsby

Best place in Missouri to see a wonderful movie experience

Rayetta Higginbotham

Child advertised movie yet at beginning child got excited and yelled. . Iwas told people complained and could I get my one year old to be quite honest .I was so upset I wanted my money back It has been long time since I have been to movies.I took 5 people and I really hated the whole thing

S Meece

Great theatre

Kenneth Lynn

Comfortable seating. Excellent light in screen. Good snacks

Roberta Deornellis

First time to a movie in years.

Matthew Peterman

Wouldn't honor a gift card. Performing maintenance to our theater while movie was showing. Staff that can't do anything for you unless management called.

Todd R

Best movie theater I have seen, seats are second to none! I want to know what brand manufacturer to get for my theater room!

Tracy Stice

Nice clean lobby, comfortable reclining seats to watch your movie...

Josh Bradshaw

Closest cinema to me, or I'd probably go elsewhere. Seats are comfortable, and recline. Not really anything special about it at all.

Tiffany Cannon

Clean and a great place to watch movies. Awesome chairs.

Chris Green

Awesome theater! Reserved recliners can't be beat!

Deva Lipke

Too loud and too expensive

Clarissa Martin

Great employees!!

Alexander Gerry

B&B is a pretty good theatre chain. My only real complaint is that currently there is no signage on the outside that really advertises what's playing, unless you drive super close.

Cindy Mosca

Love this theater. They have all the latest movies and their reclining seats are extremely comfortable! We always go to this theater when possible.

Moto Mama

I went to see Peter Rabbit. Not only was the movie great but the theatre was awesome! The chairs all recline, and it wasn't too cold or too hot. The bathrooms were clean and the employees were friendly. My children had a wonderful time!!

Beth Murphy

Had a 715 showing, came in and 4 kids just standing there doing nothing. Purchased ticket. Sat in theatre 15 mins past show time and had to go ask them to turn on movie. Now have to sit through 15 mins of previews.

Michelle Francis

Power Reclining seats! Small theatre...great experience!

Joshua Clark

The recent upgrades were a great improvement, staff is always friendly

Melanie Tarrant

Really good for a small town theater.

Tiffney&eric Jones

loved it

Weldon Pettibone

Great view of the fireworks

Ethan Welch 30

Very nice reclining leather seats and friendly staff. Expensive food , but there isn't a theatre in America that isn't.

Vera Florea

Remodel is nice. Very little variety in movies--either sci-fi or animation, it seems. I've only been twice since remodel. Used to go several times a month. Too bad since it could be a great asset for Bolivar.

Jason Naylor

My wife and I always enjoy visiting this B&B. Nicely sized theaters, decent pricing, and very comfortable seats.


We went there before I have to give it a three because of cleanliness. Went to use the restroom during the movie and the restrooms are needing a total remodel and toilet bowls weren’t even bolted down. At the emergency exit door there was a puddle of water and no wet floor sign at all lawsuit waiting to happen. This place really needs some fixing. This all happened when venom movie was in theaters.

Randy V

Very nice seats

April Cramer

To expensive and you don't get your seat you paid for. Small theaters

liz lovejoy

Always clean movie rooms, snack options are great. Bathrooms are clean. Wheel chair assessable. The reclining chairs are amazing.

David Wong

This would be an awesome little theater if they had a better movie selection. They had three movies playing and two of them were the Marvel Comic type of movies; not exactly my style. When I asked their manager about when they would have some more movies in he answered in a bit of a condescending manner that he had no idea and offered no more information even when asked. But the theater itself was awesome! It seats about 15 people max and every chair is a full on recliner. The screen was a great size for the room. It was a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. I would like to bring a date here. This would be the perfect place.

Ramona Stutzman

We went in Friday the 28th at fifteen till 2:00 . The movie was to start at 2:00, at 2:10.I sent my granddaughter to ask when the movie would be starting, they said they were having problems with the projector and it would be ten or fifteen min. At 3:00 no movie. I went & asked about it and they said they came & an ounces what was going on. Then said I must have been in bathroom. The assistant manager went with to ask other attendees if they heard it . No one answered yes. NOT PROFESSIONAL!

pegs legs

Freezing cold, asked to turn heat up, to no avail, both bathroom sinks plugged and ppop on floor of ladies bathroom, worst experiences ever

Jared Tait

Small town cinema but with great theater rooms and large comfy recliner seating!

Amira Gerry

I went to see Black Panther with my husband. I love the reclining chairs, and the space between the rows.

John Gilliam

Wonderful place


I really loved the whole experience of being treated well and having nice seats to sit in.

Melanie Carden-Jessen

Clean, nice recliner seating. Slow service. Get there early if you want anything from the concession.

Judy Holland

The comfortable reclining seats make this theatre an amazing experience!

Beth Dixon

It's a decent movie theater. Wish there was more supervision in the theaters regarding talkung during the movie.

Theswishiestmoss 3

Fantastic employees amazing seats and over all well rounded movie experience

Nick Light

Really liked the reclining seats. Soft drinks had a good mix not watered down. only complaint popcorn was a bit cold. Better theater than what I'm use to at home.

Tommie StClair

Great for family time.

Les Ramsey

Nice overall movie experience. The leather seating update made it feel less tacky.

Midwest Girl

Bathrooms are always dirtyand rarely have toilet paper

Cathy Tenedine

Love the new seats, and the loyalty pass

Joshua Brown

Great seats, never had any of the food, but theatres are clean!

Clay Shaffer

Small Town Cinema, but great prices, service, and SEATS. The seats are full recliners.

Matt Winder

I grew up in Bolivar and the movie theater was always a bit of a joke. I high-school and college everyone went to Springfield. Recently this theater went through a series of renovations and is now a wonderfully cozy place with all the amenities of a big theater (online tickets, reserved seats, recliners), but with the crowd of a small town. Love visiting my home town theater now, especially on Tuesdays when popcorn and drinks are $1 for members of their loyalty program (free to join)!

Dan Hardison

I haven't been to a picture show in many years. The experience was great. Clean and friendly place. I'll go again

Barry Southwick

Intimate theater!

Dametra Vaughn

Half way into movie film burnt up and quit working. Staff handed out cards for a free movie to everyone to combat our experience. Staff friendly and helpful

Rebecca McGarrah

Changed the seats when my son was general manager. Love the change with comfy seats and surround sound. Thank you

Amanda Nimmo

Great place to take the family. You can sign up for the movie club and get rewards!

Christina Ware

I took my grandchildren to B & B theater last week to see "Despicable Me 3". The theater was very dirty. The floor was littered with food and trash and there was food and candy wrappers in our seats and in the cup holders. I did not get an opportunity to speak to the manager as I had small children with me but I was very disappointed. I have been to this theater in the past and have not experienced anything such as this. Disgusting!

Sterling Gomez

Avengers Endgame was awesome!

Morgan Young

Wonderful facility. the recliners are a great addition. It is expensive or it would get 5 stars.

Steven Vaughn

Great times

David Mizell

Comfortable seating. Clean. Easy parking

Bobbie McKnight

Needs more seating. Otherwise it's great!!

Pamela Jarman

Best B&B theatre! I have gone to Lexington MO & Grain Valley MO also Bolivar B & B is the cleanest more comfortable and nicest employees!

Tyler Dill

Worst experience at the movies I’ve ever had. Had an entire row of people behind us talking to each other and yelling out during movie. Told staff about it twice and they did nothing. It also had no A/C. Had to of been 80 + degrees in there. Disappointed.

Heather Tuhey

Comfortable seating, employees are always friendly. Website sucks.

Scott C

Great seats come early if you have a big group to get your seats together.



Tammy Swigert

It was fun took 2 grand kids Thu liked it

Jo Anne Woolsey

The Recliners makes watching a movie so much more comfortable.

Moriah Harmon

Every seat is a very nice recliner, tons of room between rows, you can choose your seat online


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