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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Chesterfield 14 IN Missouri

Priyanka Chowdhurysarkar

We ordered for chicken tenders worth of ten dollars and received small tiny 4 bite size pieces. Waste of money .Restrooms are very dirty.

Ally Flint

The iMax projector went out twice during our showing of Avengers Endgame. The second time they could not fix the problem and instead made us wait in line for 45 minutes to get our money back. Being opening weekend, of course all other showings are sold out and we will not be able to see the movie any time soon. Not quite sure why there is no backup projector for the largest screen in the theater. Don’t waste your time with this theater.

Nicole Baumgarten

This is a nice theater all around. One of the few that doesn't have reserved seating yet.

Shabbir Bata

The place is nice. Plenty of screens, so trying to get a ticket is not usually difficult. Should stream more international films though.

Audreonna Taylor

Very nice theater. The tickets were very reasonably priced. $7 for an adult matinee. The building seemed clean and well managed and the concessions were delicious. Overall a great theater!

Duran Hunt

Always a clean movie theater.

JokerSR90 Gameing

Vary clean and nice vary clean picture

Stephen Wiggins

Great place

Matt LaConte

About the only place left open in the Chesterfield Mall, but a great place to see a movie. Hardly ever packed.

Ravina Ajwani

Clean and we'll maintained

Lana O

Theater was nice. Doesn't have reclining seats. People were nice.

Andrea Martin

IMAX is awesome! I love that I can reserve seats.

Jason Stevens

The go to movie theater for anyone who doesn't want to spend money on pesky reserved seating theaters. Although they do have some, the majority are classic "get there early" tickets.

Michele Murphy

Enjoy a good movie with the family.

Seraphim Dedes

An enjoyable experience all around.

Manas Padhi

Nice multiplex. Has variety of screens suited for everyone. From IMAX 3D to normal screens costing just 5 dollar excluding tax, the multiplex is a real treat.

Shane Bernskoetter

Great theater that is conveniently located and well-maintained. Always have a excellent selection of snacks and concessions with fast service and not a whole lot of line waiting time. I do appreciate the fact that this is not a pick your own seat to head of time Theater which makes it very convenient when you have a group of kids and you decide last minute to go see a movie. It's much more convenient to just show up early and get your group of seats together.

John Schwab

Love this place, IMAX, auditoriums are just the right size, sound is good in all. The stubbs loyalty program is well worth the price, i drive 60 miles to get there.

Victoria Lopez

Friendly ticket taker (first impressions are very important) and easy check-in with our online ticket purchase. Cool idea for annual popcorn bucket but we just wouldn’t use it often enough to make it worth it. ICEE machine was on point and it was probably the best ICEE ever. We went to see The Lion King in IMAX. The screen was HUGE and the sound was booming. It was so great. I only wish IMAX theater had better seating, like those soft cushy ones that recline, but overall still awesome movie experience.

Paul Tabernik

The theater is good. The mall is very run down.

Monique Silas

There is no assigned seating and the theater is all the way on the 3rd level.

Dave Bolen

Lost video twice, second time they couldn't fix.

Sam Lakey

After already knowing I don’t like AMC a friend go us Endgame tickets for here. Well here we are standing in line an hour for a refund bc twice within 45 minutes of the movie the projector shut off. They finally cancelled it after being here for 2 hours. Don’t go to AMC!!!

David Spirz

Family had a great time.

Julie Summers

Very nice place, and very clean.

Kristen Sheahan

A mighty fine theatre. We choose a time that was cheaper too so that was nice.

Paulette Gtrant

The ladies restroom smelled like the men's restroom. It needed some attention.

Clay Babin

It was fine. Reasonably clean. No issues.

Michael Clemons

Very nice atmosphere , helpful people there, $10.00 for a lg popcorn,not worth it & everything else is high,Will not make a habit of going to the Cinema unless it's truly a movie that's great.

homan krishna

Tickets are cheaper compared to other theatres, because none of the screens have recliner seats like the modern ones have. Other than that there are no problems what so ever.

Mike Sheehy

They are cheaper than all other theaters in the area. $5 for a Sunday manatee versus $9-$13 everywhere else in the area! Saff is friendly and helpful.

Chad Hecktor

Saw Captain Marvel in iMAX. It was a really neat experience. Clean theater, great seating.

Philip Riley

If you can't start a live film on time why bother returning for future fatham events at this venue. Missed the pre show and first 5 minutes. Didn't even rewind it like I've seen other theaters do. Avoid concessions, popcorn was stale and cold.

Dino Ramic

I put down a three star because the employees at the counter were not friendly at all honestly that’s about it.

Mitch Kraus

The picture and sound are nice, but little is done to enforce the rules and ensure a good experience for everyone.

Justin Henkelman

Cancel Avengers Endgame showing because they can’t fix the imax projector. Biggest movie ever on opening weekend and you have no back up plan besides cancel the movie. Done withAMC Chesterfield.

Anne H

Clean and reasonably price theater. Lots of selections to choose from.

Raquel H

I love the fact that we have great seat choices because this theater is less crowded.

pants jacket

Too bad this mall is failing. Though I think the tickets tend to be cheaper

Curtis Natalie

Watch where you sit to eat your $22 bucket of popcorn! If you get the seat I had, you're probably sitting in (what I'm telling myself was) gum.

Eric Flint

This place is a dump. The projector broke twice and they said sorry wait in like for 2 hours for your refund.

Asif Khan

I went to movie chesterfield mall theather with my friend and bought a large popcorn and on 2nd refill they charge me for 4.49 for the refill i asked why its 4.49 for 2nd refill and they said they charge for 2nd refill which does not make sense because when ever you go to movie theater than they show the refill is free.

mohd naimath

Great staff and movie experience, book tickets in advance for blockbuster movies

Shelley Mullins

Come here all the time! Nice people and no assigned seats. So you can meet your friends here......inside for a movie.

Ravon Lingard

Went to go see Adventures Endgame Movie. The movie stopped twice during the showing, with the screen completely going black. Staff was not very helpful when giving out refunds. They only designated 2 staff members to give out refunds to 100+ people.

M. C. Sankar

Great movie theater for $5 per ticket before 4pm!

Barry Parsons

It's a great place. It's may not be around much longer because the mall is dying. But it's a great place to see a movie. I prefer the ones where you can select seats but they're all good. I just like to know exactly where I'm sitting for the new movies that sell out like Endgame. It's so much better to not have to stand in line and fight for a seat.

Geoffrey couch

Good service and fair price very clean as far as movie theaters go

Smita Gupta

Nice theatre... It would be more great if the seats were more sliding so that one can watch movie with much more relax mind. The best thing I like about this cinema hall is the staff are cooperating. The space is clean.

Emily Bull

Super good time! Fun for the whole family.


it looks like a abandoned mall because people barely go there and its not that many things in that mall

Shan Roberts

Great customer service and the snack bar staff is always awesome.

Chuck Martin

IMAX showing was amazing

Marques Stewart

This is a good theater but the movie times aren't all that great at night because it's tied to mall hours.

Tom Swenson

Saw robin hood last sunday at AMC Theater It saw awesome. Had a great time

Antonio Johnson

We want to the first showing of Avengers End Game on Saturday @ 10 am. We was the first Ppl in the theater n it look like one cleaned up the messed from the day before. Floor still sticky n covered with popcorn, seats super stained from who knows what and to top it off the Imax movie cut off twice n couldn't be fixed plus there's no other show times open for today.

Jackie Carr Swinnie

Not as fancy as other theaters but we enjoy going there. Not crowded

Jere Wilmering, Jr.

UH OH..... is this theater in Chesterfield Mall now closed? Unable to reach anyone. Unable to buy tickets for any shows -- saying "schedule not posted". Called Cheese Cake Factory next door. They said theater was closed after "water main break" which is why Dillards closed two years ago. Called two other nearby AMC and they said they could not give an update. Odd.

Aaron Young

Relatively clean, nice location, decent show times. Love this theater mostly bc i go so frequently i guess

nicole curran

The regular drink cup seemed flimsy. Besides that it was great.

Michael McGinnis

Great little theater

Todd C

Old. Worn. Located in a mall that is 95% empty. Narrow, tight seating, uncomfortable. That being said, the quality of the movie experience was "ok" - for a matinee price of $4.99.

SDR Productions

Workers stayed until 2am so that we could watch Endgame on a weekend. Customers were ungrateful and left a huge mess to clean up. But the workers were awesome to be willing to stay so late in the morning

Jason Wilson

Comfortable seating. Clean theater

D. Lawson-Hart

Great prices! Honestly it's one of the reasons to go back to this dying mall.

Dave Zucker

Great clean theater, friendly staff, and the amc pass is a great deal

Nick Larson

Good theatre very cheap tickets good service

Tina the not so micro mini pig TV

I could easily get used to a movie theatre experience like this. Great location. Super nice staff and servers. Comfortable seating. And the sounds was so good (nice and loud)! But wow, my wallet definitely felt a lot lighter after going there. Now I know what to expect and will definitely be back, but I might order a little less off the menu.

S Evans

Very clean theatre. There was a longer line for concessions as it was Friday night, but the line moved quickly and the food was decent.

Teddy Zippy

In truth, while getting my tickets to see Shazam was interesting from the self purchase stand (it took me a moment to find the movie as the poster image was for a different movie), the concession was nice and looked kept up (though getting the new trainee (which he was nice and had no real issue with just obviously the new guy) was a little upsetting as he was having a hard time trying to not only ring up my order, but to put it together too. The theater itself wasn't bad, but one of the issues with the theater is whereas most theaters these days, including other AMC theaters, have the ability to pick your seat so you can see what seats are available and what arent, and while the showing wasnt super packed, it was still full enough it wasnt easy to figure where to sit with a friend I was with without walking over people The picture of the film was good, but the sound, especially noticeable in the beginning, seemed like they had the volume already tuned up to eleven. Even my friend had an app to test the noise level which accounts for theater expected sound levels, and per the app is was reading much higher volume than normally supposed to. I can even say as many times I've seen movies at a Marcus Werenburg theater, true the volume is loud, but not deafening to where hearing anything else, let alone continued hearing after the movie is of question. Heck my friend went to mention about the volume to begin, and got blown off like it wasn't a major issue and to go back to his movie or get a refund In all, I'd give the movie 4.5 stars, but the attitude of the employees, and it's treatment of it's customers is kinda horrid so giving the theater 2 stars as the theater's cleanliness But I can def say, im likely not coming back to this theater anytime soon

Alex Paolicchi

Actually a pretty decent movie theater

Libby Harrison

Very nice clean Theatre but food prices are outragious?

Dina Presseau

Alitalia was a great movie

Queen A

Its at the mall so of Course its not like other theathers its decent tho

Justin Maupin

Always enjoy it here except too many teenagers doing teenage things

Milind Rangnekar

Saw indian movie called Badla. Very nicely done.

Steve McHugh

We came 20 minutes early and were assaulted by extremely loud ads until the movie was SUPPOSED to start, but had to endure another 30 MINUTES of ads that were played so loud that we literally had to cover our ears. Not a happy camper. Everything was fine once the movie started, but until then it was torture.

Rebecca Mayton

Horrible place. Lines out the door with not nearly enough workers at the concession stand. Sticky floors nasty bathrooms. Will never go here again. Poorly done AMC!

Dennis Hood

Clean theater, clean lobby. The seats are large and comfortable. I dont necessarily like to go to theaters inside a mall, but going to late features here you dont have to contend with mall traffic. Plenty of parking.

Dawn McNamee

I like the AMC premier pass, but this theater needs some work. Everytime I go there, at least one of the soda machines isn't working or is out of ice. The staff always seems annoyed to be working and is not very helpful. The bathrooms are always messy and the stalls never have toilet paper. I wouldn't be surprised if this theater was closed in the next few months since it is located in Chesterfield Mall, which is a ghost town

Heather Howard

The Mall is deserted. Kind of sad. The theater was fine with good popcorn and drinks. There is no escalator only stairs to get up to the theater.

rajeev thakur

Great location and a nice establishment. The theater was overall clean, but some of the seats extra maintenance. Overall, a nice place to watch a movie.

Ajit Kumar

The best place to watch movies with friends and family. Online booking makes easier to check in. Staff is great, helpful and courteous. Seats are nice and ergonomically designed giving comfort. You will see lots of advertisements before movie to start.

Govind Menon

My favorite place to go with friends or family. The staff is very nice and they have very good movies.

Kevin Berry

Clean environment. Good service. Concessions very high

Nilanjana Choudhury

Not every bollywood hit movie released like other state

dennis kane

Went to the Met live in HD shooting tonight. Per ticket cost is 24 dollars. Usually a great experience but tonight concessions classes at 815pm and restrooms were closed when movie ended. This really isn't accepting. Most of crossed for that movie is older and need the restrooms after being there for four hours!

Jeremy Waters

I've been to a lot of AMC theaters in different states and this was the slowest so far. 7:00 PM showing off John Wick and there was a single person for ticketing and she was the same for scanning our prep purchased ticket. That created a large line. Then there was only one person for the concessions. Another person came to do concessions after I was through so that helped I'm sure. I'm not sure what happened here tonight but hopefully it isn't a common issue.

Ciara Adams

The imax projector went out twice during Avengera End Game opening weekend. They could not fix it the second time and we had to leave an hour into the movie. Ruined the experience of the movie entirely. Then had to wait in a huge line for a refund, and couldn’t even get my money back because I paid with apply pay and they apparently can’t refund that. Staff were not very friendly. Will never be back to this theater.

William T Holla

Nice theater, but needs to have someone checking tickets better.

kellie hatch

Good movie selection. At the beginning of the year we bought the big plastic popcorn bucket which has been a really good deal. We paid $20 for it and each time we go to the movies we bring it with us and they fill it for $4.99! It's a really big bucket, more than enough for us to eat during the movie. If you go to more than a couple movies a year it more than pays for itself. The theaters are well maintained, comfortable seats, comfortable environment (temperature), and it's clean... big thumbs up for that.

Steven Campbell

Enjoy the experience.. will be going back..

Just Ari

I can't wait til they get more stores in here but this theater is really good.

It's Me Reed

One of my favorite movie theaters.

Sana Khan

I love the theater, easy to grab the ticket, organized, have good options comfortable seats, good quality of sound & screen, movie timings are good have multiple time option.

Margaret Miller

We bought tickets to Avengers: Endgame and about 20 minutes into the movie the screen went black with the sound still playing. They attempted to fix it and started the movie back up. An hour later the same thing happened and we sat there for 20 minutes while they attempted to fix the problem. We were then told they would not be continuing the movie and we had to leave the theater not even halfway into the movie! Not only that but we have now been waiting in line for over 20 minutes waiting for a refund and will probably be in line for at least a half hour more. This is the worst movie experience I have run into and we will never be returning to this theater.

Dane Giazzone

Comfortable seats. Late evening movies with fantastic deals on tickets

Brenda Christy

Lower prices for movies here. Staff friendly.

Steven F

Not all that much open charley's philly steaks only thing in food court. More stores vacant than open. We go for the arcade and which is fun. It gets more than 3 stars.

Thomas Reents

Fairly nice theatre only disadvantage is it being in the upper floor of the mall but have been many times.

hristo milchev

Not bad at all.

Andrew Maynard

Theater is clean and easy to get into. Seats are not reserved so you need to get in a bit earlier than other theaters to make sure you have the seat that you want. Parking is plentiful and there's even a nearby covered parking if you prefer that.

Chris Dehning

Reasonably priced. Comfortable seating. Friendly staff. Clean theater. Can't ask for much more.

Brakayla Rogers

Great service. The actual movie theater wasn't messy with popcorn leftovers like other places I've been to.

Hannah DuBois

I wish they had the AMC signature recliners. Nice theaters and helpful staff. There is no AMC A-list fast lane when getting food.



Abhishek Sharma

Amazing sound and picture quality but lacks leg space between two rows.

David Craig

The price for a movie is good but the seats need to be replaced (and soon)!

Brandon Wenneborg

Fun theater, went to IMAX for Godzilla. Very fun experience.

Robert Wardenburg

Great selection of shows, convenient parking, clean facility located inside the Chesterfield Mall.


I love this place and watch movie there. This was my 3rd visit and I love it.

Jacob Lane

It's the best IMAX auditorium in St. Louis! Comfy seats! outstanding quality! And the top it off, it's cheap!


Place is nice but the mall does not have much shops opened.

Sridhar Gundla

Clean and neat but screens are little small.

anna moruzzi

I. Wasn't at amc i went to xheesexke to puxk my daughter up from work

Joy Loves

Every movie I see the staff is always friendly! Theatre clean. Great location

Russ Little

This is my favorite theater in St Louis. It's an AMC Classic theater and you can watch a movie here for about $6. They also offer a free refills on drinks.


This is a nice little movie theater and I like the fact that they have the icy smoothies which are my favorite

Joe Decker

Worst place to go. The manager was Debbie Cunningham was rude. She would not help when we needed her to. Her staff is lazy and would not help. People are playing with there cell phones distracting and they do nothing. But then when we ask if they can look for my brother's wallet in a empty theater they say not till the movie ends. We ended up missing a flight and are told by her and her staff oh well not our problem. And not our problem if money is missing out of it.

Aaron Whitfield

Went here to see the indie film Eighth Grace. I liked that this spot had main stream movies but also smaller, limited release films. The theatre is reasonably priced and the seating was definitely comfy.

James Rutledge

Good place for and inexpensive movie. Clean. Popcorn not to fresh.

Rex Berry

An awesome theater! Comfortable seats.

Sai Krishna J

This place would have been better without the mall and extra unnecessary stuff


Always a good place for a movie!

Ralph Pennington

The AMC is great and now more sadden days in America's Malls which have attached themselves to places like AMC. I have been to many over the last years from midwest east, north, and south. Seeing them reducing their stores is such a tragedy then with closures. Once happy shoppers spending time together is gone and now we are reducing ourselves from having contact even more with each by online shopping.

Christy A

Nice movie theater but the seat don't recline so it'll cost a star. Service is decent. Concession available. IMAX, reserved seating. Clean facility with ticketing kiosk for your convenience. Chesterfield Mall is a ghost town so aside from Cheesecake Factory don't expect much after the movie.

Dan Cooper

Nice place to see a cheap flick in a really un-crowded cinema.

Vishal Singh

Right price, location,, screen, sound and service quality

kaylei vogel

I read great reviews online of this theater but was surprised on the lack of cleaning and rudeness of staff. They treated me in a very disrespectful way. And didnt let me enter back into the show room to retrieve my belongings i left. Very disappointed in how they handled situations. Dont waste your time go to a better and cleaner movie theater.

Terri Kraham

A lot of theaters but they do need to update a few if them. Friendly staff at the counter.

Antya Lentes

Nice seats, clean restrooms, good service for tickets and concessions. Movie selection was also good

Anna Norton

Have hard time to read small box then stop not keep on c.c.

La Kesha Hayes

Cozy and quiet.

Jennifer Vehige

Definitley not as well maintained as when the mall was opened

Paula Biby


Divine Ree

Nice theatre, super quiet mall

Mike Coonce

Loved the place

Mona Moran

Could be cleaner seems like they have cut staff

Kyle Gaines

We’ve been to this theater a half-dozen or so times, and have found it to be perfectly suited for what we’re after. This location does not have heated recliners, full food menu or servers who bring items to you during the movie. What it does offer are clean, comfortable stadium-style seats, a clean facility, and very reasonable ticket prices. If you’re looking for value and are good with a more basic moviegoing experience, this is a great option.

Lorine King

My daughter and I do a thing we call movie marathon when she comes to visit we like the same kind of movies we enjoyed the movie very much

Siddhartha Ghosh

Cheap movies and good loyalty programs.

A Child of Christ And Family

This movie theater has seen it last days! The popcorn was stale the seats were stained and uncomfortable. The theater smells like a locker room.

Melissa Sims

Great theater but starting to show its age

Arianna Peason

It's cool they only pay $8.00 an hour for their workers

Infiniti lover 35

Great service

Martin Schnipper

Searing is comfortable, and the line of sight as well and the audio are perfect.

Tommy Berendzen

very great customer service, I don't mind the ads, the snacks are a little overpriced but still good.

Scott Bassel

This theater, and this mall, are dead. Don't come here. Got tickets to see Endgame on Saturday at 10:45am and the screen went out twice. The second time the manager had to come in after about 10 minutes and say her technical staff couldn't figure out the problem. Movie cancelled halfway in. They are giving the money back and providing vouchers, but it's not worth it. Go to another theater and just accept the fact that Chesterfield Mall is officially dead. Unfortunate, but that's how it is. Edit: meant to add that this line for refunds goes all the way in to the theater and is moving at an absolutely glacial pace.

Nate Koerner

Good movie theater! Just wish they had reclining seats in the IMAX

Nunya Buzniece

The theater is pleasant, clean and comfortable. But, there were literally only three employees from what I could see. Only one behind the concessions counter. This isn't my neighborhood theater so I hope this isn't the usual.

Tesk Orphan

Only reliable icee machine in town.

Jim Sim

Popcorn here is like eating a salt lick. Accommodations are what you'd expect from a decent theater.

Sarah Whatley

Friendly staff, theatre in a deserted mall. We thought we were going to be the only ones seeing the movie, which wouldn't have been a bag thing, but people 3 more people ended up coming in at the last minute.

Suyesha Bhandari

Seats were uncomfortable. Apart from that, all good.

Steve Kraham

Theater was great, mostly empty for a Sunday afternoon. End Game was fantastic.

Sachin Ingle

Good and affordable

Liz K.

Went to see a movie on my birthday here for the first time. I love this theater! I got $5 tickets (not sure why), a free birthday popcorn (thanks, AMC!) The theater's seats and floor were clean and nice, movie experience (visual and sound) was wonderful. I'd go here again - I like how it's at the very top of the mall.

coresta Andrew

Very fun place. They even have a bar at the theater. They have food of all kinds. Our popcorn had a brunt taste to it and they were nit making more. Bathrooms were a big mess. Paper everywhere. The IMAX is a very very small IMAX normal sized screen with Imax seating. So kinda disappointing. It was still a fun time.


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