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REVIEWS OF Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Springfield IN Missouri

Steven Derevencha

My wife and I go exclusively to Alamo for movies now! Never once had a bad experience and we always leave with a smile on our faces

Megan Allen

Great adult loving theater, but the food is super overpriced, like a lot. The milkshakes are the only thing with the price on the menu and you might as well go to a theater and buy tickets to a normal one and sneak food in, because it was just like other theaters but more expensive and you have to leave a tip.://

Jason Mills

Had an incredible first time at the Alamo Drafthouse. Location is easy to get to and service was wonderful. We purchased three tickets online and one that couldn't make it. Staff was more than happy to refund the unused ticket. Seats were nice and theater was clean. Waiter took great care of us and the food was good. Definitely a fun time and different atmosphere for a movie theater. Will definitely be back.

Amy G

This is the only movie theater I will go to. They take noisy people seriously and there is plenty of space in case you get coughing people behind you. The food is quite tasty and so far the staff is very pleasant and assertive. The sound has been a bit loud, but not always. Overall a great date night

Michael Berry

Incredible theatre! Great food! Great service!

Kasondra Moore

All we had to do was find out seats. They give you a table and a menu with adult cocktails and draft beer. It was an amazing experience and we got a movie that was 21 and over so no kiddos on date night. DONT FORGET TO TIP YOUR SERVERS....THEY CLEAN UP AFTER YOU AND WERE VERY FRIENDLY.

Jordan Starkweather

Every experience I've had at Alamo has been amazing. Excellent service, excellent food, excellent special showings. I'm especially a fan of their spectacular sound system in each theater. Seating can be a bit small so you're probably not going to get that rowdy theater experience if you're into that, but there's nowhere I'd rather see a movie.

Michael David

Always a great time. Definitely try out a movie party if you get the chance. Good food and great seats!

Kaylea Thomas

The place is great, but we did just have a poor experience Friday night. We put our paper out for our order at the beginning of the movie and the lady never came by to take it, so we were very hungry the entire movie.

Ginelle Graham

1st time there. Awesome experience - best popcorn ever! Theater temperature was just right. Sound level just right. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Logan Busker

It was an incredible experience, that's for sure. A bit pricey on the food, but well worth it. They make an incredible burger!

Munnky VonderPuddin

Great time. Great atmosphere. Food and drinks are almost twice what you would pay. It's a price I'm sure they have to charge to make it viable.

Rachel Stirewalt

Such a great relaxing atmosphere. So nice to be able to eat, watch a movie, grab a drink and kick back in those fabulous chairs. Love it for special occasions. Would go for the movies but not to eat that often due to food price. That is why 4 stars.

L Ward

Nice theater; not crazy about ordering food to eat while the movie is showing. Light from food 'shelf' is annoying and distracting from screen. With all that food, concerned about bugs in chairs.

Patricia Bonacker

What a great experience to enjoy . My husband and I decided to try out the dining and movie experience. Not disappointed. Great food and comfortable recliners. Great service too.

constance bonner

Best movie theater in town! Recliners, food and drink orders delivered to your seat! Staff is very friendly and helpful. Theater (including restrooms) are very clean. Nice establishment!

Kyle Houck

Great place to see a movie, horrible place to eat. Every single item on their menu that I've tried has a strange after taste. The food is just not good but the beer is always cold and the service is pretty good. It really makes seeing a movie a new experience. I'm going to see IT: chapter two tonight!!

Stacy Stark

You can avoid lines, seating is comfortable, best drink menu around, and the service comes to you. Who could beat that? Love the pretzel!

Kyle Gunn

Can’t believe this place is open! We ordered tickets from fandango and showed up a few minutes late and was told we couldn’t come in the theaters or they would call the cops?!? We paid for a ticket!!!!! Do not go here!!! Can’t believe the nerve of these people telling me I can’t see a movie I paid to see! I’m contacting fandango about his company and the bbb!!!!

Crystal Stark

Literally the only movie theater we go to, amazing place, clean, friendly, comfortable, everything you could want

Dameisha Adams

As always, I love the Alamo! My friends and I go all the time. Love the themed menus for major movies. They go all out and the staff is great! Both food and theater.

Allan Holiday

Honestly my personal favorite because it like a little carnival. They have a nice little resturant/bar area with stage where they have singing. Also the place is very clean and the bathrooms big enough for handicap. The theater has seating with recliners. If you never been here I highly recommend. Ticket price for the movie I saw was 34.00 for 3 adults. They serve food and drink and beer while you watch. Servers do a excellent job and never blocking your view of movie. Attentive and kind. This is where I go to see a movie


Awesome service and staff! Great experience

Stephanie King-Cobryn

The quality of food, service and drinks is amazing. I drive a semi truck and only get a few days off a month. This is where I choose to be when I get home. I eat, drink and watch a movie with my feet up in the recliner. The staff is always curtious and attentive. Love this place!!!!!

David Winter

Wow you can actually get food and awesome drinks in a fully reclining chair at a movie theater this is a first for me I definitely would recommend it for everybody else!

Tony Otten

Awesome theater they focus on customer satisfaction and experience oversized seats and a table with a server that comes to you so no more missing out on parts of the movie to go get a refill. This place is the best movie theater experience I've ever had.

Cindy Masek

Comfortable, but food over priced and not that great. One time service was great, next time didn't get order until movie was nearly over and had to check twice to get it. Would return for comfort but will skip the food. Not worth it.

Erin Seastrom

Great place to see a movie, staff was very friendly, food excellent served hot and was very flavourful.

Mel Melt

I love the atmosphere of this theater. My last stop here was to see How to Train Your Dragon 3 with the kids. I had the cashew chicken which was described as a favorite. I though it was terrible. The flavors did not match what you would expect of Springfield cashew chicken. My spouse had the same thing and was not happy either. I also had a Boulevard Wheat which was past it's tap prime and was bitter. One of the kids had the chicken tender meal which came out cold and the fries were way over salted. If this was a restaurant I would have sent the food back and went somewhere else. The food prices are to high here for it not to be good. I recognize there is a convenience price associated to this venue but the food needs to be better. On a brighter note, in previous trips to the theater, I have had different pizza's which have been very good. My next trip I will go back to ordering pizza. Maybe it was an off night but it definitely has changed how I will do business here in the future.


Wife and I go here alot for big movies, love the breakfast pizza. The loaded fries are great as an appetizer or just an entree

Zac Brewer

The absolute best place in Springfield to see a movie. Great drink selection and decent food!


Loved the availability to choose early midday or evening show time. Recommend arriving early if you plan on eating and drinking. Comfortable reclining seats and service was attentive. Amazing variety of alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages. Food is great, I recommend loaded fries and the fried egg BLT sandwich. Large servings.

scott lieb

Great service, super comfy seats. Too many commercials before the movie.

Bryan Stockton

Alamo is great if you are looking for something a little more than just a movie theater, it truly is an experience that the staff try to make as special as possibly. Saying this, it is not the cheapest place to go if you just want to watch a movie expect to pay a little more for food and the beverage of your choice. We love pre-buying tickets, selecting our seats at home, then just showing up and walking right into our theater and skipping any lines.

Andi Watson

I love the experience there. It's so nice to get refills and orders brought to you so you can enjoy the movie.

Mandy Pageler

My fiance and I came tonight for dinner and a movie and we loved it. I can't believe I've never heard of this place before. Had a delicious beer or 2 at the bar before the movie. Chris at the bar was awesome. Very helpful and informative without being snooty. He let us have samples and helped us find out favorite beer. The food was delicious and was delivered during the movie by very efficient wait staff. The whole experience was great. We'll be back for sure. Just wish it was closer than an hour and 20 minutes from our house. We left so relaxed.

Sara Sullivan

Saw Good Guys with my daughter. Cute movie, very nice theatre, clean, good service!

Winston Sorrell

I always enjoy going to the Alamo! Great service, tickets aren't outrageous and the quality of the movie is always excellent! I think that the food could be cheaper but so could food everywhere so......

Trenton Dearing

This place is great, the staff are all very friendly and the food very tasty.

Janet Buck

Very friendly staff. Great movie selection. Food was amazing

Farmstead Kitchen

Wait staff was very courteous. Reclining chairs are super comfy. All around great experience! Next time we'll have dinner.

Charles Obradovich

Great time. Will go again if I receive another special offer.

Gerson Adame

Love coming here with my friends on a Friday night after we get paid and splurge on watching a great movie and stuffing our faces. They have an amazing array of items on their menu it’s truly outstanding! They have a delicious peanut butter shake and they even have HOT WINGS! Now that 5 stars.

Kyla Townsend

Comfortable seats, good service and good food

Krissy Sinor

We have seen numerous movies at the Alamo Drafthouse and it is always a stellar experience. I love being able to pick my own seats. The recliners are comfortable and the theater is clean. The food is always good whether I order a full meal or just a bowl of popcorn (with real butter!). The servers are friendly and helpful. We went for the experience and there's no better way to see in Springfield.

Keith Scheer

This place is awesome. Great seats. Serve you food at your seat. Clean bathrooms.

Laura Hailey

Nice experience all in all, but I agree with keeping the volume down during a movie. Drinks, meals and non courtesy people make for a disastrous movie experience.


This is the best way to watch a movie in my opinion. You're basically guaranteed that no one will talk or disrupt the movie. The food is good and drinks are well made. Every staff member I've encountered was friendly.

Loreli Love

I love Alamo. It's my favorite place to watch movies outside of our small independent cinema. The food is good, the popcorn perfect and the fun events and movie club are great.

Roger Creasy

Our first and probably last time at the Alamo. Read the great reviews and was surprised by the popcorn and popcorn price($7.50). Seats are amazing, movie was awesome but was served very stale, no salt, requested butter but did not get it popcorn in a metal bowl that we could not eat or send back. We knew the price on the menu, yes, but for that you should get awesome popcorn and take home the leftovers. We look forward to good popcorn when we go to the movies and didn't get it, even the customers to the right of us complained about it.

David Hunsucker

Great movie! Great service! Food was not the best!

Sheena McCrary

Movie inspired, modern decor. Clean and organized. Beautiful bar room and architecture ceiling. Enthusiastic service provided. Nice restroom. Variety of Texas inspired menu options!

Chuck House

We saw Monty Python and the quest for the Holy Grail we got coconuts an inflatable sword in an inflatable cow it was Funtastic!!! Can't wait to go see another classic there soon. PS you have to try the brown sugar lemonade it is so Yum Yum Yum delicious.

Amber Calloway

My experience here has left me wondering. Never the one to pull the race card about anything, but when you're the only black couple in the theater what is one to think? The ticket salesman was phenomenal butbthenservice in the theater was very poor. We arrived 15min before the movie started (Joker-Great Movie go see it if you haven't) we watched everyone get their orders taken the lights dimmed, we watched everyone get their food before anyone asked to take our order. It took 20 minutes to get drink order in another 10 minutes or so before I realized that drink wasnt coming and had to order it again while we watched people be served multiple times. The movie was over half way when we received our food but everyone else around us service was fast and prompt. This is my 3rd time visiting this theater but my 1st time experiencing this service.

Dianna Brown

It's nice to watch a movie in reclining seats and be served food and drink! Only had a delay with refills, otherwise would have given 5 stars.

Melanie Palma

Loved the experience. Will definitely go back again. Was not impressed with their chili nor their chips and queso. Pepperoni pizza was alright...just different texture than what we’re used to. Wings were fantastic! Kids enjoyed the Sour Parch Kids and M&M’s. A bit overpriced, but service and the atmosphere are awesome!! Another bonus is how security actually goes to the people who’s talking a lot and quiets them down. We will try other food items in the future.

alicia thomas

Experience was great as always. Took my daughter to see the new Aladdin movie for her first ever in theater experience. After the show the usher remembered it was her first time and asked her how it went. It was great to see that kind of service!!! Keep it up thank you!!!

Brannon Estis

I love this concept. Gives me a reason to go to the cinema.

Nick Thede

Very comfortable reclining seats, quiet, and you can order snacks from your seat as you watch the movie.

Alex BeerdFace

This is the best way to enjoy a movie. Big comfortable recliners, hot wings and beer. Definatly will visit again.

Tessa Lou

Awesome place! Sometimes has live music. Only thing, make sure to check your bill if you're in the theater, my stuff gets flipped with the person next to me about 50% of the time... but I keep coming back so clearly it's a great place.

Patricia Martin

Comfy recliners, big glass of ice water, free refills on popcorn, food & drinks served during the movie. Clean, quiet, great quality food.

Ross W.

Great theater. Seats are comfy and the staff is friendly. The food is good too.

Morla Soth

The service is always top notch. But even if something is lacking, the amazing management team will make it up to you. I've only had one lackluster experience here. And when I spoke to a manager about it they gave us free tickets to make up for the experience! The food is amazing, though some things can be a little spicy, like the chili. And the portion sizes are enough to get you nice and full. Chairs are very comfortable, reclining black leather. Though some of the more used ones can be rickety, they are still comfortable to sit in and enjoy you're movie. They also don't mind you bringing a blanket, as they tend to keep it a little chilly in the theaters.

Nancy Morris

Wonderful atmosphere. Good food and drinks, reasonable prices. Comfortable recliners to watch the movie and served food and drinks.

Phillip Whiteman

Excellent experience. Chairs were clean and comfortable. Sound was at an appropriate level for my 3 year old and service was friendly


****TIP YOUR SERVERS!**** Alamo will spoil you for all other theater experiences. Huge, full recliners. A complete menu with restaurant quality food. Someone will literally cater to your every whim, all you have to do is write it on a piece of paper, and a ninja will deliver it. Top Shelf all around!

Kyle Steinmetz

Decent place to get a beer and watch a movie for 50+ dollars

Judith Perryman

My first time to a theater in years. They serve the food and drinks and take care of the service so efficiently while you recline and watch the movie . What an upscale from the old days. Went with Grandchildren. Expensive, but probably worth every cent. I'm sure I'll go again , just hold down on the popcorn etc.

Beth Angel

This is a very nice movie theater.. Makes a great date night, especially since they limit what children they allow into the movies. It is an upscale place, you are going to pay extra to enjoy the amenities.

Rachel Denny

So much fun! It's definitely an experience. Lots of space in the theater. Very comfortable. The interior design is rad, too.

La Vere Smith

Very fun place to watch a movie and not your standard movie food very reasonably priced.

J Fridley

The experience is great, as you'd expect from the Alamo. The only reason I can rate this place five stars is that we've had issues getting our food the last few times we've gone. Otherwise a top notch movie going experience

William Millard

Really incredible theater, best I've been to when it comes to environment. Staff were friendly and informative. Food service during the movie was new to me, will have to get used to it.

David Wright

A great place to watch movies! Amazing food and atmosphere. The cashew chicken is delicious. The service is a little slow, or else it would be five stars.

Denise Dunaway

The best theater in town. Order the buffalo cauliflower bites.... you’ll thank me later! They’re old-fashioned is also amazing. Oh! And the movie experience is the best in town, too with seating selection, recliners, and service. We have become Alamo snobs and don’t even consider other theaters!

Kaneda Shotaro

Great place to have dinner and movie for date night. The seats are quite comfortable and the menu is pretty extensive. Definitely will be returning in the future.

Chris Forbes

Without a doubt the BEST cinema experience I’ve ever been to! You MUST see a movie here! The food is amazing, drinks are spectacular, and the servers treat you like royalty! I don’t think I can see a movie anywhere else!

K Heinlein

Great confy seats. Love that you reserve a seat location when you buy. Food is okay.

Cord Schnakenberg

Quite the fun experience, and I'm not even a frequent flyer of the movie house scene. Or watch movies much either. My wife and I had a date night in which we watched one of their good movies playing - The Lion King - (not one of those trashy movies playing that is filled with sensual apparatuses designed to tickle and stimulate you with trash). In fact, we came to watch one movie, started, realized it's one of those movies (sadly, quite the norm due to demand/consumption....sorry, not us).....left and politely talked with the delightful dude at the front counter and he let us into the clean movie playing and we loved it. Got quite social with the fun strangers we sat next to. Had a GOOD, CLEAN time and fun was in the air in this room. Room erupted in laughter and song throughout the night. Big difference of atmospheres of the two rooms. One dark and dirty but no fun at all. The other light-hearted and beautiful and everybody connected and having a good time. Had fun with the super-helpful, ever-attentive server. Nice attentiveness from him (and others) but not overkill. Felt right at home. We ordered up! Made the Alamo some money and it was worth it. Food was good, y'all, and if they can play some more clean + good movies, we sure will be back for more and ring up that food bill some more. The manager I talked with was helpful and kind as well. Beautiful building, great experience infrastructure and culture....a lot of great things going for more GOOD movies!

Amy Cristy

Our absolute favorite place to watch a movie in the Springfield metro. Seats are amazingly comfortable. Food is great. Loaded french fries are my new favorite. Tons of drinks on tap. Lots are local if you are like us and like to try local brews. Prices are good. Most of the time cheaper than other places. They have lots of fun movie related events.

Keegan Butler

Good food, good service. The only problem I had was my recliner was a little broken. It still reclined, it just sounded like it was struggling to do so

Ricky Dove

Would give them a zero if I could. Came with my family to watch a movie put was seat three rows above them and on the other side of the room. I just left and asked for a refund and was told they couldn't do that. Will never be back!!!!

Suzanna Lynn

I cannot express how much I love the Alamo Drafthouse. The leather recliners, the extensive menu, the tasty food, and the fun atmosphere. I love taking my kids here for "Alamo for All" showings so my kids can be kids. And my husband and I pick to have our date nights there because we can have dinner and a movie at the same time!


I love that you can reserve your seats...... The recliners are nice and the food is pretty good! I also like the little pre movie trailers and commercials they put on that you don't see at any other theater.

Katie McGee

Always an amazing experience. We enjoyed a lovely movie. Drinks were cold and stayed filled. Wait staff was extremely attentive and very considerate.

Mary Valdez

Staff is always super with us and quick to attend to us! Its always clean and comfortable.

Brittany Gum

We have loved the Alamo for awhile but today totally stole the show. The best opportunity in a business to create a raving fan is when something goes wrong. We went to the How to Train Your Dragon Family Party today. It’s our 3rd Family Party and we were excited. Everything went smooth through ordering but when food started arriving there were multiple issues. Our sons meal was mixed up with the family next to us, delaying his order. I had also ordered a cauliflour crust on my pizza but it was delivered with a regular one. I can’t deny I was frustrated. I wrote a ticket for our waiter letting him know what happened, and as is good service, he sincerely apologized and had it quickly fixed. But the story doesn’t end there as it could have. Upon delivering our ticket, he also delivered a Toothless action figure that sent my son over the moon in excitement. To our waiter Christopher, way to exceed expectations and create a raving fan. To The Alamo, great job at expecting excellence from your team, but also equipping them to succeed.

Maryanne Shelten

Great theater. Prices aren't bad for tickets. Food is expensive but tasty. Their parties are fun too.

Brenna Newlin

I really love Alamo Drafthouse, and it's great to have one in Springfield. I just moved from Denver, and we lived so so close to the one there. The only reason for four stars is that the service here hasn't been quite as stellar as what I'm used to. I know you literally sit in the dark, but a raised order card takes a little longer than usual and they bring the check like ...weirdly early. Like 30 minutes into the movie. That doesn't say "sit, stay a while, order more drinks and snacks!" It kind of says "when the credits start, I'm gonna need you to get up and go."


We love this place. Sometimes I feel the food could be a little better or maybe a few more options but it is still a great overall experience.

Benjamin Logsdon

Not only is this a fantastic place to see a movie, they also care about their community. I am teacher and on Wednesdays during July the gave me free admission. Seriously who does that? They will always have my business.

Peryer Media

The seats are comfy, the food is delicious while being varied (including vegan options,) and the waiters and waitresses are always very kind. With recliner style seating complete with legrests, your movie experience is greatly enhanced by allowing for dinner or snacks (more than just pretzels and popcorn, but they have that, too if it's your thing) as well as relaxation during your movie. Love this place, it's my first choice when it comes to theaters. They really get into the spirit of each movie, often offering a special themed menu. They have notably entertaining and creative short videos relating to the genre or movie before previews start, as well.

JW DeLong

Fun place. The service is hit and miss. It's always good in the beginning. But the food is good the drinks are great you can get an alcoholic shake. Love the assigned seating and the buy ahead. The retro nights and the sing along quote along shows are so much fun.


The atmosphere of the theater is amazing. Everything makes you feel like your in an upscale diner/bar establishment but at the same time there are movie themed murals in the walls and a giant screen to watch the latest films. The food was excellent and so was the service. We decided we won't watch blockbuster movies anywhere else. I didn't mention the incredibly comfortable recliners you sit in to eat and watch. Great place!

Robin Horton

Favorite place to see a movie! For is good quality, drinks, comfortable leather recliners and Love The preshow! And fun parties!

Tarah Fortner

I have had 2 bad experiences with Alamo the first was a birthday party that we purchased 20 movie tickets for we asked about bringing in cupcakes before the show and they told us we could if we rented a room for an additional $200. 2nd they let us purchase a ticket for out teen to see a PG movie by himself but when it came time for the show they wouldn't let him in because he is under 18. It took an hour to get a refund and the employees were not very helpful or nice.

Kimba T

This is a great place when you want to be spoiled. I love how they play new & old movies. The staff is great & the menu doesn't disappoint.


This is one classy joint. Full kitchen, live music most nights, too many beers on tap to name, and ninja like servers. Great place. U can do way more than just see a great film here

Britt Stokes

First time we have been here since it was upgraded to Alamo. I love the decor & the atmosphere here. The waiters in the movie theater were very nice & did their best to discreetly order & serve during the movie. The recliners are comfortable but the Table does make it awkward to get in & out of the chair.

TechChick 417

I had a great time. Such a great ticket price for reclining chairs and delivered food. It did make me a little self conscious as I was sharing a dimly lit table with a stranger.

Michael Sommer

Food is very good. Pizza and fries , cashew chicken, pork loin sandwich ...I've tried them....I don't care much for their popcorn though. I'm a popcorn lover and don't care for the popcorn there. Seating pretty comfortable also and I like having our seats reserved .

Lisa Sorenson

Very clean always have water at our seats before we arrive. We've had the chicken artichoke & olive pizza which was fantastic. I usually ask for extra napkins because they usually do not bring enough. ( I like a napkin under my glass of water. ) I like the fact that there is a no cell phone policy during the movie. And the seats are very relaxing and clean.

Jesse Worden

Me and my wife went to watch John Wick 3. This place has very comfortable electric lounge chairs. The menu had a good variety of food and snacks. We ordered the pretzel. It was nice and fresh. The popcorn was very good, served in a metal bowl keeping it nice and warm. We also ordered a couple different shakes. The shakes we ordered were fantastic! The wait staff, are quiet and stay out of the line of sight of the movie screen. I know me and my wife will definitely go back, to us, this is the only way to watch a movie. Very spacious, no one is kicking your chair, you dont have to get up so people can pass you to go to the bathroom! This place is fantastic!

rita cox

Good service! Food good, but a tad high in price. I spent $40. Paid for two. But movie was very goof.

Donna Malenfant

Always enjoy an afternoon show. Great wait staff!

Christopher Pickrel

2nd time here now. Excellent service, pleasant AND comfortable atmosphere. I love how they custom the experience to the movie. Some big hits get their own personalized menu item, and this last time our server put a movie reference to our movie on our ticket. Isabelle provided outstanding service and even told us to enjoy our dinner after the show. She paid attention to our conversation and appropriately wished us well as we were leaving. You don't even see that level of tentative service often anymore in traditional restaurants!

Katie Carlisle

My kids refuse to go to any other theatre now. The seats are very comfortable and the service is great. Do yourself a favor and get the's the best we've ever had with so many amazing flavors.

Harold Christie

Love the place only better is watching at home good foo cold drinks good time

Warren Sandwell

The best! Love the food and they always take good care of us! Alamo rules!

Prof X

Great place to watch a movie and gather with friends. I enjoy their zero tolerance policy on movie distractions.. really creates a good experience. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Only opportunity would be that I have noticed the last couple times I have been there that some of the maintenance on the seats are not being checked or repaired, leaving some customers left with a noise chair or a chair that’s about to fall apart.

John Edgar

Outstanding place!! Best movie theater I've ever been to!!

Wade Romesburg

My FAVORITE place to watch movies, second to absolutely none. I've been here many times, and every time is a luxurious experience with a premium viewing. 100% recommend this place to any movie buff, or those that love movies. I love their no-talking rule.

Chad Baker

Good Food, Great seats and easy to buy tickets with the app. Best theater in Springfield

Matt Barker

My son and I loved going here! He enjoyed the reclining seat and it was cool to be able to est dinner at the movie. The food was surprisingly really good!

Ivy Lenarz

Comfortable, but service is slow and food is pricey. Also, when the server brought my change back to me, it reeked of cigarettes.

Joe Riling

Very cool place, join their Victory program and get into very cool screenings free.

Matt Plank

So happy to have a fun place for an adult date night experience! The servers are supper happy to help and any mistakes that come up have always been fixed quickly! A great place to go for a fun chill night out!

Erica Vait

Great place to go. I love the assigned seating, you don't have to wait in a concession line, and you have a full menu and bar.

Shayne Burgess

Update: So we came to see IT this past weekend and we sat down, the waiter came over and said we were sitting in someone's seat and made us move. We had purchased our tickets directly from Alamo several days earlier. We had to go speak to the manager who then verified we were in the correct seats and they were in the wrong seats. Now we are trying to order food during the previews, which I enjoy watching, and the experience was embarrassing and really left a bad taste in my mouth. We had come 15 min early and it took that entire time to get our seats worked out. They barely apologized for the situation. I dropped my original 5 star rating to a 1 because the customer service was so lacking. I expected more from Alamo, I'm so disappointed. I love the seats, screen, amazing food with special clever changing inserts with movie themes, the atmosphere and the amazing blurbs before the movie... They used to have what I thought was the best popcorn ever but recently it seems to have changed to what I would call standard movie theater popcorn. Overall it's a epic place... Took away one star for changing the popcorn

Chandler Lee

If you're a movie lover, then you owe it to yourself to experience any movie at the Alamo. With great drinks and great food brought directly to your seat, that even if the film is a bust at least you will still have something great to take away from the experience. The Alamo offers reserved seating so you can buy your seat hours before the film starts and never have to worry about getting a bad spot. Even if you don't the Alamo has somehow found a way to make every spot in the theater a great viewing angle. It's truly the prefect Cinema experience.

casady shepherd

Great theater! Awesome staff really enjoyed the atmosphere there. Great place for family or date night.

Scott Jensen

Me and my wife's new favorite place to catch a flick. Top notch food and service. This was how a night out to the cinema was intended to be.

Cameron Lee

Needs to be on home screen that children can’t come to movie theater on website. Purchased tickets to see a kid movie this morning and get here for 10:30 at night showing and told she can’t get in. She was going to be with two adults. I would be fine if it was known but I had to get on website to find it and spent a good minute looking for it.

Dale Conner

As good as it gets for a movie experience. Power reclining seats that are comfortable as well as the ability to place a food or drink order right at your seat to be delivered to you.

James Parish

Service was good, seats comfy and it was nice to put your feet up and enjoy a few cocktails while watching the movie. Great place for date night. ,

Nicole Hager

Best theater in town! Super comfortable seats and great popcorn. They will bring you more to your seat!

Patrick Dohmen

The temperature is always quite comparable. The menu has many options to choose from. Definitely want to purchase your ticket(s) as soon as you know what you want to see. The seats sell fast and can be difficult to find consecutive seating for groups.

Casey Harris

I was lead to believe Alamo Drafthouse would be a great experience. So, needless to say, I was super disappointed when an hour and a half into watching It Chapter Two we still didn't have the pizza we ordered to be fired 10 minutes into the movie. The guy was super apologetic when we FINALLY got his attention. We got a free pizza. Great, wonderful, grand, but the damage was already done. I was hangry at that point. There are people who are cheap, and unwilling to spend money when they go out. I'm not those people. I didn't want a free pizza. I wanted the pizza I ordered to be delivered when it was supposed to be delivered. See, if it had, I'd have spent more money. Maybe something else to munch on. Definitely another drink or two. But not after the pizza incident. If we go back, I'll probably pass on ordering food again. If this hadn't been the first time we'd gone, I'd likely have chalked it up to a bad night. First impressions are important. Great idea, bad execution.

Craig Miller

Very roomy and comfortable retractable seats. Very enjoyable atmosphere. Good food and service. Will definitely go back soon.

Kim Typaldos

Place is great nice people work there went to see Lion King at 4:45 with my granddaughter she ordered pizza and I had the Greek salad there was no feta cheese on it and if there's chicken I never found it and there was way way way too much dressing that's the second time I've had a salad there and it's not come out right hamburgers are great there but I just wanted a salad so I won't be in salads there

Kyle Jones

Only three started great movie great atmosphere clean food very very high

Mike Kepford

I love this theater. All the food and drinks are pricey but very much worth it.

Andy Mayer

Best cinema in the Springfield area. For adults, you don't have to deal with kids 9/10 times. There are also options for kids/parents depending on time/day. Food is really good, I personally recommend the Smoked Bacon, Goat Cheese and Chicken sandwich.

Steven Sanon

On you site and on the doors of your local Springfield theatre it says: “For all movies, children must be at least 6 years of age, except for G and PG movies starting before 7 p.m., when children 3 and up will be permitted.” Word for word, that is not a clear statement. considering while we were present at the ticket booth you had to refund not just our 3 families but 2 others who were not with our party. IF your statements on website and or on entry door..which read the same were so apparent this mistake would not continue to happen. It should be correct! It is very disappointing that such a large organization can not fix this issue in a timely manner considering as I look back at your reviews ours was not the first complaint. As I’m sure the one I read was not either. Also your “Alamo for All” a staff member stated it was for “People” not directly “children” but “people” with sensory issues. Which again, isn’t clear. Or does your company just assume every child under 3 has a sensory issue?! Directly after leaving your establishment we took our family to the movie theater downtown where their age was accepted and saw the movie and was perfectly fine. With all this said again...fix your site, fix your door. Come up with a better plan to service your customers.

Ivan Trebuet

Great place for a movie, grub, and a beer. Not overpriced, I will definitely be going back!

Terry Vaughn

A great place to catch a movie! The popcorn is great and the food is very good. If you drink beer, you'll find 40+ craft, foreign, and domestic favorites. Great way to spend time enjoying a movie. Service is great and prompt. Try the Buffalo Cauliflower appetizer, it's delicious!

Tom Koson

Love this place! Especially when they show older movies. Tickets are reasonably priced. Food and drinks are decently priced. I recommend getting your first couple drinks at the bar and taking them into the theater with you.

Chad Morgan

Great food. Great service. Great sound quality. Perfect for date night!

Michael Blackmoon

The Gluten-free Omnivore pizza was amazing! And the theater isn't too loud. I love it every time I go!

Veronica Poe

Usually have no problems coming to this theater. Each time we go the service gets a little worse though. I had My order card up for close to 20 min requesting popcorn. The guy walked by a few times and didn’t pay attention to it. I then left and talk with the lady at the front who sold us the tickets and told her the situation and she assured me it would be taken care of and we would get our popcorn. After missing some of the movie of course. The guy comes back and gives us the check. He takes the money for the check, and gives us change for the check, but we never got our popcorn. I spoke with the same lady after the movie was over and all she did was apologize and say that it isn’t their policy. No kidding?! I honestly would rather be able to order my popcorn when I purchase my tickets like all other theaters. The service tonight was ridiculous and the way it was handled wasn’t any better. Very disappointing to say the least. At least they were friendly.

Tracy Barrett

This is the best place in Springfield to see a movie. It costs the same as other places but the facility is far nicer and there are way more food and drink choices. The table service is great and the staff does an excellent job of taking care of the customers. I have been to more than 20 movies here since it opened and I have only ever had a five star experience. I also LOVE that I know where I am going to sit in advance since they allow you to pay in advance and choose your seats online or via the app.

Ashley Skelton

Great place besides just seeing a movie! They have an excellent bar! Live music fee days a week and one of the biggest beer selections in town. Lots of crafts to choose from. They're breakfast pizza is worth trying! So good.

Chris Phillips

The movie was very comfortable and enjoyable. The price of the drinks was a Lil bit higher than I like . Our waiter was great! Overall a wonderful time!

Austin Presko

Really nice movie theater. The seats are comfortable, and the fact that they'll refill your drinks and popcorn while you're watching the movie is unbelievable!

Terry Lynn Martin

My first experience here was to see Bohemian Rhapsody in November of 2018. It's a fabulous movie theater. Adjustable recliners with a small table between for food, snacks and drinks. A waiter shows you to your seats and takes your food and drink order...or candy, popcorn, etc. The food and service is excellent. The recliners are spacious and comfortable. No worries of loud conversation or disturbances of any kind during the movie. Now it's my favorite theater. I highly recommend.

squall iron

Went and saw the new godzilla movie. My wofe and I have been here before and love it! Great bar and fantastic service. I love the old school nostalgia they mixed with modern. Seats are very comfortable and awesome staff.


Been really great seeing these older movie parties! We have been loving going to the movies again. You guys have also greatly improved on refilling! I had my doubts at first with that but so happy for attentive staff!

Jenette Clay

Food is wonderful. Very expensive. The service during movie is really distracting. So is the light under the table. I also feel bad for the servers having to duck down constantly, trying to stay out of view. It's all off-putting. I'd rather get popcorn, go sit down, and get absorbed in the movie.

Mindy Rosella McKinnon

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was amazing! The prices are similar to other theaters, but the customer service, cleanliness, ease if purchasing seat tickets is above and beyond anyone else. I really enjoyed the reclining seats, the staff, clean bathrooms, and of course the movie! I highly recommend this place and the food and I'll be going back often.

Sam Hamilton

First time at this theater. It was amazing. Food was awesome. Service was awesome. We will be definitely be back.

Laura Held

We had a great time. Pizza is good and the margaritas are good too. Its a perfect date place.

Shawna Godsy

Chairs are comfy and the food is great!! Love going to the movies here!!

Jaxon Fillmore

Comfy seats, cold beer, and anti-phone rules make for a great movie going experience!

Hidden Acres Farm

This place is great but our server, Chandler was terrible. Didn't let us in the theater until close to time for the movie to start. Didn't bring out ranch and then when I put up my card up to reorder the ranch and get an ice-cream float it was 25 minutes before he took the card and then another 25 before he brought the order to us. We had already eaten by then and didn't need the ranch. Very disappointing and made it hard to enjoy the movie.


I come here to see all the new movies, very good atmosphere and its just very comfortable. They always have hilarious bits before the actual movie and you can order food from your seat. Very good food and very polite staff

Jessica Ensey

My family loves this place. Great food and a show no matter if it's breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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