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910 Sawmill Rd #219, Laurel, MS 39440, United States

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Where is Sawmill Square Mall?

REVIEWS OF Sawmill Square Mall IN Mississippi

B Nicholas

Old and outdated. Needs an upgrade

Elizabeth Anderson

We love our mall and appreciate what it offers us

Thomas Sams

It's a fun place to go and hang out and shop.

Narada Buxton

This is not a mall at all. I don’t know what you call this place.

Nessa Jones

I think that they could do something to spruce up the place a little bit more when I go I'm bored .

Theresa Gordon Gordon

Not enough upscale stores but over all a nice place to shop.

Marìsa Barnes

Convenient location, not a lot of traffic, and not much of a crowd to fight. I get to shop in peace.


When I need a few clothes for my kids i shop here. And food is good too

Ty Herrington

Good place to get shoes, clothes, and to catch a movie.

Eric Shane Stewart

Great small town mall

Claudia Dixon

They are the beds and I will go back

Cooki Camyre

Wish they had a large bbw clothing shop.

Lucy Short

Love this mall. Great stores and deals.

Savannah Gavin

Well considering it's the only mall we have in Jones County it's not to bad of a place to shop. It has a few decent shops in it. The big shops it has in it are JcPenney's, Belk, Bath and Body Works, The Children's Place and a couple of big chain shoe stores other than that it has a few locally owned businesses.

Elwil 56

Pretty good shopping and food for a small town.

Lulu Mercer

Very friendly and office service is great

Angelia Mcfarland

I Love Shopping In Our Varieties Of Stores In The Mall

Marsha Page

Awesome deals n belks

Kenneth Stogner

This mall would be great if it had more stores that could bring in the younger crowd , I've also heard that the mall rents its spaces out a little to high. It's an ok mall.

Chelsea Schepens

Not very big bit has awesome stores

Lynn Smiley

Found the store I was looking for. I am not from here & was surprised this mall was full of good stores!

Haywood Beamon

Love that corn dog place

Barrett Lozano

Basic shops, get more basic here.

Joyce McInnis

Small mall, not many current fashions

QiuJin Zheng

Not the greatest. But a town the size of Laurel should be happy to have it.

Keosha Keyes

Love to shop enough said

Ethan Davis

Unlike most malls, this one is actually getting better. There's still a lot to be done, but the progress is pretty great.

Paul DeFreese

Small mall, only one in Laurel.

Kim Herring

It's a good mall . Go in and get what I need. Just wish there was more up to date shops . And an updated movie theater. This one here is worn out

Davy Keith

How is this mall still even open? Between the Cologne and cell phone cover money lauders there is little here.

kanika morgan

Need a bad remodeling....

kody loper

Needs some updating bad... I mean it wouldn’t take much just maybe some more known stores

Willie Johnson

Good movie there.

Nancy Pitts

Lots of places here are good. La Fiesta (the Alamo) has the best Big Burrito in town, Catfish One has great gumbo, fish, and hushpuppies, Cato is a great place to buy trendy clothes, Pink Anchor is an awesome boutique, Belk and JCPenney are the anchor stores with good supplies of most anything to wear or put on your bed or in your bathroom!

Rebekah Hayes

Stopped here for some chic-fil-a. The tables were filthy and the mall bathroom had no toilet paper and had a bad odor. The mall seemed very empty, a lot of stores shutdown. Wasn't able to check the entire mall out but like I said, didn't seem like there was much.

Tasha Sharpe

We ate at the Alamo it was great server had an attitude bt food was good

Jackie g

It's less crowded and few good stores to shop in and I love it there

Tera Marie Walker-Pruitt

Needs more variety of shops and food options...

Brandy Thornton

Small, quiet, forgotten about little mall in a very small town.

Skippynl Livingston

This mall has been there throughout multiple generations & some stores have survived the test of time. It does need a pizza/Italian restaurant and Japanese/ sushi restaurant. It has as many stores open and empty. The place has it's history & you see it when you first drive in the parking lot, but you do see where they are always trying to stay up with changing trends & demand consumers have.

Dana Ingram

This place hasnt changed since it was built, I imagine. Poor choice for shopping options.

Leon Clark

I went to see "Shazam!", And it was great! I even got a surprise by seeing one of my favorite movie stars, Meagan Good, in the movie!

Tonya Bauler

Good Theater!!!

Alethia Rankin

Nice place not a lot of options though

Shelley Smith

Mall on the decline. It could use some major updates and new stores!

Patricia Ishee

Centrally located. A variety of apparel, health food, a theater and shoe stores, a selection for dining venues. Malls aren't my thing, but I go here occasionally.

Chancelink Perkins

Good prices great people

Venita Jones

Good bargains in belks

Gaberial Langley

Made a comeback almost as good as it ever was.

April Powelson

This mall has no external cameras for security. So the thieves broke into my vehicle and took our stuff. Last time I checked they don't even patrol the parking lot any more. That just tells the theives "go ahead we won't stop you." The rent for merchants is obnoxious at best. Any good small business starting out shouldn't attempt the mall. There is little foot traffic. And due to the "Mall Rules" any teenagers who earn money can't go in the mall unaccompanied by an adult. So the teens don't go with the adults because that is lame. So they go to the mall in Hattiesburg. The leaks in the mall go unrepaired, this is not the only repairs needed. As soon as the larger merchants move out, the mall WILL shut down. Maybe South Central or Forrest General can turn it into a medical mall. That is the direction it is going after all. It seems the owners nor the mall management are too concerned. The management gets paid and any losses can be absorbed by the owner as a tax write off. I don't even think the ownership is held by anyone in state. So they probably don't even know about these problems.

Jesus Antonio Hernandez

Is the amazing place to go shopping.

kimberly george

Loved it! Very friendly customer service!

Samuel Richardson


Summer Locklair

Not many store but good gnc

Terry Edwards

Way too many people on Black Friday

Rebecca Ramos

They desperately need to renovate and get some stores that would make people want to go there.


At one time, this was a great mall and I mean like thirty years ago. This mall has never been remodeled once. Do us a favor and tear it down. I am proud to say I no longer call Laurel home.

The Great Escape River House

I wish more people would come out to this mall it's never very crowded although it really should be more supported by the locals. It's nice to have a local mall I enjoy shopping here. I would much rather run around the corner and get something from this quaint Mall then sit at home and order something from Amazon.

Isaac Garrison

Its ok. Chic fila and Belk are the backbone. Some decent little stores giving it a go as well. I am not a mall fan in general and this one is pretty decent for a town the size of Laurel I suppose.

Gloria Lotts

Bath & body is my favorite store in the mall. If u give them ur email they will let u know what's on sale. I also like corndog 7.

oliver ellis

Very good accessible to everything food and clothing

Krisinda Windham

Enjoyed my shopping experience

jason lively

Tiny choice of food, small variety of stores with a newly opens video rental / comic book store. The only place like it in laurel. If you like the movie store vibe definitely worth checking out. When you are in there you will Swear it's still the 90s and that is a great feeling.

Ziakera Ducksworth

Good shopping places

Victoria Rogers

Shopped at Belk's during a sale and saved $187.16 on my purchase. Mall has a great family atmosphere and friendly staff. Will be back to shop for more.


Few places to eat. Mediocre theatre. Empty. Good clothing and shoes stores.

Bobby Millsap

Great place to shop

Flame Mclaughlin


Cecil Littleton

Much too small

Joe Formetoknow

People that sell phone cases rip u off

franklin just qgyujp Martin

Pretty Good I am Sad That Pay Less has Left

Dedra Shelton

Great shoe stores here and clothing stores.

Dale Downing

It's been years since I have been to Sawmill Square Mall. I live in Houston now. I was surprised. Hanging in there.

Lenita Coleman

Needs more store's

Stacey Swain

Lots of good stores! Not a big crowd, but lots of merchandise!!

Robert Sanderson

Great place to shop and go for a walk

Joshua Chandler

It is good, but it needs more stores

Alice Tucker

Same good home town mall with prices going up n businesses moving out

Jodi Jones

Very cool. I found some thing I have wanted for YEARS there.

Micheal Giuliano

For a little local mall it was very clean.

Billy Smith

They have a great boot store.

00fster X

Good place, not busy. Kind of a... 'Dead' mall. Businesses are good. I went into the bathrooms and yelled. xd

Willie Patton

New stores since last visit, neatly organized, lunch at Estelle's good-a little pricey. A nice change from Other nearby malls

phantom prophet

This is a very old mall. No food court, just a few scattered restaurants here and there, like chick filet, and corn dog 7. A few low end stores, and some chain stores e.g Nike, Belk, jcpenny, Claire's, bath and body works. The public bathrooms are almost hidden.

Char P

This mall needs a lot of LOVE

Matt Hendry

There's a pretty good amount of places to eat here, but I feel like it's really lacking in the shopping department.

Nancy Rowell

Yes I love the place cause I bring my Molly here and DeDee here I keep my pets healthy

Nicole Dennis

Went on a Sunday, most stores were closed. Not a big mall. Prices were alittle high for after Christmas sales.

Lorenzo Durant

Fairly limited selection of stores but the mall is well kept overall


Starting to look a little shabby. They really need to put some of their rent money back into the building, parking lot,( other than that small part right out front a little new asphalt was thrown down) and some other kind of nice looking things to look at. Dig up some of that massive parking lot no one uses plant something, put small park areas something.

Princess Hanson

Kinda dead inside the mall, but they had chick file a

Donald Malson

Good place to hold hands and walk around in a controlled environment

Christy McDonald

If anyone reads Erich Taylor's review, please ignore it. My advice is to go to Corn Dog 7 as soon as possible so you can find out first hand that that business is lucky enough to have such an amazing individual (Heather) working there. Plus the food is amazing. :) You know, you would think that with how things are going in the world that a grown man would know better than to publicly degrade a person he does not even know. If you click on his profile you will see he's spent a significant amount of time leaving reviews for many places in Laurel. Well, Erich Taylor, if you are so bothered by so many places in Laurel, how about you leave? I and nearly over 70 others who saw your review that Heather posted on her Facebook think that you're a douchebag. How's that for a review?

Patrick and Salethia Nixon

Love this store!

Jon Welford

Clean and family oriented. Good place to hang out

Teresa Duncan


Brandin Thomas

It's cool

Sandra Bolton

A great place to meet friends and family to exercise

Sherrie Windham

My theory on the Sawmill Mall Theater is it should be shut down! It's filthy, the popcorn is cold the butter is old and the employees has no interest in the customer. The corporate office needs to evaluate their degree of customer appreciation and consider a senior citizen and a military discount. It won't break the bank. The lack of either is a deal breaker. The drive to Hattiesburg is Worth the had to go to a theatre that is nice and offers some discounts. One pissed customer shares their experience with at least 10 other people. In less than 15 minutes I shared my thoughts with 5 people. I've just begun!!!

puppy monkey

Jc Penney was expensive. It used to be relatively decently priced

Rod Darby

Good mall

Sarah Lowery

I was at sawmill square mall looking for a place to tan it's nice small but nice

sandy toombs

Shortage of help. Hard to find anyone to help you

Paul Anderson

it's a great mall. Especially during the holidays. Has a small town vibe that many get nostalgic for.

Greg Boutwell

Nice place to shop and Pamela serves up the absolute BEST corn dogs EVER at Corn Dog 7!!!! You have to go try one, and don't forget a cheese on a stick!

lee kilpatrick

Pretty banging for a dead mall.

christopher potts

Didn't have a wide selection of places.

Jp Ranch

It was raining and thete were several leaks tbroughout the mall with trashcans catchinv the rzin.

Tara Holifield

I have been going to the mall since I was in elementary school and I'm now a grandmother. Its a place for kids to hang out while mom shops or has her nails done.

ARCHIE plavaboja

I really would rather hang out in a fish market, at least there's a larger selection of stores and more things to do.

J&S Properties And Construction

It needs an upgrade and a bigger selection of stores

Savannah Gabrielle

My sister, nephew and I went to Sawmill Square Mall yesterday to get out of the house and we had a blast! I had Chick-fil-A for the first time, loved it and we checked all of the out the stores. There's something for everyone here.

faith boreman

Theres hardly anything fun to do here Accept the movie and rue

Joannie Rogers

Need more store choices

janice sheppard

Nice place to shop with places to eat also

Holly Smith

Love how they have a play place for kids.

Da'da Saints #1

It Doesn't have all your needs

Kay Pool

Has a lot of nice stores to shop in.

Harris Meador

Very small and older than me. The only mall in laurel but is desperately in need of a makeover. Not very large, does include a chicfila and corndog 7 to eat at and currently includes a candy store with ice cream treats

Chris Johnston

Not much of a mall as used to be. This place hasn't seen any improvements in many years. Seems to be taking the downhill slide. Not any attractions here to get the attention of people anymore. This place needs help!!

Terri Ladner

Decent little mall. Jcpenney is small but ok mall.

Chase McDaniel

Selection of stores are dwindling but they have some gems

Kimberly McCormick

It'll be okay if they upgrade a little bit but I love them all because I was growing up in there all my life that's where I shopped it

Jerry and Shanna Henry

Hey it's the mall in Laurel enough said

Amanda Young

Lack of stores. The only thing worth visiting here is Tacos!

Satish Amin

Well kept mall in a small town. Decent shopping choices.

Benjamin Eunice

Quiet place but good amenities and helpful staff.

Matt Johnson

Small but great

Cory Cotten

Hasn't changed much but found great deals.

Brenda Hopkins

A good place to shop

Brandy Walker

No strollers or kid cars or anything to rent. I think the whole mall has maybe 10 stores and a theatre. There is a small food court but only about 4 restaurants in it.

Sabrina Gaines

Only shopped J C Penny and it was fun

Jenny Tucker

Needs to be updated, modernized. Needs more variety of upscale shops.

Joanna Ishee

Watch out for beggers on bikes.

Coope Polk

Great People

Kelvin Weddington

Out dated dirty nasty uncomfortable seat at the theatre my feet stuck to the ground they clearly don't clean. it's not worth the price of admission

Ginger Pitts

Needs a face lift

Mrs. Taryn Johnson

Lovely Store


I love shopping at my local mall.

Warren Beard

Best corn dogs anywhere.

Diann Butler


Byron Washington

Nice facility

Teressa Campbell

Would love to see some more businesses open in this mall!

Jacqueline Wilson

Multiple vendors and your family can enjoy themselves

ginger walker

Great place to shop

Pam Powell

Merchants were very nice and I liked shopping there. But the air conditioner wasn't working. They are making repairs so it should be functioning again soon.

Rachel Zugg

Too many dollar stores... This place needs a facelift big-time. The theater has the most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat in.

Erica Beasley

Great food places but the shopping experience is not so great like to look around but for poor big people it ain't the best shopping experience also love the bath and body works store where I get all my smell good

Zgezgey Gaines

Sure it's a nice place to shop. I don't care for malls.

Brittani Miller

I can to see Girls Trip with my friends. And everything was awesome due to the fact that you had some parents bringing their young kids to.see a Rated R films. Minus the crying I loved the film.

Nicole Gandy

Great stores

James Hayse

Its was hot no a/c and needs a big cleaning

Tonya Sallis

Great atmosphere!

April Satcher

Jc Pennies has the best deals

Marilyn Cantrell

Going down hill fast. That's why people go to Hattiesburg

Nancy Boykin

I absolutely love the fireworks tonight

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