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454 Brookway Blvd, Brookhaven, MS 39601, United States

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REVIEWS OF Regal UA Westbrook IN Mississippi

Morgan Michelle

Great place! Good prices. Best local theater!

The Dude Abards

It's a great small theater. Very excellent staff. My only complaint is the big football sized blob on the screen in the first auditorium to the left. I seem to get this auditorium every time I go. It bugs me at times. But, the staff is worth the trip. They're very friendly and knowledgeable about films.

Nancy Ortiz

Good staff and place is always clean

Justin Allbritton

Linda DsLaneuville

Wonderful, friendly employees

Jaime Wyant

The home town theater, I love it but I am biased. Friendly staff and clean.


Brian Woods

Probably one of the best run theaters in the USA.

C Barrilleaux

Cool experience

fredrick charles

James Cruse

Not a large theater as it only has 4 showings at a time, but the staff has always been great. I have been going to this theater for years.

Victoria Cavin

Jeff McCall

Arturo Jr DLG

For a small town where the nearest major cinemplex is located 75 plus miles, this is sufficient for a rural area.

Paula Smith

It was nice for a small theater clean amd the staff was nice.

Jason C

Local fundamentalists picket outside all the time yelling about burning in hell because watching movies is a sin. They only play crappy movies here, never the blockbusters people want to see.

MaryAnn Ginn-Williams

kelly deaton

glenda bryant

Just went by to purchase a gift card; very courteous attendant!

Kirk Calhoun

Debbie Baize

Jeanette Henderson

Prices are to high need to come down a little

QuNikiea Graise

Matthew Dykes

Deborah Crawford

Sooooo outdated

crispy mike

jamon lewis

Linda Cox

Coming back soon

Jason Posey

It was good

Tammy Covington

Good seating arrangements, clear sound, respectful ushers as well as clerks, and my movie was awesome!!!!!!

Tabatha Johnson

Nice people

Yvonne Church

michael bedford

Rosa Harris

Nice, and friendly staff

Peggy Lynn

Very clean and organized

Carol Peters

I expected to pay matinee prices but it was clean and the movie played fine.

Melinda Robinson

jessie byrd

Chuck Francis

If your looking for a move in Brookhaven there is no better place! The staff is awesome!

Zach Granger

Sharon Humbarger

Ernesto Sano

Awesome place just wondering why they don't try to make more money by offering a senior day ... they would make lots of money

Jerristean Cook

Al Ellzey

Courteous personnel, clean surroundings inside and out

Abbi Lea

Fun places to go

Jasmine Hawkins

I love this theatre they are welcoming popcorn is so good make you feel at home!!

Tama G

This movie theater has not changed in I know 20yrs! The prices are HIGH and I still can't figure out why? New seats? HD movie capability? The time has past to update this movie theater. I have to agree that they are taking advantage of their customers because it's a rual area. If it wasn't for my parents not wanting to drive to Hattiesbug to the movies, we would NEVER come here. If you ever decide to update, don't even think about changing the price, unless it's theme becomes dinner and movies.

James Bardwell

Great staff. Pleasent experience

Ben Dunaway

Great hometown theator that has been around since the 70s. I saw star wars there when I was 9 and just saw Annabelle comings home with my granddaughter.

Zephyr Games

Tearria Johnson

Small Town feel but great service

Matt Quin

Dwayne Cannon

glamorous world

Sabrina Cupstid

Friendly, clean and accessible.

SirZeus 01

Stephanie Smith

James Burgess

Lovely experience, with great theaters and friendly staff

madeline cuevas

Jason Elkins

Ashley Pevey

Raymond Carter

Bmg Mickles


Thanks, I enjoyed it emincely.


Ryan Seals

Very good staff. Very scrumptious food.

Melissa Costilow

Fast Service

Danny Bland

Bobbie Sykes

Easter Crockett

Eric Collins

Cameron Wyland

Nice little theater. I prefer this one to the bigger one in Hammond.

Gracie Haas

Phillip Purvis

Let me just say one thing: whoever decides how long the movies stay playing AND whoever picks which movies to get is a blooming idiot. I'm assuming that's the manager. High-profile, big star movies get looked over for stupid kids movies that will play for 6 months, but one big name blockbuster movie MIGHT play for 1 week if you're damn lucky. The manager is an idiot. Let movies play for more than 3 days so ppl can get by to see them.This Brookhaven MS theater is losing $$$ because of the manager's poor decisions. Im with the guy that said hed rather drive an hour to another theater. COULD be an outstanding theater. Get a new manager.

TayNinh Travis


Rosevette Brothern

I had a wonderful time

Oralee Wells

Small BUT Mighty

Erica Walker

Anniesapp Kennedy

Fay Walker


chyketia barnes

Friendly attitude

Margaret Hammond

Friendly people well run and clean . The person that said that Christian's stand out front picketing is not telling the truth. I have never seen are heard of such a thing.

M Sias

Jeffrey White

Dustin Dunaway


Rhett O'Neill

yolanda johnson

This whole theater needs to be updated.

Sandra McEwen

Best popcorn ever! Always friendly people.

geneva brown

As far as the movie great but they wouldn't let my 1 year old son in he doesn't even sit still or stay woke long enough to know it was a rated R movie so my family had to split up and watch different movies we drove hour and half smh....

Jennifer Jarrell

Very happy they now have reserved seating. Wish it had recliners. They will rush you out if you try to stay for end credits but I just ignore them and enjoy the show.

Ari Ramos

It's a very small theater, smaller than what I am used to, but very nice. The sound in the theater doesn't seem to be too loud to where its actually painful. The room we were in was small and the chairs were kind of comfortable. The bathrooms are small but relatively clean. The employees are really friendly. I definitely will come back to see movies at this theater.

Jonathan Sasser

Literally the only show in town. Still it is well maintained and I have seen many, many movies here.

curtis Dampier

I always have had good experience there their very nice at ticket window the people at the snack bar I watched John wick 3 and it's bada**

Harvie Morgan

Way too expensive for such a run down theater , I would understand the ticket price if the seating was nice or if the facility was clean or of the selection was good but nope it's all cheap rundown and way over priced!


Wonderfull satff, its a small theator but the staff is honest and kind. My walet fell out of my pocket while watching a movie i left the theator and discovered my walet was missing, they found a number to call to get ahold of me so they could return the wallet to me

La Tasha Sias

Lisa brown

Kaile Young

The seating is not very comfy, and you can hear the movie in the next theater quite loud at times. Very friendly staff and safe place for my kids to go.

Anibal Maldonado

Nice little local movie theater

Scarlett Arny

Melanie Gwin

roblox lover

Friendly staff. Decent facility and parking. Great AC

Robin Beeson

Been going to this theater a long long time. Never had a bad experience ever. Super nice staff and management.

Marcus McBride

Pepper McPhail

Great place!

care bear

Brittany Spiers

Small town theatre but friendly staff who saved my husband's debit card. Only issue was hearing the other movie through the wall sometimes.

Sarah LaRue

Small but friendly

Suzanne Lewis

Great place

Youtube helper

Dezirae Katt

Patricia Renfro

Very good show

Draven Keyes

It's small, the prices are high, the seats are not comfortable, but it's home. The staff are very nice and honest people. It's not the best theater in the world, but that's the company's fault. If enough people call and request an updated theater I'm sure we can get something started.

Darren Philebar

Jordan Decker

Very great employees and all facilities are clean.

Stephen Reid

Worst. Movie theater. Ever.

LaSondra Lofton

Nice theater

James Spence

Old and raggedy. Concessions extremely over priced.

marqua blackmon

Great theater

George m

A nice, small town theater. The staff is very friendly.

tammy derouen

Brookes Prestridge

I love the staff. They are always friendly.

Montana Wimberly

Took my 4 year old to see a movie for her birthday. It was not busy, but my hands were full, so I told the worker at the counter (Daniel) I'd come back for popcorn after I got my child seated. He was so polite and insisted on bringing it for me so I wouldn't have to make an extra trip. Wonderful customer service!

Motley Alfred

Green #GreenLatern

Ann Martin

Good afternoon at the movies.

Meleisa Greene

Small and clean. Great people.

George Collins

Little outdated needs more registers for food purchase. If you like previews better come early and get popcorn because you will miss them due to the long lines.

David Roberts

The theatre rooms are somewhat comfortable. There are small ones and some larger ones. Sometimes I wish there was other competition.

Justina Williams

Loved it

Corliss Morgan

It was nice

Brandon Holeman

Love the workers and the audio and video quality is always top notch!

Joseph Swearingen

Gavin Jackson

Jerry Wood

Was very good food and service we had a wonderful night

Heath Wyland

Close n fun. Good Qualitu

Kellan Case


Dezmon Coleman

Damarius Hackett


Seth Johnson

A fun place to chill and relax on the weekends

Sherry King

Tisha Trim

I had the best time. I had not been to see a movie in years. The employees were very pleasant and the theater was very clean. I like the stadium seating. I plan to start going to the movies much more often.

Stacy Edwards

Too expensive no updates to theater

Ann Eubanks

Clean and well managed.

Jonas Bull

Small and not as clean, but nice people

Michelle Hardy

Great quality viewing

Hargrove Family

Great run movie theater. Exceptional staff.

danny dixon jr

Pretty good

Thomas Spicer

Theatre needs updating.

Shirley Hudson

David Taylor

Very outdated and over priced. Rather drive an hour to another place

Thomas Johnston

Love this theater for its convenience, but any movie over 1 hour 45 minutes because uncomfortable due to dated seats.

Erin Speights


Kendall Johnson, Jr

I worked here in the mid-1980's as my high school 1st ever job. The staff is courteous yet there is a palpable tension, as if they are the Gestapo guarding against bootleggers & the sneaking in of drinks & snacks. The Theater has undergone systematic upgrades throughout the years, with emphasis on the THX certified sound systems in all four auditoriums & the state-of-the-art 4K digitally-projected screens, and with emphatic neglect of the moviegoers first-person experience. Regal needs to upgrade/add stadium seating risers, albeit sacrificing a few seats but gaining many more return customers with the much-needed added comfort that a stadium seating, plush captain's chairs experience would provide. The current seats hurt my tailbone! Still a Five Star outfit. Just Regal needs to drop their capitalistic greed and spend the needed capital to upgrade the physical environments inside the auditoriums.

James Griffith

Close to home, quality screens, friendly staff

Aaron Dunaway


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