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1680 Bonita Lakes Cir, Meridian, MS 39301, United States Located in: Bonita Lakes Mall

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REVIEWS OF Regal UA Bonita Lakes IN Mississippi

Janie Gregg

Great movie house!

selina morales

No good movies and it's a small theater

Kevin Cross

Great movie. Clean facilities

J.Starr Haguewood

The place is disgusting. I need a hazmat suit before I consider walking in the theater. The service is decent if you're lucky to be the only costumer there. The sound is either too loud or too soft. And, the screen is okay if they have someone who has an elementary understanding of how to work the projector otherwise, half of the screen is usually cut off. But beggars can't be choosers. They are the only cinema in Meridian. Someone have mercy on us and kick them out and bring in a good company that values costumers by producing actual service and practices cleanliness. Please! P.S. I am not going to lower my standards just because it's "Meridian". How about you raise your standards? If you made it to par then that would, at least, be an effort. It would certainly be higher than the status quo. #ShoNuff

Will Rigdon

Air conditioning doesn't work properly. Auditorium 1 is a Sauna during the summer.

Richard Green

Good & friendly staff, clean lobby & restrooms. Seats aren't very comfortable.

Carey Nelson

I’m only giving this one star because the popcorn has changed. I feel like y’all are ripping people off. The popcorn taste more like the microwaveable ones. Their not small and tender but more stale.

Addison Hughey

It’s nice but the prices for snacks are a little too expensive and there needs to be more kid movies.

Carmelia Durr

The movies are great but the snack foods' prices are high. I wished that they could come down the prices on snack foods. The sound of the movies are great. Also, I wished that they work on the air conditioning and the prices of the movies. The prices of the movies are very high.

David Naylor

Seats uncomfortable, sound is off. The concession are over priced especially since the theater rooms are not clean. No stadium seating, paying extra for 3-d is pointless. It looks bad. 30 minutes of commercials before movie starts. The entire theater needs upgrading. Would recommend going to Pearl or Hattiesburg

Jennifer Stanley

Clean but overpriced and outdated theaters

Charles Kimbrough

Seats are sticky. Pop corn is too exspensive. Other then that its like every other theater built in the 80's. Even though it was built much later then that.

Jennifer Haguewood

There is always a wait at the concession stand and the theater is to hot.

Marcus Johnson

Great shopping environment!

Irvin Chamberlain

Hard seats and it took an extended time for the movie to start.

Stacey Davis

When I am in town visiting family and they suggest going to see a movie, I cringe. Even the adult only discount for a matinee is a joke. Regular (non-3D) adult matinee tickets are $8.44 and children are $8.23, and after 6pm adult tickets are $10.26 each. There are no movies that begin before 12pm - even on weekends or school breaks. A family of five going to a 12pm show will spend $41 and some change on just the tickets, let alone the over priced food/drinks. If the same family goes to the movie after 5pm, the movie tickets will cost closer to $50. For a great movie experience, I would rather drive to Pearl or Hattiesburg. More comfortable seating, cleaner facilities, nicer staff, and better quality sound/screen.

Fantasia Thomas

I've never had a bad experience at this theatre. All movie theaters have expensive candy/food so I don't know why it's such a shock that this one does too. I'm not from meridian but when I do go to the movie theatre I have no problems.

DaVon Hicks

Movie was good, prices were okay. Will stop by again

Michael Jackson

First visit was not impressive. Stale popcorn, bad smells leading into and in theater. Recommendations for remodeling and concession management.


Its better than nothing. Its time meridian got a better movie theatre.

Jamie Humphrey

Need more concession workers on a Friday night. 1 register open and 10 to 12 people in line.

Kiwi Cookie

Super uncomfortable, never clean, the chairs arent sloped hardly any so you look up the whole time and it hurts your neck. I go out of town for movies now and almost never go unless I have to. Not to mention the mall isnt safe at night anymore. So theres always that.

Veda Sparrow

I went to the movie and there was no waiting in line and on problem parking.

Ashton Pace

After have my purse checked by the ticket stub guy. I walked to a small dirty theater with the most uncomfortable chairs. Only the have a 13 yr old girl that worked there AKA chair notzie. Tell me to get my feet off the chair in front of me and wave here red flashlight at me. Twice. As a 6 ft tall person I say screw u. Will never go back

Lauren Mckechnie

Nice people

Davide Miniscalco

The ticket is very high for what you get. Honestly if I brought my chair from home it would have been better. Also no military discount available

mike Rev

One of the worst movie theater I've been to, at the price of a premium one. Don't expect anything else than the opportunity to watch a movie on a large screen, with a somewhat adequate sound and poor image quality. Touching on that, how is it possible to always screw up either sound mixing (voices being super low and music extremely high in doom rooms) or image quality (in the rooms that use 3D, you can see two blurry images when watching a movie in 2D) ? Providing a good viewing experience is the only reason you guys exist. You need to do better. The seats are awefull, with a very limited amount of kneeroom, which could be vastly improved with some upgraded seats. It's not like any of the screening rooms get full at any point anyway. I could forgive most of the shortcomings if sound and image quality were actually up to par with an average movie theater, but that's not even the case.

Randall Krout

Nice theatre seats uncomfortable but ok

William M Tucker

No wait, granted it was a 10pm showing. Prices still insanely high for concessions.

Mike Anders

Great theatre

Stephen Boyd

I have seen better mall theaters. I am disappointed that there isn't a premier screen that is bigger and better than the rest. Other than size difference all of them are the same. Need to update seats to either tall back or softer cushions. Wish they could be stadium seating but that would be too big of a project. Another wish would be an XD screen/sound!! Only theater in the area though.

Angela Estep

Nice I cant wait for Aladdin !

Haibo Ma

is alright just bit out of day

Jamia Bryant

The staff seemed so cold and distant

Tori Moore

Theater hasn't been updated in 20 years....but yet we still had to pay 20 dollars in tickets. Poor sound quality, seats were very uncomfortable, and the house lights kept flickering. I don't understand why we can't put some money into our only theater in town. They have no problem rising the ticket prices with the times, but wont spend the money to update the theater. I want to support our local theater but I think I will just drive to Jackson or Hattiesburg until they update the theater.

James Hurt

Theater is ok. Seating needs replaced badly, very uncomfortable. Picture is great.

Joshua Bright

Dated theater, does the job though. Would be nice to upgrade.

Joyce Richardson

Awesome movie lion King

Kenya Datcher

Clean and safe atmosphere

Trudy Gage

Seats too small..

Ali Gator

Gud movie,gud but wayyyy 2 xpensive food.Gud customer service at ticket desk n at the food desk, noticed tat tsxes is not already included anymore onfood items but is seperated

James Smith

Not bad, but they barely clean the auditoriums

Jamie Xander

I enjoyed the movie but the cost of a drink was just as much as the movie ticket

Wallace lucky

Decent but could use some work and maybe a few upgrades

Ryan Murphy

It's ok, the seats are old and semi comfy, it's over 20 yrs old, it needs to be renovated

Crystal Davison

I had to leave a review, just because the reviews are absolutely ridiculous! I go to the movie theatre a lot. I've been to the movie theatre in Tuscaloosa, AL as well as having gone to the movies in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios and also Kissimmee, FL at Downtown Disney. I have no problems whatsoever with this theatre. Some reviewers stated that there is no stadium seating. Yeah. So what! You also don't have a lot of people going to the movie theatre in Meridian, MS. We don't have the crowds. Therefore, we don't really need stadium seating! That would just be a waste of money! Someone suggested you drive an hour and a half to Tuscaloosa, AL or Jackson, MS to the movie theatre there! I would really like to know what idiot suggested that. The movie theatre at Bonita Lakes Mall is always clean and I don't really think stadium seating adds to the experience. That's just extra seating for a theatre that gets more traffic. They used to offer a free small popcorn on Tuesday's for customers with the Regal Card at this theatre. They have since done away with that, but you can't tell me that wasn't excellent customer service. It infuriates me that people are so negative. I'll tell you what! Some of the nicest theaters I've been to I had to spend an extra thirty minutes of stress to get there. It took an extra 30 minutes in stressful traffic to get to Downtown Disney in Kissimmee, FL. When I went to the theatre at Universal Studios... You have to walk 30 minutes after you park to get to the theatre. I think people should be more appreciative and thankful for what they have. Meridian doesn't have a lot of traffic. There's less stress here. If you want to spend the extra gas money to drive an hour and a half to Tuscaloosa, AL or Jackson, MS that's your business. That's 3 hours of extra driving time. I've never had any problems with the theatre in Meridian. There's usually never a line unless you go on the weekends. Cleanliness has never been a problem for me. I have never seen any problems. I just think some people are just unhappy and find something to complain about because they think the grass is greener on the other side. Well, it's not. Once you get to the other side, you will find more problems with that & find that you were actually more satisfied with what you had before, if you could only be happy with that.

Dorothy Lake

Great and peaceful I'm an early goer

Sherry Culpepper

SUCKS! Its 2018, when are you going to catch up with this century? People are driving to Tinsletown, just to get Room for their knees and Comfortable seating...aka Recliners! I don't mind paying more for the creature comforts.

Marques Phillips

I had to wait 30 minutes to enter the theatre while other people went in. I was told my ticket was for a 3D movie, which it wasn’t because MS doesn’t have a decent 3D theatre and I saw a blurry movie. Horrible management I will NEVER EVER go to this theatre again even if it’s free and they have free food and soda NEVER AGAIN!!!

Brittany J.

I am a Meridian Native. I love this movie theater. It is the only decent theater we have in Meridian. The only cinema theater we have, period. I have no complaints about it because I am used to it. If you don't like it, sorry. Spend a whole a lot of money and travel somewhere else to a better theater where they charge you $11-$12 just to see a movie. At least it would be better for you. If you are not from, you have other choices. If everyone knows Meridian, they should know we don't have much to offer in the city. They should know that there isn't much to do anymore. You do have a choice to come here or not. If you don't like it, don't go. Wait for the movie to come out on DVD. I have always had the best service here at the theater. When I went into a theater, it was clean, but you can't blame the staff for it dirtiness. Blame yourself for being messy. True enough it's their job to clean up AFTER you, but you are the one creating the mess, not the staff. The staff is awesome. They try hard. They work hard. I would know. I will always love this theater. It's awesome.

Leon Clark

It's the only place in town, yet it's worth it!


Needs more space and seating is comfy, but could be improved. Other than that not a bad experience.

Brenda Wright

Cool place

Jonathan Greer

This theater is always dirty. The service is horrible. The screens and equipment are not maintained well so picture quality isn't great. It's worth the drive out of town to be able to enjoy a new movie.

Shad Riley

Apparently armed police officers are used to regularly patrol the theater during the movie. They walk in between people to tell them to get off phones or be quiet. Absolutely ridiculous.

jonathan dickerson

It's long overdue for renovation. The staff is friendly and they do a good job of keeping it clean but it still has the old, rigid, non-reclining seats. I do wish they'd reevaluate their concession area to come up with a more efficient and speedy system for serving movie-goers. It is frustratingly slow. The workers behind the counter are always super nice and helpful. I've watched them while standing in line (which is always a long wait), and while they don't appear to be moving slow there's something about the steps they have to take for each sale that guarantees a lengthy transaction for even the simplest orders. Honestly, my family and I go to Bonita Lakes if we've the decision to take in a movie is a spontaneous one. If we're planning a day or two in advance to see a movie, we'll drive a little over an hour away to Tuscaloosa where the service is lightening quick, the seats are very comfortable, and the screens are massive.

Carl White

I have lived in Meridian for over 18 years and have enjoyed many movies every year at UA Bonita Lakes 9. I am reluctant to ever return to this theater. Tonight I took my wife, sister, and five grandchildren to see Wreck it Ralph Destroys the Internet. We spent over $140 on tickets and refreshments. The screen was black. We heard the song track of the preliminaries but had no images on the screen. Several people, including my wife, went out to inform them of the situation. Movie time was slated for 6 PM. At 6:08 an employee came and informed us they were having difficulty and were having to reboot the computer. It would take 25 minutes or longer. Since there were 25 minutes of previews, she promised to skip them and start with the movie so we would not be so late getting out. Nearly an hour later the movie finally started, but started with previews. After about 10 minutes someone made it skip to the start of the movie. About 10 minutes before the end of the movie the lights came on, the sound track was dropped, and elevator music came on. We missed the final dialogue of the film, which was an excellent movie to that point. Finally, after the credits were showing the sound was restored. My wife was told they had three managers, but no one cared enough or was smart enough to realize that the late start would cause us to miss the end of the movie when programing brought up the lights and killed the sound. The theater is dirty. The seats are old, worn out and uncomfortable, and compared to Pearl, the prices are too high. It is the only theater in the area. From now on I am inclined to drive to Pearl to see a film. After 18 years, I am done with UA Bonita Lakes 9 unless significant improvements are made.

Lida Havard

I still love a good movie , but the food is too pricey !! And so is the tickets my God ! I am happy to see that u are tougher on those hard headed kids sneaking into the movies . now if u could do something with them fighting outside !I think u could get a bigger crowd if u came down on price . but I do enjoy a good movie

Jessica Hopson

Don't know what employees they encountered but we attend often especially my mother. (She has moviepass). The staff is very kind if there is a problem they take care of it right away. They smile and do a great job. The bathroom is clean. We have never noticed any problem with the air conditioning unit. Yes some of the chairs are worn but we are a heavy nation (excessive weight) #TeamBonitaLakesCinema

Robert Corbie

Only game in town...pretty reasonable prices.

Chandler Johnson

*shrug* it's a movie theater... Terrible seating amenities. Uncomfortable. We shall see if they would ever think of investing in better accommodations for their customers.

Bryant Burns


sharon stephens


Regi Moore

The only movie theater in town... could use an upgrade.

Holly Boney

5 bucks for water?!?!?!

Kitty Hawkinz

It was freezing in there

Kenyatta Walker

Great place

Bailey Clay

Sitting in the theatre now and everyone is complaining about how hot it is. We are all sweating in here. It's miserable!

Cobb Family

Watched a great movie in a comfortable theater.

Gregory Thomas

Great movie tonight. Really enjoyed it ☺


Uncomfortable seats and everything is overpriced!

Amanda Coleman

The prices keep going up but not the quality. It's been open for 20 years and there has absolutely no changes or renovations. The seats are uncomfortable and the space is so small.

Ashley Clark

The snacks are high but they keep it pretty clean and always show new movies. The price for tickets is not bad and the staff are nice. I don't know why people give it a bad rating it's not like there is anywhere else to watch movies in meridian.

Renee Pickett

Pretty great experience some of the staff were a little rude at the snack bar but the rest were great! The food wasn't the best but the movies are always new and a great experience. We will definitely be back though!


Only theatre close to hotels. Small screen. $8.50 Matinee. A lil outdated but clean. Not as bad as all these other reviews are insinuating. If they want a premium theatre they should drive to one.

Kim Young

It's a clean theater and the staff is friendly. The sound system could definitely use an upgrade.

James Gordon

Good cinema

mertie little

It was fun. Very expensive I have the app it can be cheaper.

Establish Knowledge

This movie theater is extremely outdated. The food is higher then the movie ticket itself and the seats are uncomfortable. They just need a complete overhaul of an update

Kal-El Kent

I went to this theater the month it opened in the late 90s. The sound was incredible (custom design by Peavey if I'm not mistaken), and the screens were huge in comparison to the two theaters it phased out. It didn't have stadium seating, but that was just starting to catch on at the time. Fast forward almost 20 years, and nothing has changed. That's great if we're talking about a hairline, but for a supposedly state-of-the-art theater? Nope. It's way overdue for renovation. They added some 3D screens shortly after Avatar changed the game, which surprised me. With the price of tickets now, however that's not enough. I know that converting to stadium seating is a massive undertaking, but I fear that if they don't do that soon the theater just won't last. My family and several others already drive to Tuscaloosa or Mobile for those big summer tent pole movies simply because all the CGI and 3D and explosions in the world are rendered moot if you have Lurch from The Addams Family sitting in front of you. Sometimes you can move. Quite often, though, especially with new films, the theater is packed. If you do manage to find another seat, you soon realize that the ghost of Wilt Chamberlain also decided to see the same film as the Lurch’s ghost, and he too is blocking out half the screen. The sound has seen (heard?) better days as well. The greatest speakers in the world can only withstand triple digit decibels for so long. While they’re at it, they need to throw in some Atmos capability. After all that, I still think this theater has the potential to be great again. Screening Room 1 has one of the biggest screens I’ve ever seen in a theater. Honestly, they went all out with the technology at hand when it was built. But technology—and customer expectations—have leapfrogged what Bonita Lakes 9 has to offer. Hopefully, they see this as well and will bring this theater back to its golden days.

David Dennis

Hasn't been updated in 23 years. Old seats. Overpriced food and drinks. Speakers cut out. You'd be disgusted to see the place with the lights on.

brenda harper

The only movie theater in Meridian Mississippi. There are 9 rooms to accommodate 9 movies. The movies are so expensive!! The owner is more interested in making a buck then to have the theater flourish. This town need another theater !

Real bitch Central

Snack prices are ridiculously high. Then they don't have any of the snacks u want when u ask them. The staff is not friendly. They ignore u and have an attitude when u ask for anything. Seats are dated auditorium are numbered but don't have movie titles on any of them therefore making it difficult to find tickets have different numbers than auditorium numbered seriously with excessive prices one would expect what was paid for ijs

John Chandler

I had a great time.

Richard Chase

Need to enforce the "no phone rules" Hard to watch a good movie with a bright phone shinning. People also talking on their phones during the movie. Will rent the movie at home so I can enjoy it.

Ari Ramos

Nice theater inside of the mall. Theater is small, but so is the mall; not all that surprising. Employees can be nice, but they can also really look like they don't want to be there and you're just a bother. I guess it depends on the day and who is working at the time. The theaters seem to be well kept and relatively clean. Generally a good experience over all (usually).

Robert Kermit Cole

Tried to overcharge me twice for tickets and then for refreshments. Very dirty theater and they will not tell others to be quiet while watching the movie. Had an issue with some people being very loud in the movie and staff refused to tell them to keep it down. I asked for a refund was refused. I will not recommend this theater to anyone other than to tell them to go somewhere else. It looks like the ghetto!!!!!

Scott White

Needs updates!

Jeffrey Calhoun

My granddaughters enjoy the movies that we watched here. I like the variety of the theaters of the multiplex.

Mike P

Getting a little worn. Showing its age. Particularly compared to more modern facilities in Hattiesburg.

Michael Whittinghill

It was great

Cassy Klutz

Not the best but not the worst

Ms 6pac

I will agree with my husband 100% on his review. This place would be a $1 theater in Las Vegas. Some of the worst seats ever . Floor sticky dirty . People on cell phones talking !! Movie didnt start as stated I went in 10 minutes before listed Start time movie already going .. The concession stand was ok but the prices where ridiculous for such a bottom end theater. In some cases as much as 25% higher than Las Vegas!! My husband and I live in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. As my husband stated probably not fare comparison to rate this mall theater to Regal theaters in Las Vegas.. But he is exactly right on saying this place would be a $1 theater in Vegas. 1 maybe 2 star theater if lucky with 5 star prices.. unbelievable!!!

Enrique Gomez

Needs to get a full upgrade of the whole theater, the seats, the sound system and the image system

Willie Wise

The movie was great. First time here and I will be back.

Tammi Wallace

The best place to be!!

Harold Lyles

not much of anything they dont have a big selection and the management should be replaced. i went to see 3 movies one time here in one day and found myself locked in the mall. i was not told i had to use a certain exit and found myself scaring a security guard half to death asking how to get out. it is the only movie theatre in meridian, i wish there were more choices.

Josh Waters

Uncomfortable, dirty, terrible service, awful film selection, dated, bad picture and sound Cant really come up with a positive. I usually leave town to go to the movies

Honestly Nate

Its ok. The mall is dying and you can tell. The theater is nice but outdated and a little to loud. Ill be back as long as they are ipen

J Jones

Infinity Endgame

J. Rhashon Horne

The tickets are high when compared to the price in Peal. The seats had trash and gum in them. I'm positive that they have either bed bugs or fleas or ants that bit the hell out of me. They lie about the showing not being crowded just to get you in there. Not a very good experience at all.

jason soules

The movie theater was awesome and the kids had a blast!

Mamie Gordon

Great place to eat

Michelle Talbert

The seating far as being comfortable... is awful. They need new seating. The tickets are ridiculously priced. It's hot in the theatre. And the food prices are beyond ridiculous. Two times worse than the movie tickets.

Destiny Murphree

The regal 9 cinema in meridian MS. Would have been a good experience and a 5 Star if it wasn’t for the AWFUL customer service at the concession stand. The lady was extremely and I mean EXTREMELY RUDE to us. For no reason might I add! She acted like she was entitled and like we were trash. Don’t appreciate her attitude at all. She ruined it for us. And they were out of pretty much everything as far as food and drinks. Get better customer service and you would get a 5 star rating.

Becky Jordan

Hot(must turn on air very late), stale popcorn and Seating is very outdated. Just hate driving to Philadelphia to see a movie.

no name

Not much Variety. Simple food court could use some new places. Only mall within 1.5 hours so they should offer more. With 81,000 people within 45 minutes drive they could get a lot more business.

Patricia Harris

It smells and the theater needs to be up graded its very outdated I usually drive to pearl but since we were pressed for time we went here & hated it.

Aysia Houston

Clean theaters but ridiculously high prices

candace frazier

Dirty, too many commercials and the sound is always so loud that it approaches painful. That said, it's the only movie theatre in town so we're stuck with it. Unless you want to drive to the impressive theater in Brandon!

Yolanda Scott

I truly apologize for the previous rating. I don't even recall rating the movie theater let alone a one star. That was an accident. I had an amazing time this past Saturday watching the film "What men want". The staff was so friendly and the facility was clean. They were so patient with me. I showed up late for my movie and they game me the opportunity to catch the movie at a later time. I truly enjoyed my birthday outing with my friends.

Windy Bowden

Saw Aquaman. Was an awesome movie

Kathy Jones

Very nice

Amanda Wallace

Husand and I came to see five feet apart and they played the wrong movie so they put us in another spot and restarted the movie half way threw the movie they turn it off

Jonathan Johnston

Nice place. Prices need work

Devon Lehto

Meridians ONLY movie theater. Literally.

Jimmy P

Nice little theater. Food prices are of course ridiculous.

Gypsy Mike

A week ago I live in Las Vegas . Now I know it's not a fare comparison to judge this theater to the ones in Vegas . Anyway this place resembles the discount $2 theaters in Vegas. I was absolutely shocked at the prices charged for this run down poor quality sound absolutely the worst seats ever.. Concession stand prices were actually higher in most cases than Las Vegas!!!! Oh and southern hospitality is definitely not found here.. Thanks

cara divelbiss

Its always so darn hot in the summer here. Old theater wish Meridian would move up to date on theater expierences. Than wouldnt have to drive to Jackson or Tuscaloosa for it and we pay near the same price they charge here.

Hazel Turner

good movie theater

Brian Caples

Terrible theater. Smells musty, most the seats are broken or breaking, screen looks awful in most of the theaters, sound is sometimes messed up, terrible service, AC is sometimes not turned on in the summer, and it is more expensive than some theaters I went to when I lived in Charlotte, NC, which were MUCH nicer. If you are in Meridian passing through, spend your time at the nearby park or going to eat downtown. Don't see a movie here.

James Barnhardt

Great quality movies. Kind of expensive

Kristi Johnson

Ticket prices are not bad. Snacks and beverages are overpriced. Seating is basic and uncomfortable. The entire theater has a smell and doesn’t appear to have been cleaned since it was built over a decade ago. Also, the location has become very unsafe with multiple shooting incidents in the mall and food court area just outside the main theater entrance. I would never take my children here.

Roben Carter

Cant believe it cost $10 per person to see a movie now. Food and tickets have skyrocketed since I came a few years ago. But literally everything about the theater is the SAME. Our theater had a weird smell to it and a small portion of the screen did not work the entire movie. Pretty sure I wont see another movie there any time soon

Argenys Rosario

Not a lot of stores but not that bad. There's still some good stores

Daniel Ray

Uncomfortable seating, little to no leg room. Overpriced tickets, extremely overpriced concession stand compared to other theaters. The quality just isn't there from beginning to end. If you go during spike times be prepared to have people talking while the movie is playing. I live in Meridian and work out of town, I'll normally wait until I work on the coast or in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, or Jackson to see a movie unless going with friends.

Marty Street

Theater lighting could be better?

Sharon Burt

Food is too expensive!!!! Uncomfortable chairs.

Jason Southwell

Unfriendly staff, old and poorly maintained theater, terrible popcorn.

Starr King

Seats uncomfortable, and somebody had a cold and honking on their nose... It was hard to enjoy the movie... I almost wanted me leave... I paid a fortune for my drink and popcorn for some sick person to in there

Rhonda Pollock

It has improved since last time my family attended. I am pleased that more people were at the concession stand. One thing that could enhance the experience would be at least by 33 percent off the food on certain days.

Denise Able

Nice multiple theatres. Friendly staff

Steven Vinet

I had an awesome time great popcorn awesome movie

Christopher Guess

Old school theater... Haven't been to one like this in a while.


First time I came to this theater they kicked us out of our movie saying "We're not playing the movie at this time". There goes eight bucks.

Tommy Ward,Jr

Very cozy theater,nice staff,good food,great time with the fam!!!!!

Cindy Smith

We went to the movie theater to see a movie. The staff needs lessons on customer service though. The staff we encountered were rude and unfriendly. Prices are high for popcorn and drinks. But my grand daughter and I enjoyed the show together and that was the main thing. If it wasn't the only one close I would go elsewhere.

Johnny Warren


April Kelly

Theater needs some renovations especially for the prizes they charge for admissions and concessions. Chairs are outdated and not really as comfortable as a lot of other theater seating like down around the gulf coast, in Jackson/Flowood area & also Birmingham/Tuscaloosa.

Vang W

Ok. Just like any other theatre out there. Nothing special about this place. Maybe that it is in a mall.

Shanna Culpepper

The worst! I don't even know where to start. The seating is awful if you don't have a bad back before you go in you surely will when you get out. The owner must be a chiropractor on the sly and is making all his money from movie patrons....

mark richardson

Great movies and great prices

Hal Totten

Movie was great quality, food prices outrageous, seating very uncomfortable, $43.00 for 4 tickets. Horrible experience. Will not return.

im just a Ridolfi

I was concerned after reading the reviews, but I must say that it wasn't as dirty as people made it out to be, it is a little dated but it was clean, the floors were not sticky and the employees were nice. I saw many one stars, but I think they must really have started stepping up their game there. I'll be going back. The popcorn was good too.

Uncle Doc

Uncomfortably hot. I don't expect a lot from a theater but it has to be cool in the summer. The theater was clean and the staff was nice enough but my showing was pretty full and the temp never got close to cool.

Dwayne Watts

Auditorium #2 is like a sauna. It's ridiculous that I paid to see a movie and was miserable the whole time. Told two different staff people about it but they obviously did nothing or there was nothing they could do because it was still as hot at the end of the movie. The ownership needs to do something to remedy this problem. I saw a post on here from two months ago complaining of the same thing. From now on I'll just wait for the movie to come out on video and sit in the comfort of my home.


The prices are extremely unreasonable! The cost of a matinee was not even close to the last time we went to a matinee. The concessions was extremely costly as well, which you kind of expect. Maybe we could have forgiven the cost if the seats had been comfortble. The seats are the most uncomfortable seats, and it was torture to sit in them for 2 hours. In all likelihood we will never step in the Meridian Bonita Lakes theater ever again.

Alvaro Alvarez

Honestly we can do better. The only thing going up is the price every year, meanwhile the place still look inappropriate for a place like Meridian. Sometimes I rather drive 2 hours to Jackson or Hattiesburg to watch a two hours movie. The seats are old and not comfortable at all. I wish they would care just a little bit and fix that place. And please don't even order nachos, is just cheap bag of chips and cheese to the side and is extremely expensive

Jason Vincent

Movie was great but the seats where old and to small and the popcorn did not taste good and was over priced as where the drinks

James Thomas


Larry Reed Jr.

Okay theater. Could use a makeover with seating and sound quality. Food is very expensive it is advised to eat before or after movie instead of during

Romande Walker

Great time

Patricia Flowers

Staff us great concession prices are outrageous.

Antonio Hutchins

Has great choices for movies!

Charles Sims

By far the worst movie theater I’ve ever attended. Not only were the tickets overpriced, but the seat were set at ZERO incline, so all I saw was the back of people’s heads. Would not recommend.

Bill Weis

Movie was good. Snacks as always were way over priced. It's just popcorn not cavier .

Kathy Sims

Great place to watch movies

Just jazzy

It's a good place to go for a movie. But wish they come down on the snack prices for people with tight budgets. We would like to enjoy them snacks too! And the sound , they got it way too loud .


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