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5117 Old Summer Rd, Memphis, TN 38122, United States Located in: Cloverleaf Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Palace Cinema Movie Theater IN Mississippi


Nice and quiet

TaylorFab FashionDiva

Favorite movie place

Decon Sharpe

Homie cheap movie theater nothing too special but gets the job done

MZachary MNicholas

5 stars because they were the only theater in Memphis playing movies after 1900.

Keona Curtis

Great place for a family at a low cost

Thomas Shepard

I'm a single dad, who loves this place. It's not near as expensive as the Malco in Cordova where I live. My daughter always enjoys her movie, and it's always clean. Just like the bigger places watch movies here, only smaller and cheaper. Always a good time

Charlie Folsom

U get what you pay for! Old school theater, but very clean and good customer service. The best thing is that they pop their own popcorn!

Milan Rouse

Good prices. Ok seating. Older theater. Service is good. Their specials are the best. One improvement would be increased security during busy times. Our truck was broken in to during the daylight. In fact two trucks were broken in to that same day. No security outside surveying the parking lot. Police report filed, but no followup from the management.

Antonio Smith

Definitely went to see Incredibles 2. I missed the place twice it's so not able to be pointed out from traffic, even in the best condition. "In the cut" as the kids say. Without glasses the ape figure holding the name plate appears to be a stoic security guard

Cynthia Green

It was clean and the price is always right.

Troy Gottier

It's old and run down. But its cheap. Never been here when the staff doesn't smell like they stepped out of a cheech and Chong movie.

Tammarra's Legacy

The food area looks so ancient as do some of the seating area to watch the movie.

Adrienne M

Nice andclean

Tonya Clark

Good place to bring the kids and you will not be out of a lot money. At 5:00p.m. all of their movies are $5.00 for first run movies and half price on some of their food. My kids really enjoy it.

Timothy Bogans

We love coming here, not overcrowded come between 4pm and 5pm take advantage of the lower ticket prices.

Ernest Beasley

Love the price of the tickets

Luqueen Victoria Johnson

Toy story was great

Adam Davis

Cheap and really good

McKenzie brittingham

I love it because the people are nice but there is no air so it’s hot inside the Theater

InASense Fallen

Smaller older theater but good deals for later afternoon Econo hours.

Jessica Patterson

Today was my first time going to this particular theater. I caught the 5pm showing of Widows. When I pulled up to the place I noticed the lil monkey out front holding the entrance sign, thats cute LOL. Overall it was a pretty good movie experience. There were no crowds so it was peaceful and quiet just the way I like it. They could upgrade a little tho by adding a little flair to that boring looking lobby and getting more comfortable seats with more leg room.

Nita Shipp

I enjoy taking my children don't have to worry about too many people.

Nene Taylormade

Has the new movies but doesn't b crowded and it's not as expensive

Jasmine Meemusor

The price is really good but the cinema could use some refurbishing

Tenica Williams

Love going here. Not overly crowded and quick lines for food.

Jean Joiner

Love the decorations they have

Edwina Wiley

Certain refreshments were sold to certain customers

Tara D

Older establishment but it was clean and well maintained. Staff was friendly.

Pastor Natalie Franklin

1st time there with family enjoy everything from food to movie

sparkle Boyd

Its cool

Teresa Campbell

Cheap movies theater and have specials from 5 to 6..5$ tickets and 2$ small popcorn and drink..

g johnson

A little dirty but not as bad as I thought. The guy at the ticket window is very professional

Camille Jones

Loved this place!!!

Pernell Fitts

The intimate seating area could be a lil spacious

L. Neal

Cozy, personal place with reasonable prices....Professional, pleasant young man at concession stand...clean theater seating with cool place to place snacks...look forward to going again

Veronica Mason

came here tonight to see hobbs & shaw at 10pm along with others and was turned around because they knew nothing of the showing at 10pm but on their website they had one for 10pm! i really wanted to see it but unfortunately we were turned around! it was extremely unprofessional! we weren’t offered any other alternative to our movie after driving 25 minutes to see it!

classic crawfords

It was fun but there weren't enough employees on the job

Frances Stone

Not crowded

Desheena Mitchell

Nice, clean facility, the staff is young but very mannerable. Has economic hour between 5pm-6pm where tickets & concessions are discounted. I love to take my family here.


I Love this place

Amireka Ingram


Famous McKinney

You have to see for yourself to understand no-one can tell you exactly what you are missing.

Mariah Gonzales


Derique Cannon

Great deal on new movies and get a popcorn and drink for 2 dollars!!! Awesomeness!!!

LAking to fresh

Avengers end game is a very good movie. It is also a very long movie

Dave Castling

Nothing fancy at all. Probably cheapest if that is all you care about.

Derricka Reed

Best walk in prices in my book

Chalanda Miller

Clean restrooms and great matinee prices! Great hidden gem in the city.

Theodis Cunningham

Watch your favorite movie

Derrick Finnie

Love it but need more leg room n bigger seats will be nice

Elzee Dewayne Martin

It's an old school theater thats still great to visit

Henry Shockness

Affordable for the entire family good value entertainment.

Marilyn Turpin

Inexpensive prices so I can afford to take the grandchildren really like the 5:00 econo hour $5 admission and $2 deal of popcorn and small drink !


Always a good place to go and visit

Lena Mac

good theatre.. not too busy.. in a nice locale..

Takeshia Davis

Nice neighborhood spot

Dextiny Smith

One of the best movie theaters I’ve been to. I’m not exaggerating.

Everett Jackson

Movie lover , good movie , okay environment

Stephanie A

Very friendly staff! This is a very inexpensive movie experience. We went to view Disney's Coco, and the sound and picture quality was excellent! Ladies restroom was clean, and looks like it just had some upgrades recently done. The rows are very close together so do not expect to get in and out with ease. It has the vibe of a vintage movie theater, and snack are dirt cheap compared to other theaters in town. I absolutely loved this hidden gem! To all of you introverted movie lovers, this is your ideal location!


Always good service there and have reasonable prices.

Renee Johnson

Went this afternoon took my son niece and nephew too watch Toy Story the Staff was awesome and the Concession Stand guy was nice and handsome

Trey Bizzle

Always a good time.The movie was

Juan Tellez

Great family place

Q Shelby

Great place for a little movie

Cora Todman

My family and I have been going here for years. I love the price, no long lines, good quality with viewing and sounds and most of all no disturbances with good friendly service. Can’t beat that.


Always out of hot dogs never get fresh popcorn

Proverbs 31

Had a Nice time . Great Theatre

Ronda Jenkins

Great seating, great prices, great atmosphere.

Karamel Ru

Their hospitality was good, the movie was great and snack stand service was good

Alex Jose

I don't liket O so scard don't watch scary stories to tell in the dark please this this ur last chance

Ian Molyneaux

Pleasant ticketing staff but this place needs to be updated big time. Seats are old and uncomfortable and it smells funny. Unfortunately, I won't be going back.

Latonya Kuykendall

We enjoy each time

Curtis Woods sr

Very nice theatre for the price. It could use a minor facelift but very much worth the price. The place is dated but clean and no loitering allowed which is good.

Kerri Evans

Cheap affordable and friendly service from workers. Enjoyed it very much

Mika Savage

I love this theatre & it's locale! The Grilled Chicken Salad was not only delicious but almost too much for the plate! Great ambience! Malco Powerhouse Theatre Downtown Memphis

Jewel Fleming

Staff very professional, theatre very clean, movies show clear pictures, and the price is reasonable.

Lawrence Young

A great place to watch a good movie at

Earline Brown

I love this theatre! Long before I officially relocated to Memphis me & my children would come to this theatre to enjoy New released movies. They are family friendly, clean, and extremely affordable! I have 4 young boys and this is hands down the only place in the city where we can enjoy a Newly released movie have popcorn & a drink and not bust the budget. There should be more theatres like this secret gem!

Duncan Forskin

All the times I've been there it's never been too busy

ThatPup IsCool

Had a great time

Mia Price

Just don't use there restroom and you'll be good

Demarras Crawford

No handicap accessibility in the movie that we paid to see.

jane galliher

The prices are the best in Memphis, especially during Econo hour times. The staff is nice. Sometimes I have had bad experiences with broken air, sound issues, and/or slight display problems. However, we’ve been going to the palace for years and the good far outweighs the bad. And when troubles arise the staff is always helpful.

Tiffno We

Friendly staff and comfortable seats

jasmine fields

Wonderful place watch Movie peacefully for date or family outing everything in order And it wroth u stop by

Kecia Williams

Love this movie theater

Camilla James

No heat. 30° outdoors and 35° inside this theater. Thumbs down.

queenipb Bruce

I really, really like this movie theater. Great prices, especially the "Econo Hour" where you can see any movie between 4p and 6p for only $5; get popcorn and drink for just $2 more! This is really helpful when you have a family of 6 like I do and don't want to break the bank to have a fun time with the family. Great for kids, too!

Dominique Williams

Small but very clean and decent. Tickets are cheaper than regular movie theater so that's definitely a plus. Need more security outside though. It's quite dark out there.

Gumdrop Davis

Love this place as a whole. Great prices, love the handy seating areas, and it's only 20 mins away. Can grab a bite before and still make it on time

Jamie Caldwell

Me n my 2 great grandchildren attended The. Palace Cinema to Aladdin. Everything was great Bathroom clean n shacks we're fresh n enjoyable

Madeleine Landrum-Noe

Nice cheap way to see a movie, but not at ALL super clean or super fancy.

pretty106 lady

We go here because the tickets are cheaper than any where else.its ok

Louvena Walker

Theater was ok...ticket price was great! Econo hour!

Warmsley Roderick

The Econo Hour is the best thing this theater has to offer. Staff is really nonchalant. They seem to be bothered if you want anything from concessions. I assume no one that works here owns an iron. Staff really do not care about appearance or your overall experience of the theater. However, I'm not really picky and it never too crowded here.


So nice inside. Snacks. Not super expensive. No bugs. Very clean. Very good service. Lots of movie choices. I love it so much

Tameka Winfield

Excellent customer service. Staff is friendly!

Elisha and Wynesha

The popcorn was cold

Victor Chambers

Had an awesome time enjoyed myself

Shelby chiffon

I rated it 3 stars because of the outdated theater rooms, but this this my first choice to see a movie their.. kids love the monkey as u enter the place..Goodvibes

LaCedric Woodall

Great and easy low prices

Jam Wil

Just love it

Arcenial Rainer

I love the palace great place too go with the kids!!

Carla Taylor

Not that clean in the food area, but the seating was pretty good

shiloh reynolds

Enjoyed the theatre very much. The parking lot was clean and plenty of space to park. The ticket staff seemed tired but helpful. The concession staff were on top of things and the popcorn was pretty good. The actual screen and seating was superb which is always my main concern. Ushers seemed to actually patrol a little and kept the noise down. I’ll visit again.

David L. Fizer Sr.

Nice place great prices....just needs to be cleaner. Very friendly knowledgeable staff

Andrea Tate

It's a good theater but people tend to show up late and walk in front of the screen with a million people. Then they all try to sit together after showing up late. I'm not moving!

Lul_Babe 20

They didn't have a lot of food, the theater was filthy from previous visitors and the workers follow you around when you leave out a theater room to go get condiments or use the restroom and you have to keep up with your ticket or you want be able to get back in

sandra carter

Always have a great time and enjoyed the movie and the people that go with.

Ahiyah Israel

Very nice theater, the family enjoyed it

Shantae Bosslady Stone

Cool place to take the children... Very affordable...

Lisa Loh

A budget movie cinema off Summer, the Incredibles 2 for a $5.00 ticket. Good sound system n a small popcorn n drink for only $2.00.

Samantha Mcclenton

Can't wait to go back

Chris Jackson

Inexpensive first-run movies but you get what you pay for. Most uncomfortable theater I've ever watched a movie in. For some reason they have small wooden walls between each row of seats. So at 6'4" I could not stretch out and get comfortable for the movie. Kind of like sitting in coach on an airplane.

Jeremiah Sanders

Kind of old but nice still needs updating tho

Brett Logan

I don't think this place will be around much longer.

Dezzy Hangar

Great place to watch movies.. I just wish the theater smelled better..


Horrible, hot and rundown. Sticky counter and horrible food.

Javier Guzman

Only downfall is the seating. Endgame was a nightmare in those chairs. Everything else is fine though.

MsWEb cam

Great location for saving a buck. Concession aren't the best but they have video games and most of the new movies at discounted rates. Never been crowded when I have gone. Get yourself some Pancho's and make it a date

Jaquita Buchanan

I love going here

Antonio Buford

Affordable n comfortable setting! Good movies too! Good popcorn!

sabrina mayfield

I actually have worked here before, and I will say that this is the only theater we go to! Everyone is so professional and kind! The movies show great and not to mention that the Econo Hour is a plus! This is our favorite spot during the summer especially when it rains! LOVE IT

Tamara Smith

Movie date with my bae

anthony holmes

Always have a great time when I go here. It's nice.

Chuck C

A rare find. We have been going there for years. Old movie charm with digital projectors and sound.

Princess Key

Good customer service.

guia para basics

It's quiet place . Nice to have a peaceful evening.

Jonathan Goliday

Ruh love coming here it's cheap and nothing crazy happens here

Lester Platt

Really nice, clean, nice surround sound, just weird location, is like a hidden spot.

Hannah Jeffers

great place to see a movie when you have a group of kids.

Thomas Hughes

I loved it me and my friends went it is a very good quality place

Lamardrick Williams

Great experience. The theater like other reviews said is not a megaplex but you get the same movie at half the price. 5 to 6 you can beat that deal especially if you have a big family. Love it and will be returning soon.

Anita Clark

Prices were great, older theater but still great. Loved that they had the shelf in front of the seats for the popcorn and drinks. That worked well for the small children I had with me.

Keisha Monroe

Very quiet secluded area to enjoy your all time Favorite movies !

Brenda Greer

Best service, best prices, and best selection of of movies

kamika blanton

Old but staff was kind

Michelle Keller

I like coming here to see the latest movie at an affordable price.

Lloyd Foster


Angela Schaeffer

The ladies room was filthy but thats my only complaint. The cashier was friendly and the theater was nice. Everytime I come here the only thing wrong is the ladies room

ophelia wilson

Its a great affordable place, but it could be a little cleaner at times

Samuel F. Campbell

Great movie price, although they wanted $4.50 for a soda. Good move, saw The 8:00 Sat Show; The Avengers End Game. $6.80 plus tax $.64

Tiffany H.

Nice place to take the kids.

Jessica Yarbrough

It's an old theater, but the prices are good I do not recommend the food.

Vonda Saulsberry

Nice and cozy movie theater Mid day matinee is really great popcorn and drink for $2 you can't beat that

KLac Quack

Enjoyed my movie there

Shajuana McDuffy

Clean facility including bathrooms. Almost had a theater to myself. No interruptions. Loved it!

Alexus Parkey

I would not attend this movie theater what so ever ! It’s very junky !! The lady at the front was very rude wouldn’t let me see a movie ( A PG13 movie) I had my ID and everything and she wants too say you can’t see anymore past 6 because your not 18 so then I said well it’s not a Rater R movie so why can’t I when there’s no sign saying if it’s PG 13 you had too be a certain age !!!! She was very rude she says she’s the manager but my mom is a manger and never does she talk too customers the way that lady did !!! She says her name was yasmine something but come too find out we asked if she could give us the number of someone who owns the place and she did but IT WASNT A WORKING NUNBER !!!!! I honestly would not waste your money going here !!!

Dan Converse

Old theater, but seats were good. Could be cleaner.

chaly cobaine

Cool lil booth

jeff s

Not quite as comfortable as Malco, but much quieter.

Shelia Jefferson

My grandchildren loved it

Demarcus Tapplin

$5.00 tickets between 5-6 pm

dikato Miller

Great movie theater

Irven Wright

me and my family enjoy the movie


I took my Granddaughter to see how the Grinch stole Christmas in 3 D. It captivated her attention. We had fun. The staff was friendly, we had no wait. We arrived in time for the matinee. For it to be a Movie theater the snack specials were very reasonable. We shall go again.


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