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We've got the reviews of real people like you who have information of the services and products of Malco Tupelo Commons Cinema Grill (Movie Theater) in the state of Mississippi.

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Where is Malco Tupelo Commons Cinema Grill?

REVIEWS OF Malco Tupelo Commons Cinema Grill IN Mississippi

Eric Valladares

Very nice, very clean. I love the new seats and accessories. Employees are welcoming and helpful

Justin Medley

What a pleasant surprise. Absolutely love the reserved seating. Loved the fully reclining seats. The atmosphere was excellent. If local or out of state like us make this a priority to catch a flix. You won't be disappointed.

Artasiya Lowe

Kind of dirty , but overall nice

Marie Lane

This was an excellent experience and I WILL BE COMING BACK!!! Such a nice and comfortable place to watch a good movie!!! ❤

annanicole nunya

I'll start with the good. The lunch buffet is great. Good food for a great Price. And the staff is extremely friendly. Now the bad. I ordered takeout. It was an entree that was $18.00. No bread, no side salad, nothing. And it was a very small portion for the price. I would recommend dining in vs carry out.

Roberta Howell

I took myself and my 3 children and it cost 30 dollars for tickets. Then I bought 1 -ONE- large soda because they give free refills on those and a candy and it cost 10 dollars for that. The seats were comfy I'll give them that. They had the new loungers. But prices are ridiculous. I guess if I were rich it wouldn't matter. But if you are on a budget, you won't escape the high prices.

Jb Bradley 82

Awesome place to watch a movie

Kathy Frayser

Like watching a movie at home seats recline very comfortable.

Kenneth Bates

Best place to see a movie ever

peyton clemmer

Some times the air doesn’t work and they don’t tell u that before u go into the theater and your sweating while watching the movie

Hannah Mattox

Never a bad review for Malco!

Harrell Phillips

Love this place! Great atmosphere

Vonda Keon

theater is fine. love the reclining seats. parking lot is too dark needs more lighting. felt very unsafe walking to car in the northerly lot

Michael Moomaw

Love the recliners

Kayla Harris

I spoke with two different managers while we were there (for questions about birthday parties) they were very helpful. The theater and concession area were clean.

S Jason Frost

Love going to movies here

Tonya D Moore

We love this theatre. The new seats are so comfortable and my favorite part is the wall that is behi d your seat...OMG...its the best. No one kicking your chair or standing up pitting their hand on the back of you seat and pulling your hair out!!!! It makes watching movies and comfortable enjoy a la experience. Of course the food and drinks are pricey but that all theatres. Love this place. We will go back.

Gabriel Wilson

Top of the line great pricing on movies

Aliska Monroe

Great experience. Love the recliners that are automatic. That’s a plus. Even for a plus size bottom. Also the fact that you can choose your seating when you purchase your tickets. Love it. The menu is truly luxury. Can’t wait until my next visit.

Summer Hickman

Absolutely terrible experience. Mice were all over the theater. The only enjoyable thing was the humorous chaos and the staffs lack of concern.

Lanesha Penrose

Saw It Chapter 2 n the movie was ok.... not a brag one, the movie was long, of course the Treats are expensive, the sound be up too loud, n its extremely cold in the theater.... so cold I was sneezing thru the film n felt so uncomfortable

Ineke Montgomery

It was so cold inside I should have brought a blanket. I wish it had heated seats. The new seats are nice though.

Linda House

Excellent & Comfortable Theater Seat with room to recline & enjoy the movies!!

Gail Lessard

Love the new seating. Employees are nice and helpful.

Edward Gersh

Great seats very comfortable nice theater

Tim Morris

great place for the movies

Nekole Goree

Great time Exhale Pul girls night

Kevin Taylor

Reckoning seats! So freaking comfortable!! Even have a restaurant inside and will deliver to your seat!! No kidding!! I was so impressed

Dan Whitlock

Literally the best movie theater I've ever been to. We have reclining seats in my town but the dividers between the rows make it feel like you are watching from your own living room. First rate.

mark scott

Great venue for a movie, seats are very comfortable. Prices for concessions are par with local theaters.

Allen Beck

Good place to see a movie. Excellent sound system

Gabriel Charles

Loved every minute of it

Eric Soderstrom

The staff was very nice

Latasha Moore

Love this theater...always clean and movies are always on time. The staff is super helpful and friendly even with all the complaining from patrons over concession cost... the concession workers are still graceful. That type of service is worth a lot.

I'm the Jumpmaster.

Other theaters have assigned seats and whatnot and that in itself is a reason why I prefer this theater.

Tactical Science

Best theatre around. Good condition and well maintained. Friendly staff. Good atmosphere to bring children to. Never had a problem here.

Tim Ford

Went to 1:00 meg... Floor needed swept. Popcorn all over floor on row B. First movie so it was left from night before. Other than that all was good.

randall Sharp

Comfy recliners. But a.c. was apparently not working. When I got up in the middle of Hobbs & Shaw and went to find an employee and address the heat inside , the young lady said they would look into it. I went back again looking because everyone was complaining it was hot that was sitting in our section. Also the sound was not quite matching up with the picture. Almost like an old Godzilla movie... terrible. Terrible. Very disappointed in you Malco. I spend great hard earned money to bring my family there and we couldn't enjoy a single bit of it. Well except the comfy chairs.

Bethany Pique

We all know the height in movie theatre luxury, right? I thought so until we walked into the Malco Tupelo Commons theater. It's exceptionally clean with pristine bathrooms and many stalls for that sprint to the ladies room after the movie. The popcorn was perfection. There were many choices for food and candy. We walked to our seats and sat down in the most comfortable leather recliners with large cup holders on each side. Throughout the entire movie, my back and legs never hurt. I am physically disabled and those chairs were heavenly!

Malinda King

I really enjoyed my movie watching experience here today. My family took me to lunch then here to see the movie as a present for my birthday today. (Even thou it is a few days early, my b-day is July 14)

Bud Andrews

Very comfortable seating, Lazy Boy chairs for all. Atmos sound system was incredible... we'll be back!

Must Be Heard Entertainment

Prices on concessions too high.

Matthew C

Enjoyed the movie that was playing. I'm glad that they redid the seats our my neck would have been hurting from sitting up close to the screen. The only thing I was not real happy with is that you have to select where your going to sit. So if you got a big group going you might not be able to sit together unless you get there early.

Logan Renfrow

Easily my favorite theater. Great seats that can recline, partitions between rows, everything's clean. Absolutely no complaints.

Gabriel Rodgers

I saw Alita here, and had an amazing experience. The whole theater is soft leather recliners, the sound was great and the picture was very clear. The prices are Malco standard and they're as proud as usual of their concessions, but they're running a special on Tuesdays right now that's $5.50. I can't wait to take more people back to see movies here. It was like being able to relax at home and still be IN the movie. Kudos.

Bradley Dunn

Awesome place for a movie theater

Top SunBro

Great staff. I always feel comfortable when I go and the new seating is amazing!

Marc Schnider

Loved this theater!! Went to see Toy Story 4 in the Atmos theater. It was a new experience for me. First we were asked to choose our seats when purchasing our tickets. This was for food purposes though. No biggie and it makes total sense. The seats though. Leather recliners with big arm rests and enough room to be fully reclined and still have someone walk in front of you! Well maybe a normal sized person could have someone walk in front of 6'7" frame tends to stick out a bit. The Atmos sound system is fantastic though. True surround sound. Speakers in the ceiling. Freaking sweet. Can't wait to see Spiderman: Far From Home there.

Shelia West

Awesome theater..... Just like being at home with a little more room and a bigger TV!

Minnie McMillian

Website says 1thing when you get there it's a different time!!! I would like to give 0 stars!!! My time is important!!!

Tyler Kennon

Took my son, girlfriend, and myself they have upgraded the seat to very comfortable seating which doesn't have you so cramped to the individual next to you makes it nice! We sat on the very top row in a corner generally you would expect that to be a terrible seat and I was very happy with that seating arrangement! Also very updated restroom which is kept very clean!

Shawn Moore

Seats were super comfortable, but some movies are shown in theatres where you have assigned seating. Not sure I understand that. You show up a little late to purchase tickets and you can't sit together as a family. I think it should be first come first served on the seating. If you want to purchase a ticket in advance you would still sit in available seating when you arrive.

Mark Horton

This theater has always been a good one, but since the installation of the new reclining seats it is AWESOME!

Larry Bolton

Lots of choices and food

Bonnie Gholston

Loved this place! Great updates in theater experience.

Wayne Dennis

Movie was great,place was clean, loved the chairs.

Robert Wages

Reclining chairs!

Greg Sims

The movie "US" was a unique thriller...Peele is reconnecting with the Alfred Hitchcock days..

Joni Martin

Reclined seats. Bar. Nice theater.

michael mcgee

It was very nice the movie was very good food is to high all n all enjoyed

Kris B.

Good Theatre.

anna hester

Great seating. Friendly staff. Food could be better especially for the price but overall I had a good experience.

Claire Wooldridge

Great theater. Nice staff and clean facility

Jeff Luker

I hadn't been to a movie here for a while. They certainly have upgraded the experience. The reclining leather seats are really nice. The auditorium was clean. The screen was big. They had speakers all around. The only thing was I wished I had brought earplugs for some of the louder parts of the movie - Jurassic World-Fallen Kingdom.

Pam Stephens

Very nice seats. You just need to take alot of money with you if you want a $6 drink.

William Escue

Aladdin was a great movie!!!♥♥

Mia Lia

Lovely seats. But 5 dollars for a large water no my whole monthly water bill is 10.

Ivy Sanderson

I love this theater!! The reclining chair are very comfortable and the snacks are always very delicious. I really enjoy the space between the rows. I would recommend buying your tickets online ahead of time so you can get the best seat possible! Also the bathrooms are clean! The movie and sound quality is amazing! If you are in Tupelo looking for a place to see a movie, this is the place you want to go!!

Sherry Prather

The chairs reclining with heat is great.

Shirley Fielder-Jacobs

Love the comfy seats. Only concern is how they clean afterwards. It was hit or miss

Myra McCoy

My experience with this theater was very positive. I enjoyed it.

Samuel Smith

Very clean and friendly staff

luther HATCHER

Comfortable seats


Affordable and fun for the whole family. We have been here multiple times with our children and always felt welcome. It was roughly $40.00 for tickets and some snacks from the concessions. Of course it's going to be expensive to get goodies at a theatre - that is how they make their money ! But let's face is - nothing compares to movie theatre popcorn. The bathrooms are also spacious and clean.

Richard Buckner

I give this theater five stars. Although Malco online help not so much. Accidentally deleted my email with my order ticket confirmation for next month. I called, gave them my information, credit card number etc. They said we are sorry we can not find your information including email I used. I was really worried. A lady heard my conversation near me and told me she thought I could go to the theater and use my card used to buy tickets and print out your tickets. This worked!

Ebony Bryant

Very nice movie theater and extremely big theaters and they actually have real food

Rebecca Foster

Did not want to smell beer while watching the movie

Ashley Kulovitz

The movie was amazing I went and seen but they are getting very outrageous on concession prices almost $19 for 2 drinks and a popcorn

J Shay

Better of the 2 places to enjoy a movie. I was there on a Wednesday so not a lot of people. They were out of bottled water. I recently had surgery so I am required to have it with me constantly. I asked of they could serve me a small cup of ice water from the tap. The young lady rang up 5.50. I said a cup of tap water is going to cost me 5.50? She said that sized cup was that muchh no matter what was in it. Needless to say I enjoyed the movie and the reclining chairs sans water.

Jimmy Johnson

Good movie

Jennifer Watson

Very nice staff. Prices of concessionaires are crazy just like everywhere. They sell beer and wine which blew my mind.

Anthony Rainwater

Fantastic time popcorn was nice and fresh and the seats were very comfortable

Keyur Parikh

The recliner seats are off the hook... It's truely an awesome experience. You choose your the time of purchase that's impressive.

brian archer

Men’s bathroom smells strongly of urine. All the air fresheners they put out won’t fix it. Needs redone. Seating in theater is comfortable

Kevin Edwards


Dr. Pepper Man

Best theatre around this area by far. Seating is very comfortable. Staff are pleasant and helpful. Always clean. Plenty of parking. Well lit at night.

Felicia Pernell

Nice theater

Sherry Rogers

Very nice theater. The lounge chairs are so comfy. On the down side, the ladies room need much attention.

Kimberly Smith

Love the new seating

Gina Hudson

Loved the spacious aisles with recliner seating!

Gail Lee

Awesome place. Family friendly.

Eric Vaillancourt

Big screen fun, bar & food if you want it.

Tonya Moudy

Love movies

Haley Jack

Staff is very nice, will handle customer service and situations very well. Clean place


I have always had a good experience here until tonight. We had just come out of the last showing of a movie for the night and my husband left his wallet in the chair. We were the last ones left in the theater and there wasn’t many cars even left in the parking lot.. we drove off and a couple miles down the road we realized he had left his wallet.. so we returned to the theater and luckily one of the employees had it behind the counter! Everything was still inside the wallet except for the cash! Imagine that! We were really hoping that there was still a few good people left in this world. So to the employee who thought they needed a finders reward for picking up the wallet, I hope you are at least using it to help someone else or even using it to feed your children (if you have any).

priscilla lyons

Recliners... very enjoyable.

Jeremiah Johnson

They upgraded it. And I love the upgrade

D Jones

Clean facility and nice staff

Christopher Hendrix

The last time I went, there were no ushers and the floor of the theater had garbage all over it. The movie was good though.

Jennifer Bolen

They won’t let your kids stay to watch a movie by themselves. They even made me buy another ticket. Prices way to high. Staff are very unfriendly.

slick erick

Very nice and comfortable

Dean Johnson

Good service

Jay Humphries

This is a great theater, and I'm glad they added reclining seats and in-theater food and drink options. We had a wonderful experience.

Jamie Alford

So great. Very relaxing way to watch movies

Robert Shipman

I love this place, snacks are a little pricey though.

Debbie Taylor

Went and saw I Can Only Imagine with my bestie. Wonderful movie about the saving, faithful grace of our Lord. Go see it.

Jessica Brewer

The seats were amazing and very comfortable. My girls really enjoyed it. Only issue we had was it was absolutely freezing inside the movie. We could have watched the movie outside and been warmer. I just know now to bring a blanket. Also, our popcorn was old and cold.

Heather Westfall

Just love this movie theatre. They now have a grill and serve awesome meals and bring them to you!

Gena Vail

Great seats. Someone was in the seats we bought and manager just told us to sit anywhere else we wanted to.

Ben Hunter

Could use a little more care and service, if the ticket kiosk is not working then let customers know. We stood at the kiosk for a few minutes trying to get our card to work, after asking the counter they said "yeah it doesn't work". Why would I want to stand there looking crazy if you knew before hand? I kindly reminded him that they should put a sign on them until it was fixed.

Madison Feaker

I love watching movies with my friends and family here they're always courteous.

Whispering Hill Farm

Enjoyed the movie they had and very comfortable seating

Allison Byrd

I love the renovations with the new seats and expanded menu!

Hunter Mullins

Love the seats they are like recliners


Been going here since it was newly built. Never had any problems.

Liz Garner

Love the comfortable seating


Luv the reclining spacious chairs and isles.

P Hall

Love the new seating! Nice!

dreanna johnson

I like this place better than going to the one at the mall. It is bigger and busier. The bathroom was terrible. They need to make sure they do bathroom checks regularly. Some doors need to be replaced, no tissue in the stalls and it smelled a funking mess.

Tonya Smith

Everything was good but with new release of Jurassic World, the bathroom floors were very wet & I am on a knee scooter. Movie was awesome!!!

Pnut Buse

The staff are always very nice, helpful, and polite. I love the new additions to the cinema itself, plus the bar & grill are new additions since my last visit.

Larry Brown

Awesome new theater experience in North Mississippi. Reserved seating when you purchase your seat, recliners for comfort, modern sound. Expanded menu has real food for meal if you want, and the Bar is now open. This is the future of going to the movies!

Aaron Davis

Not a bad seat in the theater

James Nanney

Ready to watch the movies. Comfy chairs and good popcorn.

Darth Jar Jar

Best movie theater in Tupelo! But sometimes you have to go to Cinemark if Malco doesn't have the movie you want to see.

Laken Pennington

Great seating,prices,staff,and cleanliness.

Greg Mullen

Facilities are in excellent condition. Movie prices are decent. Concessions are ridiculously high priced! I will not be purchasing anything from the concession area again....

Jimmie Palmer

It was so bad the bathrooms stunck so bad chewing tobacco all over the floor pepole drunk at the bar probably will never go back just gonna go to cinemark next time

Angie Sheckelford

Nice movie theatre in Tupelo!

I Play Games

The popcorn was cold

Angela Johnson

Always like taking the kids to the mall it was very pleasant.

Jessica Watts

Alot better than we expected! I wish the seats were heated like the Cinemark in Tupelo!

Jessica Davis

Very nice remodel. Chairs are super comfy now.

Semeka Souter

Love the seating

Amanda Graham

Those reclining seats were everything! I can't wait to go back.

Jason Carter

Great cinema with large comfortable seats

Miranda Cherie

Angel has Fallen

Michael Page

Better than that one in the mall...... He he he

ket wil

This is the movie theater to go to if u just want to relax and enjoy your movie

Lance Moore

The theater is adequate, but the nickel and diming at concessions is at an all time high. After spending $50 for a matinee for my family, I was out $40 for three popcorns and drinks. Of course to get the larger buckets that weren’t minuscule, it cost an extra dollar each. I know, it is what it is, but just once I’d like to go to the movie and feel it was worth the money.

Jeff Hatfield

Comfortable seating and great grill!

Marc Quiej

Good place to spend time with the family.

Jimmy Garmon

I was in joy going to the Malco,The staff has always been friendly n make sure your needs are meet.Keep up great job.

Frank Florez

Seating is great, all around amazing

Jana Lawson

The food is a rip off and the bathrooms were disgusting

Meme Yall

When you buy your tickets, they have where you can pick your seats at the register. They also have reclining seats.

Ambassador 4 Christ

Love the new seating...a great movie watching experience

Kyle Langford

Loved the experience, the Atmos screen for wreck it Ralph was awesome and I hope the rest are the same! To those complaining about the prices, that’s the same as any other theater, I’m used to paying those prices for more traditional theater seating but to get the leather seats with a privacy wall behind you is beyond worth the $10 popcorn! You truly feel like you are the only people in the room while watching.

Matt Wimberley

They have got outrageous on there concession stand prices. I mean the seats are nice an all but the tickets have already sky rocket now its dang near 20 dollars for a drink and a popcorn come on now

Michael Argo

I can drink a beer at the movies finally and the seats are sweet 2

alex vickery

My girlfriend and I always go here for date night. And The reclining seats are super comfy

Amy Finley

Give it 4 stars...was dirty from the laat folks but overall was good


Excellent theater and place to see a movie! Comfortable seating, affordable concessions and great sound system.

Charlie Yates

Very clean. Courteous staff

Addy Kennedy

I love the popcorn and movies

Ashley Walker

I absolutely love this theater and would recommend it over the one by the mall. It has a real spacious lay out and very friendly and fun vibe. This theater is the perfect place for a date, a night out with friends, a family night, or just a night by yourself to relax and see that movie that's been advertising. Overall I highly recommend this place.

Joel McKinley

New reclining seating is plush! No longer have to worry about getting kicked from someone in the row behind you!

Teresa Wolfe

Very clean, comfortable recliners. Snack bar Price's high, but most are. That's where they make their money. Would definitely recommend.


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