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3180 Village Shops Dr #7902, Germantown, TN 38138, United States Located in: Shops of Forest Hill

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Here we offer you the feddbacks of people like you who know the services and products of Malco Forest Hill Cinema Grill (Movie Theater) in the area close to the state of Mississippi.

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REVIEWS OF Malco Forest Hill Cinema Grill IN Mississippi

Garrett Hughes

Remodeled to perfection. Not even the Paradiso can compare. I *highly* recommend this theater. The seats alone are worth it.

Aleisha Hunter

Had a great time here. I advise any adult parent to attend.

Vincent Ciaramitaro

Great movie theater for our area. Not too big. 8 screens. Comfortable seating.

Jensel Garcia-Robles

This is my favorite movie theater in Memphis because the chairs are big and comfortable. They keep the cinema very clean.

Scorpion King

Love this place can't wait to go back

Cecilia Ware

Very clean and comfortable seating

Zain Ghani

Small place but we loved the new luxurious leather seating!

Paul Floyd

Awesome theater and great atmosphere

Eunice' Jackson

My favorite movie theater!Clean and wonderful customer service!

David Eizinger

Like the theater, hate the assigned seating.

Jaz Robinson

Great place to watch a great movie!

Jason Brown

Love thier seats. Very comfortable, even in the smaller theaters.

Erica Wong

Nice theater and really busy!

Jason B

If you buy tickets via the malco app/website. They add on a $3 booking fee... we'll just wait for redbox

Nicole Michelle

I like the assigned seating.

Greg Chance

Quiet and clean.

Kev Andersson

It was alright.

Angela Zablocky

If I could give this place no stars I would. We spent 100 on tickets, popcorn and soda and asked for 2 small paper bags and the kid behind the counter tried to charge me $10.50 (for 2 tiny paper sacks). I understand making a profit but Greed is an ugly thing.


Great theater

Shawn Gray


Leigh Black

Rude boy at ticket sales. Snobbish staff

Justin Lee

Small and fast place to watch movie.

Romar Rodriguez

Great but pop corn is not fresh fresh.

Alfredo Garcia

Good cinema??

Gregory Mitchell

Very clean nice atmosphere

John Davis

Great seats and atmosphere, our favorite place for movies and popcorn.


Beer and food and movies! Yay!!

Eelco van Wijk

Nice seats but not the recliners they have in Collierville.

Jackson Bailey

Always love coming here. It's very nice and quite, an all around great theater.

Splatoon2 Gamer

It"s a pretty good place and close by

Steven Nichols

New Review: they now sell assigned seats... I hate that.

Monice Green

Good place

tiffany mcmillan

Will be returning

Lu Bu


Amanda Johnson

Love it..

James Miller

Clean, friendly and not filled with large groups of sketchy teenagers.

Lee Carpenter

Clean and comfortable... Good movie selection

Michael Thompson

Had a great experience they were nice, the theater was quiet and the food was good

Caleb Smith

Newly renovated theater. Seats are very comfortable and arm rest can be raised out of the way. Be prepared, as most theaters in the Memphis area, the prices a a bit high.

Sarah Thompson

Saw Venom and it was amazing!!! But they do assign seats!

Jared Shepler

Not amc but ok . I liked its seating some what. Not dirty very well kept up. And bounus they had beer , so I forgive alot for good beer pricing $7.50 high but not outragious. Great experuance

Kiley Kremser

Clean and nice

Suresh Thiagarajan

The picture was blurry through the movie. It started off very bad and I went and complained to the staff. They did something and it got better, but still wasn't as sharp as it should be. They should have either fixed the problem or provided a complete refund. Neither happened.

Allison Pish

Nice, clean and friendly staff

Daren Ferreira

Get real Memphis metro area. You have one theater that price gouges us and you applaud it.? AMC typically costs $7.00 per seat, $5.00 for matinee. This is the only metro area ive seen that praises their monopolies so heavily. One cable company one phone company, one power company that controls power and water as well. The more you search the more single entities you find with complete control over a market. This is why we pay more for the poor services we have.

Arthur Townsend

This was our first visit to the First Hill Cinema. It was a great experience. The movie itself was great, but we really appreciated being able to pick our seats on the Malco app, the seats themselves were extremely comfortable, the popcorn was fresh (which is no small thing at most theaters), and the staff there was so friendly and helpful. We will definitely return because we had such a good experience. This may be our new go-to theater.

suhas ramesh

Love the sound and the ambience

Bobby Gallagher

Lots of improvements and upgrades. Stadium seating leading audio and visual equipment. Assigned seating, self service ticket options as well as the option to buy online. A consistently good time!

Tracy Mitchell Marquez

Love being able to reserve seats

glenith Calvin

Cosy well kept place...

Lonnie Easley

So much better than the Cordova Malco close to where i live... and the seats are SO comfortable.

Kenya Harrison

Great the assigned seating

Meisa Gannam

I can’t tell you the last time I cAme here. We always opt for another movie theater.

Jeffrey Cockrell

Really enjoy this Malco, very nice, out of the way, never too crowded, I travel an hour and half there, by passing a dozen other malco theaters, to watch the latest and greatest movies.

Justin Chu

Really nice theater! Very small, but still great sound and screens. Chairs are huge and comfy.

J Hare


Barry Pope

Great theater. First time we have been here. Less crowded then normal. Comfy seating great staff. Very friendly and attentive.

Zach Shulkin

Love the new leather seats. Food is still expensive, though.

Wayne Warren

Great movie experience. Malco has remodeled this theater so it had the new large comfortable seats. You can order tickets on line in advance so you can have the seats you want.

Jet Wilson

Bigger seats than most theatres. Clean too.

Eugene Walker


Shawn Lane

This is a nice place to watch a movie. It is always clean and well maintained location.

Home Renovations

My favorite cinema..

Elizabeth Tunstall

I liked how comfortable their seats were! The theater was a cozy experience!

Felicia Jackson

Enjoy the theater overall. However, this particular theater do not show a lot of movies with black actors.

David Young

New seats! Very comfy. Always clean. Friendly staff.

Michael Preiss

It was fine, although the hallways were littered with popcorn and such.

Larry Knowlton


Andrew Marquez

Safe. Clean. On time. What more do you need from a cinema?

Sean Abel

Best kept secret in town. Pre assigned seating makes this cinema special as well as a cold beer and amazing seating that ca t n beat!

Jeff Call


Brian Catt

Best movie viewing experience to be had in the Memphis area. I am never disappointed when I come here.

Mark S.

LOVE this theater after the remodel. There are other reviews mentioning the nice, comfy seats...I'll give them yet another mention. I'll take this location over any other theater around the Memphis area, including the Paradiso...

Jim O

It's nice, modern well maintained

Glynese Jones

Good seating space & comfortable chairs

Uncle J

Nice atmosphere for movie watching. The concession counter is slow and unorganized sometimes....

Michael Green

Cheap movies. I've never waited in line

Nicholas Matlock

Loved the new renovations

Gerita Madden

Had a wonderful time. The lobby and the restroom (s) were very clean. The food was good and fresh and the Movie, "Angry Birds 2" was really funny. The service was good.

al Echols

We visit there and the theater is always clean and the staff is always nice.

Thomas Choate

Great movie theater. They let Peacetree UMC (a church plant) use their space for Sunday morning worship.

Gabby Gomez

They moved the ticket stand to the concession stand. We almost forgot to buy tickets, the man beside us reminded us of it. Complete renovation inside. Seats brand new and upkept. One bathroom and located at the front of the theater.

Steven Newman

Clean. Good seats.

Vicki Wilson

My first time in this theater in many many years. They must have undergone a huge renovation. Everything in the theater seems so modern and fresh. The size and comfort of the seats in the theater was amazing! They even had where you could order food from the grill and have it delivered to your seat in the movie. Seeding was selected when you purchase your tickets making it easy to select an area you enjoy sitting in the movie theater. I believe they also serve wine. The sound and the theater was wonderful, it was very clean, and I enjoyed my movie there greatly.

jana Norrell

No water fountain, but you can get a free water cup with no! Yay!

Savanna Gibson

Great experience. Bathroom was a little messy but the other areas were great. Classy.

Nathan Perez


Aiden Walker

William Hannon at the concessions is a lovely and polite person. Made my experience worthwhile! :)

Lisa Meyer

Nice seating. Beer and wine. Grill favs.

Oscar Rangel

No crowds

Kay Thomas

I like this little out of the way theater.

Ashley Kristen

The theater is nice, and in a quiet area.

Precious Living

My favorite theater

Kellie Kirchner

Very nice theater!

Rob Aymett

New, big, comfortable seats. New interior box office. This theater has undergone a major makeover. I was very impressed, it feels much more like a theater for Germantown now.

Olivia Barnes

Good movies

Thomas Miller

Not as many screens as other theatres but still shows all the current popular movies and not as busy as other theatres nearby.

Eve and Russell Harms

Ok movie theater. Popcorn not as fresh as it could be, the sprite tasted not crowded only a few people there. Something on the seat...good movie, screen was decent, and sound was good. Floor not too sticky, all staff gone when we came out, not one, kind of creepy. Just ok visit.

Alleigh Brown

Never as crowded as any of the other theaters. It's very low key and I haven't had a problem with screaming kids or obnoxious adults since I switched to this theater. It's a longer drive, but it's worth it for a better experience.

Louvena Walker

Fabulous theater! Reserved seating only...

empress awesome

Not crowded. Comfortable. Expanded food/alcohol selection. If you don't have to have the Uber mega movie experience then this is the place to go. Good parking.

Mary Wilson

It's a nice place

Latosha Faulkner

Love environment and snacks

Minnette Michael

Always clean, quick service. Could work to improve customer service and communication.

Tony Gray

Great Movie

Oluwa Seyi SunOwo

Nice place to watch movies

Pruthvi Reddy

This place has like the smallest screen i have seen for 11$ common I Get it its a small place so should nt the price be accordingly ?? The popcorn were expensive too - i wish there was an AMC near by

Diana Turner

Went to see Breakthrough!

Brian Conover

You have to tolerate Malco because they have a monopoly in Memphis. Doing assigned seating makes people feel important and creates another $1.50 revenue stream for each booked ticket. Their only IMAX theater has the worst seating known to man. Malco might play like they appreciate your business until you visit the Majestic. Someday AMC will build theaters here.

Adam Lumley

Best place to see a movie. Large comfy seats.

LeAnn Willard

Enjoy this clean and organized movie house. They now work on reserved seating so when you purchase your ticket you also choose your seat so if you are in line for popcorn or snacks you dont have to worry about getting the leftover movie seats. Of course if you are meeting friends you may want to get there early so you can sit together or designate someone to buy the tickets.

Diana Babel

Love the theater after the remodel. Our favorite place to go!!! Love the seats!!

betty bennett

Love the chairs.

Paul Taylor

Google needs to update the hours. Got there 90 minutes before the listed closing time and they were already gone.

Art Wellz

Nice location

Debbie Wms


Wendy Wong

As crowded as the movie was, we still had plenty of seating room because of the stadium seats. The popcorn was hot, buttery & delish too!

Gail Shaw Braddock

Comfortable seating!

Suzi Stewart

The theater itself is ok, sounds was good but all was a little dated. However, the price of items at the concession stand were outrageous. A small popcorn was $6 and a 17 oz. bottle of water was $4. I attend movies once a week in Oklahoma in a brand new facility with reclining seats that charges the same for admission and a large refillable popcorn is $7 and a bottle of water $2. These kind of prices either keep people out until they can rent it or cause them to sneak in food.

Karen Atkins

Black Panther was great!

JP Degan

Comfortable seats and not packed in.

Moe Bryant

Clean and nice. Employees seem kinda apathetic. But they aren't rude.

Ian Walker

Great place to see a movie. The seats are great here, a little pricey though.

Karen R

Love the new theater seats.

Todd Barbee

Enjoyed the upgrades

Kevin Schmidt

This is an excellent neighborhood movie theater. The staff is friendly, the auditoriums are clean, and the food selection is excellent.

Latavia Shores

Reserved seating is a great perk.

Lisa Jeter

Do not like the new way of getting your tickets

cesar manuel

Nice, quite and clean

Teneka Smith

The best theater I have been to.

Joy Conrad

Assigned seats is not a good idea. I didn't find them comfortable either and the screen was damaged. Star Wars would have looked better on my television.

Renee McCreight

Always clean and comfy.

Maria Simelton

Great theater, atmosphere, and seats. One complaint: the young lady in the theater asked “can I see your tickets” while we were in theater abt to sit down. She asked to “help” us find our seats although we can read and see perfectly fine, and we were already on the row where our seats were located. We go to this theater (and other malco theaters) often and this has never happened before. Customer service is extremely important and you want to be sure to NOT offend your guests. Next time, perhaps, she should ask movie goers who are already in the theater “do you need any help finding your seats” opposed to asking “can I see your tickets”. Friendly and helpful customer service goes a long way and makes a lasting impression. What was probably meant to be helpful came off as offensive due to phrasing. You guys should train young (teenage) workers better. But overall, it’s a great theater.

Red Rasario

Food was awfully high

Levon Wright

The new seating arrangements was not happy with but the movie was great

Paulette Stewart

So far it's ok....

Brandon Mosley

Best malco ever!!!

Joshua Williams

Very nice theatre with up scale clientele and grill, beer and wine offerings.

Haywood Wilson

Love it

Mark Johnson

Comfortable small theater

Aziz Bhagat

Best Theater in Germantown/Collierville area!!!

Tim Sansone

Love the seats..

Alejandro Escalante

Nice, but wish they had reclining chairs

Vincent Carter

Clean and Nice Atmosphere

Kindra Black

The seats were extremely comfortable. The concession stand was extremely slow and I didn't like the assigned seating.

Kristin Ivery

Very nice! My only complaint is if I'm going to pay that much for popcorn I should be able to get in out of the popper if I want it that way.

Scott Allman

Small and usually rather dirty. If you're going to see a movie...there are 4 to 5 theaters within 5 miles of this location. I'd suggest going somewhere else. After all, the point of going to the cinema is to have the 'cinema experience'. That 'experience' has chosen to take an extended vacation. Last I heard...somewhere in Western Guatemala. It no longer resides here.

Alex Leschhorn

We are adapting to is the seating reservation. Some owners should leave perfectly good places alone

c Williams

This theater is much nicer than most of the others. Unfortunately, they NEVER show any urban films.

Lori Fontenot

Love the new recliner seats. Dislike the assigned seating.

Doctor Tresie Lopez

Clean, food an snack price too experience

Rita Greenleaf

Wonder Woman awesome

Jeremy Terrell

Always great! Chairs, sound, picture, service and food all good!

Steve Benton

Enjoyable place to grab a beer and watch a movie!

Timothy Richie

Clean theater friendly staff. Love the assigned seats.

Sean Stanhill

Small but intimate. It's our closest theater and while they don't offer 3D movies, we prefer the 2D features anyway.

Isabel Montaño

Love the reserve seats


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