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REVIEWS OF Malco Corinth Cinema IN Mississippi

Noah Walsh

I locked my keys in the car and they stayed out there and helped me until we got it unlocked ( a trucker company came but) great service and great people

Joe Lawson

Comfortable, fun and roomy. We really enjoyed our visit on "matinee day" with our grandkids! (And the bucket of buttered popcorn was biiiig!)

Matthew Cain

It's a good place watch a movie. Little dated. It would be nice if they actually kept the parking lot and sidewalks clean. Lots of trash outside.

melissa Harville

Good place to go

sherry free

I love our theater

Vivian Wiley


Alan-Michael White

You know I actually had never been to this theater but once, and it's pretty nice, nice tiered seating

Pat Sweeney

Nice place sound system was great

Kelley Dees

Has the newest and biggest selection of movies. Big theatres

George Pflomm

"The MEG" was awesome and action packed and sound system was impactful lol

Kimberly Lowery

Great experience. Clean friendly place. Just wish they had better seating

Jeff Hawley

This is my go-to movie theater.. if only theater drinks didn't cost so much

rhonda marlow

The staff was friendly and patient with my small kid and grandkids. We loved the grinch

Lela Skelton

Very comfortable seating good snacks great popcorn

Logan Barmer

Great prices and great place

Mike Patrick

The staff at the Corinth Malco are always friendly and hospitable!

Robert May

Its kind of pricy on the snacks

Patriot Pirate

It has good seats with lift up arm rests. It is clean. The people are friendly.

Paul Bradley

The avengers and the X men.

Chris Willcutt

I enjoyed the whole visit from begining to the end.

clint kendrick

Great theater. It is clean and easy to get into.

Carson Weeks

It could be a bit more hygenic.

Debbie Caldwell

Saw aquaman it definitely worth seeing


always so clean

Matthew Lahti

Really moldy, but overall it was a good experience.

Angie E

Staff was friendly. Relatively clean (it is a movie theater afterall). Really enjoyed ourselves.


Great theatre with a pretty fun staff, but you kind of get a whiff every once in a while of that whole smell that comes with people sitting in theatre seats for a few years. Great theatre, but could use a clean through on their seats and carpeting. Its not bad really, just could use the extra positive note. Other than that, good place to see movies.

Denise Murphy

Very good movies a d relaxing chairs

Chrissy Henry

Clean, organized, a bit overpriced like most theaters

Kristy Olson

Nice screens , stinks really bad! In need of some floor cleaning and seat cleaning.

Triple K's

Nice place to chill and watch movies with friends...

pinkie laf

Great movie experience

Micky Denton

Nice staff . comfortable seats .smelled moldy in the theater.

Dusty Matlock

Nice theater, always lots of options with good picture and sound

Brad Bozinski

Love the theater...

Cynsational Me

Clean, fantastic sound & pleasant staff

Angel Long

Need better seats for comfort!!

Jared Walters

Great place to see a movie. In fact, it's the best place within 100 miles of my home. Jackson, TN theaters have all gone down hill, it's not worth driving to Tupelo or Savannah just for a movie. The only downside is a few technical issues with the screens, not enough to stop me from going, but I'm a film buff, so I notice them.

jared Bingham

Great movie qualitty and nice workers

Stephanie Corcoran

Love it and not bad price


We saw the movie "Nun". It was great. The theater experience was priceless. It was great to watch the movie with so many other people. It was scary so it was exciting to watch people jump, and even a girl ran out crying she was so scared. That made my day. I love scary movies and even more when people scream. It was great. The theater was cold. You need a jacket. It is calming tho. They even had a self check ticket counter. We got our tickets and snacks and headed in. 10 out of 10 thumbs up for me.

Shawn Polley

They usually have a good selection of movies playing with a wide variety of play times.

Richard Williams

An all around decent place! No complaint s can come from me as far as parking lot design. It's quite large an open. On each side of the main entrance to the building you can see whats playing and the show times! Not much on the outside... The inside on the other hand. It would probably be described as a Family style environment! Inside it features the usual food, drink, and candy items available at the indoor concession area! Also available inside is a small arcade area, suitable for children perhaps while waiting for your movie to begin! With multiple different screens, playing multiple different popular titles of today. It makes this perticular malco Cinema a great, fun, relaxing, comfortable place to catch a movie on the big screen!... No cons...

Kim Armstrong Montgomery

Above average cleanliness for a movie theater. Good selection of movies.

LJ Pack

Nice classic movie theater

Morgan Wilbanks

Great movie selections and good consessions

Mystikal Killer9

Awesome hang-out location with great employees and awesome entertainment

Charles Robinson

It's ok pricey but everyone knows that

Janet Vivancos

Nice theater, but going to the movies is expensive. Cost of food and candy is unbelievable!

Shonda Deese

The manager Jessie Wilbanks was great!!! The best. Informative and helpful. Will return.

Stacey Dalton

Clean and many selections! We loved attending the kids summer movie events!

Paul Blart Mall Cop

Everything is good except for the prices. There cheaper than some places but still a little to much. Especially for food

Matt Upright

The seats were semi comfortable and the drinks were pricey

Thomas Davis

Always enjoy my time at malco

Stephanie Smith

Went for a special needs screening it was SO good I dont know who enjoyed it more me or my two children. It was truely amazing !!! Staff was really amazing they went above and beyond to make all the children who attended comfortable.

Karla Stern

Excellent, we drive from Adamsville Tn at least once a week to see movies at Malco, thank you, excellent theater.

Terry Welch

still smells from when it flooded several years ago

bearfoot 42

Good movie theatre with decent staff. I don't buy movie vendor items due to price so can't tell you about taste of them.

Jessica Syms

Nice theater. It is very visible from the highway do there's not much driving around. They have a very big parking lot. We had a nice experience at the theater. They have a nice arcade area as well as a very large den.At the entrance they have two kiosk machines where you can use your credit card to purchase tickets if the line is long. The concessions are well spaced out. The only problem is that there were only 3 stations opened during our visit. We went to watched Avengers infinity War, you would think that they would have more stations open since it was the opening weekend for such a big movie. We bought our tickets online but we still had to go to the “front desk” to receive our tickets from them. I did not appreciate the fact that the popcorn was not fresh. They have 2 different sets of bathrooms (2m/2f) the ones to the right of the theater had 2 stalls out of order, which made me waste time. (in the f bathroom.) Other than that, the staff was very friendly. The theater was clean and neat. I also noticed that the cleaning crew was ready to clean the room as soon as the credits started rolling. I would suggest some more comfortable seats. It is hard to seat on those regular seats after having experience the reclining chairs at the other theaters.

Chris Wright

Always a spectacular movie experience! Would love to have recliners in the future!

Sondra Murrah

We really enjoy watching movies here. Love popcorn with our movies.

Kirk Robinson

Good experience, clean and relatively nice smelling for a change.

Mel Murphy

Nice place, things were little still, the LG

Kimberly Creekmore

My husband and I drive over an hour to go to the movies regularly because we like it so much. It is very clean, and we always have fun.

Jimmy Taylor

Good place to take the family

Krystal Long

Large theater. Great seat. Lacks cleanliness.

• Ava Thomas •

I love it there. It's a teensy bit pricey, but the movies and sound are in GREAT quality. Also the arcade is fun.

Hthr Blakley

Great atmosphere, great popcorn, friendly staff

Vickie Rutherford white


Lunabear 200

Good quality screen and sound, the seats are nice and comfortable, really clean and nice food,. Will return many more times best theater in corinth!

Lonnie Tapp

Clean theater and bathroom. Buy the large popcorn and drink to share. Free refills.

Carla Bartlett

Enjoyed the movie experience

Memeatron 5000

Very good place clean

Erik Tafoya

Venom was awesome

Joseph Oliver

Wonderful selection of movies, clean & comfortable.

Lydia Hoyle

Great place Great service

Jason Stockton

Nice theater BUT they have lost their 3d options

Jamie Mccain

A very good place to go watch movies and every one is nice to you that works there

cara shea

I like going to the movies, but you have to sit threw 30min of commercials these days. They used to show more previews for other movies. Snacks are way to high in price, so we go eat before we go now.

Jill Guerra

We went with family. Nice theater.

Bob Hann

Went last night to see pet sematary and there was a group of teenage kids talking and being rowdy throughout the movie I went and got their rent-a-cop pointed them out then nothing was ever done about it he walked in went half was up the stairs then left. For such a movie their shouldn't be laughter or talking when people are trying to enjoy the movie after paying 9.50 a piece for a ticket and the concessions are outrageous 11.25 for a large drink and some twix but thats beside the point if you come and spend that kind of money to watch a movie its should at least be enjoyable. And the staff could do a better job cleaning the theaters there was still trash in my cupholders and under my feet. Would highly not recommend and maybe get a better rent-a-cop that might actually do their job.

Jay Lambert

Very overpriced.

Shyloe smith

I like malco a lot but the price is a little pricey

Bobby Hutchens

It's ok.i would go back

Jared Wallin

The digital projection was crisp and bright, and we were pleasantly surprised by the sound system. Much better than our local AMC theatre.


Generally a clean movie theatre with the latest movies. It is the best theatre in Corinth.

Mac King

Moved from Atlanta. Wow, excellent price! Good sound and picture quality!

Laura Frizzell

Real nice, clean theatre. Not crowded, good prices.

Linda McCoy

Family fun

Jeremiah Johnson

They could use the update like the one in tupelo

drew jernigan

Great theater. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The movie selection is great and appeals to a variety of people. The whole place is very clean and is a great environment for families.

B Rad Bozinski

Love the movie place

Shane Smith

Good place to hag out with friends

Jay Humphries

This is a nice theater. The reclining chairs and in-theater food option is a nice touch.


Great place

Tasha Kyle

It was great

Yandere Woah

I watched Love, Simon and it was absolutely worth the money

Peggy Moore

This theatre needs a thorough cleansing. Stayed for movie but will go to Tupelo next time.

George Methvin

Everything was fantastic except the price. $31 for two people to see a movie.

Mystikal Killer77

Great movies and helpful staff

Shayna Sanders

Everything appeared to be very clean, including the bathrooms. The prices were about what one would expect from a theater, a bit on the pricey side. The service was quick and friendly. The seats were comfortable and had the lifting arm rests. The also had enough space between rows that my 6' husband didn't feel cramped. The movie and sound were excellent, and it was nice being far enough about the row in front of us that I didn't have to crane my neck to see around the people in front of us. The only reason I can't give the theater 5 stars is that theater 6, the one our movie was in, reeked of mildew as soon as we walked in. It seemed to be coming from the emergency exit, and the farther we go from it, the less we could smell it. Hopefully they will have this problem resolved by the next time we visit.

Moonlight Sunlight

I've been there since I was one keep up the great work

Scotty Scott

Love this place

Jacob Irby

Great theater. The quality of the theaters are really nice. Food is expensive, but the movie experience is too nice for that to change my opinion on it

Sem Brignoli

It could be better with some nicer bathrooms

Tommy Cross

Love the malco. Conformable seating .

Mike Pickering

It's about time someone does something about the price of the concessions stand items they are about 1000 percent over price and your not aloud to bring any outside food in so your forced to buy the high priced snacks and soda

Cory Flanagin

Besides the concession prices, everything was nice

Paula Gaines

We really enjoyed our movies and had great service.

Jeremy Redmond

Great small town theater. Has a nice little kiosk for when the line gets long. Small arcade. Nothing amazing but movie options, sound and picture quality is great.

Ayame Hitsugaya

I like it. I do wish they would update some stuff. Like the seats.... So uncomfortable. ):

Jose Pardo

Excellent theater, parking and court food.

Crystal Ayers

Sure it's a theater but you never know if the screen your in is going to smell awful or not.

Gregory Bullard

Good movie theatre. Minimal ticket waiting time. Snack bar had a fair amount of wait time with the usual pricier snack options. Nice comfortable seats.

redmoon9111 .

This place has gotten old and outdated. The seats are uncomfortable and the floors are gross. The only good thing is the air condition and watching the movie. Compared to tupelo MS theatre, this place is not good. It's close by, that's why I go

Benjamin Rubio

This place really needs to be updated! The seats are old, and nasty. It actually cost more per ticket compared to Tupelo MS, or Jackson Tn, which have reclining comfortable chairs. The only reason they still get my business is because of the convenience of driving 10 mins v.s an hour. The atmosphere is decent for a theater of that size, and the staff is very limited on weekday, hopefully you don't need any assistance during the weekday. Overall it's not a great theater, but it's a place to catch the new movies.

Tawana Jackson

Service was ok

Jaeden Keele

this place is lit!!

Tammie Chambers

Family friendly. Nice atmosphere. Clean.

martha parker

Good movie

jason mattox

Nice movie theater with excellent customer service

Stephanie Thompson

Great experience!!


Great sound system, with great screens..snacks for all.. get out and go soon

Lee Hollingsworth

I watched Halloween good movie

Josh Williams

I absolutely love this theater! Besides being clean they go all out for movie premiers with movie cups and popcorn tins. Plus they serve Coca-Cola products!!!

Kim Reynolds

Took my clients to see a morning movie. Very nice and kind to us

Darren Bowers

A bit expensive, as most theatres are now. Housekeeping could stand some improvement. Overall condition is good though.

Christy Cook

It is a awesome place

Jg Reddell

Good local place to catch a movie food price are high and the theaters have a weird smell sometimes

James Fredrickson

Friendly people, comfortable seats, good sound quality, good picture. What more could you ask for?

Ronald McKe

Malco is always a great time. The theaters are clean, and service is wonderful

David Pollard

I really enjoyed my recent visit to the Corinth Malcolm Theatre. I chose The movie Wonder Woman, it was Fantastic! Never a dull moment and was filled with Suspense, Action, Love and a Thriller! Facilities were great also. I would definitely recommend it to almost anyone!

Kevin Launius

Super nice theater. Clean and well maintained.

Larry Mashburn

Better than any theater in Jackson, TN.

Ron McKenzie

Great service. Good times

Dana Lazo

Love all but the prices of food and drinks.

Brad Fontaine

Very clean. Very well worth going to watch a good movie.

Melissa Smithey

Love it but it is high

Tina Julian

Good, clean theater. Shows all the good stuff.

Jason Carroll

Good place to watch movies

Brian Reed

Slow sometimes and understaffed but that's understandable with the lack of patrons. It's hard to afford the prices for some people in the area I'm sure.

Jackie Weathers

Loved it ! Wish everyone would go there at least once a month. Always clean, everyone is always so friendly ! Great food, fun for the whole family !!!!!

Jimmy Gresham

Me and my 7 yr. Old had a great time we watched Black Panther.

Nicky Hastings

The food is higher than the Tickets but it's always clean and the workers are always courteous

Brittany Hall

It's good movies and good food and drinks and cheap movies

Donny Hastings

Good movies but high on food and drinks

Linda Hurley

Great movies just too pricey to go more often

Tonya Clayton

Great popcorn and candy

Samantha Hanson

Attended first show on Christmas Day.... ..Long lines at consession, you would think mgmt would have anticipated this and had more folks working. Otherwise, friendly staff, clean theaters and an excellent movie. 4 stars! We'll be back for sure!!!

Terreon Pate

For a place my best friend was murdered in, it actually a pretty good theater

kiana briley


Loretta Stafford

Awesome movie

Drone Mender

It's a movie theater what can I say. If you want to watch a movie go here if you dont want to watch a movie dont go here.

Alien Anthony

This place is a bit of a stretch for being worth the price. You have great sound quality but you will not have a great view. The white walls that the movie is projected on needs to either be washed or replaced and is at times fuzzily projected. The staff is local children in schools you will not see any real adults around so you can expect a good laugh if you speak to them while you're in a wait for your popcorn. That is if you need to wait. The jobs are done pretty fast.

lorice smith

They were so respectful to me and my kids

Rachel Fagan

Nice facility! We always go here. Clean building, helpful staff, good snacks. Of course, prices are high as they are most places.

Denise Creekmore

I love malco

Ashley Barkley

Great family fun


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