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Where is Malco Collierville Towne Cinema Grill & Bar?

REVIEWS OF Malco Collierville Towne Cinema Grill & Bar IN Mississippi

Aleisha Hunter

I went there during the day & it was clean, quiet & very relaxing.


This is the go to spot to relax and watch a good movie

Tina Fairlee

We saw Shaft here. Arrived early and waited in the bar area and watched tv. The concession stand line was long but moved along quickly. Enjoyed the movie, in the comfortable reclining seats. Great experience.

Tom Laughner

I loved this theatre. It's the second one I've been in with lounge seating. It was incredibly comfortable. The sound system is amazing.

Donovan LaPrell

Great power reclining seats with plenty of leg room. Pretty good service as well.

Megan Wade

This Movie Theater is awesome! You can order burgers, hotdogs and more. You can order your food and they will bring it to your seat during the movie! I order the burger with fries and it was very good and freshly made. I also enjoyed the reclining leather chairs and the tray attachment that comes with your food. This place is definitely worth the drive :)

allie bloodworth

Loved the seats (reclines) you can pick your seats when you buy your ticket..... enjoyable experience! The normal concessions and all that good stuff as well.

EV Robinson

Great seating. Customer has ability to select the exact seat location you desire, according to availability. Food was fresh. Food from the grill will be delivered to you in the theatre.

Jill Johnson

This is a nice clean theater with reclining seats situated on clean wood flooring. The seats are spaced far enough away from the patron in front and the one behind you so that you do not have to get up for other patrons to pass by, nor will you get your head bumped from the patron behind you. A very pleasant viewing experience.

Brenda Gordon

Reserved seating made this a delightful experience. The popcorn was great. The oversized cushiony seats added to a positive outing. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for an enjoyable time watching a movie.

kent harrison

I gave the Malco a one, not because of the company or staff, but because of the clientele. I took my daughter to see "Us". The large group of adults on the back row made the movie unwatchable because of their constant commentary of the film. I guess they either don't get out much, have no respect for others or feel their ticket gives them the right to yell and scream at the screen. In the future, I will Google the film to help me find out what type of audience to expect.

Lillie Jones

Nice staff and my reclining seat, the bomb!

Cliff Plunk III

Very comfortable seats! Great sound and screens!

Randy Henson

Went to the 1st showing of the day for 12pm. The doors ooened at 11:30. Even matinee prices are steep so 2 adults and one 2 yr old ran $27. Note it's best if your child is "under 2". Concession prices again were steep but having the Grille there means they had more to offer such as pizza and burgers alongside other assorted items.

Sherri Eubanks

I have never been in a theater like this- so comfortable, clean, inviting. I am definitely going back. Oh- and the popcorn? Wonderful! I had stopped getting theater popcorn because it was not good. I took a chance - Great!!

Joe Lawson

We really like the big comfy power recliners and cupholders for our cold drinks. We preordered our tickets and the best seats were waiting for us. "WonderPark" is a great film for kids and eye-candy lovers of all ages!

Zac Rothenberger

Super awesome. Saw endgame with my feet up and my chair back

Jum Bo

Super nice... Secluded spot

Reggy Cole

Everything was great with exception of the restroom needing some attention.

Wyatt Dolce

Tickets are expensive, but its malco. The time to go is $5 Tuesdays. The theatre is recently renovated and all the screens have the reclining seats. Everything is usually in working order and it is what you would expect from a movie theater. This one does have a bar now and serves food, but I definitely can't speak for the quality of that. Like I said a good movie experience and where I typically go to see a movie.

Nathan Waddell

Best movie theatre around. All the seats have power recline controls on the right-hand armrest. Full grill, and they bring it right to your seat. Great cheeseburgers and fries!

Martel Brooks

Nice theater, low traffic area, decent movie selections

william hickman

This place has come leaps and bounds in the last 5 years. Finally modernizing. They serve beer, a decent grill menu and still have all the regular movie theater amenities such as popcorn and candy. I enjoyed going here

Brenda Wheeler

Love, love, love! Very clean and comfortable. Everyone gets their own recliner. Amphitheater style so you don't have to worry about someone's head in your way.

Dayna Jones-Ollie

We loved this theater. The seats were amazing, super comfortable, oversized electric recliners. I loved the reserved seating option.

lea yarnold

Nice seats , recline and enjoy . Not from area, but definitely this one is nice.

Quanta White

Love the recliner seating they have.

Danielle Chavers

I always have a nice time. The place is clean and comfortable. I only will attend this location moving foward.

Philip Miller

Awesome seats and the reservation system this should be the standard

Dusty Fahie

Great theater. Great seats, nice & comfortable. Clean & well maintained.

Tonya Davidson

Love the reserved seating and recling chairs.

David Wolfe

Good service comfortable seatting love the new power recliners

Anna Salzgeber

Movie theater is very clean, good selection of movies. Patrons are able to select their specific seats in advance, taking the stress away from having to arrive early to get good seats. The seats themselves recline very nicely, making it ideal for watching movies. I highly recommend this movie theater.

Andrea Westbrook

Awesome place, first time ever going to this movie theater and if I'm ever in that area again I will Definitely go again!!! Lovedddddd It!!!!

Louis Sartor

I went from dreading that this was my only local theater to dreading going to any other theater. Absolutely top notch. Mainly due to the seating. Friendly service as well, with clean floors/bathrooms, good food that is a bit pricey but quite reasonable compared to other theaters I've been to. My one gripe is that I wish more independent/art films were shown here, as there isn't a place for such films nearby.

John Martin

Great lounge with many different local beers, drinks and wine. Good choice of comfort food. Very clean and great staff. My theater from now on.

Kimberly Schreiber

Love this place! Clean theater, nice restrooms and friendly employees. The extra comfortable chairs are amazing and worth the extra price. They have great drinks at the bar and even wine and cheese options. Fun place for a date night or to catch a movie with the kids. Be sure to reserve tickets in advance and pick you seats.

Coshten Li

Super nice malco, they have recliners and are very clean with super friendly staff. Best malco I've ever been to


Great prices and SAFE environment.

Nishelle Phillips

Seats were comfortable. However it listed most of the seats sold so we had to buy the very first row of seats (where you have to crane your neck) and the theater was almost empty.

Robert Wheeler Jr.

Great seats and sound system. Like everywhere else the food and Nescafe is pricey. Great place to see a movie though, comfortable.

Dane Williams

Reclining leather seats - what's not to like. Awesome sound and screen. Very clean theater.

Rita Finney

I would give more stars but in the restroom none of the dryers worked and soap dispenser.

Jay Tartera

Great renovations kind of expensive but for those movies you just have to see at the theater it's great

Yolonda Aldridge

The theater is very clean and comfortable. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it.

Stephanie Lowery

Collierville Malco has convenient assigned seating, no more rushing to theater 45 minutes before a movie to get decent seats. This combined with a bar has made my movie experience with kids more than tolerable, to sit through "Captain Underpants" i deserve a vodka Gimlet. Thank god for the bar and upgraded snacks

Corshanta Walton

My family and I love this theater now, the renovation and the service is phenomenal.

Ryan Mills

Great place to watch a move. The renovations not too long ago allowed the sales of wine/beer from the bar up front as well as regular concessions and candy. The Seats are nice recliners with the ability to choose which assigned seat you would like. There’s plenty of theaters with Dolby Atmos sound to add to it all. Check on the web page for the little icons next to the theater the movie is playing in and you can see the features of that room. Over all it adds to a great experience.

Rachel S

It's clean, has a bar and grill inside. Nice reclining seats are super comfy and it's easy to find your seat w letters on the carpet and numbers on the armrests.

Jose Franco

Best seats available, good pricing if you compare to luxury cinemas. Place is clean and does not smell bad compare to other Memphis area Malcos.

C Powers

Great seating. Comfortable atmosphere

Kelvin Farmer

This theater has the reclining chairs with a peaceful and clean environment. You have the pleasure and opportunity to select your own seating choice.. A great experience....


The best movie theater ever! From clean non sticky floors to it fast paced services it's the greatest movie theater ever.

Wayne Warren

Our visit was great. Since the remodel, volume on the weekend is a lot higher ( or maybe there are less seats in each theater ??? ). You need to buy your tickets early or online. I like that I can pick my seat, pay and know it will be available when I get there. The big, reclining chairs are very comfy. Rows are spacious so some one leaving or coming in late does not make every one they pass adjust in their seat that person can pass.

Astro Walker

Favorite theater in the memphis area! Great seating and enough people working the food lines are usually short. Keep it up Malco Collierville!

Reggie Felton

Theater was super clean, and the seats are some of the most comfortable anywhere

William Ragin

Variety of movies. Seating is comfortable. Restrooms tend to be bad. Have seen staff come into the bathroom and not fix. :(

Erica P Hemphill

Favorite theater. The seats are super comfortable and rows are spacious.

Shelby Yarborough

My boyfriend and I had a great date night here. Loved the lounge chairs, movie, drinks and food! Perfect night out here!

Nicole Powell

Love this theater! With the recliner seats you are assigned seating. You can order food and they will deliver it to your seat! It’s awesome. I wish there was a way to order food while you were sitting.

Samantha Owen

Horrible experience! This is the only Malco local that actually goes by a “seating chart” like grown adults are in second grade! I was by myself, quiet, minding my own business and AFTER the movie started a group of SEVEN came crowding down my isle! Barely fit on the row! Made it extremely uncomfortable!! Will never be back!! Not worth the money!

Errol Van Stralen

The upgrade to roomy recliner seats is a success. "Reserved" seating means that for popular movies & times online ticket purchase is a good thing.

Shirnell Petty

I love this theater! Ever since I first visited a year ago, it is the only theater I go to. The employees checking the tickets could use a lesson in customer service but thankfully my interactions with them only last a few seconds. My only gripe about this place is that there are ALWAYS a couple in my partner and I seats when we go.... literally every time. I wish there was an usher who could escort people to their seats because some people are clearly incapable of doing so themselves.

David Shirley

Favorite movie theatre in memphis, why every theater does not have reserved seating is beyond me

Neville Mitcham

Nice theater very comfortable seats the lobby and food were remarkable overall good experience

Rita Jones

It is always clean and comfortable. My family love it.

Jared Baker

It doesn’t get any better than this. Big giant lounge chairs. Huge screen and amazing sound system. Electric recline big enough to stretch out in.

Jaleel Glass

I loved it. Great atmosphere.

Wilfred Shields III

Love how we can pick our seats abd good hot dogs and dirnks

elyse m

Nice seats, but lots of bugs flying around in the room they were showing the movie in.

Scott Allman

Was completely redone, on the inside, a few years back. Great seats. Family friendly. Never to crowded.

Mario Murrell

Ok nachos 3 thumbs down great customer service though.

LaToya Shepherd

Such a nice theater. And the new seating is great.

Yolanda Anderson

I enjoyed it. It was clean, bathroom was clean, my food was hot and well prepared. My seat was amazing. Screen and sound was perfect. It was a great night.

Mike Clough

Bright,clean and employees attentive.Had not been since the new lounge chairs installed....very comfortable!

Quintoshia Triplet

It's very nice the prices are high for snacks and drinks but other than that everything was just fine.

Melissa Castleman

My first time with the recliners. That's the way to watch a movie!

Alycia Blazin

We went to see the Grinch movie on a Tuesday afternoon 1:30. The door was open to the movie 10 min early. So we went in an a blonde teen female employee was in there cleaning and barked at us to leave until 1:30. We wish she had been more polite. We enjoyed the movie aside from the poor visual fuzziness at the beginning of the film. The quality of seating is always superb and space and cleanliness is usually good. The bathrooms could always be cleaner and less wet! But still the best of the Malco theatres

Lee Purvis

Good for what it is. It's got reclining chairs, a refreshment stand, and the other usual things you'd expect from a movie theater.

Terry Brown

A bit too chilled. Understand why they sell blanket throws.

helen Washington

It was clean, spacious and the seats reclined, I loved it I think I'll go to this one now because you dont have to look for seats they have numbers on the tickets so that's the seat you have, how great is that

Jeremy Harris

Finally found a place to watch a movie in comfort. The seats here are amazing and the place is clean.. no sticky floors!!

D'Angelo Angelo

Times that I go are usually clean, quiet, with decent crowds. Maybe the price keeps things semi classy. Plus they have security as well. Nice date night spot

Sultan Shah

This is an amazing cinema. The seats recline so well that I would probably fall asleep if I wasn't watching the movie. The popcorn is buttered to perfection and I don't know why, but the Dr. Pepper there is exponentially better than anywhere else. 10/10 would recommend.

Greg Hooper

So comfortable and nice since the renovation!

{Luis Plascencia Vlogs}


Justin Hoover

Great theater, loved the assigned seats. I was able to buy my tickets on Fandango and choose where I wanted to sit and knew that my seat was waiting for me. And the seat were incredible.

Virginia Lemmons

Great staff, clean, love the recliner seats. Just wish people who have had too much to drink were not allowed to bring their alcohol into the theater. On my last visit with my grandsons we got our tickets early so we could get great seats. The two ladies beside me spilled an entire glass of wine n a bottle of beer. We could not stand the smell n had to move to seats that were less desirable

Miss D’Lettar Robinson


Teena Wesley

I enjoy this theater so much. The recliner seats are Awesome and I love that you get to pick where you sit!!!

Fred Albarran

Greatest movie theater ever!!!!! And I am from California/Vegas butt this one has us beat. As a Disabled War Veteran who has had a lot of surgeries I now have a movie theater to go to because of the leather recliner's.

Tamara Rivera

I get that concessions keep the doors open but geesh. $18 for a bottle of water, a popcorn and a candy? Eeek!

Terrance Walker

Beer ,recliners, and a big screen....this theater is perfect!

Josh Mikkola

I wish I could give zero stars. I paid for a 9:50 movie and tried to enter at 9:30. I was told that the theater needed to be cleaned. That sounded reasonable, but then I was denied access to the theatre at 9:50.. sitting here at 9:56 still not in my seat that I paid $13 dollars to have by 9:50. I am not impressed

al Echols

We enjoy entertaining there with friends. Nice place, the staff is always pleasant and great popcorn and cokes.

Heather Shell

Best theater I've been to so far. The reclining seats are awesome. So much leg room. VERY clean and no musty smell. Well worth the drive. My only complaint, the popcorn could've been fresher. But everything else.....perfect.

James Gibson

Even though I like the idea of it, the reserved seating feature takes away from the old theater tradition. Being this was my first experience. One of the seats I reserved didn't even recline. but the overall experience was pretty good.

Sherman Golden

The reclining chair. Felt like watching a movie at home

Westley Carroll

Pretty cool place. Seats are incredibly comfortable and recline. You can buy assigned seating in advance. Plus they bring food to you in theater. Want a tasty burger, order it up and they'll bring it to you. I really like this theater.

Kimberly Terry

Seen the new Avenger Movie. Love the sofa recliner seats they have here. Very nice theatre.

ashly holmes

This is by far the best Malco Theater in the surrounding area. The seats recline back. If you order something from the grill they will bring it to your seat. My family love it here. The staff is always nice and professional.

J O'Br

Its really comfortable, great place fir the family to go and enjoy time together..

betty guyton

I love the experience at the Malco Collierville. The theater is Beautiful and clean! The best part are the reclining seats that allow enough space for other movie goers to pass without you returning to an upright position! The hot dog was luke warm and the bun was hard, but they graciously exchanged the bun.

Joe Kirkland

This is a very nice theater with reserved seating. The recliner chairs make watching a movie a pleasurable experience

Max N

Great time here and it was very clean bathroom and all. Pate

Very cozy and nice. My family enjoyed it

Connor Payne \the Frozen Doctor/

I love this place. Even though I won't pay the $4 for candy, I still love to watch movies there. They have really high quality screens and I've had no problems with watching movies there.

Terry Moore

Nice theater. Clean. Full recliner seats. Reservation seating. All theater s need to be like this.

jacquesha jackson

Neat, clean, seats are good, sounding great!!

Jared Cavaness

Renovations are awesome. Just need fresh popcorn. Please get rid of the bagged stuff.

joyce yates

Everything was great. Never said I hated Malco Collierville.

Andresha Sanders

My first time here and I love love love this theater! Assigned seating due to chairs that reclined, so its not crowded and extremely comfortable too.

Burnell Cook

Clean comfortable sounds were great

Martin Dunlap

The total experience was awesome and great service.


Very fancy theater with comfortable seats and even a bar.

Mario Walker

1st time visiting. Lounge seats were amazing and so comfortable! Will be my new favorite spot!

Dakota Chambers

One of the only things to do in Collierville. Tuesday is the day to go with $6 movie night! Great facility with nice big reclining chairs. They serve full meals. Burgers, salads, snacks, etc. Great way to beat the heat in the summer. Bring a friend, bring your kids, bring your kid’s friends.

Cierra L

Pros: nice & clean theater, comfortable reclining seats, didn’t have anyone annoying in the theater distracting from the movie, really nice surround sound. Cons: super dry and unfriendly employees at the concession stand (the people at the ticket counter were nice), very overpriced food (like most movie theaters which sucks). Overall, it is one of the better theaters I've been to and I’ll be back. Just will be sure to eat before going in so I don’t inconvenience the concession stand people with my existence.

Charlotte Meskovic

When we went to pay for our tickets, the cashier asked where we wanted to sit. As we were looking at the screen to try to figure out the best seats for us to be comfortable and see the screen the cashier was huffy telling us that just look at the open seats and pick where you want to sit. I know that we are trying to be controlled on some of the things we do but for a movie theater to control where you sit to watch a movie is a little overboard. We felt like we were back in elementary school having assigned seats. No wonder no one goes to movie theaters anymore! We will just wait a couple months for the movies to come on TV so we can watch it wherever we chose to sit!

Sarah Wilson

Very nice theater. In great shape and lots of room for each seat.

Richard Neal

The theater was very spacious and the reclining chair seats are great. We went on $6 Tuesday which really help on cost for 10 kids and 3 adults.

Constance Bevitt

I would give 6 stars if the price wasn't so outrageous. The comfort of this place is off the charts.

Heather Duke

I never like theatres with assigned seats (which this has) but these chairs have recliners! I can put my feet up and enjoy the movie! Major points for that!

Morgan Lester

Great time everytime we go! Preorder tix early during blockbuster season for best recliner seating. Shows sell out fast here.

hexodus d

Great movie theater. Great reclining seats. It's a shame they dont offer IMAX or Dolby atmos. Would be the perfect place to watch a movie.

Monica lizeth Lucero

This movie theater is awesome! I so love the comfy chairs, food is really good, love the barbecue nachos, and they always have a fun cocktails.

Don Ashton

This place rocks! Absolutely the best "movie house" in the entire mid south area. VERY clean and the staff is incredibly friendly (kudos to the management because that's where it starts). We live in Bartlett but from now on we will make the drive to Collierville to watch the big screen from now on.

Valerie Tines

Best movie theater in Shelby county you pick your seat before you go in and the seats are recliners!

Kimberly Richard

My favorite movie theater. I love the convenience of everything.

Alisha T

I used to frequent this theater alot, but my last visit was different. There were teenagers everywhere with NO supervision inside the theater and in the parking lot. The atmosphere is a little different there now.

Aiden Dumlao

Large lazy boy type seating here. Most comfortable theatre around and with the grill you can order a meal to your seat for the movie.

Lisa Jeter

Love the new seats but they went up on price of ticket 13.00 whew that is way to much

Charles Kempf

Positive- awesome sound, seating and picture quality. Negative- to book online the fee is obscene, ticket price are highway robbery and the concessions are worth about half of the price. All said, the overall experience is 3 stars but the quality of the movie picture/sound are worth an extra

Dana Haymore

Great place visited it just that once to see Intruder love the atmosphere

Grant Bruner

The movie was not bad a little bit over the top


Love the recliner seats, very comfy! Theater is usually packed but there are always multiple showings so you can seem to get into the movie you want

michael hines

I love the seating ( recliner's) just like home.

Azaria Whipe

The movie was great and I like the seats

Graham Walker

Nice seats. Otherwise, a typical theater with unenthusiastic employees. The lady at the counter who took my popcorn order seemed barely able to bring herself to speak to me. Malco needs to take a lesson from Alamo Drafthouse - a much nicer theater that's actually a restaurant also. This seems to be just a regular movie theater that decided to call itself a grill.

Jasmine Cannon

The reclining seats are so comfortable! Staff is very friendly and always available to assist!

Mac Mill

Always a great experience. .absolutely excellent atmosphere and great staff

M. Andrew Gandee

Very nice experience! Staff is polite and helpful. The Collierville location is more than just a movie theater; we ordered drinks at the full bar, and ordered a cheeseburger and had it delivered to our recliners in the spacious auditorium. It's really the best place in town to watch a movie.

Charlotte Walker

I really enjoyed the movie with my Chasady my one and only


I think this has got to be the best movie theaters that I've been to. It has reclining seats that are really good. Not only do you have good seats, but you can order food at the snack bar and they will bring it to you, when your in your seat. Also, forgot to mention, you can reserve or pick your own seats at the front after you enter. If you live close to this movie theater, and have never gone, I Highly recommend going.

Josie Williams

Wonderful! It will definitely be my main location when going to the movies. It was clean and I love the reclining seats. Being able to reserve your seats is totally awesome.

Daisy Ayala

Always an enjoyable place to watch a new movie. Seats recline and are very comfy. You can also have food or drinks delivered to your seat.

Adam Willoughby

BEST THEATER EVER!!! every theater has recliners and you can have orders from the concession stand delivered to your seat in the theater... AND you've never seen such options at a movie... There's like a tiny Chilli's Bar and Grill with REAL ENTREES... it's not really Chilli's, it's Malco but it feels like it ... The food was so great and the recliners were so comfortable, my fiance and I slept through the entire second half of "Glass" ... We had to go see the movie again ... OH, and SPACIOUS!!! my son went to restroom constantly for some reason which is normally super irritating to everybody on our row at Powerhouse or Paradiso but in Collierville, we didn't have to squeeze by anyone even though some people had their chairs reclined... there's like 2 or 3 feet of walking room between rows...

Mara Cathey

Reclining seats need I say more?!

Jeff Matheny

Nice place other than their BS gun regulations that compromise our 2nd amendment rights. If they take those signs down I would feel safer and give them at least 4 stars.

Jennifer Tennial

Love this movie theater! Seats are amazing staff is always so nice!

Jessica Walker

The seating is so comfortable and the building is so clean i always tend to fall asleep. The staff is very nice also.

Ramona Sims

Nice and clean. Comfortable seats, popcorn could be a little more fresher.

Kimonique Nyoike

Great experience. Just buy your tickets in advance because you could get stuck with choosing from seats in the dead front row, if you want to sit with who you came with. Had to look up the whole time. Food was good. Will check out the bar next time.

Marie Obryant

Its a really great way to enjoy a movie! Not a lot of noice, just a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

Shajuana McDuffy

This was my first time going and I loved it. The seats were leather recliners. They were so comfortable. They had a bar and grill. AND.......check this out.......Your food was brought and served to you. Yes honey! When you place an order, depending on what you order, will be brought to you while you're watching your movie. Lastly, IT WAS CLEAN! I will DEFINITELY be returning to this location.

Eric Jones

My favorite place to watch movies.Not a bad seat ever.Comfort and convenience

Marshall Awe

Nice theater with some super-comfortable seating. Wish Malco would bring more of these to the area. Worth the drive, even though another Malco is closer to home.

Jake Khuc

Comfortable lounge chairs! Same 5 dollars price on Tuesday. Luxury for cheap wow!


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