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REVIEWS OF Hollywood Premier Cinema IN Mississippi

Vernon Edwards

Went to see a movie which was John Wick. Online it said there was a showing at 4:25. When I tried to buy tickets we were informed that the only showing would be 5 hours later. I ask to speak to the manager The young woman called him to the front I was standing outside. I saw her point me out to him and tell him that I wanted to speak to him. He then shook his head and went to the back. I waited for 20 minutes and he didn't come back. You sir are a coward.

Heidi Bee

Most of the staff is helpful, the popcorn is delicious, and the kiddie combos are always a hit with the littles. Four stars because there is almost ALWAYS an issue with the bathroom (something's broken/flooded/sink is all wet) - However, I've been impressed lately with the attention to post-movie cleanliness. The last two times we've gone, there have been two to three staff members at the ready to pick up trash JUST as the credits were rolling.

Colette M

Workers aren't friendly, except the black guy that's usually checking ticket stubs. Facility is always filthy and women's restroom needs major updating. Decent prices tho.

Ali Forsberg

The floors were nasty when I saw Avengers last night, and tonight A quiet place was ruined because people couldn’t keep quiet. Quite ironic.

Rudy Monteagut

Watched Venom, had fun

Barbara Madison

Loved the place. Was very clean and theatre was stadium seating for a better experience!

susan weber

Wonderful, clean and not too cold!

Wardella Bradford

Great Family atmosphere.

Kadein Rice

It was fun love it so much

John Bradley

Relatively clean. Obviously an older theater, but it's not bad.

Robin Blaine

Comfortable stadium seating. The armrests on the chairs fold up out of the way if need/want more room or want to cuddle up to your date. Bathrooms are clean. Concessions are decent, but not extraordinary and are not excessively-priced (for theatre fare, at least). Don't bother with purchasing tickets online, though, unless you expect a sellout crowd for a show. They charge you an added "convenience fee" to do so... Though what is convenient for you is a mystery. They have a guaranteed seat sale and you cannot still cannot get an exchange or refund.

Martha bramlett

Wonderful staff and reasonably priced

Earl Rainey III

Good people clean theater

Another Contractor

Nice clean family Friendly theater

Matthew Calder

This is the only place in Starkville to watch movies. I enjoy going here. They have most all of the newest movies. The prices are average for movie theaters and the food is on par with everyone else. It is stadium seating which is a must for me. They do everything on par with any other theater. They are great at any one thing. Their customer service is adequate.


Amazing, love the food and drinks. Keep up the work :)

Scott Grice

It's getting old, time for an audio update and larger screens. Beyond that it's clean and the staff is fine.

Will Smitherman

Got to go see pets 2 with my big little man and wife had lots of fun laughed a ton! About the only place for entertainment in starkville other than going skating

Jade Crowley

Need lower ticket prices, concessions, more matinees, and bring back midnight premiers!

Stuart Herring

I would give it five stars, except that very often the picture is slightly out of focus (as is evident when text or titles are onscreen). I've complained about it to the in-house manager several times, but to no effect. (One time, someone told me that the focusing equipment on the projectors was aging, and so not able to retain focus with no problems. The obvious solution is to repair or replace the sub-par equipment, even though that would incur a short-term cost. If you truly can't afford to keep the equipment in proper trim, your business model itself needs to be re-focused; if you simply don't care enough about your customers to present a proper show, well, your business model needs to be re-focused!)

Elden Robison IV

Concessions are reasonable compared to most other cinemas

S Jason Frost

It's a nice place to go to the movies


Great experience! Needs a few upgrade, but overall everything was good.

Douglas Arnold

Old school theatre. Good prices on food.

Mary Goldman

Love go here to watch a good movie.

Michael Jack

This place goes the extra mile to keep it's theaters clean, comfortable, and up to date on the latest projection technology. So, yeah if you are going to see a movie on the Sunday of a big opening weekend, the place won't be the cleanest, come Thursday/Friday it will be.

Paige Roland

Went multiple times it's pretty awesome needs to have a more organized place thi

Heather Rhodes

Clean, plenty of room reasonable prices

Monica Henderson

Venom was a great movie......a must see

Andy Robison

Literally been going to this theater my entire life. My absolute favorite. Lower prices than most places too even though most people still thinks they are a little high.


Great place to watch a movie

Kamillah Scales

The concession stand prices are great. The movies stay in the theater a decent amount of time. The seating in the theater is extremely comfortable. Very clean interior and nice restrooms.

Deanna Peacock

The movie theater is clean the popcorn tastes great. They even let us use their party room for our Christmas party at work and didn’t even charge us. Everyone is courteous. The employees point us in the right direction. They are also well dressed.

Jounin Reaper

Decent concession and ticket prices. However, does not accept fandango, and has an absolutely terrible website for reserving tickets. Avenger:Endgame was not sold out when I looked, but their website was not functioning properly so i could not reserve tickets. However i could reserve tickets for Saturday's 3:00pm and 3:01pm showings, at 11pm on Saturday.

Michael Howell

Very nice theater and enjoyed watching Downton Abbey.

Ronald Crabtree

Clean. Comfy seats. Children's snack combo at $4 is great deal.

Justin Farley

It's just like every other movie theater over priced drinks food etc. I asked for a bottle of 3 dollars I said no ty cause I can buy a case of water for $2.50 on my town

Olanrewaju Raji

Nice cinema. I mean, it’s the only one in Starkville, so you’ve got no other choice. I’ve never had a bad experience at this theater though, always on time, moderately clean and the sound/ambience is appropriate. Most people that work here are MSU students, so please take it easy on them and don’t leave your trash in your seats.

Braylon Trammell

I didn't hate this I love it and you should TOO

Andrea Wilson

What movie theater isn't open for early shows??? Only this one...I'm an avid movie watcher, but half the time shows don't start until 7pm and only 2 viewings a day. I want to take my kids to the movies on school holidays, can't do it without keeping em out all night....Not ok

Benjamin Butler

Service was great. Food was affordable. Only major negative is the theater has NO large bag policy. No search, no restrictions.

Lula Short

Peaceful, clean and variety was excellent.

sjjellybean sarahjean

Great prices, clean theater with good popcorn

Ariel Nachtigal

Great place to watch a movie. Good pricing and family friendly.

Dennis Moen

Prices are responsible, especially the matinee showings, and this theater is always clean.

Dorothy Brown

It was wonderful

Chase Anderson

Totally expected the average small town run down Cinema with small screens and the isle down the middle of the seats. Which sounds terrible, and is. This place is not that. They have normal arena seating, good popcorn, and good service.

Jacob gray

Will not be returning due to rat in movie theater.

cecilia crocker

Great sound!

Lea Throgmorton

Pretty clean theater!

TShirtShopandDesignFirm,LLC wraps

Everything about the theater is awesome, but I have to agree with the gentleman who commented on the patrons. Crying babies, cellphones, people ruins the movie for everyone else. Common courtesy seems to be a thing of the past.

Jeanett Mallett

Would be nice if they did milkshakes and ice cream cones.

Shavell Rice

The pocorn is goos and the starff are very nice

Jimmy Ritchie

Good quality projectors and audio in most of the theaters. Very reasonable prices, especially at matinee times. The seats are worn in a couple of places, and they definitely don't mop between every movie, so it's sometimes a little sticky.

Brandon McLaren

Best theater in MS!

Samantha Baker

Great customer service. Good environment for children and families. Perfect place to create memories...

Mary Gardner

It was a great experience everytime I go is a great great experience

Bella oswalt

Love it

John Reeves

Not the best movie theater, nowhere near the worst I've ever been in.

Alexis Jordan

When I need to get away

Lost Highway

Nice theater could use better and cheaper concessions.

Rob Royse

Meh. Only game in town if you want to see a movie. Annoying that you are charged extra for a popcorn or soda refill.

Levi Colquitt

Nice small theater. Too cold!

Nathan King

Great seating. Fast quality service. Online ticket option is a game changer.

Karla Bush

Love going to the movies

Robert Powell

Aside from never having good directions to get here, every movie I've been to has always been wonderful. Always clean and pleasant.

Josh Bigham

The seats in this theater are not comfortable. Terrible experience. Will not be back

Lue Weatherspoon


Amber Herron

Great Place! Very clean and they have leather seats!! The staff is very helpful and they keep the lobby and restroom area super clean! If you live in starkville come see the movies here!!

Michael Melvin

Clean seating areas with friendly and smiling staff. Smaller selection of movies but up to date with hot titles.

Caleb Abbott

Good theater for the size of it. They have everything you should have in a theater and the staff keep everything clean.

Adam Wansley

Great prices for a movie theater. Can't go wrong with that.

Erik Syc

Great place to sit back and relax! Fantastic prices as well.

Latoya Jones

1st night we came movie was cancelled. So we view another movie. Called the 2nd night to return to see unseen movie was informed it was playing. Drove all the way from Columbus to watch a movie. Stood in a extremely long line only to be told movie wasn't playing again.

Elyssa Derka

The only theatre in Starkville but it still does very well although my only complaint is that the walls are very thin separating each individual theatre room so sometimes during a quiet movie that happens to be next to an action movie you can hear the booms and crashes and yells of that movie next door which can sometimes be annoying and aggravating. Other than that, the service is great and the theatre is always clean and upkept

Jim Hyman

As far as theaters go, it's OK. It's a rarity in that it's locally owned, which is good. There's also plenty of parking. The biggest problem has always been the ticket window and lobby design. The largely uncovered ticket window only has room for a couple of clerks, so you end up with crowds and occasional long waits...and it's much worse in bad weather, since there's almost no cover. Inside, everyone packs in the lobby and stands around wondering when their movie is seating. It's disorganized and confusing. Unfortunately, none of this will change without a major remodeling and expansion of the theater, which I'm sure is unlikely.

Eric Godwin

Best theatre in the region. Upgraded seats and interior design looks wonderful. Great place to hangout!

Alannah Thompson

I just love thinking if the Hollywood and how one day go

Nisreen Cain

Just your typical movie theater. Very much appreciated as it is the only movie theater in town. Friendly people. Good service.

Andrew vanderBijl

Not the best quality projections and sound but it's acceptable, good ticket prices and the concessions are reasonable

JL Aubrey


Gene McDonald

Great theatre. Projection quality is above average, ticket price are good, and concession prices are great. Would definitely recommend this theatre. Hail State

Debisree Ray

This is the only one movie theatre in town. The hall is good, the washrooms are not very well maintained. The popcorn is good.


Great theater

Reed Sanders

Prices are decent, the theaters are always clean, and the snacks are well priced for a movie theater!

Ritabrata Santra

Doesn't list shows on movie pass (intentionally)

Jacarious Cork

Y'all are a good movie theater good food and drinks and bigger where I am.

Cory Rushing

Employees wouldn't help the elderly to sits.when ask

Michael Stelzriede

The only theater in Starkville. Needs some renovating and an upgraded sound system. It's worth the drive to Tupelo for action movies and 3-D features but kids movies and romantic comedies that don't have explosions it's fine.

Bill Mccune

Good movies no waiting family environment

John Haynes

Decent prices, decent selection. It is closer to Mississippi State than any other theater, which is its main attraction.

Richard Mcwilliams

Very good

Jada Henley

Its a very good place to watch movies

Jessica Thaxton

Very good prices for concessions. Staff is always fun and goofy. I had a bad experience during the Power Rangers movie where the audio was messing up. Told them upfront and they let me come back at a different time for free. No problem. Always enjoy this theater.

Marcus D.Great

Best in the area but not the best in the state. I spend many weekends here. Would be good if they had a monthly pass for me!

Laquaylon Steward slash X

Amsome movies I love a wrinkle in time

Pebbles Montgomery

It was large and not cold as ice which was nice!


Avoid teen night fridays very crowded then.

Anastacia Diamond

Great costumer service!

Angel Magic Hands

Need to have more specials for kids Columbus has summer movie deals!!

Greg Simmons

Great place to watch a movie, especially when school is not in session. Prices are good and theater is well maintained.

Tyler Strong

Always nice employees and its always clean! No complaints here!

Lance Eskridge

Good location behind Academy Sporting Goods. Clean w/ accommodating staff.

Jonathan Hammond

I've been to some very nice, high end theatres. This one is clean, has friendly staff, and pretty decent sound and image quality. They are also friendly to independent filmmaking and host Mississippi's oldest film fest, the Magnolia Independent Film Festival, in March.

Tyler Hannis

Comfortable seats and friendly staff. Ticket prices are bit more expensive than you would see in larger theaters. The concession stands have reasonably priced combos (for a theater) though.

Claire Greer

Clean, nice staff!

Richard Love

While I don’t go to the movie a lot, this is a nice place to go. I have grown to like the new style theaters with the recliner type chairs that can be reserved online.

Phil Evans

It's a decent small town theatre

Son of Hecate

Used to go to this theater every weekend when I was in 5th grade all the way through high school and occasionally go whenever I'm home for the holidays or a visit.

Tan Hetherington


Chelsea Minor

They have new bigger seats

Khalecsey Hatch

Small but very nice and friendly staff

Douglas Alan Cummins

Nice theater for Starkville. Generally nice, clean restrooms and well taken care of property. Good sound systems and seating.

Jonathan Barlow

Great place to see a movie. All concessions are for kids though (sweet stuff), no coffee, tea, beer, or sparkling water for adults.

John Barksdale

had 30 students...and they had a great time.

Chasidy Lindsey

Nice place I like going

Brittany Belk

It was good enjoyed the movies and the people's was very nice not to have their phone so loud.

Khristy Franklin

Great movie spot with a variety of movies!

grant tollison

I've been going to this theatre for years. Nice lobby and spacious stadium seating. Reasonably priced concessions as well.

Craven Moorehead

I go here quite often. Projection quality is decent, but the sound levels are very poorly managed. Some theaters will blow your eardrums out while others can barely be heard over the sound of your own breathing.The facilities are mediocre. In theater 2 there is a leak in the ceiling that drips water during a heavy rain onto a few seats. Other than that, the chairs and everything else are in decent condition. The staff is nice enough, and like others have said, the concessions are reasonably priced. The worst part about the whole experience are loud college students and other "locals" who tend to make the experience less than desirable. But you can't change the demographic make-up. Also this theater tends to branch out a little and show more than just the standard, big-studio blockbusters. It's an ok theater in a smaller college town.

Angela Washington

Nice clean and intimate

William McKee

Always fun with decent crowds.

islam med hguig

One of the best cinemas is starkville, the staff are super nice, the bathroom is clean all the time, the show rooms are clean and the seats are comfortable. All in all, i like it dont go ther on a friday or Saturday night, it gets too full. Any other time is great.

Pamela Harris-totton

Great place to watch movies

David Rogers

Enjoyed watching The Post. As expected, concession prices are high.

Luke Pierce

Its okay nothing outstanding, nothing bad either so all in all, will return. Only theater in Starkville I believe so...

Vickie McNeer

Gotta love it.

Jeannie Herod

Fun family gathering spot.

Andrew Chandler

Overall this is a good cinema. Ticket & concession prices are fair and on par with other theaters. Bathrooms are clean and staff are friendly. HOWEVER, I always seem to have issues with various theaters that never get fixed. For example, there is one theater on the left side that has a busted speaker in the front right that makes a horrible crackling, buzzing sound. I first noticed it months ago, reported it to the staff, and then just recently I saw another movie in the same theater and the exact same problem was there. Another theater had a garbled speaker in the back left; I again reported it, but I don't think I've been back in that one since to know if it's been fixed, but if I'm paying nearly $10 for a theater experience, I'd like to not have to worry about these things. Another issue is that a few projection booths will have blinding white lights turned on and shining directly down into the seats below them through the window. Whether it's lights being accidentally left on or poorly placed lights in the booth, it leaves some viewers watching their movies with a spotlight on them. EDIT: Recently saw Avengers: Endgame in yet another third different theater different from the above two. Right side speakers were popping, and audio skipped for a good minute in all speakers at some point. Smh...

Regina Willis

Great service.... concessions were reasonable

Bryan Whittenton

Always a good selection of movies, and definitely the best in the region. It can be crowded though, especially on an opening weekend. The concession prices aren't too bad, especially for large popcorn/drink.

Jonathan Stumpf

Great concession stand prices

Patrick Cook

Well maintained and semi-enthusastic staff

Jennifer Mcginnis

Halloween was a pretty good movie!

Brandon Banks

Screen quality was ok. Sound was good. Great prices on concessions.

Cynthia Matthews

Enjoyed the movie superfly here went on Sunday night less people enjoyed it

Moose Bennett

they've recovered the seats, but the seats are still old and a little rickety. Decent ticket prices though.

Hesham Fahad

Excellent place to watch a movie with the kids and enjoy the latest movies.


Good place to be

Keyun O'Briant

Gr8 atmosphere, we even better employee's!

Jesse Hamilton

Always enjoyed going here. Good sound and picture quality. Has movies which just come out. Also many showings.

Chloě Elenã

I love the quality of the movie and good prices. I may be young to talk about prices but one time i went with my friend and i had to pay.

Daisy Ds

I love the place.

Doreen Kennedy

Great sound and very comfortable seating. There definitely needs to be more parking for disabled people though. I only counted 4 spaces. That's not enough.

Kierra Wesley

The movies are always amazing! Snack optional are pretty great too!

Dana Albert

Love going to movies here

Mike Allen

Prices are so damn ridiculous

Deshanta Shannon

Wit my Family..Its nice here but they can turn the air on Girl Trip was an excellent movie..


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