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REVIEWS OF Riverview Theater IN Minnesota

John Kasper

No place pairs theater nostalgia, cost savings and modern cinema technology/experience quite in the way the Riverview achieves. All you have to do is be okay waiting a month or two for movies to come through. Saw A Star is Born for $3, $3 popcorn to boot! A true gem!

Owen Murray

They have the most comfortable seats. I love this place. Second to none in Minneapolis.

Todd Downing

Great classic theater with modern sound system. Super busy, but friendly staff.

St Paul Minn

Incredibly overrated. This 700-seat theater has seats where your legs can't fit and your bottom will ache before the end of the movie because they're so uncomfortable. Floors were dirty. Long outside winter line at the door. Unorganized concession stand. No parking so you have to walk a couple blocks. The popcorn, which they claim is the best in the world, is just okay and I can make better at home. The night we were there the men's bathroom had no toilet paper. And a few people brought 5-year-old kids to an R-rated movie. The only positive is the price--it's super cheap (thus the raves). But even though the 1950s decor is cool to see once it seems dirty on closer inspection. They need to get rid of the seats and put in something modern.

Vincent Bystedt

Cheap yet great place to enjoy yourself, and does not feel cheap at all

Beth Barnes

Yay! So fun! I only been in this area years before I because of the wine bar kiddy corner. I wish I stepped foot in here sooner. I took my family of 4 here for Captain Marvel. Had popcorn + refill, 3 kinds candy, 4 pops and it all cost under $40! Uh-may-zing!! Great place for cheap dates. The history of this place is cool too.

Jonas Sjostrom

A 1950's decor theater with the best price on admission and buttery popcorn. A family favorite!

Ben Dlugiewicz

Awesome theater with a cozy atmosphere, great movie selection, and you can't beat the price! A little gem in South Minneapolis. We will definitely be back.

Deon Love

I always enjoy the Riverview!! A classic old-school ttheatre with real butter for popcorn! Yea!

CuBe Head

Great place, love the popcorn

Mason Preusser

This is basically the best movie theater in Minneapolis. The popcorn has real butter and it's cheap as all get out

John Barcomb

Great neighborhood theater with a cool vibe, good value, too!

Kristine King

The Riverview. Theatre is a jewel! Everything about it is wonderful! Beautiful art Deco and mid-century decor, great prices excellent choice of movies and wonderful popcorn with real butter!

Kevin Bruns

This is the only theater I enjoy going to. $3 for a great film selection. I don't even check what they're showing before going, I know it will be a great film and there will be great vibes.

Alka Josh

My car was broken into here. On the recommendation of the theater manager, I parked across the street on the surface lot of a healthcare facility. Came back from to find the rear window was smashed, a million pieces of glass in my car and my items gone.The neighborhood had seemed clean and safe and the staff told me it was alright to park there.If they had said bring your valuables in I would have. Police report filed, credit cards were cancelled and Laptop missing. The owner spoke to police and then to me and told me it was a metropolitan area and theft happens. No responsibility about his staff's recommendation of parking there. I told him the least he could do was apologize for their misdirection instead of chastising me. Of course no security cameras on either buildings. I found out later from the police and staff that this was a pattern in that area. That makes it worse that, THEY knew this vandalism was prevalent. Very expensive movie experience. I really wanted to like this place.

Mary Wielinski

Great prices and the best popcorn of any theater!

Eowyn Ward

Comfortable seats, great atmosphere, cheap, and cheap concessions. Overall worth it.

Les Stern

Funky retro theme, cheap admission


I was visiting from out of town and found this little gem of a theater. Great price, nice seats, large venue and good movie. The place does get pretty crowded when a movie is ending the new crowd starts to line up for the next show but the theater is big enough that seating isn't an issue. Great find!

Mark Lucker

Excellent as always! Great film, great value. Always a pleasurable trip.

Brigid Mary O'Connor

The BEST deal in town. Eclectic films for all ages. Gets the most recent films. Is so committed to our community. Affordable. Sound system is utterly amazing. Stadium seating. Staff are so customer friendly. Just adore Riverview! Have been a fan for almost for forty years!!! Can't say enough! And thanks for all the World Cup coverage over the years; extremely grateful. And especially love the kid's movies during summer. There is ALWAYS something for someone. Thank you, Riverview Theatre!!!

Tonya Adrienne

Wonderful, classic theater. Great popcorn and an inexpensive entertainment choice. Love it!

pat barbatsis

Such a fantastic experience every time that our friend's parents bought a house across the street! Now that's a loyal following...

Sicilia Marchetti

BEST popcorn, amazing seats and viewing, love the design and the Christmas time especially. If you go, the price will only be a bonus!

Judy Grimes

Comfortable seating, the best popcorn in town(we sometimes take out the popcorn to eat at home). prices are so affordable, especially for seniors. This is the best neighborhood theatre! Parking is a challenge, tho, but worth it.

Gina Braun

Great space. Friendly staff. REAL butter on the popcorn!

Nancy Serfass

Best movie theater around with the popcorn to die for.

Jin Patel

Visiting the Riverview Theater on my trip to Minneapolis was one of the unexpected highlights I experienced. I am told it was remodeled somewhat recently. Beautiful job, I really enjoyed exploring this beautiful theater.

Taniya Graham

This theater has served the neighborhood it is in for many years. They have reasonable prices not only for the movie but also their snacks aren't over priced like you big box theaters. I highly recommend it, get there early as parking can get hard to find.

Ezra Wilson-Nausner

Historical landmark of south Minneapolis anny local will be able to tel you about this place with the cheapest theatre in town movies slightly dated but great theatre experience. Been going to this theatre for the past 25 some years

erik larsen

Excellent popcorn and it's so cheap. They also show old movies in the summer.

Daniel Beasley

Absolutely one of my favorite spots in the Twin Cities. Great second-run films on the cheap ($2-3) with frequent special engagements of interest to the community. REAL butter on the popcorn is truly a classic touch. Wonderful retro feel to the lounge, while the theater itself has been renovated with modern seats and updated sound.

Erik Ruggles

The ticket and concession prices are amazing. I was able to get two tickets, a popcorn and a drink for $10.50, less than a single ticket at most other movie theaters. The seating is decent and all the lines moved quickly. Parking is probably the hardest part as they do not have a parking lot, but there is plenty of roadside parking around.


Classic movie theater experience! Really cheap tickets and pop and items! Great for the weekend vibes!

Allyson Cygan

My favorite movie theater, period. It's a single screen theater that shows second run movies, so nothing is current, but ticket prices are low, and snack prices are both low and fantastic (their popcorn is some of the best movie theater popcorn out there). The theater is a gem and there's a reason it's so well attended. If you're in the area and want to see a movie, the Riverview is going to be a cheap option but also a really great option.

Michael Johnson

Best place in town to see a movie.

Tommy G Richter

Pairs well with a trip to the wine bar across the street for a complete evening out! A classy old school theater experience that barely puts a dent in the bank. Love it.

Pat Dobier

Great price, atmosphere and real butter on popcorn

Grace Roue

Amazing theater. They have wonderful prices for both seats and snacks ($2-3 a ticket usually, depending on time.) They are in the style of an old 60's theater or so, having only one screen as well. The movies they play aren't the newest ones usually, but you can find some great movies!

Bronwyn Bouthim

50's charm has not changed, but now there are comfy seats and great sound. Love it.

Keith Severson

Comfy rocker seats, classic, 3 bucks and still the best popcorn!

Peter Goldberg

Cheap movies and a good atmosphere. Definitely a go-to spot to see movies after they leave most theaters but before they come out on video. They also host special events and showings that can be pretty fun.

Andy Memelink

Love this place would rather go here then a fancy expensive theater. Place has charm character and a great aura every time my wife and I go there. The retro movies are a great touch even if stupid late for this old guy and gal. I remember seeing die hard (wife's favorite Christmas and regular movie in our one year anniversary).

Robert Bogott

Came for first time to see Crazy Rich Asians. For these retirees the price was $2! Popcorn and pop were bargan priced as well. The place was clean and comfortable without the threadbare feel of other discount theaters. It seems the movie offerings are shown once a day so pick the movie then the time.

Carolyn Drohner

Cannot say enough about this place. It's a gem! It is breathtaking inside and out. It is clear the ownership values the history and uniqueness of this theatre. Also for only 2 or 3 dollars for a show and very reasonable snack prices.

Jen Lincoln

Masterfully renovated theater. Very reasonably priced admission and concessions. REAL BUTTER.

Francis Conwell

Came here for the first time yesterday and it was so nice! The seats are comfy the movies are cheap and the theater is like non other. Go here for a date night or alone if your bored. Great theater!

Mary Foster

Old, retro, yummy popcorn, comfy seats, great movie prices, nice neighborhood to take a walk.

Laura M Zgutowicz

Went here for a Short Film called Oh My Stars

Vane Lopez

I love this place is cheap and friendly sttaf

Linda Stange

Loved the old theater "vibe" and really enjoyed Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff!!!

Jesse Walker

We've been coming for years. Great budget friendly family outing on weekends.

Sam Glover

There are just two things wrong with the Riverview: 1. It only takes cash. This is balanced by the extremely low ticket and reasonable concession prices. 2. If you don’t have cash, you will have to spend about the same as a ticket to withdraw cash from the ATM. To add insult to injury, the sign on the ATM is in Comic Sans. Honestly I wish the Riverview would just raise its prices by $1 and accept credit cards because I rarely carry cash anymore. But after your first visit you’ll probably just remember to find some cash before you go.

G Zachariah White

Classic movie theater experience. Great popcorn.

Freddy Manderfeld

Fantastic place to catch a movie. If you have never been here please go or you are missing out. Classic 50s style, one screen, and super great prices! Plus they use real butter on their popcorn! Great for a date night.

John Enger

Great theater, excellent 1950s experience with modern updates in seating popcorn is the greatest

LeAnna Chosa

I love having this place in the neighborhood, so we don't have to drive to a theater 10 miles out. It doesn't play BRAND NEW movies. But it's worth waiting a few months for. Especially since the tickets and snacks are so cheap! It's clean and family friendly. Will continue to give this place business.

Chris Farley

The Riverview is my preferred place to go see a movie. The seats are comfortable and admission does not cost a fortune.

H Ismailov

Decent place specially when you don’t have money

ehud elnekave

Nice place to enjoy movie with the kids

Bob McNamara

What a great theatre. Cheap popcorn, nice seats.

SeanK. Hotay

One of the best movie experiences I've had. Great seats, great sound, great views...and grab an adult beverage in the connected building next door to complete the experience. All this for Blade Runner 2049 and the moonlit walk along the river made that night a great one.

Doug Adelmann

Love the Riverview! Best popcorn in the city, great seating, love the 50s furniture as well.

Luke Johnson

The popcorn with real butter is the real draw. It's a classic 50s theater that plays movies after they've left the major cinemas, as well as Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tour De France and other special showings. One of the fun quaint things is to see advertisements from the local businesses showing before the main feature.

armin brueckner

As a kid in Milwaukee, they built Budget Theaters in the mid 80s. 2nd run movies at a discount price in a multiplex setting. Movies 2 or 3 months later at a fraction of the price, I loved it. Milwaukee also had a few landmark theaters. Restored theaters playing indie and art house movies. Riverview is both of these put together and it's one of my favorite theaters ever. Reduced ticket prices, check. Restored theater, check. Neighborhood feel, check. And to top it off, really great concessions pricing. It's cash only, so bring a $10 bill and treat yourself to fresh pop corn and a soda.

Accordion Travel Guy

Fun vintage style theatre, affordable, and a local favorite

Serafina Scheel

My favorite movie theater in Minneapolis. Inexpensive films, great for families, fresh popcorn.

Elizabeth Reader

Always clean, even though they are always extremely busy. Prices are great and they use real butter on the popcorn. If you are taking kids out for a birthday party this would be a great place to do so.

Coppercat 8

Good popcorn great screen

Darcie Vandegrift

How fun to find this budget historic theater. Films are $2-3 per showing. They show 4-5 movies one time each day with rotating order. Many art films and quality second run (films out 2-6 months). Avoid cramped seats towards the back. Loved the hyper local ads before the show. Will be returning soon!

Kaleb Lutterman

Very cool theater to see some old movies on the weekends for a great price

C Turner

Love this place. Very few old theaters left like it. This one has updated equipment, but classic decor, and oops school pricing. Cheap movies, real butter on the popcorn. What else could you ask for?

Terra Detle-Jamieson

love this family owned theater I been going to since I was a teen. movies shown have been out so its 3 bucks but the best part is THEY USE REAL BUTTER on the pop corn...

Robert Lewis

Great place. Nice crew. Great popcorn.

Mary Minnesota

Retro feel. Comfy seats. Treats are affordable. Fun night.


Great prices and nice seats

Leo G

This theater is Awesome. Today I went to go see "Maiden" Love the Old Fashion decor Staff was Amazing. Fast, and Efficient, but Also very accommodating I purchased the Medium Combo of Popcorn

Coronado Tassonen

For the price, you won't find a better theater. Movies may not be the newest out there, but I don't mind waiting considering we have a large family and it's a great bargain.

Paul Busch

This is one of the great institutions in the Twin Cities! Getting to see movies on the big screen for 2 or 3 bucks is amazing. Real butter on their popcorn. Seeing friends there virtually every time I go, creating a sense of community. Long live the Riverview!

Gina Bianco

Love the popcorn. The prices are amazing. It’s surprisingly easy to miss spoilers from movies so you can watch it at the riverview for less.

cindy chinis

By far this is the best theater in the Twin Cities. .not to mention the best popcorn!!!

JRob Zetelumen

Excellent second run theater. It's especially nice since the remodel. The prices are so nice, and they usually get the top movies. Even the popcorn is better and more reasonably priced. There's also a sense of community at this theater that I just don't see at the big corporate theaters.

Chris Thompson

Best movie theatre in the twin cities! Great prices, service and atmosphere. Been to hundreds of movies here

Jeff Theis

Awesome old time theater with great popcorn!!


You just gotta love this place. It needs to stay open forever. The retro style lounge is beyond cool.


I haven't been to the Riverview in quite a few years. It was a pleasure to be back. The popcorn was great!!

Amanda Senst

Fantastic local venue with great prices on tickets and snacks! They show a variety of films for all ages and preferences! Would definitely recommend, you won't be disappointed!

Scott Anderson

Great old style theater. Has terrific popcorn. Real butter. Great overall value for your buck.

Michael Reed

The theater is great. Affordable prices for movie tickets and snacks. The seats are spacious and comfortable. On the bus line as well. Will continue to give business there?

Dia Thao

You can’t beat the experience of one screen, cheap tickets, and good concessions.

Julia Yvonne Johnson

Cheap tickets and unique theatre with some interesting showings.

Liz S

Such a great neighborhood movie theater! Cheap admission, good flicks, tasty treats - what could be better.

Katherine Sager

The best movie theater around. Clean, inexpensive (both the show and concessions), lovely, and historical. The Heights is a close second to Riverview.

Metal Yang

Nice clean classic place.

Gradylee Shapiro

This is the very best movie theater that exists anywhere. It’s affordable and accessible and you can’t beat the popcorn. Watching a movie here is like watching a movie with one hundred of your closest friends.

Mat Nelson

Best neighborhood movie one could ask for and they have always kept it affordable and for everyone while changing with the times. Keep doing what your doing. Cheers to many more decades!

Ulrich Häring

Wow, huge room and original design. I instantly fell in love with this cinema. great to visit with children. Very nice staff.

Randy Streed

Clean. Friendly staff. Good popcorn. Cheap ticket prices. No parking lot is the only negative thing I can say about this place. There's plenty of free parking though any way. By far my favorite theater.

Ryan Leichty

Best movie theater in the area. Cheap tickets and concessions, great picture and sound quality, and all the vibes of a local neighborhood theater. They only use real butter on the popcorn too.

Aaron Bonnell

Love this place. Best deal in town.

Ava Winters

Cute little theater, not fancy but a great place to watch a movie and eat candy for cheap

Steven Butler

Cheap tickets, decent theatre, make sure to bring cash as the ATM charges a fee of about $3.

jeff radotich

Most seats are great. Besides they back ones. Price and popcorn is great. The best thing is when it's time to see the movie. The place fills up and it's great when people laugh and cry together.

Mike Vickery

Fantastic place. Full of charm. Clean and fun. Great place to take the kids.

Denise Houk

I love this theater. They show older movies. The prices are cheap so it always draws a crowd. It makes watching a movie so fun. Every laughs and reacts and at the end of the movie, they clap. It's so fun. Go and experience what it use to be like to go to the movies.

Wade Bednarick

Love this theater. I don't go to see movies very much anymore because it has turned into a money gauging experience. (I have no gauge-worthy money) Here I can get popcorn with my movie and not have to skip lunch for a week to afford it.

Frank Haege

Awesome old school movie theatre. Great seats, snacks and experience

Tim Marburger

Best real buttered popcorn. Max is super friendly. Good shows. Wish there were more places like the Riverview.

Michael B.

So fun! Retro theater atmosphere with really cheap movie tickets.

Daniel Magner

Dollar theater, fun building, good popcorn- cash only.

Rebecca Nyberg

Mid century chic theater that doesn't price gouge. Great community asset.

John Andrew Metza

Great price, great new seats, really comfy. Also an eclectic selection of films that are many times better than high price theatres.

Casey Summers

This theater is great! It is in a beautiful mid-century modern building and tickets are just $2 or $3. You can't see brand new mainstream movies here, but they play old and indie movies and the big films will show up a few months later. This is where I go to see most movies now.

Matt Geiser

The theater doesn’t accept credit cards at the ticket counter and doesn’t have a functioning ATM. So unless you’ve got cash on hand you are out of luck.

Burl Zorn

Nice large old fashioned theater! Great seats and all second run films for a $5 fee. Buttered with real butter popcorn for those while care! Cash only!

Craig Anderson

Riverview Theater is hands down the BEST of all Minneapolis/St. Paul area movie theaters. Affordable family pricing, popcorn with REAL BUTTER, great concession pricing and selection. Every single theater employee had a smile to share and said "Thank You." Art Deco styling lobby, clean restrooms, very comfortable theater seating with ample leg room for even this 6'8" man. Sound quality of movies was excellent, temperature of theatre felt very cozy and ample street parking a plus. Upon leaving a recent showing, it was raining very hard. To see this theatre's young employees grabbing umbrellas and escorting patrons to their vehicles was unexpected and extremely appreciated. Riverview Theater is a diamond in the rough.

Bonnie Bartel

Great time once again! My only regret is I moved from the neighborhood to two hours drive away -- but very much worth the drive. Too bad there are only 5 stars! I was here again this year for sound of music sing-a-long. The audience is also a factor in the greatness of this little theater. So much fun!!!

Theresa Dolata

This place is awesome! Best movie theater in the Twin Cities. And the popcorn is the absolute best. The employees are awesome!

Katie Schultz

Great theater for families on a budget or who don't want to pay $10+/ticket ... Love the 'kids box'- just enough popcorn, small soda and a generous sized box of your choice of candy for $4!

Yessi Jare

great theatre, something a bit different and more unique, love the vibe

Laura S.

I love this old school antique theater with affordable tickets and concessions, comfy seating, and mom and pop feel. I like community based locally owned theaters like this one.

Isak Larsson

Beautiful venue, cheap tickets and reasonable concessions.

kevin tiaden

Wonderful, throwback theater. Very family friendly and priced excellent.

Dustin Antoine

Riverview provided an amazing movie watching experience. It seemed like we went back in time to the 50's and 60's with a packed theater, and a crowd that actually responds to the movie! Can't complain that my wife and I saw a great movie and had pop, popcorn and hot cocoa for UNDER $15!!! Check it out on a Friday or Saturday night, it's well worth it!

Samuel Wagner

Favorite theater around, best prices and popcorn with real butter!

Meggie Greivell

A true gem. One of my favorite places in the Twin Cities. The only place anywhere were you can get popcorn with real butter. I don't like to see movies anywhere else but here.

vickie hyatt

Took a grouo of 90 kids and they were great

victor hernandez

I love this old school theater a great bargain FYI cash money only

Ben MacKinney

A fun venue for a minnedemo

Minda Garcia

Best popcorn in town. Friendly staff.

Erika May

Great theatre! Love the look and the ambiance! Great prices and best popcorn!

David T

Really good local theater experience The Riverview theater has done a superb job as a local theater. I just came from their free viewing of the US Women's vs France World Cup match. Excellent service; clean theater, relevant recent movies, artistic independent films, and a very good cafe across the street. I will continue to develop my Riverview habit.

Jared Wick

Turns out this old theater is one of the best seats in town! Low prices mean great value and an affordable night out in South Minneapolis. Don't forget the popcorn!

C. L.

Great prices, great theater. Lots of good shows & special events. The place is a little used up, could probably use a deep cleaning & some refurbishment. All of South Mpls goes here. One of the last budget cinemas around.


Best kept "secret" in the Twin Cities and the best popcorn!

Molly Hansen

Great place for "Special event" movies and shows, reasonably priced, even the popcorn is good!

Alex Freeman

I mean, it's the Riverview. It's the best theater in the Cities.


My favorite neighborhood movie theater! Not only is the Riverview Theater an historical landmark, it's still a functioning neighborhood theater with totally reasonable ticket prices...and they even give senior discounts. The building is kept clean and well maintained inside and out, keeping the art deco style of decor. As always, had a great time watching a great movie in comfort. This time, I watched "Rocketman" - highly recommend seeing it!

b Lo

Recent run movies, good popcorn and you can't beat the price. Sitting in the seats makes me feel gigantic.

Maria Heshmat

Real butter on your popcorn! Free street parking! Easy transit! Next to a winebar!

Jodi Irwin

The seats are comfortable. There is enough room for everyone. The popcorn is GOOD. The prices are stellar. The films are the ones I want to see!

Anthony Ross-Sapienza

A great option if you want to avoid expensive first run movies, or to catch an old favorite. The tickets are $3 or less, and the popcorn and soda combos are also reasonable. They even have real butter topping for the popcorn, if that's your preference. The esthetic is classic, and the theater is great. I've not sat in a bad seat, yet. The audience is also generally very good. People are not disruptive. The theater also has fun events, like a Summer Late Night movie series and a Lord of the Rings marathon in December. This is a theater for people who love movies.

Laavanya C

Quaint little theater. Rerun movies for low cost. Street parking only.

Samuel Spenader-Roark

The Riverview is, quite simply, the best place to see a movie in the Twin Cities. Sure, it's second run, but it's the last theater in town that gives going to the movies a sense of class and style.

John Gossom

Love this place! It's cash only, but otherwise a charming experience.

Rick Thompson

It's brings you back to the old school way of watching movies. LOVED IT

Rory Scherer

Great classic theatre, affordable fun and great value. Our favorite theatre!

Maxim Culacov

You simply can't fight the 2$ tag. The atmosphere takes you back to the 50s. They have a good répertoire and comfortable seats. I even enjoyed the publicity of the local community businesses.

Annalise Mooney-Harte

This place is amazing. The theater itself is beautiful, comfortable and huge. The popcorn is beyond and delicious, and I definitely recommend getting a large They show movies a few months after they came out, and that's okay. Tickets are so inexpensive and on Tuesday's they are only $2.


Very likeable place! Old time charm original building with character to boot. Definitely worth the experience. Parking sucks so make sure you leave extra time to park.

Angel Scott

Old and new movies without losing the retro theater atmosphere.

Thomas B. Myers

Best date night in town! Real butter popcorn

Joseph Drechsel

A South Minneapolis treasure. Great popcorn, awesome value and all around fun place! Love the classic vibe and the annual Christmas season showing of It's a Wonderful life! Pair this with a tasty meal at Hi-Lo or Blue Door Pub and you have yourself a 5 star South Minneapolis date.

Becky Peterson

First time here. Lovely theater and the best popcorn and refreshment prices.

Kurt Klussendorf

Full-size old time theater. Good sound. Great newer seats. Where movies are still a community event!

Cassandra White

Decent seats and real butter on the popcorn

Lara Hammer

My favorite movie theater in the twin cities. Best popcorn in mpls; they use real butter. Great sense of community here, the art deco vibe is quaint AF. It's 3$ to see a movie. There's a garden center across the street, on the other corner there's a wine bar/cafe. It's a great spot for a date or girls night.

Kaylen Lowe

Great theater! I came here for Crazy Rich Asians and it was such a good deal. I think it was about $2 for a ticket, and a medium combo of popcorn and drink. There were a lot of seats, the theater is interesting in that it's very long, however narrow. I didn't mind too much, however if you like absolutely quiet theaters, maybe don't go here. There's just a lot of movie goers who talk that are there.


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