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REVIEWS OF Emagine Delano IN Minnesota

Jacob Cook

Had some smaller theatres within. They have a bar. The sound in the theatre was not top notch, but ok for a night on the weekend with the kids.

Aaron Telecky

Nice theater!

J Doe

Great theatet

Scott Holman

Great service even though very busy!

Craig Forcier

Great theater, great new seats and treats


Anything would have been an improvement from before the remodel; but this place is AWESOME! I had a beer, a pizza and saw a decent movie from a CRAZY COMFY recliner. Everything looks new and redone. Sure it's more expensive than with the Muller, but it's actually less expensive than making the drive to Plymouth like we were before the remodel. Outstanding service, will definitely return.

Andrew James Riemer

I wish there were a way to leave a more granular review--there are some things I like here, and some I don't. On the plus side, seating options are great, including some recliners. They also have Coke Freestyle machines for soft drinks, so refills are unlimited and free. Their pretzels are tasty, and they will bring concessions orders that can't be immediately filled to your seat (see below). For those who want a cocktail, they have a bar. You can purchase your tickets online in advance. To me, the location of the bar is a downside. It's the first thing you encounter when you enter the lobby. Its often been quite busy and loud--its not an experience I really want to share with my kids when going to the movies. They really could improve signage for those coming in with pre-purchased or electronic tickets. The first time I was there with e-tickets, I ended up waiting in the concessions line (no one was in the ticket booth), only to be told we didn't need to check in, that we could just head to the theater. Of course, it would be nice to know which way to head to find a specific theater, especially for first time visitors. Cleanup between films seems to be limited. On all recent visits (three over the past five months), there has been trash either on the floor or sitting in adjacent seats (in the recliner section, to boot). On our first--we were pleasantly surprised by their offer to bring our popcorn and pretzels to our seats. I was a bit surprised about the popcorn, because their hopper was full, but we were told they were making it fresh. We had arrived well in advance, and our pretzels were delivered less than ten minutes after we found our seats. They forgot the popcorn, however. The apologetic staffer told us he'd be right back. Nearly ten minutes later, after the previews had started, we still didn't have our popcorn, so I had to go out, flag someone down--the concessions area was then super busy--and retrieve it myself. The movie had just started by the time I got back to my seat. We didn't get as much as an apology. If things are cleaner and there are no further problems with service on future visits, I'll likely revise my review.

Bradley Hayes

Ann Janssen


Chara12 Sommerfeld

Its good

Chris Sullivan

Super-comfortable recliners, but adult beverages were a li'l over-priced, even for a theatre, and concessions were run underwhelming. 1 ticket, 2 beverages, and a snack cost $41.

Amy Gaertner

Great seats

Bill Lotz

Very nice since remodel. Some confusion checking in and the recliners are too close to the screen.

Dan Nelson

They have "bendy" straws !!!

Harold Althoff

Jarad Belgarde

Jason Neu

Great renovation and prices are way better than I expected. The power recliners are worth the extra dollar a ticket

Michael McCullough

An extra $1 charge for butter on popcorn. Seriously?

Adam Richardson

Ella Attia

Wonderfully redone on the inside great sound system and comfortable.chairs.


Great movie theater...

Linda Demarais

Love the new recliner seating extra shoulder space too. I also had a cocktail it was $12 but it was large so worth the money. Don't think I can ever go back to regular seating

Lisa Zimmerman

I love what they did for the remodel. It's a great theatre, I will say I've never been in a theatre that has a bar, they also sell hot chocolate. Typical concession stand. Overall great theatre..

Elizabeth Wurzbacher


Jeff Kilpela

Jack Nellis

Full service Theater. Food brought to my seat and a full bar. The seats of course top notch themselves.

Chuck Leyda

Comfortable seats. Beer. Pizza. Love this place.

Devon Mauk

Nice place.

Ryan Walsh

Very nice place and great amenities.

Frank P

Dustin Olsen

Mark Bredahl

chacha cha

No complaints here

Dan Menk

Huge improvement.

JF Niece

This place looked brand new, has recliners and was great.

Ashley Claycomb

Always so helpful!

Jarrod Driver

Good movie good popcorn and very good pizza

Anita Wagner

Nice theater!

paul moonen

Great people and nice place


Great remodel

Jason Winter

Spendy, but still cheaper than Plymouth. I love the recliners. They're only in the front few rows, but not near as close to the screen as the seating chart online makes it appear. Free refills on everything no matter the size!

Nelson Imamura

Excellent Movie Theater, Great Seats and Bar!

Rick Schaffer

Great theater

Ryan Paczkowski

The recliners are nice! Tickets are a little hard to understand but overall great experience!

Tracy Brown

This place is great

Nickolus Holmgard

Very clean and comfortable.

Trisha Dennis

Always love our experience here... The only thing that is not very lovable are the prices haha but that's expected at any theater, which is why everyone sneeks in their own food haha not me tho I never do that lol

roger ward

Friendly staff at the counter. Helpful with saving a little money while using our Emagine card. We had our choice of seats for this show

Margarita Ruiz

Keith Shelton

Clean, love the recliner seats!

Tosha Trimbelle

Seats confy, butNo marquee outside to know what's I don't go. Employees seem miserable

Steven Bryan

Very clean and comfortable. The recliners are amazing. There's a bar and a big stove for pizza. I absolutely recommend this theater.

Linda Knudson

The renovation will be a nice change for the future

Leslie Engelmann

Very nice theater!

Gabe Whipple

Kristine Ensign

I really like this theater and their amenities.

Matt Ridings

Chad Truman

Always a great place to catch a movie.

Hugh Holmstrom

Tyler Winter

Best theater I have ever seen. Beer, pizza, 3D movies, and great staff.

Maxine Olson

Love our Tuesday movies

Kristina S

So comfy

James Lies

Nice little gem of a theatre!

Bruce Larson

Loved the whole experience.

Howard Vomhof


Lee Hadley

Looks kinda rough but once you're inside it's a clean nice theater. Totally coming back.

Milayna B

Amazing place! The customer service was good too.

Betty Jacobs

Wonderful, comfortable seating, temperature just right. Sound too loud.Too many previews. Bathrooms were clean and attractive.

THE They

Love this place!!!

Pat Mc

Love it here

Trent Witz

Small theater but updated with friendly staff

Amanda Willette

Great seating, employees were nice. The manager talked to my daughter and gave her a free kids popcorn and pop in a Ferdinand container on our way out.

Angel Gomez

Very clean and they have a few seats for handycap people with easy accessibility

Cameron Reich

Love the upgrades to the theater!

Donna Pouliot

Mike Emerick

Everything was nice, and clean. Seats were very comfy. Staff was very courteous, I forgot my nachos after I paid, and one of the staff brought them to me in the theatre.


Nice theater and good food.

Bis Jac

Pizzas <3

Mike Holub

Very nice

Chad Roberts

Staff is always friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable!

Donald Grimm

Really good price And a very friendly atmosphere

Laura P

Love the new recliner seating.

Mat Meyer

It was expensive for a matinee. I expected$5 but it was closer to $8 and the cost of snacks was high. We were only people in our theater. Would have been higher stars with lower costs of tickets and snacks.

Blake Koehler

Michelle Rehmann

Love it definitely coming back

Doug Starbeck

Keira Mahon

Seth Petro

Jose R Rodriguez-Segovia

Always good

Sara Clementson

Amazing remodeled new go to!

Cates Moe

Love quiet theaters and online reservations

Dick Clark


Karla Hanson

Super comfy reclining chairs =D

Meetup Mania

love delano new theather, reclining seats, pizza delivered to my seat, free refills on icees could not get any better

Katherine Mika

Renovations really have made this place 5 stars. Amazing recliner seating, good snacks, and clean bathrooms.

S Hennings

Very nice and good food

Kari Oppegard

Charlotte Elva

Very nice theater. I love that they bring your food order to your seat when it is ready!

jason bentfield

This is a really nice place

Dani Palmer

Nick Reynolds

Very nice theater. Full bar, wine, beer, pizzas, etc. They have power recliners, but in the theater we were in they were the front few rows....too close. Large screens, great sound. CLEAN, my feet didn't stick to the floor at all! Recommend ordering your tickets online, if you do you can walk right in.

Derrick Wyman

I love that Emagine bought this theater. They totally updated it. You can reserve seating, and buy tickets online! You just walk right in, get your popcorn and sit down. No ticket line, no getting in line early for good seats. These things make seeing a movie with the kiddos a breeze! I made an account online and have already earned a free movie ticket and two free popcorns! And the first four rows super wide reclining chairs make the movie watching experience so comfortable. This is the only theater we go to now.

Gena Hagedorn

it is a beautifully remodeled theater. nice place to have in our small town. have a cocktail. watch a flick. kick back in the recliners. pick up a blanket and leave it for a donation to charity. love the place


Sound was set wrong and beer was WAY too expensive.

Adam Ritter

Love the remodel and online pre-pay tickets.

Nathan Kramber

Amazing sound and video quality! Recliner seats are usually the first few rows and are ULTRA comfortable! Reasonable prices!

Charles Vittitow

Enjoyable movie experience

Joleen Soderberg

It's so nice having the theater in Delano! Super clean, full bar, wood fired pizza, and typical theater snacks. The bartenders and everyone who worked at the theater were so nice and helpful. There are always many new releases available and lots of showtimes. The theaters are clean and nice. It's worth the extra money to get the comfy VIP seating! A great spot for couples and families!

Blake Baynes

Great theater, love the theater. It was just remodeled so everything is clean and new.

Darlene Yager

First time here since Emagine Remodel. It is very nice Entry, Concessions and Seating.

Ax Deploy



1st time to the new theater! It was a great experience! This will be my new go to with the family! Thank You

Jon W

Great modern theater since the renovations. Recliners, fresh made pizza and a full bar are just a few of the changes.

john vickerman

The redesign looks great

Joni Miller

Very friendly, great seats, and sound was good quality. Would go back again.

Curtis Olstad

Theatre was top notch, Reclining seats that are extremely comfortable..

Sharon Dascher

Nice upgrades.Good movie selection.

Dawn Krohn

Nice and clean, bathroom was kind of dark.

Tim Hayes

Very nice venue

Angelique Holman

Love the reclining chairs and that you can buy a reserved seat ticket ahead of time.

Kaylee's World

Randy Hildebrandt

Disappointed that they didn't have a highly rated movie "Unplanned". We needed to drive to Waconia Emagine. It was worth the drive!

karen dressel

Great pizza! Friendly staff. Comfortable seating

Paul Kraimer

Best theater around.

Jennifer Danczyk

Love the new update and recliners!

Sandy Pulis-Kintner

Nice friendly theater

Leah Kastner

The viewing experience was good; comfortable seats as well as good sound and picture quality. Staff is still settling in, tried to get a beer mid film after a restroom break and the bar tender was nowhere to be found. popcorn was good and they offer real butter, and the beer selection was surprisingly varied. overall I enjoyed it, and will be returning.

Brittany J

They have completely remodeled this theater so it looks very nice there and they also have all recliner seats as well. They do a program that is free and if you sign up on Tuesdays you get free popcorn which is a nice little surprise. They keep theater quite clean and so far I have had no issues with this theater. Also on Tuesdays they have $5 movies and usually it's never too busy so you don't get a packed theater on those days. I would definitely recommend this theater if you live in the vicinity around Delano.

jennifer pearson

Good experience on a quite night for an impromptu date night.

Callie Carrillo

Comfy seating and I always get the recliner. They offer a good selection for consessions and the bbq chicken pizza is amazing. The staff are always friendly and helpful and not to mention, it’s always clean! So happy to have a great theater so close. Highly recommend.

Eric Stewart

This place has always been fun for me to go to, but now with the recliner seats and better service, this is the go to theater for me.

Bryan Kyllonen

Nice rural theater. The walls echo and sound system could be improved but other than that I would have given 5 stars.

Linda Valentine

Excellent staff

Kim Sorensen

They showed R rated previews in a kids movie and scared my grandson to tears. Way too expensive too. We're used to 5.00 matinee before 5pm and it cost us 26.00 for 4 of us for the movie and 37.00 for 2 little popcorn combos for the kids. Will not return

Sam Cates

Love the recliners

cameron palmer

Especially since the revamp, the Delano movie theater is a fantastic place to watch movies. It's clean, new , fancy, and it feels like a big city high end movie theater.

jeremy beier

Cole Baker

Love renovations to the theater good food, clean bathrooms, also I like that you decided to combine the cups so you can get an icee one time and a pop the next.

Alex Stenberg

Nice clean place. Awesome chairs

Jennifer Mader

A complete experience

Bunny Brain

Josh Barningham

A great place to watch a movie and grab a drink.

Kurt Coykendall

Best theater around.

Joe Fude

very well kept and great place to see a movie

Cathy Zandstra

Great movies and concession stand. Great prices.

TW Diem

Updated quite a bit on the remodel. Comfortable seats with new food options to go with the shows.

Steve Karg

Great way and place to watch a movie.

Tim Smith

Good value, never too crowded!

Jack Johnson

Cool theater

Barry Riback

Timothy Dehne


Jess Nowak

Kids were throwing candy at me from the back row on Friday.

Clorinda Birckbichler

Great place and we had fun :)

Sam Jackson

Great theater, but expensive and has ok seating.

Syvilla Hennings

Very nice and clean and large good surround sound , food is good to

Tony Boverhuis

Nicely renovated theater. 5 theaters with reserved seating, including reclining chairs.

Michael Gravely

Nice small local theater. Serves beer too

Gail Graunke

Nice if there for the good seats


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