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REVIEWS OF US 23 Drive In Theatre IN Michigan

Angela Camper

The food was horrible! Rock hard. The staff seem to not know what they are doing either.

Ashley Strauss

My husband and I love going here to see movies, we bring snacks and can talk as much as we want during the movie. It is great with our minivan, we make a bed in the back and watch the movies laying down. The concessions are just ok, average movie theater food. It is a great price for 2 movies. I admit the park by a pole system isn't the best but I guess it works.

Justin Collins

Nice,friendly,best priced concession stand food in ant movie place around

Crystal Law

Great place for the family


My kids and I had fun. Be ready to use you own vehicles raido for sound to the movie.

Christina De Clerck-Szilagyi

Any drive-in is one of the most uncomfortable ways to see a movie, but they do a nice job here.

Jaime Portillo

Haven't been in awhile so decided to yesterday with that the family. Time and age have definitely taken a toll on the signage, parking areas and concession stand. Patking areas were all flooded. The movie showed great and sound in the vehicle was great. Biggest issue was the amount of cigarette and marijuana smokers we could smell the whole two movies plus the dogs barking. They could use some type of patrolling security to help monitor this and dogs should not be allowed. I would not go back or recommend as a drive in movie given the current state and conditions.

Shelly Ward

They were out of corn dogs, cheeseburgers and chicken fingers :0(

Kelly Oneil

Grow up here will never get bored here hope you guys keep it going forever

420 Vision

Awesome Drive-thru movies. The classic way in watching a movie.

Kay Carpenter

Love love all that work there and newest movies

Marta Wyngaard

It is our family, my daughter's tradition to bring her best friend and watch a movie every summer. They love to organize the minivan and put pillows and blankets. They love to buy popcorn and hot dogs and enjoy the movie. The facilities for a family event are OK, not fancy, but decent. We love to be outside watching a movie, and that is why we support our drive in cinema.

Rob Levos

I'm giving it a 5 because it is a unique experience. Bathroom needs work.

Tanya Deiulius

Awesome place to take the family. Movie night!

diane brinkley

We were told to only park in certain rows and apparently people absolutely do not know how to do drive in ediquette any longer as most of the vehicles that came in blinded People were loud and obnoxious, the screens look very old and in dire need of repair. As was the concession stand. It's a shame that the one drive in isn't better taken care of.

Mike Reseigh

I love this place. We go every year. The burgers are good too. Double feature movies rock.

Gabriel Green Hands

This place is awesome. A true treat for me and an incredible value. I love double features. Concession stand had a late night special too. Very happy I found this place an will definitely come here often. Also I would like to add this is a great place for families. I saw children here and families having a great time. I did not see any issues here at all and I highly recommend supporting this business.

Jerry Bissell

Concession is awesome..and I like that you are allowed to bring your dog..

Laceyshay 90

It was great! The best thing about it is you can bring you fur babies. As long as you clean up after them.

Toya Clabon

Had a blast. Two movies for $20 bucks. You can't beat it. I can't wait to go back again.

Angela Matznick

I would give it 5 stars back in the 1970s when I remember watching Saturday night Fever with my aunt's, but now taking my grandkids, the place has not changed one bit. Bathrooms are the exact same (filthy), grass not kept up, no landscaping, ECT. Poles all bent, can't see the colors good on the poles. I went to buy a popsicle, ( no ice cream sandwich, just a popsicle and it cost 3.00. Im sorry but the prices for food and the amount you make in one weekend, shame on the way you keep it up, or I should say lack of keep. It could be a beautiful place, but someone needs to learn to remodel when its been 40 years.

Matthew Strzelecki

The only old school Drive-In left great place to see a movie they have three screens

John Powell

It is the only local drive in movie that we have. It is difficult to compare when there is only one. Be prepared to get home way after midnight if you watch both movies. The quality of the picture is not as good as a inside theater, but you get 2 movies for 9 dollars. The sound quality is only as good as your car radio. You can rent a portable radio if you want to sit outside of your car. The popcorn didn't taste fresh, I didn't see it being made

Theo Wampuszyc

Absolutely fantastic, the most romantic date I've ever been on! Overwhelmingly charming and more reasonably priced in food and tickets than any theater, drive in or otherwise. A great place to watch the sunset if you get there early. Easy to work sound system, high quality projectors, and a charming collection of wildflowers and fireflies to keep you company while you wait for dark. I drove half an hour to get here, but it was well worth it. Can't wait to go again. Bathrooms were a little sub par but not any more than some other public restrooms.

Zcottie Letcher

One of the few drive in theaters left. Nice place to take the kids specially. My youngsters loved Toy Story 4


I’m so glad there are a few old school drive-ins left! We come here every summer. Thank you! I love the nostalgia.

Matthew Krease

I had so much fun with my girlfriend. We saw Toy Story 4 and Aladdin. Will definitely be back.

Cari E

My family and I are always excited to be at the Drive In! We look forward to it every year. You can borrow radios so you don't have to use the car's battery. And always a trip to the concession stand for something- most helpful for cold starts and ends...the hot chocolate! So glad we still have US 23 Drive In Theater!!

Michael Lampinen

Might be a little run down but we enjoyed the experience with our grandkids.


Movie tickets are at a great price. Staff very friendly and willing to help. Just wish people would follow the parking guide lines on there own

vinodhkumar ramamoorthy

Speaker provided was average. Better carry speaker and chairs from home then it will give best enjoyment

Dennis Pillow

No rules, people park backwards, lift their hatches in front of you, stereo s, blasting, chairs in car spots, no security, free for all

Dustin McDaniel

Only one near by so hard to complain...


I Would recommend us 23 to anyone.. good time for the entire family ... and the food in the concessions it's not too bad either

stonecold Austin

The reason for 3 stars is because I would love to have had a hot dog but you guys don't sell koegel hot dogs so therefore I have to go for chicken strips and for $4.50 is pretty expensive for three pieces and it being not warm at all. So there you get some Stars

Laura Wilson

Cute drive in! Clean & friendly. Reasonable concessions!

Kevin R

Great experience everytime and good prices

Bobbie Freeman

Seen Toy Story 4 loved it!!

Tyler Mcclure

Movies play very well and color is very Vivid I wish they still had the speakers that you put in the car but the radio station has a very clear sound makes for a very good driving theater the inside has a ton of snacks and the hole things pretty cheap. Highly recommended

Ron Wolfgram

Wish they had some type of speakers, other than having to use your cars audio. Decent experience overall. Just bring your own battery operated radio if you plan on sitting outside.

Cody W M

Good old fashioned drive in movie with two shows. Good snack bar.

Ben Vokracka

Movie screen was dark and hard to see. The projector needs to be much brighter. Other than that, it's always a pleasure spending an evening here.

Travis Woolridge

Movie was great, sad it thunderstormed during the second one.

Kaitlyn Hinkle

A nice alternative to a movie theater! There are a total of three screens with plenty of parking for each. The cost is $9 per adult for a double feature, which is a great deal! The bathrooms were clean and the grounds seemed well kept. The concessions are the reason for not giving 5 stars. All the food had been pre-made and was just sitting in warmers. The popcorn was not even hot and there were piles of dead flies in the drink refrigerator. I would return but not buy from the concessions again.

Aaron Klumpp

Fun place to go for a double feature, as long as you want to see both movies. On the plus side, it is only $9 per person so it is a lot cheaper than going to the cinema. I would recommend bringing a few of your own snacks/drinks as they can be a bit costly to purchase from the snack bar. Only issue I've had there is from other patrons that don't realize how to turn their headlights off...

Angela Neubert

The screen was too dark to even see the movie clearly.

Jason Ford

So happy to see that these still exists. Would be helpful if the "staff" would help with parking. To many entitled people that think they can park in the front row and take up two spots. Also PLEASE up the food prices and get some A/C in that concession stand. Good Lord it's hot in there.

Michelle Fortunato

Great family fun! Could use a better sign system for the different screens. Although there are signs below each screen, you can't see them once people start parking and it is dark. Overall a good time for everyone and I hope to come back.

Scott Bennett

It was a great experience! The entire staff and environment was friendly. Double feature for $9.00 per adult ya can't beat. Thanks for the memories

Robert Beaucamp

Great place for the family or a date. Reasonable prices

Brian DelGreco

Love this place! You can't beat the 2 for 1 movie price. Blast of the past!! Worth the trip mo matter where you live!

Chuck Busha

They have 3 screens and yet they constantly play little kid movies ....the 2nd movie doesnt even start till almost midnight....give me a break already play an adult movie!!!!!!!!!


Only problem was the other drivers not turning off their headlights

Jon Heflin

Great place to relive the 70's and 80's. Choice of 4 screens with a bih selection of concessions!

pam coombs

Always a fun time..

John Jones

Had a great time. Plenty of space. Compared to other drive ins I've been to every one seems to be more cautious with the head lights. Just wish it was closer to my home

David Morrison

People with big trucks with pull in front of you and block the screen the screen was as big as my TV at home it was an awful experience I would never go back again

Matthew Leonard

First time. Cool experience, fun for the kids.

Jamie Laird

Garbage everywhere, screen is dark and one of the screens is actually broken and they had to move everyone to the other 2 screens.


Awesome place. I've of the few remaining drive in movies in Michigan.

J Fulton

Hatchbacks left up make it difficult to see the screen.

Kevin Christie

I love this place

chris tarolli

Great place, every clean

Toriano Lehman

Always a pleasure going here nostalgic

Elwin Holmes

I like the place, but need to work on the pole placements. Some are missing. Also screen 2 and 3 are smaller then 1. Need to work on better built up of the parking space so cars sit up more on the front ends to show fuller screen for people in backseats of cars.

Chico Alvarado

Great place to go and watch movies. The staff is friendly and the restrooms are always clean. The prices in the concession area are fair and there is a lot of variety to choose from. The food is good also. Great place to take the family and hang out.

kelmama and others

Such a good place to watch a movie under the night sky. Not many left. My family and I love it!

Jon Clemens

Great times for all. Projectors show lines. Could use parking area updates. All said and done still one great experience.

Tanya Tee

Love going to the drive in.We catch a few movies every summer.I don't like the that u have to rent a radio.Not for sure if u can use Iheart on the phone.Has anyone used their phone to listen to the movies?

Ken Gobart

Had a great time! Haven't been to a drive-in in quite a few years. Have recently moved to the area and will be back many more times. Thank you for being here and keeping the drive-in experience alive.

Shey Lyn Zanotti

My one requested when I was home this summer was to go to a drive-in. It did not disappoint!

Lori Jones

I love this drive in, all the people that work there are very nice!! Lots if variety and good food at the concession stands, making great memories!!

mike brown

A lot nicer than the drive in I'm used to in Detroit I love how all the spots have slight hills to park on to give you that perfect view of the screen

Paul Aldrich

My family and I love this place. The kids play catch or tag until the movie starts, the snacks are good, and even though we rarely stay through the second movie the tickets are priced comparable with other theaters.

Thomas Allen

Grass need cut weeds all over for what we pay for tickets need to clean up the place

Adam Leinenger

Always a great time

Chad Christenson

Always a fun time, great prices, great selection of concessions.

naughty Nikki

Love this place!

Wendy Zitouni

It's a one of a kind experience. 2 movies for the average cost of one. Food is a bit pricey but there is a large variety.

William Tharpe Jr

I love this place!!! Friendly people!! You can't beat 2 for 1 on the movies!!

jeff sobek

Back to the Brick's car cruise is awesome

showme thewit

Nice that we still have a Drive in in the area. They could stand to at least weed whack the tail grass and put some more gravel in the low spots. Couple of pretty deep ponds in the driving area. Especially with all the heavy rains.

dave decator

It's amazing to see a drive in still open. Great job!

Snazzy Finazzi

Really great place, but bring your own food and drinks, the food and drink they sell there are really pricey

Brianna Staton

Love this place! My truck died and the staff came out and jumped it for us. Worth the trip

Ryanne Orosco

Clean, friendly staff, the bathrooms are small but other then that wonderful

Ryan Fountaine

A great place to watch movies, very good prices

Stargazer Nightshade

Great place, one of the few remaining drive ins. Our kids love going to double feature cartoon movies, they fight to stay awake through the whole thing. It's just wonderful prefer going there instead of the regular movie theater

Steven Estrada

That was a great place. Clean. Priced good for in drive in eating. Rented the boom box because my truck ignition switch doesn't have accessory position.

Tracy Sherman

first time going there& it was great,but people kept turning on there headlights& it was had to see the movies.

The emarled minecart tem

Great selection very fun kinda expensive but worth it

Tamara Kern

It was the best! We saw the new Aladdin movie with Will Smith as the genie!!! And the New Avengers movie it was a ending that made my childhood Comics books come to an end!!! May they linger on in my heart and in my dreams with endless possibilities and joy for the written word and pictures of true comic books to never end and live on in the hearts and in all our dreams like the cliffhangers should !!! Loved the girls who ran the snack bar and Thank you for makeing my full circle complete. My son in law and daughter say since they live so close the will be back to see more movies all summer long as long as the season last!!! Prices are so reasonable and the snack bar food is so good that it was a steal !!! Clean environment delicious food nice people!!! Just some people need to learn proper drive in ediquite and learn to watch the movie with their headlights off!!! Still a great place to make memories and know that it's still fun to go to the drive in!!!

Jonathan Orjada

Love going here!

Carolyn Kessler

It was awesome! Its been a long time since I've been to one of these. They had 3 different screens. All different movies. Great for families, couples and more! The food at the concession stand was cooked fresh and delicious! Will definitely go back!

Chase Tejkl

Nice and quiet, good food, and Would definitely go on a double date there again

Donnajayne Brown

We had a great time! The employees were friendly, nice, the concession snacks great as well! Making memories with our granddaughter was our goal and we all enjoyed it!!!

Pam Arnold

One of the few drive ins left. I love it!

Ryland Wharram

A relic from the past. Drive-in Theaters are hard to come by in this age of streaming. A great experience for the family.

Jeff Murphy

Good place to relive the drive in experience

Andrea Forstey

The parking makes no sense once it's busy!

Wliam Wiseman

Fun awesome but to expensive

Lisa Smith

Step back in time, watch the big screen from the comfort of your own car, or grab some chairs and invite some friends, guarantee to be a good time.

Paul Ravenstone

Love love love this drive-in! Best in the state!

Chris Pricelesss

I had a great experience. Kid friendly environment. The food was excellent. You can rent a radio so you don’t kill car battery. The staff was friendly and very helpful. Security on site as well! I’ll be returning for sure. Thanks guys good work!

Wes Uhl

Great place. Picture was a little dark. But it's really nice watching movies outside.

Kimberly Shastal

Needs a little tender loving care The concession stand needs help and it's quite pricey (take your own snacks

Mike Knight

An all-around good experiance

Ed Altounian

Bathrooms aren't in the best shape and I wish they would turn the volume down on the input to the radio transmitter - there is distortion in the audio, even at low levels. Aside from that, great drive in with great selections.

Rj Henkel

Great place go all the time

Dave Killinger

Been going there for years.great place very clean and friendly.Whould recommended to everyone who likes drive ins

William Steiss

I enjoy my time there

Dora Hilliard

Much luv, Ain't got no other one


Definitely will be going back

Laura June

Havent been in almost 20 years had a blast took my kids we had fun for sure going back soon

kenya crayton

It was a great nice view we have watched two movies

Rick Shock

Had a great time at the drive in. I'd recommend bringing a hand held radio, the speakers on the poles are no longer there but they do rent out radios if you need one. I was shocked at how good the concession stand was. I didn't plan on getting on anything but changed my mind during intermission and was pleasantly surprised. Restrooms were clean. Good family friendly summer fun.

Brandie Stock

Always a good time. Just wish they had better quality of food. If the food was warmer and sometimes the pretzel is dry but either that it's always good time

James McGrath

I took the kids last weekend. It was fun, The only thing bad was the pot smokers next to us. Some people need to have more respect for others. Especially when there are kids around .

Chris Prieto

Where else to go see a movie and have a great time with family. Back I go. See you there!

Kerri McArthur

A wonderful way to spend the evening with the family. Great value.

Bobbie Morris

It was better than when I was a teenager!!!!!! It was clean, friendly staff, great quality screen, awesome sound!!!!!!!

David kostka

Great fun. Good prices. My boy loved it. It does run pretty early into the morning though for the kiddos. Uh, date nights fun too.

J. Ellen Darnton

The last of a dying breed. They have 3 screens and good parking arrangements. They usually have good choices on and most people are considerate of others. The only complaint is that the butter leaks thru the popcorn bags and there's no good way to get butter in the middle of the popcorn bag. So bring your own popcorn container and enjoy the show!

Meredith Aldrich

Awesome place to take the family or cuddle in for a date. Most recently I took 7 teens to see Solo. They had a great time! We brought our own food and drinks to cut down on cost. Make sure you check weather and bring blankets because we froze our butts off when the sun went down

Denise Dean Troutt

Great Drive In, awesome employee's, our battery in our car was dead one of the staff came right out and jump started our car for us!

Theodore Mays

We went the other night was pretty nice. You know they have high concession stand prices but that's where they make their money so I understand what overall nice Drive-In.

Joei Zaragoza

Very impressive the concession area is clean and any choice of food is hot and taste good. Restrooms were clean but small area. Most of all workers are friendly and helpful.

Ron Lockhart

Had a great time love the drive-ins I just wish I could make it more often

Brett May

It's a good time everytime! It's also a bargain for those on a tight budget.

Edgar Tyson III

Watched Spiderman 2 and men in Black, always enjoy the drive ins

Craig Reed

Had a great time taking my daughter to her first drive-in movie last night here. I would recommend getting there an hour early at least to get good spots but we had a pretty good parking spot and were there about 15 minutes early. Movie was clear with good sound and concession stand lines went fast. I'll definitely go again.

Michael Maenza

Great drive in, one of the last remaining. Safe, family friendly. Pricing extremely reasonable. Concession had variety of snacks and drinks at decent prices. Bathrooms dated and small, but clean. Solid experience, plan to attend again.

Julie M

Good prices and friendly people. It is nice to relax and kick back with some snacks on a nice day and watch some movies with friends or family or even by myself.


Love it but not when ppl are smoking marijuana and it stinks so badly that I have to roll up my windows.

Kristina Abraham

Second day of opening for the season. Love coming here. 2 movies for the price of one. Get to be comfortable in our own vehicle and I can bring my little dog. My husband loves the movies and would be here everyday of the season if he could! Great job. Keep it up. The price did go up to $9 per person this year but every year prices go up. Comes with the territory!

Scott bird

Still a good night out. Three screens and good food.

Tori Schack

So many good memories here while growing up. I have been taking my daughter and her friends recently and we always have a great time. They also have reasonable ticket prices. Lots of options at the concession stand; from food and drinks to radios and bugspray. I do wish some of the food was a little better though.

Scott Aguirre

I love going here with my family, but it's a once-a-year thing for us since we drive all the way from Rochester Hills. It's great that there are still some drive-ins like this around. It's a cool experience from a bygone era. I have no complaints. They have a good selection of food at the concession stand.

Cristina Last

I have been coming here with my family since... i was a toddler. Much like the majority of people who still come here its a tradition. The concessions are great, the popcorn is hot, there are options like burgers, pizza and hot dogs. The bathrooms are tiny and well... like most gas station bathrooms except crammed together but hey! It's all part of the experience lol we still love it! A summer must!

Kristin Keesee

Too many people in large vehicles parking where they weren't supposed to and blocking the view of the screen. Also, people around us were smoking throughout pretty much the entire movie, which I found particularly annoying as someone with asthma.

Dominick Cabildo

Lots of fun! Going to an old drive in is a great summers evening. Back in the car, bring blankets, food and a radio to tune into the movie. Careful to watch your car battery, but if you car does die. The guys in the concession stand have a battery jumper. I do wish the grounds were a bit more clean feeling. Maybe try the burgers for only $4.75 they are pretty solid.

Shannon Schatz

They need people to clean up litter and to cut the grass. Bathrooms are pretty bad. Fun experience for the kids though.

Bonnie Cox

The picture is so dark on all the screens. Wasn't like this last year.

Rishab Gaba

Great movie watching experience. Hassle free. Video quality is good. Sound quality is not. But the experience was joyous. Easy parking, snacks and insect repellent available at concession stand. Loved it. Would definitely like to go there again.

Demitri Jordan

Awesome place for the family and good memories

Margaret Karlskin

The first time I've been to a drive in about 30 to 40 years. It was totally awesome and there was so many amazing old cars and trucks there to. We had a great time Margaret, Larry, Jerry and jade.

Ares sanchez

We had a great time! It was clean.

Cristine N.

I flat out refuse to go to movie theaters anymore due to my fear of picking up and bringing home bed bugs. Gross! Given this, I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that we had a good, old fashioned drive-in theater literally 20 minutes away from our house. They do not have the speakers that hang on your car like traditional drive-ins used to. They do; however, have portable radios available so that you don't have to run your car battery down. There is a $20 cash deposit required. If you don't have $20 cash, they will require you to leave your Drivers License and a credit card with them as collateral. There is a pretty good assortment of very reasonably priced snacks available (ex. French fries, chicken strips, hamburgers, giant dill pickles, candy and of course - popcorn. They have plenty of bathrooms. All in all, we had a great experience and we'll definitely be going back.

Jaylin Duhon

Really nice drive-in in a convenient spot. Lots of space for viewing and parking. Very nice selection at the concessions stand from nachos, to pizza, to burgers. Only complaint is last time I was there was the screen I was watching on was dim making it hard to see ‘darker’ scenes.

julian poole

Not to many left. Who doesn't like the Drive In? Get out and take the kids have a great time.

Mike Clar

Quality of the movie could have been better. Scary/dark movies are not good for drive ins I probably only seen 20 actual minutes of my three hour long movie just because how dark it was. Would've been better off renting a tape of the soundtrack. Three stars because I've had good experiences also with brighter movies.

Stephanie Schmidt

We loved it! Can't wait to go back!

Denise Hoinka

First time ever at a drive-in... Ever. Kids loved it. Prices are good. Go early, get a good space, and let the kids play Frisbee or catch before the movie starts! Bathrooms could use a little help, but we'll definitely be back this summer.

Becky Brobst

Always love the drive in.

Rm mr

I love this place. As a old goat, I'd spent many nights at the Drive- in when I was in high school. This place in many ways, replicates those memories.

Alicia Morgan

Loved it!! I have zero complaints. The freedom to do things you can't in a normal theater is what I feel was the most fun. I absolutely loved the little imperfections. I feel very sad for people that don't appreciate the atmosphere of this place. The person complaining about people smoking cigarettes is ridiculous. I doubt highly a security guard is going to tell someone no smoking cigarettes in their own vehicle. You can't ding a business for that. People can do what they want in their own car if it's legal and smoking is not illegal. I suggest never leaving your house if issues like that bother you!

Jade Magnuson

I came to this drive in as a kid, and just took my boyfriend tonight for his first ever drive in movie. Great prices, parking was good. Con-session foods were very nice and reasonably priced. Had a great time over-all. I’m so happy to see that this drive in is still up and running. Such a nostalgic feel. Highly recommend. And I highly suggest supporting this business, as it’s one of the few drive ins left in Michigan.

Skip Stewart

Nice place to watch a movie


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