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REVIEWS OF Redford Theatre IN Michigan

Holly Windom

Beautifully restored I saw Mosiac Teenage play group there named "This is us". Nice staff safe parking

Terence Cover

This is a historic movie palace that I'm always excited to visit. Tickets and concessions are very affordable and all the money goes back into the theater, helping to preserve this volunteer run landmark. Its also one of the few theaters in the area left that still plays 35mm film prints (not every screening is film but they still use it more than any other theater around here). Not every screening goes perfectly and some wear and tear is starting to show in their otherwise excellent ceiling and decor but that's all the more reason to support the place and help it last another 100 years.

Ken Oughton

I love the Redford Theater. Great old movies on the big screen where they belong. We just went to see the 1925 silent movie Phantom of the Opera, accompanied by the Redford's beautiful theater organ. Reasonable prices for movies and snacks. Beautiful old neighborhood theater. Secure parking next door. Oh, be sure to try Sweet Potato Sensations across the street!

Michael Baitler

Seats were uncomfortable especially in the balcony but I enjoyed the movie and the theater is very beautiful. I would say go see a movie here but be prepared for some back pain and butt pain especially if your on the heavier side.

Scott Fortune

It was a real treat to see an old movie, "Miracle on 34th Street" in this old theater. It really made the experience all that more fun. Only have 4 starts because the seats are old and narrow for me. But it wasn't enough to ruin the experience. Intermission!!! Hello! Very cool. Lol

Carolyn Carter

Loved the double feature, the movie, The Five Heartbeats and the documentary, The Making of The Five Heartbeats, narrated by Robert Townsend. Following the latter, Robert was interviewed by Kelley on stage, which was questions from the audience.

Thomas Paison

Cool classic movie house to see a film at.

Robin Cooper

Beautiful theatre. Saw Big on the big screen. Felt like I was seeing it the first time. I loved that there was an intermission so I was able to use the bathroom and explore the balcony.

Jasmine Champagne

Such an absolutely Stunning and Magical place! I've been visiting Redford Theater since 2013, and I couldn't be happier with it! The theater it's self is Gorgeous and the staff are just as beautiful. Everyone here is so very kind and wonderful. The showings are always great choices and so nostalgic. The concession is very affordable, although I'd love if they had a few Vegan options. The pricing is very reasonable, and well worth it. I would definitely say bring a sweater if you get chilly easy, it can get a tad cold sometimes. Overall if you're looking for an affordable, exciting, and different experience... Than this is the place to go!! ((Go early to not miss anything.)) Have Fun, make Memories, and Enjoy. 10/10 Would Recommend.

Jesse Brown

The Redford Theatre is a gem in the city. It's located near my business Detroit Wholistic Center and Wholistic Training Institute. The movies here are usually classic ones and they have had some excellent events here as well. The organ music and large theatre reminds me of the grand venues that were so popular when I was growing up in Detroit and viewing films on really big screens like this one. There aren't many of these around so we might as well appreciate them while they are still here.

Jaime Johnesee

The theater how it has always been meant to be enjoyed. Comfortable seats, great prices, and polite staff make this one of my favorite places to be. The organist is amazing and always brings a smile to our faces. Thank you, Redford Theater, for all you do.

Cecile Schooley

There was a medical emergency while we were there which was handled pretty well. The movie was wonderful.

Liza Ratliff

Beautiful place...

Taylor Heyn

I can't rave about this place enough! The building is gorgeous, the popcorn is delicious and inexpensive, the rotation of movies and shows is always exciting. I always show up early so I can hear the incredibly talented organist play! This is my favorite place to go on a night out by far. :)

Matt Lullove

great old movies. volunteer ushers

T Bell

This is a very cool old theater. Loved Hocus Pocus!

Patricia Sawicki

Great organ music and special events.

Helena Kramer

Step into one of Detroit's finest theaters and enjoy a night out in the outstandingly preserved building.

roger drabant

A great place to take in a classic movie.

James Hall

My favorite place to see a movie. If you've never been to the Redford theater they show a lot of the classics. Around Halloween nail play a series of horror movies or science fiction thrillers. Around the Christmas holiday they play holiday classics. Many things make the Redford theater wonderful. But something that really sets them apart is their wonderful organ. They play the pipe organ a half an hour before the movie starts and they play it again during a halftime intermission. Tickets are usually only $5 and concessions are very reasonable. They also have real butter for the popcorn. Movies are only on the weekends. I give it my highest recommendation. Look up more info at their website and plan a fun trip to the theater.

Sam I am

Great prices. Great shows. All volunteers. Old theatre with lots of history. Love this place. Recommend to everyone!

Lance the dude

Absolutely beautiful theatre

Tim Easton

Went to see Gone With The Wind Took my lady there and had an excellent time.

Slim Luvin

Nice....never been there before

Holli Allen

We saw Prince in Purple Rain. It was an interesting place. I enjoyed myself.

John Wittersheim

Loved it!!! All run and operated by volunteers and really a wonderful step back in time... we arrived as a fun guys night out through church, but the whole time there I kept thinking how much my wife would enjoy this experience... and now look forward to a date night with her

Sam Gurwin

Always a great place to see a classic movie...their special events are well-organizedband fun. This was THE GHOUL tribute and it was such a good time! Only issue is their Popcorn

Bethany Taylor

Saw Matilda here with my kids. Beautifully restored theater. Parking onsite. Easy to get to via Six Mile from west suburbs. The organ player was SOOO good!!

Simone Isakson

Such a wonderful gem. I come here as much as I can. Beautiful theatre, wonderful and interesting movie choices, lovely people. Always a good time!

Patricia Soltysiak

What a great way to usher in the Halloween holiday. Fun show, fun cast,fun( and full house) audience. Putting this on my calendar for next year!

Ronda Robinson

Awsome performance its show that children can do anything they put there mine too.

Sarah Rupert

Great place a d full of spirits.

Sandy Kasem

Love this theater! They have done a beautiful job on the renovations and it is operated with all volunteers.The original seating feels a little "skinny"but that's part of the experience. It has a Asian motif and twinkling night sky and a live organist playing the Star Spangled Banner before the show along with other tunes as well as at intermission.They have different themed shows playing throughout the silent film with the organ accompaniment, classic cartoons from the 30's-70's and at Christmas the old classics like White Christmas and It's a wonderful life. Worth going to once just to experience the old theater.

Mark Savickis

A Really Great, Old Fashioned Theater. Too few of these old gems left standing, but this one is still available. Many times, they feature old classics... even Silent Movies with a live organ player - Nostalgia at its best!! Just do it... you won't regret it.

Jake Hall

The place is gorgeous. It's a little old and rustic but I would say that's part of the charm. They have a great organ player, as well. Saw 2001: A Space Odyssey in 70mm here. An amazing experience.

Jenna Prestininzi

Great theatre, very well preserved historic site. Please check it out!

Wil Nosseck

Great place to support with an all volunteer staff. Wonderful classic styling. Makes for a nice night out. Also, cheap ticket prices!

Emelia Housley

A real piece of Detroit history, fully ran by volunteers. The products they sell are locally made in that very neighborhood, such as the delicious cookies and screen printed t-shirts. There's character hosts and different types of film shown through out the year, there's something for everyone. Friendly for the whole family!

robert korte

Great old theater that has been restored to her former glory

T Scott Galloway

Consistently a great time for me and my family. Fantastic concessions, friendly atmosphere, and, of course, classic movies on the big screen. I'm able to share with my elementary aged son an experience that I loved growing up. The organ music prior to the show and shared love of great movies by the volunteers who operate this Detroit gem make this an experience not to be missed. Christmas movies, Three Stooges and animation festival are now traditions for our household.


Hocus Pocus Shadow play was great.

alisha kuritz

Really loved this place. Will definitely go back

Paul Dibley

Saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban. Movies are so much better on the big screen. The organist was really talented

Jennifer Steiner

Delightful time watching gone with the wind! I'll

Mick workout

Love this historic business

Erin Krajenke

What a gem! This old theatre that has been in continuous operation since 1928 plays old movies for around $5 a ticket. They also occasionally have special guests who starred in the movies to make appearances and meet and greets before the show. They have ample fenced in and secure parking and the aisles have a lot of leg room. The theatre is a not-for-profit so the concession stand is very reasonably priced and they offer custom made shirts for each performance and they do a raffle at intermission. While there are not many restaurants in the area, if you are going to a performance, I would recommend eating elsewhere, but definitely check out this beautiful theatre!

Michael Moore

Great place to see a classic film. They have a diverse program of movies to satisfy any type of film fan.

Kevin Fischer

Had a great time

Jeff Rupersburg

Time trip back in time to see Godzilla!!

Hallie Smith

Kudos to the volunteers who lovingly take care of this great building. Can't beat the experience or the prices. My family has enjoyed many movies under its starry sky ceiling.

Jennifer Fortner

Awesome experience! Love the nostalgia of this place

Jim Harvey

Great prices that go toward a good cause in a beautifully restored classic movie theater experience, normally with movies you're not going to see in any other theater, like the original Star Wars, Princess Bride, Bullitt, The Great Escape, etc. They also have live events like plays and music performances. Free protected parking, and great movie popcorn and other concessions at 1985 prices!

Mohamad Elhajjsleiman

Watched three stooges here and Evil dead so yes its awesome

LogozRUs Branding

Took my Business Partner to see The Wizard Of of our favorite classic movies...and we had a great time...and the community atmosphere was just as I remembered it as a child. Great people, great company. Loved the Redford Theater.

Elizabeth Pillon

Great atmosphere.

Xuankang Lin

Parking with security guard assured, that's great. The food and facility is already old, but there are some movies that are not shown elsewhere.

Seth Kleinglass

Great restoration of an old time theatre. We have been going here for years and always have a great time. The 3 Stooges Festival is a great event for the whole family. Snacks are fresh and prices are very low. The hot dogs were a nice touch. Be sure to visit and support this theatre so it continues to be open for a long time.

Chris Velfling

Fantastic old theater, donate to keep this place open. Every little bit helps.

Super SayaJim

The theater was really cool inside, and snacks were very reasonably priced. Plus, with so many people showing up to events, they have specific parking so you only have to feel a little worried about leaving your car unattended in Redford.

Luann -

Recently spruced up and offering a variety of oldies to satisfy your nostalgic heart - most shows are preceded by a mini-concert on the spectacular theater organ that rises up out of the orchestra pit. The whole neighborhood is renovating around it. Don't miss the breakfast grill on Grand River that's about to expand, and planning new locations. Also, right across the street from the theater is the Sweet Potato - which is another "Don't miss"!

Beth Cooprider

A wonderful throwback to the forties with a renovated and refurbished theater. I have been there quite a few times for different genres but my favorite is always the Three Stooges Festival. The phenomenal volunteers that have contributed to opening the doors so the rest of us can enjoy the old movies on the big screen is wonderful. They have a variety of movies that should please everyone.

Gina Keel

Quaint, historic theatre that is a 501c organization run completely by volunteers. Great prices, plays the old and great movies along with some shadowcast movie plays. Tickets for movies are $5, popcorn is $3, pop is $2, candy is $1-$2 for regular or $3 for sugar free. Parking is onsite and free. They have the original organ and a gentleman plays the national anthem as well as some other songs before the show starts. **NOTE: concessions are cash only!**

Corvette Rockstar

Beautiful theater and rich in history.

Emma Hodge

Best place for anyone hoping to catch a classic movie in a nostalgic atmosphere. Run and attended by true film lovers and the snacks are very inexpensive! I came in February for Casablanca and in August for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Both fantastic experiences!

Frances Beeman

One of our favorite movie places to hangout. The organ music was enjoyable. Train display is not to be missed. Path of Glory with Kirk Douglas was great.

Eric Pohl

A great place to see classic films. Very nostalgic. Very affordable (ticket, popcorn and pop is like $11). All volunteer staff too. Oh the popcorn is made with real butter!

Patty Lane

Fun atmosphere, beautiful and great shows

Melissa C

This beautiful theater is run by volunteers. There's an organ player and an intermission during the movie. It's such a fun experience. Great place to take a date. And all proceeds go to restoring the theater.

susan chomsky

Old theater still under renovation. Organist and concessions. Not friendly for handicapped visitors.

Sylvia Heggen

Beautiful restored theater. Vintage films add to the charm. Our family ranging from grandma to 4 year old loved it. Intermission and live organ concert allowed for "wiggle room" - fun time for all.

Caleb Parton

Beautiful, and fun. Perfect for any occasion. Best secret of Detroit

Derek Dettloff

Love the whole ambiance of the place. From the old seats to the old bathrooms, the organ and the old movies. Hope this theatre's around forever.

Elaine Foster

This is a great theatre in Old Redford, Mi You feel like you walked back in time. They mostly feature older movies.


3 Stooges Night is like a smack to the face, eye poke, and hammer to the head wonderful!

crystal thornton

What a nice theatre, hidden in the community. The building is preserved quite nicely, we appreciated the security in the parking lot, and the concessions had a nice variety. We would definitely come again.

Rosemind Taber

A jewel of metro Detroit! Classic movies in a beautifully restored theatre complete with live organ music. Don't miss this place!


Wonderful place to see classic movies. Volunteer run. Beautiful interior. Sketchy area. Secure guarded parking. Olde tyme organ playing half hour before show starts. Sell tees related to movies showing. Cheap snacks. Only $5 movies. Parking is free.

Scott Dombrowski

This is an exceptional cultural gem that seems to help anchor a small but wonderful little pocket of life in an otherwise severely depressed area. It's a beautifully preserved 1920s theater with truly unique film and live show offerings that are practically free. Don't be turned away by the ride over. There are crowds of people attending their events and you won't be disappointed!

Lorrie brooks

Nicely restored but they raise the heat to high in winter and no door to main theater seating or to the bathroom.

Suzanne Snyder

Been going here for years. The movie house is beautiful and an excellent place to watch classic films.

Sra. H

A chance to relive the past or experience it for the first time through old movies (some from the 1980s)! The Redford Theatre is a beautifully refurbished location in a little neighborhood with a few great places to check out: the Motor City Java & Tea House a few doors down, the Sweet Potato Sensations Bakery & Cafe across the street and the Old Redford Kitchen & Cafe on a nearby corner.

John Monagin

This is a fun place to see a movie.

Dr. Dave Quam

This is a great historical theater! It was built in 1928 and restored in the 1980s. It has the original theater organ and shows movies and musicals. I highly recommend that you visit!

Paula Durant

Love this place! A hidden gem in Detroit. It's completely run by a dedicated group of volunteers and it's very budget friendly. A fun date for around $20. Go check it out!!

Ryan Kuchenmeister

Wonderful atmosphere, shows old/classic, or popular seasonal movies. Original organ gets played before the movie and during intermission which is pretty neat. Popcorn with real butter is amazing. Unique and really cool experience. Seats aren't super comfy but they're part of the ambiance.

Daniel Allen

love this place. the area around the theater can be a little rough looking but don't be intimidated by that. parking is secure and the area is actually very welcoming. not to mention what a gem this theater is. I always show up early to hear the Barton organ and never miss a 3 stooges festival, Halloween extravaganza and the train set up at Christmas. what a magical place...and the theater is in the horror movie called "it follows" to boot. what a beautiful theater...i highly recommend you stop by fir a visit.

mike birkle

Great theater and price Will go again

Randy Hargraves

Step back in time. 1929 state of the art. Beautifully maintained. Clean and fun

Mark Sweetman

Always great. Great experience every visit.

Tina Perkins

Very cliquish group of people. I used to belong to the North Rosedale Park players which are no more and heard that they joined this theater, however, I came there to try out for a play and they put me through a lot and didn't even say thank you or follow up with me afterwards in a timely manner.

Carol Trowell

1st time there in 25+ yrs... Quint old Movie theatre... in the process of being remodeled. Although I hope they don't change the seats

Robin Hood

One of the greatest nights I've had in a long time. Movies I've loved since my childhood played on screen like they were when they were first released. The theatre is beautiful, and awe inspiring. The concessions are at an amazing price, and the staff are all really friendly and willing to help. 10/10 would recommend and plan on many visits in the future.

Mark Montour

Happy to see this Grand Ol Theater breathing again! A trip down memory lane. Even show a cartoon before the movie.

Kristoffer Hilla

I love this place and the viewings they offer. Serving alcohol would earn them a 5th star.

Anita Paylor

A jewel in the happiness that is retro. Wow factor for your awareness. Visit this gem soon; you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Tessie Ethans

Nice theater. Remodeling has made the place look even better. Just got back from the 3 stooges film festival. Funny movies. I am still emjoying the stooges as when I watched them growing up. A trip down memory lane!

Eric Lester

I went there on a first date with a woman I met online. Well oh, it turns out she never bothered to show up!!! But I still enjoyed a fantastic movie that stands the test of time. The 1983 hit The Big Chill. And it was wonderful to see again. The theater itself is a wonderful facility albeit a bit dated. They have a standard selection at their snack bar including candy, popcorn etc etc. It's a little bit tricky for a few people who have walking issues or other such disabilities such as myself. But I managed to do just fine personally and I even explored the upper balconies. The movie was being shown to promote donations for the restoration of the theater itself and I was more than willing to contribute even more than the $5 they were asking. They offer everything from projected films to live theater presentations and operas. It's truly a worthwhile visit if you've never been before. Although a bad taste was left in my mouth regarding my no showing date I have little to complain about regarding the theater itself. The employees were extremely helpful and quite friendly and I do intend to return as I picked up their summer time schedule while I was there. It's a very intimate atmosphere not like today's modern theaters which can be a bit overwhelming at times. And the popcorn was pretty good!!!

Melissa King

Saw a great show there a couple weeks ago, "The Odd Couple". The architecture is beautiful.. Didn't know we had such a gem in Detroit.

Dawn Jessen

Love the organist the movie the whole Ambience of the extremely old and believe 1925 it's been up and running ever since it's beautiful have to go

Sam n

Awesome live play with the screening on the background.

Monique LaBrecque

The theatre is beautiful! I saw Rosemary's Baby and it was a thrill to watch a classic on the big screen. I love the very affordable ticket prices! Only downside was the very uncomfortable seats. Otherwise, two thumbs up!!

Raw & Flawless

This is a beautiful hidden jewel! You'd expect a theatre like this to be in the suburbs or maybe even downtown but it's right in the "hood" near where I grew up. I remember when I was little I didn't think this place was open/active, and I didn't expect it to be so gorgeous on the inside with the Japanese inspired architecture. They only show old classic films and it doubles as a performance venue!

Cami Marks

No other theatre offers such appreciation and opportunity to enjoy the classics in such a classic venue.

Alaina Zuniga

This is a very beautiful cozy Theater

Chris Morgan

I've lived in the Detroit Metro Area for 20 years. Just discovered this little gem last night to see Young Frankestein. What a great venue for what are deemed "old movies". The place is totally run by volunteers and the concessions are cash only, but still affordable. I had a drink and package of candy for $3. The seating and sound are as you might expect for a 100 year old place. The level of detail inside is overwhelming... the night sky ceiling is the most gorgeous ceiling I've seen. Definitely worth a visit. But get there early because parking is tight.

Aaron Glenn

Beautiful interior.

Michael Atherton

Great old theatre. Cool organ!! Smells like popcorn.


The Redford is an institution of Detroit. Every visit is a night to remember. Most recently we attended the showing of Princess Bride. From the first row to the balcony, there isn't a bad seat in the house. Get there early and listen to the pipe organ being played. If I have a choice of spending $50 at a Star theatre or going to the Redford, it's always going to be the Redford.

Brian Lashchuk

Unlike any other theater around. Classic.

Maria A.

I've been coming here since 1986 (when I was 17!) and it is a rare and wonderful gem in the D. From classics to live shows to The Three Stooges Festival (my favorite), it's a magical place to forget your troubles. And I can't forget the pipe organ; how fun! The concession stand is unbelievably affordable and it's all run by super friendly volunteers. I also like the emcees and their film commentary. I lived in Pittsburgh for five years and there's nothing like that there. We are so lucky to have this venue. Bring your friends and relax.

Aubri VanBrabant

My boyfriend and I have been visiting the charming Redford Theatre and introducing people to it for years. We keep the schedules they hand out at the door- and we make sure to see our favorites when they play, as well as other times going in blind. I’ve never been disappointed-We are hooked on the film with shadow cast events especially-They host events for all ages and keep the spirit of the theatre tradition alive and well in metro Detroit. Make it a point to support this establishment, and the small army of volunteers who love the theatre, and make the magic happen there.

Danny D

Love this place. Great history and many great films. Always have an enjoyable evening.

Patrick Quinn

Love the theater organ. Enjoyed the movie as well. Like the building as well. Always worth while.


The theatre was quite beautiful on the inside with the gilded decor. In particular, the ceiling was especially noteworthy in it being designed to resemble a night sky studded with diamond-like stars and what appeared to be ornate scrollwork occasionally interspersed amongst the tiny stars shining above our heads. The organ player and the organ were also a nice touch as a thirty minute prelude to the start of the movie, Young Frankenstein. The outside with it's old style theatre signs and the plastic letters saying what is currently playing was like traveling back in time to the early days of theatre that preceded venues as they are today. All-in-all, the entire theatre is beautifully designed and a welcome homage to an obvious love for classic movies.

Dominique Horon

What a beautiful theater. The community truly cares about it, takes care of it.

lee murrell

Great theater experience, unlike any other I ever had. Silver screen, and projector is a little dated, but the popcorn make up for it.

Kat Moore

A hidden metro-Detroit gem that is fun for the whole family! This restored theatre is known for its various classic films showing nearly every day of the month. Not to mention their organ player before the show and classic cartoons before each film. They are volunteer-based and are some of the sweetest folks you will ever meet at a movie theatre. The Redford has been one of my favorite places since I was a kid, and I cannot wait to see what they do next!

mil patrick

Love the building and vibe. Sound system could be better.

Andrew Smith

Just an absolutely fun experience. Old school atmosphere. Lots of classic movies playing. Cheap concession.


If you were looking for a wonderful place to go see philanthropic-minded shows and productions, this place is wonderful. It has been renovated to be as close to the original as possible and also still has one of the only organs of its kind left in the world. It is truly spectacular and your contributions go to something meaningful. If you have the chance to get a behind-the-scenes tour, do it!!

Ernest Modestino

Beautiful Theatre. Everyone who works there is a volunteer. Real nostalgic feel. All profits go back into restoration. Had a nice time with my family there.

Musical Doggies

Beautifully restored palace theater with a variety of shows, from film to theater.

Scott Nadeau

Classic, perfectly restored. Great place to see an old film

Jem Heinz

Such a cool experience! Great prices too

Baked Cosmetics

AMAZING experience! Cheap concession prices that go to helping further the theatre ! AWESOME organ playing before and during the intermission of the show clean bathrooms fast lines! Merchamdise was available for purchase from the show we viewed as well! Highly recommended!

Dusty Roads

A rare treasure on Detroit's far west side. Always showing great movies and having wonderful activities. A must go to place if you already haven't.

Marash Kola

Very fun, line went quickly chairs a bit uncomfortable. Very warm inside.

Melanie Reedy

A throwback to the early times of film shown in a beautiful room. I love the entrance, lobby, bathrooms and balcony too. Nice roomy seats. A nice organ piano plays before the films(usually). Great price for seeing classics. Become a member to keep this treasure around!

Sarah Springer

Came here to see Hocus Pocus with the Goblin King cast and was so happy with my experience. The Redford Theater is so beautiful, the staff is accommodating and helpful. The popcorn was delicious and the show was just as great. I cant wait to come back!!

DonnaJo D

Redford Theater is beautiful. They're renovating the gorgeous Japanese-style decor. The workers are all volunteers they're friendly and they have fun things like fund raiser 50/50s, tee-shirts and a cash concession stand. We watched The Princess Bride with the Goblin King Players enacting it on the stage. The actor who played the bishop performed a vow renewal after the show and the actors greeted guests in the lobby after that. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Susie Antosh

Beautiful theatre..wonderful staff..totally enjoyed my experience!!

Tony Beals

Great Theater. Great movies. Sound system could use a little help.

susan haweel

Good place to go to, they played "it is wonderful life" movie, the theater was filled with people.

Gregory J

Cool, old.classic theater...hosts classic movie nights and other fun events

Derryl Givens

Redford theater is a great place to watch a movie. The theater is very old but looks good inside.

Mark Francis II

I came here for a gay, E. T. themed wedding & the venue was gorgeous, the vendor staff was courteous & we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Would definitely recommend this historic, yet contemporary venue.


Christine Paton

Fun with the live performers with a fun movie

Sunshine Orebaugh

Awesome it was our first time and we couldn't be more happy the cast was Phenomenal will definitely attendan another show!!!

Jim Agley

A quirky & nostalgic place to see a movie. Beautiful old theater, organ player, intermissions, a master of ceremonies, etc made the location as much of the attraction as the show we saw. As long as you're not expecting modern amenities, I think you'll love the charm.

Amy Bielat

Great place, staff, ambience.

adam lietz

A surprising wonderful experience! Would go again. Excellent for kids.

Miriam Di Russo

A hidden Detroit gem. The movie selection is good all year long, but especially during Halloween and holiday season. The tickets can be purchased in advance on the website or at the theater with the credit card or cash. The concessions are cash only.

Lindsay Pratt

I loved that there was so much parking available! The show was phenomenal and I will be back! Remember that any concessions or merch is CASH ONLY!

Nicole Thomas

Very cool old-fashioned theater. Historical!

Huron Productions

Great Place! Amazing staff!

Hilary Braley

I love this theater. I've been here to see THE BIRDS (with an appearance by Tippi Hedron), WILLY WONKA (with the actors who played Charlie Bucket and Mike Teevee), and now IT FOLLOWS (with three of the actors from the film). The theater does a great job hosting special events, the regular shows are also fun, the organ is a great touch, and the popcorn is excellent. It's a treasure.

D Rae Buchanan

Great place to check out classic movies in an amazing old theater. Great prices and great staff.

Felina Fojo Perfect

Nice old time theatre to reminisce... Cool old movies... Comfy

Dennis Nichols

We love the price of the movies I enjoy going down there for the atmosphere and I've been down there about six seven times to see movies and I recommend you to try it

Michelle Buresh

Quaint and good movies and shows

Chris Johnesee

My family loves seeing movies here. Staff (all volunteers) have been great. The theater is a very neat place and fun to visit.

Roderick Green

Great Classic Movies

Onyx Dragon's Domain

A definitely magnificent place to see your classic films and plays with your family & friends alike. Great atmosphere and outstanding music from the Barton Theatre Pipe Organ. Excellent volunteer staff overall.

Clinton Randall

The chance to get transported back in time and make it feel like everyone is watching the movie as if it's opening night is a magical experience. The organ playing familiar songs is awesome and the ceiling complete with twinkling stars is fantastic. Young and old will enjoy the chance to see this place.

T. C.


Daniel Shepherd

This place has a wonderful atmosphere! Really captures the essence of seeing a movie from years ago. It's a must see place for people who love the movie going experience!

Chad Roberts

What a great place!! Classic movies. Beautiful theater. Friendly staff.


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