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REVIEWS OF MJR Waterford Digital Cinema 16 IN Michigan

Brittany Baker

When we went up to buy tickets all three workers were on their phone, they didn't say hello or a single word untill we walkee away and the lady said enjoy with a low tone. We walked away and the two others were playing on their phone. Although the theater recliners were really comfortable, it was FREEZING! The theaters were so cold I heard people behind us and next to us complain about it, the low temps made us uncomfortable during the three hour movie.

Kristopher Bergstrom

Great place to see a movie. Reasonably priced and never to crowded.

Tara Chaney

Clean, family friendly, safe. Love the Flashback Cinema.

kevin h

The new seating is fantastic. The bar they put in is nice. It would be a 5 star if the prices were better.

Land Safe

So comfy and the most variety of snack choices I've seen in any movie theater.

David Riley

I would give it 5 stars if they still used the popcorn butter they did when I was a kid!

Kurt Douglas

Great place to see a movie and have a drink

Chris Somers

Saw the Lion King there .. great place to watch a movie and great value

Shelley Huntington

We had a great visit. The movie was great and the atmosphere was comfy

Edward Hawkins

First time there very impressed with my grandson

Stuart Bas

Great atmosphere. Lots of parking. Great reclining seats. 5 star except for the usual outrageous prices for popcorn and snacks... don't buy them there


MJR has the most comfortable movie theater seats! They’re more like a reclining one person sofa. That along with $5 Tuesdays and cheaper tickets before noon makes it my favorite place to go for movies.

Zach M

The pretzel nugs are awesome! Leather seats that go all the way back! So much leg room!

Jessicia Venture

ALWAYS a great show. Friendly staff. Clean RECLINING seats

Charissa Baibak

We rushed in and there were plenty of people working at concessions. It was so nice to sit in reclining seats. Bought our tickets using the app so we made it in time for the movie!

Rosie Jordan

Enjoyed this place. Comfortable seating. Great options at the concession area.

pizzo P

Clean and very comfortable reclining chairs.


Compfy seats, and better prices than amc


Place for months has been going down hill. Mostly the girls that seem to not know there job or know about members perks. Plus if there ever a ticket taker they just read the number off like we can not do it yourself without tell you where the theater number is and are unhelpful knowing anything about any of the movies or even what is playing atm. I would say better off going anywhere else or even swithing to amc where you can see a dozen movies for free each month.


It was a very nice outing really enjoyed myself.

Thomas Woosley

Yes awesome. Great Place to see movies.

Jonathan Quinley

The recliners have made this our go to movie theater. Always easy to get tickets ahead of time and picking our seats in advance. Wish the snacks weren't overpriced but it wouldn't be the movies then! Very clean and always good show titles playing. If you wait out the crowds, you can always get an "older" flick with only a few people in the theater with you.

Ray Walter

Great seats and food is nice and hot when you get it!!! The staff are a big help and friendly!! Plenty of handy capped parking as well!!

Jenna Fur

Nice theater with recliners. Free refills on popcorn & soda. The only thing I don't like about MJR theaters is they use wax coated paper bags for the popcorn; but butter always leaks through. Do not set the bag on your lap unless you want oil stains on your clothing.

Lori LeBlanc

Great place! Love the reclining chairs!

Jacob Z

Great reclining seats. Would be five stars if a bag of popped corn and frozen sugar water didn't cost more than two movie tickets. But hey, that's the theater stereotype right?

Nina Sylvia

I love this place, it's always clean and all the staff are super kind and really seem happy to work there. The theater is clean which I like and the recliner seats are comfortable. Love my neighborhood movie theatre


Some of the screens are dirty, almost like they need to be cleaned. Otherwise nice and cheap place to see movies.


Reasonable ticket prices, alcoholic drinks available and all the good upcoming titles. Best of all is the electric recliners in every row, beats some of the other nearby theaters by a mile

Merilee Iverson

Great movie theater John Wick was full of action.


My experience at MJR in Waterford has been great. I've been going here for 12 years and they are always changing for the better. Their security has been a lot better recently, and their seat reservations are amazing. There were 3 people sitting in my seats one time and the staff had then move down. Staff are respectful, helpful, the movies are loud and amazing, this theater is always clean as well.

Pedro Neto

Love this place. Friendly staff, awesome food and environment.

Keif Goddes

Love the seats and sound system ect. Booze is a bit strong and you can tell nothing is "fresh". Lol but I got drunk in a movie, so there's that. Haha

dominick dionisi

An absolutely terrible experience, the faculty was poorly maintained and everything seemed a little pricey for what you got. The movie was alright, but the entire theater was incredibly loud and even after alerting the staff and the manager, neither of them were able to do anything and just let it become a mad house. I would not recommend this place, it is definitely not worth your money.

Nicole Ireland

Very clean theater. Great staff and always the best selection of new cinema hits. You also can't beat the reclining chairs!

Alan Binder

Clean Theater and bathrooms, punctual start time, well staffed and polite staff, just not too helpful. Overall service poor. I asked for a large water. Even offered to pay for the cup(example, Jimmy John's, and Star Theater charge .25 cents to 1.00 for a large cup of tap water). The girl at the consessions said my only two choices were to pay $5.00 for a soda, dump out the soda and then ask for a refill of tap water, or buy multiple bottles of Aquafina for $3.50.I just wanted a large single container of plain flat water not multiple bottles to sort or roll around while watching the movie, or to be extorted $5 for tap water???? This is why I dont go here often .I just wanted a drink to quench my thirst that wasn't sugary.

Kayla Bray

Best movie theater in Oakland County for sure! Will never go anywhere else.

Lindsay Smith

Great theater. Clean and free refills on everything. The bar has cool themed drinks and every seat is a recliner in every theater.

Coleman Fresquez

This place is the greatest! Even movie theatres in Los Angeles pale in comparison toMJR. Movie tickets are super cheap (especially before 6pm) and the theatres are very comfortable. They have those big cushy recliner seats. The prices for food are a bit high, but that's just movie theatres. The customer service is great, too. The supervisor, Bennett, was very respectful.

Megan Plunkett

Always fast, friendly service. Theater is clean. Never had a problem with talking or phones ringing during a movie. Not a bad seat in the house!

Lindsey Rae’na

My favorite place. ❤️

Tina Wilson

My friend & I love the comfortable seats. Movies are great,staff is always wonderful.

Carl Sallee

Really nice. Clean. Affordable

Christine Dutton

This is a wonderful place to go, great service and great seating too.

J. R.

The best movie theater that I have ever been to.

ThePower Team

This is THE chain/location to frequent for movies. We love: Reclining reserved seats. They are super comfortable, wide, and just amazing. No reason to fight for a perfect seat with your group... Do it all in the app and seat yourself. Seats are well labeled with dimly lit indicators. EZPZ. Staff are friendly and courteous. Perks galore for using and signing up for the Rewards club. "Classic" movies on the big screen! Love seeing the movies from our younger years back in a great theater experience. I do wish the theater had something like AMC Stubs for even more movie potential. The lights in the theater hand rail (red, shining down) are bright and cast a wide reflection across the well-polished floor. A bit wider of a rug would stop the reflection and still keep good illumination.

Andrew M

This is a reserved seating theater with reclining seats. They only have closed captioning devices for the hard of hearing, but the atmosphere makes up for that shortcoming if it affects you. The food is what you would expect in bit price and quality. They do have a bar, though, so if you are 21 and want to get a drink, you can. We always enjoy our experience here.

Mark French

All the latest movies, great prices, comfortable seats, & spotlessly clean!

Jeffrey Jepko

Great place to catch a film. Friendly staff, always a good selection and comfy recliners.

Ginger Pixie

My sister got food poisoning from here. She had one of their hot dogs. When I called to let the manager know, he told me "We check each hot dog temperature before we serve." Boy, please. I worked in the service industry. 1. You checking the expiration dates? 2. Are you 100% positive every single employee is washing their hands? 3. People get lazy when they're busy, get it done fast, not necessarily right. I bet you one of those employees, in the rush of valentines day, threw hotdogs on there to get them done for lines of people. And I would wager as well, that they didn't check the temperature of a single one they served in that hurry. Never going back.

George Baird

Went to see Angel has fallen great movie reclining chairs clean and comfy sound system and picture are top notch clean vending area for a cinema and for the 21 and over crowd a small bar area right by the concessions bonus round

Destiny Anderson

Prices are decent (I only go to matinee shows), the staff is pretty friendly, and the place is generally clean.

Brianna Chrisman

I've been going to this theater my whole life, and it's always been my absolute favorite. I love it even more now that they upgraded the seats!! Quick service and understanding staff who have always been so nice and helpful!

Milk Marie TV

Theaters are tooooo COLD tired of coming here and it’s Ice cold literally I’m watching Joker and my legs are numb! You should be warm and comfortable when seeing a movie!

Jill Bey

Great seats wonderful clean and current movies.


Very comfortable seats amazing picture quality

Lynda Podzikowski

Awesome! This is the best theater around!

Eric Austrins

Love the way you can select your seat. Cozy and spacious. Would be great if popcorn

Mary Monahan

Great recliners and awesome popcorn. I come anytime I have the chance to see a movie.

Haley Williams

Excellent! Clean, amazing sitting, and you can choose your seats.

Michelle Krupinski

Everything had a nice flow to it from the ticket booth to the snack bar even the bathroom facilities which were very clean. I was impressed.

Stephen Elliott

Went and saw the new end game here. Seating was grate you can buy online. The consetion stand was fast paced. So you could run there and back to the movie real quick. Clean bathrooms. Just a grate place to be

Jay Staup

Staff was quick and helpful. Concessions line was constantly moving. Even the restroom was surprisingly clean, considering the amount of people. Great job!


Favorite place to see a movie. The food prices have certainly been worse elsewhere, and the large recliners are a definite plus.

Gary Sanford

Great time watching the movie. Best shark movie ever.

Shantel Noble

Nice theater. Been coming here since childhood. Great updates, new recliner chairs are super comfy. Cash bar, a fun add on but SO expensive. Good picture and sound quality. Price is fair during the week.

Jairo Lopez

The Dora movie was pretty good and I enjoyed the swiper the fox


Comfy, nice seating now. The lobby was kinda gross and dirty

Mike Taylor

Good recliners. Better than AMC recliners and the tickets are less than AMC too

Devin Radzwion

Great reclining seats, affordable food and popcorn. Great drink choices. Cheaper theater tickets compared to most theaters in the area.

Jordan Huyser

By far my favorite movie theater around! Actually... I'd pick this theater over any other theater out there. I love that you can choose your seats ahead of time. It hurts my eyes to sit too close, and I always like to be towards the edge so if I need to get up to use the restroom I can without bothering people, and this gives me that option. I'm surprised not all movie theaters allow this. The seats are heavenly and feel so comfortable. They have a great soda machine that you can blend drinks together. I love doing mountain dew with fruit punch. It tastes so good. Plus it has a bar if you're feeling like having an alcoholic beverage! They even give you an empty bag to split your popcorn if you need to with your group! Everyone is always so friendly there, and of course... who doesn't love doing the clap before the film begins? That's one of my favorite things about this theater... I love seeing everyone get so into it. Anyone who doesn't love that clapping intro doesn't how to have fun and has a stick up their bum. Anyways love this theater and hope everyone gets a chance to make it hear to this A+ theater!

Eric Bennett

I've been coming to this theatre for 20 years. I absolutely love it.

Shalena Schaffhauser

New Rocky movie was great!

MaLyDe Too

Nice theaters! Not too cold, I really enjoyed that!!

Jodi Turner

Annoying guy at kiosk. Felt the need to read me the back of the giftcard, like I was an idiot.

Table & Spoon 3

Like a cruise vacay experience!!! Staff here are amazing!!! especially Brendan the usher, and the girl at the bar who gave me free sparkling water to drink when I was very thirsty! I noticed you staff being very kind and helpful to the elderly who needed assistance and they were very good to help direct me to the correct theater when I was lost. The bathrooms are very clean and so are the chairs, there was no sticky residue from soda or popcorn in the seat I felt very comfortable getting cozy on the recliner and enjoying a 3 hour long production: The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews. I wanted to audition to be Maria 20 years ago and all that I got to be with a nut was a nun and a new postulent with a pretty dress....but I still have dreams starring in the show and I love it with all my heart. I am so happy to have been able to watch it with a big crowd of fans; including young people who may have never seen it before... and I was able to sing along to some of my favorite tunes! Thanks MJR for a much needed moms night out!!!!

Rachel Tipolt

They keep this movie theater really clean

diane naegele

We go on Tuesday's it S five dollars plus it S a clean place

Joanna Barnes

It was awesome! Fantastic seats, great prices, good bathrooms. There's not much feedback I would give other than perhaps fix the bathroom stalls & keep the bathrooms cleaner, but overall, it's an excellent theater. We normally go to NCG Trillium in Grand Blanc, but after the experience in these seats, we might just make the drive to Waterford from now on! Highly recommended!

Kim Smith

Nice plush reclining chairs with cupholders. Cinema was very clean inside. Patrons were very quiet while watching the movie. Was a really nice experience

Carrie Harder

Great place! Nice staff and if you go early it's a good place for the whole family to go.

nicholas summerlee

I was pleasantly surprised by this theater. It has improved immensely since I was a kid. The theaters were clean, the chairs big and comfy, and the concession stand had everything someone could want at a theater. I think the clap-along that is done during the MJR song is really funny because it seemed that everyone in the theater does it without question. Its almost robotic. All in all a great theater.

Nichole Foster

Clean and they have good service


By far the best theater in Waterford. Good prices and clean theaters


Love those reclining seats!

Media One

Went and seen the new Avengers movie and must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Will definitely come here again.

ger moua

Very nice movie theater. Adjustable seats are nice. Good service. Fast line dont wait long at all.

Josef M

They've updated many things here. The theater seats now, are very awesome to sit in. The drinks, food, candy, desserts etc there. Have a great variety to choose from.

Chris Hernandez

Best place to see movies and their seat are comfortable.

Christa Morell

Love this theater! Great rewards, great goodies, comfortable seats and clean bathrooms!

Bethany Stamman

Really good popcorn and drinks. Decent price tickets. Friendly staff. I love going here for my movie destination.

Student James Barnett

I love it there great food and drinks and nice seats I would totally comeback to this movie theater

Michael Carlstrom

Building and indoor facilities are great. Recliner chairs very comfortable. Sound system is spot on. But-The access in and out of the parking area is atrocious. Especially at night in the rain like tonight you cannot see curbs or exit roads or potholes. Funny thing, if there were painted edges and maybe (God forbid) lights that actually illuminated the parking area and the driveways then this would be an easy five star.


Popcorn is sadly inedible. Wine is sub-par cheap Sutter Home, so disappointing. Two bartenders have begged me to email the management and ask for better wine. I have done so twice. Nice theater though, friendly staff....but if a movie cannot make delicious, or at least decent popcorn, what is the point? Delicious popcorn at Emagine (olive oil), Maple (olive oil), The Main **** the best, the Senate and real butter!

Carol H

Very comfortable chairs. Friendly staff.

Tina Ellis

Love going here!! Absolutely Great

Ashley Reed

Best movie theater. Love the seats

marci anderson

This is a great theater. It's always clean, has fair prices. I've been coming here for years, it has been updated to stay current, and having a membership gives added perks.

Dustin Alcock

Awesome and comfy seats. Usually good screens, but sometimes I've had them be out of focus a bit. Sometimes I've also had the sound far too quiet. Hands down the most comfortable theater around.

Brad Heilig

Awesome love that you pick your seat, very spacious very friendly staff

Angela C

Love going to mjr! The seats recline at a slightly odd angle for me, like they need to go back just a little more to be really comfortable, but still better than regular seats. We go here whenever we see movies. Also, love to go on Tuesdays when we can! $5 seats and free medium popcorn! Cheap night out! We have never had a problem at this mjr and have probably seen 50+ movies there over the years! Also, their rewards program is top notch! Love this gem in Waterford!

Rachel C

Always love to use MJR as my movie theater. I have a movie theater in the town I love in and ot just doesn't compare. MJR has comfortable seating. I've been going to this theater since I can remember..


Love the theater, the recliner chairs, the pop corn, and prices!

Stephanie Last

Theater waa great. Packed night but still got through really quick. Clean friendly service. Great place to go!

Savannah Husslein

I will keep this review short, because there is nothing to say! This place is just flat out AMAZING! They have a fun little jingle that they play before every movie and the spectators always seem to have fun and enjoy the cinema. The seats are very comfortable and relatively new. They also have those Coca-Cola soda dispensers and a bar, and this cones along with great popcorn and snacks. This is my number one movie theater for this area. If you would like more reviews, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. My channel is Savy Husslein. I show in depth reviews and will do art tutorials! But in the meantime, check out this great theatre!

Melanie Corp

I like that you can pick your seats at this theater and they have recliners!

Regina Koppen

Always clean, staff is friendly. Good theater.


Hands down best theater in the area. Recliner seats, concessions are cheaper than other theaters, and you don't have to pay extra for that popcorn flavoring stuff. Get a rewards card, you can get a lot of discounts and free tickets, plus sometimes they have a $1 popcorn day for rewards members.

RB Royse

Revised up. Last couple times here has been very good. Decent prices, good reclining seats and clean.


5$ tuesdays is great! This is the best theater in oakland county by far. Emagine is 15$ per ticket with no specials. United artist is 12 with no specials. Mjr is a great spot for dates and locals looking for a good time.


When to see a movie with my husband and we had a GREAT time. Everyone that works here is always so polite.

kris kurth

Very nice and good priceses. Love going here. Best movie place ive ever gone to

P. LaMotte

Nice logo theatre. You can pre-select your seat. Comfy recliners

Ashley Simmons

Everything is good about this place, we love the seats especially but the popcorn is over priced for what you get. Not buttery or salty even when we asked for extra butter... $15 for 2 mediocre popcorns is no bueno.

Abby McAvoy

Comfy chairs, yummy popcorn. Has a BAR. Totally a Waterford highlight. What's not to love?!

SkilleD RookiE

Lovveeee this place so much. It's such a nostalgic place. The people are nice there and environment is clean so that's a bonus.

Jolynn Crawford

Super comfortable reclining chairs. Was really clean.

Burton Bonham

Clean, comfortable theater. Has a nice sized arcade for the kids and a nice mini bar for the adults.

Dawn Ladd

Clean, comfortable, and cool. I asked for an ice water and they charge you for the price of a pop...I don't drink pop thought that was a bit much 6.00 for a iced water...will be packing my own water next time. Otherwise the experience was great

Emily Becerril

We see a movie almost once or twice every month! We love the the reward program and the manager is very very friendly and responsible. We had a bad experience once and she was very understanding and empathetic. We love MJR Waterford!

Al casab

I absolutely love the new reclining seats and the bar and the whole atmosphere it really changed the traditional we are going to see the movies..... I have taken my family about 10 times in the last couple years and I'm very happy before that I hadn't gone on about 10 years

The Sky KitKat

Comfy chairs, nice sound and video quality.


Alright movie theater. New seats are nice. Very dirty though.

Asam Southards

Love the recliners! Awsome popcorn etc love the seasonings and can even grab a beer


Great theater and great prices.

Jill L

Wish they had more sugar free drink options.

Nichole Ledwell

My favorite theater. Comfy seats, great popcorn with an awesome selection of seasonings. And free refills. I never go anywhere else.


The seats are great and the prices are not to bad when compared to its competitor AMC Starz.

Jilaine Lomas

Had an EXTREMELY rude family in the theater. They ruined the movie for a lot of people, but when I told the manager about my frustrations, he took the matter in hand and rectified the situation in such a way that I will most definitely return. The theater itself is great. Large, reclining seats. Free refills. Clean bathrooms. Attentive staff. Bring a blanket though. It gets cold with the air pumping constantly.

Victoria Sheldon

Best theater! Tickets are inexpensive and every theater has reclining seats.

Garrett Munson

Great reclining seats!

Allyse Rammage

The staff is amazing. We went to see Joker today and had a pretty terrifying experience when a man started yelling and being belligerent in the auditorium halfway through the movie. The entire staff was quick to respond and keep everyone safe, for which I am thankful. It’s a bummer we didn’t get to finish the movie, but we were given a full refund and vouchers for our next movie.

Wade Issac

Kids love the movies.... Every week

Terry Durfee

The seats are amazing. The prices are good

Mikael Tjaden

Great theater. Super comfy reclining seats. Great price for unlimited drinks and popcorn for $11. Would have definitely given 5 stars except the a/c was beyond cold. I'm talking the coldest I have ever been in an indoor public place. People were literally running out the door at the end of the movie to get warm. Thank goodness my daughter brought a large blanket or I'm not sure I could have stayed for the entire movie. Notified management, they said they would look into it.

Joseph Zwolinski

Clean, updated theaters, excellent prices

Kabria Norris

Pretty nice theater for the price you pay for tickets, wish they had cinnamon pretzels though. Concession could have a better selection for the high prices they charge.

Brandy Goudos

Comfortable recliner seats clean and awesome time

A Beer

Love the leather recliners they have in all the theaters, your encouraged to bring a blanket to get comfy! Great for date night since they have a well stocked bar for a drink before the movie and you can also bring them into the theater if you get a wristband from the bartender. Just be prepared for the audience to clap before the movie starts

Sean Adkins

One of my new favorite movie theaters! Very comfortable recliners and lots of food and drink choices!

Yvonne Navigato

We go to Brighton and Waterford. These theaters are ways clean and have great staff. Yvonne

Tahid Matthews

I enjoyed the movie I washed it was a fun time but the people in the back of me was kicking my chair and wouldn’t stop I told them please and thank you stop before I get mad and they proceeded to do so I explained to them I just wanted to wash the movie me and my 4 niece and they said I was fat . Other then the rude customers the experience was good movie was loud and it definitely was more fun at MJR

luci lenter

Our 1st time there. The whole family enjoyed it. Clean theater and bathrooms. Will definitely be back!

mary Bartlett

Beautiful well kept theater. Love the recliner seating and digital cinema

Meals with Munchkin

This movie theater is nice and has a good variety of hot foods yet the prices are high for the fairly small portions. Aime popular candies such as Reeses aren't here as well.

Ciara Kivimaki

I’ve gone to this place my whole young life through current. They’ve updated it within the last couple years, and now have fancy reclining seats and you know what seat you purchase at time of purchase which leads to less confusion and keeps the simplicity when trying to buy seats for a large group. PS- they have a bar!!!

Stephany Ross

Popcorn was amazing and the show was great. The seats however lack. You can't lay back unless your feet are all the way up and that can cause numbness in the legs. The prices are ridiculous though. Emagine theatre isn't even that high in some cases but I get it people have to make a living. The seats are spaced apart pretty well as long as you aren't bigger than 280 lbs. IBVS ...

Jacob Jonas

Seats were terrible had to leave 15 minuets into the movie due to a stiff neck! If you go to this theater make sure to buy icy hot immediately after, head cushions make your head push into your chest no matter how far you recline. Everyone in the same row as me and my wife had the same issue. Worst experience ever!!

Reuben Rice

It was awesome we already paid for the other seats and we got the souped-up sheets in the middle for the handicapped cuz there was nobody there

Jeff Pitoniak

Very comfortable seats, volume was perfect, everything was clean and maintained.

Jermaine Burnett

MJR will spoil you. I love the spacing between rows. Nothing worse than someone kicking the back of your seat.

Elizabeth Williams

Seating is ok, dont really care for the self serve pop area very dirty looks like they need to focus on cleaning up that area a little better! We haven't been to this theater in along time!

Steven Schwartz

A lot nicer on the inside than it looks on the outside. Good concessions and bar in lobby. Comfy seats.


Awesome place for movie.

rhonda ljohn

Live their rewards card always getting perks and their reclining chairs the best

barbara strange

Love this. Clean younger people who work there are great

Krystal Daniels

Very comfortable! Good customer service and efficient!

Renee Hundiak

My husband and I love this place. It’s the only theater we’ll go to now. Not only do the seats make you feel like royalty but the prices are soooo reasonable. We used to live in Novi and went to IMAGINE all the time. Overpriced nonsense. ❤️ MJR Waterford!


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