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48 S Washington St, Oxford, MI 48371, United States

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REVIEWS OF GQT Oxford 7 IN Michigan

Dan Diliberti

Great local experience, affordable to take my family. Like the staff and theater is comfortable size NO reservations required. Old school

Antoine Milton

Clean and cozy


Perfect smaller movie theater. Kids Saturday movies are great, and unbeatable prices. It does not have all the features of a Megaplex (seats, screen size, bar) - but it also comes without the over the top prices or crowd. A great family entertainment destination.

Kathryn Oliver

Nice theater better prices than most of them around here

Bowserz Life

Little towns best movie theater

klrissa nicole

I absolutely love this theatre. Great service great movies and great prices. Never had a problem with Oxford movie theatre unlike amc theatres that suck. Love you Oxford 7

Land Safe

I don't like the seats there uncomfortable and lean back way too much.

Dave Syckle

Great prices for movies. Snacks are normal movie theater prices. The seating is a bit outdated but the price makes up for it.

Shannon Lidgey

Great place to watch movies. Small and quiet

Cynthia Haynes

Family fun place to go watch a movie

Jim Kaufeld

Very nice. Great service, clean. Also like that the trailers were short.

Brittany Walker

The popcorn is always fresh, the theaters are clean, and the staff is very friendly! It's not as fancy as some newer theaters, but it also isn't as expensive nor busy.

Shelly Stokley

Daughter and I saw Happy Death Day: Clean theater.

Marian Nelson

Great theater... not so big you get lost.... great seats.... great bargain

Jennifer C.

Theatre was clean, movie started on time!. Much prefer this over the large chain theatres!!

Nick Eastman

Great staff. Could use an upgrade tho.

maria johnston

fast lines and helpful staff, but the popcorn tasted a little old

Andrew Grix

A great local theater that shows most all new releases. Great prices and a great spot for something to do in town.

Lori Jones

Nice little place very friendly and quiet

BRUCE Meyers

Always smooth sailing through line, concessions could use extra help at times but that's only during the few minutes rush before show time. Seats are comfortable with good access, even for physically challenged and there's available wider seats available without going up stairs. Good theater and has the frequent movie goers specials.

The armory

Dirty seats. Kind of smelled yucky in there.

Sherry Wixom

Well kept and clean, staff is friendly and attentive. Would highly recommend.

Kelly Leland

Nice close theatee

Anna Sommers

Love this little old school theater. Great movies, concessions, and the restrooms are always clean.

your everyday rabbit

You made my friend throw up =((

Mike VanCleve

Not bad for the small community theater that it is. Average ticket and concession prices. Seats do recline but are somewhat dated and nothing like you would get at a megaplex. The staff was courteous and friendly!

santa finder vlog's

Perfect small town theater.

Katie French

Great for the price. Smaller theater but who cares if you can save 20 bucks for a family of five.

Joel Thomas

Have been coming here since I was a little kid and has never disappointed!

Hannah Rose

Good small town theater

Darla Hilgendorf

Good popcorn ! Nice staff !

Olivia Barrera

Very nice little movie theatre. Clean bathrooms and theatres. Comfortable seats too.

Linda Haver

Great place to go to

Luc Poirier

It's always a pleasure seeing movies at Oxford 7! Although not as large as other cinemas I prefer going to Oxford 7 because the staff is so courteous and polite.

Shannon Garvin

Love having this local theatre. It's nice to be able to choose where to eat downtown then walk to a movie.

Jenny Herrgott

Clean, friendly staff, and reasonable prices

Christie Williams

Cute small theater, but was surprised at the high prices during the early afternoon. What was once a $5 ticket is up to $7.50.


Nice small theater. Staff were awesome!

rebecca Servin

Nice small quaint little place not to big

Alexi Donovan

Small theater when we payed $20 per ticket to a fathom event not including the online service fee and the behind the scenes after the movie was abruptly cut off before it was over

Addison Ellard

Small and cozy town theater

Stephanie Stevens

Cozy seats not a giant cinema. Prices all can afford Good time every time

Travis Facca

Nice small theater! But just like any other theater! Expensive snacks!

Katie Vantine

Friendly staff, great prices, and the BEST popcorn!

Zachary Moore

It's a nice little theater, nice selection for a small theater and is well maintained. Never too busy

Claudia Perez

Is a nice clean place love the free card u get to collect point love this place!!

Peter Filias

As I've become older, convenience is becoming a little more important to me. We tend to choose this theater as a family over the larger 20+ screen movieplexes!

Duck Boi

Seats aren't great but the courteous staff makes up the difference

Tom Donnelly

Love this theater!

Jean Mclellan

Great small town theater, clean, latest movies, and never crowded!!

Toxic Princess

Great price and customer service

Rick Wyrembelski

I love how the theatre treats all visitors with respect

Nick Bruni

Great prices and reward program for movies and concessions. The last time they redid this place was at the turn of the century, when they went from two to seven theatres. They might want to think about getting new seats and projection equipment. But it's darker in the theatre during the show than it is at other places around here.

Phillip Reid

Nice theater!

Cam Wendt

Always friendly. Prices pretty good for theater. Nostalgic. Specials are good

Ashfire Moon

Lovely place! Nice seats and good service

Stephanie Renee

Perfect for a family weekend! Small town theater with great staff. Never had a bad experience going to this theater

Jenna Agens

Small town theater, small selection of movies but always new, the people that work here are friendly and very nice. We love coming here

Jamieson Nierescher

Ticket prices weren't bad, and staff was very friendly. Seats are old and uncomfortable. Visual quality seemed poor compared to other theaters. Also rarely have 3d showings. Again, the staff were great though..

Daniel Loscher

A good clean movie going experience that was enjoyable.

maggie malfroid

Nostalgic and fun. Excellent prices and customer service. Always friendly.

Wendy Kapsta

Small town theater with a big city experience.

Arthur Wiseman

The staff was extremely helpful from the ticket agent who helped with our snacks, lovely young lady named Eliza, to the manager who answered all our questions with a smile, very helpful His name was Ben.

Kathleen Zeeman

Saw Downton Abbey had a good time.

chris barger

Nice place to watch a movie its quiet

Devon Sioma

A small town theater, but better than the big theaters! Excellent service and always clean.

Shelly Thams

Great place! Comfortable and friendly

Berenice C

Nice enough place to watch movies. Theaters are a bit small but movie showing quality is good.

Jennifer Mensen

Great movie theater

julieann roberson

Great small town ambiance. We love bringing our grandson here.

Dan Fader

Great movie theater, very clean! Nice staff go there all the time

Jay Peltier

Great price, good quality, great staff. Only reason not 5 star is if had the big comfy seats, but then the prices would probably double... so it's fine the way it is.. Love this place

Maegan Eller

Nice clean theater with great prices!

Daniel Hansz

It's our little secret cinema! Charming, convenient, great staff, tons of fun... I love it

cody cooke

Good clean theater. Reasonable pricing. Tickets are cheapest tuesdays and anytime between 4 to 6. Actually getting ready to watch IT right now

Dr. Bruce Meyers

Always great service, concession stand up to speed and run well. Seating and entrance to the inside theaters is very good. Impressive overall. Recommend.

Edwin Feys Jr

This is a Hometown joint, get great quality service, great prices.


Nice place that emphasizes shutting your phone off. GOOD.

Dan Rudd

Nice place close to home and has the latest movies.

Angela Harper

Keara was so helpful tonight about introducing us to the rewards program. We love the deals that the program offers and while we usually go to emagine, I’m thinking we will go here next time now. Thanks for the great customer service Keara!!

Robert Patrician

Great for children. Concession prices don't break the bank. Very good neighborhood theatre and the staff works to keep it that way.

Maddie Mckiernan

No lights inside theatre at all, not even on stairs. So I fell due to not being able to see and broke my ankle. This place sucks out of date and not safe, and the popcorn made me throw up one time, probably suing them for my injury

Cheryl Martin

Extremely comfortable seats. Sound system is exceptional.

Stuart Kraft

Fresh popcorn!! They make it RIGHT THERE! Not old popcorn brought in big plastic bags like at the mall. Good picture, good sound.

Patrick Lauinger

Low prices

Benjamin Woolsey

Great small town theater vibe. Good ticket prices, reasonable concession prices. Clean theaters and always enough seating.

Noah Rice

Good and fun

Charleen creger

Always enjoy this theater

Erik Olexsy

My wife and I love this theatre. Good prices, if you go at the right times and we love their popcorn! Feels much more like a small town business and we like that!

Nan Malone

Comfort n clean. Saw Bohemian Raphsody!

G Morgan

Nice people, cheaper than some movie theaters

Adele DeMain

I've been going here for over 20 years. Going again soon to see the new "Planet of the apes" movie. Very clean, friendly employees, and always a pleasure.

Jeff Shipman

Awesome local theater.

Viki Toll

Quick service, planner personnel

Jonathan Gibson

Great quality and very affordable.


It's small, but in a good way. It's comfortable and cozy, relatively clean, and the prices are decent to boot! Good place to see a movie.

Tom Matteson

Very nice facilities. Great, affordable prices on tickets. Friendly, helpful staff. We don't even consider going to another theater!

aircraftw 27

The movie was so good it was in good quality the screen was amazing it was huge.

Lewis Marshall

Great local place, the sounds and screens are top-quality. The bomb-diggity in fact. I've never been tempted to go to a different "fancier" movie theater.

Erin Yell

I brought my sister to the theater last week to see the movie, "IT"(2017). The staff was friendly, greeted us right when we walked in. We were able to get two tickets for our movie with absolutely no hassle; I'm 19 but I wasn't entirely sure if I could buy her a ticket because I'm not her legal guardian. We went in a little after 6:30 PM on a Tuesday, so there were no lines for concessions or tickets, which was nice. It was only $6.00 per ticket! We missed the commercials but made it into the theater right when the movie started. All in all, an awesome experience with my sister! (Attached is a photo of our tickets with date, time of movie, and price

Bill Plude

Everyone's nice.

Aaron Clippard

It is a simple but nice movie theater. The prices are lower than major chains but the trade off is space. The popcorn wasn't buttered enough when I went so be sure to request extra if you want a good butter taste. But it was properly heated in a cold Michigan day which can greatly change an experience.

Chris Ogle

What's not to like? It's a nice little theater with friendly staff and great popcorn!

Pranav Bollavaram

This isn't the biggest or flashiest movie theater around, but it is conveniently located and presents a solid experience. It has clean facilities and a friendly staff. It always has new releases and as a result, it generates quite a bit of traffic for big movie releases (i.e. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Black Panther). Other attendees of this theater are mindful of their environment and refrain from being irritating during the movie.

Jessica Crandall

Great staff, rewards program is awesome. 15 percent off concessions, and I feel like I almost always get something for free everytime I go with all the rewards points I get.


Great service at the ticket counter and concessions. Nice small theaters. Good viewing and sound quality

James Fifield

Very nice local theatre.

John Simmons

Good popcorn and soda. The movie was entertaining

Brian Nordin

This is a nice, basic theater with reasonable ticket prices and manageable crowd sizes. Sometimes parking is a challenge as the lot can fill up at peak times. It also doesn't contain the premium features like reserved seating, couches, etc. that many other theaters have. If you want to see a movie for under $10, this is the place.

Adam DeJans

Very nice!

Marty Vollmuth

I did not like their popcorn.

Lenore Piazza

I love this theater. It's small and quaint. The staff is very friendly, and it's always clean.

Richard Schachinger

Really nice environment for a flick

Chris Hinkley

Great theatre experience. Nice staff, great location.

Shawna Jasso

Great place to take the family to enjoy a movie! Great popcorn, friendly staff, clean theaters. Get a frequent movie goers card for perks

Jeff Kincaid

Best of both worlds...local downtown theatre with cleanliness and features of mega mall theatres.

John Madeja

Had a good time here last night, very pleasant staff, the place was not packed and easy to get in and out of for a sunday night. Concession prices were normal for a theater (no where near as bad as amc which large popcorn and drinks are about $16, here it was only $11.25...) The reason im not giving the 5th star is the theater is starting to show its age, it hasnt been updated since i was a young kid it seems like in the 90s chairs were comfortable enough but least they leaned back :) I will be back no doubt maybe some of the other auditoriums have better chairs and have been updated?

Kara Dixon

Good value. We had a nice waitress. The hostess was alful! Rude and unfriendly! We had never been there before and almost left because she was so unfriendly!

Kim Novack

Price is right and popcorn is amazing! Staff is super friendly as well.

Vincent Packard

Comfortable seating,pleasant staff. Very reasonable pricing and easy to use frequent movie goer deals.

Joseph Zwolinski

Great prices on admission and concessions, clean and old school theaters. Really enjoyed our visit!

Julie Widiker

Favorite movie theater! But the snack prices are ridiculously high.

Dovie Billington

Best small town movie.

Christopher Gomoll

Pretty cool place, small but very well put together

Adam G

Small theater but its clean with fairly good prices.

Nathan Owen

I love catching movies here during the day. Not crowded and decent prices. Good staff.

Nick Weise

Newest movies at amazing prices. Popcorn is always good and the service is always friendly.

Brandon Hamm

Great little theater. Bargain ticket prices and concessions. Also a good reward program, seems like I'm always getting something free. Very homie theatre. Love visiting this theater especially with 4 kids because it is still affordable to take all 6 of us. Staff is very friendly as well. I would reccomend it.

Andrew Scheps

Small and tidy theater that also wonderfully screens unique and/or award films from time to time.

Ken Steiger

Good comfortable seats. Be sure you present your rewards card before you pay, otherwise it won't count. They don't ask if you have one!

Eugene Clark

The Oxford 7 is absolutely one of the most unique and comfortable movie experiences available in Metro Detroit. The theater is clean, great concessions, clean restrooms, and very comfortable seating. My wife and kids rave about it! When traveling out of town, and seeing a movie at another theater we always compare and say "this in no Oxford 7". Other theaters just don't measure up!

Jason Perry

Nice small town theater. Clean and comfortable.

Nichole Zimmerman

I love this small town theater. Not as many choices but always friendly staff, not crowded, every seat is a good seat. Parking is reasonable.

Hal Learman

Very nice for an older theater.

Robert Therrien

This theatre needs a few more handicapped parking spots for the disabled and disabled veterans. either on the street by the front entrance or the first spots closest to the entrance to the theatre. I would even suggest that one of the many people that stand around doing nothing be assigned to the back door to open it for handicapped persons as that is the closest door to enter the theatre from the parking lot which makes it much easier for the handicapped and the person pushing the wheelchair when the snow is on the ground or it's pouring rain. The person assigned to the back door can also make sure just by looking that anyone let in does go to the front to pay for a ticket.

Perry Jenkins

Took my daughters to see a matinee. One daughter has dairy allergy and was glad to know the butter on the popcorn was non-dairy and okay for her to enjoy. We had a great time and enjoyed the movie.

Juan Ruelas

Always clean, and the staff is awesome!

Robert Jacobs

Movies and cocessions are not overpriced like the bigger chains. Theaters are smaller and could use some upgrades.

Chandler Fruehan

Neighborhood theater. Smaller sized theatres create an intimate atmosphere.

David Bowen

Kind of disappointed that they charged 6 dollars instead of 5 on Tuesday...even though it was was posted 5 dollars on the sign above the cash register...manager was no help ...said he wasn't in charge of that board. .Probably check out lapeer theater next Tuesday...see if they honor what they post. Thanks again to the manager for handling the situation..oh yea he didnt.

P McLean

I really like visiting this theater. The facility is clean and the employees are trained and friendly. The team working at the theater seems sincerely interested in making sure our movie experience is an enjoyable one.

Joan B.

Comfortable and clean small town movie theater with stadium seating

Jess Marsh

Nice theater. Staff friendly.

Maximillion P . L . H

Really clean and the seats are very comfy. And it is at a pretty decent price

Abbey Black

I have never had any issues with this theatre being too loud, although I always do at AMC and Emagine! This theater is small, does not offer a bar (which I like), has a great rewards card, cheap movies, quality staff, and I feel truly cares about the movie going experience! Always satisfied here to watch a movie! It is located in a nice area downtown Oxford near Red Knapp’s.

Patty Motsinger

Bought my tickets early with credit. Every thing went smoothly when we arrived.

Tim Dickinson

One of the dirtiest theaters I've ever visited. Reccomend bringing some sanitizer wipes

John Evan

Excellent Small Town theater way better than any big mega movie complex in the mall

Landry W

Good prices, comfortable and clean.

Kenneth Porzadek

Expensive for a matinee but theater clean, comfortable and had good sound. $3.25 for a water is unreal.

ryan Gilligan

Always love going to this movie theater it's less expensive than the majority of your big movie theaters sure it needs an update but it's a small hometown movie theater it's quiet it's nice it's not always packed just an overall decent movie theater


Great local theater

Gordy Dibler

Great matinee! Great service!

Ana Vangelena

A great neighborhood movie theater never really busy I wish there was more parking in the back..Always young kids are working there most of them have a smile on their face I think it’s wonderful to support your neighborhood business

brandon lincourt

Small but great experience every time.

Emmy Skellenger

Great theater, with pretty good food, though a little more movie variety would be appreciated. Better location than any of the other theaters in the area, though, especially if you're not wanting to drive far.

Ashley Rini

Friendly staff, good fresh popcorn every time. I just wish they would update the seats. They are so uncomfortable! I understand recliners are expensive but these chairs don't even support your entire back.


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