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REVIEWS OF Ford Drive In Theatre IN Michigan

Edith Small

Excellent...I saw Toy Story 4!

Lyndsey Oaks

Experience was good. We got there during the end of the previous movie so we parked a little further back. When that movie was over, we decided to pull up. but when we did, that speaker box was a little funky and hard to hear. So we then turned the car radio to the correct station. Problem solved. Only other thing was this family next to us. I unserdtand if your kids needs to get iut and stretch..but ask them to be polite of surrounding people. The car next to us had like 5 kids running around their car screaming..not once..not twice but 5 different times. Loud and rude. I kept my mouth shut but damn come on now.

Rebeccah Orozco

Friendly staff clean bathrooms. The lot kinda smells. Go early long line on weekends.

Lisa Sparks

Always have a great time there. Great atmosphere!

Brandon Rhodes

It was great but the Lion King is lame. The original is better

yendor 187

I guess it was a name change? Been here a few times back in the day when it was the Ford Wyoming and not the Ford Drive in theater. It's all the same and you should enjoy yourself. The only largest drive in Theatre left hand in there!!!

Island Jookie

My fiancé and I went to see child’s play that started at 9:45 pm. We didn’t make it in to see the movie until 10:20 pm. All I can say , Do not go on a weekend it’s the worst! I received cold food after placing my order! They need a better radio hook ups to listen to the movie all I heard was static! They need to put up security for bad traffic on the weekends. I will just spend my money on going to a real theater for the same price! Never again!

Stephen Brandell

Quality projectors, not a lot of light pollution, clean bathrooms and good staff. It's really a lot of fun. However, I only give 4 stars because the radio stations are close to impossible to hear. Bringing a battery operated radio is a must, and that shouldn't be for an $11 dollar price tag. Also, there is a fee for even a cup of water at the concession stand. There needs to be a drinking fountain somewhere on the grounds - ridiculous that there is not.

Kimberly whittaker

I love the drive in. It was perfect

Paul Woodson

Probably not the cheapest movie you'll ever see,but absolutely a fun event event, Especially if you want to stay up till 2am watching the second movie

Bridget Sexton

Been coming here for too long to state. But love it just as much now. Great way to let a new generation experience the joy of sitting in your car chilling with the family in the dark outside under the star's.

Lamar Battle

Very nice place with reasonable prices and bathroom was very clean did you hear me clean bathroom yes child!

Tim Scott

Nice place for a date or family movie night. Reasonably priced .....but needs more bathrooms

Maggie Lukasik

Great to see it still exists. Good movie and food.

Charnika Holmes

The customer service was great!! They were very very nice and helpful. My car battery died and they sent someone right away to give me a jump. I am very pleased with how they treated me.

Jenny Canfield

Great experience! Nice view

Rita Miles

My husband and I have been coming for years and we have always enjoyed ourselves!

go_green_ninja go_green_ninja

Been here as a kid and just whent back its hood but i dont mind cuz im from here best to get your snacks before kind of expensive i remeber when you would pay by the car now its 10$ a person but for the nostalgic worth ever cent


Fun, family experience. Great for young ones who make noise in movies.

Vetra Pettway

IOld Fashion yesteryear FUN...out the children's P G.s on let them set on the hood on a blank and think about the good time...back in the day kinda FUN...

Brandon Morrison

Relaxing good quality and enjoyable and my family loved it

Jess Ickes

Very nice experience. Defiantly worth a visit if you hav never been.

Cassandra Asciutto

Love it but needs to be updated a little bit

Tacranium Black

Just like old time. Still nice and great view! '-'

Candace P

Saw 2 cool horror movies this time, $10 for two movies and bring your own food n drinks, been going here since I was a kid, love having a real drive in so close!!!


Let me preface by saying everything bad about the theater was out of their control. They're right by an oil refinery, so if your outside of your car it stink. People are always moving about and forget their lights are on, so that's pretty distracting. I went during the summer so the sun set totally pretty late, so the first 20 mins or so of my movie was hard to see

Kristen B

Who doesn't love a classic drive in movie! The Ford Drive In Theater is a classic staple for the community. The price for an adult ticket when we went last night was $10.99. My only negative feedback would be that the speakers that they provide did not allow for the volume to go up too high. I struggled to hear the movie with their equipment so I had to leave my car running and use my radio. Other than that, always a great experience.

Elizabeth Robinson

Nothing like it used to be. Had to drive to six different spots until we found a speaker that worked.

racquez clegg

Is great fun for the whole family bring a little mosquito spray and your own food if you want maybe a couple drinks here and there which is all perfectly fine and enjoy two movies for the price of one win-win I say


Traffic was horrible, typical Detroit driver's. You could barely see the screen in theater 3, due to bright lights from a warehouse in the background. Employees were friendly.

Sal Alhaddi

Great Reasonable prices for 2 movies very good employees and staff

Nene K.

I love the atmosphere of the place, but it is the only one that we have left in Michigan. The prices for children are pricey and they need more deal days.

Brittany Piro-Capen

I use to love this place untill today I payed 22 dollars to watch just darkness and they wouldn't refund me so screw this place

Lindsay Couture

This is a date night favorite for my and my husband. We love the privacy for being in the car just the two of us while enjoying the movie going experience. You can bring snacks and drinks of your liking. It's a relatively cheap date and you see 2 movies for the price of one. The screens are decent and when connected to the radio the sound is set to your liking.

Brittany D

I love it I just love it, I been going here since I was a kid me and my mom and family

LaDonna Hargrove

This is the place were my childhood began! I was totally happy to continue the tradition with my kids. But, can we add some new features and upgrades? I know it’s a lot to ask for. But it’ll be nice to have the mini park upgraded to something more, that the kids can enjoy, before the movie starts. Also, the bathrooms a little upgrade never hurt anyone!

Rachael Gahn

I thought this was such an amazing experience. The food prices are ridiculously high but I love supporting local. And you can see 2 movies a night 7 days a week. It really is awesome and my boys loved it as well! I will be back

Guy Wright

Me and my kids enjoyed the experience and created some memories.

Byron Bradley

Wish the roads were better but loved the experience

Breahna Ivory

They're searching people cars, opening doors without permission. Can barely see the movies because the screen is to dark, the sound transmitted is fuzzy, the price is going up higher (10.99) to sit in your own car, and the food is disgusting!!

Christy Crouse

It's a very family-friendly Place depending on the movie you go to see I've been coming here since I was a child the service is friendly and being able to sit in your own car and watch a movie with your own snacks is the best

marcus hogan

Nice outing. Good place to whittle away the hours.

John Hine

Only good for seeing movies that are about to come out on dvd

John Garcia

Been going here over 30 years ...decent place

Jennifer Lobdell

Awesome loved it was my frist time thier but I'd go again and again

Daniel Wild

Great place. Nice people wonderful viewing. Not rowdy people like in the past. Clean restrooms. Very nice experience


Great place to watch a film comfortably

Marci Atkinson

People definitely didn't get the concept of keeping your lights off during the show. Overall we had a pleasant family experience, we didn't go inside so I can not speak for the facilities. There was a playground near the screen, that is appealing.

Jana Jones

Was an awesome nostalgic feeling for me hadn't been in over 20 yrs and it was my 10yr olds first time will become our new tradition

justin goldsmith

Best ever! And for those that don’t understand why they want to check your back seats or trunk it’s to make sure you’re no sneaking people in and not paying the correct price.

Frank Gates

The movies were great. The staff were ruuuuude.

Christina Ariano-lewis

It was fun to share the driving experience with my kids it was always a great family event in my youth

Leeann Christian

The park is always my favourite since I was a kid now my kids can play on it as well

Parti'Boi'Carti C

I will always give this place a 5 star no matter the Paving conditions due to Michigan weather. 1-10 out 10 hands down. My favorite absolutely childhood memory nostalgic monuments that is still hanging on to the Great city of Detroit.

Matthew Fields

Has been so many years since I been to a drive in theater and it was most enjoyable. Clean establishment, quite safe also. People and staff were kind. Will deffinitly be back!

Sharon Brettschneider

Too much fun! Only my second time at a drive in but we love the experience. Great place for adults and families alike.

Nae West

I'm glad to see if they open is still a nice place to drink publicly

Dominica Edwards

The place to go for a good deal on movies. From the privacy of your car patrons can experience theatrical release of some of the latest movies. Listen either via the external speaker or tune your own car radio to designated stations. A staple of Metro Detroit for decades, the Ford Wyoming still provides pleasurable experiences for moviegoers throughout the year. Although, the feeling is a bit retro the snack bar menu is updated. Good family activity for the long summer nights when everyone's eagerly awaiting the latest film.

Drew Cameron

Always a double feature for ten bucks. Saw my first movie here as a child, and took my son here for his first movie. Never had a bad experience. Go support the drive in theatre, there aren't many left and this is the only one in the area!

clarinet catto

It was a lot of fun!! I recommend this place to anyone that wants to have a fun night!

The Lay Familia

Its time to make some repairs, update menu and fix pricing, its far mlre exspensive then when i was a kid. The speakers dont work, the frequency on the radio was static and the movie was so dark i was even interested in watching it. They need to do some maintenance around there and show more love. Maybe its under new management because i asked if i could fill my cup up with water and got denied, as amusing as it was i coukd only help to think that they must be tight on money to deny my pregnant wife some water in her already bought 6.00 dollar drink. Use to love this place but thinking my next movie i watch is going to be in theater's.

Dee Breezy

I frequent this drive-in mostly every Thursday night for the newest

Anissa Sawyer

This was my first time at the drive in. It was fun but it was hard to me to see the movie. I love details and i just could not see details tge the actors or anything. Plus people was leaving their headlights on.

crystal thornton

I hadn't been to this place in years...last time I was asked to let them check my trunk. I was so offended that I almost left, but I was so thrown off, and with a line behind us I opted not to make a scene. We decided to chance it again, so we could be comfortable for the 3 hour Endgame. (I was prepared to give everyone a piece of my mind this time)! But the cashier was nice....even though he had to go find a working credit card machine. To my grateful surprise, the bathroom was pleasant and clean. There was even an attendant sitting in there (I'd return for this reason alone). The radio signal had some very low static during the movie....not a deal breaker, but noticeable. The screen was decent quality as well. All in all, the price was worth our experience. Glad we gave them another shot.

Jasmine l

I love the drive in and upon my recent visit to see End game the sound was grainy and the musical score couldn't be heard. The video was dark and I couldn't really tell what was happening. It was not the experience I had before but I'd go again, just not for big movies.

little ninja

As always my family and I really enjoyed ourselves. And it was such a great night to go catch a movie. The double feature is still available. Can't beat two movies for the price of one.

Sylvia Collins

Need up dates can't hear or see the movies wasted

Hatum Akrawi

I Love The Drive In. Great Place To Take The Kids Or To Bring A Date.

jeannine Harris

GREAT saw 2 great movies .

Mstoninicole Jennings

I had a ball with the kids and they all big now they played on the swing we enjoyed the movie even tho it was packed

Shelly Gilbert

Always a good time at the drive in. Radio stations come in clear, good movie choices.

Stacey Matthews

I can remember seeing E.T. here at this drive in when I was a little girl. I love this theater, especially in the warmer spring and summer nights. We usually are able to go to the drive in well into October. I hope they're able to remain in business for many more years. Keep this a tradition for families for many years to come.

paris sims

Ive loved this place since i was a child but its so run down now it needs upgrades.. even though its still the cheapest movies 2 for 1

Teresa Garza Al-Haj

Love going there with my kids ..I use to go when I was a child

Jennifer Parks

I have always loved Ford Theatre. It's always remained one of my favorite places to go. They keep their grounds so clean, and the staff is always amazing.

richard harper

Nice theatre to kick back and relax once you've secured your spot

Taylor MoniQue

Pretty Cool spot I’ve been going since I was littleAnd hope that I could take my kids there one day as well

Arcacia Harris

Love this place a great Gem in the metro Detroit area

Mimi Thomas

The prices was inexpensive and the food was cooked amazing

Tammy McMurray

I love this place!!!! Even though the lines were long they moved quickly.. Me & my honey will be going back very soon!

Candii Scott

Been going here for 30 years and never had a bad experience except for tonight... I paid to get in with $40 (two $20 dollar bills). My total to get in was $27. The man walks away from the car with my money and yells 30 to the attendant in the office. Upon returning to the car he handed me $4 crumpled up in his palm. I let them know what happened (and I had the receipt from the atm ,withdrawing the $40 right before we arrived at the theatre). I asked to speak to a manager only to find out he was the manager and he threw us out because he got caught stealing money in front of his employees... SAD WHEN THE MANAGER EVEN STEALS MONEY


The recent improvements are wonderful. New food items. Remodeled restrooms. Free tickets if you spend $20 on refreshments. I

Mz. A W 2019

My kids had a Great Time.

Kathleen cook



A great place to watch a movie in the old-fashioned way. Bring some food from your favourite restaurant and have a good time.

Joseph Schwab

Good drive in. Be ready to use your radio, cuz the sound boxes suck!

Robert-James Johnson

Haven't been to a drive-in since I was around 5 and this brought back great memories. Being able to watch 2 movies, in the comfort of your car and not having to worry about being too loud is amazing. Only complaint is the men's restroom had only one working faucet, which made using the restroom and little longer since there was a line to wash hands. Besides that, would highly recommend for anyone who wants to experience a blast form the past and try something new.


Absolute great place for a drive in with your family, friend, or partner. Great space, good screen visual, sound quality could be better. The speakers provided for the shows are low and old but you can also connect your fm radio to the assigned station.

Michael White

Love it been going all my life 47 now

Elisa Watson

My daughter and I had a great time. I will always come back

Jenna May Kim

In early June, with the movie start time at 9:20pm, the night was still young and the projection was not that visible. Thankfully, the feature film didn't start until 9:35pm, so it was pretty dark by then. There are poles with speakers that you can pull into your car, but it's better if you can use your car's internal speaker system via radio tune-in. I watched Godzilla, so having booming base was crucial (and the pole speakers weren't good for that). Pro movie goers drove their trucks and lay down in the truck bed with blankets. There were some street lights that were in non-ideal places like just behind the screen, but such is life in the city. There is a concession stand, but it's better if you bring your own takeout food or picnic food. This is my first drive-in theater experience. Would do it again.

Will Bernardara Jr.

Giving it a five because it's a drive-in and we need drive-ins. The concession building has nice ambiance. Unfortunately, they never play retro movies. It'd be great to go here and see '80s slasher films or '70s exploitation fare. They should have a Throwback Thursday or something and screen old cult flicks. And they never show indie films. The drive-in itself is typically crawling with dangerous goons and fistfights are common. There's usually a stabbing every weekend.

Miranda Lewis

Updates to the bathrooms were great!

N A Draper

I use to come here all the time as a child! It is nice now to be able to come as a family with our children! My children loved the drive in experience! This is a family business with good workers! They even gave ice cream to our little ones!

Alex Hardy

Great food and good place for the family to enjoy a movie

Jordan Shinn

Had a blast first experience for me im from the south down in south carolina and we have one drive in ive ever seen but never been too because it only shows old movies seeing a new movie on it was awesome but the movie was a little dark but other than that it was a-1

pennie mexico

Yeah Annabelle was too dark the bathrooms was really clean

Marie Perkins

Love this place! I’m happy that they upgraded the bathrooms and the concessions. I do have a few suggestions I’d like to offer to the owner, it would be great if there were garbages located throughout the different theaters, there is no where for trash. I see so many just leave their trash on the ground. I think it would be beneficial to have someone going through the grounds picking up all the garbage & broken glass. I’ve see a lot of broken liquor bottles. Lastly I would love to see the big wall that says ford and Wyoming re faced & working again, that would be so great!!

Monique Irvin

Had awesome time relaxing with the family...


Double features offered are awesome. Love we can watch 2 movies for price of one and drink, eat what ever we want!

Gary Fultz

Fun experience and way to watch a movie with privacy and still out and around

Avi Banerjee

Always a great family time. We love going there with our dog, with all the preparation required for an in-car picnic. Summer in Detroit would not be the same without Ford Drive In.

max power

Clean, safe, and great prices what more can you ask for

Cicily T

Been going here since my childhood one of my favorite places. A treasure. Worth the trip

Jasmine Joseph

It's great since the bathroom remodel.

N. Henderson

Still one of my favorite things to do since i was a kid!

Shay Heard

Love this place. I go as often as I can.

Charlton Hunt

Had a great time at the Ford Wyoming drive in. There were plenty of spaces to park, plenty of food available, the restrooms were clean and the weather was nice. I used my car radio for sound, but I think I'm going to bring a nice portable boom box to tune in with next time. I had to keep starting my car to keep the radio going for sound. Ford Wyoming definitely delivers a fun night at the movies with family and friends.


Great screen quality.

Elizabeth Rusanchin

I loved the vibe of going to a drive in. I loved that it is ALWAYS a double feature. I love that I could chat with the person next to me and sing the songs without a worry of bothering anyone else. What I would recommend is to find a way to make it so the cars don't have to be running and/or get better speakers installed because a lot of them barely gave out sound or no sound at all.

Mark Masching

We watch pet cemetery which is a dimly lit film to begin with. It was hard to see the screen with the streetlights shining in my face the whole time. I didn't recognize the guy from 3rd rock until the end of the movie. Avoid theatre 3 if you can.

Noah Ghan

Definitely a really cool and family fun experience. Only problem is sometimes the projectors are low or defective so the screens aren’t as bright as other screens. The bathrooms are super clean. The lot has a lottttt of potholes so be careful. Overall love this place. I do wish the tickets were cheaper then theaters - given this is a drive in.

Steve Shannon

I drive a 26' Box truck with a sleeper, I needed to make a delivery the next day, they let me pay the $10.99 and directed me through the exit [Because my truck was too tall for the entrance] so I could watch the movies and told me I could stay all night as long as I wanted And they had restrooms and food They have 5 different screens and double features on most or all of them the 1st feature plays twice so you can go between the 5 different theaters watch the 1st feature on one and the 2nd feature and then go to another 1 and watch the 1st feature on Another screen so if you do it correctly you can watch 3 features it was an awesome experience I slept there after everyone else left and made my delivery the next day They were very friendly and Helpful Will definitely return

Amanda C

Who doesn’t love the drive in! I have been going here since I was a little kid. They always have the new movies and decent food/snacks. It’s one of the only drive ins left. Great for a family outing or cute lil date.

Reginald Roddy Jr.


Jowanna Williams

This place has been amazing since I was a youngster. I just wish other moviegoers will learn to turn off their lights while watching the movie and stop making the experience bad for others. Other than that it's amazing, especially for the price.

Tracy Marzett

Haven't been to drive in a long time really enjoyed it...

Daniel Watson

I had a great time better that the regular

william cecil

Love coming here and just laying the seats down in the van, bringing blankets and pillow, and just letting the kids cuddle up and enjoy a great experience. The concessions are great as well. We really like this place.

Vanessa Clark

If I could give it zero stars I would! While we were waiting in line to pay the guy taking our money asked my boyfriend if he spoke English and then started ranting about how he’s the only white guy Dearborn. Then we started arguing with him “like dude you’re not the only white guy in Dearborn.” I think he thought we were joking around with him but It honestly made my boyfriend and I extremely uncomfortable. This used to be our favorite Friday night date location now it has become a place we fear going to again.

Tony Hicks

Love the place been going there since I was little

Verena Peeples

Glad it is still there had a great date night with the husband

Belinda Tidrick

Only a few of it's kind left. A sense of nostalgia is still left even with the old intermission videos that still play on the screen.

Lisa Paduchowski

Great place to go hang with the family and watch movies

Karin P. Thomas

This Drive-In has been around for a VERY LONG time and I've been going here a long time as well im glad that there's silk a Drive-In that we can still go to, sometimes you don't want all the hassle of a crowd at a theater sooooo I'm grateful.

Brother's Toy Review

Picture is difficult to see 90% of the Speakers do not work. Concession stand ~ Somewhat clean, Food and beverages Over priced and understaffed, long wait time. I waited for 17 minutes in line for popcorn as I watched 1 worker attempt to handle all the customers. Employees do not check for people not following rules as they used to back in the day. Clean lots Vehicle Headlights pointing at the screen the entire movie and loud radio’s being played as people entered the theater. But over-all , a good time.

Gregory Kotlarczcyk

You got Gregory this Drive In Is liked I like going because it reminds me of when we were kids loading up going to the Drive In

Michael Maenza

Last remaining drive in the area. Dated and in the city, but well run by staff and a great value. Sunday night great night low turn out for great parking for films.

Brian Harris

I love the Ford Wyoming drive in. It has always and forever hold a special place in my heart.

Tiffani Sloan

Good deal. Movie could be a little more clear. HD me please.

David Jackson

Screens were clear and Restrooms were extremely clean.

Heaven Bailey

If there were any other drive ins close to me, that's where we would go. The location is incredibly ran down. Bathrooms are too far. No one respects the lights off rule. The speakers don't work and running a car for 3+ hours isn't good for the environment and just running the radio is bad for your battery. There are tons of lights surrounding the screens making darker films more difficult to watch. I realize that the theatre itself can't control what is built around it but for $12 a person you'd think they'd work with some type of canvas to prevent the light from coming into their area. We were in lot 3 to watch IT chapter two today. We love the feel of a drive in but I doubt we will be returning because the feel I a drive in doesn't make up for missing parts of the show as a result of bad surroundings.

Zek Domgjoni

Always loved the drive in, but very rude employees and staff. And it smells horrid there. Definitely recommend to go to a different one.

Shakyrra Motter

Love this place. Been coming for 10 yrs. Yeah, its old but it delivers. If you fall asleep you're good. Staff is cool. Manager at concession is awesome! You spend less here including tickets and all sorts of food and snakcks. Worth drive. COME HERE AND KEEP THIS PLACE GOING. LAST ONE IN MICHGAN

R Wheeler

Brings back childhood memories. Happy I can share them with my kids. The upkeep isn't quite the same but it's a nice evening out.

Dom W

They use to time the movies so u could see 2 good ones in good timing. Not any more. Don't go here.

DD Riley

Great friendly staff keeping the restrooms and concession area surprising clean!! Movie was clear and sound was good too!

Misty C

Love the drive in! The popcorn is so good and the ice is cold. Next time we are going early to try some of the concession stand dinner options.

karthik v

Fantastic experience. Went with my kids to watch Lion King. Perfect setting for an awesome movie.

BlaQ Ch3rrI

It was okay but depending ya company it could be magical & I also feel it's an acquired experience if u like being private especially when being with a significant other I recommend it for a date yes, for a family not so much. My opinion,but as the saying goes it's what you make it I ordered food from across the street @Sonic, concession very expensive.

sleepy brown

Comfort in my own car. Enjoyed the scene and movie

Jessica Kreger Young

Great place after all these years...

Kevin Anderson

Old time drive in old time feel screens are a little too dark otherwise a perfect 5

em 313

It gives you that great throwback feeling everytime you go

Madeleine Charlson

Love this place, always and forever ♥️ so fun to watch movies under the stars at night

Andrea Hayner

If using your credit or debit card make sure to check the receipt!!! The lady in the booth overcharged me $10.99 (the price of an adult ticket) when there was just myself and 6yo child. The kid taking cards from cars repeated to her "1 adult 1 child" which should've only cost me $15.49 ended up costing me $26.48. I have contacted them via email so I'll see how they plan to take care of it. Just beware of using your card because clearly when it's busy the person handling the finances can't multitask!

Timothy Sutton

I love this place. Not sure if there are any other close to me but I wouldn't go. This place is amazing. Plenty of screens, 2 movies for the price of half of 1 now a days. People for the most part are respectful with their lights and picture quality is ok I guess. No disconnecting sound from the car radio. And had a pretty good food court for reasonable prices (compared to AMC or star gratiot theaters.) If there is a movie I want to see in theaters this is the ONLY place I would go.


It was a great experience. We packed up the kids with snacks and enjoyed a double feature. A plus is you don't have to use their speakers. You can just turn to the corresponding radio station in your car to have better sound quality. The restrooms are also clean and well lit. The have all the typical theater refreshments too. This place is great for dates and great for a family.

Linda Raezler

Pretty pricey for no upgrades, no discounts, chemical smell strong. Another one bites the dust.

Malicia Christian

Enjoyed the movies at the 2 for 1 price. Glad the drive in is open. It's iconic and has lot of history. Didn't enjoy the car inspection. Sorry i missed out on the rite of passage of sneaking in while i was younger. I still have a chance to make out in the back seat.

Evan Fuerst

Really fun family experience. Could use a little renovation, and they should tell you what the FM radio station is to play the audio through your car. Otherwise, very fun and definitely something we'll do again

Pebbles Forton

Love going here every year! Lots of good movies. Went for first time this year and ended up with a dead battery at the end of night. Headed to ticket booth to ask for jump, they sent someone over right away who quickly got my vehicle running. Great service, great people and always a good time.

Heidi Spurlock

Good luck ok right fine right now ok thanks you good bye

cougr slsyer

make sure you come in early for the wait in line is crazy long. I also got over charged . they charged me for three adults but had two and my 12 year old niece. so when i told them they recharged me for a child. but never fix the 2&1 for the 3 but binsted kept it the same for three adults. besides this f*** up. the experience was very diffrent! get to sit In the comfort of your own vehicle. and also since the speakers they provide ain't the greatest they play the sound threw a radio station so sound comes in pretty clear threw your own speakers. they had all sorts of munchies at the concetion stand and the restrooms were pretty clean too.

Trish Bederkaa

Very clean consession stand love the place

katie wells

1st time at a drive thru very cool

Timothy Trammell

Awesome old timey feel! Great place for the family!

Steven Roberts

Customer service was actually pretty good, Bryan was very helpful. Bathrooms where decent, different showings and times, decent pricing. Etc


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