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REVIEWS OF Emagine Royal Oak IN Michigan

Holly Windom

Excellent venue but you must pay to park. Nice staff. Clean restrooms

Calvin Black

Great service and movies. Wonderful theater.

Kate Mullins

Clean, comfortable chairs, and the loyalty card with validated parking and $7 tickets on Tuesdays makes this my #1 movie theatre around.

mike hayes

Prices could be a little.more competitive but entertainment options are awesome

Isla Merriton

Super theatre, so comfortable and clean. Loved the adults could have a beverage of choice.

cecelia lewis

It's a nice theater it's just the lady's restroom smells like urine it need to be bleach down

Dainty Demoya

The bomb. Reclining reserved seats. Can eat before or after full bar with bar food aside from concessions especially with the munchies they are really good anddddd you can bowl there too.

Dali Kunta

Great place to see a movie. Nice selection of cocktails and craft beers.

Alfred Brock

This is a great place to go see a movie, have a party, do a little bowling, enjoy snacks, have something to's a great place to enjoy yourself and have quality time with family and friends. Parking here is plentiful in the parking lot or in the parking structure nearby. Parking fees are reasonable. The theater is kept up very well. It looks new each time I visit it and I have been attending for some time. If you are looking for a quality venue for a community event or any other large style event this should definitely be at the top of your list to check out. The service here is professional and kind. The services and activities here are interesting and varied. The food is fresh and delicious. Their snack bar, for movies and such, is reasonably priced and offers many fine choices.

Carlethea Harris

Aww man, reclining rocking chairs and you get to choose where you would like to sit

Kyle Simonte

Great place to sit down and watch a movie. You will pay a little more here than you would at your average theater but its worth it for the comfortable, clean and modern seats and facilities. Beer is a little expensive and I have not yet tried the food.

Tony Geara

Awesome experience. Nice facility. Theater 11 was where we watched the movie and it was super comfortable. We sat in the front row couch seats. They worked great for us with 2 kids. A little hard on the neck. Super wide screen.

Amanda Conner

Food was massively overpriced for some reheated via deep fryer pretzels and cup of cheese 10 cent cheese sauce. Ultimate nachos were a joke for $11. Girl at the counter was clueless. Wow Royal Oak...what a joke. Never again will go to Star John R or MJR from now on. Food was disgusting and cost $40. Literally threw it in the garbage after waiting almost 10 minutes. Wish I could post photos of it IN THE TRASH!

Janice Moore

Nice and clean! Love the chair that recline back! Almost went to sleep on the movie lol!

Justin Miakisz

I'll never go to this theater again. Movie starting at 11pm, showed up at 11:20 and "we cant ring up anything because we closed everthing". I say "a movie is playing we just want to see it" "nope everything is closed". Get better workers.

Harsha Sirigireddy

Went there on a off day, so this might not be too accurate. Fast lines and a clean place would definitely go again!

Symea Kinsey

Love the seats! Clean concession counter. Went to an 11am show and the theater wasn't very crowded.

Matthew Buckman

Although the chairs are the best around, sound and picture are great and the concessions are good, the clientele isn't. They can't control who buys a ticket so be warned: there will be people talking, yelling or on the phone. It's been 10 separate trips and always the same. Shame on me for continuing to give it another chance.

Kimberly Edwards

First time attending Emagine theater we loved it

Mihir Joshi

Perfect place to spend time with your peers!

Heather Hamilton

Awesome experience! It was the first time I ever visited this theater. I was very impressed. Excellent customer service, competitive prices, clean, comfortable reclining chairs. No complaints! Would definitely go see more movies there.

Patricia Ferguson, MD

Great experiences each time I have gone for private events and movie screenings! I even hosted my own screening for The Brian Banks Movie; Tall Girl; and A Wrinkle In Time!

Matthew Galloway

Pretty decent theater. Parking is in the small lot or in the parking garage. All of which they charge for unless you are a Loyalty member. I find at times there could be more clean up throughout the day. Overall I usually find myself here or at the MJR in Warren depending showtimes and willingness to deal with the parking garage.

Derek Bildstein

I was there on Friday 11/1, it took over an hour and 3 different inquiries to get some pretzel bites. The concession stand was a complete train wreck. I won’t be back.

Natasha Walker

Lost a star because they sell their tickets at the concession stand. Feels like it doubles your waiting time and is frustrating if you are only buying your ticket and no food. Otherwise love this theater!

Tivvi Jackson

Recliner seats were broken. We couldnt get them out of the recline position when movie was over. Not only my friend and I but 3 other people in my row. Bar wasnt open, and we were told they were sending someone, that person never came. I've been here before and it was ok. Seems to be going downhill.

Edward Slider

The theaters are clean. The wife and I got the cuddle couches which saved us money, and made date night that much more enjoyable. The staff is friendly and helpful. When you purchase your tickets, you get to pick your seating which is a great feature.


Lovely experience truly wish I was there longer than I was originally there for.


Very nice and high end movie theater. The inside is like walking into a casino. Very clean and organized. The staff was friendly and the popcorn was hot. Check out their Emax theater, you won't regret it.

Donyelle Hill

I love this theater it’s very intimate. If your looking for a quiet time with company/ date it’s not a lot of heavy traffic pick Monday- Wednesday possibly between 1-2 if’s awesome, the staff is great as well.

Danielle Gunter

Clean. Good service. Comfortable. Kids loved it too.

bill horne

Best theatre chain. Clean. Variety of food besides popcorn and pop

Scotty McFly

Good place to see a movie. But I had some issues with the parking meter machine. I would suggest people use the ParkMobile app when paying for parking or use the parking garage next to the Emagine Royal Oak theater.

Brian K

A nice fairly modern movie theater. The prices were about average for the area. Interior was clean and well maintained although some in my group had a hard time finding where the restrooms were when we first arrived. Oddly the seating in the theater was a combination of modern recliners and older traditional movie theater seats. The older seats weren't very comfortable, a little narrow and a short seat length. Picture and sound quality are what you expect.

Carmen Wells

Best theater hands down it's like going to a restaurant arcade and movie theater in one. My number one location to go to

Muneeb Khan

I don’t think I’ve found a better overall deal for a movie theater. The seats were so comfortable, the snacks delicious & the Tuesday prices unbeatable. Parking can be tricky so give yourself some extra time.

Rob Macdonald

We come here occasionally. This is a nice theater with a number of screens. They have the recliner seats and are very spacious. The theater is clean and well kept. They offer a wide variety of snacks, drinks and adult beverages at the bar. Parking can be a challenge, but arrive early. If you are hungry there are some great restaurants on Main street.

Sierra Jamison

It was a great experience. We saw Avengers Endgame here. It was clean staff was pleasant and the EMAX experience was one of a kind.

Jr Jr

Great place to go and hang with friends or family you can watch a movie eat dinner bowl and have a few drinks

Kyle Colvard

Parking was terrible. Cars coming in blocking cars going out

G Measure

Very nice, and they have Amstel Light.

Joel Sass

It's a newer movie theater. The seats are nice and recline with motors, you can have a beer in the theater, and stadium seating has revolutionized the movie-going experience to a large degree. This is all standard now. We live in the future. The only thing I have to complain about is services at this point, which is where this theater is lacking. If you're looking to buy popcorn or a quick snack, go for it. If you're looking to purchase anything else off the menu, like Ultimate Nachos for instance, be prepared to miss the first 20 minutes of your movie. The most frustrating part about this: my order had been ready for at least 10 minutes, and no one checked to see if it was ready. There needs to be more people staffing the counter, or there needs to be a process where the cooks notify people that food is ready. Also, do not get the chicken nachos. I think it's reconstituted/rehydrated, and tasted less like chicken, and more like tofu.

Tamera McPherson

I like this theatre because the seating is so comfortable & have convenient trays for holding your food & drinks. However, I hate having to pay for parking at a basic theatre. Very inconvenient, especially of you're running a little close to your show time. I had to take time out to download the app. Also, it could be the time I went (before 2pm) on a Friday, but I didn't like that I had to get show tickets at the concession stand where people in line ahead of me were ordering all kinds of food. This made me even later for my movie! Other than those nuances, nice clean theatre, a bit pricy, but that's to be expected now a days.

corey alford

It was amazing great people.i think tgey need more employees to help around but great place

Edd Hale

Seating was very comfortable and clean. As with most theaters the snacks are overpriced. For 2 adults and 3 kids, admission and snacks came to $75.

Angenettai Ivy

Very comfortable but food is too high

Ashley Wall

Beautiful theatre, great popcorn, and the staff was really nice. The only issue is they weren't really monitoring people coming in and out of the actual theatres so I ended up seeing a rated R movie with a 4 year old sitting next to me...

Ally Wichester

The bathrooms were disgusting. Pop spilled going through about 3-4 stalls and out to the floor. Every toilet had pee or something on the seats.

John Roge

Theater is nice, good is good. Paying to park on top of paying for food, drinks, movie, etc gets pretty pricey. I understand it's Royal oak and its paid to park everywhere, but I am already spending a good amount of money for the show.

Thomas Rohr

A very nice theater with reclining seating. So comfortable. Great snacks other than your standard popcorn and candy. There is also a restaurant available for a meal before or after a movie. And bowling for whenever you want to make an entire outing of it.

Andy Gaitens

Friendly staff, great accomadations. Prices are reasonable. Chairs are spacious and comfy.

Andrew kelso

I kinda expected more from such a grandiose looking place. Starting with parking, the kiosk in front took forever to work. It was 2 bucks for 4 hours (1230 on a Friday) so not to bad but still a little ridiculous you have to pay to park. Bacon cheese fries are great, I just wish they had bigger wafer bottles than the 20oz. The recliner in the theater didn't work, neither did the two on either side of me. All in all, it was a meh experience.


I took my Dad to dinner and a movie and he Loved it!! Two months later, cancer stole him from us. I have cherished memories at this theater.

Jason Lau

Played some pool here! It was fun. They had two 7-foot tables for $6 an hour. Tables were not as level as I'd like but fun area to hang around.

Rose Robinson

The last time i was there our movie was upstairs and we couldn't find the theater we was suppose to be in because you could barely see the numbers over the theater.i am handicap so my husband had to push me all around upstairs until we found the right theater for the movie..he had to push me up and down ramps in the floor(Yes)..The movie was CRAWL...we miss the beginning of the movie..But Go see it,It was Great!

Willie Simmons

I love imagine they have comfortable chairs they have delicious popcorn. And some of the best drinks that I ever had was made there.

Kanieth Travis

I enjoyed watching Toy Story 4 with my daughter! It was very clean and nice inside...

Terrell Thomas

Very nice entertainment venue and great seating for movie viewing


Chairs were comfy and nice pop corn better than AMC atleast nice employees

David Branch

Everything went right for our movie night yesterday. Swift and courteous valet service, welcoming hostess at the bar and the plush reclining seats made for a fine, enjoyable Saturday night. Thumbs up!

Ant is A Qt

We went to see Annabelle but... they gave us the wrong tickets instead to see the new Chucky film. They sent us to the back of the line behind a slew of people to get this corrected. Then we got popcorn and they up-sold us on the mix of caramel, cheese, and normal popcorn. One bite and I started shifting through... the caramel popcorn was burnt and salty me! Then we sat down and those specific seats didn’t recline. It was a nasty night for $31

Adam Mitchell

One of my favorite theaters in one of my favorite cities, Emagine in Royal Oak. Great reclining seats with excellent screens/sound. I get popcorn and a long island and enjoy them while watching a film.

Katie Fulford

We love going on Sunday, especially with the cuddle chairs

seeking 4truth

I love the one Room in Theater 10 i believe Where you Dine and Eat. I ordered some Nachos and Some Pretzels. I love this Theater

Joseph Wisniewski

Really nice theater, mix of screen sizes, the best seats.

Angela Byrd

I love this Imagine location. My favorite...


This is a great theater seats are comfy. Prices are pretty much on par with everything else. However it's a premium to park there. There's no cheap way to do it, so we tend to go to other theaters because we just don't want the hassle. The screens and sound are great tell me about the concessions are pretty much more expensive than other theaters in the area. They do have some cool seating options.the Detroit taco company is right there so that takes a little bit of the sting of the parking costs.

Mr. LeShan Alexander

Miranda and Joseph was very nice and professional and made my visit really special.

Jason Ryan

Clean and very comfortable! This theatre also has a bowling center.


It's so nice to have a theater with comfortable seating, especially when you buy tickets online so you know you have a good spot. Big reclining chairs, basically your own personal lazy boy, and they even have couples love seats in the first row. The theater food is good too, and the ability to order before the show starts and have it brought to your seat when it's ready is great. I love their pretzel bites, and they have the best theater nacho cheese, not bland like some other places. The ability to get alcoholic beverages doesn't hurt the experience either. The daiquiris are delicious. Yay for adult slushies.

Marie Hayes-Sydnor

Very nice and elegant. Great experience!

Naomi Everett

Seats are comfortable and popcorn is fresh. Must pay for parking.

Patricia Harvey

Family movie night....clean and comfortable!

Danni Ward

The bartender is so nice. Clean theaters. Comfy reclining chairs. I also like the cuddle chairs.

Krizz D

Friendly staff! They have a sky box, pool, a bar, good food. Nice and clean

Paris simmons sr

Nice movie Theater love them seats they very Plush

Carlos A

Nice comfortable chairs, I am not sure about food in the theater, good movie.

Matthew Larson

Nice theater but had issues with loud people and same group of people using there phones to take pictures with the flash on , I expressed our concern to one of the workers but it didn't matter they did nothing about it , what a same a really nice theater but not so nice employees.


If you're looking for a nice and clean environment to watch a movie, this is it.

Yonikka Tinsley

My favorite movie theatre in Metro-Detroit. I love the super sized screening room. Very comfortable seating. I grab a beer almost every time. My teenager loves the seasonings for the popcorn. Always clean. The bathrooms could always use a little bit more love but other than that no complaints. Good job getting rid of that bowling alley.

Sharon Abenhaim

Comfortable. Great sound. Tasty popcorn.

Wyatt Gage

This is my local theater. It's in a really accessible location and has a large parking lot(paid). I usually see matinees and thier prices are super reasonable for tickets around that time. It can be confusing because sometimes you buy tickets at the box office, a kiosk or the concession stand. Super comfortable seats.


We had a few drinks at the bar and watched Captain Marvel at the theatre. The drinks were a bit overpriced and the seating in the theater did not accommodate taller persons as myself. The recliners could accommodate a person up to about 6 foot. Otherwise the sound and theater picture screen was pleasurable to watch good movie.

Marla Daniels

In the busiest part of town, but there are multiple things to do.

Ashlee Kahn

Always a good time and good service. Just know what you like

Natali mladenovik

I am a big movie buff and a regular customer of emagine theaters. I visited royal oaks location for the first time and I was definitely let down. The workers were rude, could not even give me their full attention while taking my food order but busy talking amongst themselves about another worker being flirty. Parking is tight and gets crazy, I guess a good thing is the bathrooms are pretty clean, not much else. I had a really disruptive and disrespectful individuals next to me too which no worker seemed to care or do anything about it. I also visited on a slow day. Unfortunately a really bad visit which I did also see two movies (already reserved) that day so they got double my business, not again though. Think twice before seeing a movie here.

LilCz 1068

Nice, clean, comfortable movie theatre! Somewhat larger portions of popcorn than competing theatre chains.


The place is really cool. Cheesy pre-ads here and there in relation to the theatre's owner (baby shark, really??). But it's all about the movie experience anyways. Excellent heated recliners and easy to use controls. Free refills on drinks and popcorn. Overall a standard movie theatre experience with a few modern luxuries.

Chris Czinder

Seating is comfortable and there's a full bar.

Jennifer Dixon

All Emagine theatres are great, clean and comfortable. Although, those new seats they got are not comfortable. I think they should put all those type couches that they have up front through the whole theater. That would make it super comfortable like it used to be in the back seats.


Fun love the new set-up..

Maunee Tweh

Great movie location in Royal's still grand inside, but chairs are worn in some theaters and could use an upgrade.

Branko Jovanov

Tried to call and speak to a live person......mission impossible. All I got is automated run around or phone ringing and nobody answered. I just have a simple question for veterans day free movie. Is the movie MIDWAY included for Veterans. Simple question, impossible to get answer.

Nechole Drake-McClendon

My absolute favorite Movie Theater! 5

Tawana R

Clean friendly and fun. Bar menu reasonable and they deliver to your seat. Parking was $5.00

Robert Gary

Theater was ok but no wheelchair access beyond first row in theater I was in. Would have like pick my own seat.

Vix Zekken

Over priced movie tickets with no free parking? It's a win win of why did I waste my time and money coming here. Also, assigned seating? What are we in the ghetto? Even the ghetto movie theaters have it better.

Michelle K

Was nice,the food was good for snack foods. I had the pizza and fries and chicken. I also liked the fact that they will bring your food to you so you don't miss the movie.

Brandon Cade

Pretty good theater, very large too- there is an arcade and bowling section, and the staple of every large Emagine, a bar.

Tommy P

My go to theater, and not just because they have a bar. The seats are comfortable, it's in a nice area for dinner and a movie and they always have a good line up of films! Favorite emagine!

Natasha Nowlen

This is my new favorite place! Love the dine and watch area

Jill White

Change isn't always good. So in the past year they got rid of the bowling alley and reduced the menu to "quick eats" BOO. Not only is the menu reduced but on a Saturday night they have one person working the bar and the food service. its TERRIBLE What used to be a great place to come and spend a whole afternoon or evening is now a place that is like every other theater....go in watch the movie and leave. Sad cuz it used to be so much more.

Leanne Pummer

Very clean, staff polite and helpful

stefan WICHERS

Really nice theatre. Big comfortable seats. Nice bar and restaurant

Deanna Coleman-Weathersbee

I visited a few days ago for the first time in several years...I was pleasantly surprised at the upgrades. The seats were incredibly comfortable. Good rewards program here. My only complaint would be the bathrooms. We visited on a weekday morning, and the bathrooms were already pretty dirty by the middle of our movie. I visited the restroom a few times since we were there for Endgame, and it was surprising how dirty the bathroom was each time. Other than that, it was a good visit.

Kelly Perez-Vergara

I avoided the movie theater for years but when convinced to go again, this place was the one that made me want to come back. The comfortable reclining chairs make watching the movie a relaxing break in my day. The food was not great though.... Better selections and fresher food would get me back every week to see whatever was out. Until then, I’ll visit after mealtime.

leelee w

Great!! You get a large popcorn for $1 if u sign up for rewards.

Will Dill

I went into theater 8 to watch howl's moving castle and none of the isles are marked with which letter they should be. There were a few arguments about who was supposed to be sitting where during the movie once it started to fill up. The seats were nice and everything but it was such a distraction with people not knowing where there seats are.

Jim T

I hate royal oak, pretentious a holes for the most part, but the theater is nice.

Brandon Wilson

It was cool I just hate their parking

Detroit's Finest EL

My son and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! Always so much fun with mommy and son date days, and nights! The cuddle seats are a new favorite for us! This place is clean and the food is great! Big slushy fans! Its a must! Valet parking is available so we are never late to a show! Nothing but good times hugs and mommy kisses!

Jordan Westfield

Has to be the best theatre in a 20 mile radius of royal oak stars can't compare or Riviera

Jermaine Rivers

I'll start with the cons first, I only have one: 1) Their parking lot is small, so the good news is that there is a secure parking structure right there in the parking lot. Bad news is that it's $5. So come early enough to take your time and find a free parking space. Pros: 1) You won't have to drive around the block, or down the street looking for a parking structure because it's right there. 2) You can avoid lines by paying for your ticket online. Then you just walk right past the ticket counter and long lines, show the ticket taker your ticket on your phone, and walk right in. 3) They have those soft recliner chairs with enough space for people to walk right by you, without you having to move or adjust yourself. 4) Great lobby with food, drinks, and arcade games. Very nice atmosphere.

Dirty Redd

Customer service was nice, this theater was clean when you walk in, has a bar prices was a bit high but worth the visit. Theater was super clean every chair worked and was lit up as well as their seats warm up while you watch the movie. I really love the fact that when you place your order, they will deliver it to your seat instead of you waiting for the order to be completed. Bartender was very sweet and did her thang, drinks were nice and not strong, she kept her area clean and was worth all the tips that were given! Overall I would recommend this theater to people!

Brittany Burden

I used to love it here. The bowling alley was so great and the staff was so professional the first few years. But it has really gone down hill. The bowling alley is gone. The staff is just a bunch of kids who don’t really take their jobs seriously and the place smells like weed. I don’t usually go here anymore.

Rateb Alwazeer

Love this place. Theaters seats are comfy, luxurious, clean and well maintained. You can book your tickets with the app, which is super convenient! They have discounts for students. You get a free ticket for your birthday if you sign with the reward card (which is free). Dine in option, while watching the movies, is available. Parking in the structure is very convenient. Valet parking is also an option and is cheap. Bowling allies, bar, restaurant, and party planning is available as well.

Seantelle Williams

Lovely place. Parking not free though. Comfortable seating, spacious concession area. A cool place to visit. Two entrances to the parking lot but need more parking areas. Make sure you don't park in the Art Theater parking lot area that is shared with the theater. The staff is kind.

infamousdude 8524

A great place to hang out and see a movie with friends

Mark Tremel

Cold. Dress warmly even in the summer, this place is freezing. Great recliner seats, food and drinks delivered to your seat makes this place special. But the couple next to us was smart and brought a blanket to keep themselves warm. Another ding for the Emagine theater is how hard it is to find the right room to be in. Signage could be improved.

Jessica Washington

Amazing! Great Service, Clean, Great Food and drinks. Only theater we go to. Our only issue ever (been here over 2 dozen times) was someone sitting in my 3 year old seat so he had to sit on my lap. I informed the manager and he was very nice, apologized for the inconvenience and gave my family 3 free tickets to come back! Will never go anywhere else.

Barb Bolton

Very nice and friendly staff and manager. Clean , inviting.

Ryan Patrick

Place is cool. But seemed like they were lacking in employs. There was never anyone there to help you.

Tonya Slater

First time here and it was quite nice. Love the chairs. And quite spacious. I will be going back

Brandon Heard

I dont care for this location. Parking is a pain, it's a bit dirtier, the reclining seats are strange and dont fully lay back and recline like the novi locations do and they caused my back to hurt the whole time, the clientele is a bit "roudier", and the area itself is just a pain to drive through. I will say that I found the employees here to be much nicer and friendlier than those at the Novi location so that was refreshing. Overall, I'd much prefer to skip the stress of traffic and pedestrians all over, an aching back from uncomfortable recliners, rowdy customers, and a slightly dirty and run down theater. Novi is way better!

adam marcos

ONly theatre ill go to. love it here and take my family all the time!

Kathy Dessureau

Wonderful senior lunch...fabulous staff...great movie...exceptional popcorn. A great day.

Taylor A.

Great place to go and really fun to hang out. Always have an awesome movie experience there. Granted AMC and Emagine are charging through the nose nowadays for movies, Emagine just feels worth it, ya know? Parking can be tricky, so make sure you read/pay the toll.

Jamere Maxwell

Good customer service. Comfortable seating. And it's nice that they'll bring your food order to your seat in the theatre.

Shane Dean

My favorite theater to go to. Definitely need to get the membership. Its worth it just for parking.

Elena P

Comfy chairs, great sound and clean theater. We were in the fancy new one this time. Love that it's in the middle of everything in RO. Makes for a fun outing!

Durell Leonard

Only movie theater I can go to now. Love it.

Delores Lyons

Went to see "Downton Abbey." Wonderfully seats (recliners).

Cate Zatkoff

Nice movie theater with reclining seats


Most comfortable chairs, images on big screen comes right at you. 3D rocks.

Audrey Isrow

Theatre facility was super clean and modern. It took a bit to get our food order, but otherwise it was fantastic.

Lindsay Pratt

Wow! This is such a nice theater!

Edward Minor

The Emagine Royal Oak was and is great the service is always clean pleasant and polite I love it thank you

Jack D

Haven’t been to the movies in a while. Man it has changed. So comfy

Andrew Suurmeyer

Got to experience the private showroom for the Avengers Endgame movie. Was definitely impressed with the theatre overall. Nice setup for the lobby, service seemed quick at concessions from what I could tell. Staff were friendly and the seating was definitely comfortable, which is especially important for such a long movie.

Sonya B

Beautiful theater and professional, kind employees! Love being here and parking is free in spaces 200 and up for Loyalty Members!

Maximillion P . L . H

It's actually really cool there. The staff is very friendly and they also have a bowling alley! That's like a really big bonus! Everything was great and the movie theatre and seats were clean and I was highly satisfied. Definetly going back soon!

Howard Kornblum

Very nice. Very clean. My sr prices during week days is only $4. Movies are always first run and theater is ultra comfortable and modern

Christine Wyatt

Space chairs no long lines popcorn was good

Mohammed Inany

Recliners. Emax.3D. Great restaurants around the Theatre. Complimentary valley. Safe neighborhood

Karen Walker

Loved the theater! I saw rocket man and it was great! #eltonjohnfanforlife

Keith Benford

I really like this place! One of my favorite theater to take the family to! Always clean & if you can walk the streets of Royal Oak for dinner or dessert!

Alex Ilovan

It’s very convenient to have this theatre in downtown Royal Oak as it makes dinner and a movie a fabulous experience. The seats are better than any other theatre nearby. The bar staff is friendly and the the overall ambiance is relaxed. I would recommend this theatre for a great movie going experience.


Had a great time date night with wifey. Love this place

Benjamin Mackie

Very nice theater, but like all of Royal Oak, the parking sucks that you have to pay for. They do offer options to get the price reduced, but you need to set it up ahead of time. Compared to nearly every other theater, you don't need to do that. Otherwise it's a very nice theater, nice comfortable seats, and really great concessions

Sandra Washington

Movie was great, place was clean, but didn't have enough employees working, I waited 15mins before I was helped missed some of the movie

Dawn Kowalski

Very clean and comfortable seating .concessions are very expensive. I paid for six of us to eat at Coney Island and it cost me $4.00 more for popcorn and pop for six and that even included a free popcorn. My bill was $44.09

Connie Kemner

My son and I had a good time at the PBS kids event.

Ev Marie

I miss the bowling alley but still one of my favorite theaters.

Gorb Targuss

Big and luxurious, lots to do here arcade games and movies, drink machines and huge buckets of popcorn including recliners.

Krystal Brown

We held a corporate event of about 50-60 people in the High Roller Room & Skybox Room last night. Our team was able to bowl, play pool and shuffleboard. The space was great, the staff was even better and the food choices and taste was great! Event planner, Kasia, was phenomenal! I didn't give her a ton of time, but she was super-responsive and extremely pleasant the entire way! I have already recommended this venue to other organizations within my company for their events and we will definitely be back!


Emax is great. They have new heated reclining seats and the sound is phenomenal.

Bernard Davis

It was different but ok parking needs a pay app.

Krystal Harris

Love the place


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GQT Quality 10 GDX
GQT Quality 10 GDX
Movie Theater - Michigan

Movie theater