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209 Hamilton Row, Birmingham, MI 48009, United States

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REVIEWS OF Emagine Palladium IN Michigan

Tracey E

Nice clean theatre. Seats are comfy. They have a parking deck really close by. They serve food and alcohol. Perfect location for a datenight. Lots of restaurants nearby. It is an upscale theatre so ticket prices were a little higher but it was well worth it.

William Cooper

Comfortable, high end, luxurious, yet the same price as any other theater. Kind and helpful staff and special theatre rental available.

Lena McLean

Theater was very comfortable ladt hr of the movie rain was coming in from the ceiling

Nancy Franz

Super comfortable theater

SA intheUSA

Very friendly staff, comfortable seats. Management makes the effort to get to know you. Good bar and bartender. All round good experience.

Stuart Bas

Would be a five star except for expensive popcorn and candy and other stuff

Cay Nation

This place is very great me and my mom goes here all the time great service nice seats big rooms very big screen u can sit where u want and u can see from any angle not long commercials it gets to the movie very fast I been coming here sense I 3 and now I’m 11 I’m very impressed about the movie theater I walk in there’s never a line. Always nice never had a rude employee who worked here it’s the best and most popular movie theater in Birmingham I get so comfortable I fall asleep and this movie theater is so enjoyable I think about it all the time who owns this movie theater should keep it if not it will probably get dis organized have a wonderful night day morning or evening

Sherea Brown

First time back after 10 years: I enjoyed the reserved seating, reclining chairs, and food delivery to our seats. I was hoping the food options were more diverse (vegan, not heavily processed or fried, gluten-free, organic - yep, I'm one of those people) but sadly Emgine is still behind the ball on that matter. The restaurant that was once reportedly there is no longer in service and will be converted to an extra theater. The area where the drink dispensers were located was filthy. Also, there's only one exit in the Theater to restrooms. I mistakenly went through the second exit during a movie and found it led only to outside the building. That sucked. I'll definitely return but only on a full stomach ;-)

Brian H

The best place to watch on the big screen.


Wonderful, clean, friendly staff

June Lester

Love the seats and the service.

Jenna Giesey

Saw End Game. Had an easy time getting my CaptionView device, and they have open caption movies too. Great theater.

Madona Aoun

Great theater, nice staff , clean and well maintained.


Great theatre. There are plenty of garages to park in which are also free in the weekends. Theatre is pretty small, but is very clean and recliners are great. Would totally go again. Only problem is that the theatre is on the fourth floor and you have to take the elevator up and they do not have a stairs option.

Caleb Foster

By far the nicest movie theater I've been to in MI. Right downtown so it makes it convenient to go to the local food spots. Entering the movie you take the elevator and once you arrive you get an upscale feel. They bring the food to your seat and offer chedder and caramel popcorn. 1st pick always!

Justin Mayer

Favorite movie theater in the area. Doesn’t have a ton of screens, but the theaters are clean, and the seats are the most comfortable of all the local theaters.

Brianna Robinson

The theater isn’t nearly as large as the Emagine in Royal Oak. You had to buy tickets at the concession stand and there was only one person working. Not a problem if you arrived early. He didn’t give me my ticket or tell me my theater number so I had to return to the counter for my receipt. Kinda disappointed there wasn’t any happy hour specials at the bar (at least none advertised). Another disappointment was they didn’t offer parking validation for the garage. Even for rewards members. Emagine in Royal Oak does this!!

Cynthia Page

Theatre and employees are amazing!

Lauren Teal

I really like the bar and theatre atmosphere. The associates are pretty rude though. Seems as if they have no personality at all. Should hire people that are friendly with the public. Also not diverse enough,as far as staff goes. Effects me supporting them in the near future. The theatre is large and spacious though,which i loved.

Sheletha Woolen

I went for a matinee around 11AM to see the great Captain Marvel. My experience was Awesome!!! Traffic was very light, as there were only 3 other people in the theater. Concessions staff were friendly and attentive as I was allowed to use my Emagine VIP points for popcorn. The theater was clean and a bit chilly as usual but the movie was so good I didn't mind at all. I will return for more matinee shows!!!

Katie Jackson

Walked into the place and smelt burnt popcorn, all the slurpee machines were broken, the chairs were ripped, and the theater we were in was disgusting upon entering!!! There was trash all around and popcorn all over the floor from the previous movie! I love Emagine, but this was very disappointing.

dannie bowen

Nice chairs and service at the concession stand

Paola YC

Everybody is so nice and cordial here. The seats are so comfy and well taken care of. You can not go wrong with Emagine ☺️ Best place to enjoy a movie

Michael Spears

I very much enjoyed this theatre. The seats are super comfy and recliner to almost flat! The are oversized and cushy. The screen in theatre #4 was huge and the picture clarity was great. Here was the kicker though;: for a $1 updated you can get caramel and/or cheese popcorn. You can do a mix too!

Mandisha Harris

Best theater ever. The theater is clean and the staff was friendly.

Jonas Halonen

Love the seating!!! Also, you can have food served to you in your seats - lovin it!

Marcia Lupo

The best place to see a movie ever!!! Go! Go GO NOW!! ENJOY!

Derrick Simmons

Me and my family has been apart of the Emagine family for a few years and as of this year we are PLATINUM MEMBERS which has awesome benefits. We recently (6/23/19) had an event in their private screening room at the Emagine Palladium and the end result is more than I and my family anticipated. They will make sure your experience is first class and they will listen and accommodate all your needs and concerns within reason. I would recommend this venue for private or public screening solely based on the managerial staff and their commitment to us as guests having the best experience possible. And please, if you’re a movie goer like me and my family, please take advantage of the PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP! We frequently visit the Emagine Novi location too. Although that facility does not have a private screening room to my knowledge, the experience and the dedication of the management staff is the same.

Daniel Hughes

Young crowds in rated R movies talk too much and use their phones. Please manage better

Kai Rod

First off no parking!! Then it took 25min to get a hot dog

Christopher Henne

Comfortable, roomy seating, nice assigned seating system

Monica Marie Jones

Plush seats and clean, high quality theaters. The caramel and cheese popcorn did not taste as good as it looked. Friendly staff at the ticket counter. Concession staff was not as friendly.

T & S Dobrowolski

One of the best Emagine theaters out there. In heart of downtown Birmingham this location is easy to find with a parking structure in walking distance. Definitely one of the most popular and busiest when it comes to premiers. The decor is modern and updated from their bar area to their concession stands. Purchase tickets via kiosk is simple and quick. Theaters range from their average theater size to the more intimate. Seats comfy and you always feel like you’re at home. Customer service never lacks and management is ready at hand if needed. Love this place!

Steph Comptois

We were there for a fundraiser for Bees in the D. Emagine Theater invited them to set up a table for the opening weekend of Bumblebee and they are matching funds that Bees in the D earn over the weekend. Thank you for helping the bees.

Nick Tidey

Always nice and clean with great service

Bill Evans

Nice atmosphere from the entry all the way to the auditoriums. Best dressed staff I've seen in a long time at a movie theater and it is appreciated. And they were pleasant and professional. Auditoriums were spotless and the reclining seats made me feel like I was watching a movie at home. Excellent experience! If you haven't tried them since the renovation, you REALLY should!

Andrew Lamar

Nice theater, only downside is Parking and the elevator situation to get to the actual theater.

hussein srour

Really comfortable seats , and altogether nice experience


Comfortable seatings

Beau Devanney

Very comfortable reclining seats, good popcorn with all the flavors you can think of, feels like home. I have gone there over 10 times

Carl Gilbert

They have the reclining seats not just the rockers. Very nice. Spacious. Good audio but not too loud. Fast service. Pleasant experience.

Enrico Totty

Food was delivered 20 min before the film ended. Theater is nice. 3 stars because of the service.

Kaiyana Black

Love the theater just don't like the parking situation

Michael Ehrman

Pretty good place to catch a flick. Myself, the wife, and kids all went to see a movie and they have this small theater room called the screening room which was actually quite nice. The movie we saw didn't get a huge crowd so the screening room was not bad at all.

MsJohnson GajjEnterprises

Quiet, cool place. Loved the comfortable recliner seating and upscale atmostphere.

Asif Rabbani

Nice place

Erica Riggin

I use to attend this theater a lot. This was my first time since they remodeled. Very nice place.

kenan obeid

Very nice movie theater with reclining chairs.

vikrant mathur

Very comfy seating its fun to watch a movie

Zachary Moore

Very nice theater. Think of it as a Ferrari experience with corrola cost. Great value for what you pay. Very well maintained and friendly staff.

Rashad Asoufy

Great theater and very nice ambience. Clean seats and facility.

Chris Pezeshki

Great place to see a movie. The staff is friendly. The restaurant inside the theater is great. They offer delivery of food to the seats which is great while watching a movie. The theater is clean and the seats are comfortable recliners.

Margaret Topous

Great place to see a movie. You'll pay a little more but choose your seat in a relaxing comfy recliner. Pop and popcorn and all the treats are the way you'd expect for a premiere movie experience. Parking available adjacent to the theate for a nominal fee (the first 2 hours are sometimes forgiven). Dine nearby before or after but check restaurants for closing times.

siddhu parakala

The theater itself was top class. Recliner seats were good and the screen too is. The movie viewing experience was very good. But finding the theater in itself proved to be a challenge, especially with all the ongoing road work in and around theater. Getting a printout of the ticket booked thru atom was again a challenge as the barcode scanners were not working that great.

Edy Gies

We saw The Greatest Showman as a family here and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. We lounged in the recliners and enjoyed snacks and drinks together. The food is overpriced as is expected at movie theaters, but we love the spacious rows and comfortable seating that Emagine provides.

Eric Smith

A great venue for movies!

Karnita Hill

Comfy and convenient! The food and drinks were good and it was nice having our order brought to us so we could relax and enjoy the movie

Jeannette Ellis

This theater is amazing! I was served by a very pleasant person and every member of staff I came across said hello to me. Made me feel warm and welcome. The theater itself was very clean and loved the wide comfortable reclining seats. I would definitely recommend this place.

Brittany Coulter

I had a less than perfect experience tonight at the Emagine in Birmingham. A group of friends and I purchased tickets for a 9:30 showing of a movie. Unbeknown to us, the theater locked it’s doors 15 mins prior to the last showing. We arrived at 9:25 and were Locked out of the building until 9:55pm. We only made it in because another customer was headed out. The phone went straight to a voicemail line. We missed about 30 minutes of the movie due to this. Thankfully Will and Jacob were great at correcting the wrong however Emagine should post the times the doors lock somewhere VISIBLE to the customers!


Really good seats. Nice theater.

DAISY Brokethenet

Comfy seats and wonderful staff and management. Upscale feeling and a wide selection at the bar. Would highly recommend.

Victoria Murray

Smaller theater with concessions and bar. Screening room available for private events, but wasn't working when we did a party there back in March. Appeared to be up and running during our recent visit. Wish the restaurant colocated was still open. Some remodeling looks like it's ongoing.

Alan Pangburn

Clean and comfy

Anne Arnold

Emagine is always a fun experience. This place is beautiful. Interesting that it is not on the main floor, since the front of the building clearly highlights the theater.

Danyelle P

Staff was very helpful

Anamaria Tet

Love the place. Very comfortable recliners, the price for tickets is great.

DeeJay Clemons

Parking is not convenient

Theresa W.

It's Emagine, so overall it's nice but it could definitely be operated a little better. I've been to this location a few times- each time it's been dirty. I always go to movies on weekdays so I can't attribute it to being busy.

Amy Garabedian

Been here a few times. Last night we were there for a private screening of Avengers: End Game. Love the downtown ambiance, the emagine experience, especially the bartender, the same guy has been there each time we've gone and he's fantastic. Made me a custom margarita last night and always has great suggestions, its clear he takes a lot of pride in his creations. Overall, great experience from start to finish. There's a parking garage super close, too, so parking is never an issue, either.


Nice place to catch a movie.

mikendom ksml

I love this theater it's the only place me and my kids go!

Sean Nyman

I've been to a lot of movie theatres but this place is my favorite. Every time I've been here I've been very happy. Purchasing my movie ticket right from my phone, grab a Guiness, and kicking back in a comfy recliner. I love this place. The ONLY thing they can do to make it better is labeling the theatre seating chart while I'm picking out my seats in the app.

Patrick Davis

Caramel and cheese popcorn and first class seats!

Amanda DeGain

I haven't been here since they remodeled and it is NICE and reasonably priced. You can also buy an entire bottle of wine for your movie and i saw people getting their food orders delivered to them in the theater instead if having to wait for it and possibly miss some of the movie.

Chris Pawlak

It seemed strange to come in on the ground floor and have to take the elevator the fourth floor but it was ok. Perhaps because it was NYE at 9:20, no one checked my ticket. I probably could have walked in for free.

Chef Harold

Always a great experience.

Paul Taros

Great place to see a movie

Nelly Mezir

Nice,but too much smell of popcorn

Melinda Spada

No sound during previews, delayed time, and slightly rude worker when we notified the theatre staff. Manager ghosted us as well. Concessions was nice.


The theater itself is nice, with big comfy reclining chairs. The concession stand here though is ALWAYS so slow and there is almost always just 1 person working it.


I enjoyed this theater. The popcorn was great and the theater was clean and comfortable

Amanda Ratajczak

I love this place. The sound and video quality is great and the chairs are comfy!

Janie Waldon

Thie Emagine Palladium is okay. Personally its not better than Emagine Canton. There is no parking near the theater. I'm just spoiled at my Emagine Canton where there is ample parking and friendly staff. Will not be visiting any other emagine but Canton Emagine.

Chantel Jackson

Great place but in need of some new chairs and chairs cleaned between movies

joe stevens

The staff at the concession stand was atrocious I was looking over the menu and the clerk started barking at me NEXT IN LINE, NEXT IN LINE!. Granted there was no one behind me . I advised him I just needed a moment to see what was on the menu. I felt almost bullied into a decision as the clerk just stared at me and wanted to finish his conversation with his co worker. I can understand maybe not having a pleasant day at work but I'm just an innocent bystander and any grievance you have maybe should be discussed with your manager and not taken out on customers. Its definitely changed my perspective on this theater which I actually prefer in Birmingham not any longer. This was at 6:30 today I went to see once upon a time in Hollywood.

Kesha Van Horn

Clean and professional environment. The eatery is very nice and the theater is clean.

martin martini

It was nice years ago don't know about today. Then the wrong crowd used to come in the area. So we stopped going.

Wolf Williams

Great theater, comfy leather recliners. And their screening room is very unique.

Bradley Leyten

Not sure how this place stays in business only because there's never anyone here. We've seen a number of movies now that we were the only ones in the theater. The theaters are kind small but they have the recliner seats. There's a bar upstairs too but nobody at that either.

msnovice 50

Great movie theatre! Olive oil popcorn and the Nachos are a must. The oversized recliner chairs completes the experience.

Isaiah Jordan

Always a good time at Emagine.

Kwamise Taylor

Parking can be challenging...

Hannah DeStefanis

Awesome movie theater. It is always clean and has very comfy seats.

Crystal Johnson

This was my family's first time there and it was amazing! The staff there was so friendly and helpful. Even though we went on a Monday , I think its awesome how on Tuesdays they give free popcorn! Who does that?!? Every theater needs perks like that! The matinee prices were super! Unlike the over inflated pruxes here in Orlando! The seats and layout of the theater were awesome. The snack prices were great! I will say this, be there on time so you dont miss any movie parts. I think that it is awesome that they start there movies on time! Way to go! This is my favorite theater and when we return to the area again, we will be back! I wish they would expand to Orlando FL and give these over priced theaters here a run for their money!

King 777

I love this theater! The customer service is exceptional! I never have to wait very long, you can buy your ticket for the movie, pick your seat and go see the movie! Excellent place to visit! Never disappoint me!

vl archer

theater was nice, but we were not expecting to pay for on the street or structure parking. this would be good for folks to know, especially if you want to enjoy your movie and not be worried about a parking ticket while in the theater. parking from 9a-9p on the street: 6 quarters for one hour! no wonder the area is so nicely built up, profits from parking violations must be good revenue for the city unless you know better. we asked staff if there was such a thing as free parking: "not really" was their response. there are many other safer, reasonably priced theaters in the area with same seating and alcohol(if that's your pull factor). not worth the bother.

Koby Glenn

Great chairs, good speakers, bar in the middle of the floor ruins viewing experience while chair is reclined

Reed Williams

Great atmosphere and show

John Waldman

First time back here since it was purchased by Palladium. I think I liked the old setup better.

Adel Obeid

A great place to watch a movie

Rahim Basal

This is a really nice movie theater with good film quality and reclining chairs

Ammar Akhtar

Nice theater with great seats, but service is absolute trash. Every time I go there, it feels like no one knows what they are doing. I also ordered some food to be delivered to my seat, but after 30 minutes it didn't show up. I had to leave midway through the movie to see what was going on, and found that it wasn't even made! People who work here appear to be rather lazy. I'd recommend going here since it's one of the best designed theaters in the area, but I'd stay clear of buying food/drinks from here.

Michael Antoon

Great emagine best recliners

Anna Rabinowitz

Comfy seats and good popcorn

Billy Johnson

This place is always clean. The reserved seating is a great idea. i recommend it to anyone that wants a perfect evening

Summer Parker

my 2nd fav theater!

Bruce Welford

Super easy to get reserved seating tickets online. Great staff at the concession. Clean comfortable theater with power reclining seats.

Just sub I'm trying to get 100 without a vid.

This is my favorite movie theater! Nice service, quiet, and clean

Jeff Modell

Best theatre possible.

John Kenned

Nice theatre. Buy and pick your seats before you get there.

Maurice D

Very nice theater.

William Kemerer

This place is amazing. Service is great (even bring food right to your movie seat). Awesome recliners, always very clean and we'll taken care of. They only have 6 screens so sometimes not a ton of movie options, but if they have the movie I want, I've never had a bad experience.

Glenda Bowman

Awesome seats. All I need was my pillow.

Tyler Erickson

Nice theater. Love the reclining seats. Great modern design, and atmosphere.

chelsea cordle

Loved the theater

Alexandria Kelly

A great movie experience. The most comfortable seats I have sat in at a movie theater.

Ebony Coates

Amazing! Hubby took me on a little afternoon date to see Venom and it was great! Comfy recliners, food delivered to your seats, swift bar service and very clean. I had a great time and will definately be back!

lit tleones

Great movies for a great price. The people who work here are very friendly. We always feel welcome. They have special deals for their rewards members. On Tuesday they have five dollar tickets sales and free small popcorns for their rewards members.

Zach Micklea

Was here for a private event. The food was great (not sure if the food came from the theater or was catered), and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Rachel Kaiser

Clean good seating, recliners, friendly staff

Adam Glass

Great movie theater. The best reclining seats available currently in any cinema. Perfect place to go and see a film.

Natasha Brown

Great place! Great customer service!

julia c

Very amazing movie theatre. The food prices are ridiculous but it doesn't matter since it's super easy to finesse free drinks and slushes, just ask for a water cup. You can even get in for free no one even asks for tickets. Can't forget the free complimentary blankets. Overall, if you're on a budget this is the place to go! You're welcome.

TK Gilbert

Comfortable seats and great views. Concession stand needs some work , as they were not efficient. Parking was awful.

Scott Temple

Ihg as the feel of a downtown movie theater

Andrew Zuehlk

Great time with the fam!

Erika M. Smith

Today was my first time coming to this theater and I was excited to try it since I live very close it, I usually go to the Royal Oak location. I was very upset that when we came into the theater, there was not ONE person that checks if you have tickets at all. We literally walked in and nobody checked ours So that was not a very good first impression plus not very safe either. Then we go into the theater and we have a couple that sits next to us and they were TALKING so loud that it was hard tip listen and enjoy the money. I went to the lobby to ask to speak to a manager and this thing man that was the "manager" came after almost 10 minutes to talk to me. I explained the situation and that I eat trying to not be the one to tell them to STOP talking and I wanted for something to be done about this. He proceeded to "write" on a receipt paper with a pen that did NOT work at all the number of the seats they were in. Then he gave me a couple of Free Popcorn coupons that were not needed. All I wanted was to enjoy the movie I paid for. I have those coupons to a little girl..... bc one again that's not what i wanted. I waited and waited and NOT one person came to stop them from talking although he ASSURED me that an usher would be coming to take care of it. After nobody came to do anything, i finally got enough fed up that not only did i have shhh them they continue to talk loudly so i had to hey...lmk then straight up to STOP TALKING!!!!! They stopped for a bit but our didn't help. Horrible experience, everyone was on their phones, going from seat to seat and talking. Won't be coming back and will let everyone about this experience.

natalie silva

This place is amazing, also the chair's are so comfortable!

Pete Mullin

I can only Emagine (see what I did there?) what the owners of the Palladium building must charge for rent, because this theater really takes it out on the customers. Even for Birmingham, $12.50 for a beer is pretty steep. If you're hoping for an all inclusive theater / meal experience, getting out of this place alive for less than $50 bucks is an accomplishment in itself. Who needs the peace and quite of 'Netflix and chill' when you can get out there to 'theater and bill?' Given the laughably high industry pricing standards for basic snacks that you could otherwise sneak in for pennies on the already exuberant theater dollar, it's no surprise that you have to be gainfully employed at the executive level to even see a movie these days. But despite the industry prices, I really have to hand it to Emagine. They provide a truly welcoming experience that somehow keeps me coughing up money for more. After all, once you've tasted the good life, would you really want anything less? And having paired great (and very comfortable) seating with an undeniably powerful audio / visual system, you're in for a treat. (My ears are still ringing from having survived the soundtrack to Blade Runner.)

Jewaun Glenn Music

Extremely clean and very fancy

Steve Moore

Awesome theater! Loved Alladin!

Aamir Najam

Can't beat the recliners here, and the theater is not too busy to fight the crowds, def recommend!

Derryl Givens

A great place to enjoy the movies


Amazing kids love it and its our main go to

Blaine Tillander

The entrance and exit elevator scheme is awkward.

Rachel Shane

Great seats reclining or plush. Love the bar and the restaurant service, food delivered to the seats, ticket prices are great.

Lil BabyEats

The only one me and my boo feel comfortable going to. I love this place , the bathrooms are always clean. NO COMPLAINTS!

John Considine

The theater we viewed "Hollywood" in had a miniscuke screen and a stunningly small room. Very disappointing. And I intensely dislike being required to take a crowded elevator to get to the viewing room. Popcorn's good though and thus the 2 stars.

M Bass

Great movie theatre in downtown Birmingham, MI. Great reclining seats, great sound and great food options!

RICH TOWN Money 247


Pete Sherman

It is usually easy to get a seat when other theaters are sold out. However, there have been several times when the cleanliness of the seating area and bathrooms have left MUCH to be desired. Like I said though, when Rochester and Royal Oak are sold out you can usually find a group of seats.

James Pyne

A good movie theater with quick lines

Special Special

Crazy Asians. Pretty funny. Very nice theater with comfy chairs. You could fall asleep in a bad movie!

Olivia Cannella

Perfect for a personal movie screening for a large group

Tasheanna Smith

Had to use machine to buy tickets. Very inconvenient for older guest my aunt and uncle only had cash. Good thing I brought my card! But other then that everything was nice and comfy some of the chairs had drinks spilled on them.

Daniel Nova Brower

Theater was awesome before emagine picked it up, now it's magical.

Uma Javali Sabarad

Today been to Emagin Palladium to watch the movie Creed 2 at 8.55 show.. The theatre is very near to our house may be 5 minutes drive. The audience keep walking past disturbing you to fetch drinks n popcorn . The movies run without a break for interval. So once you rush to the restrooms , oh God! Full of scattered tissue papers in the commodes, n on the floors, people don't even flush after use, no one to take notice of it is it because of night shows they are not cleaned? Also same scene at the AMC restrooms. Hope the authorities take notice of it n solve it.

Howard Kornblum

Beautiful theater but prices can be very high if you pick the wrong times. I prefer the one in.royal oak. Same company and distance from my house but the one in royal oak has cheaper prices for the same films by $4 -8 a ticket

Danika Martinchek

Turn right at the coney island and park in the Birmingham city parking... Loved the theater and enjoyed the early screening of Shazam! Tonight. Concessions line is long but moves fast. Great little eating area, didn't have the food but smelled great and drinks looked awesome! Not in our area but hope I have a reason to go back one day!

Bianca Stoner

Probably the most comfy recliners I've ever sat in at a theater, with an electronic button to adjust the position. I had some trouble inserting my credit card at the kiosks to buy a ticket so had to get one at the concession stand. The elevator took a long time to arrive as well. Overall, good redisign of the building since I have last been many years ago

Tom B

Would be 5 stars, but I don't like how there is no stairway access to the theater... elevator only, with stairs being a emergency option. Other than that it's a great theater. (Oh and the Jay Towers commercial before the movies is super annoying...)

Barbara Ledin

My favorite movie theater.

John Richards

This place is awesome! The look and environment is warm and welcoming. Service odds excellent as well

Robert Majewski

Used to go here way back when it was just a palladium. Still nice

Capt Klow

ABSOLUTLEY TERRIBLE . First off how are you gonna have all this high tech stuff and not have your website movie times correct I drove across town to see a movie only t find out it started because the times are wrong. Then the next day i try to buy tickets online and the site says seats are available and when you get to the page their sold out every movie any time. Obviously your webmaster needs to take a basic website course but this honestly is not worth the time or money Id rather go to any other theaters than this guys at this point.

John Murphy

Always clean, friendly staff, comfortable seats.

B. Lee

Sent this place an e-mail inquiring about there rewards programs. They have 3 types. A base rewards program which is complementary. A second rewards program I think its $12 and change. Ballpark. Then there third rewards program is pretty neat costs over $300 however the perks are pretty awesome. You get priority seating a bunch of free tickets upon sign up ..complimentry parking you earn rewards quicker towards concessions. Honestly a bunch of perks. If your an avid movie watcher that's definitely the program for you. Customer appreciation is always awesome! I would absolutely join the program..unfortunately it's only valid for a year and this program does not roll over to other theatre locations. I believe from what I read it's only valid at the Birmingham location. Maybe it's a trial run and if it goes well it'll be valid at all loactions?!

Ken Thomas

New guy named Jordan was great, very kind and courteous. At one point I went out to feed the meter, and didn't realize the door was locked. I didn't know it but he went downstairs and waited for me downstairs to open the door for me. Great service by Jordan.


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