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REVIEWS OF Emagine Hartland IN Michigan

Mallory Elias

I usually love Emagine but the concession system is a pain. You need your ticket to buy food which is annoying if one person grabs tickets and another grabs food. The line system is weird if you just want a beverage, not food. And most of the beverage machines weren't working properly

Brent Brown

Great place! We loved it, we will be back soon. Joined the rewards club! Great clean place, good drinks, solid food choices! Comfy seats and a different experience over all at the theatre!

Julie Jern

Today we got great service and fresh popcorn delivered to our seats. So far best visit. As always seats are super comfy

Tania Neethling

I loved it, amazing seats and great sound, nice and clean, very nice experience overall

Raymond Tye

Nice place good service friendly staff screening room very cool small intimate setting recomend viewing a movie in screening room

Gary Duffiney

Awesome place to see movies, heated recliner seats and cuddle chairs for couples dont forget your blanket and pillow. And they will bring your food to your seat. And they have beer and wine!

Mark F

As far as movie theaters go, the best I've ever been in.

Noah Oliphant

Seats are comfortable and spacious. Wxpect to pay 10 dollars for a drink. They deliver all food to your seat which is also nice.

Jessica Patrick

Amazing theater. Cozy seats. Blue margarita was delicious!

Kevin Crawford

One of the nicest theaters I've been to. The lobby looks and is amazing. Comfortable chairs and couches, a fireplace, a piano that plays itself and a bar. Also the menu has a great selection of food and if you order hot food they deliver it to your seat with a tray that fits in the cup holder and you can swivel it. I reccomend the nachos. The recliners in the theatre are very comfortable and you can heat the seats.

Jason Dubie

Great Spot to go. As a Loyalty Member, you are supposed to get a free popcorn on Tuesday's. However, they yanked the special for Christmas! Really? On the ultimate day of giving, you pull your special? Classy Emagine, Classy....

Brian Taylor

This theater is great. Their Tuesdya night deals are amazing and keep us coming back.

Dominic DeNoyer

The staff is new right now but the new theaters are very nice. The seats recline almost all the way back and offer two different levels of heat! Trays are brought to you in your seat to enjoy your food, snacks, and refreshments.

Ben Shuh

Great new movie theater. Comfortable heated seats, full concession stand, fantastic popcorn in multiple varieties such as cheese, caramel, movie theater butter, real butter, and they even have some popcorn cooked in healthier oils. Great customer service as well. Have seen two movies here, great experiences both times.

Cynthia Dagenhardt

Excellent theater!! Super clean great staff

Brandon Hampton

Such a beautiful theatre. Everyone there was incredibly friendly too.

Garrett Laskowski

Brand new theater. Great food selections and delivery to your seat! Seats are awesome with recline and heat. Fair prices for what you get. I love how you have to pick your seat and they are assigned. Makes going to the movies much better.

Sarah Hunt

Love this place! So clean and such friendly employees. Popcorn was delicious. Seats are super comfortable. This is hands down my go to place to go to the movies. And free popcorn Tuesdays how can you go wrong?

Joel Loney

Beautiful movie theater. Easy, convenient location. Started coming here as opposed to the Birch Run location.

Jess DuRoss

Super clean, very comfortable seating. Only downside is concessions are rather pricey, but that seems to be a norm for all theaters.

Chad Cannon

Great decor, a full bar with fireplace and piano, expanded food selection, and the nice Emagine leather recliners... What's not to love!?


Easily one of the nicest theaters I've visited. Comfortable heated recliners, "cuddler" seating (basically love seats) in the front row and if you order food that needs to be prepared, they bring it to your seat for you with a tray that slides into your cup holder. While I didn't spend any time in the bar, it looked nice with a player piano and fireplace.

Amanda B

Very nice theater. Very clean, relaxing and the staff is friendly and helpful

Angela Mayo

Nice seats, will deliver your good to you if you order from them and we loved it

Heather Idoni

A little fancy and confusing at first, but the deluxe reclining seats are great. Felt a bit under dressed when we first walked in! No one taking tickets seemed a little odd... and confusing system to purchase food. Got a Coke Zero at the free choice machine, but it tasted bland. Popcorn is unsalted, so you have to salt it yourself. Wish I had known that before I got all seated! For $1 extra you can have real melted butter, so that's kind of nice. Perks program seems promising.

Allen Minock

Great theater, nice they have options for everyone

Julia Popler

Very nice theatre the staff was very friendly and the seats are comfortable. The theatre gets cold so bring a blanket or jacket.

Christie C

Beautiful new facility with a full service bar. Hint - you even get rewards points for bar purchases!! The aisles are spacious and seats are comfortable. We are so happy that a theater is close to Fenton!

J. Metcalf

Awesome seats. Always clean. Employees are polite and accommodating

Zachary Mason

Big seats. Big soda. Big popcorn.

Meloni J

It's a good theater to go to! They have hot food and freestyle coke machines. The seats are comfier than MJR's in my opinion!

Stephanie Ryan

Currently sitting locked out of the building due to the fact they locked the doors. Apparently you can’t step out for a moment. Tried calling and they conveniently cannot take my call at this time. Currently out of the 13$ I spent on popcorn, 10$ for ticket and 15$ for a drink. I sit and wait on the sidewalk hoping someone comes out as my husband and daughter are still inside watching the movie we came to see. Yes, I tried calling my husband but out of respect to other movie goers his phone is off. This is my second visit here and I can say I won’t be back.

Mike Barton

What an excellent venue that's has been built in Hartland. The first impression walking in the door is classic Hollywood with the upscale decor and furniture. The restaurant quality concessions delivered to your seat were impressive and the seating very comfortable. I will definitely be seeing additional movies at this location.

Brett Carleton

They have recliner seats!! Really clean theater, recliner seats, you can order hot food (prices are a little on the high side), and did I mention recliner seats?

Isaac telesco

A great place for family, dates or even personal time. With beautiful facilities, friendly staff, and full reclining leather seats with heating( off at the moment, I believe they said a manufacturer was detecting problems in similar seats, they have their heat turned off to be safe until they hear back) The screens are top notch with lovely sound systems, they are very accommodating and willing to help in most any way you can imagine (within reason).

Makenzie Powers

Love this theater. Nice staff. Clean theaters & great sound quality.


AMAZING! This place is great. I recommend it, and now that the Atom ticket thing has been fixed, the theater is awesome. With heated reclining chairs, small theaters, and awesome popcorn. This place is a must-go.

Karen Timko

Brought blanket in, because, a little cold. Recliners very comfortable. Clean and staff very friendly. No long wait for concessions. Popcorn costs very reasonable. Beverage not so much. Will go back again

Keren Llerena

Preaty good seating good place to go and enjoy movies comfortable

Lindsey Mott

Their chairs are amazing. They have all sorts of goodies other than popcorn..

Bryan Wilkinson

Its everything you would "emagine" plus a warm recliner. I ordered a small caramel corn and pop. It was the perfect stick to your teeth amount. Have fun at the movies!

Ryan Karalash

The concession lines are overly complicated. Instead of being in one line to order everything, they have a separate line for each category. Want drinks? Go to that line. Want popcorn? Go to a different line. Want hot food? Go somewhere else. It would be a much better experience to be able to just order everything at one kiosk like most movie theaters do. Otherwise no complaints. Theater is always clean and presentable, the seats are comfy and the bathrooms are always in order. Not too shabby!

Joshua Post

Awesome place to see movies. Lots of room, in the great recliner seats they have. Just a much better way to watch a movie, than a traditional theater.

Kim Michels

Great theatre. When new releases come out & all other theatre’s are booked, have no fear, Hartland Emagine has a seat for you! We call it our secret theatre that no one knows about.

Alex C

It's brand new, the concessions are great (I love the self-serve slushies), and the heated seats are a nice touch. The staff is friendly. Sometimes the bar is a little understaffed, but I don't blame this theater for that. I am sure it's a corporate staffing issue. They probably get less traffic during those time and corporate has figured an algorithm of how much staff/hours should be there. Hey corporate, as a customer, if you have a service open (I.E Guest Services and/or Bar) then you should have somebody staffing it all times, but hey that's just like my opinion, man.

Swk K

Amazing facility and great features. Plenty of space for handicapped. Excellent seats that recline and even heat up. Clean bathrooms and plenty of staff around for assistance.

Chaplain Tom

I recently visited the Emagine Hartland theatre with my family. WOW... What a great experience. The movie motif and open design was very welcoming. The lines moved fast. The lobby and rest rooms were clean. The reserved lounge chair seating was excellent and wait staff to bring food to your seat is above expectations. Most important to me, they easily accommodated customers with disabilities. I highly recommend visiting Emagine Hartland if you’re in the Livingston County area


When I first went in I was very impressed by the decor and style. I went for a special screening of "Friends" 25th anniversary. I had never visited Emagine Hartland before. I may not go again. Even though it was a Monday, why on Earth would you have ONE person working concessions? The line was ridiculously long. I know for a fact some of the people in the theater missed some of the show because I saw them in line. Also, what was with the bright light on in the hallway during nearly the entire presentation? As if that wasn't enough, when it went off the theater lights went on for the last 10 or so minutes of the show! What's that about? I would have addressed these issues with an employee in person if only I could have found one. The bathroom was disgustingly filthy too. Very bad experience.

Christopher Meyer

Great movie theater. Whole place is beautiful! There is even a bar inside!

Jemima Biddinger

My friends and I love to visit this theater! It's clean, high quality and the people are nice!

Angela Kitter

My kids and I enjoyed our visit and the hospitality of the staff. They helped us from purchasing our tickets, to our food, to our seating. The kids loved the venue and the seats are AMAZING!! Can't wait to visit with friends for an adult night out! Great venue with lots of options!

John Bagos

I love the theater but I just want to say 2 things. Let us put our own butter on the popcorn and get rid of the baby shark before movies

Steven Dorris

State of the art. Fast, clean, well trained crew. Top notch. ZERO disappointments. This is what all cinemas should aspire to.

Brian Williams

Thanks emagine theater I'm a GM UAW worker on strike and really appreciate the 5 dollar movie.

Zach Linfield

A great place to bring your family and friends! The staff is very kind and managers are awesome when there is a mix up, if there ever is one lol! Food is great and concession prices are good considering they make no money off the tickets.

Reese Forgie

Amazing looked like a hotel lobby

Kyle Austin

Everything about this theater is amazing. The lobby looks like a five star hotel lobby. The seats are ridiculously comfortable and the heat aspect is so cool. The service is great. The thing I like the most is that it's small. There aren't many theaters and they fit, my guess is, about 50 people. Five stars all around.

Matt Kacher

I've been to this location a few times with my children and have nothing bad to say the seats are comfortable with recliners and heated seats also have a type of loveseat for 2 people to share prices are what you would expect from a large theater. They also have a bar for the adults to relax a little when they go lol

Jon Heflin

Different set up the minute you walk in the door! Great service at concessions area. Perfect sized theaters and the sound from the movie didn't blast your face off.

Tom Kofahl

Great place to see a movie

Becky McDermott

Our go to theater. Granted the prices of food can be excessive but you're also paying for the high quality service, and I do continuously order the food here. However, get the member card and the perks will make up for the cost quite easily. $5 Tuesdays can't be beat either. The quality of this theater is awesome and I felt under dressed the first time I walked in! Spacious and enjoyable, as well as close and affordable.

Tim Offerman

Theater is located in a great area. It isn't very old so the condition is still new. The staff is good.

Matthew Coker

Great theater! Clean, friendly staff, super comfortable chairs. Decent drink selection. I also really enjoyed the EMax. Dolby Atmos with a curved screen. I'll definitely be back.

Michael Henk

Outstanding!! Saw The Avengers - End Game. Spectacular movie. Had the popcorn made with olive oil, added a dash of salt & lemonade. Good deal!

Don Schellenberg

Awesome Facility! Awesome Staff! And Absolutely The Best Popcorn...Period...End Of File!

Travis Hamill

New and comfortable, and I like the new food trays that go in the cup holder. Love the recliner, but can we do without the leather seats? I hate sticking to me seat halfway through a movie.

Carol Hiller

Amazing customer service from the bar tender and food prep people including the manager. They made it a great experience! Food was decent, a lil pricey, but that's how it goes. Beautiful facility, very well kept restrooms. Chairs are very comfortable. Had a nice night out

basically conner murphy

Lovely theater grate service and wonderful seats. Amazing food 11/10

Daddy Sotta

love is movie theater the projectors are top-notch quality the contrast ratio is very nice compared to other theaters I don't know if they're using laser projectors or what but the movies look very good the sound is very immersive there is a lot of high-end mid-end and low and sounds coming at the right times the surround sound of superb the city the seating area is amazing there's enough space to walk in front of people if you needed to come in or walk in or go out to the bathroom it's very convenient the food is very nice it's delicious it's well priced the movies is a must go place here love love love this

tony begentle

Had the best time of my life nachos was superb

T J Garback

For a moviegoer, (like myself), this place is priceless. All the amenities you can think of, and more.

Brett Holicki

Great screens and sound! The seats are super comfy. Recliners with heat! Impressive food options. Decor in lobby is awesome. Friendly staff.

Stephen Baker

Very nice theatre

Kawalski PHD

We went to see Infinity War, and had never been here before. When we arrived, we found it to have high ceilings that I would expect to see in some sort of fancy casino or hotel, and the design of the building overall is quite interesting. They had great choices in candy, drinks, and overall food as well as having nice employees to serve it to you! The theatres were clean and I would have to say it appears that people really try to keep this place nice and tidy!


Great service, extravagant decor, and overall exceptional experience

Jeff Kibler

Was at Emagine a week or so ago and assisted by a young man name Austin . He was extremely helpful and very courteous!!!!

Dwayne Deziel

Used to go to MJR in Brighton. I always thought the MJR was really nice and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Then Emagine is built in Hartland and blows everything else out of the water. Only drawback is the concession peeps take the entrance to the food area very serious. Don't dare enter it any other way than the way posted by the signs or else you'll be told a thing or two.

Jason Ryan

Top notch! Brand new! Very clean and comfortable!

April Sassin

This is the most amazing movie going experience I've ever had!!! Emagine really had stepped up the movie going experience and I love it!

Angelica Papastergion

By far the BEST theater I have been to, so clean, everyone is kind and helpful. The seats are so comfortable and heated!! If you prefer. I will be making this spot my local theater. Loved it!

Steve Wieczorek

Great experience! Concession line is a little slow

Gerald Ponkey

I absolutely love emagine theaters. It's a little bit more expensive but it's usually more worth it.

Dawn Groth

Very nice set up inside. The setting is perfectly spaced a d very comfortable it's almost better then watching a movie in your own home.

Alyssa Parrish

This is such a great addition to our little town! The staff is friendly and the rewards program is amazing. Definitely upgrade your rewards membership, it's worth it!

Matt McKeown

Great theater. Aside from it sounding like a slow fart when you extend the foot rest on the cushy recliner it's a cool setup. That said, worth the giggles to kick back and relax. Heated seats, full bar and VERY reasonable ticket prices. Worth the drive for sure!

J Hill

New theater is very nice. Every member of the staff I encountered were extremely polite. Heated seats are great for those unlike me whom are constantly cold.

Bill Western

The seat buttons didn't work every good. Food and drink prices are high.


Absolutely the best theater I've ever been too. Super luxury seating. Seats go almost flat (powered) and armrests flip up so you can get close to your boo. Grab a beer at the bar before you go in too! Totally blown away! Loved it!

Audrey K

Great experience, I haven't been to the movies in a long time. I couldn't believe how much more I would enjoy it this time. Emagine theater was top notch. I almost was too comfortable in the recliners. The heated seats were a great asset. The theater was definitely designed with comfort in mind!

Zach Przybyla

Amazing movie theater, I love it. Lost 1 star because the heated seats never work when I go there

Derek McCracken

Good theater with reasonable prices, just wish they didn't have to take the heated seats out. Went to see Endgame there and they played baby shark... it was kinda weird.

daveandkim Rybarczyk

Beautiful new location with cushy heated seats with foot rests and they have a bar. Excellent staff. This is a very classy business.

Gwendolyn Gallant

A kid named Austin was very nice and helpful there was some really nice food

Celeste T

The stadium chairs are comfy and the cuddle seats are an amazing addition to the movie theater experience.

Lj Bobby

Beautiful building, staff was very helpful. First time going, I will certainly go again.

Jason Guest

Enjoyed the spacious seating and heated/cooled seats.

chetzmom 4

It has a very old school event theater atmosphere. A crackling fireplace in the lounge area, a large glass backed bar, and black and gold art deco decor. Staff is young, but very friendly and helpful. Reclining heated seats in the screening areas. Plus, they will bring your food order (other than popcorn) to your seat! Plenty of room to stretch out! You don't feel packed in like sardines, even in the smaller screen rooms. This makes movie going feel like a special occasion you could do every week! Love it!

HE Der

Oh man... Recliners, heated seats, reserved seating.. All AMAZING ❤️ Oh and the popcorn.. Let's just say save room for buckets and buckets full.. Real butter.. Yum!

Lisa Sartor

This was my first time there & first time watching an IMAX movie. The cuddle & reclining leather seats are roomy & comfortable. Everyone was so nice.

Chris Carpenter

Whoa, this theater is gorgeous! The staff was incredible, the decor immaculate, the seating comfy and spacious. Food was very good as well, and you can't go wrong with the in theater bar. Well, maybe from a security standpoint you can, but as a customer I was blown away by the whole experience.

Scott Rolando

Big seats, good popcorn, nice place. Dillion the manager was a big help!

Nick Williams

This is our new favorite theater. It's beautiful inside and the service is great. The seats and screens are also top notch. We love the cuddle seats, which are much cheaper.

Matt Parker

Great atmosphere! Clean! Comfortable recliners! Fun food and beverages! Reasonable ticket prices! Plus, they play new releases as well as classics.

Duane Porter

Brand new upscale theater, love the atmosphere. The only recommendation I would suggest is to have a VIP night or set hours/days that are for adults only. Parents need to leave toddlers with a baby sitter.

Judy Nimer Chipps Muhn

Helpful people, nice environment and drinks!°

Derek Bosley

Beautiful building. Prices are crazy! Hence the 3 stars.

Kirk Bielskis

Nice bar..craft beer...good staff...recliners are amazing...make sure u sign up for rewards

Makayla Patrix

Completely changed the way I'll watch movies! Nothing like walking in to piano playing and fire place

Sarah Spitler

This has to be one of the best Theaters I've been too. Seats are so comfy and roomy.


Giving 4 stars. We went to see the new Spiderman last night. Power went out and they had no idea. But in a quick manor they fixed the power issue and even fast forward the movie to where we left off to see the rest! Would give 5 stars because tickets are very cheap and staff is friendly! But the price for snacks are as outrageous as any theater out there :/ But worth a fun/comfy trip to see a movie you want!

Carrie Slusarski

It was my grandsons 2nd Birthday and we went to see Toy Story 4 and had a wonderful time.

Jake Castaway

Seems more like a 5 star hotel than a theater. This place is amazing, heated seats that lean back, plenty of space. Overall amazing place

Jennifer Narkun

I love this place! Emax is AMAZING!! Great prices, great popcorn. Many different choices. I will drive a distance to come here!

Kristine Iid

Beautiful theatre. A bit much with the bar right up front. Very comfortable chairs. Popcorn isn't very good.

Jay Gordinier

First time to an Emagine theatre and it was an amazing experience. Ordering food and having it delivered to my seat was great. Emagine is on the top of my list for theaters from now on.

Crystal C

Beautiful theater and I love the heated seats.

Aubrey Worden

We definitely will be back!

Matthew Spiegel

Great place to kick back and watch a movie.

Andreas Kanon

Everything you want, great service, food, sound and picture with ample room.

Rachel Cook

The facility is just beautiful. Plenty of room in your comfy seat, but also lots of space to pass people in the aisles. They serve hot food, delivered right to your seat, after ordering from the concession stand. They also have a bar, if you prefer an adult beverage. The lobby has couches to wait for others, and a little fireplace to add to the ambience.

Zachary Mott

This is a very nice theater. A variety of snack and cocktails

Tricia Simpson

Fantastic new theater. The reclining heated seats are absolutely wonderful! The only theater I'll go to now. Much better than the Trillium.

larry smith

It was nice. I love the recliner chairs.

p doke

Comfortable theater, good snacks and drinks, what more could you ask for?


My friend got an alcohol drink there and the bartender told us if I took a drink of it he would call the police. I’m 25! It was extremely rude. Just tell me you need to see my ID too before you serve her? Was tempted just to take a drink just so he would call the police and see I’m of age! Pretzels were over cooked and gross.

Maddy Zyskowski

Beautiful atmosphere and nice workers. Very clean.

Ryanne Batey

The staff was friendly and helpful and the facilities were new and we'll maintained. I'm sure it was my imagination, but the EMAX screen felt smaller than the one at another Emagine location I typically go to; but again, I'm sure it was probably just me. The heated seats were a nice addition to the recliners at this location.


Very nice movie experience. It's a little cool inside if you are in summer clothes, but the heated seats kept me comfortable.

Kevin Nicholls

They seem more interested in selling you a pizza than making the movie experience a good one. Coming from theater #3, the auditorium is so small that the emergency exit sign's light reflects on the screen, and the aspect ratio of the movie projected higher than the physical screen. That's fine for a $5 ticket in a strip mall theater, but ridiculous for what a normal ticket costs here.

Ed Holden

Very nice theater, but not happy today. The autism friendly movie auditorium holds less than 20 and it was full when we got there. I know it is difficult to plan for how many and children with autism may not do well with a large crowd, but this theater can hold 3-4 families max. It would have been nice to see Toy Story 4 with our entire family together including my autistic son.

tommy boyle

This is probably the most elegant movie theater I have been to. Everything about the visual aspect of the theater feels like you are attending a prestigious event.

Michelle Lumsden

Beautiful theater. Concessions are a bit confusing. Love the pop station. Theater seats so comfortable!

Damon Romero

Seen End Game here, first visit. very clean, very cozy, serves adult beverages and a speedy concession stand. we will be back again !

Maghan DeKarske

Best place to go and watch a movie. Super comfy seats and best prices around.

Allyson Blake

Stunning. I can't believe the gorgeous colors, and the wall treatments. I want to live there! Friendly staff and very clean. The theater is so new it smells new. The recliners had extra puffy head rests. There are plenty of food and beverage options. Easy parking and easy to find. Theater had great sound and nice big screen.

chris ibarra

Very clean and organized. My go to movie theater. Join the loyalty rewards program and you get money off of your purchases. Occasionally you will get a good deal. Full bar, you can order brick oven pizzas and other food that will be delivered straight to your seat. Very good.

UWZerokool X

Emagine Theater always exceeds my expectations. This new theater is pretty nice and cozy. Ticket purchases are at the kiosks on the left, just after you walk through the door. They have reclining seats (button on your right side) and they have front row love seats (two person couches, they call them cuddle seats). As always, they do have a bar. One little thing, how are you going to charge an extra dollar for butter? You purchase popcorn (kernals) at wholesale price, which is like a dollar a cubic foot and then sell it for over 1000% profit (which I'm fine with, y'all have to make money), but the butter? Come on. Everywhere else the butter is free.

M Bass

Very nice theatre with reclining seats and plenty of leg room. There's a NCG theater within 10 minutes to our home, but we choose to travel up to 30 minutes because of the comfort and amenities offered at the other theater chains.

Brian Rand

We don't go to the movies very much since we prefer home viewing. However, this place is amazing! Great way to watch a movie. Incredibly comfortable seats. Book online.

Yuliya Koval

The best movie experience!

Cade Scott

Beautiful settings, excellent service, low cost, great value. Heated plush recliners! Everything was wonderful, I'll go back again and again.

Beth Juntunen

Beautiful modern movie theater. Ordered stuffed pretzel bits and they brought them to our assigned seat. Comfortable and spacious heated recliners. Staff is very courteous.

Mark Stroebel

Great movies and loyalty club. Manager should staff concessions and ticket counter with more people when busy. Excessive wait times. Movie volume has been too loud at times and should be spot checked because if you are too close to speakers it can give you a headache. Still working out a few bugs.

Matt B

Clean. Kid friendly. You can skip the line and buy tickets at the kiosk. Recliners are huge.

Jason Skiba

Very nice theater with an exemplary staff! Really enjoyed the newest state of the art Coke Freestyle machines they have! Picture and audio was superior to other venues!

Patricia Wedzel

Awesome. Friendly staff. My first experience was great. The only criticism I have.......we were in theater 7 and could hear thundering noise from another theater. You might need a little more sound proofing between theaters. Overall wonderful time.


Great, comfortable seats; these even have a heated option. Fresh concessions with great deals, especially Tuesday. Only downside is I don’t completely like the rate of decline between the chair rows; I feel like each row should be a little lower to be able to see easier.

Sissy Derk

Super comfy and totally empty on a Wednesday night had the entire theater to ourselves

Laura Bates

The theater is really nice and always clean. I am knocking it down a few stars for a couple or reasons. 1. My husband is a disabled veteran with a very bad back. For him to be able to sit comfortable for any length of time him uses a cushion. The first time we were at this theater the staff made fun of his cushion while we were in ear shot. Really not appropriate way to treat paying customers. 2. The inconstancy of the sound system. We have been to this theater several times and half of those we have walked away with ringing in the ears and/or headaches on the verge of migraines. Not every movie wants to burst your eardrums, but those that do leave you not wanting to return for fear of permanent hearing damage.

marie foguth

Been here many times and still am impressed. Highly recommend ✨

Courtney Page

Very nice! Fabulous, friendly staff, extremely clean, great service. Thank you for a lovely night out!

Dan DeZelia

Nice theater with great seating. The place is very clean. Staff is courteous and helpful. It has everything you could ask for: food, snacks, and drinks that they will deliver to your seat.

Randall Griffith

Good experience Dumbo was good Grandchildren liked it theatre was nice.

John Withers

Very comfortable reclining seats, nice variety of food, and clean Theater

Brittney Taylor

Wonderful place to watch movies, very comfortable seats

John Racknor

Movie was good but way too loud. Hospitality good

Kristy Virgin

Great seats, decent ticket prices

Cameron Fraser

Love this theater! Theaters are luxurious and heated seats are a nice touch. The fact that they deliver hot food to you during the movie is another bonus that puts this theater above the rest.


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