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REVIEWS OF Emagine Birch Run IN Michigan

Undercover CarToon's

Good deals for movies if there almost done showing it. Over priced food! Good service! Great picture

Maureen Thomas

Because of Managers like Makayla this place will always be a go to Venue!

Todd Brenske Sr

Scary stories to tell. Definitely worth seeing!

Moly Man

Awesome theater. We saw an E Magine movie. Coolest seats in any theater I've ever been to. Will be going back for all our movies

lps glitterwings 45 lps

It was the best i cant wait to go again

Jeffrey Smith

Fantastic sound system excellent quality projection and extremlly comfortable reclining stadium seatimg. All this plus adult beverage service. And to top it all off, you can buy your tickets in advance WITH ASSIGNED SEATING! This is how a movie house should be run! You won't be disappointed.

Wendy Johnston

I love this theater.

Candace LaCross

Very clean comfortable and love the recliner chair

Brooke LeBeau

I love this theater because of the reclining seats. Makes you feel like your watching a movie in the comfort of your home. You can even bring a blanket to snuggle with

Lukas MacKinnon

The popcorn was very good, the soda machine I used was mostly carbonation but that happens sometimes, the building was very clean, the surround sound was amazing. I highly recommend. (I saw Toy Story 4, and I'm excited for all the movies that this place will be showing soon)

Scarah Fulci

Pick a film, choose your perfect reclining seat, grab a snack or have one delivered to you. This theater is wonderful. Makes going to an average theater cringy.

Heather Curtis

Super comfy seating and spacious lobby area!

Diane Roberts

Good movie and reclining seats.

Virginia Link

High prices on food but that is every movie theatre. Seats are awesome! Try not to fall asleep though.

Brea Glenn

I love that this theater is continuously making improvements. When you buy your tickets online or in the app now there is no need to go through the ticket line for a paper ticket. Just show the confirmation on your phone or print it out from your email. They recently revamped the concession area and added several new items to the menu. For the price of a ticket you can't beat this theater.

Kurt Zimmerman

Emagine Birch Run is our favorite theater experience, bar none. Great place and a fun group of people. If I had any suggestion for making it better, I would return the concession prices back down below Disney World pricing. $4 bottled water, $4.25 M&Ms... Ouch!

Michael B Schwerin

Emagine is the best theater to see a movie in Michigan. I wish they would open one in Midland, so I didn't have only one choice there.

Scott Fuller

Great seats and a bar if you fancy a little drink with your movie. Best place in the Tri-County area to see a movie, in my opinion.

Trista Bliss

I love to go here for date night. So cozy


Comfortable seats with friendly staff and delicious snacks

Penny Cross

Love the stadium seating with reclining seats. So great to be able to reserve your seats in advance. Nice to have a cocktail if I choose or simply popcorn and a soft drink. I always take a throw with me so cozy.

Barbara Hauck

Good popcorn but way too cold in theaters

Brain Fog Vapes

They have the best accommodations and seats anywhere I have ever been. Recliners in every room I've been in. Love it. Try not to fall asleep. Sound and picture is latest technology always impressed me. Worth the money! P.s pizza, bar, blankets, cotton candy, food menu, power adjustable seats. I could live here ;)

Matty Ice

Been going here for years, once they upgraded the place, it has become far and away the best theatre within 100 miles. Being an early adopted of Atom tickets just made it even better.

Sharon Stover

Recliners were comfortable. Clean theatre.

Felicia Naimark

I love this theater! Seats recline & are comfortable.

Matt C

Sensory overload! I enjoyed a specialty adult beverage themed after the movie I was about to see. The chairs are full on lazy boy recliners! Any time I want to enduldge and enjoy a movie, this is a great option. More expensive than the trillium in Grand Blanc, but worth it once and a great while.

Samantha Olsen

This afternoon we visited the theater, one of many trips. We had seats reserved and there was a mix up and 1 of our seats was sold. The manager Brendan was AMAZING! He had to put us in the front row so he gave us our seats at no cost along with our popcorn and drinks. Our seats were not hooked up so he took the time to improvise, got an extension cord and hooked our chairs up. He was kind and thoughtful and accommodating. We were very impressed with his willingness to take time to help us see the movie we were looking forward to.

Andrew Church

The best movie theater i have been to. It has great seats and amazing concessions.

Erik Varney

Six dollar matinee and reclining seats. Certainly a plus. Bar is available but prices for cocktail or beer are outrageous.

Michelle Mckown

Seats are comfy. I've only gone to early shows and there's never anyone manning the bar so you have to hunt someone down if you want an adult beverage

Patrick Fisher

Best theater in the area. The extra wide reclining chairs are amazing. The minor increase in price as well worth it!

Kiara Powell

Loved it! The seats are amazingly comfortable. They have an atom tickets line where u can preorder concessions so the food is ready by the time u arrive. It was a great experience for my family. We'll definitely be visiting again.

Nerdy- Girl82

This is the best theater around. The recliner seats are so comfortable!!!

Von Outenburt

Best theater in the area. Comfortable reclining seats, updated snack bar(with pizza) and they offer booze. Excellent sound system too.

Christy Grice

I love going here. It is so comfortable and the large screen is great. It is the best!

Jake Demeter

This is the only theater we goto. We drive from Saginaw to come here. Food is great, the seating is so comfortable, and it's always clean.

Gina Sharpe

Comfortable. Loud. Consider ear plugs.

T Martin

I enjoy my experience everytime I go to this theater. Comfortable seating and nice drinks.

hop yall


LaToi English

Great Olive Pop Popcorn, Nice atmosphere.

Greg Childs

Great place to watch movies

Winding Acres Ranch

Wonderful theatre and loved the seating. Staff all seemed to be pretty friendly. Only issue was popcorn seemed to be pretty old and was filled with crunchy kernels. Informed a employee and she dumped it out and got me a new one for free.

Dustin Connor

Always an amazing experience. Spectacular Service. Sometimes you do have to hunt for a bartender but aside from that miniscule complaint, I have none. I regularly attend this theater, forgoing other closer theaters.

Peggy Kimball

Wonderful place to watch a movie. I love the seating, and the prices are reasonable. It's clean and the employees are very nice. My only suggestion is have a sign telling where to by the tickets.

Keith Partlow

Best theater around we drive from Saginaw to enjoy a good atmosphere and comfortable seating.

Phyllis DeLaRosa

The movies are great of course, but those reclining seats are heaven!

Bridget Schmier

Great theater, great customer service. Clean with comfortable seats.

Michael Freeman

I like this theater. The seats are super comfortable. The theater always easy to get in and out of and close to the expressway.

Marc Clemens

Seats were comfy and there is plenty of room.

Lisa Smith

Love that they offer movies and show times for austism children and their families ♡ Thank you

shetoria powell

I love that I can have drinks and watch movies at the same time.

Peggy Jones

The reclining seats are wonderful! There is alot of space in between the rows so you don't have to move for people to walk by. They have a nice variety of popcorn seasoning, drink, and candy. Plus, they have a bar! I would definitely recommend this theater.

Gerald Piotrowski

Best of the Best of Avengers Movies .... Highly Recommend . 5-22-19. Wednesday afternoon show 10 of us to see the show ....

Cilla Crane

Good action movies, comic book movies. Nice friendly.

Justine R

The seats are so incredibly comfortable. This was the first time my backside was not sore or uncomfortable after a 2 and a half hour long movie. I loved how spaced out the theater was because I could actually relax. Popcorn was good a little pricey but you expect that. I would visit again.

Nicholas Sanderson

Comfortable seats. However the heated seat wasn't working. I didn't expect that going there in the first place tho. Very comfortable seating.

Tone M

Great place to see movies and take the fam. Great drink and snack selection. Awesome recliner seating theatres. Biggest and most annoying complaint is the bathrooms. Everything looks fairly older, but not too old. The bathrooms smell like urine. Not like "Hey I just peed." More like, that stained urine smell you find at a race track in Owendale or a West Virginia truck stop that had the urine trough. Nothing can cover it up. They are old an dirty, you can only get it so clean. It's very off putting.

Sandra Bills

Recliners and matinee price was great! Popcorn smelled very tempting so I purchased a #1 combo of 2 drinks and a large popcorn for the OUTRAGEOUS price of $19!!! Popcorn was COLD and CHEWY!!! I'll never make that mistake again! I feel as though I was ROBBED. Popcorn should ALWAYS be served HOT & FRESH!!! I'll return to watch movies but I'll never pay those obscene concession prices for old popcorn.

Britney Liponoga

The best theaters around! Very comfortable seating, fair prices and always friendly staff!


This is my favorite place to watch movies! The recliners are so comfy, and the personal pizzas are delicious! Especially with a beer!

ChillOut Josh

Really good experiences here, especially with the new leather seating. The hug couches that they advertise in their messages before your movie isn't as great as you think, it's just a leather bed. All in all, great place and I will go back anytime I want to see a movie.

Preston Ude

Wish the heated seats worked! Other than that lovely experience.


Good place to go seats amazing I've been going there for 15+ years has always been a good experience except when they switched to pick your seat as well as online purchasing twice I showed up with my family and they double booked the seats haven't happened in a few months but it caused a big problem at the time as the movie was sold out both times but it's been better lately

Aubree Kraut

We loved reclining in the cozy lazy-boy seats!

George Taylor

Top of the line movies and excellent seating. Very clean and very friendly staff to make your nite at the movies very enjoyable. Popcorn and candy and drinks are great.

Audrey Winer

I love going to a movie theater. Their popcorn is always good never old. Theaters sre always clean when i go see a movie. The people there are always nice and friendly

jodie watson

The seating is extremely comfortable and I love that there's a bar!

Donny Morrison

Greatest place to see a movie, great service, good food, comfy chairs

Rolland Luebben

I prefer the real mall I always get drug here by someone else... Who wants to walk from shop to shop

Kelly Bretzloff

Great seats, cozy, great prices and they serve wine and food!

Travis MacKay

Very nice theater with the updated seating very comfortable really relaxing sometimes I don't make it through the whole movie because I am so comfortable and definitely like that they will bring your orders right to your seat and they have the coke creations machine would definitely recommend 60% vanilla Coke and 40% peach Sprite to make peach cobbler give it a try very good

Kimberly Deel

Clean. Comfortable seats. Free pop and popcorn refills.


Great movie theater! The reclining seats are super nice & the tickets are much cheaper than most other theaters.

Alexa Fettig

So comfy and clean, perfect volume, it was a perfect experience. 10/10 will definitely be back. Won't go anywhere else.

Jessica Tuck

This is one of my favorite movie theaters. We travel from Saginaw to watch movies regularly. The ticket prices are very reasonable and their food isn't horribly priced either. We are able to get 2 adult tickets, 2 drinks and a large popcorn for less than $40.

Jerome Grammentz

Very comfortable seating. Recliners with cup holders. Not a bad seat in the house.

Kenneth Andrews

My favorite theater. They have a very cozy, and friendly environment. They also don't harass and stay out of the way and just let you watch the movie. We almost always have a free popcorn that we upgrade to a large thanks to reward points which keeps the price of concessions down. My only gripe is showing up to sold out shows as they were first integrating online tickets. There would be enough seats, but nowhere for us to sit together. I can't understand why someone can't just slide over one seat, but w/e. We just had to start ordering our tickets online.

Stephanie Swtchks

I love this place. If you are a big person, like me, these reclining chairs are comfortable and sized for 300+ pound people. So Nice to watch a movie in comfort. Tickets are $2 more or so but worth the comfort. Specialty chairs are so cool. They move with the movie. Have not tried them yet but what a great idea! Snack bar is well stocked with free popcorn and drink refills. No worries about getting kicked or being cramped. Highly recommend!!

Paul Aldrich

This had become or go to theater. The cuddle couches are great as long as you like being close to the screen. The food selection is great and there is a bar as well. It's got it everything except arcade games.

Hannah Broom

I love this place. Great popcorn and comfortable seats!

Michael Meyer

Comfortable seats and good concessions. Movie quality is great

Nicole Allard

The Comfy recliner chairs are the best...Love this theater!

Michael Timmons

My favorite place to see a movie! The power recliners are very comfortable and the popcorn is great. Sometimes the sound is a little loud in the theater though. All in all, a great place to see a movie and relax.

End Gamer4000

Best movie theater I've ever been to.

Dawn Prueter

Love emagine birch run. Love the popcorn, pop and the the stadium seating. Looking forward to more good movies.

Tom Driscoll jr

Heated recliner seating. Tons of room. Your food is delivered directly to your seat. Will definitely return.

Chrissy Beedy

Not busy during the week. Reasonable prices. Comfortable reclining chairs.

Jason Yovich

Best movie theater I've ever been too.

Gayle Munger

I like how you are selling tickets and getting the food and drinks all at once. Everyone was friendly and the movie Overcomer was Great!

Vincent Julien

The recliners are awesome. The ticketing process can be a bit wonky at times. Having a great bar certainly makes up for it.


The seats are comfy. The service is a hit or miss. I enjoy coming to this theater when a special movie comes out, otherwise we go to our local Goodrich Quality Theater in Bay City.

Ron Fournier

A Very pleasant experience for movie watching.

Debbie Sheets

Very clean theatre, nice staff, comfortable seats, prices are fair, but we like to have froze to death the air conditioning was so cold. People in the theatre actually brought in blankets, so we know this wasn't a fluke. So missing final star.

Brian Leonard

Nice... cold.. bring a jacket if you get cold easy

Mary Ann Edwards

Theater offers recliner seating, autism-friendly movie showings and a bar you can sit in and have cocktails while waiting for your movie. Sunday adult tickets cost only $6, but concession costs were high, to standard, for most theaters. Restrooms and lobby area were very clean and there is ample parking to see any show. Entrance to driveway is a little bit hard to find but not terrible.

Dawn Benmark

We love the reclining arm chairs. The theatres are always clean and there is rarely ever a bad seat in the house.

Martin De Los Santos

Best theater ever. Reclining seats, nice and clean. The staff are wonderful!

Derek Miller

Times change! Love the seats haven't been to a good movie in a while.

Miles Loafman

Great place to get away and watch a movie with comfortable seats.

Jason Dickson

A somewhat older and more compact theater with excellent concessions, a decent little bar, actual food delivered to your seats, and excellent seating, sound, and screens. You have to appreciate a theater that spends its budget on what actually improves the viewing experience over lobby frills.

Lana Jewell

Good movies, very clean place, reclining sets.

Lawrence Bradley

Love this theater. Live in Grand Blanc and always make the drive to Birch run to catch a movie. The comfortable seat's, the fact that you chose what seat you want. Can not express how impressive this theater is.

Alyssa Miller

Beautiful theater--family of regular attenders, have never had a bad experience here!

Albert Loos

Nice employees and very comfortable chairs nice place to see a movie

Margaret Dorsey

Very nice friendly place reclining seats are a welcome to watch movies in almost like being at home.

Lori Fiyak

It's a movie theater with reclining seats. Not much else to say except they have really good popcorn! :)

James wedding

Very fair price movies and great watching experience. When here for the first time the other day and it’s now one of my favorite movie theaters

Lisa Schuman

The comfort of home while watching a movie on the big screen.

James Schneider

Comfortable seats old popcorn.

Tammy Leroux

This place has HEATED recliners! What!? That was a game changer! We saw john wick in the Emax. The seats were comfy and warm. We were in the 2nd row and was totally fine. Someone even helped us find our assigned seat. A great theater.

Joseph Vitous

Best place to see movies. Theaters have very nice reclining chairs. What's not to like.

Dave Foster

This was my first foray into an Emagine theater, and I can't imagine going anywhere else to take in a movie. The reclining seats were amazingly comfortable, and the staff was helpful and friendly.

Carol Parker

Excellent, friendly, efficient employees. Clean facilities. Enjoyed our movie!

Jenn LaFave

I love using the app and my loyalty card to purchase my tickets for the seating I desire. Love the seating, recliners are the best! Also with the online purchase is no waiting in line except to get your snacks and then walk right in. Easy. They have an app for ordering your food ahead of time called ATOM but I haven't used it yet. They have so many food choices for snacks and meals that it's crazy. My kids and I won't go to any other theater!

Jerry Piotrowski

Avengers End Game. ... Great movie great seats to watch from for 3 Hour Movie . . Best way to go .. We had Wednesday afternoon show for 10 of us total in theater ...

James Dodds

Nice friendly theater. Pleasantly surprised to find the seats are all recliners! Very comfy

Deborah Coleman

Great time, went to go see Blue/Black

Dads Adventures

I love this theater. I drive 40 minutes when I could easily drive 5. I had an issue buying tickets on the website so I called, the manager Jayme was amazing she helped me out right away and made it possible for my family and I to enjoy a day at the movie. I will not go to any other theater. I love this place

Chrystal Baldwin

Love this place. I order my tickets online and no one can take my seat. They have great food and they will bring it to you. I love their pizza! The have extra wide reclining seats! Awesome!

Brett May

Top notch facility! This is the best theater around.

Sylvester Mc Lean

Good customer service, floor was slippery in the theater.

Jenn Hoornstra

Comfy recliners - just have to prepurchase tickets.

Scott R

I love seeing a show here. Having the availability to reserve your seats ahead of time is great. The comfort level of the recliners is high and you can get a beer here. Two Hearted Ale and Captain Marvel go together like peas and carrots.

Ryan Sharrow

They have two E-max now, and recliners in all the theaters. Very comfortable to watch a movie there. Never have to worry about someone kicking the back of your seat. They also have cocktails there and a pretty good concession stand.

Samantha Hoover

This is the only place that I go to watch movies it's the best comfortable clean people are always polite and the staff is incredible especially with children

Bob Mccormick

All the theaters have powered recliners and they have a bar. The concession stand has good quality standard movie theater fare . When they switched over to the recliners it did take away some of the capacity so get the app and pick your seats ahead of time or your party may be split up or out of luck.

Nathan Smith

The staff is very nice, polite & fast. 4 stars only because the theater rooms aren't always clean. I'd like to sit in a clean theater, preferably.

Jason Raspolic

Always clean, ticket counter placement feels a little awkward but can purchase tickets online as well as place orders for food/beverages easily and at no additional charge when using the loyalty program which just allowed myself and 2 others to see Aladdin free!

Colleen Retana

Cushy seats, great customer service and a rewards program that actually rewards you!

Jotaro Kujo

It's pretty amazing, comfy seats that recline are perfect for long movies

Robert Stephen

Very comfortable way to watch a movie. I will never go to another theater! My children love that they can bring their pillow and blankets to watch a movie

Tammy Hawley

Loved the new recliner seats! So comfy


Excellent place!! We loved everything about it. From the simple way to get tickets and concessions to the availability of cocktails the best experience when watching a movie. We decided that we would rather drive here than watch a movie where we live (Bay City). Plus, if we get out at a decent time we can find something else to do in the area. Definitely worth the drive

Jackie Wolfe

Great theater. Love the recliner seating. It was like watching a movie at home only better.

Brandy Sabourin

The best theater to watch movies in. The only one I take my family to. Comfy reclining seats are the best!

Tonya Smeby

Very roomy and comfortable recliners. Definitely worth the money

Ricky Altmiller

Comfortable seats, full service bar and basic theater snacks. Fairly clean except for overfilled trash cans

Julius Jones

Great place to see a box office hit. It's almost worst every penny

Fred Rappuhn

Love the recliners and being able to pick your seat ahead of time.

Samatha A

Comfy seats and great snacks!

Christopher McNamara

Fantastic Theater. Full bar, chair trays for food and drinks available. Updated soda fountains(cherry vanilla coke etc...)helpful staff. Emax in a cuddle chair is how entertainment should be.

DEB Mingo

I had a great time.

John Holmes

Love this theatre. Reclining seats. The last theatre we were in had heated seats, too! Ticket prices are pretty cheap. You'll pay more for popcorn and drinks, but that's normal. Great picture and sound. Plus there's a bar and motion seats, but I haven't tried either, yet!

Rhonda Healey

I love this theater. Food is great. Seats are comfortable. I can enjoy a margarita while watching a movie. This is my go to theater.

Megan Callard

We seen a emax movie it was awesome, super comfortable. It was $8 a piece for tickets. The concessions are kinda pricey but what movie theater isnt. Overall though i loved it and id definitely go again.

John B

Great seats!! Nice reclining seats give you an at home feel. ( The ushers don't put up with rude,obnoxious viewers who talk, or disrupt others in anyways ) They kick em out the door. However,,, the snacks are a big waste of money. If you plan on taking more than 4 people to the snack stand, plan on taking out a mortgage on your home. > or hit the dollar store on the way. !!!

Michele Pray

State of the art movie theater. Great atmosphere for friends and family.

Conner Lang

There seats are much more comfortable in recent years then they use to be and you always want to sit comfortably

Don Trees

My favorite movie theater in the tricities. I love how all of the seats recline and how you can lay down on the couches in the front.

robert smith

Overpriced concessions. I payed 32 dollars for 2 popcorns and 2 pops. Both were large. The popcorn was the olive oil popped with real butter, so I understand being a little more than the regular. Also the clerk was supposed to put the transaction on my emagine loyalty card , she did not.

Dennis McNeill

Very nice theatre, clean and we'll kept up

Brooke Berta

I dont go to movie theaters much anymore, but this is by far my favorite. So comfortable!

Mark Keith Sr.

Great place to go watch a movie. Have a great day and May God bless you all

Theresa Roedel

I am telling you, they make the best popcorn, love the chairs. Clean theater and the people are so nice. I love this theater. Thanks for jobs well done everyone

Shelly Lassiter

Very comfortable but movies are ectremely loud

phoenix star 777

Best place to watch a movie, hands down

Erik Silver

Fantastic place to see a movie especially in emax


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