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4100 Carpenter Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, United States

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Where is Ann Arbor 20 IMAX?

REVIEWS OF Ann Arbor 20 IMAX IN Michigan

Rachel Cress

This place is clean and had the nice reclining chairs. I really enjoyed my movie at this theater!

David Castaldi

I loved this theater! It's very modern. Had great reclining seats and the option of using recliners.

Sage Pazyamor

This theater has much improved from what it used to be. The seating is much more comfortable. The D-Max experience is fun--nothing quite like it. I really appreciate the gender-neutral bathroom. I am so happy to have a cinema close to home with wonderful shows, great staff, and a clean, comfortable environment.

frank bobelly

Great place very clean

Susan Abarca

Loved the screen i wish the seats were better they are to close together but other then that loved it

William Shelton

Haven't been here in a while, yet a great job of remodeling.

Tyler Duguay

Always a great time when we go to the movies here. After they redid the seats a while back, the experience has been wonderful. The ability to reserve your (reclining) seats beforehand is super convenient and makes for a better time getting there. Purchasing tickets online or on your phone is nice too. $5 movies on Wednesday is awesome! The snacks are pretty fairly priced for going to the movies and I've never had a bad experience with it there. Overall, when I think of going to the movies, I think of coming here!

Kate Gough

nice place, fast service at concession stand. no bar??? boooooo!!!

Annette Rurka

Love the IMAX theater at this location. Great seats and great sound in a nice room layout. Staff is nice and helpful.

Jason Kay

Great theater, including an IMAX screen.

Alexis Hollingsworth

The Good: -IMAX. Not FauMAX. The IMAX theater here is true IMAX dimensions. -The people working here seem to enjoy their jobs. -Customer service is attentive and friendly. -Ticket prices are reasonable and student and senior discounts are available. -It's easy to catch a matinee because they run a lot of shows. -Bathrooms and theaters are always clean. -Leather recliners. -Assigned seating. The Bad: -The IMAX theater doesn't have recliners. -The concession stand is quite possibly the worst layout I have ever seen in a theater. It actually makes things SLOWER when it's designed to make things FASTER. -No combos or deals on small or medium sized concessions. Only the biggest sizes. -Little variety with what is offered at concessions. Standard popcorn, pizza, hot dogs, etc. -Unless I missed it, alcohol is not served at this location. -Concessions are very expensive compared to other theaters. Bring your charge card and expect to get hosed for what you get. The Ugly: -The concessions are absolutely the dirtiest I have ever seen in any entertainment venue. I saw Avengers: Endgame on Saturday during opening weekend, and when I visited the concession stand everywhere around the drink fountains was spilled pop and pop residue. The floors and counter were sticky. There was also dropped food on the counters and floor. -In several theaters there is absolutely no way to know which seat is yours after the movie starts. If you run to the bathroom good luck finding your seat again. There are no lights or anything to indicate the seat numbers. -Security guards in the concession stand. (Wut? hahaha) -Cinemark is aggressively pushing their paid loyalty service. I am not paying $9 a month to get the same perks I get for free at other theaters. I'll be honest, if you avoid the concession stand and stick to catching a matinee you probably will enjoy yourself here. The theaters are nice but that's about it. I am someone who goes both for the concessions and the movie, and I do not like this theater. It is the only game in town that's on a bus line. Otherwise, I'd go to Emagine in Saline or Canton. If you can stand the drive, I'd recommend going to either of those theaters. This would be a 1 star review if not for the fact the customer service is excellent and they have a true IMAX theater.

Charlotte Payton

Nice theatre, friendly employees, always clean, gelato is awesome. Also love that they have later showings.

Kim Pipkins

Had an enjoyable time with a group of about 12 ladies for a day outing. Impressive amount of hdicapd prkng spaces. Place was packed but very clean, especially the bathrooms.

Sam McGuire

Enjoy movies here! Dont waste the money on the Dbox seats, not worth it. Join the movie club and get discounts on tickets and snacks. Buy your tickets online prior and you can show up right on time and have a great seat still!

David Miller jr.

Best movie experience ever D Box seats where amazing best $18.50 spent on a movie plus let's not forget The Advengers End Game is a must see for 2019!! LOTS OF ☆☆☆☆'s Thank you Ann Arbor 20 for the Wonderful Memories! Will return in the future! Not bad prices either on the concession stand as well..

Demetrius Head

A clean movie theatre with a number of viable concession stands on both ends. They also sell a short supply of merch for the popular movie out at the time which is relatively on the lower priced side. The reclining seats are amazing as well as the DBox seats they provide. I has to watch a movie in the front row recently but was surprised that it wasn't completely up on the screen making it a more comfortable experience all things considered. The variety of food and snack options at the concessions stand is also a major plus. Highly recommended and will be returning often.


Super comfy recliners, with swivel table/desks to put your food on!

Chris Garth

Got great advice to splurge on the 4D experience to watch Predator on a Tuesday matinee in an empty theatre. I asked the guy if it was worth and he just nodded and said, “It’s what you want. I won’t try to sell you on it.” He was right. Totally awesome.

Sumanth Reddy

Well, for an IMAX screen, it’s not a big screen you expect, compared to other IMAX screens, but rest of the stuff is as usually good. The staff are helpful and cheerful mostly. The place is maintained tidy. Screens and sound are always the great, like the rest of the cinemarks

Danny morozov

overpriced food as always but great theater seats and wonderful employees

Emily Darow

The theater it's self is a pretty nice place!!! My experience was a little frustrating because I took my 2 year old to see her 1st movie at the theater....we went to the 3D Imax version of The Grinch.... which would've been fine if we would have been given the correct kid sized 3D daughter kept taking the glasses off her face because they hurt her she pretty much watched a 3D movie not in 3D....once the movie was over and we were walking out I noticed that there was a kids sized version....would've been helpful to have these for the movie....other than that I would recommend this theater


Nice and clean. Ample parking. Competitive pricing. Great seating. Ample parking

Christine Cisneros

Great seats and audio. Why four stars? I am not able to identify those special qualities that separate them from their competitors

Casey R

Nice experience, clean area, and friendly staff!

Steven Rais

Went to see Captain Marvel. Everything was fine until we got to our seats. They were covered in trash and popcorn, the theater wasn't cleaned before the movie.

Krista Chamberlain

Great theater! Lots of time options, very clean, reclining comfy seats with tables at each one, and not overly crowded like some.

Marsha Vranish

Love the super comfortable seats they have in most theaters. I also really like the way they have the concession area set up where everything except the popcorn is self serve. It keeps the line to a minimum.

Melanie Rhoads

Always great service and snacks! Except Wednesday's, its discount day and it brings out the crazy customers so the workers can be a bit stressed but they still do their best! I love this theater, the popcorn is more fresh than the emagine theaters popcorn too

Maria Maria

It was a great experience my son and I loved end game ❤️

Jeffrey Schuh

There are three Cinemas within a 20 mile radius of where I live. Emagine, Quality 16 and Ann Arbor 20 IMAX formerly Rave Cinema. Of the three, this is the most expensive movie theater and in the worst area. I would rate this theater higher, but there have been a couple different shooting incidents here and every time I personally go to this location, the patrons next to me or around me are always kind of loud or inconsiderate. However, of the three this theater has the most movie options and show times to choose from so it's a lot more convenient to go here than the other theaters

Brett Andersson

Saw Shazam! 5/7 would not recommend

Sharon Jarvis

Love this place. Clean and comfy. Nice people

L.A. Wares

Great! The grandkids enjoyed it

Alexander Jones

Pretty good theater, with a wide range of movies that are showing, as well as probably the best seating you can get at a movie theater. The two main issues I have with the place are candy selection (it could definitely be better), and an awkward layout that could lead to a lot of walking if you have to go to a certain screen to see a film.

Ralph Riddle

The venue is fresh and clean. The staff are friendly and helpful! Their Discount Day n matinees are awesomely priced.

EmmaLia Mariner

Very comfortable chairs, and no hitches in the experiences :)

Shawn P.

Great staff. Really nice team.

Freeman Keyz

Great recliners. Sound and screen was great. Prices good. Just a great place to see a movie.

Ali Bauman

This place is awesome! I have never been to a movie theater that so much of the stuff (candies and drinks) are self serve! They even offer starbucks (like the real deal frappuccinos) how awesome! Had a great time!

michael noland

Went on a Tuesday night. Nice light crowd. Joined the movie club and got $5. Off. Good deal.

Dee Sims

I've been there for years, nice place senior and safe place for kids.

Antoinette Johnson

Chairs are so comfy with the newest movies out!

Shelby Boers

The theaters have super comfy reclining chairs with a foot rest! Makes the movie experience so much better

Amanda Johnson

Coolest theater I've ever been to! Super comfortable lounge chairs and a tray table. Afternoon matinee's are $5.75 so definitely worth going! The only thing is that at some points of the movie I could hear the movie in the theater next to us. It only happened a couple times so I'll definitely still go back!

lula Jackson

Harriet was very inspiring. My daughter and son-in-law treated me today for my birthday.

Bobby Clark

Best Theater around! I saw Avengers Endgame and sat in a D Box seat! It really shake's you up!

Cam Packer

Tons of movie theaters and showtimes concessions are a mad house, with way more chaos than needed, ticketing it right next to concessions adding to chaos.

Queen Rose

I love this place. It's so big and fun to go to. Great prices for students and I love their popcorn. Seats are big and you have so much room for your feet. When I went to another theater after this, I felt cramped.

Imane Tachtioui

I watched lately Dbox movie .. I really liked this first experience

Daniel Cebreros

Excellent building, everything is clean and many movies are been projected.

Trisha the art teacher mom!

Very nice place! Clean and comfortable. This is the only theatre i kno of that plays Indian movies

Dave Atwood

Love the reclining seats! Most comfortable movie experience ever

Alisha Nicole

IMAX seats smell so bad, the seats are old and very uncomfortable. The smell is too much I had to get a refund. The food is very high so plain food. Hot dog doesn’t come with onions you can just get ketchup ,mustard and relish. Discount days are nice but they go up on food so basically your still spending the same price. The manager she’s very short with you so I can see where the employees gets there bad customer service from. No alcohol and the pizza taste like the box it comes in

Melissa Morton

Priced great, wonderful seats, friendly staff. I'll be back for sure!

Denise Hall

Great theater. The employees are friendly and offer great service. Love the remodeling job, big comfy reclining seats. Popcorn is wonderful. Also serves Starbuck coffee

Christopher Connelly

Friendly staff and decent prices for some more than comfortable seating. I mean the chairs recline with the push of a button, how sick is that?

Alex Yang

Saw one movie here at night. Theater was very typical. Bathrooms were adequate. I would go again.

an-mei louis-Goff

Went to watch US, in middle of movie, lights turned on and ruined the mood! The lights stayed on for less than a minute, but it totally interrupted the movie. Comfy reclining chairs, student discount definately a plus!

Charlotte Hayes

I had the best time. The customer service was great and the theater was clean.

Tim Begeman

Great sound and seats.

Willie Simmons

I really like the new IMAX. They did a lot of up grades and remodeling to it. The popcorn was very good. And the place was very very clean I give it a four-star.

Steve Gregory

one of our favorite cinimas. 5 stars if the popcorn would be buttered in layers .

Jack Bell

I love the way this theater is set up overall, with the entire ticket/snack process feeling more efficient that conventional setups. Keep it up.

Robert Nelson

Very clean and efficient staff

Adam Fuller

Nice theater. A bit chaotic. I think there could be more amenities for the prices they're charging.

Jennifer Kline

The movie Break Through was excellent and the seats were so comfy.

Jeff Moore

Great theater not as good as imagine but still a quality place

Stella Boyd

Great movie complex.

Derek Roback

Love the luxury loungers, and a ton of great unique concession options

Bridget Nicholson

Reclining seats were comfortable. Ticket purchase and concession seemed under staffed however service was friendly. There is a ticket kiosk (it's kind of hidden) to the left of the ticket counter. Video games and other activities if you are early for your show.

Yvaun Chauncey

Definitely appreciate the upgrades been going there since I was a kid.

Laura MaGee

Great staff. I liked the theatre area. The reclining seats were nice. Only issue would be the bathrooms--they were pretty messy and could use a wick scented canister.

Linda Dowton

Clean, comfortable, great sound.

Jaquam Nichols

I was debating on whether to give this a four or five star and decided to go with five obviously. The question was the food pricing. But when you really think about it, pretty much EVERY movie theatre is overpriced when it comes to concessions. But this is a clean theatre, comfy seats, and decent movie prices. I had one issue over a year ago but it was handled well by management and have not had any issues since.


Very nice theater. Able to get tickets at the self help kiosks instead of waiting in line. If you are there a bit early you can pass the time away in the gaming area. The actual theater seats are spacious, can recline and have a table for your drink, candy, and popcorn. Great experience all around.

Brigid Kowalczyk

The seats are reclining and very comfortable. One of my friends will only go to this local theater because of these seats.


This place has been improving. I moved to the area back in 2013... this was a decent place... with the new design and also the upgraded decor plus the food area too it is good for the price...

cinnie burnett

Always clean and well managed. Many great choices of movies including 3D and IMAX. Super comfortable reclining loungers and every delicious snack you'd ever want. They offer a movie club that gives rewards and discounts. Always a wonderful experience.

Ashley Hodge

Nice seats! Great concession selection! Reasonable pricing!

Antriksh Mutha

Value for money. Fully automatic recliner seats for just $5.75 before taxes.

William Sanders

Outstanding theater! My favourite place to watch movies. Other than at home of course. The staff is well trained and customer oriented. The facility is awesome and the seats are perfect.

Robin Hood

My go to place. Incredible speed when getting tickets and concession, comfortable seating, large selection of theatres, good quality imax and 3d, fair prices, and a convenient location. Would def reccomend

Olivia Rinock

Super comfy reclining seats! Lots of parking too, and very reasonable ticket prices.

willie king

I would like to personally s/o the staff here. The Manger Sam and the other Manger with the blonde hair. This past sunday i went to go see Endgame. I brought both a souvenir cup and popcorn bucket. As i was taking a pic. Someone stole both. Both these mangers stop what they was doing to get me a new cup and promise a bucket on monday. Unfortunately i been working allot so i was unable to pick up that bucket. However I just want to commend them on the great community service with assistanting me. Because i was really hurt they got down on me like that.

Parker Hovey

Love going here. Could find places to improve but I've never had a negative experience that stood out while going here.

T C Rogers

I'm a great fan of the IMAX experience and this theater is certified true IMAX for those wondering and appreciative of the distinction. Overall this theater itself is very nice and I've been a patron about fives years. It's an enormous facility, well managed, smartly appointed in it's decor, clean as can be for a big box movie house except for the lavatory on busy days which unfortunately is to be expected. I recommend this theater and it's a great place to take in a flick be it IMAX or not. Largest parking lot I've ever seen, all the usual perks and amenities and safe for families and it's well tended to by local law enforcement when the occasional large groups of teens get rambunctious.


OMG the seats!! Lots of legroom when you have to walk by someone; so comfy; and there's even a table to pull towards you for your snacks! It's a bit far from us but we'll definitely be back!

Trooper Long

This is the largest movie cinema complex in Washtenaw county. The recent remodeling looks wonderful. I like the concession area and the convenience of the ticket kiosks/machines, and I absolutely love the leather recliners with cup holders. Everything is very ergonomic. They were thinking about us when they designed this.

Rudy Napier

I enjoyed the politeness of the employees, the cleanliness of everything, even the bathrooms, and the seats where very comfortable!!!

Sareen Kibran

Good weekend movie experience with family. The theater was clean, so comfortable seats and excellent sound quality (you can hear separate sounds from the screen and good surround sound as well). Staff is helpful and the popcorn is so buttery. Yum! One thing can be improved is the rewards. While you get 1 point per $ spent, think you'll need to spend $175 to get enough points for a free ticket.

Hasan Shokor

They can easily steal your money, if you have kids and you want them to enjoy eating popcorn with some juice get you paycheck first becuz you're going to spend it there;((((!!

James Little

Great price matinee

Suriyaa Manoharan

Very good theatre.. experience was good. Comforting seats . Exclusive offers for students. For students with IDs make it a lesson expensive. We went all the way for Toledo to watch movie.. for us it was very good, because with our student IDs ticket cost was cheap and theatre experience was very good and made the whole experience good. They also have IMAX screen. So, my final verdict is it's a proper movie complex in almost 50 miles radius.

Shiba Roll

really nice theater with freshly popped popcorn and comfortable seating a tad cold but real nice atmosphere

Khaleesi Figueroa

Really comfortable, reclining chairs! Feels like home with AWESOME sound!

Grant Higgins

This has been my favorite theater ever since they installed the big, comfy recliners. The whole place is clean and well-maintained.

Marylena Rouse

I have been going here for 7 years and I've never had a problem... Buy today I came in to the theater at 10:00am to watch The Glass. There was no one in the front entry. There was several staff standing around. The lady at the front counter was on the phone. My son and I stood there for a few minutes waiting on her. She never even acknowledged us. Then when I asked the staff to help, they act like I was getting on their nerves. They made me use the kiosk to purchase a ticket only for it to say Error, there is no paper. It was a mess. As I was having a hard time, I noticed a family of 4 walked in and the lady at the desk put the phone down and helped them. That is all she had to do for me and my son... Please do better.

speedy vargas

It's a nice and clean environment for the family

Alessandra GomeZ

Decent movie theatre. I’ve been to way, way better but hey, this is a small town, so I can’t complain.

Jalisa J

This is the biggest movie theater I've ever visited. Comfy seating and love the fake that each chair has own tables.

Wenndy F

Love this place!! So comfortable, great sound and service

Lucy Awrey

It's a very nice movie theater with super comfortable reclining chairs and a decent membership program. My favourite part of this theater is they tend to have a lot of special event films here, I particularly enjoyed watching the animated movie A Silent Voice which was available for a limited time.

Begnzlz1958 Gonzalez

Awesome great movie saw Black and Biue

Shillo Wright

Today was my first time being at this theater. It was nice because it wasn't crowded and the seats we're all lounge capable and comfortable. I'll definitely be back.

Barbara Napier

Went to see US last minute, they got the huge ticket line down quickly

Jake L

good place to go not too big

Kathiravan Natarajan

They don't have Dr. Pepper and they don't allow it if I get it from an outside store. I paid $5 to get my $2 pop inside. I used to go twice in a week. This experience really made me feel not to go there at all.

SheShitfs TheAtmosphere

ComfY SeatS! LovE iT!

Akahdrin Fireal

Great theatre to watch. However, 30 dollars for 4 medium drinks, a popcorn, and a little bag of mini Oreos is beyond excessive. The ticket price was great, just make sure you eat prior and come in hydrated.


I can't believe they have seats that move along with the action in the film. There were scenes that made me feel like I was in a flight simulator. That was totally awesome. Plus, the place is clean, spacious and modern. Loved it!!!

Terri Slaughter

Good movie selection, Snack Pack is a good reasonably priced concession. Has all the latest movies, generally clean and well laid out and plenty of restrooms. Best feature for families - the Snack Pack has popcorn, a small drink, and mini M&Ms or fruit snacks for about $6.


Always clean. Employees friendly. Nice family place.

Geoffrey Siembor

Friendly and quick to correct issues.

Chandler Keyes

Great theater! I've been going here for years and was never disappointed. The food is great too, I love the Starbucks.


No complaints whatsoever. Great seats. Size of screen for standard feature just fine.

Lauren Stuart

Very nice theater! Saw Detective Pikachu here. The theater seats are very comfortable and the concessions had a wonderful selection and set up.


I love all the different varieties of movies that appear at this theater. A great place to go to watch movies

Viyan Jaff

I love this place Iam going agen

Vice -Versa

Love this place, I even invested in the convenient movie club pass; some theaters have dead silent audiences while certain films here have interactive crowds to enhance the film watching experience.

David Nesbitt

They have recliners and good service. Nice movie theatre! We were watching spiderboi movie.

William Beavers

They do a good job. They have a huge concession area. The theaters and restrooms are clean. The reclining seats are the bomb! Staff members are polite.

nikki bies

I just went on a Saturday night and had a good time, especially since the threat of going through my bag didn't come to fruition. Concession prices "is too damn high!" and the money that I save on the ticket (as a child, student, or senior) does not mean that I will spend the money I saved on a box of candy (that I can get at the dollar store) or a fountain pop (for a dollar at McD's)! Give me something that I can't get anywhere else and then MAYBE I'll buy it.

Joseph Weaver

I always like going to this theater. It is clean, the food is tasty and the price is right.

R Flow

I'm officially done going to see movies in Jackson, which is where i live. This movie theater is the absolute best, and 2 tickets for 11 bucks on a Sunday..... Can't be beat!

Jimmy Jones

Best movie theater around.

Andy Lipp

They get one of the 4 stars for having more then enough parking. One more star for the movie going off without any problems. They get two more stars for having really nice setting. If the concession area and bathrooms where cleaner I would have given another star. Still 4 star is good and I would recommend this 20 screen movie Plex.

Keith Allen

I really think it's more like 3.5. The chairs don't recline back as far as the Emagine chairs. They don't have cheddar pop corn and you have pay for the extra flavored salts.

Nathan Maynard

Comfy seats, lots of concession options ( at movie theater prices), lots of theaters

Brian King

Quick service, comfortable seats. Nice screens and sound.

Barton Spradlin

Always a good place to see movies

Anna McTaggart

They always keep movies longer than most other theaters, which is nice. The staff are friendly and the theater is always clean.


Love this place —tickets are very fairly priced. Concessions can be extremely confusing (sort of a serve yourself counter, no real lines to get popcorn or made-to-order items). Around 20 different screens, lots of movies always playing. Discount Wednesday’s are $5 tickets and matinee is $ reserved lounge seating. I’m afraid to move away from this theater!

Lori Roome

Recliners are cool, but the first 3 rows dont go back far enuf and you have stiff neck by the end of the movie. Another 2 inches would be perfect. Do the matinee for 5.75. Excellent value

Hannah Averill

I really like this theater. They have cheap tickets on Wednesday, $5 each, so I tend to go then. They have the recliner chairs in every theater (I think) that make it more pleasant to sit through a long theater. I've never really had a problem with being cold, unlike most other theaters, except for once but that was on the dead of winter so I kind of expect it. The regular priced tickets are pricey as well as the snacks but pretty much consistent with any other theater so I'm not mad.

Carolyn Davis

Enjoyed spending time with my Beautiful children.

Robert Mitcham

This place was soooo huge, I couldn't believe it. I'd only ever been in one theater so large before, so I def appreciated getting a look around. Everything was well managed and the employees seemed genuinely happy to be of service. Saw Endgame here the weekend it came out, and was very surprised to see how clean everything was before and after the movie. Top notch.

Matt Redding

It's a reliable local megaplex featuring an assortment of features like 3D, IMAX, and an okay food selection. Here's an accessibility tip: If your seats are in the back row, you can take the elevator to the second floor and access them more conveniently from it.

Jess B

Very nice theater! Clean, reclining chairs & well maintained

Nick Oswald

I dont like movies or people feel like there is too much of both

Vincent Wortmann

All of the theaters have reclining seats and some have the DBox seats that shake with the action if you're into that. I haven't been to a better theater. The best thing to do is order your tickets ahead of time so you can choose the best seat in the house.

Leah Jones

Love the new reclining chairs!! there so comfy! The popcorn is the best and the pretzel bites are amazing!

Emily Brockschmidt

I love the leather recliners here! So comfortable and nice to choose your seats too!

Michal Ostrowski

Movie picture and sound were good. Staff was polite. Seats reclined, but were slightly uncomfortable. The largest was the wrong length to fit behind my knees and the headrest was in my shoulders, and neither could be adjusted.

Joshua Fowler

This theater has been recently renovated. Nice new reclining seats!

Carol Ullmann

I like the new seats and the kettle corn option. I wish the back entrance was reliably open. I have no particular loyalty to this theater even though it's closest to my house. Their rewards program isn't enticing.

Shalaneé Smith

IT: Chapter 2 ❤ The chairs sound like farts when reclining & such but are super comfy! Important for my weird pregnant joints

Ara Jaden

This theater is super nice, with comfy reclining seats. You pick your spot on the app or when you buy tickets so you don’t have to rush to sit where you’d like. The best part is they have matinee movies until 6, even on weekends. An added plus- this is the cleanest theater I’ve found in years. After going here we won’t go anywhere else.

June Painter

New seats, sounds, and table for popcorn etc was nice.

William Weir

We periodically chose this place when Emagine doesn’t have good show times. The improvements since it was the old Rave are great. The reclining chairs are comfortable and prices are pretty comparable for movie theaters nowadays.

Redcloud George

The reclining seats are irresistible. I have bad knees and these seats make going to the movies bearable. The variety of refreshments is nice, though it doesn't always work out if some things aren't always ready. The bathrooms could be cleaner. Actually, when they've been cleaned, they're fine. But there are times when mess accumulates.

D Herrod

Being born a d raised in this area I've seen this theater at it's best and worst. Love the upgrades made. Will be back.

Angamazin m

Overall a decent theatre. This is the rave movie theatre. Has the reclining seats, I'm happy.

Patrick Sullivan

Clean and has good sound and good seats... As with all theatres the concessions are pricey, but otherwise a good experience... oh the staff was polite and professional as well...

Wayne Nesmith

Comfortable, affordable, always friendly, fast service. Theaters are clean and spacious... Would recommend the extra drive wherever your coming from. Great comfort food to choose from in and around the theater! Let's go see a movie @A2 20 tonight!

Alyssa Gazda

Love this place, they add more each time I come here. Food is good, seats are awesome.

Heidi Roberts

When I was going into the theater the pictures were not working then in the middle of the show they turned the lights on. When we were going to get some food we looked at the prices and we left I hope I don’t come back.

Ana Schlosser

I loved it very nice people there, the seats are awesome very comfortable. Movie was great as well. Great sound.


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