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REVIEWS OF AMC Fairlane 21 IN Michigan

Cassie Bolesky

Hands down the most digusting theater I've ever been to in my life. This place is a joke, and whoever manages this theatre needs to be fired. You will not be in business for very long. We walked in slushy was spilled all over our aisle. There was nacho cheese on the floor I stepped in, trash EVERYWHERE. Empty boxes, containers and, lids. This place is absolutely disgusting. I tried calling management but to no surprise nobody answered. This is the closest theater to my house. But, believe me I'll be driving the extra 5-10 miles to go elsewhere. Super unprofessional to not answer all these horrible reviews by the way. Not a good way to keep your business running and customers returning. What a joke.

eda kocaibrahimoğlu

Imax and 3d films are best this week maleficent was perfect u can select that one

sharon shaw

Overcomer movie was great place was clean

Marcellus McNab

Could be better. Everyone who goes there is there


The place was litterly sticky from top to bottom and the security didnt do anything about the people who kept there phone on.what a waste of money.

Abdullah Radi

The place is not that good. It's not clean, the seats are horrible, and there snacks are very expensive.

John McTigue

I wish I was being hyperbolic when I said this was one of the worst theater experiences ever. I was already ten minutes late, and despite being the only person in line, the person working the front took a minute to get to me, since he was too busy playing with his phone. The girl next to him nudged him twice and motioned towards me, but he didn't notice until I was standing literally in his work area. The concession line was also frustrating. The lady behind me cut me and waved down the employee right as the customer before me wrapped up. The girl working the counter saw it, gave me a saddened look like there was nothing she could do, and proceeded to do the transaction like nothing happened. She apologized nicely when I got up to the register, the only nice part about this experience, and very quickly scooped up the chettle at the bottom of the popcorn bin with her hand squarely in bucket. I decided not to care and worked my way over to the freestyle machine to find out virtually all the low calorie options were greyed out. I waited in line behind the other machine, and thankfully flavored water WAS on the menu at that one. I made my way to the theater 20 minutes late. Just in time for the movie to start. I wish I was kidding when I say it was almost funny how bad even the theater experience was. The kids in front of me talked the entire movie, giggling and complaining how cold it was... while the children above me were crying and making noise and gaining the ire of their parents, who literally threatened to beat them multiple times. More than a few times they ended up taking the kids outside, cutting across the projector and giving a beautiful shadow puppet of a dude wearing a fitted cap. The screen itself even had damage (theater five), which nicely complimented the browned, broken popcorn-cereal I decided to eat anyway. What's sad is that none of this was hyperbolic. Believe I will NEVER be coming back to fairlane. This stuff was whack.

Devin Goodson

Needs to work on cleanliness of theaters

Victoria Willis

Everything was fine except they need to shut the theaters down one by one and clean those seats!

Bhavi S

Good and clean standard AMC. Seats could be more comfortable. Lot of theaters are recliner seats these days, this one is not, hence taking one star off.

Shamira Murray

Mantinee.. Great time to see a movie. Don't have to worry about the young crowds.. And also didn't have to worry about my talking at the movie disturbing anyone. I recommend seeing all shows before 1pm.

Dale Brisket Bennett

"Scary stories to tell in the dark"

Crystal Montgomery

Seating old clothed seats, yuck! The gourmet popcorn duo was yummy!

Maria Veron

Loved it!!! People working there very nice, theater was super clean, no complaints here. Totally going back. Recommend 100%

Jackie Marker

The chairs suck. They made my back hurt. Not worth spending $8 on a ticket. And there was this odd smell throughout the theater. Will keep going to Emagine.

kimberly noble

I took my grandbaby it was okay I'm guess I'm just used to the more reclining seats in the new updated atmosphere of other theaters and for the money that you pay and then not to be updated as a shame concessions are just too too expensive

Carol Bieganski

When purchasing our tickets I was asked if I had a rewards program. It was Tuesday so as members our tickets were only 5 bucks each. Very professional, nice, and so friendly!! Please extend my compliments to Jade who really made my night.

Richard Green

Had a great time. Chairs were to hard

Dean Beiring

It's a nice place but they seem to allow children into movies that they should not be allowed into

Algina Johnson

This movie theater is not up to date, they had 1 person at the ticket counter to service 30-40 people in line. That was ridiculous, I asked for a manager to come out to help. The manager sent another person to help, she came out walking slow and her customer service was unprofessional. They're excuse was normally on a Friday it's slow, but instead of looking at the line they were basing it on a typical Friday night. This theater need to improve on their customer service skills and put the customer first. After all without customers they wouldn't have a job. Also, the kiosk is always broken, I could have paid on the kiosk but it was broken. This AMC location doesn't care about their customers

Kelly Barna

Usually fairly messy and concession staff is always slow. Not all theatres are updated. Lots of movie time options and easy parking.

William Street

I was always told if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. With that being said I will say the following without being overly critical.Once upon a time AMC was the trend setter in the movie business, now it struggles to keep up with it's competition. The seats are uncomfortable, the theaters are dirty,and the few people that collect a paycheck from the AMC really don't care about the business let allow the patrons that go there. My advice is to hire highly motivated people and train them and pray that it works. Trust me when I say this, this place is worth saving and investing time in.

Ms. V

Average up to date theater....

Assia Aslan

Cool place , classic Cinema

Shirley Cunningham

Yes went to see Ma great place

Randi Irwin

Theater was clean, and they get a lot of events I enjoy, but they are always short staffed, the snack area is dirty, and the popcorn is terrible.

Aya `

Large AMC theater, near mall, family friendly, roomy chairs and good surround sound.

Amina Jones

Much cleaner than the Southfield location. Good service just need to update to the reclining chairs like the other theaters

Aditya Murugan

I don't care if there isn't a recliner in most of the screens here, but if you want to see a flick for less than 10 bucks, this is worth it. Of course they can upgrade, but not at the expense of the ticket price

Angella Vargo

The person in front of me was literally touching my legs because the seats are so close...

Kaiyana Black

I no longer like any movie theaters that don't have leather reclinable seating Fairlane is so ghetto

Adria Arispe

A bunch of kids talking and people on their phone. They were even taking pictures with the flash.

robert Ransom

Convenient from different locations around metro Detroit

Jamal Elnaham

They kicked me and my friends out for thinking we were smoking, I pity the person who goes to amc farlane mall, go to emagin theaters

Beautiful JuJu

Nice and neat movie theater, variety of movie selections. Usually not crowded in the weekdays. Tickets are a little overpriced in the weekends. Large screen and good sound quality. Seats are okay. Only thing holding back from 5 stars is that the seats aren’t as fancy as some other places, still have the traditional seats. Good customer service, friendly and welcoming staff. Overall, my experience at this place was ok

Matt Pac

It Fancy. But the customer service could do better. What is point of Stub premier line if stub premiere members on the line are being ignored?

Devortrey McMurray

The theater is under staffed, concession prices are too steep, and there is no seasoning for the popcorn. I was told that there hadn't been any for over a year. It was a challenge theater finding my seat. Not visible enough. Best part about it was plenty of available seating.

Jeminie Winston

They need to deep clean their seats. It smells now.

Crystal Lopez

This place is run down. The kiosk wasn't working so although we bought our ticket in advanced. We still had to stand in line to get our tickets for 23 mins. We were 15 mins late for our movie because of this. The bathrooms were not stocked and very dirty. The concession stand was so dirty. The drink area was not kept up and sticky. We won't be back to this theater.

Shay Bunnie

The theaters need a deep cleaning but it's a standard movie theater. They usually employ nice staff and I'm a Stubb's member so jumping the line makes me feel important sort of

Zakaria Alhabbal

It's a typical AMC, a bit overpriced but that's normal. There was an ample supply of coke and popcorn, the usual and of course other menu items such as pizzas, I would return again. The seats are all reclining and the screen is large enough that it looks good wherever you are standing.

J.T. Knight

This is by far the worst movie theater I have been to in years. Many movie theaters are updating, but clearly this place hasn’t even invested in a broom. I could barely hear the movie I was in. Either only the front speakers were turned on and the side speakers weren’t or they are too cheap to play the surround sound. Tear it down. Please

Mr. Guzman

Is a good place to come when you want to see a movie but sometimes there a are phone being used during the movie.

fay deuparo


ShaQuita Howard

They lowered their prices, kudos

Christy Crouse

So we couldn't find any tickets to the end game except for here and that's what we did. The movie was fabulous but the theater was dirty my feet was sticking to the floor and during the movie the people who were sitting in the back row got up and walk past the projector which interrupted the movie. The only reason why I'm giving this movie two stars is because of the availability of the movie I wanted to see and the manors of the staff who were very friendly and informative.

George Durham

Ghetto... dirty and exorbitant prices. +$10 each for a popcorn or nachos? Much prefer the experience, prices, deals and service at MJR

Joseph Davis

Stay away! Dirty, like unsanitary dirty, rude customer service; horrible and overpriced food from the concession stand and filthy seats in basically all theater rooms. This theater seriously needs a big time cleaning as well as a update on screens, speakers and seats.

Gammal Hassen

Nice theatre bir they can get more organized

Nicole Morrison

Great Place. Me & the Family have fun every time.

Pamela Hudson

Theatre was clean, movie was great, & staff attentive.

Bijay Koirala

It's cheaper to go in the weekdays, weekends aren't also terrible. For most of the movies, it won't be that crowded although it can be tough to get tickets for first releases. Just a regular AMC. Look for movies ahead of time and reach a little early if you want a proper seating.

Rene Holloway

I went to the movies saturday some lady dropped her drink all over me.

Toya Sweetness

The place was very nice, clean and inexpensive. Definitely looking forward to go back.

Haider Abdallah

Nice theatre, safe, big show rooms but no recliner. Not crowded or full with teenagers.

anica christie

Great family moment it was. We enjoyed our visit

James Moore

My favorite movie theater. I must have spent a lot of time and money there. The staff is friendly and the ticket prices aren't expensive.

K White

Not enough security or theater staff. We've had repeat experiences of sibling rivalry, babies crying, loud rude guest and much more. So be prepared to complain. Other than that the little staff that they do have is pretty polite and patient.

J Romano

Stubs members get good deals on Tuesday. Previews can be a bit long, sometimes as long as 25 mins worth. Plan accordingly.

Elson Correa

I took my time to make sure that I was being fair about the fairlane 21. But this was with no doubt the worse movie experience I have had all my life, and that is including going to movie theaters on 3rd world countries. We were trilled that AMC still had tickets for the opening night of the Avengers Endgame, a little pricey but OK, we wanted to watch the movie Thursday night. From the start it was not a good night, we arrived to the theater an hour earlier than our showtime. We walk in expecting the delicious familiar smell of fresh popcorn, only to be greeted by a moldy smell. It is an older building, maybe it is just the way it smells. We get our very expensive concessions, 40 bucks for 3 drinks, popcorn and "pizza" more like hard bread with cheese wiz on top. The pop corn tasted stale, the soda tasted flat, even after using a different machine. My wife did not let me go back to the box-office and complain of the sub-par food. We still had an hour to wait for the movie, and we were not allowed into the theater until 15 minutes prior to our movie. only one bench for hundreds of people on their lobby. After standing there and waiting, we walk into a theater, number 4, and the smell was worse than the lobby. The seats themselves reminded me of school bus benches, hard and very uncomfortable.. It was also as hot as it can be, probably over 80 degrees in there. We soon realized that once seated we would not be able to leave, since the aisles were very narrow, and I mean I had to drag my feet together to be able to scoot to my seat. With the narrow seats and the lack of enough arm rests, we spent most of the movie trying not to drop anything on our neighbors laps. We soon realized that the projector window is low enough that the heads of the people on the last row actually casted a shade on the movie screen. The movie screen quality was fuzzy and hard to see as well as you could hear static on the speakers. It was the first and the last time we visit this theater. Couldn't even request a refund for the horrible concessions because they refused to give me a receipt because the printer had ran out of paper. We re-watched the movie on Saturday on the Cinemark on Taylor much more comfortable and enjoyable theater.

Teresa Hardnett

I went to theatre 10 and sat in the number 4 chair and I kept feeling some droplets over my head so I looked back and no one was there come to find out the roof was leaking wow

Y Vega

It's a beautiful theater with the worst possible management. It is impossible to go in there and watch a movie peacefully. There were people literally drinking in front of my kids, people yelling at their kids others screaming and laughing loudly. It's a complete joke.

Nakeisha PoemistisI- Zirker

Was treated to see Lion King by my son and his g-f opening day. I guess because of the storm the movie kept stopping.

Cheryl G

I had a great time with my son! We saw Avengers Endgame!! Awesome!!

Free Pretty Fly

This location particularly is very beautiful in the inside very theatrical very big and spacious however some of the theaters Rell bootleg copies of movies one in particular was the new Michael Myers

Lisa Alderete

Enjoyed the movie very much! Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Took my granddaughter!

David Bridges

Love this movie place been going there sense i was a teenager

Timothy Finch

Dirty seats. Absolutely filty seats. Cramped. Those seats are for children. IMAX was good.

Frederick Stoll

Liked the location, and had many choices for dinner before or after movie.

Kenneth Johnson

Love the old cenic route towards the movie theaters. Took my niece for her first movie experience and was happy with the process. However the one thing I recommend updating is the chairs in the theater.

Francisco Cervantes

Pretty good movie theatres they got an awesome manual for food

Steven Simmons

Popcorn was subpar. Staff was slow, place was clean however I was there at 10AM on Sunday.

John Nymann

A nice theatre. As a Canadian it shows movies which are not in Canada such as Unplanned. We appreciated seeing that movie here. We will be back for other movies.

mont mash

Reasonable ticket prices popcorn and pretzels are way too high

D Hu55ein

Movie started almost a half hr late, this theater is awful

Alexis Banks

I liked this because of the service and when I went the bathrooms were clean. The showroom was clean.

Kenneth Lowery

The theater wasn't the cleanest. The employees were nice.

King Tank

I love this theater it's my main go to everytime a new movie comes out. It was awesome being a stubs member when Avengers Endgame came out bcuz i was able to skip the insane lines and go straight to the front and i loved it.

Robert Blurton

Tried calling about prices. No one answered. Tried googling ticket prices. No info available. Wondered about matinee prices during the day but found no clue online. Since no one answers their telephone, I could not find out that way. Not a very user-friendly place. Just buy tix and don’t ask questions is their philosophy.

Floretta Wooten

It was ok, it was a Thursday, so it wasnt a lot of people there! Want right after work so it was peacefully

Beatrice Whitman

I watch the movie Harriet Tubman. Just excellent. That movie should bring all people together. I don't care what race you are. People should know. What the world was like back in the 1800's. God for ever bless.harriet Tubman.

Lynn Stevens

Go a Tuesday for $5 Movie and $5 Popcorn and drinks. I wish they still had containers so that you could get extra butter for when you eat down on the popcorn.

Oronde White

Theater was clean and fairly comfortable. Staff at the concessions area not as helpful as other theatres is the main drawback here.

allison Brown

Nice theater. Very clean and comfortable seating.

Angelo Brown

Line was at least 30 minutes just to make a order for food. I gave up on it and watched my 3 hour movie without any. Movie was great though

cooper romon

I love this place

Al Saleh

There were about 15 people there so it was very quiet.

Russell Sprague

It's a movie theater. There are staff members, some with black vests, some with polo shirts. You buy tickets from a kiosk or a real person. There is a concession stand, they sell popcorn and candy and drinks. Probably other things too. There are auditoriums with seats and a screen. You can reserve one of these seats when you buy a ticket. You can then sit in that seat and watch ads, lots of ads. Then you can watch previews for other movies, lots of previews. Then the movie starts, and you watch that. Sometimes people will walk out of the movie because they are not enjoying it, but most of the time people stay to the end. You can even stay until all the credits are done, and get that dirt look for the staff member that has to clean the auditorium when the movie is finished because they had to wait for you to sit through the credits. Then you leave, and if you enjoyed the movie, you can have a great conversation with your friends about it, if you didn't enjoy the movie, you can just say meh when asked.

Kelli Krzemen

My experience overall was good, but 15 dollars for popcorn that tastes very old is disappointing.


A family atmosphere

Charles Perry

Seems like they're trying to improve their cleanliness, but this place can be nasty and disgusting a lot of the times, with sticky floors. The architect is nice, but it's dated, so I think it's time for an overhaul and if you guys are gonna hold popcorn the way you do , under a heated lamp would be nice. I think warm popcorn would get y'all more brownie points.

Branden Fitzgerald

Buddies and I we’re on this side of town visiting some friends, decided to catch a movie, went to Fairlane theater and I won’t be back again. Soda was watered down, popcorn was stale , sitting was awful. Never again.

Selena Lewis

Although I truly enjoy going to the movies. I don't like going to the bathrooms and finding them so filthy!! They were enough employees in the building to service them.

Lou Bufford

First time I've been in about 5 years very nice a lot of changes I see but I enjoyed it and we'll go back again.

A Y Giles

We go when it's quiet in the daytime. Price is right then also! It's clean (and the popcorn smelled and looked delish)!

Ali Aljahmi

A good place for movie time... However its always a long wait to buy popcorn etc... AMC management need to look into support during peak hours.

Michelle Shelby


Shayra Doll

The movie theatre is nice and huge but the popcorn wasn’t tasty and they didn’t even have seasoning, the drink option machine sucked with its few choices and the seats were very uncomfortable. Also I think I heard a buzzing noise as well, wasn’t sure if that was part of the movie or theatre sound.


Well it was awsome i think i would go there a bunch of times since i know its more closer than i thought

Jay Hurt

The best until visit to cinama 22.

googolplex 3

Awful!!! I have never felt so disgusted by a theater in my life! The nachos were good, and I could have dealt with sub par sound and all the loud rapscallions running about, but what I saw while seeing Alita: Battle Angel made me want to NEVER RETURN to this theater!!! Firstly, the seat had no cushion on the bottom and could only fit a healthy-weighted small child. After I squeezed my plump bottom into a seat l (which took half the length of the movie), a freaking TIGER came into the theater and tried to maul the patrons. The only way to stop the beast was for us, the PATRONS, NOT them employees, to join together and send it to a pocket dimension via a portal. Will NOT be returning, and I want my money back.

Anthony Howard

My experience was much better than years ago. Food choices have improved, however, it was very expensive. Safety for my family was a huge concern of mine years ago - which deterred us from visiting this location - but things have greatly improved. Well done.

K Clark

It was a late show...Theater was empty but It was also not very clean. Not sure if it should've been better but I believe it could be...


My grandchildren and I enjoyed the movie very much! Popcorn and pop too much but oh well!

Geoff Paulin

An aging theater getting pretty dirty. Picture and sound were good in auditorium 6. I do like that you can raise the armrests to sit more comfortably next to someone. And like most booster seats, the ones here are pretty gross, but it's nice that they have them.

Letha Mcpherson

Worse movie theater ever. It was dirty, seats wear uncomfortable and the workers were very unprofessional. On top of that the movie we seen was a boot leg movie. People kept walking across the screen. When we complain the workers just laughed about it. I will never visit this movie theater ever again. I just left there at 11:30pm on May 5, 2019. The movie I seen was The Intruder.


It was okay as usual, but they're starting to get annoying with the whole curfew thing.

Yolanda Reeves

Unclean restrooms and surly staff members. I got lost looking for a movie because 1 of the signs wasn't working.

ankit mehta

Nice and clean movie theatre. Both Screen and Sound are good. Seats have ample leg space.


Seats are so uncomfortable food and popcorn is way to high, I guess you get what you pay for.


This is my go to movie theatre, I always come here. The seats could be better tho. I always grab a slushie when I come here.

Yolanda Marka

LOVE AMC being there more than once will visit AGAIN

LaJill Jones

Just went to see Spider-Man only chose this theater cuz it was the closest to me. Haven’t been in yearrrs. It smelt horrible, sticky seats and floor, dirty seats, and stale popcorn. Had to leave. Only gave them 2 stars because they gave me a refund for my tickets AND my food.

Diwani Cooper

I like it i wished it had fresher smelling bathrooms

Laurie Stryker

Been here a couple times and loved the atmosphere great movie theater

A Google User

A man went way at top & was smoking, how do I know? I was sitting up there & I saw him. Manager

Kevin Tansiljr

I enjoyed my experience today at the AMC theater Fairlane I saw excellent film great cast I can't wait till next time

Eboni Woodley

I always enjoy a good movie here

Shimeka Williams

That Gourmet Popcorn was off the chain

Mimi Morant

One of my favorite theaters

kia1 whitehead

Okay place to watch good movie with the family.

Eric Hunter

Let me first say that my last visit wasn’t an issue with service. I’ve given this place too many attempts to be better. I will not go back ever again. I’ve lived in Dearborn since the early 90s and have watched the whole mall atmosphere go to the pits, and the theater is no exception. Just ghetto. People talking to each other, making commentary of scenes in the movie, taking phone calls and texts, the theater and bathrooms get destroyed. I think I need to move out of the city. No respect or consideration for others. Disgusting.

dana harris

They need to upgrade like their other theater's they have , the seats are so uncomfortable and old looking . I expect better out of AMC , I'll keep going to there up to date theater's.

Raghad Hajar

I like this place. Their price tickets aren't too expensive, they're reasonably priced. It previews the latest movies, and have a variety of different movie selections. Their snack bar is also reasonably priced, and they provide a wide selection of snacks, which includes; candy, popcorn, pop/soda, etc. They're clean, and their customer service is great! I recommend this place!

mark mckenney

Nice, even though ignorant people will try and sit in the seats you pay for


Movies was good but need to upgrade the interior ... Everything looks prehistoric meaning it looks the same as it looked 10 years ago ... Seeing that movie turn outs are not as huge as they used to be maybe its time to upgrade to the big recliner seats , yes they take up more space but it would create a more luxury experience

Rhonda Thoman

Nice seats. They gave me a card I can collect points on and then use there I love that except I don't there that often to collect point all that often. Still really nice seats.

Asia Williamson

Great, I love it,And they asked for I.D after a certain time

Hugh Lee

Not a bad place to watch movies if you go early.

Gentrified Gentlemen Productions

Many movies and a nice varied time range for movie showings. Concession snacks are expensive as usual. The movie chairs are in need of a major overhaul and upgrade.

Elmira Murphy

Food orders slow and mix up, hope you have the time to wait. Movie nice along with seating.

Sadaf Ali

Nice theater. They tend to keep movies up a bit longer giving us more time to see them.

Haseeb Khawaja

Many screens, great food services, great movies, friendly staff, affordable tickets, easy location next to major roads, located within a large mall, what else? Simply put, I like the theater

Jedidiah Davis

The prices are good and the clientele are a fun movie-going crowd. Only thing holding her back from five stars is that the seats aren't as fancy as some places -just the traditional done down seats instead of the recliners some places are getting.

Charia Hall

Needs to be a lot more cleaner ,the seats were very unclean in the inside

Maxine Mallett

Enjoyed Overcomers. I didn't need food service. Easy in and out with prepaid ticket.

Valeria Patterson

I liked the movie and the price for a senior.

Angela Strawberry

If looking for a comfortable and nice place to watch a movie, it's perfect.

Jerrod Mays

Not bad...I'll be sure to come back again. Miss Balla was a very good film.

Tyler Hughes

The sound quality in the theater was terrible. There was a buzzing sound each time the characters spoke. It sounded like the speakers went bad a long time ago. The theater also smelled like sweat and body odor. The only reason I'm rating 2 stars instead of 1 is because the staff was very nice and the food was good and was ready in just a couple of minutes. I was very disappointed about the sound quality and smell in the theater because clearly these were things that should have been noticed and corrected a while ago.

Cordell Mccall

Movies are great for any occasion.

florine bond

I won't go back due to uncomfortable seats. Popcorn was good though.

Chris Tucker

The sound here is pretty bad. Okay enough place to see a movie, but definitely nothing special. Go to Emagine instead.

Gary Trowbridge

Floor sticky, seats staind and old. This was a theatre that was state of the art at one time but needs major upgrade. Concession stand was meh, line took forever, were out of hot food that was another 20 min wait after you waited 20 min in line to get there and order it. I will continue to go to Cinemark or Emagine as they seem to understand the new needs of the movie goer now.

Mad Panda

This theatre has not changed over the years other than its name. The seats are worn and depending on where you sit it has a really bad scent. I hope in the future they get some update like new chairs or update the minimal items in their concession stand

Alyssa Gray

If I could give 0 stars I would... The place is trashy it stinks the seats are broken and we couldn't even see the movie because the projector thing wouldn't play it so after waiting for 40 mins they finally refunded us but I'd never go here again because it is dirty y and over priced.... Next time I'll go to the woodhaven one... Only went here because I won a gift card

Jessica Fuentes

Very good cimena. Tuesdays 5 usd and before 12 pm 5 usd. Way to go :)

Aaron Dawson

Good discounts on Tuesdays, very clean and nice and loud like the movies should be.

Katie Mckinney

Service great and popcorn and frozen drink my favorite movie great the lion king!!!!

Tell It

I like the AMC but the candy and food high 5 dollars for

Don Reest

The theater was dingy and hot. The concession stand was priced higher than nearby theaters (Cinemark and MJR). The seats are older style that are cramped and don't recline. The movie played for about 10 minutes before the lights were turned down and we could actually see the screen. we had to go ask for the lights to be turned off. horrible experience. won't ever be back.

Roderic Walter

Great prices, service, something for everyone...of all ages.

Mohsen Mused

Please upgrade your seats and add ordering food service feature. For god sake your in the perfect spot to due that.

Toniesha Redmond

It's nice. No recliners though. Pretty quiet.

Craig Matteocci

This is by far the grossest movie theater I have ever stepped in. It was never the nicest theater, but it was manageable. I went there recently and did not even want to sit down because the seats were so nasty. There were spiders dropping from the ceiling and landing on the patrons heads during the movie (no exaggeration). On top of it the employees are some of the rudest people I've ever had to deal with. If I could give zero stars I would.

Carlos Dorsey

It's good the movie

Regina Brown

Good service

Steven Roberts

Customer service was garbage, concessions worker looked right at me while i was standing in line waiting to be served next. Customer left after getting what he needed, she looked at me again and instead of calling me over she walked off. Restrooms need checking more often due to it being gross in the stalls, customer service is also a miss via the box office cashier. Was rude and acted as if i was an inconvenience to her for asking for actual tickets instead just on my phone. Not sure I'd come back here. Oh and last but not least, the 3D glasses for the IMAX movies are seriously in need of a good cleaning or for new glasses period. Horrible.


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