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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Ludington 8 IN Michigan

Barry Matthews

I have attended three movies at Harbor Cinemas in Ludington over the past two weeks (July 23- August 3). I finally complained to management about the sound level of the trailers shown prior to the movie. In the past I have complained about the volume of the movies themselves and was informed that others had also done so. I have been told that the volume is set by the movie makers "to enhance the movie going experience". Last evening at Jason Bourne, I was informed that the trailers were loud to entice the audience to attend the movie. If management turned the volume down on the trailers, it would only have to turn it back up when the movie began. DUH! The movie sound was barely tolerable and could easily have been much lower and still be understood. I have been very careful to protect my hearing over the years. I do not believe I should have to wear hearing protection when seeing a movie. This reminds me of the American I saw in Mexico many years ago. He seemed to believe that the louder he shouted the easier it would be for the Spanish speaking store owner to understand his English. To Carmike Cinemas and Harbor Cinema particularly. Turn down the volume. You are ruining our hearing. I should not have to worry about going deaf to watch one of your movies.

Matt Creed

Watched Joker with my daughter

Sherry McClellan

Its ok but liked it better under Carmike theaters

R.J. Coon

My favorite theater! Even got free movie posters last trip. Love the Coke machine and can always get great seats without reserved seating. Cheaper and closer than Muskegon.

Shalmendo Glineux

Some people mistake some of the staff as being rude, but the staff are very friendly and have a wonderful sense of humor. It's not their fault some people have a stick up their behind and cant handle a little good natured sass. This theater is clean and well maintained with 3d showings and good accessibility support.

Tom Peppers

Very warm in the theater.

Lithe Anne

Friendly staff. Great seating. Handicap accessible. Clean. Good selection of movies.

Pierce Williamson

I've never been to an AMC classic. While it may not have the bells and whistles the newer AMCs but I liked getting to theater early and getting to the theater early to get great seats was kind thrilling and nostalgic! Also Spiderman Far From Home was amazing and the screen was AMAZING!!

Doris North Ohler

Went to a movie in a storm. Very nice theater there's a very large screens.

Russ Miles

Clean, fast service, theaters are not overly cold, seats are comfy & design prevents those in front of you from blocking your view. Hardly ever crowded.

Amy Rohrbach

Great movie theater, always enjoy the entertainment. Only two things leave me confused... their movie board listing out front is gone, so you can't drive by and see what's playing. Weird. And there are no hours posted anywhere. The only way you can tell if they're open is by pulling on the doors. Neither of these things affect the experience once inside, so still give four stars, but they should really address both of these points of the operation.

Robert Hackett

Its a movie theater.. nuff said. But prices are average and plenty if show times.

Holly Morales

There were young kids un supervised watching an R rated movie with out adults and the one girl was on her cell phone on snap chat recording parts of the movie and sending it to friends.

Matt Postema

The line was ridiculous. The ticket purchasing and concessions have beeen combined even though there is a separate ticket booth that has been closed down. On top of that, there were only 2 people handling everything. What a joke.

Wendy Schmitt

Must say, "what the heck?" No box office to purchase tickets - just 3 gigantic lines inside and 3 poor ladies trying to help everyone all from the counter marked SNACKS (one line to purchase tickets, ONE for concessions, one to print your ticket if you purchased online...and for what? No one checked our ticket once printed). Discovered we were in the wrong line after 10 minutes (very poor signage), then waited another 40 minutes for our popcorn/snacks. Thankfully, the movie was good - a saving grace to an otherwise frustrating experience. Unfortunately, we won't be back.

GeroTheHero C.

The theatre is great. Shows all of the popular movies. Staff is friendly and helpful. They keep all the bathrooms and movie rooms nice and clean.

Scott MacArthur

Great place to see a movie. Great sound and huge screens. Great customer service.

Derek Eaton

Theater is always clean, have a good number of screens. QUITE EXPENSIVE to see a movie if you plan on having concessions as well. You're better off eating dinner somewhere then going to see your movie.

Gamergodzilla 974

Best Theatre that I've ever been to. Big screen movie production, helpful and kind employees, and best times for the movies.

Shay Trent

Worst movie experience. Total chaos, not sure what lines we were suppose there be in. People coming through all doors and working their way into lines. There 20 minutes before showtime and still wasnt able to get drink and popcorn. Theater was stuffy and hot, despite me leaving twice during show to ask for some air to be switched on. Hands down not something I will ensure again.

Ronnie Gerhardstein

Had a great time with the family.

Robin Ruhlig

The older lady that we bought tickets from was rude. Otherwise the theater was nice, clean and comfy.

Allen Minock

A little dated and small, over priced tickets for average seats.

Spencer Ballard

If you buy tickets online they make you wait in the same line... 40 minutes to make it into the movie, missed some of the movie. This is rediculous.

Jill Hackett

way over Priced. A large pop. 6.25. movie at 12:45 , 8.50, small popcorn 7.00. for 3 people and two pops. I paid over 40 bucks.. nuts. employees just stand around and do nothing u half to go to them and they just sit there.. they don't ask if u need help. what a joke of a movie place

Tracy Scheid

Always spotless!


I mean you can spend more time on description in your webpage

Anne Johnstone

Only show in town. Clean, nice help.

Edward Madden

Clean, good staff. If you go to movies a lot it pays to join the AMC rewards program. They also have an enhanced rewards program that costs $15 a year, but get rewards 2 or 3 times faster. The enhanced rewards is worthwhile only if you go a lot. One n Kipp 've thing about this location is that the popcorn butter machine is in lobby, so u can put on as much butter/oil as you want. Comfortable seats.

Jagger Boyer

This theater is out go to place to watch movies, we drive over an hour to get here and it is worth it. We come here around 8 times a year

Hunter Cornelisse

It's good. It's the only place around that sells movie tickets and you get to see them on the big screen. Of course it's going to be dirty and stuff, but it could work! I like it!

deb del

With the exception that I think all theaters are WAY too expensive (there are less expensive options at Harbor), the staff are fabulous! Honest, friendly, reliable. The manager has been been working at this local theater since the mid-70's and her touch and leadership is obvious. Way to go gang!

Christopher Lewis

The setup for getting tickets is not a good setup. We showed up 20 minutes early and it took over 20 minutes to get to the front of the lines to be able to get tickets and popcorn. We were late for the movie because of this. Very frustrating that they did not have enough people working on a Saturday night

Miriam Reese

My fave.


Not very clean. One of female staff ( I'll be calling was beyond rude. Mean, actually. I'm never coming back.

Christopher Meerman

Not enough staff to accommodate the amount of people that want to purchase tickets, refreshments, etc...

Dave Rattay

Most inefficient theater I have ever been too. You should never wait over 30 minutes for popcorn after you wait 30 minutes to buy a ticket and are told you need to get in another line for popcorn. Ridiculous.

Tammy OBrien

Always a great night! Except I don't like how slow the lines are when getting popcorn that could and should be more efficient we got there early and we're still late to get in the movie because of that, otherwise everything else was great!

Melissa Young

Prices are outrageous. Comfy seats, volume was a bit loud, but it was clean

Gary Truxton

Slow service. Two new movies out and spring break for the local schools and two people running the counter. Stood in line for 20 minutes. Knobs broke off of faucets in bathroom.


They have afternoon deals that are affordable

Marie Oxley

Only one line to get tickets and one line for tickets and food. Long lines very inefficient.

Trisha Burns

Always great here, never crowded and prices are great as well

Mike Burgardt

Good quality digital sound and picture. Would give them 5 stars if they had reclining seats. But I am glad we have them...without Carmike we dont have a movie theater.

Dustin Hinkle

Friendly staff and always clean. Only thing I would like to see updated is the seating it is starting to show its age. I would also like a check in kiosk so you don't have to wait in line if you purchase you're ticket ahead of time. Other than that it's usually a good experience.

Amanda Pefley

I'm pretty sure this movie experience has ruined my movie going. I seriously had to wait in line. Then wait in line for my self serve soda station... Which sucks. And then if I were to get popcorn I would have to put butter on it myself... Pretty sure most people like butter throughout their popcorn.. Not just on top. And how disgusting is it that sooo many people are out touching these things your supposed to consume! Why am I paying outrageous prices if I'm doing all the work myself. Never again!

Tazman Taz

Very expensive snacks.Staff seems put off they have to help you when you come in.

Nicole Haan

I thought that it was affordable. It was clean and the staff was helpful and pleasant.

William Nagel

Great place to go see movies. Comfortable seating


Nice quick ordering

Nareiyah Fox

Very bad customer service. Was being very rude and snotty. Was laughing about a serious matter, didnt explain very well. Not empressed may never go back there again. If could i would not even star it at all.

Barb Wolverton

Just sat through 26 minutes of previews! Ridiculous!

Inky Crow

Great theater. Clean restrooms. Concessions are a little pricey but show a movie theater thst isnt.

Frank Robison

Nice classic theater

Cassie Cornway

I come here often the staff is polite. The prices are affordable, and they show good movies

Kelly Miles

Theater itself was great! Concessions prices are ridiculous.

Jess Mitchell

I have never had a problem with any of the staff at this movie theater. I love the $5.50 movie tickets purchased before 5:00pm. A lot of the visitors do not understand that waiting until later doubles the price. This is not the theaters fault. Popcorn, with the purchase of an up to date popcorn bucket can be filled for $4.00. Not very many things are free in this world! When you plan on going to the movies be sure to understand it costs money and if you are just going to complain later it would be in your best interest to just wait until it comes out on dvd. P.s thank you to the workers that clean up after my children you guys rock!!!! :-) Jess

Anya Jones

You may sound like a complete idiot when you're going to order your popcorn, ticket, and soda. But, the staff stays calm and does their job excellently. If you keep on going out to get salt on your popcorn they notice and give you a container to put your salt in so your movie experience isn't ruined.

Taylor Emery

Love this movie theater the popcorn is super good.

Bridgett Wheeler

Great staff, popcorn always fresh, bthrm's always clean...An outside marque is needed along with on about some reclining seats & fresh choc chip cookies & milk etc at the counter would be great..You know, update the place a little like they have at other AMC theaters

Breezy Allen

Had so much fun, clean, movie was a little loud.

Zach Mitchell

Friendly staff. Clean atmosphere. Quality sound and picture. All around pleasurable experience time after time.

Ken Wahmhoff

Very expensive. A bottle of water cost over $4. Bring a fat wallet.

Renee Tate

Not bad at all, just wish they had the recliner chairs

Mike McElroy

It's a nice place to go see movies

Steven Steiger

Great service

Deb Del Zoppo

My biggest complaint is that they don't post showtimes so you can't plan what movies to see in the future. I know what I'm seeing at the Vogue next week, what's wrong with the Ludington Theater doing the same?

Kristina Martinez

Nice theater. Recliners would make it better!:)

Sean Bowman

I went in to watch a rated R movie im 20 years old and the family member i was with was 16. They wouldnt let them in because they wernt 17 and needed a 21 year olds id to buy the ticket for the 16 year old. On top of that, the person 21 or older had to watch the movie too. The employee was also very cocky and rude.

Dean Bartholomew

Nice little movie theater, what more could you ask for

Randy Merritt

It is the worst ran theater i have ever been to. Everyone that worked there seem very confused.

I am Ravyn

Always clean and a nice movie watching experience. Staff could be friendlier but I just avoid as many as I can

Kimberly Nelson

Good except went to a 7pm show and friend went to get refill and it was all closed down. They offered some they had in back but a lot of that was broken down in small pieces.

Sassy Gal

Great theater, clean, great shows and prices.

Hilary Lewis

They are just switching over to an AMC theater so they can't scan your tickets yet. That slowed things down some. Still a nice place.

Dave Jar

Its aged. Aged well, but aged. Felt like it was the early 90's. Screen was a bit smaller, but nonetheless, it was a good time.

Scott Gifford

Great place to see a movie if you are in Ludington. Great popcorn

Tami Askew

Very clean place and employees very polite and friendly

Shannon Shorts-Johnson

Very dated in style and very rigid, unprofessional management. Manager had difficulty problem solving on her own and thinking for herself. Profit seems to be the only concern and hospitality is NOT a priority with this small-town theater. Sadly, with the lack of fair, professional management this theater will continue to be limited and loss of profit may well be its downfall.

Brian Meyers

Chaos. Staff is clueless, unnecessarily long lines because slow service. Never seen anything like this on a matinee show time.

Markeen Gillette

Always neat and clean. Good entertainment, but it's not cheap.

Lauren Lux

Standard movie theater. 3d movies available

Lilly Manier

It was very nice inside and the cashiers treated the customers perfectly! They nicely directed you to the right movie room!

Dawn Williams

45 min. of previews & ads BEFORE the movie starts. Ridiculous! I even fell asleep and was astounded that the movie hadn't even started yet.

Christine Juhl

With no knowledge the theater had changed ownership, I go in on a Tuesday, expecting to only pay $5 for a movie ticket, but because I wasn't a "stubs rewards member" (which no employee offered to give any explanation on), I had to pay regular price. I go up to get a drink, which was advertised as $3 on the board, and the employee asked if I was a stubs member, to which I replied "no". She then stated my drink was going to cost $6+!!!!!!!!! For a regular size drink! Completely ridiculous. There was nothing on the board that stated you had to be a stubs member to get the food/drink specials! Not only that, but the employee offered no explanation as to what a stubs membership was, and was incredibly rude with me when I said I didn't want to pay that much for a drink, and walked away. It seemed that the other employees were very unhappy to be there as well. Management needs to up their game!

Matt Farber

My previous 3 experiences here have not been pleasant. Management is clearly lacking as everytime I have gone, the line is running out the door because service is so slow. On top of service being slow, I was a little upset after waiting for 25 minutes to just get a ticket, the lady standing to collect tix told us to not worry about showing her our ticket. We stood in the hallway trying to figure out which theater was ours and she in a rude manner she told us to move to the side as if it was our fault for not knowing where to go. If this place didn’t hold a monopoly as the only theater within 25 miles, I would never go here until management was changed and it was proven to me that my experience would be more pleasant. Also just side story, only reason I felt the need to go on here is cause I was appalled that when our small theater room was sold out (on an opening weekend) they made a teenage group of girls sit on the floor by the front... I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Artifact U9

A bit pricey but what theater isn't nowadays.


Friendly staff, but seats are super uncomfortable... especially when you compare them to those at the AMC just outside Grand Rapids with reclining seats. These seats are horrible even when compared to theaters you go to that show older movies and gave lost their cushion. I wish AMC would invest in better seats here.....

Trevor Wolgamott

Better price and new building great place for the family

Jill Weavers

great theater great customer service clean restrooms and went on a Wednesday with my grandson and we were the only 2 in there was like getting a private viewing of the show

Leslie Valentine

Good times at the theater.

Dora Bromley


Jaye Minx

Nothing fancy but clean. The lady at concessions is great and very nice.

Mary Miller

Nice seats.

Andy Meli

Good experience. Staff was courteous.

Andy Mazur

Nice theater, usually a decent selection of movies. Kept pretty clean.

elizabeth strattin

Good place to see movies

Gary Holey

Need dubble seettig for couple s. the arm rest isn't comfortable in the ribs

Susan Peterson

Seen The Whitman's Bodyguard last night. GREAT show, but for what they charge for their candy at concession shouldn't be stall. Bought Butterfingers bites and they sucked! Owners need 2 step up their game, I will never buy from concessions again.

Aubri Spenski

Always clean and quiet. Prices are a little too high for me to give it a full 5 stars.

Susan Demeuse

Enjoyed "Yesterday" movie so much and the matinee rate was a value.

David Figger

Great service, wonderful moves to choose from and as always great popcorn.

Bob Lamadline

Nice place for a date. Good quiet cinema

Bruce Hepper

Really expensive. Very very slow staff. Disappointing. Besides that nice theater Go to Manistee 100% better Half the price.

Jake Zwagerman

They movie theatre is one is the best in a three county area!!!! They have a awesome movie's played most of the time!!! Been there at least 20 movie's so far!! We enjoyed the place!! Very clean and well kept with clean bathroom and the mirror s that they have!! The seats are very comfortable with a lot of room to relax and be able to put legs out straight in the front. Also played good sound for the movie!!! Have a great popcorn that we are!! They also had a great selection of candy to eat too!! Really liked the candy!!

Kelly Malama

Always friendly and quick, great place.

Rusty McGrady

The prices have really gone up lately and conversely the service has gone down. The theater was still well maintained and clean but the staff wasn't nearly as friendly as it used to be.

mike ivinson

This is a very nice movie theatre. I have not had a bad experience watching movies here yet. The building is always clean the staff is friendly. The seats are pretty basic folding seats covered in cloth but are still pretty comfortable and leave fair leg room. I've been to many movies about a week after their premier and usually have the whole theatre to myself. So you don't really have to worry about crowds here.the bathrooms seem to be well maintained, they are always clean and I've only seen a toilet out of order once. The prices are unfortunately what you can expect from a movie theatre. If you have a free evening I'd recommend checking this place out.

Josie Peplinski

We saw Toy Story 4 late at night and were excited to be the only ones in the theater. It was hilarious, because when we left at night there were no employees in sight. It was so much fun, although strange.

paris of love

The theater very clean. Cost of tickets reasonable. Cost of snacks horrible. Too high. A bottle of water over 4.00. No wonder people sneak things in.

Ashley Tuminella

This movie theater is expensive, the Vogue in Manistee is way more inexpensive. Same with the concessions. It's a bigger theater than in Manistee and has more options. The place is decorated and designed pretty sweet too.

Jenny Willis

A true goat rodeo. Arrived at 2:45 for a 3:15 show with pre-purchased tickets. Ticket info says go to self-service kiosk to such thing. Waited in ticket only line to get tickets printed while friends waited in equally long concession line. They made it to the counter first so I went over to their line to get tickets printed. Finally got into studio at 3:30 to see movie just as it is beginning. No opportunity to find a seat while lights were on due to waiting in line. You need much better organization!! Lines not clearly marked...a small sign on counter is impossible to see when the lobby is filled to capacity with lines out the door. Might also help to be better staffed. Everytime I go here, you seem to be short staffed and the wait is so much longer than it needs to be.

Vernon Klammer

Very slow to get through lines compared to other theatres on busy days.

Kipling King

had a great time and the movie was great, the sound was great, the food was great, the drink was great, the staff is great! It even smelled nice! I highly recommend

Jason Butterfield

Typical Ludington amc theatre. Seats are litterally falling apart. Half of the row of seats were loose from the floor. Saw 6 seats in one row that didn't have arm rests. These are the original cheap uncomfortable seats that we're original to the theatre when it was build many years ago. Looks like the theatre is falling apart and the owner doesn't want to spend any money to fix it. Plus they don't have half of the new releases. But they will have jumanji playing from release until two months after the DVD is released... Currently looking to alternatives to avoid having to come here again. Even if it means making a special trip to Manistee or even traverse City since that theatre is amazing.

Samantha Davis

Everything is clean and comfortable. The staff is curtious. AC works. Very nice.

Rachel Shafer

This is the only movie theater in Ludington. So you have no choice but to come here unless you are going to drive to Muskegon or Manistee. I feel like even though there aren't any other choices and Ludington it is still a great movie theater especially for a Small Town Movie Theater. They take good care of it and it's a good movie going experience a little pricey though for a Small Town Theater.

Stanley Hagemeyer

One of the cleanest, friendly venues for cinema. Staff always responsive to personal concerns or suggestions. Bargain matinees and Senior discounts make it a great buy as well.

Michelle Guthrie

VERY EXPENSIVE compared to More theaters in our area. A large pop and a large popcorn were $15.00. There are not enough employees so the line is long and their strategy to keep ahead is to show 25 minutes of previews...that's not an exaggeration. The previews had been going for 15 minutes and people were still coming in the theater. I kept thinking it would be the last preview and then another would come on the screen.


My review may be off to many. This movie theater is the only one around for at least an hour. As that is the case, it is pretty good as an establishment. Saw Maleficent 2 today, and it was as expected. It's pretty clean and tidy so to speak and when its not busy you get through the line pretty quickly. Sometimes though, something may go wrong, and most of the time wont be fixed that day. One example could be the one flavor isn't in machine. Otherwise pretty nice place. Front area however isn't very inviting, and it feels more of a get your ticket and go to movies. For that reason I'm rating it 4 stars.

Robert Kennedy

Get there at least 30-40 minutes before your movie if you want something from the concession stand. They move very very slow for just handing self serve cups for drinks and popcorn. Just a friendly heads up. Otherwise theater is pretty nice.

Jessica Teague

My husband and I go here when we have a date night super accommodating, and you can call ahead for tickets when new movies are guaranteed to be sold out! Great customer appreciation

Penny Cash

Had a great time. People were very nice and the theater was a little messy and alot of people. But when good movies come out its busy .thats life

Mike Heyse

Nice theater, small screens but okay

Shawn Johnson

Nice. A little expensive...but that's the price we pay to keep the kids happy.

Steve Byers

It was a mad house. Lines out the door. No communication with customers in line. People cutting in line. 45 minutes just to get to the lobby to find prices had jumped. I will not return to this theater.

Billie Lemere

Saw Aquaman. Great picture, sound, ... very interested in the A-List Promotion. You can save an Easy $40+ each month, and Never miss an Available Movie. I'll be going more often. $20/month = Any 3 movies you want to watch EACH WEEK. Just 1 a week, is Still less expensive with the pass.

Sharon Frees

I was very disapointed when I read some of the other reviews. I have been going here for many years. My husband and I have been going here and enjoy the friendly service. The joking is fun, but some people have no sense of humor. I have been informed by employees about all the rewards of being a Stubs member, which was very nice. We get rewards faster than when owned by other company. I am very happy. We buy the bucket and because we are a stubs member we get a free refill. Being a member is all worth the money. We never buy candy at any movie theater as they are always over priced. That is where they get their money. It probably costs a lot of money to get the movies and they need to get money thru other ways to help pay for them. I am sorry this is so long. Just don't be discouraged by the bad comments. Remember we all have bad days. We all are not perfect.

Mike Seidelman

Standard rates for movies but WAY super over priced food and not clean inside.

becky rees

Clean friendly and seats are very comfortable. Bsthrooms were in order and also clean. Cant wait to go back

Sally Wisner

It's a very clean nice show. The workers are friendly.

Cheryl Lynn

I like this theater. It is clean and seems well kept up. What I find bothersome is the prices at the concession stand. You could have a steak dinner for the price of popcorn and a drink. It is the only show in town so if you want to see a movie, this is the only place. I am grateful that they honor senior discounts and the bathrooms are clean.

John Kitchen

Nice theater overall but the prices are steep.

Jacqueline SanMartin

There's a lady there i dont know her name but she never smiles and shes kinda rude and acted like i was bothering her when i asked her the times for the movies. Also the food is extremely expensive but i think that's every movie theatre .

scott bentz

All the features you enjoy in a movie theater plus they pretend not to notice when your pockets and handbags are bulging with contraband snacks. so cram your favorite cargo shorts to the gills with illegal peanut M&Ms and watch Transformers 25 or whatever junk it is that you like.

Ryan Comer

if you live in town don't expect to go to a matinee. I just moved here so not sure what its like in the summer but in the winter they are only open after 4pm. Most AMC theaters will offer cheaper deals before certain times this one does not. On the weekends no morning showtimes.

Joe Elton


Laurie Haynor

Waiting to see Boo Madras Halloween and it's still not there! It's been out a week already buy not here!! Would have liked to see it BEFORE Halloween

brian duggan

Slow service waited in line never did get pop or popcorn before movie started finally went out to car and got my own not happy pay more and get less ???????.

Ralph Carroll

Great theater.. as most movie theaters prices are high.. bonus is the varieties of drinks including non carbonated and sugar free drinks. Nachos, popcorn, pizza, hot dogs. Arcade games. Stadium seating. Ample parking spaces. Always has the most recent movies. Order tickets online and save some time.. also join the amc ticket stubs to get great deals and free tickets and or drinks and popcorn.

Gena Sayers

Comfortable, convenient, and almost always has the latest titles in. The Sunday afternoon prices can't be beat! Also some movies are shown in 3d, and that's pretty awesome. Fountain pop is questionable, I made a comment about what a pain it would be to clean all the fountain heads every night and the lady said they don't clean them so it's no hassle. Yuck.

Patrice Martin

Happy to have a multi-plex in the area!

Jaine Bowman

Good popcorn great seats as ND good matinee prices long as you give them your email

Melanie Danielson

Love to see movies here. AMC charges too much for tickets. More so with concessions. $20 for a popcorn and 2 drinks? And this location needs a better system with staff. Way way too slow.

Jon Shelton

Always a great experience

Amber Rose

Let me start this by saying that I have written tons of reviews, and this is only my 2nd 1-Star Review. So that right there ought to tell you something. I am a fair person and I understand that sometimes things don't go the way they should, but this place just was ridiculous and I can't honestly give it anything more than the 1-Star. I just can't. They desperately need to hire more employees and work on their customer service. We waited in line so long to buy tickets to our movie, we ended up being late. And we got there early because I am one of those people who loves watching movie previews at the movies, so I was pretty upset. And when we did FINALLY get to the front of the line, the service sucked. No apology for the 15-20 min wait, no sense of urgency whatsoever from the guy who rung us up, or for the lady working the only other open register. These were the only 2 registers opens for concessions and tickets both, so to buy movie tickets you have to wait behind large groups of people ordering tons of food, served by slow-motion employees who couldn't care less whether or not you make it to your movie on time. I'd skip visiting this location, unless you like crappy service and missing the beginning of a movie you showed up early for and paid good money to see. I should also mention this was at 2 o'clock on a Sunday... Not a super busy time for them, they just couldn't be bothered to hustle and the way they have their purchasing system set up sucks. **If anyone from this location is actually reading this** you guys seriously need to step up your game. You need to hire more employees and/or make a separate line for ticket sales and concessions so you don't end up with pissed off customers and people standing around waiting for 20 mins just to buy movie tickets. You had 2 registers open, make one for ticket sales only and this whole thing could have been avoided and you wouldn't have lost customers. I saw the looks on other people's faces, we weren't the only ones who were less than satisfied with the service we received. And tell your employees a smile, and a sense of urgency when people have been standing around waiting for long periods of time will go a long way at avoiding having customers be upset. The part that made me the most angry was that I know they knew we had been standing there forever, but there was no acknowledgement of that fact, no apology, no hustle, NOTHING. Just a bored "what can I get you?"

Mike Wellfare

Comfortable theatre. Good souund.

Cheryl Howard

I think I'm done with this theater. No fault of the employees-- they do their best with the stupid system whoever runs this place keeps in place. But the inconvenience and discomfort are really not worth the price of admission and concessions. I find it absolutely ridiculous that buying your tickets online beforehand gives ZERO benefits b/c you still have to wait in the long stupid line with everyone else! And having one register only that is "tickets only" means the lines for both concessions and tickets gets to be ridiculously long. It's obvious that the manager or owner is too cheap to schedule enough people to deal with peak times, and too cheap to invest in improvements to the theater that would make this experience 100x better. It's 2019. Get a freaking self-serve kiosk for people who bought tickets online already! If you're that cheap, get the kiosk and staff less people. I was an AMC stubs member but I'm done supporting a business that doesn't reinvest in itself. I'll drive to Muskegon and sit in a nice chair instead. I am honestly baffled by all the 4 star reviews. Do people get paid to write glowing reviews of horrible businesses? Because this is the worst run movie theater I have ever been to, hands down.

231- 231-794-9933

Really good service and very clean. They are willing to give you discounts if you have the right credentials.

Catherine Dworak

Purchased tickets online but still was required to wait in the massively long ticket purchasing lines upon arrival so that the tickets purchased online could be "verified". It would be nice if there was at least a notice when you purchase your ticket online that it won't save you any time.

Tony Vartyak

Terrible popcorn and soda

Logan Hargreaves

Great movie theater, pretty fast lines even when busy.

Brenda Cloutier

Clean and comfortable theater. They are incredibly slow selling popcorn and soft drinks. You now stand in a long line to buy your movie tickets and popcorn, and then incredibly, they hand you a drink cup to stand in an additional line to self serve your soft drink. You are of course going to be behind someone who can't figure out what to do. They need to figure out a more efficient system.

Jose Andaverde

Quick friendly staff and affordable family prices

Mike McCool

Comfy seating. Great sound system. But pricy on the snacks.

Mark Johnson

The movie theater is very clean and it is a nice one

Brenda Jimenez

Good place to watch movies

Jeff Lange

My wife and I wished to see "Cold Pursuit" and" Madea's Family Funeral". Both of these movies were advertised in Ludington with a note that said No times have been posted. I waited over a week for the times to show. Why do We have to go to the Carousel in Muskegon to see what we want?


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