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REVIEWS OF Wilton Town Hall Theatre IN Massachusetts

Jerry Harrow

Definitely visit if you find something playing that matches you interest. It is a unique experience -- like stepping back in time. The popcorn and snacks are such a great value unlike the chain theaters.

Warren Green

Best "little" set of movie screens around. A warm, historic treasure of a movie theater. Love this place!

Gale Taylor

Virginia Mcneil

Love this theatre

Marissa Barner

Cutest little place! Love the size and atmosphere of the theatre. Perfect date night is having a themed dinner at the hilltop cafe on weekends and heading to the theatre afterward!

Maryanne Cullinan

This is a nice, old fashioned theater with very reasonable concession prices and off at offerings. I was there for the monthly silent movie they have on the last Sunday of the month at 4:30.

Austin W. Sheatsley, Jr.

The Wilton Theatre reminds me of the movie theaters of my youth fifty years ago. I LOVE the great selection of non-mainstream refreshments and very reasonable prices. Being long in the legs, the ample distance between the rows of seats is fabulous and, best of all, I like that drapes close over the screen after the previews trailers and reopen for the main attraction. If I lived closer, I'd see every movie that passed through the place.

Peter Rukavina

It's a movie theater – inside the town hall! Friendly staff, excellent projection, and atmosphere to beat the band.

David Hansen

Wonderful film "Loving Vincent"

Dawn Beyer

Very enjoyable every time we go there. Dennis is so friendly. Have been going for over 30 years and will continue.

jeff millar

We are talking old fashioned town theatre. My friend said he goes Sunday and doesn't worry about what is playing. That's the right thing to do. Tickets $7, popcorn $2. Two theatre rooms, small and large. None of the multiplex stuff...just the movie. Oh, the guy gives $2 bills in change.

William Chapman

Great little art house cinema in a small town setting.

May Balsama

Wonderful experience. First run movies shown like the good old days. Popcorn with real butter. Won't break the bank.

Ashley Clemons

Gwen Autery

For such a small town, amazing that they have current movies. Wonderful popcorn!

Susan Robinson

Karin Powers

The best movie theater of all time. Elegant architecture, yet strangely cozy. Affordable popcorn flavored with real butter. Best selection of mostly independent, always intelligent films. Many films are offered on a donation basis. Wonderful, warm, generous owner. I cannot love this place more.

Deborah Sampson

Have lived this place for decades. The best theater to see a movie.

Richard Obin

Great place to see a movie. Senior admittance only $5.

Robert Strauss

Great theater. Silent films have live music. Food isn't expensive, and you can get Klondike bars! A really memorable experience every time.

Hugo Costa Machado

Ann Barker

This theater is the real deal. The prices are low, the atmosphere is special, the owner is friendly, the crowd is intelligent enough to appreciate the movies of higher caliber than typical Hollywood. Many stairs on one side but go to the other street for just a few steps. Give yourself a treat and go. You will return to this vintage experience.

Tim Casey

An icon in town..must see


Andy Roeper

Best small theater anywhere! Real buttered popcorn and Klondike bars too.

Taylor Novia

Loved it

Charly LaChance

It's a beautiful old theatre, a hidden gem in a small town

Mark Brown

A local treasure. Inexpensive. Hidden gem for film lovers. Provencial.

Aaron Bilodeau

Old fashioned little movie theater in the middle of town playing indi movies for the older gens. I loved the old time feels and the red stage curtains draw open when the movies start. Very afordable date night with the wife.

Wendy Mattis

If you love eclectic, you will love this place! Shows some good Indie flicks too! Don't miss the silent movies on the weekend! Where can you see good movies for under $10.???

Teresa McInerny

I love this theater and the movies they select to show!! Five stars for the whole experience!

Kimberly G

Fun and an inexpensive experience!

Jon "maddog" Hall

I love this theater. Great movies at good prices. Great popcorn too.

Scot Langdon

Always a great time. Small artsy theatre with affordable snacks.


Sheila Kullgren

Tom Strickland

Our favorite theater! Not fancy but charming. Always great films that the big theaters overlook. And GREAT popcorn!

Leah Barrera

The Wilton Town Hall Theatre is quite the hidden gem!! A cozy, gorgeous theater with fair prices on tickets and concessions. The choices of movies range from the classics to current indie films, which I personally LOVE because hardly any place shows indie films! I've loved this theatre since the first time I stepped foot inside of it and I can't wait to one day share the magical experience with my family.

Peter Lasonde

Jason Dobbins

Lisa Romero

Nostalgic feel with meaningful movies

Bob Erb

Go every Sunday night. Don't check what's playing, just go. Choose one of two movies by title alone. Buy popcorn and a seltzer and enjoy the show.

Simone Rigden

Love this place, a lovely old fashion experience. They often have the hard to find art house movies.

Kate Nestor

Love going to see movies here. I am handicapped and can't do stairs. They have a back door for handicapped people to get into the theatre. And the people who run it are nice, you can buy great snacks and the seats are comfortable

Martha Kaulback

Great place to see unusual movies, limited release, classics, etc. Love the Saturday afternoon flicks which are free but all donations go to a local charity. Often has silent film classics with live music accompanying. The owner and staff couldn't be nicer or more accommodating.

Steve Lionel

My wife and I adore the Wilton Town Hall Theatre - it is by far our favorite movie house. The ambiance is definitely NOT "megaplex" - simple seating, just two screens, and they often show films you won't see in the big theaters. Our favorites have been the silent films they sometimes show on Sunday, with live musical accompaniment. The concession stand is small but they offer things hard to find elsewhere. The popcorn is freshly made before each show and they offer real butter for it. The candy selection is old-time classic and my wife loves that they offer Moxie!

Sean Sylvester

Alexis Pittman

Sharon Akers

A great place for old fashioned film and local theatre.

Bob Boonstra

Wonderful historic setting, great films.

Jeff MacDonald

I love little art house theatres. This one is ancient but they show a lot of things you probably wouldn't get to see otherwise. They recently upgraded to digital projection equipment. I can only hope they will update the seats at some point.

Michael Jurkovich

Wayne Parent

Fun nostalgic experience

Lisa Binachi

The Wilton Town Hall Theater is true architectural wonder. An enjoyable afternoon in an old time theater. The propeioter makes you feel as if you were at home with family! Prices are so reasonable un heard of anywhere. You can actually afford. The movies as well as refreshments any family can enjoy a afternoon of fun.

Pablo Halpern

Love the variety of films shown here, from mainstream Hollywood, to art house cinema, to old silent movies. Both the tickets and concessions are affordable. This place is a gem.

Zellah Moon

This place is a beautiful piece of history! Many of the films shown here are from bygone times, so it's a real treat to go out and see them in a place like this!

Rob Cote

It's a unique small theatre with a lot of charm chairs aren't the most comfortable, but you'll let that go for the fresh popped corn with real butter, and great independent movies.

Melissa Quinn

A movie goers dream, unbelievable prices. Time warp!

Shadow Anderson

Old movies are the best

Simon Sarris

Charming, inexpensive place to see great films, especially indie films, foreign films, and films that screen at festivals but don't make it to major theatres. They sell pop corn with real butter.


Cassandra Rand

Chris Laubach

Thomas Lafleur

Great theater!

Oliver Strube

Great old school movie theater

Robert Hughes

Alan LaBranche

Great movie theatre. We saw the Mr Rogers movie. Excellent and inexpensive.

Ron Brown

Great quaint theater. Very reasonable prices too. Highly recommend.

Tim Thompson

This place shows great movies at amazingly low prices ($7). They offer drinks and snacks. The movies are shown in two rooms. None of the seats have elevation so you may have to choose your seat based on the height of people in front of you. For the price, it's a great value.

Edwin Huff

Great theater, theaters... There are two with current movies. enjoyed Emma Hompson tonight in Late Night, with Mandy Making, and John Lithgow. The senior discount is generous, with current tickets costing $5. And the buttered popcorn was fresh and tasty. I will be back.

Casey Carpentiere

John Weber

This is an excellent old fashioned theatre located in downtown Wilton. The owner runs the ticket counter, the concession stand, and operates the projector. He knows his movies and his audience. Concession stand prices are actually reasonable. I took my family here recently to watch a special silent film double feature starting Harry Houdini. The film's we're shown with live music accompaniment just as it might have been in the 1920's. Unbelievably, the cost of admission was free, with suggested donation of $5 which I gladly paid. Awesome.

Wayne Geiser

What a fun time. We went to one of their periodic Silent Films with Live Music. We saw "The Eagle." The performer was very entertaining. They do request a small donation if you attend. Even the popcorn was reasonably priced. I think we'll be back.

Ashley Marie

Dennis and his little theater are a true New Hampshire gem.

Griffen Neal

Jenna Alsfeld

Amy Donnelly

Such a charming place!

Corey N Billie B

Todd Spear

classic theater style. Silent Sundays. Local food bank tie-in with special movie presentations, admittance: $canned food donations. documentaries, new releases, etc. great overall experience

Priscilla Hamilton

Jayne Lundwall

Kevin Alexander

Tim Doherty

andrew deenik

I like the simplicity and classic feel to this theater. I also like how the owner starts the movies and does it all.

Dmitry Goryayinov

Craig Fritz

Interesting old building. Friendly staff. I'd come back for sure.

Ann Fritz

Jennifer Chantler

Susan Beers

Bonnie Cox

Love this ol place and the great movies and friendly service!!

A Tarlavsky

It's one of those places that in your mind always stay a part of a certain town and becomes a significant part of its charm and authenticity. My family has been going to Wilton Town Hall Theater for about 20 years now and we've seen some movies there that never hit big screen, but are now considered classic. Our kids now go there with us, and hopefully this becomes a family tradition for generations to come. Oh, and the popcorn! It's worth mentioning for sure. With extra butter for those who knows its secret ingredient. It's best of the best!

Clara Brown

A more romantic movie theatre experience. And real butter too!

Joseph Smeraldi

A truly unique experience. Friendly staff good movies great prices. Occasionally have free documentaries and social hour with snacks

Kent McKenzie

Best place to see an indie movie around! Real butter on the popcorn!

Keith MacKay

Intimate small theatre, art films. Fun!

Jonathan Cohn

Linda LaDouceur

We've lived within walking distance of this great theater for the past 32 years. The friendliness of the owner (Dennis Markevarich) and his staff, the smell of the oiled hardwood floors, the 'real butter' popcorn, the comfortable seats with so much leg room, the red curtain which, when parted, signals the beginning of the movie, - not to mention the great indie, foreign, and other great quality movies shown on the screen (as well as silent films and documentaries) are just some of the reasons to go to the Wilton Town Hall Theatre. Every year at Christmastime, the owner shows "It's a Wonderful Life," the admission price being a food item for the local food pantry - ushering us all into a holiday spirit! These are but a few of the reasons why "if it's not shown at the Wilton Town Hall Theater, we don't see it." Thank-you, Dennis!

Mr. Chance

Michele Siegmann

This small theatre can show two films; it usually shows movies that are more artsy or independently made.

Michael Munhall

Wilton Townhall Theater is a wonderful friendly country experience. The owner greets you and gets your popcorn for you and meets you on your way out to ask how you enjoyed the movie. Just released movies are often playing and from time to time he shows classics and even silent films usually for a donation. It's a great old Romanesque revival building with a creaky oak staircase, two theaters and refreshments. Be sure to bring cash as they don't do credit cards. It's an enjoyable time.

Mark W Paro

A warm and cozy feeling of a generation gone by. Old but comfortable

Chris Oelerich

Jennifer Lauren Arnaut

Not much to look at, but a cute, old-timey feel and cheaper than most theatres. Plus, indie films and once-a-month old silent movie nights!

Brianna Kilgore

Amber Johnson

Love this place, super charming! They have indie films that you don't see at the bigger theaters in the area, and real butter for the popcorn.

Caitlyn April

Not your average filmster. The owner/operator has been a good friend for years. Not a whole lot of blockbusters, but if you are into more independent, and classic films; definitely worth the trip. Always a classic film playing. Always tasteful. This small town theatre offers the biggest culture bang for you dollar and you will never leave feeling broke or disappointed.

Nick Loy

Low cost tickets, good inexpensive lemonade, fresh inexpensive popcorn, good movies. What more can you ask for?

Erin Lavelle

A great small town theater with some old theater appeal. Tickets and concessions are very affordable, I recommend bringing only cash though, its not only easier for you but also the merchant.

Ruth Morrissette

Charles Westling

The man who runs the place very nice and kind , only place to get a $2 bill. Movies are award winning.

Ben Palance

Amazing place to see a movie! The theatre is perfectly old and has a very comfy feeling. Prices are still incredibly reasonable, for both admission and refreshments.

Patricia Peters

Stephanie Cassidy

Napo O'Brien

Well conserved old teather.

Charles Savage

David Bourque

Always have good movies, I could go anytime and would be happy to see one of the two movies there.

John Balch

Simply amazing local theater.

Kathy Santos

A great place to see interesting movies. And they put real butter on the popcorn!

Kellie DiLoreto

Lori Dick

Richard Pefine

Steve Lipofsky

This place is a gem. One of the few places where you can see Classic Movies on the big screen comma including silent films with live musical accompaniment

Lisa Yates

Julie Murray

I can't wait to go again. This place is a hidden gem. The service was amazing. The people who were there were kind and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. The old building is like stepping back in time. I would encourage everyone to go.

Chris Burnett

A quaint, old-fashioned (but up-to-date) theater. Ticket prices can't be beat.

Bethy Williams

marcel Kates

Saw Victoria and Abdul. Only $12 including pop corn. Best movie we've seen in along long time. Highly recommend it. Victoria is played by Judy Dench.

E Jackson Kunkel

We saw a great movie today at their matinee. Place was absolutely packed.

Rosalba Ramírez

Lanette Mannisto

Vintage charm, friendly service, excellent movies. Our go to Friday night date.


Thomas Racek

Benjamin Haight

Good popcorn, the theatre has a nice vibe, and I enjoyed the movie.

Nancy Cail

Great little local theater. Love supporting this place.

James M

Dana L

Tim Donovan

Nostalgic setting, interesting selection and real butter... great value all around.

Johnathan Vail

Nice place to see the ”artsy" movies your won't see at the multiplexes. Old building and small town feel ads to the experience. We also love the monthly silent movies.

Sandy Belknap

Laura Simon

Amazing theater!! MUST VISIT

Suzanne Brown

Small, homey, affordable

Pam Clark

Old fashioned quaint old time movie theater

Caleb McGrath

michelle bragdon

John Cassidy

Lee Breslow

Wonderful old style theatre. Reasonable snack prices. Lots of stairs. Not sure if there's an elevator.

Carlos Paiva

Brenda Pease

The Wilton Town Hall Theater is a great place to see a movie. The cost of a movie here is less than a matinee at the big name theaters. Imagine eating popcorn with real butter not that chemical gunk amazing!! It's worth the ride from Merrimack to see a movie that the big name theaters wouldn't give a second glance at. Treat yourselves to a movie here once and you be back for sure..

Morgain Bailey


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