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Very welcoming place. The staff are friendly and very helpful. They helped me learn the cinemark app where they didn't have to specifically so I can start earning rewards on my purchases as I am a new member. I feel they went above their job expectations to be helpful and polite. They recently remodeled so it is more spacious with a wide food and beverage variety at concessions including movie merchandise when products aren't sold out due to popularity. Oh, and the lounge reclining seats are definitely worth going for as well.

Chris M

The new seating is comfortable and spacious. No more needing to stand up or crunch in to let people by. Concessions are terribly overpriced. The staff don't seem to care a whole lot about customer service. They always seem eager to call over customers to help, but then operate at the speed of pitch. I guess it is hit or miss based on your timing. The ticket taker is always polite and forthcoming with any information to assist you in your visit.

Brian Fowler

Ever since they put those seats in I will pay extra to go there they are just that comfortable and the fact that you don’t bother anyone to sit down because there is so much room in the isle is also fantastic!

Amy Bisbee

Reserved seating with recliners. Great!

Karen Ayers

Nice theator . We go to the movies 3 time a month on discount day for good price and good movies !

Joanuel Claudio

Best movie theatre around. Updated seats and prices are not jacked up. Good afforadable night out.

Tiffany M. Carr

Great theater with luxury recliner seats. If you are going to go, you should book tickets online to ensure best seats.

Douglas Gilleran

Very comfy seats. XD is good.

Timothy Giancola

The renovations to the theatres and to the lobby have really brought the theatre into the modern era!

Jeremy Courtney

Very rude concessions person who seemed to have a hearing problem as well. I literally, not figuratively but literally, had to yell my order at this person who treated me and my friend as if we had been bothering them for showing up in their line. Quite possibly the rudest person I have ever dealt with. The rest of the experience was great, but that person should not be allowed to work with the public.

Zachary Gencarelle

Best movie theaters ever! Love what they did to the place!

Eduardo Sanchez

Lounge seats could be less noisy lol

Yusef Hart

Awesome movie theater great seats and great selection in concession


We go to W.S. 15 about once a week and the new comfy seats are great! The popcorn has gotten better too! Lol

Alliy Zukowski

Amazing comfy

Bevan Brunelle

I like the new seats but wonder how often they are getting wiped down by custodial? Matinees are the best option for price.

Desmond Caldwell

Comfortable seating. We were late and had to sit in the second row but didn't feel like we were staring up all night because of the reclining seats. There was an issue with our food order, but the manager refunded our purchase.

Bobbie Mastalerz

Excellent site. Reclining seats, meals available and beverages including on tap.

joe lavallee

Haven't been there in a few years. Used to go a lot. Was impressed really. So comfortable seating and you choose the seats.

Ned Pavlak

I loved the new fix ups they got, i love that the you can order food from one area instead of having to choose two stands to choose from.

Michael Brooks

Big layback chairs with moveable tables to hold all the snacks

jason k

Love this place wouldn't go anywhere else

Tanya Reynolds

Super comfortable seats. Awesome sound

Susan Dion

The new seats are so comfy and the snack tray is very convenient. I enjoyed cuddling with my man tonight in the reclining seats.

Brad Moreau

They just recently redid the lobby and added new food options. It looks beautiful in the lobby now. The 2 things I love about this theater, is the ability to buy reserved seats in advance and the wonderful recliner seating. It makes you look forward to going to the movies!!

Lila Griswold

Seats are so comfy and it really feels like you're at your own personal movie. Good concession offerings and even cocktails. Definitely will be returning.

Josie Ramos

This is the movie theater I always go to and it's always a hit. Friendly and professional service. I love the popcorn super fresh!! with a sprinkle of sea salt even tho it's pretty expensive its kinda worth it. I recommend u just getting the large popcorn and soda that way u can get a refill and you can just take it home and eat it later.. and I love the comfortable reclining seats and u can have a ton of space and even a spot to put your popcorn and soda. It's always super clean once we get there.

Sam Stevens

Always friendly staff at the ticket counters. Reserved seating available. Seats are big and comfortable and reclining. Great experience.

Doug Schoolcraft

If you like the Beatles you will like this movie. "Yesterday". Brits accents sometimes hard to understand, but we'll done overall.

Frank Perez

Remodeling happening but still all running smoothly.

Kenneth DuCharme

Theater has premium reclining seats at regular ticket prices. Love it!

Paul Black

Haven't been to movie's in a while, was surprised by recliners and tray for snacks, very comfortable. Will be going back soon. There was a little remodeling going on.

Peter Marsh

Seats are comfortable as hell in every theater.

Noel Viera

I like this place. I go with my family is good becouse make it easy for me, I have a handicap dougher and is easy to work with the wheel chair and the view is good to. Plenty of parking.

Pranay Shah

Movie theater is nice and clean. The reclining seats are pretty comfortable. Wish they had seat warmers like the movie theater in Manchester, CT. The only thing I did not like about the theater is that they charge $9 for any infant over one year old which I think is a bit much for a child who is not going to watch a movie.

Daiane Colon

Great experience everytime. The new luxury lounger make you feel right at home.

Doree Allain

Love the new comfy sitting plus the cup holder and tray attached to each seat!

Bret Casella

Typical movie theater the staff is really friendly though. Excellent seats as well

Joel Cartagena Jr

Got the best head here watching Mr Popper's Penguins

Philip Welch

These are decent theaters and price is reasonable. They have nice big concession area with a nice selection of food Candy and drink items. The theater itself is well maintained and offers reclining seats. I found that you can reserve seats ahead on line. These theaters have come along way over the years!! Plenty of parking is available.


Love the set up now. Ordering seats on line. Great reclining seats and roomy aisles. Terrific experience.

Brian Preston

Comfy seats, would have been nice if their website mentioned the main food area was closed for construction for 2 months. I got there with enough time for food, not enough time to leave and eat somewhere else and come back. So being incredibly hungry kinda put a damper on the experience. Other than that, it's a mostly really good theatre.

deja wilson

It was good but some of the employees are trash .

Pamela Couture

Went to the movies at rave. The chairs were sooooo comfortable. Being able to watch the movie like I was practically laying in bed. Recliners and personal cup holders. If no-one is in the seat next to you, you'll have TWO cup holders and a desk on to put your largest popcorn bucket. I love the change they've made. And you get to choose where you want to sit! I even brought in my own water and large coffee without question! I'm ready to go next week

Busbettis Polamalu

Comfortable recline seats, excellent audio/video and wide clean rows/aisles. A most pleasurable movie experience, of course if you picked a real clunker for a movie then none of that will matter!!

donald webber

The XD theater is amazing. Like watching from the comfort of home.

Inna Vasilevich

Good place. Comfortable seats. Great food.

kevin bouthillette

Lots if new renovation, very comfortable seats, staff enthusiasm much improved,

Tina Fisher

Went to enjoy movies with my friends here


A theater I've attended since I was a kid, this is my favorite spot to catch a movie. It's not part of a mall, just a standalone theater with a phenomenal layout and even better seating. Recliners and tables, no blockage from people in front of you, and smaller individual rooms make this location the best in the area.

Michael Wright

Love the seats! However the food and drink prices are way over board when they cost more than the price of a ticket!

Dennis Parent

I went to see Hobbs and shaw with a friend of mine. The movie was awesome. Me and my friend really liked the movie alot. There is a huge parking lot with handicap parking and handicap accessible entrance. They sell food here as well. This place is a movie theater and it is very nice inside. The staff is nice and the floors are clean. The bathrooms are clean as well. The seats are comfortable and you have to pay for your seat at the front desk. On tuesday nights they have movies for 5 dollars.

Megan Glickler

Seats were pretty comfy. The theatre is a bit behind in today's technology, experience but nice

Barbara Verducci

The bathrooms were disgusting! The reclining seats had chocolate stuck to them, the floor was a mess...what happened to this cinema??? No wonder people have home theaters now..sorry but will not return


Way, way, wayy overpriced. No wonder Red Box, Plex and everyone else that has a streaming service came to life.

Marie Williams

Relaxing and fun. Wish they would hurry up with the renovations its an eye sore other than that love this theater.

Christopher Silva

Nice design great service amazing movie theater

Paul Jenney

I absolutely love this theater everything from the coffee to the movie theater experience is awesome. I wish they'd bring back some cinnamon sugar pretzels though because they were awesome and they no longer have them

Nicole Ortiz

This is my favorite cinema location! The employees are friendly, it is always very clean. It is a comfortable place to take my kids to enjoy a night out together.

Therese tybǹ? Cueller

Was a great relaxing night watching lion king with my family especially with a 3 yr old

Stuart Laurel Arbo

Best place to see the latest movies. With comfortable seating.

Adolphus Green

It's okay, I have been to better Cinemark's the upcharge for the XD is not that worth it but got it for free with rewards.

Richard Rios

I coming here a bit with my wife and daughter the place is currently undergoing remodeling it is a very nice comfortable Movie experience. We recently purchased the movie Club membership I believe that's what it's called definitely worth it on food purchases. They're the only theater I really go to and it is very nice Alaska Highway a bunch of restaurants surrounding it easy to get to.

mike G

Comfortable seating cool AC. My only suggestion, Bring your own candy. concession prices are rip off. Almost $5 for a small container popcorn that I can eat 2 sec.

Christina Stevenson

I haven't been in town for a few years. It was a GREAT surprise to see the changes to Cinemark. So comfortable... It was better than being at home.

V. M.

Its currently under construction but the seats and movie selection is good. The escalators malfunction though and parking is a problem

Itza Viruet

Salir of construction going on. Service O.K. The concession stand servers look all messy and frustrated. Also the ticket attendant contended w me that a certain movie wasn't playing, n it hadn't been released n I proved her wrong. She was outright disrespectful n rude. Apparently she hated her job. Folks, if you don't have the capacity or grace to work w the public....GET ANOTHER JOB. Be miserable somewhere else....enough said

Phantom Evil

Luxury lounger are fantastic! Worth the price of the tickets. They lose 1 star for having sticky floors. I have talked to there management at least two times on different occasions but the problem still persist.

Emily Tanon

My husband and I have unintentionally made this our number one choice for movie theaters. It's clean, the food is good and the management is super awesome. There are times when there are technical issues which either messes with the movie completely or makes it need to be restarted, but staff is always apologetic and quick to try to make things right. Probably the number one reason we go back Everytime is because despite everything, the staff seems to care about the experiences

toby fontanez

I love this theater! Great service you can print your tickets and cut the line. The foods pretty good too.

JoAnn Biederman

Nice upgrades to the theatre experience.

Becca R

Love the new recliners. So much more space to relax and put your feet up. So much nicer than the old Showcase Cinema's. Love the little tray that you can move in front of you. Soda and snacks still very expensive though.


I went to the reserved seating it comfy and clean

seneca wilson

It's all right no real reason to reserve a seat. When you go to the showing at 10 a.m.

Kiki Aldarondo

The seats are great, the food is really good, I just dont like the renovation

Dawn Carson

It was a great time with the grandchildren, but not something I would do again anytime soon. You could buy a small car with the amount it cost to see a movie with children. SMALL CHILDREN. long lines, 4$ water bottles. Not in my budget. Also was overcharged and had to be refunded a whole ticket.

Elizabeth Stewart

Enjoyed the movie, but every rug in the place needed to be cleaned - especially the ones from the entrance doors into the lobby. I hope because I was there early that they just hadn't cleaned them yet and they will be taken care of before too late in the day. On the good side, the restroom seemed clean.

Christa Nunez

Went to see Aladdin live action. It was great. I love the big spacious recliner chairs and reserved seating. No more awkwardly looking for where to sit. It's great.

stuart ritter

Brought my 2 daughters and 3 of their friends to see Yesterday...yesterday actually! Had purchased tickets on my phone and THOUGHT I had received them in an email. Got to the theater and NOTHING on my phone. Spoke with Raebecca first, who tried to help, but could not find the tickets anywhere. Had my try to download the Cinemark app, and still nothing. Referred me to Gabriel, who also tried to help, but also could not help me find the tickets. I was ready to purchase the seats again, and Gabriel instead gave the tickets to us, saying he wanted to make sure that if the purchase did get made on my card, that I was not charged twice for the movie in the end. GREAT customer service! Thanks so much to both of you!!!

MaryAnne Bishop

I have been going here since I was a teen (ahem like 30ish years lol) with the exception of the fact that there seems to be a rather large employee turn around and some of them are just straight up rude. The theater has just completed another section of their rebuild. They have added new seating (so comfy) and just finished a new concession area which will eventually include a bar. It is all coming together nicely. Pricy as it always is to go to the movies, but $5 on Wednesday's!!

Trish Nonya

Horrible. Limited seats so we had to pick our seats, which is understandable. But the way the screen showed seats I thought I was getting them in the way back not in the front. When I explained it to the manager said there was nothing he could do. How about a refund or a credit for a later showing on a different day. Or have your employees explain the seating. Especially if you haven't been to the movies in years. Really poor customer service!

Sandra Davis

Movie with sister. They have lounger seats. Comfy. Also has a tray and cup holder. You choose where you want to sit before you go into theater and those are your seats.

Amber Matos

The luxury loungers are the reason I started going to the movies again. The seating is super comfortable, there's lots of legroom, and I don't feel like I'm sandwiched in between strangers. Reserving tickets with my phone is super easy. I always skip the line and because my seat is reserved I don't have to worry about being super early. The Movie Club is a pretty good deal and gives you a discount at the concession stand. If you don't want to sign up for that Wednesdays are still discounted (I believe $5 for a regular showing) but get your tickets online because it's probably the busiest weekday.

felix jorge

Very nice modern theatre with reclining seats and good staff. Easy to check in, get snacks and find your seat. Concessions are pretty good. Popcorn is a highlight and its always fresh when I've ordered it. Had the cheeseburger and mini corn dogs. Burger was surprisingly good and juicy with crispy fresh veggies. Fries were also quite good, with a nice crunch to them. Come and catch a matinee today.

Marciano LaPorte

Nice movie theater love the XD with recliner seats

Linda Russell

Overcomer - Must See! Love those Recliners!


The average 2019 movie theater experience. Comfy reclining seats & good snacks. What more could you ask for?

joann graham

We had an awesome time. The movie was great. I am a handicap person. But I was so comfortable. This is a great therther. I rate it ten ++.


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