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REVIEWS OF Showcase SuperLux Chestnut Hill IN Massachusetts

Dally Ramos

I hate to leave a bad review on anything but man does this place suck. The customer service is horrible it's like nobody wanted to work. Please dont spend your money here.

Robin Richardson

Horrible service. Some of our food never arrived; other orders were wrong (a vegetarian was brought a beef burger) and we waited between 15 and 45 minutes just for someone to come talk to us each time we wanted a problem fixed. The seats are great and the movie quality was good, but the poor service completely soured the experience. For the price of a ticket, the service should be decent, if not fantastic. It was horrible.

Marcus Hazelwood

My first experience here was not good. Least likely to return. People were nice when we got there, but many of the negative reviews here are correct. Took forever to get a server, then once we ordered, we got cold popcorn, then it took forever for the server to come back just to replace it. Sheesh. You would think things would be better given the intended “luxury” movie experience. Place looks nice, and I wish I had a desire to go back. Not good for a business centered around customer service/satisfaction.

Maddie Conway

Enjoyable experience here for a special night out. The theater was clean and nice. I honestly don't know that I want to have a fork and knife meal while I'm trying to watch a movie... but it's a nice theater. We just did popcorn/candy/soda. I'm curious how the people who work here get paid.

Judi Edwards

Very comfortable. Easy to get to

Tim Rourke

A bit pricey but nice

Iulia Tabacaru

Omg. Best movie experience I had in a very long time . Cant wait to go back

A Hoyt

This is a fun idea, and the seating is comfortable. However, while the food is good compared to a standard theatre, it is by no means satisfactory for the prices. I ordered the Mediterranean plate, which came with cold, stale chips. My boyfriend had the BLT, which was generous in size, but came with no condiments. The popcorn is complimentary, but not very tasty. I recommend going for the atmosphere, but eating elsewhere.

Clare McCully

Wonderful place! Great food, great service, great movies!


I have been to the location more than 10 times at this point. Hands down, it is one of the most luxurious theatre I have been to. The seats are comfortable and the foods especially the deserts are delicious. However, in contrast, the service is the complete opposite. Just to name a few, one time I tried to enter with my ticket QR code, and a woman receptor says that the WiFi is down so I have to print my tickets at one of these machine. So I did, but guess what, the tickets that came out are blank, because there was NO WIFI. They tried to reprint it but it won’t work because it was already printed once. The same woman dragged on about checking my ID since it’s an R rated scary movie. The whole thing is so chaotic and cost me 10 minutes late to the movie. In addition, the servers inside the movie theatre who takes your order for beverages etc are not responsive whatsoever. Sometimes you might wait a solid half an hour after you press the button near your seat before one of these servers show up to take your requests. On the side note, for multiple times, my credit cards were somehow “not working” with a specific server, so I was forced to pay with cash and that person never returned me any changes. Keep in mind that I tried MasterCard, visa, and Amex cards, and I’m absolutely sure that it has nothing to do with my cards and everything to do with them. This has happened at least three times to me and the whole endeavor really ruins the movie experience for not just me but also everyone in the theatre. Moreover, these servers are not professional whatsoever. They could easily bend their knees when taking orders so they wouldn’t block everyone behind but I digress. The seats in the theater are nice, but they are often sticky because nobody cleaned the seats! For a place as nice as this one, it’s ridiculous for customers to constantly sit on cola residual. And It truly angers me so when I constantly see many of these servers just standing in lobby gathered around and just chit chat their times away when they actually got jobs to do. In all honestly, such quality of service is really putting the showcase brand in jeopardy. I don’t really know their policy of recruitment, but a bit of training would certainly help to reduce these elementary mistakes. Clean seats, faster checkins, more responsive service, these are not some overwhelming requests that I’m making. I really do hope someone in their management position would do something to really elevate their service to match such luxurious facility.

Dave Peisach

My biggest issue is with how you book tickets with them. The online reservation system is horrific. It's always problematic and I'll no longer go here because of it. The last straw was being brought to a page to reserve the seats that I purchased and there was no ability to actually choose a seat. They were all grayed out. How is this consistent with the upscale experience they're going for? Terrible. Find a theater that cares about the customer experience.

Maria Zolotarev

Nice spot to go see a movie, especially if you don't go that often. It's really a treat. Once you get over the initial shock of paying more than $10 for a flick, the place kind of grows on you. It's nice to o be able to grab a full on dinner and a drink while you watch. Also, the newly upgraded seating there is baller. The service is a little lacking...can be a little slow at times. I can't for the life of me figure out their policy on children... I thought it was no kids after 6pm, but I have definitely seen multiple kids there the last few times I've gone. I dunno. Overall a good place to come, be entertained and relax.

Nat Gin

The facilities are nice but if you want your card overcharged and the food never brought this is the place for you ! Twice I went there and each time waiters ripped us off! I even had to cx one of the credit cards! Thank but legacy place Delux was my favorite before this place and still is: maybe not as fancy but the waiters are friendly and honest which is worth driving extra for !

Lev Agranovich, EA MSA CFC PA CDFA

Showcase Cinemas delivers the finest entertainment experience, offering the best in comfort, dining, and viewing. Theatre Technology Showcase SuperLux, Showcase Cinema de Lux, Showcase Cinemas, Multiplex Cinemas offer the best digital cinema experience with the newest, state-of-the-art projection and screens.

Liam RBG

Great theater. Nice lounge area. Surrounding restaurants are to notch.

Nathan Herrera

It was a very nice place. The tickets came with a $5 off food or candy. Popcorn was free. The seats were heated. Overall a great experience.

Sean Preston

Great venue to treat yourself to dinner and a movie in comfort. Food is "OK", and better that it's been in the past.


Not looking forward to coming back. This is the second time that I ordered desert here and it hasn’t come. Not getting something I obviously paid for is unacceptable. Actually watching Aquaman right now on the last day of 2018 in this theater and I’m disappointed. Seats are comfortable but the rest of my food did not arrive.

Robert Leblanc

While I do enjoy going to this theater, I was disappointed after my seats were double-booked when I went to see "A Quiet Place." When I purchased the tickets online I was the first person to buy seats for the 7:30 PM showing. Upon arriving, we were told that people were in our seats and we were then moved to the second row on the end and close to the screen. I personally would not have purchased tickets to a movie if I knew it was row 2 of the theater. Also, I imagine we would have had no place to sit at all if the show had been sold out.

Kate Ammann

Very comfy, but if you are looking for more than just a drink and free popcorn (which sometimes never arrives), expect to wait a long time. Wait service is pretty bad.

Carl Woolley

My girlfriend took me there on my birthday! Quite possibly the best gift I've ever received! Talk about ritzy! We felt like Royalty! Food was amazing! We were served as the movie started. Think of it a classier Chunky's if you're familiar with that place.

Christine Coche

Not with the money. The seats are nice but they don't justify $20 for a movie ticket. We only came because of the timing of the movie We wanted to see. Drinks are watered down and the food is overpriced, microwaved movie healthy options for food. Better selection at lux level in legacy place. Would not recommend this location

Jennifer Chatburn

Pricey but great if you want grown-up fare with your movie! Full dinner from Davio's or drinks from the full bar!

Susan Diaz

This is the s*** is awesome

Emilia Diamant

Okay, if you are looking for no-frills movie theater, go elsewhere. If you want a night on the town with a date or a friend, this is the place to go. You can EASILY drop 100-150 if you want to, but you get dinner and a movie out of it. Get some heavy appetizers and use the credit that comes with your ticket. I love going here for big movies, for 3D films, for the experience. It's pricey, yes, but it's fun and well worth it.

Nicholas Wong

Nice theater, but very expensive. Other "regular" theaters are catching up on amenities and much cheaper.

Stephen Golinsky

Good for children when movies are general for all.

Timothy McLaughlin

Best way to watch a movie Free popcorn and soda Well its in the price of the ticket

Variety Channel

Wow! This place is simply amazing.. I and my family love this SuperLux a lot! Expensive but Comfy place and Luxury place for watching movies!

Jacob Newman

I've been to this theatre many times, and what people are saying about the service going downhill is sadly true. I used to say it was worth the experience - I don't think I can recommend it anymore. I elaborate why below, but it got a bit long winded, so only read if you're curious - the short version is I feel ignored and disrespected. My wife and I just got back from seeing Endgame, and even though we were seated before commercials, no one ever came to take our order like they usually do. We tried to wave someone down, but no luck, even though many staff members were just standing around - they seemed more interested in talking to each other than attending to patrons. We passed by 3 or 4 staffers on our way to our seats, and even waited a bit to see if any would seat us before giving up and seating ourselves. At one point about half an hour into the film, my wife spoke to a server delivering food to the people next to us and asked if we could order something - he said he'd come back to take our order. We didn't see him again. When about an hour in to the movie someone was going down the row asking people if they needed anything, and finally someone asked us "did you get everything you needed?" I said, "no, no one ever came to take our order even though we were seated before commercials started." Instead of any kind of reasonable response, like asking what we'd like or perhaps even going so far as an, "I'm sorry to hear that", what we got was, "well there is a button over there you can press" in what sounded an awful lot to my ears like an annoyed tone (in sharp juxtaposition to the polite "service voice" used to ask the initial question). The irony further being that, though I had been before and had just forgotten about the button, I didn't remember because no staff member ever reminded us (and if it had been out first time, we couldn't have known - it isn't written anywhere, they just tell you about it). At this point I was missing my movie and being condescended to by a staff member who it seems couldn't be bothered to do his job - not to just blame him though, we were ignored as a team effort by many staff members. At this point, I honestly just wanted to watch the movie and not deal with explaining how perverse that reaction was, so I asked him to leave us be. It wasn't a pleasant experience.

Michael Griffin

The best A movie and food from Davios. What could be better

Sean McAlinden

Amazing service and a fun experience. Must go!

gayle thomas-baxter

Great to see a movie in comfort.This is the price to pay for the environment that promotes comfort and entertainment. The menu is ok. It's a nice chill out movie venue for those who want to splurge.

no whey

I’ve been here many times in the past and have had great experiences each time. i’m extremely bummed out to say everything about it has gone downhill. cleanliness and service are the top two reasons for my rating especially since these were top reasons to visit before. one star for the new heated seats but those seats don’t make up for our waiter telling us to wait to order our meals and then telling us the kitchen was closed when he finally came back to answer our service light. i’m so sad to say but the experience no longer justifies the higher price.

Jason Markle

The seats are great but otherwise it was a big disappointment. They couldn’t accept my gift passes when I went there in person (they’ve been refused my last three attempts - thanks, Showcase), and by the time they realized that Disney wouldn’t accept them, my seats had been booked online. I ended up not being able to sit next to my kids for the movie. I made the best of it, but an apology wouldn’t have killed them. The in-theater service is nice but a little impractical.

Sarah Birchenough

Comfy seats that were heated and reclined back. The service in the lux theater was not as good as expected. Never came back for us to order drinks, and took our first drinks before they were finished. Cool idea, don't think I'll be back to this one though.

Roger Rodriguez

Good bet - I go there, I send my clients tickets to go there. Friendly service, comfortable seats the only gamble is the quality of the movie. Try it, you'll like it.

Jin Park

Honestly, for the amount of money you pay for, this place is not worth it due to the customer service. Came in for a morning show and we greeted the ticket person with regular "how are you?". He gives me attitude with "do you really want to know?". I thought he was kidding at first, but this guy wasn't smiling, but he was serious. Heard him say it to people after us too. Also, this place will interrupt the movie with the check. Honestly, they couldn't wait till the end of the movie for me to sign the check? They have to come in at the climax of the endgame? Never going back

Rich March

I'm visiting from Connecticut and went to the movies last night and Wow this place serves alcohol and food. The bar area is spacious and we purchased tickets at the place or we could of online and noticed they had many areas to print out your online tickets. Recliner seats with swivel out trays and heated seats...yes heated seats and they handed out blankets as the room got cool at times. The waiters came quick as prompted by the call button. At first I though they would we in the way but they were like ninjas waiters... awesome...not much food smells, only when they walked by. Plenty of parking with clean bathrooms.

antoinette rodney

Not a good experience today. I have been here before but this evening was a bit traumatizing. As I was watching a movie and eating my entre. I saw a mouse run across the floor. I was hoping that it ran far away and wouldn't show itself again. Unfortunately that wasn't the case so I left my half eaten entre and left the theater. I asked for the manager who was very apologetic and refunded my ticket and gave me two tickets for a future show. He did say I could use them at any luxe level cinema which is good because I don't know when I will go back to this theater! Freaked me out thinking that the mice could also be in the kitchen where my food was just prepared. From what I can see there is construction going on so looks like the mice will be around for a while!

JoAnne Katsafanas

When the Superlux first opened, the service was outstanding, not anymore. When you pay $28.00 for a service, it should be done in a timely manner. Every time I have gone, receiving your food or dessert order can take up to 45 minutes to come. Or they forget about it entirely. If a company is going to charge you for this type of dining, then it needs to be done in a professional and timely manner. The customer should never have to go and inquire what is taking so long, because pressing the call button has gone ignored.

Josh Howe

Really great experience. Yes, the tickets are pricey - but for the amenities that include unlimited popcorn, seat-side service for drink and really great food and the most comfortable movie seats that I've ever sat in. If you go to the movies occasionally.....treat yourself a little!

jeffrey tran

Love this place reclining seats that are heated and you have and you can order food and drinks while in your seat.

Rachel Gross

From first glance, this is definitely the most luxurious movie theater I’ve been to. However, we were about halfway into the movie when two MICE were spotted running across the floor between seats!! This was followed by my boyfriend hearing rodent noises, which was followed by him feeling them move right under the seat cushion. We were out of there right then and there. They did give us a full refund, however this is not somewhere I will be returning or eating at due to the rodent infestation.

Michael Johnson

the place nice but pricey ordering your to come to your food nice

David Allen

Favorite movie theater. Highly recommend having dinner and or drinks while you watch a movie.

Harshana Godamanna

We had a simple question at the front desk. The lady there was so rude that we thought never again. All that service looks useless when there is some rude associates at the front desk to answer a simple question. It will be the first and the last.

Gary Russell

Spacious seating. Very rare do you get to , as a movie goer, get to experience the catering or wait staff option. 5 stars!

Faraz Mahmood

It’s definitely a nice theater, $30 is just steep for what you get. I’ve been here a lot and with food and tickets, it just adds up. Idk if what I get is worth this being necessarily better than other places

Emma Sutter

Love it here, great service, friendly staff, good movies, and drinks! What else do you need? Perfect date night spot.

John Gallagher

VERY high prices. Food was undercooked, they gave us other groups food, they cut off the beginning of the movie, then left the curtains partially closed for 15 minutes. Turned all lights on as soon as the credits started dispute knowing there were two more scenes coming.

Swathi Suresh

Great seats to laze around and watch the movie in! Slightly expensive but the comfort of the recliner seats make it worth the money.

Ashley Malley

Made it all the way there to find out that the cheapest movie ticket is TWENTY TWO DOLLARS! I don’t care how comfortable the seat is, I’ll save the money and use it to buy my own copy of the DVD... likely with change leftover.

Celine Hobbs

I've been to dine-in theaters all over the country (it's one of my husband and my favorite things to do), and this one is by FAR the nicest one I've ever seen. Everyone is wearing suits and ties, the place is gorgeous, and service and food were top notch. We'll definitely be coming back!

Adventures of ChiKeke

Upset they took away my favorite steak and cheese philly rolls.

G Wilson

They changed the seating arrangement in superlux level so you can't sit two separately anymore

Keith T

Movies are always fun. Neat location

Angela Catherine Farina

Beautiful theater with Davio's right next door. I took my 97 year old Grandmother out to celebrate what would have been my Grandfather's 100th birthday. Theater is wheel chair accessible, however my Grandma does like to sit in the reclining chair. There would be one stair to step up if we had more than just the two of us. Volume was loud enough for us to hear well unlike the AMC we had gone to last. Davio's is an Italian Steak House bring your wallet with your appetite, but the staff and food were exceptional!

Jack Armitage

It was a great way to forestall the commute up 128/95. I was facing a 4pm commute and instead watched a great movie, had an affordable super and the drove home on a clear highway!

Kristen Bertucci

nice concept but not practical, if you are true movie lover

Lysa Barbosa

best theater in town!

Bts Brownie

Great theatre.

Michael Lefkowitz

For $20 a ticket, you'd at least expect good AV quality. But our showing of Blade Runner was incredibly blurry--whenever there were straight lines or text, you could see two versions next to each other, like there were two projectors that weren't calibrated, which really detracted from a beautiful film. Also, when we bought our tickets, the kiosk showed that there were only a few seats available, and our group of four had to split up...but when the movie started, the theater was almost empty. Apparently they sell the worst seats first. Maybe both things were flukes, but at the moment I honestly can't recommend this theater.

Jian Feng Kong

The reclining seats are awesome. They are spacious and comfy, with control buttons on the side and a footrest that goes up as you recline. Just be careful when choosing seats - avoid the seats near the entrance as the servers will walk in and out pretty frequently and possibly obstruct your view. I didn't find it disruptive but I can imagine many people would. Also note that the lights don't dim as much as other cinemas, probably for the servers to find their way around.

Kevin Curtin

Theater is extraordinarily nice, and the modern decor sets a wonderful mood for a night out to visit the cinema. If I'm being honest, this is the nicest theater I've ever been in, with a wonderful restaurant that you can order whilst in a theater. However, these amenities come at a price.


Very nice customer service. Reggie is the best host!

Ajit Vyas

Movie theater with dine-in options. Plentiful parking just outside. Luxurious decor and seating. However, the wait staff did not take our order in a timely manner despite being there 30 minutes early. After the movie, we realized our receipt had an error... which took another 30 minutes to fix. While the staff was well-intentioned, the delays detracted from the experience. I would consider going again but would be more particular to make sure they got my order right.

Victor Brunko

Luxury yet adorable. A restaurant plus movie!

Joe Connarton

This is the third time in a month that my wife and I have been to this theater and each time our order has been wrong! When you enter the order in the hand held tablet one would expect your order would be correct! Also the second time that we could not be seated 30 minutes before the show! Help seems ambivalent at best! At the premium price of tickets you should expect better!'

Aaron Caine

Not a great experience this time. New seat, which was nice. Service accuracy was off. We did not get everything we ordered. We were not allowed in until closer to show time that normal and we were told that we could grab a drink at the bar but there was no bartender. They said they were having problems with their system. Our bill was not correct and we had to speak to multiple people and wait to have it corrected. Staff could be heard talking about customers. Usually the experience is better.

Mark Tuttle

Pretty cool to be able to order food during a movie! But definitely not worth the high price tag. Fenway Regal has the exact same luxury seats without the hefty pricetag.

Colby Weston

Great set up, food, drinks AND Movie!!

Lisa Wigetman

This is definitely the way to see a movie. The seats recline and are extremely comfortable. The food is delicious and the unlimited popcorn really hits the spot. Waiter service was great. The waiter came by enough to make sure my friend and I were happy and had everything we needed, while ensuring not to disrupt our movie experience. I will definitely be going back here!

David Orellana

Amazing. Do not settle for less. Bring your girlfriends here guys it’s 2019.

Trisha MacIntyre

Excellent service, food and atmosphere. Very warm and friendly staff.

Airelle Newkirk

The theatre was amazing there are people that help you find your seat and there is also a menu with appetizers, non alcohol and alcoholic beverages, meals, desserts, and you get a complementary popcorn. The chair recline and theres a small table that you can move side to side that also has a cup holder, there os a seat warmer button, and I was offered a fluffy blanket to use since i was cold. All in all it was a great experience it was like you were at a fancy restaurant but while also watching a movie that had amazing quality. I would definitely recommend you to come here no matter the occasion also when you get your ticket you can do it at a little kiosk or go up to the desk where the person is there is also a separate part that is specifically the restuarant. The price is worth the service that you get

Hajara Nanteza

An amazing experience for sure. Great comfy seats and good service, servers are polite and very good, well at least the one who tended to us and the kids. Will go back again

Raffi Wineburg

The website is super hard to navigate. Very outdated and confusing user interface. My natural reaction, then, is to call. But, almost unbelievably, there is no way to call this theatre. You can call an 800 number that is 100% automated. As far as I can tell, there is no way to get a human being to help you out here over the phone. My message to the ownership is that customer service is important! Put up a phone number and help your paying clients out. I'll let you make your own conclusion about what type of experience you'll get from a theatre that won't answer your phone call.

Mary Shannon

Screens are smaller than I had hoped, and the lighting is a bit bright (but obviously necessary for the wait staff). Food is good - not amazing, but pretty tasty. Definitely a destination theatre - a bit much for just an average movie.

Norma Tejeda

Awesome service right at your seat

Geoffrey Belinfante

The single most expensive theater I have ever experience. We opted not to spend $22 a person to see a movie and buy expensive snacks.

Shonda Furlow

Pricey but I love the movie experience here. It's hard for me to go anywhere else.

Susan Guigno

So we didn't have a reservation 2 hours in advance. Thanks for making us feel stupid. Laugh in our face. Won't b back

Alex Richter

Comfortable, cushy seats are great for a long movie, but come with a cost -- expect to spend $60-$100 for tix, food, and drinks for two. Perfect for a date night if you get a good spot. Make sure to ask for your free popcorn if you buy the Superluxe seats. Burgers are ok, but most of the food isn't great. Disappointed with desserts every time (when will I learn). The gelato is just sub-mediocre ice cream, which is surprising in Boston. Don't sit in the first two rows, and try to get a spot in the middle. Staff is usually welcoming and friendly, and they have live music in the lobby on weekends... which is unexpected but kind of cool.

Tim Murphy

Great place to see a movie. Very comfy seats, food comes from the Davios, and staff are friendly. Definitely on the pricier side, but worth it for the occasional movie.


Nice seats but absolutely horrendous service

Ophir Ziv Petreanu

Kind and helpful service. I got my order fast, and I enjoy the process and the seating. Loved it. Definitely recommend


Luxury experience :-)


Nice and comfy spot, good customer service

Annie Young

Went for the first time ....I loved every minute of it the food was so good the waiter was excellent I will be back again real soon it's a hour away from me but worth it.....

Meghna S

Really good but the brownies should be moister

Tyler Press

It's pricy. The people that go to this theatre are rich, old and white. Is it nice? Yeah. Is it amazing? No and at this price point it should be. Would go again if I had to but would probably not opt to. Also, no military discount? Why?

Andrew Bennett

Good food, good movie and a very attentive friendly staff.

Brendan Travers

Can’t go to another movie theater after coming here. Amazing seats and great food. Sometimes the service is spotty, but everything else makes up for it.

Smallie Michelle

We LOVE this place. The Staff is always excellent!!!!

Chris Karl

Depending on seats, full service throughout the movie. Food is good. Drinks are not bad. Chairs are extremely comfortable. All that might take away from the movie though.

Erick Cordero

I loved this spot. It's quiet, they bring drinks or food right to your seat i thought it was gonna be super expensive but it was regular restaurant prices, staff is nice also.

Bryan Bennett

Very comfortable reclining seats. Unfortunately, no leg rest. Order food during show right from your seat from the theater foodservice waiter. Amazing screen and sound.

Boston Jomo

Insane prices. Super limited snack, soda, and refreshment options. If you're going to splurge for the extra super deluxe tickets (even more expensive) and eat a full meal, you'll get dinner and a movie for like 45-60 bucks each. If you go for a bare bones movie, popcorn, and a soda, it'll cost about 30.

Jules Nohra

This theater is pretty nice. The seats are very comfortable. You get service to your seat which is very nice. Even though the Lux Lite was still expensive at $20 per person, we ended up getting $5 back per person for the food we ordered.

Thomas Berry

This theater was thoroughly disappointing. Have to spend at least 30 bucks to get a ticket that isn't way too close to the screen, the website does a poor job letting you know your seat's location in relation to the screen. The Superlux Lite seats are up front, and its quite annoying, when you don't know. The seats are comfortable, if they worked, which at least 4 people around me including my girlfriend had non-functional components (her headrest part did not move, at least it was stuck in the all the way back location). The menu is hit or miss, and when we went multiple items were unavailable, so that was a bit frustrating. You have to be aware that there are waiters that will be moving throughout the theater, so don't expect a quiet experience.

Stuart Sadick

Pricey but the best way to take in a movie on a Saturday afternoon with my teenager.

Annette T. Paiva

Clean, relaxing, awesome place to watch a film!

I. Moir

Maaan... SSCH is my JAM!

Nadine Klabunde

I used to really like this place, but now I'm just disappointed; totally overpriced for the lack of service they offer. We went on a Sunday at 8pm prime time and got the lux tickets. Despite it being empty, they only had one blanket left and the movie already started before a server finally showed up to get our order. In the middle of the movie, we called for the servers again and had to wait about 15 min before someone came. Non of the things we ordered during the movie got to us. When I told the manager after the movie, nobody seemed to care and they just said they'd check later.

Wise B.


Chuck Baker

August 6, 2018. Jeremy was our food service waiter. He brought us our appetizer and drinks in a timely manner, and took our dinner order, which he would bring after giving us time to eat our appetizer. About an hour and fifteen minutes into the movie, I buzzed for service since our dinner hadn't arrived. Jeremy said he forgot (!!!) to place our dinner order, but would place it now, and he would pay for the dinner himself. However...our dinner never arrived. The movie ended, and Jeremy was never to be seen again! We complained at the front desk on our way out, but that was the end of our experience with SuperLux. We're not looking for a refund of any kind, but an apology would be welcome. Obviously that will be our last visit to SuperLux at Chestnut Hill, MA

elizabeth johnson

Tickets are expensive, but the service during the film is amazing. Worth it.

Mike DelRose Jr.

My go-to movie spot. Assigned seats that are ridiculously comfortable, great customer service, and a great for option in regards to refreshments.

Rigs 83

Worked there and it was fine but would recommend saving a trip their for the fifth or sixth date

Andrew Lushington

I waited 20 minutes for a refill of coke. Another 30 minutes for the server to actually come to my seat and another 20 minutes to get a refill of popcorn which came 10 minutes before the movie ended. Terrible service for such a high cost. Which I could have enjoyed this more. Great idea, terrible execution.

Victor Movies

One of the bartenders is an jerk

David Marcillo

Best Theater in Boston these days, Great Service, Great Draft beer, everyone is trying to copy SuperLux !

Cian O'Riordan

A really novel twist on an old faithful date night. With a lovely bar in the lobby, you can grab a nice drink before your movie and your meal. The food in the theatre was great albeit a little bit on the expensive side, but that's what you get with something new. The service was quick and efficient. You have a call button on your seat to call a server at any point. Definitely an experience worth trying. As I said it definitely airs on the more expensive side, so for that I dropped a star. All in all I would recommend, lovely experience.

Paula Lopes-Cox

I love this place! Watching a movie in style, nothing like it

Amy J Shuman

I was NOT there 1 month ago. Get your records straight! In any case, great movie place.

Damian deSilva

Food is not as good as before. They changed their menu but it is not the quality food they had in the past. I did not think I got my money's worth.

Michael Efimov

Very plush cinema.

Annie Calderon

I thought this place was much better a coupke of years ago now the staff is very loud and they are acting like animals good service is gone i used to love coming here because it was a relaxing setting you couldnt hear a pin drop in this place now its too loud like the amc theaters if i wanted amc ambience i would go to amc theaters for cheaper gg ickets needless to say i will not be returning to the superlux until it goes back to the way it was.

Janet Porcaro

Best place to chill and take in a movie. Lux seats come with complementary popcorn! Food and drinks are delicious. Makes me want to go to the movies again!

Sheffery Johnson

The manager is fantastic my awesome staff are friendly

Tonya Del Castillo

Wow! Upscale movie/date night experience. Waiters called to your chairs, tasty mixed drinks, ceramic/glass dishes and nice restaurant quality food (not the average movie theater). Some people were given blankets to cuddle in while watching the movie.

faustgirl .

It's a great treat for a night out. If you do dinner and a movie expect to spend about $100.00 for two people. The super lux seating always sells out quickest but the lux lite is perfect. But a bit of advice don't sit on the side where the servers are located as you can hear them like they are sitting with you. I'm not complaining about it, as they need to communicate.

Wendy Golenbock

love dinner burger with a movie in a comfortable chair

Michael Bigelow

Pros: Clean facility, friendly staff, comfortable chairs, great video/audio quality, and good drinks. Cons: Slow service, didn't get napkins/utensils with food, and the food was mediocre, except for the brownie sunday, that was really good.

Jack Arsenault

Upscale theater with food service and reclining lounges.

Wendee A

My husband and I have been going simce it opened. There has been a notable downturn in the level of service, quality of the food, and overall experience in the last year or so. For $28 per ticket (week night!), it should really be a lux experience. It isn't anymore. Also, they changed their policy re kids and we've had our experience ruined by loud, even running kids, at late shows. For years, a kid free movie experience was what we were happily paying for.

Alireza Najafi

Over priced for the facility! Not a good value!

Toyota Solara

Cool place! Free parking and got some free popcorns too

Byron Ricketts

Staff in the theater are exemplary

Shaun Hayward

Not worth the price. I also wasn't thrilled with the whole try and eat dinner while your watch a movie concept. I would rather get a just as comfy seat at a different cinema and eat separately.

Russell Bisesi

Great place for a movie date.

Max Metzger

Comfortable, great staff, and surprisingly good food!

Kendy martinez

I always overspend when I visit this place but it's worth it! The entire experience is amazing! The seating, the servers,the burgers,the drinks

Rich Penta

It is definitely worth the money for the tickets to the show as it really is a luxury movie watching experience. Unfortunately our server during the movie was awful. It seemed as if she was bothered by our requests to bring us what we ordered and it took her 25 minutes to just bring us popcorn. We had to ask another server to give us the popcorn that everyone else was getting. As long as you get a good waiter/waitress you will give it a 5 star rating, but with their service being what separates it from a regular movie watching experience, if it is poor then you won't feel like it was worth the extra money.

Harel's Music Channel

Very comfortable, and very good food. It's extremely unique for a movie theater. It is a mix of a restraunts.

Yijian Cao

It’s expensive, but worthy. You got very luxurious movie watching experience. The sofa feels very good.

Michael Bianchi

Went to see a late show . the staff that I had interactions with were very friendly and polite and I feel bad giving a bad review because of them. Let's see we get there buy are tickets and sit at the bar for 15 minutes no one came over to serve us . Then we left and got drinks from shake shack came back and they seat us while they still cleaning and the movie is starting and the lights are on and they are cleaning ... Not a huge deal but for 28 dollars a ticket .

Chris Ferrari

I used to always use the Lux Lite tickets and then finally decided to treat myself to the Superlux seats and this is definitely worth the extra five dollars since you get a free popcorn and you get a button and are serviced anytime throughout the film! My button didn’t work though which made me sad :’(

erick michael

From the in theatre service, the full bar, the cushiony seats, and the diverse menu to the high definition screen and thunderous sound system, this Showcase is a luxury experience.

Elijah Anderson

The service and the facility was very pleasant but they have a real bad mice infection. :(

Frank Finklea

They have a nice place but no way kids pay as much as adults in any theatre....bogus....

Joseph Smith

Very comfortable seats. Nice service. Too expensive.

Matthew Wollman

Very comfortable recliners, paired off, wait staff before and during the film. Great cocktails and good eats from Davios next door.

Shemica Taylor

I like the movie theater, but my only issue is they don't show to many black movies. I can't help but to think this is a racist movie theater.

Sharon Zalkind

Great service, decent menu, we normally order a couple of appetizers and wine, because cocktails tend to be on a weak side, and wine is wine. No screaming children around is a huge plus. Makes it an adult kind of friday night.

Kathleen Lewis

Beautiful place to go.. Theyre very clean an the staff are very polite and courteous another place to give a thumbs up

kennelle butterfield

Food is great but the mice problem has got to go.

Dee Smoove

SMOOVE customer care. Very courteous kind and accommodating!

Sherry Baker

We went on a Saturday night and it all started well in the bar in the lobby. We found our seats and then it all went downhill. The food was good but it took forever. Took forever for the drinks. They brought us the wrong food. Service was terrible. Every person was complaining to the manager. When you pat that much for entry and food, you expect to get good service. I have been to the one in Dedham and it was not this bad.

Yasmine El garhi

They advertise the SuperLux seating is complentary popcorn, soda, and refills. Sounds great if they were staffed properly to have someone available to bring you it. Or have both options, snack desk and service. I would have no issue getting up and getting it.We asked for soda once and they never came back with it. The movie and seats were great.

Adam Hilliker

I love this place it is my go to for big movies. I go with the stupid expensive super lux seats because if you're going to go, go big. And in that section there isn't a bad seat in the house. And they are comfortable as hell.

Alex Stone

The service here is AWFUL! I pay $30 for a ticket so I can have a server, and it takes at least 20 minutes for them to even come ask what I want, then another 20 to bring it. WORTHLESS. I would rather drive 40 minutes to a theater where I can just refill my own drink and popcorn because the servers at this joint suck so bad. The managers and workers don't care and act as if they are bothered that you actually pushed the button for service. In the last 40 minutes of a movie, you can't find a server and I've walked out, more than once, because I waited over 30 minutes for a drink refill with no response. Do NOT go to this theater.

Ava R

I can’t call and ask them about disabilities there operation system over the phone is terrible and kept hanging up on me. I will go to the one in FENWAY SEATS ARE JUST AS GOOD BUT MUCH BETTER COSTOMER SERVICE AND MUCH CHEAPER

Ryan MacDougall

Overpriced, Reclining seats do not lift legs and are not automatic like other theaters. This Showcase is only worth it if you would like to eat in, I was told they do not take starpass cards at this location. This theater is conveniently located right off of rt-9 and is fancy, provides a hotel like feel; For a similar experience and much cheaper price visit the Woburn Showcase Cinemas. It has a full bar, tickets are almost half the price and full reclining seats with wider chairs.

Deniz Sokullu

Great staff and comfy chairs

Tommy Mondani

Wish I could give a half star for this extremely overpriced experience. $58 for 2 movie tickets!!!! Then almost $100 for 2 wilted salads and 1 unappetizing flat bread. Service was horrifically slow. You need to spend a lot more time on your R&D. Beyond disappointed and out nearly $200

nimish parikh

I really enjoyed watching movie here. Recliner sofa is very comfy and projector is 4k Sony. But there is a catch! price. For ticket ranging $20 for luxlite and $28 for superlux(free popcorn), its not a go to theater. They don't have standard formating here. If you're a moviegoer like me it might be a costly affair with snacks/dining but experience do justify hefty price.


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